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April 15, 2024 44 mins

In hour one of Follow the Money, Mitch Moss and Jonathan Von Tobel are joined by Adam Hill, Las Vegas Review Journal Writer, to discuss what the Raiders should do during the NFL Draft. Also on the show, the hosts recap the weekend in sports including The Masters and the final games of the NBA regular season.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Always the money. That's why I always say you always
follow it.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Yeah, this is Follow the Money with Mitch Moss and
Paul Howard on VSON.

Speaker 1 (00:11):
Here we go, Welcome in. It is Follow the Money
on VSENT, the Sports Betting Network. This show is brought
to you by Draft Kings Mitch Moss along with Jonathan
von Tobel. This week as Paul Howard is on vacation,
We're alive in downtown Las Vegas from the Circa Resort
and casino. A little bit of everything today on the show.
What a time of year. Get into the golf master's recap,

looking ahead to betting the PGA Championship next month, NBA
the crazy final day of the regular season, moving forward
to the playing games and first round playoff series prices
as well, NFL Draft Major League Baseball card. Can we
start right there? How sneaky good is April on the

sports calendar year?

Speaker 3 (00:56):
Oh, it's especially when you add now the last one.
This is the eighth year of the NFL Draft betting,
so you get like that final event at the end
of the month where we're all getting ready for it.
We've been talking about it at nauseum forever. Oh, it's
absolutely tremendous. It's got to be shot on.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
The year now, right, we all think like maybe September
October very top of the list, Football starting, Baseball is
winding down, you get the beginning of the NBA and
the NHL seasons. Weather's great generally speaking, and a lot
of spots still March comes to mind because of the madness.
There are so many things going on. There's no we
don't have a down period at all until like what

after the NBA finals at this point, after the NBA Draft, yeah,
pretty much.

Speaker 3 (01:34):
I mean, you could argue that once the series thin
out right and you're only talking about four teams in
action once you get to the conference finals maybe, but
outside of that, no, this is arguably this time. And
then of course, like I think, like peak sports viewing
just in terms of volume of events. Obviously in winter
when a college football, NFL hockey started, the NBA season,
all that stuff goes on, but in terms of the
magnitude of the events we're getting here too, Masters Draft,

everything in between.

Speaker 1 (01:56):
Now, April's awesome. I thought after the madness or a
like probably after the first round of the men's tournament,
I'm like, Okay, now my accounts are going to take
a break for a minute. I'm not gonna have a
zillion bets, await not the case. It's only ramped up yep,
guesse again with the baseball every single day, the NBA

stuff finally coming to a conclusion yesterday for the regular season,
and the NFL drafter on the corner, Hey dummy, you're
gonna have one hundred bets on the draft now as well,
So forget about it for another month or so. But
the Masters turned into I thought Saturday's action was absolutely
brilliant for about a two hour window when we had
five guys short amount of time tied for first, and

it was a little hairy whether or not Scott he
was gonna be able to pull away, and then he
eventually did yesterday. But this guy has been fantastic the
entire year. We talked about this back in March. Maybe
this was going to be boring, JVT, and we're gonna
get a lot of chalk this time of year. And
I tied it into South Carolina winning the women's, Yukon

winning the men, and now Scotty taking down the Masters,
and all three of those things came in right.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
And when you look at it on the surface too.
I mean you kind of think, like plus four fifty
to win a golf tournament, you probably don't want to
get in there, right, It's it's too short. You know,
maybe for example, like minus two hundred to finish inside
of the top ten, you could that's somewhat more palatable
considering how good he could be, but that it's it's
nuts and the fact that you watch the play and
I thought, like Sunday was wildly impressive. When you get

to that stretch on Sunday where it's what a four
way tie approaching like you know, the turn, and he
bogies and you're like, okay, cool, maybe it's gonna get interesting.

Speaker 1 (03:32):
It's like nah, Bertie Berdie Birdie. Some of the most.

Speaker 3 (03:34):
Impressive shots I've seen from a golfer ever. And then
he's and he just sails the rest.

Speaker 2 (03:39):
Of the way.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
The only blemish of course on eleven that was brilliant,
like great watching greatness transpire to that level, I agree,
is so cool to watch in the moment and now
I was transfixed.

Speaker 1 (03:49):
I thought it was incredible. You're right, because he wasn't
even playing well to begin yesterday. Yep, And I thought
to myself, it doesn't look like it's going to go
well for Scotty today. He just he did not have
it right away. I think he maybe had some nerves
out there, as he did two years ago. He woke
up on the final day of the Masters two years
ago and told his what He started crying, and he
told his wife, I don't know if I'm ready for this.

And it kind of was playing out like that to
begin yesterday. But then after he corrected it and all
of those players were making a run at him Obert
for a little while, Homo was right there. How about
that shot on twelve for poor Maxhoma, who went thirty
two holes without making a bird. He was right there,
hanging tough the entire time, and then he's seven under,
right there with Scotty, and then somehow on twelve it

just ricochets off the back of the green and into
the you know, the unimaginable difficulty with the rough back there,
and so he couldn't he could never recover from that, obviously.
And then Marikawa talked about how he got too gritty
after the round was done with He learned that lesson,
and so Scotty now is basically in Tiger Wood's territory

with these numbers, and you look at this good tweet
from Todd Dewey, who covers gambling for the Las Vegas
Review Journal. So he was four to one, well a
little bit higher than that to win the Masters. He's
four to one now at the Westgate to win the PGA,
the shortest favorite to win that event since Tiger was
four to one and twenty thirteen. Scheffler is plus four

fifty to win the US Open, five to one to
win the British If he wins all four and takes
on the Grand Slam, which will not happen, it would
be but one hundred and sixty four to one. That's it.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
Yes, And like you look at it too, like the
numbers for him yesterday, for like the ex me for
the entire tournament, Strokes gave Tita Green.

