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May 3, 2022 73 mins

On this week's episode, the staff at Sacred Heart learn how much they changed over the course of a month. In the real world, Joelle is away, Johnny C is back, and one of our favorite fan callers returns. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Your mama's all right, your dad is all right. You're
just a little way surender serender all right. Hey, how
exciting was that top secret thing I sent you? That
the world is soon going to know about? What top
secret thing that you sent me? That the world sucred,

top secret thing that we talked about. That it's pretty amazing, dude.
You know, I listened to the last podcast and I
was really loud, and I want to apologize to everybody
because I was screaming you high. I'm always high, though,
broo high, no time out. I'm always high, mister red

Bull drinker. I'm always high. Okay, Yeah, well some Bull's caffeine.
You know. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
You're not chasing the buzz. You're not chasing the buzz.
I'm not pulling a fucking ball. I'm not. I'm not
judging you for pulling a ball. Anyway. That's not my point.
My point is, sorry, sorry, that's not my point. My
point is I was very loud, and I want to
apologize for that. So I'm gonna try and get like

you because your voice is very soothing, Zac. I am
a soothing guy. Yeah, your voice is so soothing. I'm
not like Josh Ray when he comes on though. He's
a whisperer. Oh my god, he's a whisper when he
does his um or when he does his um his
install live. Do you want do you want to hear
my impersonation of stock I want to go first? Then, right,
you go first. He's like on Instagram and he's like,

hey guys, I'm just just just walking around Paris. It's
so beautiful, so beautiful. Um come to the show tonight
if you can think you'd have a good time. Right,
He's like this, that's not my impersonation. I'm in Stockholm tonight.
No gold come through, no good show. No you're not.

You're not like you have to ear fuck the audience.
He's ear fucking Yours is like a secret. It's more
like it's more of like you're trying to flirt. It's
more of like you're trying to flirt with a million people.
Why does why does your why does why do you?
All of a sudden sound like like a soft spoken
It's like, all of a sudden, it turns into like

a soft spoken mcgrouper. Why does he part? I don't
get that it's because the accent that Will does when
he plays mcgrouper. Hey, guys, it's just he just gets
very like, the show's gonna be great. I don't know.
I don't know about that. I just know that the
show is gonna be great, and it's gonna be acoustic

and there'll be lights and and then you go to
the show and then you have a great time. Man. Yeah,
we're just we're just we're just giving. We're taking the
piss out of our friend. Go see Josh right, and
he's touring all around Europe right now, Um, Stockholm at
some point. I know he's just posted that he's in
Paris currently, but he's just look at go on to
his Instagram. He's so good live and um, it's so

fun and we like to take the piss out of
his radio slash Instagram whisper voice. But he is a
talented fellow. Um our is our guests here, We have
a guest for you, guys. They are not here. They're
not here, but I just texted them too, so I
don't think that our guest uses that they them pronouns
U DJ Dannel. I was more trying to be discreet,

discreet and keep it, keep it a secret so that
the don't know either or so is they them? Is
they them? Here? Is they them? Needed text from your
I texted, okay, anyway, we have a surprise guest from you.
It's been a moment since we've had this guest. We
also have another surprise, great, great guests for the end

of the show. I'm so excited we have such a show.
The episode. What did you think of the episode? Don
I laughed very hard at this episode. I laughed good.
Did you laugh a lot? Yes? I did. It was
a funny one. Season six. Season six is redeeming itself
a little bit this episode. For sure. I'm in Manhattan,
can you tell? Yes? I can tell. I can tell
by all the city lights and the tall buildings. And no,

those aren't in my background. I know. I was trying
not to tell everybody where exactly you were in Manhattan.
But he's in his loft everyone. I'm in New York City,
which is so fun. I'm seeing The music Man tonight,
which I'm very excited about because The music Man, interestingly enough,
was my very very first edition. There's a character of
Winthrop and music Man, and he sings the song Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana.

That's the town that knew me when something like that. Anyway,
I for the Community for the Community Theater my very
first edition at like eight years old. My dad brought
me and I stood on a stage. I'd never heard
the song before. I had played it on the record
like a hundred times literally on a record player to
try and learn the song. And I got up there

and I was so nervous, and I sang the song
and I didn't get the part. My father, to his credit,
would always get the lead. He was like, he was
so town. He was such a talented actor. He would
always get the lead in the play. But when he
found out that I that, they said, Zack's not going
to get the part of Winthrop, the child lead, but

he can be in the chorus as one of the
many children because it's about children learning music. My dad said,
I won't take the lead. I'll be in the chorus
with my son. Wow. And so my dad and I
bonded as we were in the chorus together of this show.
So I have a very very special place in my
heart for the show. It stars a Sutton Foster, who's

one of the most talented people on the stage. And
Hugh Jackman, who Donald knows as Wolverine, not only as Wolverine,
but the greatest showman. I don't know if you've ever
seen yet Hugh Jackman. Cox hates you Jackman, and in
real life, yeah, because he's jealous because but in real life, man,
Hugh Jackman is probably one of the most talented individuals

on the plant it. I mean, he can do everything
from action adventure to romantic comedies to freaking dancing on
Broadway and singing on Broadway. And he's very beloved. I
don't know that he has many haters, like like, other
than Cox, you don't hear people like ever say like nobody, No, nobody,
doesn't feel like people are really um on the fence

about Hugh Jackman. He's just very well liked. Yeah, except
for like Deadpool. Like Deadpool doesn't like Hugh Jackman. He
doesn't like the because of the But that's a character thing.
It's the same thing as Cox in the same way.
I imagine John c McGinley enjoys watching Hugh Jackman in
his work. I saw if he ever comes on the

show again. I saw a teaser for a movie that
looked um so uninteresting to me, but I think you
were going to be excited. I went to the movie
theater last night and I saw a trailer for the
new It looks amazing. That two looks amazing, Marble and Marvel.

Donald is gonna love this. Marvel has two movies that
I am really excited to see. Well, you know my
buddy Sam Rainey, who I was directed by. He directed
Strange and I must also directed all of the Toby
Maguire Spider Man's Man, and it's great to have him
back in the Marble universe. Sam had this I don't

know what happy though. I guess Oz didn't really work
and Hollywood is so rough. You can have you can
have twenty hits and then you you have one giant
movie that doesn't work and you go for a little
time out or something. I'm just guessing because I don't
know why, or maybe Sam just was exhausted by the
system and wanted to take a break. But I'm so
happy for him that he's back. The movie looks incredible.

I mean again, it's not my cup of tea, but
it looks incredible. Dude, you'd like you would like the
Doctor Strange universe. You would like interest that story, no interest?
I know you like you know, I like that that
That actress is incredible, m Um, Elizabeth Olson, Elizabeth Elizabeth Olsen. Well,
it takes place right after wand Division. I know you're watching. No,

I think there's the trailer Intoicaates is a little bit
of a wand Division tie in. M M. I'm really
excited for that. You know what I'm really excited for though, Well,
as long as they're salty, baby, as long as they're salty.
Know that new Thor movie looked yeah and isntal this one.

