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May 5, 2022 1 min

Force Multiplier returns for Season 2 — a podcast about solving the world’s greatest challenges through unprecedented collaboration. We pose the question: Can we create true global impact through our own individual actions – further influencing change in our bigger institutions and culture? Do our actions, even if they feel small to us, amount to a collective power? For that may be the only way to truly tackle challenges as big as climate change, education access and global health. Join Baratunde Thurston as he sits with leaders and doers from across the public, private and nonprofit world who are finding new ways to lean into culture, community and the power of technology to drive real change. Force Multiplier is an iHeartRadio Podcast with

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Yo. I'm Barraitune day Thurston, host of the award winning
podcast Forced Multiplied. In season one, we spoke with forward
thinking business leaders, courageous nonprofit directors, and members of the
educational community. We just talked to good people about how
they've been joining forces to level up the impact they

can make on the world. Because whether we're talking about
climate action, mental health, inequality, anywhere from an educational system
to the workplace, the challenges we face today are just
too big to be handled alone, even by the biggest
and most well meaning of organizations. Now, as we head
into season two, all those big problems we talked about

in season one, they're still there. Some of them have
new and unwelcome challenges and twist added all the time.
But we've also only just scratched the surface of what's
being done to tackle those problems. We're living in this
time where technology can be used to divide and make
things worse, but we could also use it to put

those tools in service of opening minds, of bridging divides,
and most importantly, to get things done. Do you remember
getting things done? It's still happening. People are still doing
things that we're gonna talk to them about the collaboration
involved in doing big things and hopefully inspire you to
join in those efforts. This is Force Multiplier and I

Heart radio original podcast with salesforce dot org. Let's change
the world, one relationship at the time. Force Multiplier is
available on the I Heart Radio app or wherever you
listen to podcasts.
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