Speaker 1 (05:34):
He almost doubled up the second golfer.

Speaker 3 (05:36):
Yeah, he's he was incredible watching that happen, and you
watch it, you're like, okay, cool, he's doing really well.
And then you look at the statistics and how well
he had been playing there. It's it's incredible to have
the precision he did with those irons at which it's
too early in the morning.

Speaker 1 (05:50):
Which hole has the water right in front of the green?
Is it twelve?

Speaker 3 (05:53):
I think it's twelve right where he's where he's sitting there,
and he's got like this kind of tough shot. He's
right on the rough and I think I think Athletic
had a great coat. Where he asked his cadd He's like,
what do you think we should do here? He's like,
do what you always done? Carries the water. He's like,
all right, let's go boom, just go straight over right
in the middle of the green. Like the guy was incredible.

Speaker 1 (06:09):
Imagine if he gets it down to where his eight
ten twelve footers yep are going in in that range,
then forget about it. He's going to be unbeatable. Now
having said that, I'm not going to betting him at
the PGA. That number to me is too short. Also,
he is going to be I mean, the big deal
that was made this week and is could Scottie Scheffler
leave the Masters even if he's leading if his wife

goes into labor. And he talked about this with Jim
Nancy afterwards, and how he doesn't even know what it's
going to be like the feeling of being a dad
for the first time is going to be incredible like
that when the PGA comes around, his newborn child is
going to be what a week old? Two weeks old? Yeah,
maybe three weeks old. You're father twice over. What were
you like in the first two weeks after having your
first kid? Well, I was I was a mess.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
I was watching nineteen thirteen at like three o'clock in
the morning, you know, on HBO.

Speaker 1 (06:57):
I will say, I.

Speaker 3 (06:59):
Don't have the finalial backing of Scotty Scheffler to potentially
get some help there. I don't think he's going to
be chilling in the two bedroom apartment with you know,
a two year old watching HBO. I'm sure he'll be involved,
but I don't think. I don't think he'll be dealing
with the same things I.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
Will, right, But you could tell that he's a total
family man. Of course, you know he's he's a religious guy,
so it does mean the world to him. I just
that's the one reason why, along with the number here
and I did parlay and I talked about this in March,
so I parlayed Scheffler along with Yukon and it got there.
I'm not going to be doing any parlays with Scotty Scheffler.

To win the PGA Championship, I'm going to have to
look elsewhere.

Speaker 3 (07:34):
Yeah, I mean it's just again you go back to
those numbers. It is hard, realistically in a golf tournament
to do that, although statistically he's at the peak of
his powers. When you look at every single metric in
the way that he's been playing, it is equivalent to
what we've seen from Tiger Woods. But you know, and
I thought this was the right strategy for this tournament.
Which even if you want to bet on Scheffler, the
way to do it in these tournaments too would be

after round one. I mean, there is a good shot
he gets to win, obviously every single one of these,
but there's also a pretty good shot that after a
round one the price, does you know, the price itself
balloon's the odds decrease and that you can get something
a little bit better than four to one.

Speaker 1 (08:08):
Sure, that's if he comes out, has a bad round one, right,
or even just like two hunderd somebody else's you know,
up ahead. If Scotti Scheffler is six strokes back going
into Friday, I don't think i'd ever doubt it. You scared, No,
not at all. He can't make a run. Of course
he can, and you're gonna get a much better number.
To your point, then, what was it like for you

watching Tiger yesterday? You're much younger than I am. Yeah,
so I grew up in Tiger's prime. I will say
that that was a little difficult to watch yesterday and Saturday.

Speaker 3 (08:39):
I so, you know, it's funny when you brought that.
When I knew were going to talk about this, so
I was thinking about this a little bit more. And
to your point, that was the first thing I thought of,
like Tiger. For me, it was never you know, and
when my younger days don't really watch a ton of golf, right,
it was more my later years. So I never experienced
like the peak of what Tiger was. So I don't
want to say he's always been this, but he's never
been that dominant figure. I've never seen that, really never
taken it in lives, going back and watching things and whatnot.

But it's still I think it's just still tough in
general when you know about the history, you know how
good he is. I mean, again, we're talking about these
odds to win these tournaments to where he was and
then seeing him struggle with some of these simple putts,
can't get anything down.

Speaker 1 (09:13):
I think it was I think it was Saturday he
talked of.

Speaker 3 (09:17):
They asked him after his round on Saturday, and the
answer to like, hey, did Friday essentially take.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
A lot out of you?

Speaker 3 (09:22):
And he just goes yeah, like he just he just
doesn't seem to be healthy. And that's that's the part
that sucks. It's not even struggling, it's said he's continuously
trying to push through this, and obviously he's taking a
hit in terms of the returns on his on his game.

Speaker 1 (09:34):
Yeah, playing twenty three holes on Friday, Yes, no doubt
came back to bite him because he was actually in
pretty good shape on the leader board right, not looking
too bad going into Saturday. And then when he's out
there and the video that probably you know made the
rounds and if you missed it, he's lifting his shirt
up and you can see he's got a big patch
on his lower back and he's even with that big

patch on to help the pain, he's rubbing whatever it was,
icy hot or whatever he has bio freeze. Beyond that,
he's probably got something that's ten times better than all
we can get at the cvs down the street. But
it just it wasn't and he just fell apart on
Saturday and Sunday, and so I was watching I had
two TVs on at the same exact time, and it

was I think it was either yesterday or Saturday. I'm
get my days now mixed up. But the one TV
they were revisiting twenty nineteen when he won, which I
still argue would be one of the best sporting events
of all time. The twenty nineteen Masters was as good
as it gets. So they were showing that at the
same time as he was actually playing real, live golf
this year. You want to talk about a juxtaposition that

blew my mind because all those golfers waited for him
at bowl their cabin and they it was like one
of the highlights of their lives to have a narrow
loss to Tiger. But they were so excited for him
to win in twenty nineteen and how well he played
compared to this year, where it's just feeling awful for
the guy and we're we're never going to get back
to that spot where he was only five years ago.

