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October 23, 2023 48 mins

We're going to "Bring It All Back" . . . to the late 90s and early 2000s when S Club 7 ruled the U.K. music scene!

Starting in 1998, they dominated the charts, racking up 4 number one hits and selling over 14 million albums worldwide before disbanding in 2003. 

Now they're back for a 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour! 

We heard from the ladies of the group . . . now it's time for the guys to spill all! Bradley and Jon join Lance and Michael to talk about some of the amazing experiences they shared at the height of their fame, how they made it into the group, why they really broke up, and what it's like getting back together for their global tour! "Don't Stop Movin" and click to listen! 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and iHeartRadio podcast.
Hello my little peanuts. Oh I did that scarily because
it's almost Halloween. That's why it was this inner blood.
It's me or hose, Lance Bass LUNs balls with my
lovely co host Michael Turkey. It's hard. Oh well, go I.

This has been one of the most fun Halloween seasons yet.
That's it. Well one because my land scares have been
really good. So if you don't know what Lance Scares is,
just go to Instagram TikTok just put in hashtag Lance
Scares and just be delighted. Okay, you're welcome. I scare
the crap out of Turkey here and it is so fun.

Greats have never come out of me a single time
that not one time. Have you accidentally pooped your pants?
Well not because you scared me? Okay, well then I
got to work on something naturally. It's been a great season.
We have done so many fun things and it's not
even Halloween yet. We're heading to New Orleans. Not to
do a show, unfortunately, but we're just gonna go have
fun with some friends. Halloween in New Orleans is amazing.

It is so much excited experience. Uh, there is one
year when the kids are old enough. I think it'd
be really fun. I think I've said this on the
show before. I'm sure you have. I think you do
the trifecta of Halloween trips all within a week. I
know it's a big undertaking, but you spend two days
in each of these places. Ready. You start in Salem, Yeah,

then you go to We're in Georgia, pretty place in Georgia, Savannah.
Savannah very haunted, and then you're into New Orleans. It's
the three craziest haunted places in America. They do Halloween, right,
we can do this when the kids are older and
I'm yeah, yeah, like no, they can pay for their

own air for a hotel. Oh, no, one thing like six,
you know, scary, scared. There's all kids for me stuff
that'll be more like fun, like ten. How would you know?
Because they're more like real kids, almost adult real kids.
You're saying our kids aren't real six? No, did you appreciated?
Dad doesn't think you're real as if they listen to

our podcast. So, uh, let's get to the interview right now.
This has been a two first. So we started with
Joe Rachel and Tina from S Club. Now we're going
to John and Brad and see what the boys have
to say with this new reunion. And again we're going
to we're going to join this band. We're going to
join We're not gonna tell them just yet. No, we're

just gonna charm them to death, and they're going to
ask us to join them. We're gonna come dressed as
S Club seven. Okay, We're gonna have an audition song.
What are you auditioning with? I'm doing I want to
dance with somebody. I'm going to do uh conga by
clious stuff on. I mean, I think we're shoe ins.
I we shoe in an insert to a shoe. That's how.

That's some much of a shoe and I am you
look at shoe and okay, okay, when we come back,
we're gonna have S clubs John and Brad Let's see
what they've been up to and let's fangirl all over
them all right. S Club formerly known as S Club seven,

British pop group formed in nineteen ninety eight. They're originally
comprised of Tina, Paul, John Bradley, Johannah and Rachel. S
Club seven were formed by the former Spice Girls manager
Simon Fuller, who signed them to Polydor Records. The band
was heavily influenced by Tupac and Biggie and they rose
to fame with their BBC See they did get it.
They got it, thank you. See the ladies just kind

of like sure that that's exactly they went with the
flow and they rose to fame with their BBC television.
Miami seven aimed at that young audience. Within five years,
they achieved four UK number one singles, UK number one album,
several successful singles in Europe, and top ten single on
the US Hot one hundred Never Had a Dream Come True,

which was a huge, huge hit. They have sold more
than ten million albums worldwide. Miami seven lasted four seasons
and was watched over by ninety million viewers. Now S
Club is back for a reunion tour and you can
buy your tickets now. And now we have the fellas
you've heard the Ladies two weeks ago. But here we
are with John and Brad. Welcome to Frost's Tips. Guys, Hey,

thank you so much for having us. Yeah, of course,
one super excited that we're going to be able to
get to see you on tour again. But let's take
it back a little bit. We asked the ladies what
it was like auditioning for S Club seven, What was
your experience like, how did you hear about the auditions

and what was that tradition like. So it was in
a like the stage newspaper here and here in the UK,
which like an industry paper. And I was looking for
colleges at the time because I was only fifteen. I
was taking my exams at the time, and there was
a little advert in there for it. So I just
took myself along sang She's Out of My Life by

