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November 13, 2023 74 mins

"Here's the story of a lovely lady" named Christine Taylor! 

It's a Zoolander reunion for Christine and Lance! But she reveals that it's another cult classic film that people always bring up, "The Brady Bunch!" She talks about still getting mistaken for Marcia Brady even though the movie came out over 25 years ago, becoming a meme, how she met hubby Ben Stiller, and how she feels about her kids wanting to follow in their footsteps! 

Plus, Christine shares the story of her very first TV gig, the three words her father said that kept her on her acting journey, and Lance opens up about the time he tried to buy the Brady Bunch house and how that all fell apart. 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and iHeartRadio podcast. Hello,
my little Peanuts, it's me your host, Lance Bass. This
is Frosted Tips with me Lance Bass and my wonderful, beautiful,
handsome co host Turkey Turchin. I'm also married time, so

step back. Well, way to expose all of our personal business.
Now I reveal too much on this show. All right, Well,
happy holidays everyone. Halloween is officially done and we are
now creeping up on Funksgiving. For me, it's about your friends.
You know. Christmas is like the family to me, and

Thanksgivings like the friends is what has become because I
call it friends Giving now and it's the day, yeah,
and it's the day that you really, you know, really
care about your friends. Your straight friend you're straight friends.
They can't go home for holidays with their families. Friendsgiving. Uh,
We're gonna finally have one this year, which I we
have one last year, but I took a break before that.

Now I love having a little pot luck because I
love all my friends that you can't go home for
the holidays, they come over and everyone brings a dish
that reminds them of what they grew up for. Thanksgiving,
and I think it's important to through food to experience
like the different cultures that you grew up with, Because I,
as you know, very small minded person growing up in

the South, didn't even know that you could have lasagna
for Thanksgiving. I thought that was like, what, that's stupid.
I mean, like, oh, maybe Italians might like lasagna. We
always had like a big platter of bagels and cream
cheese and stuff during Thanksgiving. Jewish people like Thanksgiving how
dairy are Yes? We are also think, oh god, that's right.

Well if it ain't turkey and dressing, don't come. No,
it's uh. I do I like I like seeing through
their culinary uh expe, especially their family recipes. If someone
brings a family recipe, it really tells me a lot
about that when you try it and you're like, this
is hard, this is horrible. Why do you put olives
in this? You have a horrible for it. Olives, You're
no longer my friend. You're not invited now, friend. But

I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Thanksgiving
today on the show. I am excited to have my
friend Christine Taylor known this one for a very long time.
One of my favorites because I watched Hey Dude as
a kid Nickelodeon was like my jam Hey Dude, and
just one of my favorite people. She and you're gonna
love her. I mean, she is such the sweetest, the

best person. And I did her show Hey Dude, her podcast, No,
not the show, when I did Hey Dude when I
was seven, So I just did he her podcast Hey
Dude the nineties called she does that with her co
host too, from the show, David. And it's so it
was great catching up with her. And you know those
people that you can go two years without seeing or

talking to, but then you just catch right back up
and it just feels like you've just never left. That's
the type of person Christine is. To her, she's a
great one. And then before we get to her interview,
because I know this is gonna go long because I
like to talk and she likes to talk, and you know,
we have we have history. We have history. So but

before that, okay, so I have to tell you about
this Audible that I just did Audible Original. You know
they do these fun stories I've done when I did
the scripted series. So this one came across my desk
and I'm like, well, this looks fun. I won't tell
you exactly what the story is because you'll be spride.
They don't come out to Next Fall. But I just
recorded it yesterday and it was so fun because guess

who I got to act with. I got to be
the will to her grace well, but she was the
mom version though. Yeah. It was awesome. That's cool. Yeah,
so I just wanted to get I have a name
dropping story. This morning is star Also Lucas Cage is
in a Glenn Powell top gun. Yeah. Good, good people.

Well I was at Starbucks this morning. What and Lily
Tomlin next. I love Lily so much, you know, unassuming
just in there the but where I get my hair cut. Yeah,
it's not there before you took the car. And she's
the best she you know, we've run into a few

times her and Jane Fonda, which is like the best,
like getting them together like that's seeing a unicorn, right,
and we've seen that unicorn a few times because of
charity events and all that type of Yeah, you had
a good moment with them. Yeah, oh, I had a
great moment with them and Snoop Snoop dogg. Ye create
your own story. Uh yeah, you can see without moments

with her, But I guarantee you Lily would have no
idea who I am. I've met her so many times
that if I went up to at Starbucks, You're like,
so uh yeah, uh, but she can do no wrong.
And it's still to this day. What's the movie where
she played drink? Yeah, every time I put my hand,

I think it's gonna turn on and murder me every
time I go. And you're gonna say that the second
you said, uh, it's it's a core memory for me.
It scared me so much as a kid, and it
still scares me every time I see a garbage because
I see Lily Tompley in there shrinking and getting in
the gards. I know. I'm like, she's gonna get mutilated. Yeah,
it just it's stuck with it. It's fun. Obviously I'm
forty four and it's still still with me. Lily Tomlin,

what do you do to me? All right, let's take
a little break when we come back over lighting Christmas
candles already in here. Oh thanks, queer candle spruce. That
is nice I have if you obviously there's a podcast,
but if you look behind me all of our Christmas
boxes have come yeah, and I have a feeling they're
going to stay in boxes for another two weeks because

I just don't know when I'm gonna be able to
open them and start decorating. But the trees are up,
the trees are up off, the lights are working. But
we'll see where this goes. But when we come back,
Christine Taylor is gonna be with us exiety because he's
the best person ever. Christine Joan Taylor Stiller is an

American actress, writer, producer, director from Allentown, Pennsylvania. We love
her as Marshall Brady and The Brady Bunch Movie and
Very Brady Sequel, as well as roles in films including
The Craft, The Wedding Singer, Zoolander, and of course, her
television roles in Hey Dude, Arrested Development, and Search Party,
Love Me Some Search Party Today. Christine is the host
of the iHeart podcast Hey Dude the Nineties called which

I might have done an episode on there. I might
want to go check that one out. Christine Taylor, Welcome
to Frost and Tims. Hi. What a great intro, What
a great intro, and a little plug for for for
you on our show. I love it. You got it
all in there. You even got my middle name. You know.
We cover everything, everything, everything, and I love that we

have done U We've done where we did Zoolander and
The Wedding Singer Together Wait and Tropic Thunder and Thunder.
All right, So you're saying that the intro was correct
because sometimes these things, you know, there's a lot of
information that's just not right the Wikipedia pages. Yes, yeah,
Actually I didn't catch any glaring mistakes there. I think

you got it all. You got. You hit the highlights, Okay,
perfect the last decades of all I mean you have.
You've been so accomplished in your career. What do you
like to tell people. It's like if someone just made
me like, hi, I'm Christine. What what would you like
people to know, like, Oh, I did this. I'm most
proud of this. I mean, that's so hard. And don't

say your kids, because that's the no. We're talking about career.
Oh my god, and my kids are old now too,
so I really don't. Ye're like twenty one and eighteen
and they want nothing to do with any of it.
But I I will be very honest. What I'm most
proud of and there's so many movies that I've been
in with incredible people, but the one job and the

