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December 14, 2023 37 mins

The Frosted Festivities continue! 


From the Bachelor Mansion, Lance is back with Jeff Timmons, Joey McIntyre, Mark McGrath, and David Archuleta for an unforgettable good time! 


The guys share the most memorable moments from their careers, from singing at the White House to opening for the Rolling Stones to playing the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl! They also reveal who they would love to go on tour with, and some of the collaborations they come up with would be a dream come true for boy band fans. 


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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance bats an iHeartRadio podcast.
All right, so People magazine just came out with a
sexist man, of course, and somehow we were all left
out of it. But uh, Mark, you were named sexiest.
It was an obvious choice. And I think he and

Stephen Jenkins are third eye blonde or no. But that
was well deserved. Listen, you were supreme. I mean you
still are, but father Time is undefeated, as they say.
But it was fun. It was fun accolade. It was fun.
Like you know, but if you can't hang your career
on songs, it goes away. As you know that, as
you know that no one's coming here, it goes Oh

you were a sexy guy in ninety eight. They're coming
to hear these songs again. And I think all of
us in this room can appreciate that us have that
moment you were sexual. How about the duet you did
with Twain that one time, like one of the I said, okay,
party for greatest thing about that recorded this? Uh her
new song on her Greatest Hits record. By the way,

just got a diamond thing from her Sugarte and everything
smelt diamond. I've got a Diamond uh black of my Math. Yeah,
that was awesome. Recorded that song with Mutt Lang before
the divorce in her Swish cast Everybody Wearing White is
he is tough as everybody says he is as far

as he was. By the way, Joe, you can say
obviously say I'm in there, you got pro tools broke
because you're gonna need a lot you like copping lyrics
because guy, how did that happen? By the way, like
how did this exactly? Because rock Star in the nineties
where we're kind of cracking a little bit, you were
totally killing it. But I like, what, like what was

the connection? Like, I'm just curious about the details. David
the management, I was just confused and flatters you were
you were an American Idol judge too was Here's the thing.
I don't want it to get lost that Mark isn't
a good vocalist, because he is incredible. Listen to the
vocals on the Guys songs. I know you gotta listen.

Try to sample one of your songs. Stuck here with
boy banders, so he has to like but Mark's vocals
are up there with everybody else here. He's an amazing singer.
He's gonna be humble, and I know it's probably a
difficult situation to be here with guys that pride themselves
on you could. You couldn't make it before pro tools,

if you couldn't say fans of yours. I've heard you
use that pro tools quit before you're an incredible singer. Man,
It's just you know, Irish, what am I going to?
We're huge fans of yours as well, and none of
Switzerland to the castle and everybody's wearing white linen and

certain like be juice and all in my juice for
three days. That was in the Shania Twain orbit. She's
lovely and he was lovely. But the the dude was
there that ended up taking Shanaya, and the nanny was
there too, and I was with my manager. I go,
it's just kind of like a little bit of but
it was a bit of a vibe day. And then

we get home three weeks later, Shani has divorced literally
so we saw it happening in real time. Crazy, crazy, crazy,
one of the best experiences of my life because Shani
was just so love skiing Ski Castle. Uh it could be,
but it was out late and it was straight out
of Central Casting. It was what your dream castle would be.

My dream is to live in a castle. Isn't like
I should? Should you can't get some good you know
you can. Castles are cheaper than real estate and relative
it depends. I mean, if your Ireland is beautiful, but
you gonna be in Ireland, you know what I mean,

you're gonna miss your home. It depends on you know.
But for like, you know, a regular home in l A.
You could buy like a nice castle up in your
very true. But castles are like private planes. You get
in for three or four million, but it's five million
a year. And you know what I mean, you could
have been read for that. You get the moat, you know,
you got to take the mod you know, you just
gotta be you know, the alligators. You gotta have a toilet.