Speaker 3 (11:00):
Yeah, and that that Master's like, that's the closest thing
that I can get to, like, you know, watching like
what that was like for him, and I'll still I'll
never forget it was one of the one of the
holes down the stretch where he almost he almost holds
it from the fairway and you could in the camera
cuts to him that year he wins the Masters in
twenty nineteen, and you can kind of see he's cursing,
and you're like, oh, he's mad that he didn't hold it.
Oh yeah, like that's how he's freaking to Yes, that's

how great this guy is that it's incredible.

Speaker 1 (11:23):
The next NBA First Round Series prices and what happened
on the final day of the NBA's regular season. It
was wild and somewhat inexplicable. I know people who are
not happy. I don't blame them, but guess what that
Sports Betting and gambling. This is Followed the Money on
vson D Sports Betting Network. This is Follow the Money

on Visa Yeah.

Speaker 3 (12:02):
Storrty Morning off Right with a daily dose of winning strategies,
insider tips, and the latest base from the Free vs
In daily newsletter Today, Vison Senior editor Zat Cohen took
a look at the play in games for the NBA
Play In Tournament. Also a quick look at what the
postseason will look like with a couple of series said,
of course in each conference. Check it out today vson
dot Com Slash Newsletter.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
I know Pauli is off this week. Probably a good thing.
He is sick, because he had the Cavaliers at eight
to one to win that division. Yeah so, and I
know that many people watching and listening to the show
also tailed him on that and had a big number
on the Cavaliers. They can't believe what transpired yesterday. A
fourteen and a half point favorite. If they win, they can.

But their ceiling was to get the two seeds. Ceily
was the two seedy Okay, so that was in play.
Then they would get the winner of the seventy six
ers and the heat matchup in the playoffs. Were they
possibly trying to lose that game so they would not
get that team?

Speaker 2 (13:00):

Speaker 1 (13:00):
I don't think it's possible. I think they were, And
that's exactly what took place. Yep.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
I mean, I think you're you're watching the scoreboard and
you're understanding, like, okay, well Milwaukee's about to go down
and the Knicks, so like, yeah, let's let's get out
of this thing. Let's lose because we don't want to
finish up there.

Speaker 1 (13:13):
They're fourteen to that point favorites. They became the biggest
final day of the regular season favorites or game eighty
two favorites to lose a game in about the last
thirty years. It's nuts.

Speaker 3 (13:27):
And look, I'll say this, now, this was for playoff seating,
but we've seen this actually down the stretch, which is
kind of crazy. Go back to that Friday night. You
remember Boston and Sacramento. So Sacramento's Sacramento's in Boston two
weeks ago that maybe not even and the Celtics rup
nineteen in the fourth quarter, they've been playing their starters
at Missoula's like, we're done today, ye Yanks, Yanks it.

They blow a nineteen point lead, and he tells him
after the game, He's like, no, we just wanted to
work them.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
Well, I wanted the bench to work through it. It's like,
oh my god.

Speaker 3 (13:55):
Okay, same thing here, except now you're just taking for
playoff seating.

Speaker 1 (13:58):
Okay, So now instead of getting the sixers or the
heat in the first round, yep, with a win. That's
what I don't get. The Cavaliers are going to get
the Celtics. I guess maybe are we sure that's the
plan of attack here?

Speaker 3 (14:13):
I mean, I guess maybe it's just about moving on, right,
just winning a playoff series. You remember, like last by
all accounts, if you listen to like Cleveland Media, you
talked and we watched it, that embarrassment playing against the
New York Knicks last season, like stuck with them quite
a bit to the point where they're playing them in
the regular season, they're getting dog walked. You get Josh
Hart running by Donovan Mitchell and popping his chain right

while they're beating a crap out of him in the
regular season. Like, I just I feel like maybe it
wasn't even so much about Okay, let's get a winnable opponent,
which probably is and win a series. Maybe it's about
like avoiding a situation where you get to play the
Knicks of this act. I don't know, but like that
was to go from the all right, yeah, we get
a winnable opponent, but you get the freight train that
is the Boston Celtics in the second round. If you

move on, didn't I did not really understand the strategy either.

Speaker 1 (14:58):
I did, yeah, and so I get it. By the way,
I understand that people are not happy with what took
place yesterday and they didn't win their eight to one tickets.
I mean, you had chances to get out of it.
I mean, you could have taken the fourteen and a
half yesterday. You could have taken the money line on
the other side, hell in play in the fourth quarter
when the Cavaliers were up. You could have gotten involved
if you wanted to. But you had to be watching

the game though, too, to see what was going to happen.
Oh yeah, and that spot and see that they were
gonna yank guys.

Speaker 3 (15:24):
I mean, but even then, so like I'm gonna double
check this, so like you get the point where they
pull guys, right, But do you really know, like when
you see I mean, it was kind of like a
mass substitution, But when you see at the end of
the third quarter that you know Marcus Boulden comes in
for or Social, Mogili comes in for Strus and Okoro
comes in for Niang, do you really know, like, Okay,

these guys are done for the rest of the day.
But either way, it's a good opportunity to hedge. But yeah,
you had a lot of opportunities to get out of
it if you could. But I can understand anybody who
was watching that and thinking like cool right the way.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
Here, Well, you were probably counting your money going into
this game as a fourteen and a half point favorite, yes,
and hanging on to six eight, maybe even a little
bit higher than that to one to win that division. Yep,
that's a killer. Now, I will say this, with the
Knicks getting the two and they were in a battle
to the death yesterday against the Chicago Bulls, easily could
have lost that game, but they got the two seed.

