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October 5, 2021 1 min

Equal Too: Achieving Disability Equality is a new special series on Seneca’s Conversations on Power and Purpose that explores many aspects of equality through the lens of sports and the Paralympics.. This six-part series is produced by P&G Studios and Harder Than You Think, creators of the double Emmy Award winning documentary Rising Phoenix. The series starts with the legacy of the Paralympic movement and its lasting impact on host cities, as well as exploring important topics like the rights of disabled people, what needs to be done to create more equal opportunities and how we can all help achieve a more equal world. Notable guests include RJ Mitte, Jameela Jamil, Clare Balding, Ellie Cole and many more! This series is brought to you by the Seneca Women Podcast Network and iHeartRadio.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hi, I'm host Sophie Morgan inviting you to listen to
equal To, a new podcast about achieving disability equality. With
the Paralympic Games happening in Tokyo, we're asking where should
the story go next? With my co producer Chanaid Burke,
will explore big themes like legislation, representation, access, and employment,

and we'll seek out big solutions and rethink what's possible.
Along the way, we'll speak to athletes, activists, and allies
from around the world. The exciting thing is we don't
yet know whether story will take us, but with guests
like our Jmitty and Jamila Jamil, the conversation is going
to be compelling to come along with us. Maybe, like me,

you're disabled, maybe you're not. Either way, this story is
for you. Equal To is brought to you by the
Emmy Award winning team that created Rising Phoenix, the film
about the Paralympic Games, and made possible by the support
of Procter and Gamble. Listen to equal To. That's Equal
t o O part of Seneca's Conversations on the I

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