It's that's not working. I mean, yeah, you have to
poop through a whole. Someone's gonna like those. You got
to feed the gargoyles, you know, I mean, it goes
on electricity. I have a question. I have a question

so you, I mean, all of you have known each
other for a long time throughout this business. Is there
anything a couple of years you for my life actually
looking at because Man you know, and Jared because the
Joey's managed. Jared Paul was my first manager I ever had.
Oh really yeah, and so like right after American Idol

like and and it was because of e Man So
who worked on Writer Man wrote and produced crush My.
Really we worked on your album that you released And
was it two thousand and eight that you released her
two thousand and seven? It was we met in like
two thousand actually, so we go way back. Yeah, and
so like Iman is who got me my first manager,

which was Jared Paul with your manager. And then I
went to your concert where I got you confused with
I guess Jordan with the thing, yeah, because confused. I'm
not gonna lie. Here's the thing. Natasha Bedingfield was opening
for y'all. I was obsessed with phenomenal Thank you. I
was so starstruck by Natasha Beddingfield when y'all come to,

like Jared had y'all come to say hi, And I
was like, yeah, I was looking at Natasha and I
didn't and I was I wanted to meet y'all too.
It's just that I was starstruck by Natasha because any
but like it was a great concert. Everyone was freaking out.
Can I just say how like Avid the New Kids? Yeah, Watts,

you guys are really lucky. But you curated yourself to
know what you give back to the fans and everything.
Wait back to my husband forgets. Is there anything no, no no, no,
anything you've ever wanted to ask each other? Anything anything
you've ever wondered about each other back in the day groups,
did you like dislike one of them? Secretly? And you
have a reason. I've got a question for everybody here
because I get asked all the time and I've got

different answers for it all the time. But I want
you guys to take one that one moment in your
career that was the most unforgettable moment. I can't believe
I'm doing this like and not like, hey there was
this and that just that one moment you go, my god,
this is blowing my mind. Jeff, do you want to
go for you guys can think about it or lancet.
I know mine. It was a super Bowl halftime show

with with Aerosmith, which in Aerosmith's my favorite and Brittany
came that day. Ever ever looked fall Any, Nelly and
Mary Jay at the end, but it was to go
back and forth with Aerosmith at the because I'm a
huge NFL fan. I mean, it was just the biggest
moment for me ever and I mean I think about

it and as a fan, that was the first time
I actually really paid attention to to US halftime Super Bowl.
So I was like twelve, I think at the time,
was in seventh grade, and I just remember being like, Wow,
this is epic, and before that I never cared. Yeah,
that was when that one just often listed as one
of the top ten always of all time. Yeah, that

gaven Stick a gravitas like you're in sanc and Aerosmith
and Nelly. It was just amazing. And it was like
because they were the anchor, they were they were the
main attraction at that time people, you know, which is
really cool. It was fine. That's when MTV would produce
the halftime. It was just epic. What about you, guys,
what's your like, what's your favorite moment so far in
your career? Yeah, it was like a wow, I can

think about is watching you like, no, sorry, but it's
a random thing. Does nothing to do. I'm just thinking
about the magazines. When I was talking about you trying,
like when you're gonna going to go to space, I
want you to still go to Yeah, we please send.
There's still a whole generation of millennials that are waiting
for Lance Pas to go to space. Magazines did you

go through train certified? It was a week before my launching,
like a very important certif blah. He lived on a
Russian base for six months. That's a for the millennial.

At least send this man to space, all right, listen,
Mark asked a question, and he only asked it so
we would ask him. Tell me what would you want for?
Was it? Was it on? It was final American Idol.
It was like after the fact because I didn't realize
it was going to be as a special of a
moment for other people and for me, Like the reason

why I do what I do and why I sing
is to connect with people. Sure like that's my favorite thing,
even like from a person a person thing to to
a performance to an audience or on a TV show.
When I sang imagine on American Idol, I didn't think
it was going to be special. I thought I was
gonna get voted off because everyone else was doing these
rock and seventies songs like upbeat fun and I was like,

oh my gosh, I'm gonna I'm gonna put people to sleep. No,
that doesn't work on American Idol. If you can sing
a song that you could kill vocally, that's going to win.
I didn't know what that was, you know, I was
I just turned seventeen. I just thought, Okay, like this
song I like and whatever, and and like my they
were going to have me sing another song? What was it?
You made me so very happy? By blood? But my dad,

my dad had heard me sing Imagine before. He's like, David,
you should sing Imagine. And I was like okay, And
so I was like, sorry, but can I change my song?
And I felt bad? And they were like, okay, let's
say if we can get it clear, and they did
and I sang it and I was just like, okay,
I'm gonna get voted off because I'm going to put
But for some reason, it connected with people, and that's
what people to this day, Like last week, people were