Now there's a good chance they're going to get this
the Philadelphia seventy six ers in Round one. Sixers are
four and a half point favorites at home in the
playing game to Miami. Is that going to go? I
love this Knicks team. They're amazing. I think Brunson should
get some team here for the MVP. He's not going
to win it. But with how can we end this
whole idea that the Knicks can't get a superstar? That
that's done. Now, that's been buried for a good two

months because of how this guy is played. But they're
going to get Joel m beat in the seventy six
ers as the seven if they win, even if they don't,
they'll get Miami, right, And they played well against Miami.

Speaker 3 (16:47):
They were two and one against them, but like it
wasn't anything crazy, and they lost the last matchup against
them that they had played in South Beach, and that
was like the Tom Thibodau thing, right, which was like, hey,
let's play our guys forty five minutes so we can
get the two seed, but the worst matchup.

Speaker 1 (17:00):
If that's going to be the case.

Speaker 3 (17:01):
Now, I guess the argument too would be we did
watch Philadelphia and Joel Ebide against Orlando the other night.
He did land awkwardly on the knee as he goes
straight back to the locker room, came back in and
finished the game. But there is always that worry that
Embid's not going to be healthy. So maybe that's just
part of like, hey, maybe he's just not going to
make it through the season or the series. Excuse me,
but I'm with you, like I feel like, actually this

might kind of fly in the face what we're talking about.
I think some of these teams should be more cognizant
of what's happening in some of these games, like if
your time's have been on and you realize, like, oh,
if we lose this, we get Indiana, Like that's a
little bit of a better matchup for us, a winnable series.
All right, guys, you're done, Like I know we're going
to overtime. We're done here.

Speaker 1 (17:36):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
We want the better matchup. But there's some pride on
the line. There's wanting to win the two seed. For
a team that was pushing for fifty wins, you winning
that fifty mark, and that's kind of who this team
is at this point right now.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
You have to try hards, you know, in a good way.
By the way, I do like the idea this is
getting kicked around last night on social media. I like
the idea for teams that win and actually get to
the one or the two seed, right meaning they've had
a better regular season on paper and in theory with
the record, then teams that finish below them they get
to pick the opponent. Because now for teams like Milwaukee

and others that you could bring up here, that may
be punted to draw matchup. But I don't know why
the Bucks in why Indiana. They did not do well
against the Pacers this year and they have nobody to
really slow down Tyrese Haliburton in my opinion. But regardless,
don't you think they should reward the top two seeds
where they go? Yeah, I want that team as my
first round opponent. That's the Celtics get to pick and
then the Knicks get to pick second. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (18:28):
I think one of the things that's been brought up,
like the like the pushback on that would be the logistics, right,
because you have to have the play in settle and
then you would wait to pick your team and all
that kind of stuff. And I guess maybe the logistics
attorney then around prep time as well. Whatever it is,
maybe that's like the pushback on it. I would understand that.
I think if you wanted to try that out, I
mean they try out everything, why not try outage? I

guess yeah, I had no idea, so I think, I mean, look,
the NBA is experimental, but I would totally.

Speaker 1 (18:53):
Get really yeah, that's I mean, if any commisser is
going to try something like that, it would be him,
right yep.

Speaker 3 (18:58):
Now, I mean the embarrassment of taking the opponent and
then losing to them. Sure, yes, right, you know it
would be absolutely incredible.

Speaker 1 (19:07):
Also, great job. I got to tip my cap to
him because this cost me a couple of different bets
going back before their schedule really got difficult down the stretch.
I was betting the Suns to be in the playing
tournament YEP at minus one oh five, all the way
up on parlays to minus one fifty. And they navigated
the final back end of their schedule quite nicely. And

here they are in the playoffs as the sixth seed
going against Minnesota. And oh, by the way, I know
the Timberwolves had an amazing regular season. I think this
is one team the Wolves can lose two.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
Yeah, I think this when you look at the matchup itself,
like you on paper, it kind of makes sense where
you're like, okay, well you're Minnesota, so you have like
Anthony Edwards to defend one of these guys, either Radley
Biel or Devin Booker, and Mike Conley's a good defender,
and then you have Jade McDaniels who can size wise
matchup with Kevin Durant. But when you have a team
like Phoenix who can hit contested jumper after contested jumper
who's ceiling offensively, you know, is kind of resistant to

whatever defensive opponent's going to throw at them. That's kind
of tough for Minnesota because I thought that too, Like
I thought the one team that they didn't want to face,
and you know, I've got some nice Minnesota numbers.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
This is the one matchup that I didn't really want,
is that right? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (20:15):
Out of all of these different opponents, you know, we
saw their size really bother the Los Angeles Clippers, or
I think they had a little bit of a better
shot against the Dallas Mavericks team that plays a little
bit slower and they don't have as many shot makers
as Luka Doncic. Like that was something that I thought
that they could really navigate through at the very least
to make a Western Conference finals. This is the one
team when I was like, man, just don't don't let
that happen.

Speaker 1 (20:34):
Get the Suns, And it looked like it was gonna happen.

Speaker 3 (20:36):
The Suns were scuffling with a mere coffee and bones
Highland out in La. Oh yeah, three nights ago. You're like, oh,
this team stinks getting smoked the way they did. You know,
although they came back a little bit against the Clippers.
I thought that was going to be it. I thought
they were going to lose out and go into the
play in So, okay, we're gonna get into the playoff series.

Speaker 1 (20:50):
Prices first round coming up a little bit later on
in the show, probably about let's go top of the
hour with that. How about the play in games that
we have tomorrow night and Wednesday. Akers are currently a
dog to the Pelicans. Yeah, one point underdog for the most.

