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December 12, 2023 29 mins

Christmas has come early!  Not one but four awesome guests join Lance on the pod from the Bachelor Mansion! 

From 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons, NKOTB's Joey McIntyre, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, and American Idol sensation David Archuleta! 

The 90s are back! The guys talk about their music finding a whole new fan base with Gen Z and Gen A, the fashions (some questionable) popping up in stores again, and everyone shares their holiday plans! 

Plus, let the frosted activities begin! A very jolly holiday version of 'Would You Rather.' Their answers will sleigh you!

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass, an iHeartRadio podcast. Hello,
my little Peanuts, it's me your host, Lance Vass. This
is Frosted Tips with me Lance Bass and my lovely
co host and beautiful husband, Turkey Turchin. Wow, what a
nice in deduction. It's been a while since we've done
the show. Were taken a little break, but we are back.

And what a show we have today. Because it is
a special show. We are here at the Bachelor Mansion.
I know whoa huge fan of the show. I can't
believe I'm sitting in all these rooms. It's incredible. But
even better than that the guest today, I have put
the ultimate crew together, the ultimate This could be the
ultimate boy band of all time. I think a supergroup

is forming right now because with us, right now, we
have Joey McIntyre, Mark McGrath, Jeff Timmins, David, aren't you
a letta? Welcome to the show. Guys. See, everybody held
out our age average. We were we were going around
like about forty five and then and then he introduced

David and it went down to like like we averaged
thirty years ago, thirty years where's the twenty somethings were
there there next door the next books later, they're not
legends yet. Yeah, sure that's true. That's true. I am like,
I feel so honest sitting in a room full of
legends here. Can we just say which? I mean? You

are the youngest on the panel here, so what what
what do you think about these guys? Like were you
fans of their groups? And and and yeah, music, this
is so fun. It's so like I grew up on
all of your y'all's music, so this is great. I
love American Idol, which is now like now, you know,
people bringing their kids like to come meet me, and

they're like, you weren't born yet, but that starts happening,
you know for you now. Sorry, I love the ones
now they're like, God, my grandmother loves you so much, Like, wait,
when did I get to grandma and I love you?
You know what. I've had that since the very beginning,
because you do Appearandma's love American. I had so many

grandma's trying to hook up hook me up with Oh
that's another podcast, buddy, you think we're in the best
gold Bler Grandma's high love you hook me up with
their granddaughter that's what I meant to say that worked
out for would be like I have the perfect granddaughter

for you, but you know, none of us I didn't
know yet they didn't know. Well, I do have to
apologize to Jeff and Mark here because I picked them
up on the way here and uh, in my nice
Hyundai great car by the way, Mark, I mean, it
is great, amazing, but it's great, credible that my car
with bucketsies because we have car seats now, right, but

we couldn't get the car seats out, so I had
to stick them in the third row there's out. Surprisingly
back there, you guys are surprisingly agile. It is the palisade.
It's and like they were too hot, so like they

didn't have any left at least they were, Yeah, we
kind of got what we got because we're like we
got we have one left, okay, but back you both
are making sure the car seats have more priority over
Jeff and I touch and we put us where we
on the Where were you saying you trying to fit
in the car seats? That would have been we did.

We did try. Jeff perfect, Joey Mac a lot of
exciting stuff for n K O t B since the
last time we spoke to back in May. How have
you been. I've been very good. Yeah, busy and uh
a lot going on. And I kid Jordan and I

constantly because Jordan did Frosted Tips in like February, and
by the way, it was awesome. I mean, and you'll
you'll know, in a group, I mean, Mark, you're kind
of the front man, but you know, there's always well
I didn't want to diminish the other guy, but you know, Donnie.