Michael Jackson. I got put through to the next round
and did a couple more and that was it. And
then they just said, oh, we need to wait, we
need to find a few more people to come and
get involved. And that was with Hannah at the time
and with Paul, so we were the first three and
then I think you guys, yeah, I came later on.
I was one of the last members to join, but me,
I was. My mom and dad were in a band

in the eighties called the corn Notes. So my dad
had a recording studio at the house and some people
that he was working with at the time. I met
someone from maybe some full of from the management company
and said, my son Sing. I met my friend's son sings,
and they said, one you get him to come along
to the audition. So I went along to this audition.
And I just come out of high school, decided to

skip college, and I worked in I worked in fast food.
I worked in pizza hut, and then I just I
just thought, you know, I limited, I've got nothing to lose.
Then he goes to this audition, and I was a
massive like R and B fan, you know, I listened
to a lot of like Drew Hill all the time,
and obviously you guys as well. And I always wanted
to always wanted to be in entertainment. So I went

along and that was it, my first audition, I landed
and landed a sporting s club. So yeah, yeah, I mean,
growing up in a musical family, I could see you
know the direction that you wanted to take. But did you, John,
did you grow up in a in a musical family? No,
not at all. My family are all in They're all builders,
my dad or my uncles, my two brothers, they're all

in the building industry. So the odd one out when
I started pirouetting around the living room. Yeah, I was
really meant to have a hammer in my hand. I think. Yeah,
I mean that's a very hyper masculine industry. Exactly what
what what did your dad think of? And You're like, yeah,
I'm going to join this pop group and go to

around the world singing and dancing. My dad was probably
my number one fan. Absolutely, he was my number one fan, definitely. Yeah.
It came way in everything I've ever done. John was
in the West End at like fifteen years old. Yeah,

He's like, yeah, yeah, what I mean. So look, I
joineddn't think when I was sixteen, so I get what
it's like. But I feel like where I'm from in America,
in Mississippi, where you know, a sixteen year old is
kind of like a twelve year old. Like, we're not
we don't really know much about the world. We're very sheltered.

And then we immediately moved over to Germany, where everything
was an open book, you know, and I had to
I had to learn about the world very quickly and
grew up very quickly. What was your life like being
so young. Did you feel like you had to be
were you treated like an adult or did you feel
like you got to have a childhood. I think working

working in the theater to begin with gave me a
lot of discipline, you know, because like if you if
you couldn't do it, you were out and there were
someone to take a place. So you're kind of had
to have that mentality and you were treated like an adult.
I guess you gave him a lot of responsibility. And
then coming into S Club, Yeah, we're just you're so
busy all the time, as you know, just this one
thing after another after another after another. So you just

you just roll on this brain, but you're you're sort
of sheltered and protected at the same time, like a
management company always kept this sort of very protected from
the outside world, if you will. Yeah, Brad, do you
remember what you auditioned with? What song did you audition with?
It was a Drew hillsong? Okay you Yeah, I even

did the dance through to do like a little like
a two step jump type and I did that any audition,
you know, like yeah, like he's in immediately. Yeah, it
was great. I mean there was I think ten thousand
applicants to our audition for S Club seven, and I
mean y'all, y'all made the cut. Did y'all realize how
huge that was in the moment? Well? I mean, and

then the audition actually spanned out to Europe as well.
I think the original idea was to have like, you know,
people from all over the world in the group, and
then then they changed it and just had people from
the UK. But I mean just just having someone you know,
Simon Fuller was the Spice Skills manager, so that alone
was just huge, you know, working with them, and they
were the biggest group in the in the world at
the time, one of the biggest Gale groups, so you know, yeah,

you knew it was going to be big. Yeah, but
still even you can really comprehend, you don't know what
it is until you've actually experienced it. It like, you
know what I mean, Like you don't understand how big.
I remember Simon putting us to one side just before
our first single was released and he just said, remember
this moment because your lives will never be the same
yeah again after this minute, and he was right. And

having a TV show as well separated us from most
pop groups in the UK. You know, that was crazy
And I never had any acting experience before that, so
it was just being thrown into deep end. Yeah. Yeah,
and it's the television element really is such a I mean,
you're kind of the first of our era to do
something like that. And and all the bands that came

like after us in Backstreet Boys, it was always because
the television element that just blew them up. We had
the Jonas Brothers, we had O Town, we had Danity Kine,
just all these groups. I mean, you really got to
know that. And a lot of solo artists Miley Cyrus Grande,
they had that Disney Channel behind them, right, so the

fans really felt like they knew you. I mean that
they're just they that you were family to them. So
I think that's that's kind of the key these days.
You know, if you want to like have success in music,
you gotta have some kind of other element to it,
like another platform like television, not just to do just
to be a singer anymore. But I guess we're getting
a lot of that through TikTok these days. That is

kind of many television shows for a lot of artists.
Well true, yeah, I mean, but basically you have to
have a huge social media following even to be even
to be remotely signed. They're like, oh, you don't have
a million followers, Well you're amazing. We don't want to
develop you, you know. Yeah, you know, we came up
in the era where you didn't need that stuff, you