I have people coming up to me last just last
week saying when you sing Imagine, I'm like, I don't
know why. But the reason why I love that moment
is because it allowed me to connect with millions of people.
And I heard you saying it was like my favorite
rendish I've ever heard of the song at the time,
so I can listen to it in my head and

I know exactly like your inflexes and everything, because I
just remember that as a family, Joey. That's why I
asked the question. I just wanted to get back to it.
It's my way of getting back to it, Joey. It
would be interesting to know having so many experience. I
do want to say, though, I mean, you know you

you you have a voice that, like some people say
they could sing the phone Book, right, I mean you
just you're blessed with that. But the way you serve
and the way you unselfishly and humbly, you know, just
offer that gift is incredible. But like there's not you know,
so many people have covered that song, but like the

honesty and the and the just the simpleness that you
were able to and and obviously just the sound that
you know, God gave you for that voice, you know,
and and selfishly I go, I have to remember that,
don't we have to remember that as artists, you know
what I mean, because we can get so cynical every
time we go after it and it sounds so corny,

you know, but like we have to remind ourselves of that,
because that's what our fans show up for. That's why people. Well,
we've all been beaten up by by the business, and
I think we all got into it to do exactly
what you're talking about, to serve to do music because
it's in our hearts, because we're because we're gifted with
a little bit of it, maybe some more than other, right,
But you know, I think that that's the thing that

you end up getting sort of distracted from was the
whole reason you got into it. It's because you just
love music and you love the reaction of people that
hear you singing and portraying these messages. So yeah, I mean,
I think you're exactly right. I'm glad you kind of
brought that up and and and for you to just
sort of kind of recollect something that all these guys
are going was a pivotal moment on that not just

that season, but that series in its entirety is a
pretty amazing moment. And the fact that you shared that
and it's just now coming back to you do that
for so many people. There was only a few moments
that like you really remember from American there's so many
seasons and it's like you forget so much, but there's
a few moments of certain people singing certain songs and

remember your yours is definitely one. And it was like
Adam Lambert when he did Mad World, that was his moment. Yeah,
it was amazing. Kelly Clarkson had the second you first
saw her singing respect even as he was until the
last twenty four and then she's saying that and natural
woman woman killed. It's like what you're saying, It was
like the competition's over. Yeah, but don't get it lost

because you were involved in that moment that your moment
isn't as important as the one. Thank you exactly. What's
weird about it is it didn't feel like a moment
at the time. It was just like, you know, it's
just like you're just doing what you love, like like
singing like I would in my backyard, and like the
dogs would bark because I'd be singing. They come over
and like in drove me, Like I realize, so like

it was just a moment, but you don't. Sometimes you
just don't realize when it's going to be something that
other people relate to. But that's also when I realized
the power of music. Music. Yeah, like, and that's another
great reminder though. That's the thing. We don't get to
decide what it means to other people, you know, we
just to show up. Of course it means something to us.
Of course that's so meant something to you. But like, yeah,

everyone interprets it the reminder. Yeah, Dave, you have to
play that in your show. Its right, there's no way
you're not. I haven't show probably should. I think I was.
There's like the American idol trauma that you deal with that,
Like I'm like, I don't want to put myself back
in that place because it was amazing but also super

there's a lot mixed in with that. You try to
like cancel it out, but maybe I should. I feel like, yes,
it's enough time, what about you? That's the beauty of it. Man.
It's like, but I'm glad, I'm I'm I'm glad. He's

aware of that, you know what I mean? And like, again,
just feeding off the awareness of that that like that
was a tough time, you know, it's like and that
that's that success, right, I mean, like we we can
all identify with that. Is that like it's the biggest
show in the world and you're you're like you're right
up there with everything, and like it's it's such a gift,

but like it was hard and there's trauma and you
have to sort through that and balance that, and like
it's it's it's lovely that like you're at a moment
now in your life that you can only get through living.
You can't snap your fingers. It can't take five years
or fifteen years or whatever. It takes what it takes,
and like now it's really sweet that you're like, you