Natalie's the all Might or something where she was ripped.
She well, she's always been ripped her whole career, except
for when she was pregnantly, but other than that, she's
always been been training to be a Marvel star. As
my point, dude, she was ripped in Star Wars. She
was ripped. I mean like she's always had like a

physique of an action hero. Daniel, do you agree that
Natalie's arms look slightly bigger than they've been in other films. Well,
she's thor, she's supposed to have bigger the boy he's
trying to make. I think she has all stopped Dick
riding Daniel Daniel? Is they then not here yet? Uh? No?

And do you want to or not responding? I will
give I will give a phone call. Why don't you
go offline? Okay? We can say whatever we want. He
can go offline. I can say I love we want Okay.
So there's that all right. Now, here's what I'm really
excited for. And I don't know when it's I know
when it's dropping, and I know a lot of stories

about it because I have people on the inside. But
that obi wan kenobi man. Yes, good, that does look amazing.
It looks great, and it looks like money was spent well,
but well that's always important. Yeah. Now your buddy, uh
you're are you a fan of Hayden Christiansen? Um? He's

I mean rumored to be back on the show. I
do like Hayden, and I don't think. What are the
rumors if Darth Maul is going to show up. I
hope Darth Maul shows up. There's rumors that Ahsoka could
show up. There's so many rumors. There's so many, so many,
so many rumors, none of them. I have no I
have zero wends a premiere. I just coming up right

like the twenty eighth or some shit like, Oh, you
gotta wait a minute, you gotta wait a month. I'm sorry. Yeah,
but I'm excited. I'm excited. I wish you were coming
to the theater with me tonight. I wish I was
coming with you today. You're always so fun. And then
we go out after and have some dranks. Yeah. Well,
you know what, last time I had an early call
and I after theater, you guys went, you, Preston and

Flow went to some like freaking party somewhere with the
cast of the Mulan Rouge or I don't know where
you went, but you guys went somewhere because I had to.
I had to get back to Jersey because I had
an early call all pre COVID, right before COVID. I
got to go back to Miami, UM tomorrow to work
more on my UM. Or you have Lawrence Vince Vaughan show.

I'm doing a scene finally with Vince on Thursday, UM,
and I'm really excited about it because I think he's incredible.
Do you remember your introduction to Vince von dude? Not
as a human being, like face to face, but like
do you remember your introduction? Yeah, do you remember do
you remember quoting that movie and quoting, well, Swingers was

our life because it was it was not only the
funny it was it was such an insider Hollywood movie
and it was and it was so about our lives.
It was like young actors movie coming from New York,
from New York coming to LA. Yeah, I moved out
to LA and like trying to make it in LA
and like the whole adjustment to being an LA person

and trying to struggle to become an unknown actor. I
mean it was it was such a I mean, people
loved the movie who had nothing to do with Hollywood,
but for us, it was so specifically our our lives,
right and completely I mean other than like I didn't
go to the Dresden. I didn't go. Yeah, I didn't go,
but we went to other We went to other places
like that, you know, Yeah, but I didn't go to

that stuff. But like completely everybody taking their own car
to the club, you know what I mean, it was
fun and then everyone would be everyone put the club
on their car on, putting the casual club on their car. Yeah,
and then having that one friend that's out of their
mind crazy and would pull a gun on somebody like.
It was like it hit all of the It hit

all of the playing poker, yeah, playing poker, all of
the stereotypes that happened when you first moved to Los Angeles.
And even like those inside of jokes about like when
the girl gives him his number, it's Heather Graham actually
and right, it's like, uh, and they go, who would
you get? It's like they go, they go a one eight,
they go eight one eight. Uh, they go a one eight.

He goes no, uh, two on three they go, oh no,
he go, you go a one eight two on three,
he goes three one Oh. They go, oh, yeah, what's happening? Man.
He doesn't do that. He doesn't do it like that anymore. Man,
he'd makes Star Wars movies. Man. I think him and
Vince need to make a show. Or I really told him.

I saw Vince down there. Um, I got up super
early to go to go to set, and he wasn't
working that day, but he was super early. There's a
where we're staying, there's a shared um like coffee spot,
and I saw him and we sat down for a
second and just chatted, and I was like, I just
gotta get this out of the way, Vince, the outtakes
from the movie made are one of the funniest things

I've ever seen. And he just started laughing, and I said,
the movies are great, dude, but I think one of
the hardest of her laughs is watching Jon Favreau try
not to laugh while you're riffing jokes on per Diem.
He's like, yeah, I always he goes. I always thought
pretty much a funny thing when I became an actor, like,
so he goes. I was just I was just I
just turned it into that guy. But he goes. I

just thought it was so weird. You get to a location,
the hand you a stack of money and you're like,
so this is this is for me, but you're paying me.
You're paying me, but this this stack of money for me.
This is my view, So this is mine right all right? Donald? Um,
I think Daniel has figured out our guests. But first

countersem Baby Girl six seven about show we made about
a bunch of docs and nurses stories. So yet around here, yea,

around here, all right, Daniel bringing the guests, I'll bring
in the guests. I'm excited about this. I don't know
if it's gonna work. There's some confusion. There's often confusion,
especially when Joel's not around. You know, you'll Joel, let's
let's let's just keep it honest. Joel is the Queen

of me yes and makes it and makes it run
so special. There he is, Ladies and gentlemen, um direct
from his car. Johnny c McGinley, thunderous applause, please, Daniel, Hi, Zackie,
what up? Buddy? Hi? What's up? Brother? We you know.
I guess there was a bit of miscommunication, which happens

because Donald and I are both working and flying all around.
And I understand that you got misinformation, but we wanted
to have you on the show either way, even if
you're just in a car. We just want to talk
to you because we miss you and we love you,
and we want to talk about how ripped you looked
at Easter. Oh my god, dude, what are you doing?

What are you doing? Are you on that new Genics? Like?
What's going on? Bro? I was so happy to see
you guys at Easter. I can't I was buzzing off
that I can't even tell you, but Johnny, you looked
like a professional weightlifter, and I want you to be
honest with the audience. They won't tell anyone what steroids
are you using? What do you recommend? You're fucking ripped? Dude, dude,

you're looking great, man, amazing. I was filled with so
much love seeing you guys. Do you think I'm bullshitting
but I'm not. My cup was full of seeing my
Zaki and my deep missile. Did you did you see
how did you see how excited Um Donald was to
be around his hero Harrison Ford? Yeah? Why, I mean

it makes sense to me. Yeah, you know, you know
it was missing, Judy was missing and Sarah was missing.
That was truly, That was truly. You know, it would
be nice to see Judy and her daughter and her husband,
and Sarah and her kids. It would be great to see.
Don't know that Sarah comes down here that much anymore,

to the to to United States because she shoots her
show in Van Groovy and she lives in Van Groovy.
Is it on Netflix? Yeah? You want on shit. It's
not about anyone shooting lasers out of their ass. I've
watched Firefly Lane. What are you talking about? Oh? What
Casey makes you watch Firefly Lane? Yes, you're a liar,

You're a fucking liar. There's no way you're watching firefly Lane, Johnny.
How are you? What's going on in your life? We
were talking, we were talking about how Daniel's helping you
build a secret golf cabin golf thing. Yeah, Daniel came
out to my home and I've spent the last couple
of weeks building a foundation for a six byte at

ten by sixteen shack that I'm putting up that has
enough clearance in it with no rafters or anything like
that for me to take a full swing with a
driver and have enough clearance overhead for this to be
a full on golf shack. And I've been thinking about
it for a long time and then I pulled the
trigger on it, and so I'm shoulder deep in this.