know exactly. I miss those days. I did miss it.
It is different, you know, there's some things I miss
and some things I don't. I don't miss that. You know,
back in our day, we uh you know, when you
come out with a single, you would spend three four
months on the road promoting that side, going to every
radio station. You just had to hustle. Now you don't

have to do that no more. You're just like, we
want to sing, we want to perform. But then you
spend so many months just promoting and promoting exactly, and
a lot of times that is out of side, out
of mind, because all of a sudden you're on the
you know, east part of the country, and then everyone
on the way is kind of forgotten about you because
you were there two months ago. Yeah, it's just so

much easier now, just put it on TikTok there true,
and now people have like three singles out of it
at the same time. I went on. So I'd like
to know, how much input did you all get to
have at the beginning of S Club and the image
was that all fuller or did y'all say no, I
kind of want to have this image. We kind of had.
We had sort of say over our individual image like

we were you know, we were never told like you
have to wear this, or you have to have your
hair a certain way or anything. It wasn't like that regimented.
But obviously, you know, we have to be cohesive as well,
So there was sort of like a theme, I guess,
and you kind of had to fit into that theme,
but it was you know, your own individual take on
that whatever it might be. Yeah, I know, I was
like the songwriting and stuff. I mean in the beginning,

it happened so quickly, you know. When I joined the band,
that was one of the last members, me and Joe,
and at that point you'd been in the band for
quite some time, so everything was in place. So once
they were they had me and Joe, we literally we
was flown to America, was and the TV show was
ready to go. We started filming straight away and promoting
Blah Blah blah second album. We had a little bit
of time to I mean I did a little bit

of code writing with some producers and stuff, so I
got involved with some songwriting, which was great. But but yeah,
we we had we had a little bit of input,
a little bit. Yeah, I know, uh, you know we're
talking about images. Did y'all have to go through it?
Because when Spice Girls came out, you know, there was
no baby Spice and all that. The media kind of
created that and kind of put these, you know, themes

onto these ladies. Did y'all feel that happened to you
guys too? Once y'all became you know, famous in the
magazines that were like, oh that's the shy one, Oh
that's the crazy one, did you start getting to these
stereotypes a little bit? I think the TV show sort
of helped sort of separate our characters kind of thing,
you know what I mean, So like, yeah, versions of ourselves,

you know, Like I was the ladies man, you know,
and John was like the you know, the tomboy and
a cute one. Uh it was the cute one. And
Rachel was the one that would like fashion and stuff
like yeah, yeah, yeah, that's so funny. So you were

in the thick of the early two thousands, bucket hats,
space buns, frosted tips, bandanas. Are there any fashion regrets
that you have looking back at your group? Oh uh,
so many. I mean I was I was always invest
in the do rag and a bandana. My fashion is

really basic. Yeah that's not bad. Yeah, you guys actually
weren't that bad. Now. You actually were dressed like you
were you You were appropriately coordinated. You were clothes that
like people on the street would wear like and think,
you guys know, we we were horrible. Yeah, we did
look like we shopped on the high street. We shopped

at like regular Yeah exactly, I know. You guys look
like you're just like, okay, you have twenty seconds. You
got to run into store and grab as many things
as you can and then just put them all on
and that's her, and make sure that they're extra extra
large everything. Yes, and make sure there's a turtleneck and
a fur jacket and some like snake pants. Addude. Done.

That's basically there was seven of us that we had
less budget, you know, between seven and you've only got
like fifty dollars to go. Yeah, it so was like
we're gonna be simple, yeah and chic. See I was
always the worst because I didn't care back. I care
now like I love fashion now, but when I was
a teenager, I did not care at all. So I'd
be the last one to come and be like, sure,
just put me in the last thing that's on the rack,

which now looking back, was not the best decision at all.
You know, it's not what's your absolutely favorite memory of
the of the early years, I'd say for me. You know,
we performed for the Queen on the fiftieth Jubilee, which
was an incredible, incredible event. I was there, actually he

was there, sure, Brian May on the guitars from Queen
and from Phil Collins on the drums, and we performed
with Sir Cliff Richard as well, and just to yeah,
this is such an incredible event that was. That was
two thousand and two, I believe right that, Yeah, because
I just happened to be in town that weekend, because

that's when I was living in Russia and I had
a weekend. I'm like, you know what, I'm going to England.
I'm going to go to the jubilee, and I don't
remember half of it, because man, you'll know how to
party over there during a jubilation lots of jubilation, and
I'm blame it on the Red Hot Chili Peppers because
they're the ones who got me really wasted. Uh in
the hotel lobby, Yeah, get wasted? Someone come on as yeah,

party man. I was trying to, you know, prove something.
You know, Yeah, I might be in a boy band.
I'm all man, someone the pop stars used to party
the hardest. It's true, I know, yeah, I know. Yeah,
isn't it weird? I mean being the guys in a group,
and especially a pop group. You know, back in the nineties,
early two thousands, you know, we were always made fun of,