Donnie is a great order. He speaks well. I like
to you know, I got a lot on my chest.
I've never been known to you know, that's not me.
But it was really cool to hear Jordan talk about
like just his life and his upbringing and where he
came from. Because he's a guy that can just be
in the back and not have to say much. And

he reminds me of JC from our group, Like they're
very similar where they don't really talk much about especially
how they grew up, and they're just very private and
a testament to what you're saying, Like Jordan is sort
of a front man. Believe it or not. You guys
have three they know he says it and he's one
of them, but he's not one of that that's really
boisterous or takes the lead on that stuff. And getting

to know him, you know, throughout the years, we did
a couple songs together, and I was always a very
big fan of you guys and Jordan, especially after getting
to know him. He has a story on his own
joy to your point, and he's not really very boisterous
or upfront about talking about his stuff. So it was
great to see you guys be able to pull that
out in a form like That's what's so great about

a show like this. The microphone so intimate. Yeah, like
you really just I mean, you can pour your heart
out and not even realizing you're even doing that. It's
something about this testamer to you both. Yeah, testament to
you both to like really feel comfortable, like you're in
the nest of trust here, you know, Joey, real quick,
did you sorry, bro? Did you get you nuggets from
that interview that you had? No? No, but you already

did that. Some beauty of it is like we've been
together for thirty five years, was more than thirty five years,
So to hear those stories of like him break dancing
and him being in the crew and like his his
now wife was like one of the girls from like
the competing gang, and like Danny was in a different
group of the West Side. It was really really cool.

And they lived, you know, they they didn't have a lot.
I mean there were lower income, like you know, tough
times and and it was it was nice to see that,
you know the story, and it was you did you know,
you did a great job. And so but what I
get about them because like you know, we try to
announce every tour, every album like it's magic. We didn't know,

but here it happened, and Jordan was like, yeah, we're
doing a tour next summer, an album And it was
so unceremonious to answer your question. We just we just
finished recording our album. You have to deliver it so
far in advance now because everybody wants wax again and
it and these plants, you know, take six months. So

everything's good. We get a summer tour next uh, next summer,
and and yeah that's and I'm here. You know, everyone
for the last few years like, oh, it's not an
album's market anymore. It's all the singing, no albums are
killing it. It all comes back around. We've been all
fortunate enough to be around that long that we've been
around for cycles of this kind of stuff. But fans

are consuming want they want the goods, They want to
put their hands on stuff. I mean, certainly the digital
stuff is the way that it's been for a while,
but you know that's collectible and stuff that makes it
more personal getting an album that first day and just
running through all the songs, like finding the ones that
you love. I mean, that's what I missed that for
a while. Speaking of music, you guys have some music

coming out, Yeah, we do. I mean, we have a
Christmas song out that just broke Top twenty. It's about
break top fifteen. And we have a new out thank You. Yeah,
you know, so you guys know how it goes. We
you know, we were just off a very successful tour,
probably our most successful since we did with you guys
on the Package tour, which was a great way for
us to come back after a big hiatus. So I

never got a chance to thank you personally for including
with us with that and with Boys and Men. Also,
Drew's still on that check from Drew, but I said
he was going to cut me off something. Look, I
believe that. But when we all did it the first
time round, I mean I never thought like, Okay, there's
a finite to this, right, I mean, you can't be

popular forever. But did YO ever think that? You know,
twenty five thirty years later, it's even bigger than ever
for everyone. I think you hope for it and you're
ignorant of the business. One of the things about the
business that we're all in and now different versions of
our own groups and reinventing ourselves, and thankfully our fans
have been there from day one and invested in us,

is you don't expect it to last forever. But when
you're young and you don't know the business, ignorance is
bliss right. You think you're going to be around forever,
and that you learn a little bit about the business
and you go, my time's short, we better get it in. Well, well,
you can fit it in. And then for us to
be doing stuff like this and be talking about it
this many years later and with so many people that
have had so much success, like these guys here on

this panel and you guys with your podcast, I mean,
it's it's truly a blessing. And I think everybody up
here is grateful. We joke and we jest about all
this stuff, and it's kind of funny, but we're all really,
really lucky to be still doing this this many years later.
I think Jeff and I talked about it earlier. You
kind of got to wait if you have some success
in a decade, if you're lucky enough, and that's a
rarefied error. You got to wait for the stink to