one thing that I felt like, Okay, if I don't
get this job, and I was twenty two years old
when I auditioned for it, if I don't get this,
then I might as well just pack it in and
not do this anymore. And that was Marcia Brady. Because
I grew up watching reruns of The Brady Bunch. I
knew every episode, I knew every line. I did an

impression of her since like elementary school, I worship Maureen McCormick.
I love so I was like, I want to do
this right. I want to people said I looked like
I know physically. I remember when I first saw that
movie because I was obviously the reruns when I was
little and I met it was a birthday party. I
was like, we're all went to see the movie, and
I was like, at first I recognized from hey, dude,

because from before that I was I was of the age,
and then uh so was I and I'm older than you.
I love you did yes, I was such a Nickelodeon kid.
But I just remember being like, wow, like she looks
exactly like Marcia Brady. It was just like, how did
they find? Like it was the most uncanny thing I've

ever seen? Well and almost, I would say it was
so like almost, and thankfully I did get the job.
Thankfully I did my homework what I had heard after
the fact, because they I auditioned. I think I may
may have auditioned a second time and then I got
I got it fairly easily. Went whereas the rest of
the cast, the ones who played all of my siblings,
that we had them on our podcast and they told

their audition stories where they were like seven auditions, eight auditions,
nine auditions, and they were like, you basically strutted in
and got the job, but they I didn't feel like
that because it was so high stakes for me. But
I almost, I think, to a fault because I still
to this day get mistaken for being the original Marsha Brady.

That people will say, I grew up watching your show.
They think I'm Maureen McCormack. They really you just gotta
go with it, though I do. I tried making corrections
at the beginning. No no, no, she was in I was,
and I realized why why it's an honor to think
like let them think that. I mean, I still like,

I just love Maureen, so it's like, let's be interchangeable.
I'm sure she gets it every now and again. Yeah,
and I've met Marine a few times because she's one
of my Dance with the Stars buddies and she's just
such a lovely, lovely, lovely person, she seems. I follow
her on Instagram. I I sort of think I'm her

friend from Afar. We met at the sequel, the premiere
of a very Brady sequel. But I just think she's delightful.
I think everything about just love her. I love her
such a bond between someone that gets to play the
same character, I mean, you have to be like sisters
at that point. And honestly, I think she was a
good sport about it too, because she I think she knew.

When we shot the first movie, all of the original
cast members did cameos except for Marine. Oh really Yeah,
and e Plump, Marcia and Jan they didn't do cameos.
And I understand because I'm sure for them at that
point it was like we've moved on. And also are
they making fun of us? Yes? I remember seeing interviews
with Eve Blond just being like I'm over it like

I don't care anymore, Like I'm not Jan Brady, just
like leave me. But this movie was so great because
it was supposed to be camped and it was supposed
to be just I fund it was amazing joke, you know,
an elevated version of the Brady Specifically, you and Jennifer
Cox were just so good. I mean, did you have
two fansies? We were the two big Brady fans, so
we were killed me and everything, but the two of

you were just like so spot on perfect killed it was. Yeah.
And how strangely we've become like memes and things like, oh,
I mean over the years, the Marcia memes like with
your hair, I use it all. Surchan is like I
used that every You are literally sure ch ann like
you are part of an iconic moment. Yeah, I think

we use that like daily daily. Sure, it does bring
up a little bad memories because I don't know if
you know this, but I had the Brady Bunch House
in my hands for about twenty four hours before they
ripped it away from me. Ye wait, stop it. This
was the recent yell, the one before the one before
they did the renovation. Yeah, right before I had this

great idea, Christine that I want. I was gonna, you know,
produce the show where every season you take an iconic
film or television house that we know, the Home Alone
Movie House, the Brady Bunch House, the Golden Girls House,
and you go in and you redo it, just like
you know the TV show, and I don't know, you
show the whole making of the rebuilding of it. And
so I wanted to start that with the Brady House.

And you know, it came up for something like I've
always said, if this goes up for sale, I need
this house, like it was such a part of my childhood. Uh.
And then it was a fun little bidding war, and
then we ended up winning it. And then all of
a sudden, the next day they called. They're like, oh,
so a g TV has come in and said that
they're just gonna buy it from anyone. So it's like, sorry,
we're taking the house from you after they already said
you got it. It was so mean, it's insane. That's

very upsetting. I understand that there are a blessing. It
would have been fun. It would have been fun, but
but the girl just bought it recently was a little upset.
She's like, wait a minute, so you're saying that the
kitchen is not even a functional kitchen because they built
it as a TV set. It was crazy, though, how
realistic it was. It was. It was. It was magical

going in that house. It was. It was something. Yeah,
but no, I have no hard feelings for she TV anymore.
I still have to watch that. I know. I haven't
watched that. I've been saving that for Oah, it was okay,
you had notes, I have notes. Well, Christine, let's not

talk about Brady anymore, which I could all day long,
but let's let's start at the beginning. I love having
my teen idols on this show, and especially our female
teen idols, because we always get these boy banders on
the show. It's great, but like to have, like Legit,
one of my first teen idols to be on the
show with me is so exciting. So take us back

to the beginning before we get into your career. Where
are you from? I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania, grew up
there very, you know, Middle America. Very. Is that where
Joe Biden's from or somewhere there. I don't know if

he's from not from Alan Town, although Billy yes, he's Delaware,
I think, but I think there's some Pennsylvanias. Okay, they're
neighboring states. But he uh, I he's from Scranton. He's
from Scranton. Oh see that I should I should really

know that. That's I think I must have too. But
I still think of Scranton as the office. There's always
things that just override. But I and also Billy Joel
was the one who sort of put us on the
map for better. That's right from the song, and it
was you know, so it was very sort of Middle
America suburba growing up. But I loved plays. I love

doing the theater. I love musical theater. And I remember
in second grade at our at our church, seeing a
production of Godspell and it was like I'm eight years old,
and I was like I have to do that, Like
I wanted to meet these teenage kids who were like

superstars to me. I went to twelve years of Catholic
school and I just got into doing you know, school plays,
and that's really how it started. And then when I
was in high school and doing some and then I
did some community theater and a local manager, talent manager
who had a daughter who had done some work in

La who had been on a TV series, and she
was trying to sort of do some you know, kid
child management out of Allentown by way of New York City.
And she saw me at a show and said, would
you ever be interested in auditioning professionally, like for commercials
or And at that point I was sixteen, So and

I went in and auditioned for a Burger commercial and
got the commercial and it was like a big national
two Burgers for a buck campaign. I could still recite it.
We don't sure they sure that dates me. That tells
you how old I am too, but that yeah, that

was like in the late eighties. And then yeah, it
was like I was sixteen years old and in high
school and it was a big deal in Allentown, like
you know Lance when you're like from a little town.
It happened. I just remember when they started coming down
to Mississippi to cast some things, and uh, my friend
Denman Anderson was which I went to junior high with,

got cast as one of one of the people. It was.
Oh what was that? It was? Uh the War movie?
Well there it was. The War was the other one
that I auditioned for. It like It was so funny
because the first movie I auditioned for it was called
The War and they came to Mississippi because they needed authentic,
you know, Southern sounding people. It was what's the the

book about on the Mississippi River? Hook Finln Hugleberry Finn.
So whatever movie that was. He was cast in that,
and I was so jealous that he got to be
in a movie, like, Oh, he's gonna go off and
be a huge star and he's gonna leave us behind.
Did he He did a few more movies? Okay, he did?
He did? Yeah? Uh so your first thing was a

burgerhing commercial. Yes, what I used to do back in
the day. I have not done this in a while,
and I think we should. Is I like to bring
my entertainment friends over, like at a party or a
game night. But you have to bring your very first
thing you ever did, and we all have to watch it.
That is so good, it could be so embarrassing. Oh

my god, we did that with with my friend Emmanuell Shrieky.
We did. My very first movie I did was with her,
and so I had, you know, my significant other and
her significant other, like you know what for funies? We're
gonna watch this. You know, I've not seen it since
the premiere, but you know, let's let's do this mortifying more.