you know, the guys were too cool for school. But
now I feel twenty years later, the guys are coming
out being like, all right, I could admit it. I like,
you guys, are y'all feeling that now? The second round? Yeah,
we've got Like there's people we do interviews with now
who back in the day, they wouldn't play our music.
You know, they wouldn't really write anything nice about us.
We were cheesy? Would that? Now they called us pop royalty? Yeah, legends,

pop royalty like the tables legend, a manufactured band, and
now it's now it's pop legends. Yeah, yeah, exactly, legendary
status achieve. I can't when y'all started with a group,
did y'all ever expect it to get to legend status? No?
God No. If you just said to me twenty five
years ago, in twenty five years, you'll still be singing

these songs, You'll be doing another concert and people will
be paid to come and see you, I would have
said you were crazy. I mean, there were so many
bands we've seen come and go and and I haven't
lasted like us, you know, and yeah, so's it's definitely
an honor man still be here. What are your true
feelings about all the S Club seven television shows? You had,
Miami seven, l A seven, Viva s Club and even

the movie Seeing Double? So what what what did y'all
think of all of those? Would you have a favorite series?
I can't actually remember that. I've got a son, and
I've said when he gets a little bit older, I'll
go back and watch some of the some of the shows.
But I mean the acting was definitely a bit cringe

to start with, one hundred percent. You know, we didn't
know what we were doing, but we had fun. That's
the main thing. Come across, you know, we come across
just like a bunch of young kids having a lot
of fun. So, well, Brad, do you have a kid, John,
or do you have kids? No? No, no, no no, I'm
not stupid. So you're the lucky one. You're the lucky
one the ladies. But you know, I had no idea

that as in sync we would be doing anything at
all anymore. So it's just such a it's such a
gift that my kids are gonna be able to see us,
you know, do music and that type of stuff. Did
you ever think that your kid would ever be able
to see you on stage? Ah? Man, I know, but
he he's definitely going to be I think he wants

to be like, you know, like his daddy. You know,
he definitely he's got it. He's got something right, He's
got something there. I've got the studio in my house,
and let me tell you a quick story. Actually, he
likes to rap, right, So I've got friends that wrap.
We get in the studio, we do a little you know,
throwing some bars and stuff. He never really heard me
sing that much, you know, So I said, look, can
you do this? Because he can rap? But I said,
can you do this? And I started singing. He got

so emotional he started crying. I was like, oh my god,
it touched his soul. I was like, you know, he's
definitely got that musical you know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so,
but it's brilliant that he's going to get an opportunity
to see us in, you know, on the big stage.
He's super excited. He's so exciting. S I mean, it

must be so exciting to see him, you know, love
music like that. But it also might be a little
scary to know that he might go into this industry.
I know, yeah, I don't know how I feel about
that just now, but yeah, yeah, yeah, but at least Dad,
I mean, you've you've gone through it, right, so you
can give him some really great advice because I think

a lot of the times when a lot of us
started and teenagers, our families had no idea about the industry,
so they could not tell us what to expect. So
I'm glad that he'll have someone like you to say Nope,
don't do that, or if he decides to go down
that road, yeah sure, yeah yeah. Now you were so
popular they even had a competition show esque club search

to find junior versions of yourself S Club eight. I'm
telling y'all you are the original Kate Pop by the way,
like you are the first group to have more than
five and so, so what did you think about this
competition did? Were y'all involved in that at all? Yeah?
We were. Yeah, it was like a TV show here

in the UK and we did the final, like the
final few rounds and I think it started off as
just an opportunity for see young kids to perform with
one of our gigs. Yeah, but because the TV show
was like a few weeks and they built up quite
a fan base. So what happened that the record company
saw saw potential and then decided to actually sign them
and sting yeah exactly, and then signed them up and

they did really well. They did really well and they
worked really hard. So yeah, and they're amazing that used
to see them the most beautiful adults, like from like
twelve year old kids that this gorgeous like thirty year
olds some of them, I mean pretty much really successful today.
You know they're working in the West End. Yeah, it
took your gigs now, are y'all is it the same

situation now as it was when you first signed do
y'all have the same management, same record label, Like, is
it all the same people behind you guys? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That was one of the reasons why I kind of
agreed to come back and do it, because it was
the same team, it was familiar, it was family. There's
a there's a lady called Gayla who was with us
on a day to day basis back in the day,

and she's now sort of I guess you would say,
executally producing the tour. And that was the main reason
for me saying, yeah, absolutely, I do it, because it's
just it's not just the band, as you know, there's
loads of the people behind the scenes that works so
hard and it's all about your team, and it's so
great you had, I mean seemingly such a good experience
with your team because there are so many groups, especially

groups that are put together in groups, you know, just
taking advantage that are taken advantage of you guys, and
so many American groups. Oh, I know we had a
loop Perlman. And thank god y'all didn't have a loop Perrolman,
I don't think. But yeah, because David, David, Josie, you know,

