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January 11, 2022 4 mins

Do you feel respected for who you are and what you believe in?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's funny. The first song on Raffie's first album is
the more We Get Together, the happier will be. It's
like straight out of the positive psychology. You know, it
could be a title of a like journal paper, The
more We Get Together Happy. He's got this cool vibe
of you know what he does for kids, and he's

just like a positive figure out in our culturals. I
guess the swim so Wild and Swim So Free. Rafi Kabukian,
better known as just Raffie, is one of the most
popular children's musicians of all time, the voice behind some
of the happiest songs of our generation. Bay, but behind

the catchy music, sold out crowds and the Little White
Whale is a deeper message, a philosophy some might even
call subversive, the idea that we need to start thinking
about things like climate change issues, that we're politically divisive
and in some ways socially divisive. For someone who had
a very broad appeal, was really brave with him. Amazon

is calling there is something about what Raffie was saying
and doing, about this sort of universal declaration for kids.
If you can take care of a child in these
basic ways, fundamentally it should transform society. I'm Chris Garcia.

I'm a comedian, a new dad, and the host of
Finding Raffie, the follow up to the Peabody nominated series
Finding Friends, Ring Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Banana Phone.
This season, we're taking a deep dive into the life
of Raffie, learning about his work, his philosophy, and what
led him to children's music startuppeeding for us to get

together and sing, sing, ring. So how does a man
in a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of moccasins, and an
acoustic guitar shape the world view of a generation. He
does it by reaching out and connecting with them from
the very beginning as children. I think that Raffie looked
at children for who they are in the moment. Throughout

my career, I went out of my way to learn
about young children. Who are these impressionable young beings who
happened to be fun and spontaneous and at times more
than we can handle. Who are these beings and what
do they need? I wonder if I'm growing. The more
I learned about Raffie, the more I saw myself and

him two kids of immigrant parents searching for acceptance. And
healing on stage. There's a measure of Catharsis in my
career that has benefited my whole being, and certainly in
recognizing that I didn't respect I love for who I
felt that was. For decades, Rapie has been telling us

to wake up to the needs of our children, to
the kid in side of us, and to the destruction
of our planet. That's a whole lot of meaning packed
into a kid's song. It's mine, but you can have
some with you. I'd like to share it over ten episodes,
will break it all down with his friends, his collaborators,
his fans, and of course the man himself. Every human

being it wants to feel respect without exception. And when
we start with young all good things can grow from there.
Have some with you. Finding Raffie a new series for
my Heart Radio and Fatherly in partnership with Coco Punt.
It's Mine But You can listen to Finding Raffie on

January on the I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or
wherever you get your podcasts.
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