Speaker 3 (21:04):
I think that's you can probably call that a consensus,
although I think there's a couple of picks that were
floating out there as well. I'm I'm I feel relatively
certain that we're probably going to close like pick or
Lakers minus one by the time we get to tip off.

Speaker 1 (21:15):
I agree with that, Yeah, and I also feel like
that's the right side. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
From a matchup standpoint, this is it's not gone well
for the New Orleans Pelicans against the Los Angeles Lakers, like
two an embarrassing degree and in like such big spots too.
We saw them in the playing tournament, right, got absolutely
a boat raced in that matchup. For the season, the
Lakers three and one against the Pelicans, where they plus
thirteen point seven net rating, like it has not been
close every one hundred possessions against the You know, between

these two teams for audience, they outscore them by thirteen
point seven points.

Speaker 1 (21:44):
The other game in the West. Now, I was fully
invested in the Masters yesterday more than anything else. But
I believe I saw the Kings open up in some
spots the favorite. That's what I saw.

Speaker 3 (21:53):
Warriors some spots open like pick minus one in favor
of Golden State worked like two, and they've got to
two and a half in some spots. So I think
that where we're Probably we probably were because the problem
here too for Sacramentos is we know you're you're kind
of finn in the backcourt, right, Monk's not there beat up.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Yes, Monk was having a great season, he us and
you're taking two of your best players now off that
team offensively, and you got to go scold and stay
with all that championship medal as we saw that play
out last year in their first round series.

Speaker 3 (22:20):
If they had, I mean that was tough too, because
that Daron Fox doesn't break to the tip of his finger.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
Who knows what happens in that series uh huh. Up next,
Adam Hill is going to join the program. We'll get
into the NFL draft at his next Thursday. What position
he covers the Raiders out here in Las Vegas. What
position are the Raiders selecting with their first overall pick? Well,
that's then coming up and follow the Money. It's v
sin v Sports Betty Network. This is Follow the Money

on VS.

Speaker 2 (22:56):

Speaker 3 (22:56):
Still up, of folks, you can check out the betting
splits up at vsin dot com. We're free, no Vson
Pro subscription required. We got a full slate of Major
League Baseball today, a bunch of crappy pictures.

Speaker 1 (23:05):
But guess what.

Speaker 3 (23:06):
You can check out where the money and bets are
going every single time over at DraftKings of a Vson
dot com slash flitz.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
Adam Hill joins the program now. He covers everything out
here in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Review Journal,
including the Las Vegas Raiders, which we're going to get
into their draft pick coming up in a few moments.
He also covers the UFC, and he joined us now
in the progressive guest line, Adam, good TALKI as always,
you have been covering that sport for many, many years.

You've been to countless cards in that time. Where does
the Max Holloway finish rank all time? Where does the
reaction by the crowd rank all time of the cards
that you've watched in person?

Speaker 2 (23:45):
Man, it's it's tough to put it in a context.
Like you sometimes you hate doing these things just because
it's so easy to have recently bias. Sure, look at
what happened, But that was a moment, man, Like it was.
It was so wild. I think there was one angle
and I can't fight it again. I only saw it
one time, but there's so many angles that I've seen
in this fight now, But there is one angle where

you can see like my face right outside the cage
and uh, It's like you see all these people just
jumping up, and you know, I I was just gonna
sitting there and I just my face just like dropped.
I was just like what what is that? My mouth
is just like wide open, like what just happened? It was?
It was such a wild moment. It was. It was

nuts in that place and it was so loud, and
I think the biggest, the biggest way you can measure
how crazy it was is because the last two fights
of the night were actually pretty good. Yeah, like there
were good fights, right, but if you go back and
watch if you go back and watch those two fights,
nobody's cheering. There's no energy. Everybody is it's like drained

of all emotion and just fatigued by what they had
just seen. And like it was never fair to not
have that fight as the main event anyway, it was
always going to be disappointing to try to follow that fight.
But the way that it ended, it's just so wild.
And you know, I know there was a big financial
swing in a lot of different places of you know,
the prop hitting of Hallowei waiting in the fifth round

of Halloway winning inside the distance of Halloween my knockout
instead of following by decision, Like there was a ton
of money that changed hands. But at the same time,
just the moment, and especially on such a big stage,
such a big card, a fight that was supposed to
be like that way, like we all expected those kind
of fireworks and then actually deliver was crazy. I still
think the weirdest crowd reaction and the kind of the

biggest kind of pop I guess you could talk about
is I still always will remember the first time that
brock Lesner stepped in an octagon and it was such
a strange crowd because nobody had any idea what to expect.
Everybody was kind of like, does he even know how
to fight? Like, this guy's a professional wrestler. We know
he has a great athletic background, but does he know
how to fight? And then he comes in there it

just absolutely dominates the guy who was heavyweight champion at
the time. Frank Mere just destroys him for you know,
a minute and a half and everybody just kind of
was so like just totally into the fight and it
was crazy. That's been the kind of the most unique
and while this reaction I've ever I've ever been a
part of Live, but that's gotta be right there on Saturday,

and it was just it was just so crazy the
way that happened.

Speaker 3 (26:20):
So we obviously get news then as we spend this
forward crazy events and environments. Michael Chandler will take on
Connor McGregor at UFC three to three.

Speaker 1 (26:29):
Opening price is what and what do we expect here?

Speaker 2 (26:32):
Oh, I mean it's been it's been for a while
and I've seen it, you know, around around Pickham for
a little bit. I did just see a couple of numbers.
I saw both guys like I might just want twenty,
so just kind of essentially, we'll just say it's it's
around Pickham right now. I think that's a really, really
crazy number. I think Chandler should be a fairly significant favorite.