and still who's still still ye, still there, still working
with us today familiar with those guys. Yeah, that's great,
you are very very lucky now. S Club officially split
in two thousand and three. Now I never knew what
led to that decision. Was there one person was like,
I can't do this anymore. I think it was sort
of a fifth year of doing the round, you know

what I mean. So we would do the same sort
of routine. You'd release an album which we had three
singles on it, which you promote, and then we'd finish
and we'd do a tour and then we'd record the
TV series and then we do it again. And so
by the fifth year of doing that, we were like
And also the music industry in the UK was changing,
so there was cold Play and those kind of bands

were coming to the forefront and pop music was taking
a bit of a back seat. So it was kind
of like we can bow up gracefully now rather than
just on a high note exactly, which which me and
I say that a lot too, Like we didn't know
we were ending as a group, but I'm so glad
that we ended at a high, like right on top,
because you're kind of left there, like if you if

you die early, you're just always kind of kept up
here by the fans, which hindsight now twenty years later,
it's been great for both of our groups because now
the fans were just so hungry for it and they
just remember you, you know where you left off. So,
I mean, I would have loved to have done music
the last twenty years, but there is a silver lining
and waiting a little longer. Your legend exactly. Oh, we're

all legends. I love this. Legends only, yeah, legends only,
all right, Paris. Now there was a reunion in twenty fifteen,
but now you're back together again hitting the road. Whose
idea sparked this whole reunion it was actually Simon Simon, Yeah,

Simon Fuller. He got in contact with all of us.
He said, you know, it's the twenty fifth anniversary coming up,
like by email, emailed all of us, would you like
to kind of get back together? How do we feel
about it? And it took us a few months just
kind of yeah, so out and everyone was like yeah,
why not, let's go for it, let's do it. Yeah,
and still still blown away that you release tickets and

twenty five years like yeah, people, it's always nerve wrecking,
you know, it's always nerve wrecking. When you announce it.
Tour tickets, you know, you know it's going to go down.
But now we sold out the O two in like minutes. Wow,
Now I know we will be added like extra day.
So we're doing free, free, free shows at the O two.
That's that's amazing. It is so amazing. And now is

the time, like, okay, our our age fans, they're loving it.
But now their kids are into this now. And instead
of the kids being like, I don't want to listen
to mom and dad's music, this is the first generation.
It's like, we love this music more than mom and dad.
It is right, But don't you think though, like the
music now I'm going to sound like a real old man,
but music nowadays, when we were, when we were younger,

the music we put out, it was great for kids.
There's not a lot of four kids of course now
to listen you know everything now we're overly sexual. Yeah,
it's everything's very vulgar now. Yeah, and the square and
never everything swearing and yeah the love songs of yeah
they love some swearing and yeah, yeah I never understood that.

It's like just you know, curse, just curse. I just
think that's just I don't know, it's not very it's
not very poetic, but it doesn't now. I mean, obviously
the fans you know, are going crazy to you how,
I mean, how does it feel? What would you like
to tell your fans right now that have just been

sticking with y'all this many years, and I just thank you,
and you know, for there's a port We've got some
great fans and they're just so supportive, and we just
loved so much. Man, we wouldn't be we wouldn't be sicking.
They having these conversations today maybe, you know, if it
wasn't for them. So I'm so excited to come to America.
But and do our tour for the first time, the
first time shows in America. That was already nerve wracking

thing to put that out there for the first time.
We never really got to do a lot of shows
in America. We did a show with you guys. I
think it was like a Teen Choice Teen Choice, yeah,
the Teen Choice Awards. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was in
New York, I think, and you guys were lovely, by
the way, you know, we were just like these little
Bridge kids. And I remember being in some room upstairs

in the backstage and you guys are just so friendly,
so it made us feel comfortable. Yeah, but we never
really toured America, so this will be the first time
we get a chance to kind of directly meet some
of the fans and reach out and do a show. Feet.
I'm so excited. Look, we love the UK, but we
love that you're touring US and Canada. You're gonna becoming
to Los Angeles, so you're gonna be seeing this face

at your show. Oh yeah, we're so excited because your
fans really have I mean, your name comes up a lot.
I mean the last I mean, I've been doing radio
show for like fifteen years now and S Club seven
comes up a lot with the fans begging me, like
you've got to have them on. You got it? You know.
It's just like they're always requesting you guys to come
on my show, so they are there. What do you

think is gonna be different about touring the States than
the UK? I know, I know you guys out there
know how to party, right, So, I mean even when
you go to the cinema and I've been to the
I've been to the cinema in America. It was like
we're kind of loud in the man sometimes he is
prittyant as well. But I just I just know the
energy is gonna be amazing. And what I think is

gonna be a little different with the tour, you know,
because a lot of your fans are now parents and
they're just some of their kids are finally out of
the house. I have a feeling there's gonna be a
lot more like White Girl Wasted, you know type situations
happening at the show. Yeah. So I think there's gonna
be lots of fun stories of just seeing things go down.