know what, Okay, I walked through that. I felt that,
I felt the feelings. I lived a life. I went
through that, and now maybe I can look at it
and I identify with that. I think we all do.
It's got to put distance between what you're known for
and then let it all kind of cycle through and go.
That was pretty cool. I'm so proud of it, and
I'm so honored anybody ever showed up and still show up. Yes, Jeff,

you talked about earlier. We all yeah, beautiful. So your watching, Well,
it's only forty minute segment A couple of things. I
blessed beyond belief. I know, we know you believe, and
you know me and the new kids. We were like
a family and somehow we haven't screwed it up and

it's been wonderful. And I've also, you know, been able
to do a lot of things on my own. A
couple of things come to mind. I'll pick one and
it sounds like a flex, but I just played Carnegie
Hall this year, well so so and I just turned fifty,
so I did something special. But yeah, no, it was great.
It was great. We played. Yeah I'm not the guy

with the shirt and the fan, but you probably yeah,
but it was one of all. And I had the
guys there, and I had all these meaningful people and
I got to play. It's amazing. And the thing is
what the gift there is that I belonged. I belong
You know what I'm saying. We get to a place where,

because you know what I mean, eighteen thousand people could say,
what do you mean you belong? Right? They say all
of us, and that's what we're talking about here. But
like for me, in a very simple, quiet way, like
I belonged here. You know what I mean? It was
beautiful and I couldn't ask it never sold anything, It
sold out, sold out. What did you say quickly? About

twenty five songs we sang for three hours. They had
to kick us off because the curfew. Literally we cut
the last song in half, called the audible. We said, well,
the one verse, I mean it was it was union.
It is not play there. Yeah, but a lot of
different stuff. I'll sing that's really cold, your whole Holy
Night saved on my cue, Yes, Spotify, Yeah, yeah, I'm

going to go to market. I'm still thinking. It's it's
really hard to pick. I mean, we were saying, you're going, okay,
what was I mean the first time we heard I
asked the song on the radio was amazing, Like we
never expected this to happen. And then to do songs
with Mariah Carey and Joe and Tevie Wonder and for Disney,
and then do Michael Jackson's special for Luther Vander, performing

with Luther Vandals and Usher, and to be associated with
you guys and you guys and you guys later on.
I mean, it's hard to pick a moment. So it
sounds why, but it's like the entire journeyism moment, you know.
And to be able to do it, I think really
for me as a fifty year old guy too, And

to be able to do this, you guys, I mean,
just just to be doing this and to be associated
with legendary once in a lifetime brands and bands that
that are pinnacles of music history. Being a fan of
the music. Although we get associated with canned up pop

stuff that's packaged, we all got in it for the
lod reuse, right, And and and to be able to
be doing this that it's been the journey. I can't
pick a moment, because singing at the White House with
Christina and Bill Clinton in the you know, that's that's
crazy to me being from a small town in Ohio
that was taping songs off of off the radio, going

all right, parting it out. How did you get out
of Ohio to you know, I just started a group
at a party trying to sing for girls. Yeah. They
were all friends, Yeah, so so we I mean, it
was really, if you think about it now, it was
really kind of impulsive and dumb and you would never

do it. And my parents just were like, well, he's
really got his head set on this. He's gonna go
do it, and I got fortunate enough to be paired
up with a bunch of other guys that were really,
really talented, and we worked hard and had success and
got lucky and it all ended up being amazing. So
one moment, I don't have one, you know, I can't pick. Well,

you just said it, and wow, talk about like summarizing
to a key like that was a great summary, but
like just be able to being able to start something
that took you on a journey. I mean, you know,
we're talking about doing stuff that I was dreaming about
that my friends, we were from a really small town
that's a football town. They thought it was absolutely insane

and stupid, and I was laughing stock of my town
and then talking about but later on, you know, they
everybody's gracious that you go back and support and give
back to the town, which is perfect. But certainly this
goes above and beyond what I had envisioned for my
life and and and the impact and things that we

got to do later on, which is an absolute blessing,
you know, uh, to be doing it this many years
later and to be still relevant and selling tickets and
not chasing you know how much because sometimes I wonder that, like,
how much longer can I do this? As long as