I thought it was just funny to watch. It was
just it was hilarious, and the sexual between you two,
it was just just off the screen. I thought, it
is such a funny idea. Though. We had that idea
of way back when, not that specifically, but when all

like in the you know, I would say like a
late nineties, early two thousands, all of our friends who
had done tons of pilots that just never saw the
light of day, and we all had like VHS copies
or a DVD copy of it, and we kept trying
to get failed pilot night put together where like everyone
would put in because some of them were so like

you said, like you think it'll be funny, and some
are just what was I thinking? And you're deb of course,
we're devastated at the time that it didn't get picked up,
But you know, those a pilot is that thing you
put your blood, sweat and tears into you think it's
going to be this big series, and most of them
never that's it. It's for you, like they would never
see the lights they've done six or seven pilots, none

of them. None of them when yeah, you're showker, I'm
a pilot No, I can rival you. I'm a pilot killer.
I am too. I really am hate dude. Was not
because we didn't really shoot a pilot. We just sort
of they sort of knew they were going to have
a series, so I didn't kill that one. But most
after that, I think I did one other pilot that
got picked up. The rest dead and I hear these

stories all the time, but yeah, you do start taking
a little personally like, well, am I the bad luck
of all this? Because you go through the pilot after
pilot and then there's shows that I would join and
then they would in the next season. I'm like, am
I a show killer now too? I mean literally, the
last pilot I did last year was La Law, Like
the La Law with Blair and the Blair under would
bring it all bad. It's a slam. I'm like, well,

this is you know, and they already had the merchandise
made and like like this is gonna be a reoccurring character,
this is gonna be awesome. That didn't even get picked up. No,
I think I should maybe just like hang up my
hat hobby, Oh my gosh. But yeah, but you can't
take it. So personally, I think you really can't. The
older you get, the more you just say, okay, I

can take this. This happens everyone has the same and
then you literally ask every single one of your friend
and they're like, oh yeah, so let's give a frosted
tip right now. What do you tell these new actors
coming into this business? How do you warn them that
things like this will probably happen? Well, I think, you know,
here's the thing, because I have a twenty one year

old daughter and an eighteen year old son who both
want to go into the business. Our daughter and both
our seniors right now, our daughters graduating college drama major
Juilliard right, Juilliard drama major. She is such senioritis. She's
so ready to be done. But and then my son
graduating high school and he wants to go into a
theater program somewhere too, And so anyway, they're both just

like what are you know? You? You and dad had
its like you got you guys got so lucky you
guys got And so there is there is an element
of luck. There's no question of like I look at
where I was in Allendown, Pennsylvania. I didn't come from
a show business family. I did some plays. It was
the coincidence of right yep, right time, right place. You know,

it's it's having those little mini moments. But now I
feel like this generation, because of social media, because of YouTube,
because of all there's so many platforms. All I say
to young talent and actors and my kids' friends is
create your own content, like make something, record it, because

now there's ways to get it seen. There's way Like
I was not, we didn't have that. I mean I
played like pretend in my like I remember the TV
series this predates you guys. There was a TV series
based on the movie Fame, and it was like it
was on in the eighties and they had soundtracks, and
my friends and I would after school, like fifth sixth grade,

we'd all get together go in the base and play
the songs and like just like we didn't have video
cameras to shoot it. We were just doing it for
fun and singing along. But the technology now, I mean,
anyone can be you know, their own director or own writer,
their own creators. So I always just say write, create,

don't sit around waiting. Don't sit around waiting. You got
to always just keep creating and keep moving. Otherwise there's
a million others are you doing the exact same thing.
It's like a double edged sword now because you have
now so many people, there's so many more avenues, but
there are literally thousands of times more people now doing
the same thing you're doing. And so many people just
want to be famous, right, and that's the other You're

focusing on just the fame and not actually working on
being good at something. And that's how you really make it.
If you want an actual career, you've got to be
good at what you do. And there is a difference
between those and I think, uh, you know, the real
entertainers out there, especially on you know, TikTok and all that,
the ones that are really you know, great at creating
content and great actors, great musicians, they kind of get

a little poop pooed on because of these ones that
just are there to be famous. And you know, it's like, okay,
what can I do to get attention just right? But
have no some sort of viral moment and there's instant success,
instant overnight, and it's that you can't chase that to
me is what did you Your kids are obviously probably

on social media, were you scared about them, you know,
getting like just putting their lives on display like that.
We didn't have to do that as a kid. You know.
If you wanted to learn about us, you read magazine,
you know, and half of that probably wasn't true, but
you know, exactly my favorite red And also it felt
like it was a big moment too, if you I

remember for for you know, our little show, and hey dude,
because we were Nickelodeon, it wasn't sort of this huge
network platform. If we ended up in one of those magazines,
it was so cool for us. We were like, oh
my gosh, like we we somebody found us, somebody saw
us somewhere. We had a very different sort of teen experience.

And you guys Land, well you did. We talked about
this on your show, Hey dude, Yeah, you know, because
where did y'all film that? Y'all from then Arizona and Tucson, Arizona. Yes,
so you were out of Hollywood, you know, your you're
teenagers doing the show for Nickelodeon, and I was talking
to you about how you know, our experience was, you know,

when I was sixteen, I joined this band, and you know,
you had, you know, this management around you. You didn't
know if you were being taken advantage of at all.
We felt like we had, you know, guardians around us,
but we probably didn't. But you felt protected on your show, strangely,
and I think because it was Tucson, Arizona, and because

it was such a it was this small production company,
which strangely was from Knoxville, Tennessee. So it was like
this these southern love bugs. You were kind of taking
care of us, and and but yet very lax, like
we just happened to be fairly good kids who weren't
like pushing the envelope. We were so like David and