go out that decade a little bit. And we all
rolled that other thing coming down, all of us did
a little bit. Wasn't as hot as we used to be,
and that that breaks most people, unless you're a true artist,
if you're a lifer. I like to call this is
what I do. I'm entertainer, whether you're like it or not.
I'll be singing these songs at Denny's and Barstow next week.
But he always like, really good, we'll drive out. I

think now we're all having a resurgence, you know, the
ninet years coming back. Our audience is getting younger. Well
that's what I was getting young too. I know. It's
it's crazy that this gen z and even jen A
is now the new one. By the way, Yeah, a
couple of really I mean nineties early two thousands is

just killing it for them. They just love it. And
I think it's because I can't really tell the difference
after two thousand and three. I can't tell you the
difference in decades or anything. Y'all y'allso the aesthetic for
their style now, like what all y'all dressed up in?
Outfit like any one of our videos in the nineties.

I know it's uh evercoming fitch Man. They brought back
everything from the nineties and those kids are wearing it
like no other. It's my son's rating our storage space
looking for anything. I didn't find anything but space. I
burned my clothes. It's sorry, kids, you burned them. O.
That big thing is that all these kids just like

with the click of a you know, all our stuff
is on YouTube. You know, so like you either if
you love it, you love it. If you don't, you don't,
but it's like available. Like think about think about how
it was like when we were growing up. If you
wanted to learn about a band, you had to go
to the record store, you know, your boy had to
tell your boy and this we are no I think

they got it, and you'd have to go down and
check it to see if they had it. They didn't
have it, you didn't hear it, and if you wanted
to see the video you had to watch MTV for
two hours. Yes, so now it's like it's all available,
and I really I love that. And you know, having
kids myself, I have a sixteen year old, almost fourteen
and twelve, and so I see it kind of happening.

Which is I going back to like camping out for
tickets and all that I love. I think I've told
you this story before, but I camped out for tickets
for new kids and like nineteen ninety two, ninety three
with my sister, and it was such a great bonding
experience to be there all night long at the Beepop
record shop waiting, you know, to get those tickets. I
still got nosebleed, by the way, but it was just yeah,

but it was it was the experience that was so
much fun. And I just think kids these days will
never get it. Well, look, here here's what's interesting there.
I think you know, we say that, but it's a
little bit more cerebral to Joey's point. I mean all
the things that your disposal with the socials and the
viral ability to gather this information and indulge in music

and learn those things weren't available. You literally had to
leave your house to go research something like that. And
and now with algorithms you get kind of led down
a path. And for us, I think it's amazing that
it's just incredible that these kids that are super super
younger showing up at our shows. I mean they're teenagers,
some of them on our last tour showing up to

the shows. And they're not the kids of our fans.
They're just fans of the genre of music. It's incredible.

It is the holidays, and I mean it's my favorite
time of the year. We've all done holiday music throughout
the years. Angel he's a grandfather now, because so I
would like to know what is the best holiday song? Like,
is it? Is it the Mariah Carrey is your favorite? Is? Like?

What is the song? I'm Andy Williams guy. So it's
the most wonderful time of year. I mean great in
the mood, you know it just it always makes me nostalgic.
It makes me feel very christmas y, if you will.
And it kind of like when you hear that after
Thanksgiving and go Okay, we're in the Christmas season now.
It's just it's untouchable. To me. There has to be

something said about Mariah thought just on the success of
that in the same way the cycle, like she's even
having a reve affair like a read of course, is
that one song She's made over one hundred million dollars,
I mean one sing and the people do call her

the Queen of Christmas. But I I'm going to push
back on the Queen of Christmas because I think she's
the Princess of Christmas because Darling Love queen of Christmas,
and everyone forgets how many incredible and the songs Rian
sang on her Christmas album were originals by Darlene So
for those of us that don't know, yeah, she was

the main singer for Phil Spector and her voice was
used for like the Crystals, White groups because she was singing.
There's a great documentary called thirty Feet Away from Start
and it has Darling Love all and she's wonderful, She's charismatic.
De youself affair for watching a condition. I go to iTunes,
go to Christmas songs and be like, oh crap, I

didn't know she sang all those songs that I love,
but like even Michael Not it's a Christmas song. It's
like like like Rolling Stone songs like everything. What's your
go to if if you had to sing like a
Christmas song? I mean, like I sing, I have my
own Christmas song. It's called Christmas every Day, do you love.