you stop you I want to, I just don't know
if like to be able to get You've got a
world class voice. Now if you show up, people are
going to show up as long as you love it
and as long as people know that you love it
and love what you do, unless you want to buy
a castle. And then we got to talk to this

better be good like the torches for you. I mean
it's pretty good. I mean, but the thing he said
is is what all of our best moment The journey
has been amazing all but you kind of I hinted
towards it, and David, you've said it to the journey
and Lance, you know, the journey has been amazing and
it's still happening and we still have magical moments. But
that one tangible moment for me was in nineteen ninety
nine we were opening for the Rolling Stones. Watch your feet,

names are falling and we're opening for the Stones and
I'm sitting there going because we were a little older,
my success happened. I was twenty seven. I was a
little bit older at sixty eight years old. Now I
feel comfortable saying that what look good and we'll be
back now. You're impressed them, so over the Stones and

I'm sitting there going but you'll be twenty five forever.
I think you will mark twenty five wherever. Yeah, you know.
So we're sitting there playing and Stones audiences are typically tough.
They're like Metallica audience. They don't want to see anybody
else but the Stones. So we're going out there. We're battling,
we're throwing some punches. We had flying the arsenal. It's

med a couple of haymakers. We're battling, and I think
the audience looked at you guys, like, oh, there's a
bunch of puppies on stage. They're happy to be here
because we were. It was amazing open the Stones, that's amazing.
So the last song we're doing, I went, hey, guys,
thanks for sugar at, thanks for putting up with this
one more song here tonight. It's called every Morning. It
just went to number one today, So I want to
say thank you all so much for having us. I

don't think this night could ever get better for me
in my career, and I want to thank you all.
I looked at my right and there was Mick Jagger
and Keith Richards at the monitor station watching this. I
go hold on. It just got a little bit better,
and so I was thinking of my mind, I don't
think it's ever and I was very cognizant of the moment.
I don't ever think it's going to be better than this.

So that was the moment. We play every morning and
it was all look out there and see Keith Richard
wind the wind where bottle Jack Daniels I had. That's
the coldest that they came out and they cared enough
and they're sitting that. That's the thing. And the fact

just to see like legends do that, like that, the
fact that they wanted you there first of all, like
that they're not just gonna like like yeah, bringing Joshua
like you had stuff that impressed them and made an
impact and that they enjoyed and connected with. I appreciate it,
and it felt like that. The way they made us
feel completely felt like that. We did about ten days
with the Rolling Stones. I'd be calling it people on

my second grade soccer team, what are you doing bro? Nothing?
The Stones? Yeah, that was amazing. Always glad to have
that moment, you know, I mean, that's that's beautiful tours.
What is your dream tour to be on? If you
could put a tour together with you guys and like

two opening acts, like who would it be? I mean,
I mean, y'all, I mean with the new kids have
been so lucky. I mean we' we have. We've been
able to we do these you know, mixtape tours the
last last few years, and I like how it's mixed
it is. I mean, I've sort of started with having
an amazing you know night of like ninety eight degrees

and backs and ninety eight degrees and boys to men
and us. That was like, come on and I wanted
to see that. Yeah, it was amazing night. And then
and then after that we were able to do Paul
Abdul in American Yeah yeah, and then we did you know,
but this last couple of ones, we really we started
the show and ended the show so our acts, and

that's a great way. That was a cool. Look, well,
you get better acts because they're not like, well who
open call? You know what I mean, we get great acts.
But now it's like no, no no, no, in Vogue, you're
gonna come out here, come out here, Pepper, You're gonna
come out here and come out here, yeah man, and

with the bands too, which made yeah, which is wonderful.
So we've been able to have that and Joey let
us open if you guys and Hurshy Pennsylvania remember that.
But that's never but we uh that was that was
sort of like we were playing with the mixtape thing.