I like, we were all like sort of sixteen, so
we just sort of were in awe of having this
experience and kind of rule followers like we were. Definitely,
But did y'all play spin the bottle? I'm pretty sure
I'll played spin ball at some point. Oh, I'm sure.
I'm sure we played a few of those, but we

know we did. We did feel a little I think
protected just because of even just geographically like where we were.
We were not in the heart of the pulse of
show business, and we were not getting you know, our
picture taken by paparazzi or anything like that. It really
wasn't until like the show had been on for a
couple of years and we had moved to la and

then we saw that we had a little bit of
a fan base. Who you know now it's like, you know,
grown people who are like I watched you growing up
and like it's amazing because we just didn't really know. Oh,
at the time, were your parents super supportive? Are you
wanting to become an actress? I mean so supportive in

the most I think, like blind faith way you could
ever imagine, like new absolutely nothing. Like this woman came
along and was like, hey, do you there's an appointment
if you want to go, and my mom, you know,
my mom drove me into New York City and like
we parked the Parking Girl on Manhattan Parking Plaza right
out of the Lincoln Tunnel and hailed cat like we

had no idea what we were doing, but it just
seemed like a fun opportunity. And I never remember having
to push my parents and say like please, please, please.
It was always just like what a great opportunity I
don't think they ever expected it to snowball the way
it did. And I just feel like they, oh, and

you know, I will say, because my dad is sort
of like my mom is the more the extrovert in
the family. My dad was sort of like the quiet
teddy bear type. And I remember I had been living
in LA for a couple of years after Hey Dude,
and it was hard. It was like I would get

a job, like i'd get an episode of Saved by
the Bell, and then I would not work for months,
and then I would get a little like but not
nothing regular. I had some money in the bank from
Hey Dude, so I didn't have to wait tables at
that point yet. But it was getting sort of I
feel like I was just sort of starting to lose
steam and just like I don't know if I'm like,

I don't know if this is for me, Like I
don't this is hard, this is hard between jobs. I
have some good friends, but what am I doing? Should
I get a real job? Should I go back to college?
And I remember my dad came out to visit, and
a man of few words, and he just said, I
believe in you, and I like that's all I needed
to hear. It was like, if you want to stay,

you have our full support it give it a couple
more months, and you know, it's like those moments that
I remember. I really look back on that moment because
if my dad at that point had said, you know what,
because he's a businessman, I mean he was like a
ran his own small business in Pennsylvania, and he could
have been very easily said it's not practical. You know,
you're gonna run out of money soon, You're gonna need

to get a real job. But he didn't say any
of those things because in most cases that is what happens.
You know, it's like absolutely and you hear all these
horror stories. I mean, I see so many friends going
through this, and you know, people moving out for pilot season,
which there is not anymore. It's right, yeah, you know
it's and especially it's such at that age too, like

having to deal with such an adult problem at such
a young age. You were a kid still trying to
figure out this this profession, and then you have all
the people around you that you know, you don't know
who you can trust. Well, I mean I feel like
you when you talked about that on our you know,
the episode you came out, I mean the amount. I

think the takeaway for us was how hard you guys
were working, Like when you said you did not have
a break, it was like they kept going. They kept going,
And you're on your touring and you're recording music and
you're doing choreography and you're showing up here and your
disappearance that like who was looking out for you? And
you guys were riding the wave too, right, so you

were you felt like the answer would have to be yes,
all right because you're always told out of side, out
of mind, out of my right, being rob blind during
the whole thing. Yeah, they keep you busy enough so
that you don't see them lay out pickpocketing. And how
many times did you stay at your house in Orlando?
I mean I lived there. I don't know how many years,
but yeah, I mean less than twenty times. I think

I've slept in my bed you were there. Yeah, I mean,
we're just we're always on the road. But that also
was a different time. As a musician back then, you
had to you had to be on the road twenty
four to seven. You had to go to every single
radio station around the world, and it would take you
sometimes months to get through them, and then you just
the whole process over. Now kids are like, okay, I

uploaded my song. I'm going to take a two month
vacation right now, thanks guys. And now it's number one
on iTunes and two hours yay. And now we can
dis zoom every interview. Yeah, and we just zoom every
interview perfect. Yeah. I mean the kids will never understand.
We'll never understand walking twenty miles in the snow every
day will up. My dad used to always say that

to me, and I believed it for so long, and
then finally, I'm from Miami beat, so I was not
very light as a young kid, and I'm finally I
was like, Dad, there are no hills or snow here.
You've been lying this whole time. I was maybe eight
when I figured out, Oh that's a little too old.
Ye yeah, yeah, that's okay. So you know those Miami
Miami private schools don't do so wet now clearly not

well as someone who may people laugh, who are your
comedian icons? Like? Who did you love? Oh my gosh,
that is such a great question. I mean I feel
like I grew up loving like I loved all John
Hughes movies like I just felt like that sense of

humor and sensibility, and those all have such heart as
well too, you know. But I think of those movies
and I think of Steve Martin's and the John Candies,
and you know, Ben will correct me and said that
those were got like the Martin Schworts and the John
Camp they all came from SCTV, which is what was
Ben's comedy training, which I didn't even know of st
TV until Ben and I got together and he started

showing me, you know, the the all these like that,
those people, the Catherine O'Haras, the it's so good. I mean,
you crazy, how many It's like what came out of
Mickey Mouse Club. It's just like this these unreal, unreal
I look at the movies like to me, when I

saw uh, Waiting for Guffman and like Christopher Guest and that,
it's like there's that movie is comedy perfection. It is
next level. It is next level and so brilliant that
like this, the tiniest things you laugh at like it's
just I love things like I love when there's groups

of actors that do movies like Waiting for Gufman. That
whole Guffman crew. They've done so many movies together. I'm
waiting for that a new crew like that, yea to
start me and I yeah, I felt like even you know,
when Ben and I met, I was a fan of Bence,
Like I had watched the Ben Stiller Show and I
knew like I knew like like flirting with disaster. This

was before Something about Mary. He did this movie that
was like a David A. Russell movie with patricihark Head
and Tayloni and Josh Brolin, and it was like that
to me was comedy genius, like Alan Alda and Willie
Tomlin were in that. So when I met Ben and
like got a glimpse into his world and at the time,

like his Ben Stiller showcast was Ginny and Garoffalo and
Bob Odenkirk and Andy Dick, and they were like they
were a version of that for me too, where I
was like, these people are geniuses together and they're sort
of like they were a little older than me, but
my generation like that. I yet I couldn't. I was
not like a sketch comedy. I was not trained in

sketch comedy. I mean, I feel like I lucked into
comedy because I had I loved it growing up, and
I had a funny family. But then it was really
just doing that Marsha Brady impression that people suddenly felt
like I was. You just had trained in comedy. You
have that comedic timing, which is really hard. It is

just you just have to naturally. You can't force it. Yeah,
it's true. Well, tell my listeners how you and Ben met. Oh,
my gosh, Ben and I met at an audition. I
went into audition for him, so, like what I just
spoke about, like being a fan of his, So I
get this call for this an audition for a pilot Ben.