I'm known for being a vocalist, so I feel like
people like to hear me sing Holy Night. Oh yeah,
you sing that is no, there's something about that saying
it feels timeless. Dude, you gosh the way Oh you're right,

but it's but there's a reason because it definitely I
think there's something about that. Obviously it's incredibly well written,
but there's something about where it sits, you know what
I mean. It's comfortable, but like when you take it
off wherever you start, it's like I feel the same way.
That's actually my go to it. It's my number one.

That's your number one, my number one because I love
I love hearing artists cover O Holy Night because it
really shows the talent because everyone's waiting for that note.
Take it. But it's not that hard. At the same time,
it's not that hard. There's no you don't have to
do a bunch of reps. You do a couple of
turns here and there, but there's a if you can
connect with it. I'm telling you, there's so much expression

to that song because like it goes low and soft
and subtle, but then it goes up and you just
like soar with the note. But it's just it's everywhere
of course, like the something like that, no, no, like
you belt it, you belt it, or like I love
doing it. That was my favorite song to record because

we did it a cappella and so it was nice
to it brought us back to how we started because
you know, I would sing Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I
love the song now, but when we recorded that, I'm like,
this is horrible, Like I did not like this song,
and I'm like, wait, y'all want to release this as
the single. This is gonna be the biggest flop ever.
And now now a timeless class we grew up like, okay,

well we're about doing holiday songs back in the day.
So you did them in like July. You know that
you just stild that outside. You're like it was our
second album. We did it in nineteen ninety like a
METI like first album Christmas album? Like, wait, ten years Diamond,
what does that do it? Did you do? Well? Have
y'all heard the the Pentatonic version of meric Christmas? Happy Holidays?

Because that's a fire man version of that one. Oh yeah,
it's it's fun. It's doing it. So what are we
doing for the holidays? Like, Mark, what do you do? Local?
You know I have actually showing Year's Eve, So stay
local to the kids. You know, we went to la
for Thanksgiving? Jeff, what do you do just hanging out?
We just got off that tour. Yeah, well, look, I'm
doing the same thing. Just staying in home. Yeah, just

staying at home, hanging out with the family. It's gonna
be nice. You know, we're all on the road all
the time, so it's nice to be home and actually
like be in one place. Yeah. Cool, microphone dark Joey,
what do you do? It's a microphone class the same.
I am staying home. But I'm actually I kind of
like I didn't know how big it was, but I'm

doing I'm narrating the candlelight procession at Disney World. I
mean it's like the biggest thing for your years. You
should see the lineup. I mean everyone think I'm pretty cool,
but I'm like, I like, you know, there's like because

you know they fly in. Have you done it? No?
But I just had a random flashing Christmas were you?
Were you the one that was doing like the song
like shirtless with the wind blowing like that, That's when
you knew. That's when you know. I just you know

everyone was. I remember everyone's screaming around me. Yeah, I
have taken my shirt off, and I've had at that moment.
But Jordan created quite an iconic moment in Pops back
fifteen years ago because he did it fifteen and he
did it at thirty something. He repeated it all still
take their shirts off the stage all day. People used

to pay to see me take my shirt off. Now
they pay to keep my shirt off. It's a whole
different wits. But I'm doing that. But they you know, Disney,
the get is you. They fly your whole family and
they put you up. But you get that guy. It's
all about they. What are you gonna do for the holidays?