I think there's gonna be a lot of divorces happening
throughout their tear Okay, yeah, it's the divorce tour. Yeah.
It's like they come back home, they drunk, and then
they get a fight with the husband. He's like, no,
you chose S Club over me. This is not happening. Yeah,
So what do y'all think about ending relationships? I'm all

for it. Yeah, don't come here. So does this mean
S Club is going to stay reunited or is this
just kind of a farewell tour for us? Or do
y'all plan on, you know, still doing this. I feel
like we're in a really good place right now, and
we'd like to see where it's closed, you know, so
new music and you know, maybe take the show some

some of the places around Europe. Yeah, maybe to Australia
and New Zealand and even Yeah, so I'd love to.
At the end of the day, it's not to us.
It is up to the fans, like the fans my tickets,
if they want to come as if they want to
still see us. If they don't want to see us
any more, then that's true a bit. But if they
still want to see us, it's true. The fans shape
your future. They tell you what to do. Not only
do they tell you what to do, but they're telling

everyone they don't know about, like the record labels, the producers,
the managers. You know, they're the ones listening to the
fans and they control everything. Yeah, to send lots of
is to Universal Music saying how much new album? Like everyone.
That's right your feature. There you go, there you go,

all right. Tour questions for you both, what's the most
unique or surprising fan gift you've received while on tour.
I can tell you were weird, something weird that happened
one time. There was there was a guy. I mean,
he was he's got to be about fifty fifty plus,
and he was carrying a teddy bear and he wanted
everyone to kiss his teddy bear. Oh yeah, but I'm guy.

That's like, I'm not trying to judge, you know, And
then y'all kiss and he's like, haha, I farted on
that the whole time. Congratulations, that's why you don't have
a Yeah, he's like a wife. God, all right, there's
no Yeah. The tour bus playlist is essential. Can you

share some of the songs that kept you pumped up
during the journey to bus Vibes Two bus playlists. I'm
a massive fan of the Cardigans. The Grand album is
one of my favorite albums, so I would definitely have
that on my headphones at some point. I'm more chill
out these days, you know. I play a lot of

chill out music. Yeah. Yeah, I'm just at a moment
I keep playing Christopher Cross Sailing on repeat. Oh, that's
a classic. It was one of our We covered that
one on our first album, and it's one of my
favorite covers we've ever done. It's incredible, and in fact,
I said what we did an award show where we

performed with Christopher Cross and God it was early on
in our career because I remember we were wearing outfits
that I mean, we were a lot because we couldn't
afford any other outfits. But I remember we were performing
with Christopher Cross and we would do sailing and at
the end we all were on strings and we fly
over the audience, right, And I remember almost kicking Mariah
Carey right in the face because my lifted up quickly enough.

Story that I know. Now I'm looking back and like, well,
maybe I should have given her a little knock, just
because it might have propelled here a lot faster pop
culture history that time. When lan kick, like break a nail,
like she doesn't think, oh yeah, yeah, a slight little yeah.
Who is the early bird and who's the night owl?
Joe's always like, Joe's always up early. She's always up

for like six in the morning for some reason. The Lord,
you're the night out. Yeah, I definitely used to be
in the night out. Now that I've got a six
year old, I'm not as not as bad, but I
still know how to part. You know, when the time
is right, you will find me day I'll be one, Yeah,
I mean, I feel like to be no kid with
me on this tour, so that is out to play. Yeah,

it's I think most musicians are just night outs because
that's when our shows are. That's when you're creative and
right in the middle of the night, and then you
get to the next city and it's four in the morning.
But yeah, now having the kid, I'm trying to become
a morning person. But it's been two years and it's
still hard for me to get up, Like I just
I don't know when it's gonna change. So now that

your kid is six, does it get easier waking up
in the morning. Uh, It's just all about routine, you know,
you get I'm in and out, so sometimes you know,
if I'm in a good routine, it's it gets easier.
But then obviously then you have late nights, you have
you have a show or studio session and then straight
away and especially if you have a drink with it,
you know, then you know, especially have a heavy night drinking,

you know, yeah, late, and then you can fall into
bad habits again. But yeah, I mean, I don't know's
you're enough of that. I think all right, let's give
some frosted tips here. You guys have been on tour
with the ladies and this group. What tips do you
have for guys who are trying to impress a girl?
What do they need to know? I feel like I'm

asking this question when you're like eighteen years old, right?
How do you pick up the good girls? Like it
when you listen to them? That's the biggest thing. Don't
come over with your toplines and lot of stuff. Listen.
If you listen and ask them about them fair enough,
I think that they prefer that rather than you coming
on too strong in my opinion. But in my opinion,

I mean that sounds good to me. Our female producer says, yes,
she's I mean, I'm out of practice, man. I've been
my missus for about eleven years now. So yeah, how
did you meet her? How did I meet? Well? I
actually met her at gay club to be honest with you.
A friend of mine a friend that there's a band

called j Less in the UK, and my friend is
a friend of one of the one of the band
members who were performing at this club called Heaven. So
we we went down to watch the guys perform and
we bumped into these girls in the queue and we
ended up just hanging out with them at the place
and back in the day when you know BlackBerry pin
you know BlackBerry pins and stuff, and we were just talking.