That did not get me up. And let me tell
you the cast too. It was a pilot that Ben
Stiller was directing, that and that, and at this point
something about Mary had come out, like Ben had sort
of like hit stratospheric levels as an actor. But he
was directing this, and I knew he was a director.
I loved Reality Bites and Cable Guy, and so he

was directing this pilot and Jack Black was the star
of it. And Owen Wilson was going to be the
voice of Jack Black's talking motorcycle because It was a
pilot called heat Vision and Jack, and it was about
a man, Jack and his talking motorcycle. So it's sort
of like a send up of like night Rider meets
Star Trek meets It's very it was very side fi,

really ahead of its time. Like that's one of those
failed pilots that you can find because you should just
bring that back out now because that I feel like
that would get picked on Netflix tomorrow. Now. This is
this is I say, this is what this is. This
is my husband. I feel like he's he's always ten
years at his time. Yeah, with certain things, sometimes they
hit right, but literally, yes, right. So many shows that

I've pitched like fifteen years ago and they're now, oh
there's there's my show that there's that idea that I
had to pick up. Yeah, that's hard. You have to
just know that it all comes back, it's all going
to collide and it will all work. I'm just waiting
for it. I'm just waiting for it now. So we Anyway,

the point was we met. I auditioned for him. I
was really nervous and I also really felt like this
was one of my like comedically, I was like, there's
nobody funnier than Ben Stiller right now. And he was
so serious in the audition, like I was like, oh
my god, I've worked I had already worked with Adam
Sandler and the wedding singer, and you know, like Adam's

like a like he's singing, he's doing funny thing. Ben
was like total eye contact talk, looked you right in
the eye when you were talking. It was not cracking jokes.
He was like, Okay, try this and it's really it
was a comedic show. But he was so into the
directing and so and I was like, oh my god,
he's so serious and he's really like you know, that

was the real deal. And then it turned out he
didn't want to cast me because he felt like he
only saw Marsha Brady when she came out. When I
felt like that type cast you a lot going after that. Yes,
really do I get it because people can't look at
me as the non eighteen year old and sync guy.

You know, it's like they can't get Sweety Pie right
exactly like that. They people still see that, and I do.
I mean I don't think now obviously, but I do
feel like right after the movie came out, it was
almost like she's just a really good Marsha Brady impressionist.
She looks too much like Marsha Brady. And I didn't
like dramatically change my luck either. I didn't like cut

my hair. But it was such a huge movie. When
you do something so huge and so iconic, people just
get stuck with you right there, you know, which is
great to be a part of something like that, but yeah,
going forward, you're like, Okay, now look at me like this,
especially when that's like your first big break or something
like so iconic, almost like like Napoleon Dynamite. You know,
he exactly. It was such this iconic, nuanced, specific role

that after the fact, you couldn't really see him in
anything else. I know, it's real and it's so true.
I felt like the initial when it first came out,
it was it was tough to kind of break through
and have people see me for something else, and you know,
And what was funny was at the time, like Ben
didn't want to cast me, and then the studio did

want to cast me, so they ended up kind of
forcing me on him, and so then he was yes,
and then we did a lot like it was funny.
We laughed a lot and said, and he told me
the whole story. I don't think I even knew the
story that I didn't get hired at first, and then
he told me. I was like, oh my god, that's

even worse. Oh my gosh. Also, the first movie I
was talking about with Manuel Shrieky, one of my co
stars was Jerry Stiller. I was going to say that, yes,
I mean, he was such a lovely, lovely man. We
had so much fun on set together. His wife was
so incredibly because she was she was a yeah, I

mean she scared me, she really did. I remember the
first day that we were filming, she comes up, she's like,
lance this stuff for my husband. Yes, I didn't know
if you meant like the who played No. Oh, yes,
that sounds like an as soon as you said it.
She's always like joking like that, but so like, oh

my god, this moment is really going to kill me.
She was so great too, and everything she was she
was amazing. Well that was the thing. That was her
sort of way of disarming. That was her lead in.
And then she became mush because she's like this, you know,
she was like, but that is that. I could hear
her voice say l I will kill you. It was great.

It was great. I'm like, I love you, you you are
the best. But yeah, one of my favorite scenes in
the movie was with Jerry. It was, you know, finally
the moment that you know, the heartfelt moment it was.
It was with him, and I don't know, I just
I just loved it. We had a great time together.
And it must be I mean, look, I mean, and
you're in a family full of these legends. I mean
you and Ben and Jerry and Ann, I mean, are

your were your holidays just always laughing. I feel like
it would just be like the funniest thing ever. Yes,
And because I think Ben's parents were so different than
my parents. I mean, they're Upper West Side liberal, like
I grew up in very conservative Bens. I feel like
our parents are the same parents. Like everything you said

about your family and the same with mine. Yeah, and
then his family, I'm from Miami beats very liberal Jewish
family and the Mississippi Southern Baptists not that right. And
yet something magical about that was I think the magic
of Anne and Jerry also was that they didn't see
any of that. Like when when Ben and I met

and we did the whole family gathering, and we did
it in Pennsylvania, and I remember Anne and Jerry show
up at my parents' house in Allentown. You know, my
parents hosted this thing in Allentown for family and we
had just gotten engaged and the door bell rings and
Anne and Jerry showed, you know, the driver had brought
them in from the city. And Jerry immediately was like,
is trexler Town near here? Because I bought stock in

a mall in Trexlertown. I was like, Jerry, that's literally
like walking distance from so he was immediately like, I
want to go see the trexlertem in and we went
in a little dry. I was like, I don't know
if it was the greatest investment. It's not doing it's
not really. But they were just such love they they

just embraced my family in such a way like and
Yes Holidays, Thanksgiving tables. Some of the stories that when
they first dropped the F bomb in front of your family,
well it was so funny because you know, my Catholic
mother and she fell in love with thatn though that's

what I love is it sort of brought out like
they just bonded immediately. But the funniest was when they
became like Grandma Annie and Grandpa Jerry for the kids.
And that was where we finally had say, like, Ann,
you gotta dial it back, dial it back. They were
like two and five, and we don't want that to
be the their lead word when they walk into preschool

and kindergarten, but they you know, it was great. We
moved from LA to New York when the kids were
eight and five, and Anne and Jerry like so they
got to still have some really great quality time. Like
if we had stayed in LA, they would have missed
a lot of the best times with their grandparents, and

so they have great memories. They have so many. We're
really lucky. You're happier more on the East Coast, don't you.
I love it. I love the changing of the seasons. However,
LA is still my home away from home. Like I
haven't been there in a year. This is like the
longest I have gone without a trip back, and it's just,

you know, it was just obviously like the life stuff
and kids and my full time job right now is
getting these kids out of their respective schools in one piece.
Because as I said, so, we haven't traveled there in
a while, but when I go, it's like all the
old haunts that are still around. I just have memories

of you know, like core son well at our age,
you know, growing up here, you know as teenagers. It
is the core memories that you create here, and it
will always feel like home. I've been in and out
of here for twenty years, and I you know, I
call La home. Yes, you know, it will always be
that to me, and my my dearest friends are still there,
and I so it's it's we live here, but I

still I still kid. Yes, Okay, So now that the
kids are going to be out of school, what are
you wanting to do now that you don't have the
responsibility of a high schooler anymore? Right? Right? Oh my god.
I first of all, I hear people talk about like

I hear people say the word boredom or lonely, Like
I don't even know what those yeah are. I was like,
give me boredom and loneliness for like a day, all
just being a solitude. Like when I got COVID last summer,
not was it lot not this past summer, the summer
before we had taken a trip. We got it. We
tested like I wasn't feeling great, and I got COVID

and got you know, isolated into like another section of
the house. Greatest five days of all great single, greatest
five days of my life. I didn't have to make
a meal, I didn't have to do laundry. I got
to watch I just watched Game of Thrones. I loved it.
I loved it. That's exactly I think I need to
do this every year. That's when I've gotten COVID twenty times.