The build is on the seventeenth and the eighteenth of May.
I'm just out of my kits excited. Wait, hold on,
the build is on the seventeenth. But you prepped before
the build. Man. It's not like they're coming in and
they're gonna have nothing to I mean they're gonna have
to do all of it. You literally have dug a
fucking what is it? Is it gonna have a sink

in it or something like that, like you've dug all
the way from why does the golf need to sink? No,
he's done. It's it's like he's dug a trench. First
he had to dig a trench, then he dug a hole.
Then he freaking has filled the hole. We're doing all
this yourself, Johnny, Yes, man, Yeah, I get off on it.
It's like it's my thing. That's cool. I wish I

had to do that. I can't do the finish craft,
but I can do the Irish donkey stuff, like I
can dig a trench. I can build a foundation. I
just can't do the craftsman finish work. Well, I'm very
excited for you. Will Donald be invited because Donald really
likes golf and his dream running back. I gotta get

my swing back his dream, Johnny, we have a sea
bag of vance. You've done lost your swing? I lost
my swing. Well. Donald vacillates between obsession with tennis and
obsession with golf, and he's currently back on tennis. Yeah,
but golf not so much. But but um, I think
once Johnny has his his his golf shack, I'll beat
it every day. Yeah. When I told Donald, he just

made it very clear he is he wants nothing to
do with building it. He made that fun clear. Yeah,
well that was that was the I get the trick.
The trick is, I'm building a golf shack. Oh shit,
I'd love to come check out what you've built. You
come down and then all of a sudden, you're fucking
knee deep in soil and fucking wood and chap shit

doing that? Okay, how do you make out in Miami? Um?
I'm I'm in New York right now. I've been shooting
down in Miami. I shot with Rob Delaney, who's um
really talented and funny COMMUNI an actor, and I did
a scene with and I'm working with Meredith Hagner, who's

just an incredible funny comedian. And I start with Vince
on Thursday. Wow. And so how do you how do
you as an unbelievably accomplished actor and film director, how
do you approach these things? Do you have does it
not matter whether it's a TV show or a film
or a play. Do you have an approach like I,

I approached the text the same way no matter what.
As a director, do you have an approach that's that's
metered and works for you. Well, it's a great question, Johnny.
I I try and let every director know right away
because I do both that. Don't worry. I'm not going
to try and suggest shots because I wonder. I think

it would be in the back of my mind if
I was working with an actor director that they would
be like, oh, I hope they're not going to come
on my set and be like, why did you put
the camera there? So I I just I'm very hit
all the time. I don't um so, you know, I
just kind of get the vibe. It's always weird when
you're coming onto a set that's uh that's been going

and everyone knows each other. Um but um. But I
just try and just stick to my I get try
and get to know the actors. The good news is
that I went out to dinner with both Meredith and
Rob who I had my first scene with, and we
had a good laugh and and you know, it's great
just getting them. Vince, who I work with tomorrow, I
was really excuse me Thursday, I was really nervous because

I'm such a fan and I was just telling these
guys before you got on and ran into him at
a coffee and we just sat down and had a
great chat and he was super cool, and um, so
I'm excited. You know, that's where I get nervous. I
get nervous about just walking onto a set cold and
not knowing the actors like so many we should reference

on on scrubs wonderful what they call day players. That
means you're you're coming on for a day or two
to do some relatively small parts. These people have to
come in it's a well oiled machine and just just
keep up. And we were so lucky to have so
many people do that. In this particular episode, of course,
we have Michael Weston. Did Michael Weston get this gig

through you, Zachie, because I know you guys were. Yes.
I mean, I imagine Michael Weston would have gotten this
gig on his own because he's a wonderful actor. But
I am sure that because we started out as roommates
when we got to LA. But you guys did a
movie first together, didn't you before you were roommates. That's true.
We met on a movie. My very first lead role

in a movie called Getting to Know You with Heather Mutterazzo,
and it was a million dollars Indie. We did down
in South in Asbury Park, and and that was a
great experience, one of the best experiences of my life,
because it was like my first part on a movie
on location, and it was I was I was so excited,

and Michael and I really bonded. And then we went
to fundanced with that movie and I think it got sold.
And then we decided to become roommates in LA and
so we were we lived together. And then and then
when I got Garden State up and running, I asked
him to do a funny cameos as a cop who

pulled me over? Who pulls me over? And and so
he did a funny cameo in that. And then when
Scrubs is happening, I said, oh, you gotta we gotta
find something for you to do on this. I'm sure,
I'm sure I was the I was the catalyst, although
of course he could have gotten it himself because he's
so darned good, right. I didn't know that history. I
knew there was a history, but I didn't know it.

You guys have done like four or five movies together,
you and Mike, Yeah, and Michael, if you remember Wish
I was here my film, Those of you've seen it.
He was the the obnoxious guy who was harassing Kate
Hudson's character at work. You're going to see a play
with someone that you did a movie with, Mikey Weston
with a play you said, setting Fosters into play such

a farster. Do now, you guys did a play together.
You didn't do the movie together. Who did you do
the movie with? The real World actress? I mean she was, Oh,
just Sinda Barrett, who's incredible. It's an insult to call
her a real world actress, although she was. True, Yes,
it is true. She was a She was on an
series season of Real World, and I remember having the

biggest crush on her because she was so pretty. And
then she's one of the rare I don't know if
anybody else from the real world has. There are a
couple of people that have that have really that have
branched off into the anyway, she became a really great actress.
She was my girlfriend in Last Kiss and she's or
something like that, right, I don't know if we weren't
we were pregnant fiance, yeah, fiance yeah, um, and um.

Mikey Weston plays one of my best friends in that
she's married to Gabriel Mocked, who's a really good actor.
Just a little bit of trivia. All right, let's get
in the episode. Johnny will remind you m Sasha I had.
My character is just this is called my therapeutic months, everybody,
so just remind you the convention of this is it
all takes place over a month. The storyline with you,

Johnny is that Donald has broken his hand because he
and I were getting into some mischief with the ceiling fan.
Donald was trying to show off how he could put
his hand in and out of the ceiling fan without
getting it touched, and then I said faster or something. Yea.
All I remember is this. I remember actually shooting this.