We just we became really good friends. We became really
close friends, and it just organically happened. You know. Normally
I would put it I'll put it down hard on girls,
but in this one, I was like, well, we we
were just friends and then it just turned into a
beautiful food. That's how they always. I mean because my
husband and I, Michael, we were friends first. We were

friends for like best friends for a month before we
knew we liked each other. And that's the first time
any relationship ever started out like that for me. So
obviously it works because I was not expressing it. Friend,
let's try that. It's great, all right, let's do a
little this or that. All right, We're gonna go with
uh flip phone, BlackBerry or sidekick? What's sidekick? Was like?

It was like this, It was like a yeahd video games.
It looked like a video game parasol. I'll go with
the BlackBerry. Yeah, there's too many buttons were great, but
with that flip phone, you'd have to do what is it?
The t one like a B C D. Yeah. For texting,

I was an expert at clicking those. It would take
an hour to text one sentence. It's insane. Kids. Will
you guys have snake on those? Definitely, the snake was
the best two way pager. All right, let's go with
denim on denim or multiple layered shirts. I like multiple

lay shirts. Yeah, yeah, I remember quite a lot back
in the day. It's like a long sleeve thing with
a short sleep did yeah, yeah, Backstreet Boys or take
that for me, Backstreet Boys. I got to say take
that one. Yeah, I'm more of a Backstreet Boys kind

of like yeah, Ruby, Yeah, we'll take that. Was like
one of our biggest influences, so I will always have
to choose take that. They're the reason that we got
signed with our record label. So thank you. Robbie Williams
leaving the group, leaving the Rapid Fire. What is your
favorite TV show theme song? Race? It's a good one.

It's so funny. We love I mean, I love that
RuPaul has just taken over the world with drag Race
because we watch every country too, so we love UK
drag Race because they are actually funny. There's some countries
that are not funny looking at you Australia and and
you know Canada, you're real sweet. But the comedy doesn't
really hit what American UK does. Yeah, no, no, the

Rosetta Stone of drag. I mean, if you can make
your own boy band, who would you recruit out of
anyone today and yesterday? It could be act There is
anyone who would you like to see? Put five people
in a band right now? Leonard Discaprio has got be
in it? Okay, great one, Yeah, just put in around

the band. Yeah, Leonard's caprio in it. Colin first, I
think he'd be good in the boy band. Yeah. Who else?
I'm having a bit of a brain fought right now
we have who's that? Dudn't think the one? Maybe by

ticket to go and see that? This is like an
incredible he'd be great. And then I think you rounded
out with Ryan Reynolds, and then I think you have
the best Ryan Reynolds. Absolutely, Yeah, that's it. That's what
I will see. This something for everybody. Yeah, oh, they're

all listening right now, so I mean this is a
very popular, very well I mean, so they're probably putting
this together right now as we speak. That Michael's right now, like, yeah,
we just want ten percent somehow, how are we want?
First album you ever bought? Oh, the first album I

bought on CD was a lot of more Jacket little
Oh God, what a great That was one of my
first c That was my first cassette. Oh yeah, yeah,
a little I'm not. The first single album was Criss
Cross Jump album. I think it might have been Joe
toy Diary of a Mad Yeah. Nice. Nice. If you

could only communicate with your friends using song lyrics, what
would they be? It's hard to figure that works. That's good.
I like that one. How would you rate your karaoke
skills from one tomorrow? I carry? M hmm, I'm really

bad with lyrics, so I'm I'm gonna lower into the
spectrum three. I don't know the world works my own
song when I was a kid, So I'm gonna I'm
gonna put myself yeah, carry, but it's maybe slightly well
they have the lyrics on the screen, so I might
be okay, yeah, yeah. Do you'll have a go to
karaoke song? What were doing? Pretty much? What is your

go to karaoke song? Mine is the Dance by Garth Brooks.
No not the dance you don't even know wrong one
which one of the places mine was Joe Lean with
Joe Lean by Dolly. Just anything that sounds good when
you're drunk, you know, that's that's the kind of thing
i'd sing. You know, Yeah, that's always going to be journey.