I was going to say, especially where you guys are
so in it right now, you are so in it. Yes,
two year olds are I couldn't imagine. I mean, they
were born, you know, during COVID, but it wasn't the
craziness of like the first couple of years, right, I
could not imagine having well what there was one time
you got COVID and I had to have the kids

for by myself for lace. There were still very young.
They weren't moving, yeah, at least they weren't going to
roll off the couch at that point, right, But yeah,
it's when they start to move, that's when things get crazy.
And I still don't think you really had COVID, But
you know what, that's that's good. That's right, I think

growing up. God. Yes, in an answer to your question,
I would like to the just the thought of being
able to sort of on a whim, do something fun
with a girlfriend or Ben and I getting to go
away and do something without having to worry about the kids' schedules.
That sounds amazing. But you know, a lot of the jobs,

like a lot of the things I haven't even put
in the mix of a possibility for me now that
especially now that I'm living in New York. Like I
would love to do a play. I would like an
off Broadway play, like because that's a different that's a
night schedule that you can't do when you've got kids
at home, And I would love to do something like that.
So I feel like it there's like a next like

a next chapter that I am. Would you ever join
a musical because I know you did musical theater as
I just the voice, the voice Land. Look, there's there's
plenty of people that don't like back then radial voice.
It's just you know, it's about how you use the voice. True,
it would it would be very daunting. It would be

the thing that I would immediately want to say no
to because I just pure fear. But but know how
much I would love it so and you can work
with like it's there, I can carry a tune. It's
not not been. I mean, look at multiple real housewives
that have been on Broadway at the Troy exactly, and
let me tell you, yeah, and look at people like

I love like Josh gad to Me is one of
my favorites because he does such great plays but also musicals.
Doesn't have the best voice world, but he he uses
it in a way that just works perfectly for broad
and even Olf and all that. No, no, you won't. Yeah,
you need you definitely need to act. You need to
be able to act it too, before you can just
have the voice. So I I never say never, never

say never. But and I'm really trying to just say
yes to more things, like I'm at that stage in
my life too. Well, let's not say yes to the
same pilot. Let's you and I will not ever say
maybe a double negative might turn positive, so you actually
have to do it. Two pilot killers cross each other

out and make a pilot. I think it's just birth
a pilot. It's basic math. Really, it is gay and
women math. It's gay math. Yeah. Success. Speaking of music,
what did you what did you grow up with? Who
did you love musically? And do you remember your first concert? Okay,

this is this is where I really get nerdy and
it goes right back into musical theater. It was all
show tunes, all show tuns. Then it was Michael Jackson.
That was my first concert, The Jackson five, that was
my first concert one. It was although going way back,
I think my real first concert was Donnie and Marie

when I was like eight at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Did
you ever get to tell the Jackson five? I did
not get to. I don't know them. I feel like
run into each other because they had that Donnie Marie
show for a while. Yes, yes, no Donny Marie. I
was like, as a little I love Donnie Marie, but no,

my music taste was so like it was so bad.
I think because Billy Joel put Alan Town on the
like I love Billy Joel. You can't not love Elton
john like some Barb streisand Barry Manilo Like this is
this is the world I was living in. There was
no rock. Really, this was very just to the point

where when I and this is like, I don't think
I've ever publicly said this, But I was dating a
a musician in la in like the early nineties, and
he was struggling musician, great songwriter, like he would play
different clubs and stuff, and this is really bad. I
cannot believe he didn't break up with me. And this

is like nineteen ninety one. And in the conversation it
was somebody said something about Eddie Vedder, and I said,
who's Eddie Vedder at the peak of pearl Jam? At
the heat not at the like beginnings of the spark
of it? Yeah, peak of Pearl Jam. And I had
no idea. So he gave me a real serious education.

He stayed with me and then gave me a real
serious music education. So my horizons got broadened a bit.
But how long did that rehip last after that that?
Because I think he gave me a window He's like, Okay,
I can't do it. I was going to say it
did kind of end fairly soon after, and we did
get back together a few years later. I think after
he schooled me a bit and then we did get

back together for a little But yes, I always credit
him for this was not oh God love, it was it.
Neil Patrick Harris on your Wikipedia. Okay, can we talk
about Neil Patrick Harris because that was your attention palpable

to you? You know how, guys, you know how when
you because listen Neil, that never would have been public knowledge.
I never went around telling people that. But he he
Howard Stern got it out of him because he was,

you know, talking about coming out and he said he
was dating girls and and so I will tell you.
With Neil it was such friendship. It was literally like
him asking me out. We went to the Magic Castle,
like we've just loved hanging out, and it was clearly
it became very evident to me very early on because

we also had another friend, a guy friend of mine
who he Neil was obsessed with. Friends. Three of us
hung out like we went like I remember, we took
him thrifting because he was auditioning for rent. It was
like really early Neil moments and and it was just this,

It was a just this. Yes, it was a beautiful friendship.
We laughed a lot. Did you make out a lot?
Because that's what I did, like with Danielle, Yes, that's Danielle.
It was just like such a we made out so
much to make up for the nonst part of it, right,
That's what it is a lot of like just handholdings.
She feely, but that's like like I like, minus the

making out. I'm so touchy feely with my gay besties too,
So it all like was making sense to me in
real time. But you also, it wasn't on me too
to bring it up, so it was a very natural
drift apart. And he's just a gay man or gay boy.

You do, You're you're confused on what love really feels
like because I know, Look, I knew I was gay
since I was very, very very young, but I never
you know, I knew I'd have to hide it my
whole life. I knew I wasn't supposed to act on it.
So the love feeling, you didn't know what that felt
like if you weren't in love yet. So with my ex,
I thought that's what love was, and I really but

I didn't realize that I loved her as my best friend.
Like this is like just I'm in love with you
because you're my best friend, but I had you're my
soulmate in that way. But there's not there's that the
other part of it is not there at all. But
you don't know that when when it's so new in
that way. So yeah, it's like your meme, hey girl,
let's just be friend. Let's just be friend. Like, hey girl,

let's just be friend. Oh it's genius. I love it.
All right, So you said your kids are getting the

acting bug right now? Now with all this the phrase
nepotism in the acting world, do y'all get a lot
of that? And do you fear that they're going to
get a lot of flag for just being in a
in an entertainment family. Yeah, well, it's really interesting because
that the whole nepo baby that, like it was almost

a year ago when that article came out, that New
Yorker article, and I remember it was a hot topic
because it came out like right around the holidays, and
we were we were all getting together over the holidays,
and because you know, Ben's an original netpo baby. His
parents are still are and mirror like when you we
had this real sort of like honest conversation because we

were all sort of offended by the cover. It was
just sort of the snarkiness of that article with everyone
and baby bonnets and holding bottles. It's like, look, you know,
Sanford and sons. Okay, so we're going to be mad
at him handing over the business to a son or well,
you know that's yes, that's what that was. What this
conversation sparked was us saying, like, my dad owns a

security company in Pennsylvania and my brother like it's a
family owned business. Like why is nobody everybody? Every business?
It's everything, every school, everything, you go back into history,
I mean to the point where my son got so
he had a project last year as a junior in

high school. They call it this sort of like passion
project and you have to sort of just pick a
topic that you want to really do a deep dive
and research and answer questions and it's like a month
month's long, uh you know project. And he sparked it
from that article and from the conversation we had, and
he kind of like faced it head on of like listen,

just because of who my parents are, like, does that
mean I should not go after what I love doing
because people are gonna and and it was it was
such it was a great project that Ben you know,
helped him kind of craft into this fun like script
and one man show, and it was so cool that
as a family. We got to really talk about it

because the reality is like it like you said, it's
it's it's throughout history, family businesses. It's just because in
the entertainment industry, everybody's in front of the spot. That's
what you grow up with. If your dad is a doctor,
you might go into the medical field because that's what. Okay,
so this is what I think you and Ben should do.