I remember the Obie Brown talk. I remember the I
remember I remember the ceiling fan, and I remember being like,
is that I remember that day being like, is that
thing gonna hold me? Who directed this episode? I want
to feel like Ken Ken Winningham. No, Winningham directed it,
that's right, because sorry to yell, sorry to yell. I'm
working on it. I'm working on it. I'm working on

it anyway. And I remember spinning around on that thing
and being like, all right, I could speed it up.
A little bit, all right, you could go a little
faster and at one point my legs literally are in
the area. It's so funny. It's so funny, and and
I go he was like a beautiful brown blur. Yeah.

So there are a lot of things that happen in
the cold open that are like pretty iconic for scrubs. Yes,
there's the deck, Yes, Sasha, Yes, Lloyd. Yes, we learned
that Lloyd was on crack. Well, Lloyd, we learned how
to crack problem. And we also learned that Lloyd loves
speed metal, right, which comes back in a very funny

which comes back in a very funny way later on
in the show where he's driving You guys are on
your way to work. This hit had me rolling. First
of all, we learned that he loves speed metal. Then
we learned that JD can't can't hear himself think when
speed metals on, so he turned it down. Went in
the car with Lloyd literally doing it. I'm literally doing

one of the voiceovers, and in the voiceover you hear
the speed metal. He's yelling over it, and I'm yelling
over so I reach over to turn down Lloyd's speed
metal so that I can hear myself think in the voiceover,
and then he does the voice over and then turns
them speed metal back up and then Lloyd then Lloyd
did Lloyd? This also had me laughing. Lloyd tells j

D take the wheel. J D takes the wheel so
Lloyd could drum solo. Yeah. Then he pushes j D's
hand away so he can take the wheel again. Yea
and rock out to his to his speed metal. You're
very funny, Johnny, Johnny, how funny was Mike Schwartz money?

He was, and he played a couple of different characters.
Didn't he just Lloyd? Just Lloyd? But when he's a
delivery guy? Is he somebody else? That's all Lloyd. We're
learned that Colonel Doctor is Lloyd's Is Lloyd's dead? Yeah,
you might not have known this, but in the last
episode there's a brief moment that reveals the um While

while JD is duct taped to the ceiling he in
the cafeteria, he discovers that Lloyd's father is Colonel Doctor.
Those riders were on fire. This one has some really
trip it all tracks though. Gloria and and uh the
jan I mean sorry, Gloria and fucking uh. You're going

totally out of order, first of all. But I'm just talking.
I'm talking. Gloria and Leonard, thank you. Gloria and Leonard
the hooked handed security guard are having a baby played
by Randall. Now, Glorias seems to me a little bit
beyond like in her sixties, dude, she's like in her
sixties or seventies. I don't I don't know you can
get pregnant that like, I mean, there must. I'm sure

there's examples. I'm sure anything is possible with what we've
I don't know how old you Gloria is legit, I
don't know, but young enough to be pregnant, all right?
And she would would you say it? When you would
you say? Would you say it's safe? Is it fair
to say that Gloria is a senior citizen? Close to it?
If not? Yes, maybe Leonard had the magic seed. Leonard

clearly had magic seed because it worked on her. So
she's pregnant with Leonard's baby, and she's gonna have it
so hard. And she says, yeah, she says, I'm gonna
have your baby so hard. Now we also learned that,
um Laverne, this this is so trippy. Why is Laverne flying? Yeah,

that was weird that you have you were having double
j D's having double fantasies in this episode where it's
so do you remember that movie American Werewolf in London
where he where he dreams he has a double dream
where he wakes up in one dream and he thinks
it's a nightmare and then the nightmare is still going
and it's a double dream. J D's having doubled fantasies

in this episode. Well, all I know is we do
one of those beauty shots Johnny where you see, oh,
the beautiful girl and she's Michael Weston's characters private dancers,
physical therapist, writer or his therapist, and she appears to
have wings behind her. You know, it's like, oh, like

she's an angel. Right. Then the moment's over and when
she walks out of frame, Laverne is standing there with
a stripper. But wait, wait wait wait wait no, no,
don't she was a burlesque dancer. I believe Laverne. We
reveal that the that the wings, the wings were from
a burlesque dancer, that she left them behind and she

had syphilis. Yes, okay, now you think you're out of
the fantasy, right, but then Laverne starts flapping the wings
and flies away, yes, which is later all back, sorry
to skip ahead when Jad looks out the window and

see and sees that Laverne is still flying, but now outside,
and he j D says to Laverne, kelso just had
his car washed. And she goes and she goes, I'm
on my way, meaning that she's gonna shits car now.
Just because she's holding these wings doesn't mean it's gonna

be bird shit though. That's the thing. Oh my god,
this is the best episode I've ever heard in my life.
I couldn't believe this was a funny episode. This was
a very funny episode. A lot of crazy things happened.
What this is season six? Um, and uh, you know

it's been a little hit or miss, because Donald and
I have so far decided that season five, in this,
in this exercise that we're doing, is the funniest. Um.
I'm we should probably talk about Elliott Keith And okay,
so Elliott, what Daniel, We're gonna take a Brad, We're
gonna take a break. Daniel's Daniels here. We don't have

Joelle to be yet. Joel knows how to usually finesse situations.
Joel will put something in the chat. We got Daniel
over there looking like he's having a seizure. The guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.
We're gonna take a break, and when we come back,
we're gonna talk about how Elliott and Keith appear to
have sex in a way that's very odd. They mutually

masturbate in separate boxes. We'll be right back, and we're
we're back. I never knew this, but Elliott has invited
Keith to move in with her. Yes, and so there's
moving boxes all over the place. Yes. And Johnny, I

don't know if you remember this, but she gets in
one box and it's it's not spoken, but we assume
is masturbating. And he gets in another box, and we
assume the same. And that's that's how they have what's
called box sex. Huh And and and she asks him
after they both climax, were you thinking about me? And

he goes, I always think about you in the box.
Elliott is the most twisted. Oh my god, she's my
cup of tea other than the Republican ship, She's my
cup of tea. Right, you'd like that, but I don't
think you'd like box sex. You in Casey wouldn't have
box sex. No, I don't like. Well, you know what,

she's still so fucking kinky though, Man's yeah, she's kinky. Yeah.
The things that they do is like, wow, man, that's
kind of that sounds fun. But she's furious. Talk about
can we talk about how good to go Sarah Chalk
was and how agile she is to pivot on the
dime in anything Billy put on her plate? Yeah? Yeah,

she's just phenomenally underrated in my brain. Same with Judy
of course. Imagine getting the script and Sarah's like reading
it and she's like, all right, in this scene, you're, um,
you're gonna have what's called box sex in the writer's
room and you and your partner are going to be
in separate boxes masturbating. Like, how how right I would be? What? Now?