I mean, look, he's had some struggles as late as well,
but we haven't seen Conor McGregor fight at a high
level a long while time. And I also obviously questioned,
let's just say his lifestyle over the last couple of
years and we'll just leave it at that. I can't
imagine that there's not going to be sharp money on Chandler,

as there probably should be. I just think, you know,
even if somehow McGregor wins it, turns back the clock
and finds the way to win the sight, the value
has to be on Chandler here. This is a pretty
silly number to me.

Speaker 1 (27:28):
Yeah, I totally agree it.

Speaker 3 (27:29):
Connor looks like a guy's just been eating a lot
of lean proteins and eat and clean a lot of
push ups, a.

Speaker 1 (27:34):
Lot of push Yeah. Follow the money here on Yeah Yeah,
The Sports Betty Network. Adam Hill, our guest on The
Progressive Guest line covers UFC and the Las Vegas Raiders.
So right now, Adam updated prices on the position of
the first drafted player by the Raiders. Offensive lineman is
a shorter shot on the board along with cornerback. Their
reach plus one fifty quarterback is drifted out to plus

two thirty with the draft next Thursday. Do you think
they have a pretty good idea which direction they're gonna
go in right now?

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Yeah? And I'll just say, first of all, and I
think the number indicates this, like I would be pretty
shocked if it's anything but one of these three positions.
So I guess you could start there when you're kind
of analyzing the Raiders draft number. I think, look at
quarterback is something that they absolutely need to take. They
want to have a foundational piece. If you just go

back and look one of the things that let's just
say right off the bat, that you know an Toto Piers,
the head coach, who was the interim coach. Now he's
had that type removed. He's a full time coach now.
He said, we don't want to band aid anymore. We
don't want to band aid quarterback. We want somebody who's
gonna be the foundational piece, the guy that we built around,
the you know, the base for this team going forward.

It's been a while since they've had that. And then
what do they do and they go Saun the ultimate
band aid and Gardner minshef so like to me that
that's not the answer that he wanted. That's not the
solution that he wanted. He wants a quarterback and he
hasn't really been shy about that. But it's going to
be very tough to get that quarterback that he's talking about.
If you're picking, or you're picking and now you're looking

at at best, I would say QB five If you're
at thirteen and like, is that is that what you're
looking for to build your franchise run for the long term?
I don't think so. So if you see them move up,
obviously that's a signal that they're taking quarterback. But I
think where they're sitting right now, it's going to be
tough to get the guy that they truly truly want.
So that's where you start looking at those other spots.

They need a you know, they need a right tackle,
they need a right guard, but I don't think they're
taking a guard at thirteen. So tackle is a very
important position. I see a lot of people say it's
a position that they don't have a starter for. I
actually think they believe if they're Muntford a guy that
they could put in there as a starting player. But
they do need a starting right tackle. Got to build
around a guy to play opposite Colton Miller. So that's

tame position they absolutely need. They also need a corner
and we know it's Tony up here is the defensive guy.
He likes that, you know, those kind of those swagger guys,
the attitude guys to go opposite Jack Jones, who they're
really excited about. So those two positions are almost the
only two to look for if they can't get a quarterback.
But I wouldn't look much outside those top those three spots.

I know we want to look for underdogs and find
some great value and you know, some big numbers in
the draft, but I just think those are the three
that they're gonna be looking at early on.

Speaker 3 (30:24):
So Michael Penix has been connected to this team a lot.
A lot of people think that, you know, it's a
really good fit. I would agree with that, Adam, but
I think it's better at forty four as opposed to thirteen.
Have you talked to anybody about that connection and maybe
a desire for them to go and get penis at
some point?

Speaker 2 (30:40):
Yeah, I think I think you're right. I think they're
going to having the second round if they can do that,
If that's possible, it'd be something they want or you're
trade back, right, I mean, if they if they are
going to take penicks, and if they do like penix,
I think you would look for them to try to
move down the board in the first round pick up
some additional capital. That's what we've kind of seen from TOMPs.
Let's go kind of prefer that. You know, we haven't

seen him with the Raiders, We've seen him with the
Charter for a long time. That'd be more of his
mo I'd be surprised if they took peticks if they
were sitting at thirteen. And it's also something to watch,
Like I know, we all, you know, we all love
Michael Petticks and what he does on the field, and
I think we all kind of overreacted to the uh,
you know, to the combined news that his medicals checked out. Well,

every single team has their own medical report and they
all have their own doctors. They all have their own
team analyzing all this, and I would imagine a lot
of teams have not given him a full clearance, and
we're going to see how many how many teams might
maybe shy away from where Michael Petticks is in terms
of his health. I mean the he's a guy who's
played six seasons in college, four of his six seasons

and did with season ending injuries then both shoulders, two acls.
And let's let's also not forget he finished this season,
but look at his last you know, five games or so.
He wasn't good. He struggled, he was hurt, he played
through it, but it's another injury this year, and I
think there's just a ton of concerns about him going forward.
He's also already twenty four years old, so there's a

lot of, if not red flags, yellow flags of Michael Pennix.
Even though I think he's an unbelievable kid and a
really really talented player, a guy that could really throw
the ball, there's just a lot of question marks. And
I wouldn't be so sure to say that he's checked
out physically.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
In about thirty seconds here, Adam, if you were the GM,
which player would you take with their first overall pick.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
Oh boy, well, I would be trading out. Actually that's
their Yeah, I would definitely be trading down and trying
to look to do that. But I think there's a
battle internally. I think Antonio Peers would do anything he
possibly could, including giving up the entire future, to take
je Daniels. That's the guy he wants, he loves him.
There's a connection to high school. That's what they want
to do. I think Tom Telesco is a little bit

more conservative in his approach, So we'll see. But I
think I got to look forward to say this. Terry
and Arnold is a really really good fit with Antonio Piers.
They seem to be bonding already. He's a guy that
I think I've had circle for a while.

Speaker 1 (33:01):
Terry A walk very good. You can follow Adam on
X He's at Adam Hill l v RJ. Thanks Adam,
We appreciate the time.