Are you going back home? You know, I haven't thought
about what I'm doing. You gotta, I mean guess it.
I'm going back home to Utah with my family. Nice. Yeah,
they'll love that short. Yeah during the yeah, you know,
snowy cars through the white Christmas I don't like in
my life. I don't think I've ever seen really comes
up to Utah, comes to Utah, bring the twins. But

I've never seen snow Christmas. Wait, there is a song
right there. Take work on that. Okay, you guys, get
on it. We'll have David singing the song. That's done.
That sounds like a spring sing song. Okay, yeah, it does.

Give it to Louis. Yeah, stealing melodies my whole life.
All right, I want to do a little would you
rather Holiday edition? So, okay, would you rather to hear
what y'all are going to do for christ We can't
get all our plans today to We're just not going
to deal with the flying with them right now. We're

just I'm always going to be traumatized for me, Yeah,
I'm always gonna be a little traumatized. Oh my god,
can we please tell the story? Okay, you tell this
story because I was so good your poor mom. Yeah,
so came to visit one day, you know, Okay, him
and Carrie were in town, so they came to visit it.

Just happened to be right at the moment where we're
having a little brisk at our house for our son
eight days after I was born. You know, he's getting
the chop chop, and so we're like, he's like, whoa,
what's going on? And I that was my impression of you,
David and uh and we're like, oh, we were having
He's like, oh, what's that. And we're like, oh, it's Judaism.
It's where you it's like a ceremony when it was

literally just me lance my parents were in town and
that was it. I've never seen one. So I was
like yeah, I mean yeah, And he's like oh, He's like, oh,
I love seeing like religious experiences like other things love see.
And I'll buy you my children's book, my Little Prayer,
a little book, his soldier's book, My Little Prayers was
so sweet. So like he was sitting down just you know,
looking at the whole thing, and then all of a sudden,

I was just like, first of all, I was looking
away because I couldn't. And then I just see David's
eyes is getting bigger, like what about your mom? While
you know the Moyles, who was the guy that you
know cuts the little bean. Yeah, and it was you know,
it's hardened away. But David just walked into all of
this happening and he's sitting there on a chair watching

our son's pecker. And I was like, I'm so sorry
you came at this time. Yeah. Yeah, but he took
it like a chance. Yeah right he did. Yeah, did
you watch the son because I did that. No. I
didn't even look at my son. I literally was looking elsewhere.

It was like sort of interesting to the love in
his eye. And then that happened, and then his eyes
turned and I welcome to the world, son, No more, mom,
it's hard. Yeah, but he didn't cry. It was weird
that game. And then over good he was. He was funny, funny,

you want to be funny. It's great. It was. It
was a long ceremony. It was like, sweet it up.
We don't need the whole thing. All right, here we go.
If you would you rather? Would you rather eat only
holiday food for a week or listen to only holiday
music for a week? Two good options. There's no losing there.
I can listen to holiday music all one of the

did not eat and you have to listen to a song. Yeah,
what are you gonna do. You're gonna eat no music. Music.
You can't eat for a week. Bro Oh, you can't
eat for a week. Well, you said one of these
holiday food for I'm okay with that because for me,
it's about the music. I just did that from things.
I had so many leftovers. It lasts a whole week.

So I hate Thanksgiving every day for a week. You
did not? You did not Sunday, Sunday, Sunday everything. I
would pick music. We all answered that everyone were organization
after after do this podcast with with a bunch of
chefs next time you see that. That's about the ones

out there right now. Let's ask them. Let's ask them.
Would you rather buy gifts or make homemade gifts any
I can barely make? I mean, I'd like the idea
of making gifts. If anyone's going to get me a gift,
don't make it to buy me one. I don't want

to the thought that counts I made. I made a
really sweet Valentine, so that's a little bit more crafty
than Christmas. But I'll show you the picture later. Are
y'all more matching Christmas pj's or ugly Christmas sweaters? We
just got to have your kids get the cute little

if you haven't got get them because what happened to
you too close to Christmas? And they also they sell
out fast the children's place. They have all the best
match get them now because trust me, my mom every
year gift to us like December first is matching. PJ
car Do y'all? I feel like do y'all do like