You know what I mean? That's Sarah's skill. Sarah's skills
are so incredible that that's no big deal. That's a shrug.
She can she can pivot right into that, and that's
really hard. Really. Now she's livid. She's livid that Keith
doesn't use coasters. She's livid that Keith won't use coasters,

but also not only do they have box sex and
all of this stuff, they don't sleep in the same
bedroom because she doesn't want to feel like, you know there.
They shouldn't do that before marriage, is what she says,
and then Laverne says something like, you guys can live
in two different states, in two different If you're doing

a nasty you're gonna burn this coasters thing. How do
you we have only men on the show today, Daniel,
your thoughts on coasters? I mean, I don't think that.
I feel like a lot of things have to go
wrong for a cup to really leave a stain on

a piece of wood. You'd be surprised, dude. All it
needs is a little condensation and that's a wrap. There's
there's definitely a there's like a moment where my opinion
on it changed post Larry David in that episode of
Respecting Wood when Julia Louis Dreyfus leaves a cup on
a counter, and before I wouldn't think about it at all,

But now that I own my own furniture, I'm like, yeah, man,
you better put a coaster down under that cup. It's yeah,
if it's cold enough, it's about to sweat onto my table.
I'm not trying to get no rings on that day, Dude,
what if you set no? But dude, you spend a
lot of money on wood too, man Like, Let's think
about it. Let's let's just talk about since COVID and
how much wood is costing. Now you know what I mean,

like wood, especially once you start getting into different levels
of wood. Let's talk about your loft and all the
beautiful wood that you have in your loft. You know
what I mean? That shit is expensive and if somebody
fucking disrespect I agree with that one hundred percent. To
if I spent hundreds of dollars on a table, on
a coffee table, and you come over and disrespect what

I have in my house by putting your cup on
that shit, we got a little bit of beef, dude,
like one hundred man Like, but feel that you're gonna
go and get a coaster? I feel like, is Casey
gonna go get a coaster? No? Man? If if anything,
we're gonna be like, I'm gonna pick it up and
I'm I'll go. I might not get a coaster, but
I'll be like, we got coasters on a table. Matter

of fact. A matter of fact, Casey. When I first
started dating Casey, right and we moved in together, she
was like she had a table and it was a
very beautiful table and had glass on the top of it,
but underneath it was like very nice carved wood. It
was a coffee table. And to make sure that I
use coasters, she brought me Star Wars coasters wow, and

was like, here, you can use this so that when
you need a coaster, you're on glass. Do you No, No, dude,
you don't put that's Johnny. You seem like you seem
like you're a coast serious kind of guy. I am.
But I would like to offer a solution. I just
put books everywhere on expensive woods and you can put
your you can put your thing down on a book

all you want. It's no problem. Yeah, believe it or not.
A book is expensive wood too. Hello. Oh my gosh,
all right, why did mister environment get here? I know, Well,
there's a moment where where um Turk is in bed
and Carla wakes up and he's making noises and the

implication is that he's masturbating. Um, what's wrong with masturbating
with your lady next to you. There's something. No, I
don't but what's wrong with that? Like, I don't understand
what the issue is with that. I don't I think
people I don't know. I I it's to each their own,
but I think I feel like I'm guessing the woman

might be like, are you fucking kidding me? Right now? Well, look,
here's the thing, here's the thing, this is what this
is the way way. You didn't let me finish with
reminding people what happened. You think he's beating off and
then we pull back to reveal that he's under the
covers eating chicken wings, but he's making noises like I

just feel like, oh, okay, if your wife, I mean,
I don't know if this is this is totally I'm
sure you get a zillion answers. If we were able
to pull our audience one day, one day in the future,
will be able to pull her right, Well, we're not
doing that. When we do the live show, we can
pull her anyway. Long story short, I don't know how women,
uh or men or I guess it's either sex or

either sex giving it up and the other person says
I want it and you're like, nah, I'm going to bed.
You can't be upset if that person masturbates next to you,
is my point. See, that's a I bet that's a
big debate amongst couples. Also, what happens if they did
give it up? Um? And and but you're still horny
like you are, like Donald, someone who can go like
nine times that day. Um, is she gonna be offended? Yeah? Yeah,

it's true, John Johnny, Yeah, it's true. Your prowess is
a hall of fame. It's not gone down at all.
It's not gone down at all since he since he
just since he turned since since puberty. Listen, I am
starting to think maybe it's a it's more of a

issue than it is a fun little fact about Donald.
Like you're debating whether or not it's an asset or
a liability. Yes, well we know it's a bit of
a liability because it's a source of arguments with his wife.
Who who's had who Sometimes is like, you've got to

be fucking kidding me. We've had sex, leave me alone. Yeah,
Like I remember the other day my wife, my wife
and I we had sex, and like about twenty minutes later,
I was like, don't you feel like you want to
just do it again, And she was like, no, I don't, Casey,

come down here. I'm just kidding, all right, let's keep going.
Um you sing, my name is Luca the second door.
I live upstairs from you. I think I have seen
you before. Yeah. If you hear something late and nine,

some kind of troublesome kind of fine, just don't ask
me what it was. Just don't ask me what it was.
I used to love that song. My name is Luca.
It's a very sad song. Actually it's about child abuse,
but it is pretty Who sang? Who invented that song? Daniel?

Who sang that's a good look up? Come on, Joel
would have been on this, Daniel. Oh what is a
song called Luca? My name is Luca by whom we're
trying to find out by Okay, that's right, come on down.
I'm usually doing the other part. Suzanne Vega, Oh, yes, yes,
that bad um anyway, So, Johnny, your storyline in this

if UM is that Donald broke his hand with the
fan accident, and Kelso says, well, if you're not gonna
be since you can't do surgery because he had a
cast in your arm I'm gonna put you down with
a Cox, and I'm gonna make you a resident and
maybe you can. You're not just gonna be a scalpel jockey.
You're gonna actually have to learn some of the medicine

like dot, like the doctors do when they're on rounds
with Cox. And he comes down there and he puts
on a pair of glasses because he's gonna He thinks
that it's that doctor. The medical doctors are nerdy, and
so he tries to fuck with everyone by wearing a
pair of Clark Kent looking glasses. And you instantly started

quizzing him as you do the residence on on on
medical questions, and he knows nothing. The reason he starts,
the reason he begins to sing my Name is Luca,
is that you ask for um. I forget what it is,
but you say, what are some common common ways to
treat Lucas? And then he finds his way into singing

my name is Luca. Do you remember the movie Luca No?
I remember the movie Lucas No No? I loved Lucas.
Good movie. Johnny who was in Lucas No Luca was
Charlie she Yeah, Charlie Sheen is Charlie Sheen was in Lucas. Yeah,
and and that right, but they call him Luca short
for Luca Plakia in the in the in that movie,

Corey Hay, if I'm correct, right, Charlie Sheen, I'm pulling
it up right now because Daniel's not going to do
it right. Um, it was really good, yeah, Corey Hayne
plays Lucas and Carry Green. I had such a on
her goodies baby, I mean carry This is eighty six.
This is when I, you know, I had reached the
age where it was like, oh, these are new feelings. Yeah,

and Carry Greens in it. Yeah. Vernona Ryder plays his
best friend. It's a good movie. Corey Ham, Corey Haim
who directed it, Zakie okay, checking Johnny, David Seltzer, David Seltzer.
David Seltzer got it. He wrote it as well. Wow, okay,