Speaker 2 (33:08):
Of course, I'm here.

Speaker 1 (33:09):
There you go, Adam Hill with the Las Vegas Review Journal,
join us here on the progressive guest line. Even more
shocking than Pennix, like go, I can't see any of
these teams in that window taking bo Nicks. I just
think that's a severe mistake if they go down that
path under four and a half of next win some
lose some huge prices to miss the cut, massive dogs
winning out right in the NBA UFC and oh my

the ep L. Were you a winner last night winning
or was it a rough one? They can all be winners.

You're a loser.

Speaker 3 (33:54):
Holly Howard recaps the night in sports betting and win,
some lose some.

Speaker 1 (33:58):
How About some of these big names that missed the
cut at huge prices, including Victor Hoblin three to one,
Wyndham Clark plus two eighty five. You know it's all
great that I had that Scheffler yukon parlay. Well, here
are some of the names that I also had that
went into the had some nice tickets on Hoblin no chance,
Wyndam Clark, no good. I had Justin Thomas. He missed

the cut at plus two forty. So I had those
three guys in the outrights and they had no chance
to in this tournament even make the weekend. Adrian Moran
plus one sixty five, Harmon plus two to twenty, thanks
for checking in, DJ plus two to seventy five. Jordan
Speith with all of this master's history, right, plus three ninety.

Maybe the rest was bothering more than we thought. I
had him to win this thing. Not not even a chance.
Justin Rose plus one fifty Sata g O plus one sixty,
Sam Burns plus two thirty five. They all missed massive names,
could not get the job done this weekend. How about
in the NBA I watched that Spurs Nuggets game, specifically
the second half over the weekend, five to one to

win it out right over the Nuggets. They got it done.
How important was that game? Can't slap you get you circle.
These teams are like, all right, cool, we're gonna go
in and win. Nope, not the case. Man.

Speaker 2 (35:11):
That was big.

Speaker 1 (35:11):
It was huge. That's whether or not the one seed.
That's that game right there, the reason why you could
look at more things throughout the season, obviously, but losing
that game as a what were they fifteen point favorite
in that range? Yeah, the thirteen to fourthirtye okay, yeah,
to lose that game outright. The reason why today we're
not talking about Denver is the one in the West.
Jazz plus eight fifty against the Clippers. Hello, yep, Pistons

plus four seventy five against the Mavericks Magic seventy six
ers over bet from two eleven to two to fifteen
and a half in the Thunder ten point favorites back
to fourteen against the Bucks. All winners there In the
NBA UFC Saturday Night Alex Panerra Round one finish plus
five to fifty, Wiley to win by decision plus two

to fifty Max Holloway to win by ko at the gun.
That was awesome seven to one. How about that if
you had to go to the scorecards and you lost
like that?

Speaker 2 (36:06):

Speaker 1 (36:07):
They decide to engage final ten seconds even though Holloway
had the white. The fight one let's call big boy.

Speaker 3 (36:13):
It was the It was reminiscent of the Garbrandt suns out.
Remember when he knocked him out right at the buzzer
back of like twenty twenty.

Speaker 1 (36:19):
Yeah, yeah, that's right. Harrison to win by sub plus
two forty like Conno to win by ko Tko fourteen
to one. In Figuredo to beat Garbrandt by this submission
was also four to one. That was the first fight
on the card on Saturday Night. I want to go
back real Perreira's fit. He's awesome. He's incredible. That was

fantastic celebration. Just like, look at this, look what you
made me do. Yeah, it's so good. Great job by
Loofy and Nacaro. By the way, on Friday with the
card and some didn't. Not everyone was a winner, but
he had a lot of them on Friday with us.
All Right, you can become a Vsin subscriber a pro today.
Go to vson dot com slash subscribe to watch all
the videos that we play on show. And during the

segment I'm a big dog guy. How about this? The
poor dog is blind, he's without both eyes. Wow, but
he loves to play fetch. So on the hardwood floors,
the parents here throw the tennis ball and the dog
goes by sound to pick it up and look at
the tail wagging. He's like, I hear it, where are you?

I got you? And he tracks it down and he
brings it back and he wants to play more. That's
an incredible video. Wow, going through life like that, huh interesting.

Speaker 3 (37:34):
Yeah, I think I'd rather have Yeah, I think I Look,
it's kind of freaking me out a little bit, but
I think I'd rather have the eyeless dog than the hairless.

Speaker 1 (37:40):
Cat tell you that much. I don't like the hairless cats.
They're freaky. They are really creepy to me. This is
an amazing video. Man, isn't that a feel good story?

Speaker 2 (37:49):

Speaker 1 (37:49):
Of course, warm me up on a Monday makes you
want to go out and rescue about three or four
dogs this week. I might do it on the way home.
You gotta do that, but specifically blind ones.

Speaker 3 (37:57):
You have to.

Speaker 1 (37:58):
Yeah, when you see those and don't give me that one.
I don't want the one with ice that your your
kids and your wife would really be thankful and grateful overall.
Kids bite life not so much, No, not so much
to some of the beats over the weekend. Justin Thomas
to make the cut, he was even on fifteen. He

finished plus seven.

Speaker 3 (38:24):
That was incredible that watching that melt down was insane.
The cut line was what six? It was six and
then he pushed it down to seven. So guys like Matsiyama,
I imagine if you had to miss the cut on Monts.
He survives because he did because Thomas melts down. That
was that was wild watching that on Friday.

Speaker 1 (38:39):
Yeah, to lose some This ties into the final day
of the regular season. Blake Murphy tweet Final Day fifteen games.
One hundred and eighteen players listed is out, five doubtful,
forty seven are questionable. GVT, you are VSA very young

NBA senior betting and analysts. What did you make of that?