You know, Adam he had his daughters in the last movie,
which they were so incredible, and it was also they
were so cool. I mean, well, that family we love.
We love them. Ben and Adam are very very close
and we love them. Like Adam put Ella in qub
Halloween High School. Like Adam is such a family guy

and he's like, get everybody in it. So tell me
what you're thinking. Well, and if it won for Adam
and Ben, I wouldn't be in some of the most
iconic movies ever. I mean, they they have given me
some great gifts. For sure. You need to write Nepo Baby.
You need to just go right into it, just like
Adam did with his Bob Mitzvah. You do Neo baby,
and we just lean in. Yeah, you just right into

it and just make them fun of it all. Yeah,
and we should talk about it more in ten years,
because we're ten years ahead of it right now exactly.
I'm just started. Now. Yeah, let's just get that ip
down because yeah, it's going to be stolen and we'll
have secret meetings about it behind closed doors and in
ten years and then in ten years our kids can

be in it and they could be like super nepos.
Exactly do you guys think about it? Like do you
think about like do you is do you want to
put them in music lessons and singing? I think I
think parents do that anyway, you're a musician everything. I
want them to experience everything and everything, you know. I
want you to touch that piano, touch the guitar. I

want you to have a singing lesson. I want you
to kick that soccer ball. I just want you to
just experience everything and see which one they gravitate to. Yeah. Now,
if I had a wish, I would not want them
to be in front of the camera because I just
know how much pressure that comes with And it doesn't
matter how thick of a skin you have, still hurts,
you know. I mean, just like what we were saying

we joke about all the pilots that we don't ever
get picked up. But it stings, my gosh. And as
it stings, especially in real time, those that we laugh
about it now because look at look at us now.
But at that time when you get that call, you're like,
oh my god, oh my god, and you do search
like you said, is like it's got to be me,

Like I just am not so I hear that now.
I would love want to tech them. I would love
to be like if they wanted to go into like
film television, I would love them to be a director. Right,
you'd be a famous director. But I still feel like
there's so much less pressure of people following you around
and like wanting to know every little thing about you,
you know, if you're in music, you know, I would

love to be the guitars, be the drummer, you know,
just you know, be a part of the band. But
don't be like the front guy and just you wait, yeah,
I'm looking at how like how gorgeous and electric you guy?
Like there just something tells me, something tells me. Yeah,
especially our son he is an entertainer. Oh my gosh.

And you know them when they're that like I remember
our kids that that little they would walk into the
room and put on a show and have everybody stop.
And he just knows he knows how to make you laugh.
At two years old, he knows exactly how to come
in a room and make you laugh. It is captivate
and knows he's cute, like he's it'll be trouble because

he's yes, yes, he knows exactly what he's doing, exactly
what he's doings if you can create a dream project, okay,
because a lot of you know, a lot of us
entertainers we have these dream projects we've been sitting on
for years and we're like, God, if I ever had
the opportunity or finance person came as like here's a
million dollars to make you know this film or this

TV show pilot that you've always wanted to do? Is
there a project that you've always wanted to do? God?
I mean the short answer to that is no, because
I you know, like the band like the bandwidth for
me in these last like you know, child rearing years,

that's like I just haven't even allowed myself to go there.
Like the closest I've gotten would be like I want
to do a like theater. I want to do the
like thinking that but not exactly what right, So now
that's my next that's the next step of like, because
I really also do believe that once you put it,
you start putting it out there. I'm a really firm

believer that that energy, not that it's like manifests into
what it is, but it's moving. It's moving. You're sort
of moving yourself in a direction of taking action, even
if it's just thought, even if it's just putting it
down of like, this would be amazing to do. Now,
on the flip side of that, I have a husband
who is has ideas for things and is writing scripts

all the time and is so you know, what I
would say to going back to the NEPO baby thing
is like I A in a in a perfect world,
I would love to some point somewhere down the line,
have all four of us being something that it doesn't
even have to be starring in. It could just be
like I'll walk through a scene, I'm telling you it's happening.

It's happening. But Ben, you know, Ben always did that
with his parents and even with his sister's an actor
and she you know, like he it's like, if you
go through the archives of the Ben movies over the years,
you'll see lots of our friends, lots of our family,
even my brother who's not an actor. Ben loves to
throw Brian in a movie. That's great that I love that.

So yeah, so, but I thank you for asking me
that question, because why not, why not start to actually
dream bigger? Because my dreams have been all about Okay, okay,
I'm dreaming about getting these kids out of the exactly
into that next chapter. Well, you know, you got to
start focusing on yourself after this, your kids would walk that. Yes, better, mom,

to take care of yourself. That's what we always say,
tell ourselves, like we have to go out tonight. We
have to because of it. You're still a human being.
You don't like you've lost your life, your whole as much.
It's true, It's really true. Especially when they're little, you

really need some space and you need to be around
adult humans. Yes, exactly, Yeah, you need to have some
adult human action because talking like the potty talk and
everything like you start you realize, like the language you're
speaking when you go out is like not and every
time we go out, because most of our friends don't
have kids, right, All we do is talk about our
kids and show pictures and everything. And I'm like, are

they just completely bored of our conversation, because like I
was probably bored with our friends and shld me they're kid.
After a while, I'm like, Okay, Like I see it.
That's amazing. They're cute. I don't need to hear every
que I don't need forty of them. Yesterday she read
her first word. It said da da. She said, all right,

so since it's the holidays, what's the holidays look for
you guys? What does it look like? Oh my gosh,
I love like I love the holidays. I love we
host thanks Giving. We do like a big Thanksgiving dinner
and how many speople. It's not gigantic, but like sixteen people.

Like during COVID it didn't happen. It didn't like we
dialed it back. It was like immediate family and my
mom and brother and a few extras. But so yeah,
it's gonna be about sixteen seventeen people. But and like
just the most buttery rich recipe, like just cooking for
days leading up to it, even to the point where

I don't even on the day enjoy it. I just
love the company because I mean everything leading up to it,
but I love it. I love baking. I love because
I really only do that kind of like cooking once
a year, like I'm more of a short order cook otherwise.
But then it's Christmas and I love Chris like I
love the decorating. I love this. I'm such a candle person.