So you guys should check that movie out if you
haven't seen it. It's an eighty six classic. All right,
Moving on here. Another funny bit that happens during the
show is because Donald has become a medical intern under
the tutelage of doctor Cox, he starts taking over the
vide turn of the head and the and the theme
starts and he goes and that's when I realized that
maybe doctor and I come over and like, what are

you doing? That's my thing? Yeah, yeah, but you hear
that because then Jad says to him. Jad says, yeah,
you don't like you. You think it's nothing now that
you don't know the answer, But pretty soon you're gonna
want his like attention or you're gonna crave approval approval. Right,

You're gonna crave his approval and you'll be and and
then right away Turk goes into looking off and it
goes you know, JD was JB. I don't know what
JD was talking about. But at the end of the
day and you and you immediately jump back in and Johnny,
you're Cox is fucking with him the whole time, trying

to prove that he doesn't know anything. Now, there's a
very one of the most bizarre subplots, the Janitor's subplot.
I guess you would call the C story, yeah, or
I don't know if you'd call it the D story.
But for no reason, it's really really weird. But um,
the janitor decides to grow um chops yes, and and

it looks really bad. It looks like I say, it
looks like tiny hamsters died all over your face. And
he says, you say that now, but wait for a
week from now and look amazing, and no, two weeks
from now. Then it cuts to two weeks. Yeah, and
not only the Bizarrely, this is never addressed at first,

but Snoop Dogg Resident is there, and he also hasn't
has now has mutton chops chops? Yes, yes, well he's conveyed.
He well, he tells you that it's gonna catch on
and everybody's gonna go that's okay, so that's why. Okay,
so the janitors starts a trend saying, oh, you're making
fun of you. Watch this is gonna catch on and
everyone's gonna grow mutton chops. Well, Snoop Dogg Resident is

the first, is the first to catch on, and he's
rocking some serious um. He got some mutton chops. Mutton chops, okay,
and it turns out that but then it turns out
that the janitors was faking the mutton chops and they
weren't real, and he takes them off and that jumping ahead.

But okay, fine, yeah, but that's what we're supposed to
do with Joela here, everything's fallen apart, but um, I
miss you Joel. Listen. What happens is Keith Elliott pretty
much says to Keith, look, this is my house. You
just have your room, and Keith to get back at

Elliott um decides to yes, just to throw a party
um that Elliot's not invited to in his room. And
and at the party, the janitor is sort of holding
court with all of the mutton chop pop. Everyone at
the party has munton chops. Yes, it makes no sense

at all. It's a mutton chop party. And that's when
he reveals that his chops were fake. And then but
the janitor then pulls off his mutton chops to reveal
that his were fake, and just to make to prove
to everyone that that they're just followers and he could
make them do anything. But but I understand the point

of any of that. Yeah, this is my this is
my favorite episode I've ever heard in my life. You know,
you know what I'm really liking. There's a new podcast,
guys audience. It's called uh, it's called It's called Donald
and Zach explain an episode of scrubs to Johnny Seem again, clime,
it's fantastic. Well, this one's a hard one to follow

if you haven't seen it recently, because I mean, you
got you got Nurse Roberts pooing from the sky on
his car with with burlesque with burlesque wings that might
have that might have syphilis on them, that might have
that might have contracted Nurse Roberts might have contracted syphilis
from the wings from flying, from flying to go pooh

on Kelso's car. So I was gonna say this. Kelso
goes on vacation with his son. Yes, Kelsel comes back
from the Bahamas on a trip from his son, and
he has had his hair braided. Um but um, he complains,
he uses a term we don't use anymore. But it
turns out that some of Harrison's transgender friends thought it

would be funny to braid his hair. And he's also
in cornrows. And is that a wig? Or did they
really corn row Kelso's hair? I don't know, it's got
to be a wig. I don't know if they I
don't think if, I don't think. King came in it
was like, yeah, all right, just corn roll it out. Iverson.
I want the iverson. That takes a lot of time. Yeah. Um, anyway,

it must have been a wig, but it was a
funny wig. Whoever did it? And he's also sunburned because
he did oh sorry the the it was done to
him while he was asleep in the sun. Yes, so
he's sunburned and he has corn roths. Now, this was
something that I learned at the end of the the
episode that kind of I didn't think about this before,

but this makes it so much and I now I
get why JD's having such a hard time asking people
out and jumping back into the relationship world. It's not
necessarily because him and Kim didn't work, and he's kind
of feels vulnerable and everything like that. But what if
it does get to the level where JD has sex again,

he could actually pass out from having sex. And that's
what he's afraid of. He says it in his speech.
Not only can he pass out from pooing, but there's
a strong possibility that he could pass out from having sex.
His attempt at hitting on that that that woman is
so funny. I wanted to write it down, but it

was too long. But he's like, goes into this long
tirade about how he's trying to ask this beautiful woman out,
and he goes, look, I live in a tent. I
occasionally pass out from pooping. I recently got my ex
girlfriend pregnant and we never even had sex. Um I listened,
he lists how shitty his life is. But then he's like,

would you be willing to go on? She's like no,
and he goes, just no, and she's like no, no,
no explanation, just no. And she's like yeah, no, no, yeah,
just no. UM, but you're gonna love it, and then
the song. The show ends with a great song by

Travis called Turn, which I've always loved and UM and
the highlight. The actual the win of the episode is
um that private Dancer is able to has been UM
struggling to sign his name, and his counselor and the
woman I unsuccessfully hit hit on UM is successful in
getting him to UH to write his name again after

his brain trauma. And that's kind of the big win
that happens in the episode. I Johnny in the previous
episode got a scooter scootering a while under the influence
because I was pushing my scooter and I was intoxicated.
And so my scooter has had a breathalyzer attached to it.
I'm finally allowed to drive it again, but I have

to blow into the breathalyzer. Like I think they had
this actually for cars, right, this happened they definitely Okay,
so it's a thing that happens if you get a
duy that they put on cars. I don't think they
actually put it on scooters, but anyway, I could be wrong.
But anyway, he's about to finally drive off on his
scooter again for the first time, and he explains this

to the janitor, and the janitor is about to start
his shift, and the janitor grabs the tube and blows
into it, and then the and the engine won't start,
and the and the janitor is like, I gotta come.
My ship's about to start. A janitor goes through a drunk.
That's what we learned. Well, we know the janitor is
a drinker, but we didn't know he was always drunk.