Speaker 3 (39:05):
I mean, it's it's par for the course for the
last day. But at some point, like what my thing
was is, you don't need forty seven questionable. You know
what you're doing right, Just list them as out, yeah,
and let's get this show on the road. For ex
like Darius Garland listed as doubtful.

Speaker 1 (39:18):
Like those sort of things. You don't need to play
the games on the last day of the season. We
all know what you're trying to do. Just do it.

Speaker 3 (39:23):
List them is out and get on with it so
we can set these markets and do something. There's no
need to play these games.

Speaker 1 (39:28):
This nonsense.

Speaker 3 (39:28):
By the way, it won't end because we don't know
what's going on with any son Orkawhi Leonard Sure, Now.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
Did you dial back your bets yesterday and down the
final week or two oh the regular season? Yesterday?

Speaker 3 (39:39):
Actually, I think, and I wrote about this on the website.
I thought yesterday was a really good example of spots
where you go in and bet these teams in game,
especially these big favorites. There were multiple teams yesterday that
were massive favorites. They were tied after a first quarter,
trailed early. You just sit there and you play these
teams in game and you can get some good opportunities
to come back in and now a lot of there
were quite a few that ended up covering, but you
can get much cheaper numbers throughout the course of game,

especially early.

Speaker 2 (40:01):

Speaker 1 (40:01):
Don't miss out at any of the NBA Playoff action
at Draftings sports Book and official sports betting partner of
the NBA, from the play in tournament through the finals.
DraftKings sports Book as you covered with Sam game parlays,
live Betty Nods, boosts, and so much more. Download the
DraftKings sports Book app and used the code vsin. New
customers bet five bucks and get two hundred dollars in
bonus bets instantly. That's called vsin only on DraftKings. The

crown is yours. I did mess around to the same
game parlay yesterday. It was Peyton Pritchard, okay, right, yeah,
And I should have been doing this more throughout the
entire season when the Celtics were going to be sitting
their players, and I did it with Sam Houser twice.
One of them was a winner, the other one was
a loser. That was the first time I bet because

of what Pritchard did in their second to last game
of the year. They're sitting everybody. He went absolutely crazy
and he finished like. There are only four Celtics in
history who had the game that he did yesterday, eight points,
fifteen to twenty one for the floor. He was absolutely awesome,
made a ton of threes, the rebounds, he assist, they
all went over. He and Speve mkay Luke leading the
Celtics to victory. Yeah, I get so. I think if

you're paying attention to this stuff on a daily basis,
and if you want to get involved with that, that's
an angle to take. I will tell you, Like, the
NHL has been on the back burner for me much
of the season. How about people who have just been
betting Austin Matthews to score a goal prop the entire year? Sure, no,
it was a buck thirty. The other night he got
another one. He's on the verge of having seventy. But
with him scoring that many goals, you have to be

up betting him to score a goal in these games,
and hell, if you're betting to score two goals a game,
you probably did a pretty decent job at that as well.
This year. Yep.

Speaker 3 (41:41):
Yeah, paying attention to these and like knowing what's going
to happen, and I thought it good win yesterday. I
was on with their friends on the Sweat yesterday morning
talking about like, for example, hey, you know what, a
guy like Terror Razier still banged up, not gonna play.
Duncan Robinson's not going to be out there. You got
to find somewhere where you're gonna get some of these
three point shots to go down. A hero points shot
was set at like one and a half. He hits

too in the first half, like in your cruise there.
You know, paying attention to personnel obviously, but knowing the
tendencies of where those things are going to go to
is obviously really huge with what you're gonna do here
in terms of attacking some of these props, especially on
days like the last day where it's just absolute madness
with who's going to be available.

Speaker 1 (42:15):
Yep, we will get into the series price that we
have for the opening round coming up at the top
of the hour. We had coach David Thorpe on the
show on Friday, and we had him on for about
a half an hour, and I threw this question at
him about the playing game and if the Heat don't
beat the Sixers, but they come back and win the
second playing game and they get the Celtics because his

defensive player of the year is bam Outabiyo, by the way,
I could totally get that. Yeah. I said. The follow
up to that was, would you give the Heat like
a better than a puncher's chance to beat the Celtics
based on what happened last year? And he immediately just goes, Nah,
not really not this year. Celtics are too good? You agree?

Speaker 3 (42:55):
I completely agree. I also think the reality is if
you actually am what Miami did last year in the postseason.
You know what I'm saying this, It's like Fluky is
not fair because you do what you do, right, But
if you actually analyze what they did, the insane shooting
numbers against Milwaukee, as I call it, a legitimately good
series win over the Knicks, and then another series in

which the shooting numbers were absolutely out of this world.
But if you look at their numbers from the the
nixt series, beginning of the next series into the end
of the NBA Finals match. They are statistically identical to
the team that was in the regular season. They're identical.
So it's just I don't think I want to overreact
to that run last year, especially when you come into
this year. There is no continuity. You're not a very
good offensive team, you know. There's so many different little

mismatches that the Celtics can go after if they want
to when they're at full strength. Terror Zirees not stopping anybody, Duncan,
Robinson's not stopping anybody. And for a team that hunts
mismatches the way that that team does, I don't buy it.

Speaker 1 (43:50):
Yeah, Sposor was amazing. That is he good enough to
come up with a game plan in a short term
a round against the Celtics to like make it a series.

Speaker 3 (43:58):
Yeah, if I'm sure maybe. But here's the thing, So
I was talking about this, Matt more over. The actually
network covers but win to or lost total in the
Eastern Conference playoffs only for the Celtics three and a half.

Speaker 1 (44:07):
Oh, I gotta go under right, Yeah, if they don't
make it out, man, it's it's up up. Next, we
will get into the playoffs series prices. This is the
first time they're favorite in the playoffs over their previous
twenty two postseason games.
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