That was like our first sort of like uh, super fun.
Really appreciate it. But you're, you know, we're always like,
you know, we always kept but I mean, are we
Are we cool enough for Sugart? Are we cooling up
for Sugarrat? But you're like, I still I shouldn't say
this out loud, but you don't want but you guys

got to get back together, but say it. Say it,
boy band aid, that would be I mean, I could
you imagine London Wembley, It's Philadelphia one day one day,
one day the line, well you got all the from UK,
we got get ninety eight degree one day it's it's yeah,

would be ninety eighth degree. Backstreet Boys, Boys to Men,
New Edition. You bring the Jackson's back. You know you
have some stretch. What's the biggest don't forget about West Life.
You well for for for for Live aid. They did Philadelphia.

Some people say, I I thought it was New York,
but it's the Philipphilly in London, so you get London.
But you did both both, remember phil Collins did both,
went back forth. But then you know in London you
have you know, so many boys West Life one direction
take that wh where where where where? Buddies would take that?

So and when they like that would be incredible. That
was that was a song they said that was one. Yeah,
but you know what we got but they got by
instead and make good choice directed. Yeah. Anyways, but as
far as like collaboration or you feel like a like

a tour, yeah, well, I mean I was saying tour,
but I mean I love that idea because it actually
gives back to tell right now. I'd really like this
because to be a stadium tour and crush the summer
in sync your kids under story thinking about knights and
actual boys would cry if they were not invited. Okay,

they got that money for you. That would you would
like ignite something in people that has been like dormant
for our years. That would something and see what it's back?
They can they Taylor Swift Taylor Swift. They will be
wiping their ass. They'll bring us in to wipe their ass,

and they're gonna have that moment getting you together because
we're all tired of waiting. As far as like, you know,

it's a little bit I know, you're you're a boy
band or whatever. I mean, us guys have sort of
toured with each other, but it's it like who would
your you know, three acts you would love to go
because they're doing that all time. All these bands are
coming back together, like you know, but who would those
two other bands be that It was a hugely influential
l A band came like really from a punk rock,

really super college pre alternative background. Chili are gods, right,
I said, I feel as the pots go, I'm not
comparing because they're they're the next level, but there's there's
a synergy. Oh yeah, yeah, because I mean they were
such an influence in our band. Yeah, you know what
I mean, just to get on stage, the energy and
all that youse guys had put out. I know a

little bit about your background. Yeah, and you guys were
influenced by more of that rock rock sort of scene.
I know a lot of the songs you ended up
putting out seemed to be a little bit more in
the pop lane. But you guys were influenced by the
Chili Peppers and some of the other punk rock scene. Yeah, yeah,
I mean we got signed as a rock and roll then,
you know what I mean, That's what we did. We
had two songs we got signed. We lied to Atlantic Records.

You could do that back then. Yeah, you know, we
had two songs. One was called Kaboos, the other was
called Lick Me Yeah, and we made it. We made
a video. McGee or Buddy McGee made a video to
caboose I'm thirty five millimeter tape, so it looked ready
to go, and Doug Morris founded Atlantic Records and goes,
I don't know about the song kind of sucks, but
this band looks fun and this is the grunge area.

Mind you early sign these fans. They're having fun. That's
how we got signed. Not on music, not in capabilities,
not in talent. So we had to play catch up,
you know. So the first record was that Kids in
a Candy Store. We'd be like doing sex whistle song,
red pepper songs with a little bit of hip hop
in there. And as you play more in toward the world.
You get better as musicians and songwriters, and that led

to Fly and the rest of the hips. Yeah, that's
how it worked, all that. We did everything backwards, still
doing this day. That word don't sing it better than
me about it. Here's the thing you got, swag like,
that's the thing that like made you got the ridge.
You got the ridge you got. The frost tips still wrong.

Crost tips are like Dumbo's feather for us. You're like,
you know, as long as we have to power good. Well, guys,
it has been so much fun catching up with you guys.
Happy holidays, what like what would you like to tell
your fans right now for the holidays? And like and
how can we keep up with you guys? Oh? Wow, Mark,

But I think we kind of alluded to it a
little bit, like I'm just so grateful to be here
with all you guys. I don't know what to expect tonight.
It feels like old friends, you know, like we kind
of said it. I see guys in a couple of years,
you know, and it's always been course and fun. But
I think we really like grinding it out today and
talk about things that I feel like a connection you
guys that will always have and to build these friendships
as we get older. And you said something very you know,

uh particular tonight when you said, like we we are
the nineties, dude, that's our decade. You know that we
will always be the eighties and nineties in nineties when
we need to be. Yeah, we're in the nineties world.
So I couldn't I couldn't be more grateful to take
this ride with you guys and everybody watching it at home.