I love like the scent, the evergreen candles in the
we just got sent. There's a new company called Queer
Candle and it's transomed and there's a spruce one and
it's the best one I've ever smelled. Yes, like right
now because we're in November, I'm in a pumpkin spice
candle happening in that. Like I'm a candle person. I

love the stre like getting the house filled up. So
you know we do we don't have third what did
you say, thirty six trees? Thirty five? Sorry, we do
two trees, well two trees. And then we have this
big tree outside that we like light up like like
I try to call it like we light it up

like Rockefeller Center. But it's because it's a big tree,
a big sad tree that only looks beautiful like for
a couple months of the year because we all string
it with multicolored lights. I've been wanting to do that.
In my front yard there's I have three pine trees
that grow together so it looks like a huge Christmas tree. Yeah, okay,
and I'm like, oh, I want to I want to
make that just one huge Christmas tree. Put lights all

over the top so the whole neighborhood is joyous to
be like, wow, that's so cool. I got a quote
on that like two years ago. It was just to
put lights and these pine trees. It was like ten
thousand dollars. Oh my god, and you didn't even own
the lights. They come and take the lights back. What Yeah,

And then it's yeah, that's that's that's nuts. That's yeah.
They don't deserve it. They don't deserve that gift. We
don't need to get the neighborhood that. Yeah. It is
really sad because I'm the only house that really decorates
during Halloween and Christmas, you know, but like I'm like,
I'm the only one. We don't even get one trigger treater.

I have candy out there waiting, but no one ever comes.
It's like really sad. But then a quarter mile down
the street is thousands and thousands of kids trigger treating,
So I don't hill. I mean we are not on
the hill, but you know the kids exercise. That's a
great place to go hiking. I know it depends on

where you are, like what nook you're in. I remember
La could feel like that in different neighborhoods. So like
we happened to be in a neighborhood where it was
everybody met at one person's house and the whole group
like to this, to to the you know, to this day,
I still get texts from friends who are still there.
What neighborhood was that? Because we go it was outposts

like yeah, it's super to Luca Lake, which is of
course that's so family. They bust in kids, I mean
thousands of kids. And then this year we did and Sino,
which was just as crazy. I was going to say,
that's super like the super family there, But to Luca Lake,

I have to say his best because they literally everyone
gives full sized candy bars and then does the fun size.
But that's okay, yeah, I we love like that was
that was kind of like I want liked that being
our claim to fame. It's like doing full size because
he did it once a year. I was like, come on,
we gotta do it, we gotta but you know, and
everybody kind of went around at the same time, so

it wasn't like you had to open keep opening the door,
and everybody just kind of left stuff out, and and
all the parents dressed up, like everybody dressed up. It
was so fun. Like we got to New York and
I remember some of the my kid because they were
so little at the time, eight and five, and I
remember some of the parents, like we showed up to
the event, we were the only press, and then we

got them on board a couple of years later. Yeah. Yeah, people,
these actors always character Oh god, yourself, damn it. Well Christine, Okay,
I'm gonna let you go now, because again I could
talk to you for hours and hours. I I hope
you have an incredible holiday season too. I can't wait

to see photos of everything. I'll like, you know, social media,
I'm sure to you post Hello, we're big posters. I
am there. I'm a private but I'm a good follower,
like I'm a good social I okay, well, then after
we well, yes, yeah, you need to send me your definitely,
because why am I not following your private account? Christine?

You can get a Lance Bass follow I can get
a Lance Michael. You know people have to pay big
money for that big money you money. I got you,
I got you. Well, I'm super excited for everything for
your future. I can't wait to see you on Broadway
because we're manifesting right now. Uh Neo Baby twenty six
on Netflix, the musical for the musical. Yeah, let's do it.

It's first the Netflix film, then it turns into a musical.
So you're gonna have the next ten years of your
life are going to be all about nepotism. I'm booked.
I'm booked. Yeah, and we're skipping the pilot. We're going
straight to series. You and I will end up on
some will cancel each other. We've got it all. We're
going to spark this behind the scenes. I love this.
Figure this out. Thank you, thank you. It's it's it's

about time. You are delightful. Thank you. I'm not kidding.
I feel like I feel like I just want to
hang out with you. This was so much fun. Well
we are when we get to New York. We should
be there at some point in the next one month.
Vice versa too when we're because Ben said sends his
love and we did give my love to him. And
the fam are the best. We really are so much.

All right, Christine, well, I will talk to you very
soon and you have the best holiday ever. All right,
by my love? All right, text me your private account.
I will by miss Christine Taylor. Everyone told her she

was nice. She's so great. I can't wait for y'all
to hang. When we get to New York, I know,
I already feel like we're good friends. That's where we
actually met, was in New York because I was doing
Zoolander and I met Ben you know, before that, and
he wanted me to be at zoo Lander. He sent
me this grip, but he wanted me to come over
to see them film something. And you know the scene
in Zulander where they're the gas pumps and their spray

and the guy dies whatever, that's yeah, so that's in
the meatpacking district. And I was there when they filmed that,
and so I read the script after that scene because
I'm like, what am I? What is this? Like? What
the hell is this movie? And I remember thinking this
is horrible, Like what you didn't see the vision well

it was either I didn't know that it was supposed
to be super campy and just like over the top.
So when first read I was like whoa, Like this
is how is it? Like? How did this get made?
This is so silly? But of course it became I
mean it's Ben Stiller. Hello, what do you expecting to
be good? But yeah, just reading it, I'm like, oh my,

what am I getting into? You think it was like
a Meryl Street like draw well, no, from the brilliant
minds of the Cable guy and something about Mary. But
you admit, Letter is like the most over the top
movie he's ever done. I mean it just it really went.
There's such a good movie. Yeah, I mean it's incredible.
It is a classic. So yeah, that was fun and

that's how I got to meet them, and then we
had like a game night. Even I didn't even talk
to Christine about the craft. Oh why didn't we talk
about Why don't we talk about the craft? All right?
Get Christine back on the line. We gotta talk about
the craft? All right? All right, Well that is all
the show I have for you today. Have a wonderful
holiday season. I'll be safe out there. Don't drink and
drive because I know, a Thanksgiving sometimes you gotta tip

it back because the family kind of gets on your nerves.
If that's the case, you uber uber or get a
d D, make one of your kids drive you home.
Be safe out there. Remember take care of those animals too,
because they need us, specially getting cold, and we need them. Yes,
sure there a little sweater on them, all right. No
fireworks into years, but you know when that happens to

plug their ears up, it's cool. That's just a little
dislammer for July. Yeah, New Year's it's right around corner. Yeah,
you know they do fireworks there too. Yeah, we get
two big firework moments in the year. I know, it's
my favorite. I love fireworks, I do. They have these
new fireworks now that they blow up and then they
just they turn into shapes and things like, what the
hell we are you gonna think of next? And I'm

not seeing one of these in person, but a drone
show those are crazy, right, Yes, how the I mean,
I guess I know how you just program it, but
but I've never seen one go dead or fall out
or they always go off perfectly that I've seen. I'm
sure there's been mishaps, but I just it's it's I
love it. It's like I'm intrigued. So you can go

google one of those if you don't know what. All right, guys,
I am gonna let you go right now, thank you
so much for listening, and we'll see you next time
on frost and tists. But until then, stay frosted. Hey,
thanks for listening. Follow us on Instagram at Frosted Tips
with Lance and Michael Turchinar and at lance Beast for
all your pop culture needs, and make sure to write

a review and leave us five stars six if you
can see you next time.
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