Don't stop believing because yeah, everyone screaming people are able
to sing with you. It doesn't matter how drunk you are.
That is the goat. Yeah, who is your best friend?
And why? Who is my best friend? Right now? Yeah?
Right now? Who's your best friend? And why? My best

friend is my dog Lolly. I rescued her went to
India a few years years ago, and she was a
little beach dog. She was very sick and I cared
for I stayed in India for about three years to
look after her, and then I brought her back to
the UK. So she is my love, my life. That's
like a movie. I'd watch that film. I would watch

that film. So if you're listening, fans, tell like, this
needs to be made into a movie. It could be
a sequel to your first Exactly Club And so it
starts off with that storyline where all the rest of
the group is trying to find you because you're somewhere
in India off the grid. But that's that's true. No

one was like, we want to do this reunion tours.
Anyone got a number for John? Great? Yeah, I disappeared
for about four years. No one kne where I was. True,
I was on the beach in India. But how great?
Would does that? Must feel great just to disappear and
just I would love it was? It was exactly what

I needed at the time. It was Yeah, you talk
about that all the time? Do bad got kids and
the husband? Now? All right? A couple of fan questions
before I let you go. Letting ten wants to know
what was your favorite episode from any of the TV shows? Oh, yeah,

I remember, I say what The film was great? I
love that I do. Anyone remember I remember the movie?
There's an episode where met where me and Joe dress
up as hot dogs and burgers and that was quite fun.
We sent them on a compere I remember, just because
it was a fun day. Everyone's watching us like, who
are these crazy British people. That's when we had our

land lady was Linda Blair? Wasn't that right? So we
had Yeah, we had from the exous Linda wa Yeah,
we had Barry Williams player manager from The Brady but yeah,
Greg Brady. So y'all got something. I mean, y'all had
some legendary people on this show. Yeah, legends only to

its legends on Thereiki from Greece can keep it from Greece. Yeah,
I know, what did you? What do you? What city
do you prefer more? Miami or Los Angeles? Los Angeles? Yeah?
For me because I've spent so much more time in
Los Angeles. That's not more like Miami was. We was

only there for three months, but Los Angeles we were
there for a couple of years on and off, so
that definitely does up. Yeah. I find many musicians now
choose l A a lot to come base themselves. A
lot of British acts are here, you know, Dell, Harry Styles,
you know, I mean, even the Princess here, Leona Lewis.
It used to be New York where everyone if you're

in music like that's that was the hub you had
to be in New York. Now I feel like LA
is now just a haven for musicians, which I like
better because the weather's better. Yeah, he's your lifestyle living
in New York. I mean it is, it's a way
easier lifestyle. Yeah, New York. You gotta. You got to
hustle more than anything in New York, like you survived,

Yeah New York. Yeah, but it's kind of like London
in a way because it's very fast paced. So I'm
kind of I'm in London. Yeah, so yeah, it's very Yeah,
it's like, yeah, London's just a clean New York. Yeah. Yeah.
Pe Nuts ten fifteen wants to know what are some
of your pre show rituals. We never really had a

really We used to sometimes we have a little chant
together and kind of like put our hands together and stuff,
but you never really did much. I think now we're older,
we're a bit we're a bit vainer now, so we
will do like a gym white house, get that pump, yeah,
go through no no, no no. I might have a

gloss of one before go on the stage. That might
be my ritual last one minute. Yeah. I wish we
did like push ups or something. Though. We would do
hacky sack, which we all were horrible at. So there
were time and we could not go on stage unless
we've had just one hacky right, just everyone had to
touch it one time. It's all you had to do,
not that hard. Sometimes we would delay the show a
good twenty thirty minutes because either Joey or I could

not hit that damn thing so bad, and then we
would say a prayer and go on stage. So that
was like our good ritual stuff, all right, John, Brad,
thank you so much for coming on Frosted Tips. It
was so great one to see y'all again after so
many years, but really to get to know you guys.
I'm so proud of everything y'all have done. I am

so excited for this new tour. I'm definitely coming to
see y'all when you are here in La. Do we
know what date that is yet? Do I have have
tour each other? Seventh? So it's the seventh for the eighth,
Yeah we should know. But so that is coming up soon,
you know, all right? It wasn't Oh, it's gonna be

so many great so I'll see you in just a
couple of weeks. Guys, thank you so much for being
on here, and we'll see you very very soon. Thanks
for having them by, John and Brad everyone S Club.

They were just lovely fellas they're gonna be s Club
seven soon again. I know. I can't wait to I
can't wait to tour just in American Canada. Yeah, we
can't go overseas. It just doesn't fit. It does not,
it doesn't it doesn't work with the branding, branding their
brand now or nor do we have time we have
to do the show show. I know it's like, sorry, guys,
we can't go on a major tour with your worldwide
we Frosted. I know, I'm still trying to work on

an n Sync tour. Oh my gosh, speaking of I
hope everyone's enjoying the song. Yeah, it's been Yeah, it's
it's been such a fun time being back on the
radio and excited for this film to come out so
we can actually talk about it. Yeah, talk about it things,
fun times, funtimes. All right, guys, that is all the

show I have for you. Thank you so much for listening.
Be good to each other, Jones, drink and drive, no,
take care of those animals. And until next time, Dave
you to do it with me. I know that was
my trigger treat. I'm just getting ready for it. Dave Frosted,
Dave Frosted, Hey, thanks for listening. Follow us on Instagram,

at Frosted Tips with Lance and Michael and at lance
Best for all your popcor what your needs and make
sure to write a review and leave us five stars
six if you can see you next time.
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