And this is like the coolest guys ever. Know. It's
like those talented guys ever all deserved to be where
they are. I got one more story about you, young man,
because we all this is the You're a shining light
and in this town. I showed me first when we
first got back together, when the new kids first got
back together, it was an exciting time. Same same thing

you're witnessing now that like, oh my god, could instincts
be getting back together? And it was in like two
thousand and two thousand, late two thousand and seven, two
thousand and eight. It's like wow, and we announced it.
We were sneaking it out and whatever, and we're at
Stable Center for a Lakers game, yep, And we're in

a we're both in the bathroom. We just happened to
be in the bathroom. We're at side by side journals
and Mark turns to me and goes, is it happening.
I'm trying, But you're such are You're such a big heart,
and like, I need that kind of stuff. It's so

easy to be a cynic in this business for sure,
and like look down, but like thank you for like,
you know, keeping the fires burning and like and having
you know, comrades and fellows be excited about and things
is so important because that's that's a rarity and it's
and it's infectious too. So thank you, thank you. I

think about you when the time. That's the best new
kid song. I love that one. Vocals Could you comp
down for me? Up separate more time? All right, Jeff?
Would everyone just thanks for having me. This has been
a blast. It's been a joy. Of course, I love

and feel honored to be with these guys, and of
course I always love hanging out with you two and
being a part of this and David Man such a
big fan, and David watching your career keep escalating and
having so much success. It's an honor to be with
you as well, and exciting about everybody's endeavors. Actually that's
a long time as you're a sweetheart of a guy,
You're kind, and you're curious about others. So David wonderful.

I was probably best. I feel like the odd ball
because it's like everyone's in boy bands and stuff and
I'm like, oh you look, if you were in one
of our boy bands, we would have been jealous of
anyone whose fans Can we just say, like, I've loved
what let me tell your next I'm talking Christmas, happy

to be here always you No, no, no, you don't
want to hear what. No, I'm good. I've said enough. Seriously,
if only saying something because David wants me to, this
is what I'm saying. Now, let's take it to David. No,
I just every everyone here. It's like such caliber of people.

It's so fun to be with good people who are
in the business. And everyone here is so enjoyable, so delightful,
good energy. So for those who are watching, who've watched
these people's careers like throughout the years, like these are
great caliber people, so like like great great choice of
people to follow and great boy bands like we've we've
all loved listening to all of your music growing up,

and I'm so glad that the next generation is now
picking up and enjoying and like igniting the next like
for more stuff for you, because I just really sincerely
want y'all to keep going, keep thriving, because y'all are
great people and great music and I'm so glad that
I got to like grow up on your music and
now be able to hang with you all this and

now it is so fun. I know, well, now you're
part of a great support system, so welcome to the
I can like join the boy band like Bible. Okay,
all right, guys, that is all the show happened. Well,
people hear me too much on this same but no,

I mean I've had such a great time, especially with
this show, because this last year has been so fun
with Frosted Tips, because I love interviewing. I mean, that's
what I've been doing for so many years, and I
just love talking to people, but specifically getting to know
you guys, because yes, we crossed pass throughout the last
twenty years and great, but like to really get to
know you guys and see where your heads are and

see all the similarities that we all have, but to
see that we all came out on top and that
we're all still you know, like good people, and it's
just nice to feel that, like I said, a support
system whenever you need it. Like I know that I
could like call you guys anytime, be like, hey, I
need you know, can you help me with this? And
y'all would just jump at the chance. So, like, I

just love that. It's it's a fun family. And I
don't think a lot of people could ever get that
understand unless you kind of walked through that. But it's
a fun club to be a part of it. I'm
glad that we're part of it together. Now, we just
got to get David into some Frosted Tips and then
we'll be good. Thank you guys for be hey, thanks

for listening. Follow us on Instagram at Frosted Tips with
Lance and Michael Turchin and at lance Beast for all
your pop culture needs, and make sure to write his
review and leave us by start six if you can
see you next time.
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