Christmas cards? I feel like you would do this week
sometimes together? Can I get one? Sometimes? I would love
to see what y'all do. We have a photo shoot
with the kids next week, so the real is of
having a Christmas card. But I have a feeling we're
gonna miss the mark like we did Alexander playing Baby
Jesus and Violet's gonna be merry. I'm going to be

a sheep and be Ai the moon. I don't know
he's going to be the manger. It's a beautiful touch
this holiday season. A caligraphy Christmas card. So Lost Art
just discussed Michael being an artist. You should you should
do like some art on that. Okay, Christmas again, we

progress give me your address. You're gonna get one from me.
You do calligraphy, I do it myself. What I love that.
I learned that like in ninth grade and I still
can actually do it right? Okay, yeah, do you have
other left if you wait? David Archiletta, did you learn

cursive in school or you? Are you still enough? Yeah?
It did, but my daughter learned it from a friend
and I was like cursive. I was like, yeah, that's
like what we did in the second grade. Yeah, coming
back to why did we learn curs? Oh? Really, it's pretty.
You don't have to lift your pet up. Just scribble,
and I'm terrible. You right, cursive. You can't read curse.

Everybody can't. You can interpreter. I was into architecture, so
I'm very potential terrible, horrible. You like your handwriting? No,
I don't know. I'd rather it can be amazing, work
could be horrible. I have to make that decision. Yeah,

I'm just I rushed him. I'm like everything like doctor's prescription.
It's like I have to this like upside down essentially.
All right. The last one is would you rather go
caroling with friends or attend to holiday concert? Caro, Caroly, Carol.
I wish you do that right now. It's like we

do that for work concerts that we do for work.
I've done that. I've done that with my family a
few times. And the concert caroling. It's pretty magical because
it's it's sort of like it's nerve wracking in a way.
It's very vulnerable because it doesn't happen a lot, and
here you are like, yeah, and we did during the pandemic.

We would just be walking around like the neighborhood and
we knew there was like lights on and we stood there,
we just singing, No, it's amazing. They came out on that.
It was just a couple and we knew it was
just like it was a small thing. But like it is,
it's a magical thing. I wish there was. I haven't
done it since, I mean in church when I was
a kid. But this is the first year we're actually

gonna I don't even think I've told you this. I
was gonna say so, like the Property Brothers and uh
and then and Zoe Dashanel they do a caroling party
every year. It's never been but I'm like, I gotta
check this out. I don't know what this is, but
apparently they just carol for hours. Guitars there. I go

up the Peninsula. Most fun we ever had, and everybody
joins in. All of a sudden, you got a whole
like group of folks going down to the next thousand,
and it gets into the spirit. Super fun. All right,
I'll choose caroling, although Mariah Carey's Christmas concert probably would
be amazing if we would have gotten to it. Listen
to this. Okay. So a couple of weeks ago, she
was here at the Bowl, right, yeah, and uh so

I asked her to I'm like, oh god, I'd love
to go see her. Right, So I asked Johnny Wright,
you know, my my manager. I'm like, do you know
can you give me tickets? Oh? Yeah, sure? Didn't get
a you know, return Like, okay, fine. He calls me
at seven pm when the concert is starting and be like,
I forgot to forge you your ticket. That's who you
have front row center at the ball And he told
us when it was actually starting, you didn't go lead

a babysitter. I would have baby for you. Bro follow
up too far from you, I figured, like everyone tried
getting those tickets, but like, are you kidding me? Remind
him he was too busy with f one in Vegas
where Riah was. She saw those two efty seats right there,

rights I show you guys. Hey, thanks for listening. Follow
us on Instagram at Frosted Tips with Lance and Michael Turchinard,
and at Lance bast for all your pop culture needs,
and make sure to write his review and leave us
five stars six if you can see you next time.
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Winning is an everyday mindset, and the coaches are here to help. Hosts Craig Robinson and John Calipari use their on-court wisdom to solve your off-court problems. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC

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