All right, That's the episode is very funny. Um, Johnny,
do you want to stay for the caller? We have? Um,
we have a caller that it's I think right up
your ally. You're going to really enjoy them, all right,
we'll be right back with the caller. You're not gonna
want to miss We'll be right back. And we're bad

and we're bad. So Johnny, just give you a little background.
This couple. They use as soon at him, Johnny, because
this is the third time on the show. Uh, and
no longer has anything to do with scrubs. We're just
so interested in them. They have an arrangement where she
is every so often allowed to bang his best friend
whatever she wants to. Well, I think, I think if

I we'll check with her, but I think it's um.
She goes over to his house and they and the
husband is okay with it, and and they bang and
um and and he has yet. We said, are you
allowed the same luxury? And he said said yes, He
said yes, But I haven't found um, you know, the
woman or one of her friends that I really would

like to to to do it with. We're hoping right
now that he has found someone. So we always hope.
We always check in with them every so often to
see if he's had his chance to have his yin yang.
I don't know if that's the right way, you know,
what do you know? And how this has impacted me.
How you rock hard? Right now? Yeah, Johnny can't wait.

I pulled over. Someone texted me. Joel texted me. By
the way, we got the couple again. Do you think
Johnny C will be okay talking to them? I said,
are you kidding me? This will make Johnny's's day. I
pulled the truck over on the side of the road.
All right, good, all right, carefully, all right, here we go.
Bring him in, Daniel, you know, maybe talking about the episode.

So come on, let's get the show. Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for a shine. Chell, everybody, Michelle, welcome
back to the program. I want to introduce you to
the legendary Johnny C McGinley, who plays doctor Cox on

the show. Hello, I'm Michelle. I pulled over to be
able to meet you and experience you. I am flattered.
We told Johnny about your your your your situation and
how it's unique and Donald and I find it fascinating.
And uh, and he was so struck by by the
scenario that he pulled over his car because he wanted

to be He wanted to be able to safely focus
on the story. But uh, and Michelle, I hope you
never and Michelle is your pseudonym by the way, just
for the audience to know, we we hope you never
think for any possible way we are laughing at you
or anything. We're just so fascinated by this, this unique anecdote,
and we we are big um what's the word preachers

of Whatever anyone's sexual identity is or whatever their situation
is and it works for them, is magnificent as long
as it's consensual and uh, and no one's being harmed.
So I didn't want you to think that we always
have you back on. We're just so curious because as men,
we don't even have Joel today. As men, we've I

think it's safe to say I can't speak for Johnny yet,
but Donald, Daniel and I would have such a problem
with this arrangement. So we're just so fascinated. We're here
to check in. How's it going? Is your husband still
okay with this all? Has are you guys still married?
Has he stepped away from the situation? Has he has
he had his chance to be with another woman? Well,

we want want to follow up or another man or person.
I am afraid I'm going to be a very boring podcast.
Guest because nothing has changed. Um, we're still married. He's
actually picking up our kids from school right now. That's
usually my job, but he took over today so I
could talk with you guys. Um, he has not done anything.

I don't know that he ever will. I don't know
that that is something that does that frustrate you. Does
that frustrate you? Okay? Cool? No, he so he has
his own things that I'm not going to go into.
That's his thing if he ever wants to join and
talk to you guys. But you know, this is something
that I wanted. It doesn't have to be something that
he wants, but he's something that Oh, I say. So

what you're saying and something I think that's new to
us is you're saying without without saying anything private about
him that you guys might have an arrangement that says, Hey,
you you like to do X, Y and Z in
exchange for that, I'm going to be with your friend
every so often. It's not even an exchange thing. Um,

it's he His thing started long before minded and he
him coming to me with his and being open about
it gave me the space of the room to come
to him and say, hey, I'm having these feelings. I'm
kind of interested in doing this. I don't think I
ever could have done that if he hadn't started and
been open with me about things. So he introduced you

to the life, then that's what you're thin You know,
we don't know, we don't know what his thing is,
and we're respecting his privacy. But I'm saying I think
what's so interesting to us is that it well to
me personally, I'm not speaking for these other gentlemen, is
that it's just so fascinating. That's it's a very good
friend of yours and Johnny the friend comes over and
hangs out with the kids and uh, they all they

all watched TV together. Um, it's just I just feel
so I don't know, unbelievable. Okay, So here's the question.
Has it Trent? Has it turned into anything else between
you and the friend like before it was you and
your husband is very secure with your relationship. Is it

still the same type of Is it still the same
type of thing? No feelings Like Look, if I'm not
if I have sex with someone enough, I might eventually
be like a man. I have emotional feelings to emotional attachment. Also, yeah,
are you worried about catching a moment? Are you worried?
Are you worried about catching feelings with with the friend?

So I when you love as a spectrum, like I
love my husband's all the way over here. I do
love this friend, but it's not a love that I'm
going to run away from my husband and my family
and go and live with him. I love him, I
care for him in a way. It's different than my husband,
but there's there are feelings there and that's okay. Yeah,

yeah it is. And um, do you do you ever? Um?
Is it a set schedule? Or do you or do
you are you allowed? Tom? What if you're like, is
it like, hey, every so every other Thursday, I'm making
this up? I go or or or are you allowed
to go? Whenever you want? Um, it's been a schedule,
So every other it's Wednesday. But every other Wednesday, I'll,

you know, we just plan, you know, I mean, I
have dinner done and I go over there a little
bit later. After dinner. My husband you know, puts the
kids to bed, does whatever he wants, and it's just
kind of part of our routine and sometimes it has
to change because of scheduling things and I am more
than happy to change if, like my husband has plans

or wants to do something, but we just kind of
usually keep it on the same same day every couple
of weeks. And do you stay over there or do
you come back home? Come back home? Yeah, I come
back to home. I mean I stay relatively late. We
usually watch a couple of movies and just like talk
for a while. So yeah, but I'm always in bed
at my home. Are you open to vacation? Yeah? What

if what if the friend is like, hey, a oh,
I have another question. How the friend obviously is sexually
attracted to you. It goes without saying, um, what if
he starts he must have feelings for you? What about
his dating life? Does he do you do? Do you
ever think that this relationship with you might be keeping

him from branching out and and finding someone else because
he he only gets you, you know, two Wednesdays a month.
M Yeah, And that is something that I ask him frequently. Um,
he is, He's tried the dating apps. I've asked him,
like he just does not care for that type of interaction. Um. Yeah,

I mean I've told him many times. If this is
holding you back in any way then, you know, just
say the word and we'll cut back in whatever way.
You know. Um, he's still going to be our friends,
so there will be no hard feelings. I probably am
annoying about asking him, Yeah, but yeah, give him questions
for Michelle. Well, I the only thing I can own

is a fatal flow of mine. I have horrible jealousy issues. Yeah,
and so that's why this is or I did I got.
I'm kind of managed all that, but I mean, I
had the horrible, horrible jealousy issues, which is all inadequacy
and insecurity, and I've worked through it. But I this
is so emilian to me, just because I feel so um,

I've dealt with so much jealousy, which is all self
generated and I know the whole catalog. But now, well, Johnny,
you're talking about you, I think, I mean it's safe
to say you're talking about um feeling jealous in an
in a in a in a situation that isn't This
is like double black diamond um marriage dating. I mean, yeah,

you're talking about that. You're talking about green circle shit.
I find this just completely and utterly fascinating. Yeah, me
and Donald too, because because we would we would be
jealous too, That's why we always found it interesting. Um.
I get jealous when I see Donald's hanging out with
other other men. Um. Sometimes you know, but I don't
flaunt it in your face. Man. Sometimes you'll post something

with Seth Green. I don't like that. Zach. Would you
like me to talk about the people that you have
been flaunting your little I only sent you one for
Morgan Freeman. I could have sent you many Morgan and
Ian Freeman, Jay Z not jay Z, doesn't matter what

we'll call it. What's his name? Fucking the little redhead dude?
What's his name? Ed? Sharon the little redhead d We
all share. We all share the fatal flaw of jealousy. Yeah, yeah,
I mean I give all the pops in the world
to my husband because I mean, and it's not do

you think you'd be able to do I'm sorry to
cut you up, but do you think you'd be able
to hold your jealousy in in that situation? Like? It's
easy to say, but do you honestly feel like? Yeah,
I know it is easy to say, and people can
judge all I want and say, Well, I think it'd
be different if he did. Um, I've thought through it

a ton, and yeah, I would probably ask more questions.
He's sure, Like I just think like I couldn't. I
could not handle it. It's just it's so I mean,
but but but but but I just think it's so.
What I think is so cool is that you two
found something that works. It clearly isn't hurting your relationship
at all. Things seem to be great. Um, he seems content,

You seem doubly content. Um, it's it's works, which is
kind of which is so inspiring. I mean, there's so
many incarnations of what a relationship could be. Of course,
if people could could handle it. I just um, I couldn't.
I couldn't. I you know, I wonder you know, and

I'm sure there are people out there that are like that,
but part of it has and I'm not speaking for
your husband and I'm not speaking for you, but I'm
sure there are people out there that listen to this
podcast and get turned on by this and find this,
you know, find this uh in in some way something
that maybe they want to do in their relationship or

any type of are there any type of h like,
what's the best advice to get into? Yeah, well, well
that's a good, good, good, good good hosting Donald. If
there's someone listening who finds the Michelle scenario that she
has with her husband fascinating, Michelle, do you have any
advice on how to broach you with your partner? Because there, Muscle,

I'm sure there's people listening who are like, I'm go
on preach, I'm intrigued. So, I mean, every relationship is different.
Communication is the key. Like we talked about it a
ton before anything happened. Um, he did need reassurances, which
I understand that, like, this wasn't going to evolve into
something that is going to leave him high and dry. Um.

We still talk about it, not like every week or anything,
but just a month and a half or so ago
we sat down and he's like, I'm kind of in
my head about it, and so we talked through it.
And every time we have one of those talks, like
our connection gets deeper. Like we have conversations that I
can guarantee you a lot of relationships don't have because
of this situation. Yeah, well, you clearly have amazing communication.

And Um, and that's the key to any sort of relationship.
Is the successful ones seem to be all about open communication. Well,
I want to thank you for coming back on you.

Just do you have any questions for us or anything?
She's like, stop calling me, rights right, We're there. We're
the boyfriend that's always like, hey, big head, what you're doing?
You up? You up? Always happy to chat with you guys.
Since uh John c McGinley is on here, I had

a question for him. So you frequently called JD a
girl's name in the show. I need a girl's name
to call my husband when I when I need to,
uh just knock him down. No, holy shit, it just
got interesting people. I suggest I'm feeling a strong Susan vibe. Susan.

Susan's always good. Susan's always good. Someone should do a
graph of bar graph of of all the different names
and and how many uh I was called, and how
many times each one was used. I feel like Gloria
has used a lot Gloria Susan, not a lot of Karen. Now,
Karen's taken on a whole other thing. I'm worried about

Gloria having a pregnant pregnancy. So old magic seed, the
magic seed will do you know, Oh my gosh. All right, anyway, Michelle,
thank you so much for coming on. We appreciate you
and uh, and we promise we'll stop bothering you. We
just um, we just we're just we're just we're just

a bunch of um of curious men who find this
story unique. And uh and thank you for entertaining us. Yeah,
thanks for having me. Guys, all right, bye, thank you
for being hard to take care yeo, dude, I just
I just uh, she seems to always be down to

chat about it. I just find it so you like
I I the fact that it's his best friend is
I think maybe what maybe what makes it extra bizarre.
I know, but she's so grounded and real and there's
no no affectation of any kind. She said every time
they communicate their relationship kids deeper. The most incredible thing

I've ever heard. Yeah, it's just so unique to me
because I know about open relationships. I'm not an idiot.
But the fact that like this is his best friend,
Like he comes over for movie night and they all
watched movies with the kids, Like that's just one step.
I My brain can handle that certain couples have open relationships.

The idea that it's his best friend, my brain can't handle. Yeah,
it would suck. I mean, I'm not gonna say and
I take that back. It would be really uh different
if you came over and hung out with me, Casey
and the kids, and then on Wednesday, Casey was like,
I'm gonna pack up. I'm like, where are you going?
And She's like, I'm gonna head over to the Zax.
It's Wednesday. You know, I fuck Zach on Wednesday. You know,

you know we fuck on Wednesday. You have to put
the kids down. Susan called me Susan, and they calls
me anyway. That's our show, Johnny, We Love You. We
know what the new the new podcast is. We explain
episodes to Johnny. That's hilarious. That's hilarious. You're gonna that.

We explained TV episodes to John c McGinley, Zach Bravin,
down Payson explain old episodes of Scrubs Johnny hasn't seen
to Johnny while he drives. Johnny, We Love You. It
was great to It was great to watch the audience
didn't get the pleasure of watching Johnny's face uh during
all of that, um it was. It was wonderful to

see as he took it all in. I can I
love listening to you guys. Uh story tell me while
I was driving, but I damn sure I had to
pull over for Michelle. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, And I'm
glad I did too. Yeah you are, Yeah you are,
because you're gonna think about this for a while too, Dude.
I thought of about this for so long. I was

like whoa, how, like just why why does that resonate
for us? So, I mean, it's the best friend part, dude,
it's the best friend part. It's it's not the it's
not the open relationship makes plenty people have that. It's
the best friend hanging out with them part. Yeah. I
think you're right. I think that's right. That's where it gets.
That's where it gets like, oh shit, this dude even

comes over and hangs out with the both of them,
although she implied this time for the first time, without
going into any detail, that he has his own thing
that that she's okay with. We have no idea, of course,
what that is. So so so I think there may
be more mutualness to this than than imagine. Imagine. It's like, well,
he plays d and Daldy, he follows, he beats off

to Daniel's twitch. When you just when you just personalized
it and made it you Donald and Zach. I couldn't
even handle that. I couldn't. I can't handle it. I'm
too I don't know. I don't I don't have the tools.
I'm dying. All this thing is. It's definitely watching Daniel's twitch.

She's like, she's like, if you're gonna watch that fucking shit,
I get. He's like, but I love Daniel's twitch and
she's like, well, bro, well I love fucking Dave. Oh boy,

all right, that's a show. We love you guys very much. Johnny,
I love you. I love you. It's good to see you, brother, Donald.
Stories about show we made about nurses. Stories never around here.

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