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August 28, 2023 87 mins

He made playing a bad boy look so darn good on "Desperate Housewives" and "Dallas," but before his decades-long career on the big and small screen, he was a Popstar! 

Josh Henderson opens up about his long (and painful) audition process for the reality show "Popstars," and you won't believe his audition song! Hint: Lance was in the group! 

Josh also divulges who really came up with Scene 23's name, what it was like being on lockdown in the Popstars house, and dealing with the shock of overnight fame while simultaneously trying to kick off his acting career!  

Grab the popcorn because this scene-stealing journey is worthy of its own big-screen treatment! 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and my heart
Radio podcast. Hello, my little Peanuts, it's me your host,
Lance Bass. This is Frosted Tips with me, your host
Lance Bass, and my lovely co host, my husband, Turkey Turchill.
There some of you sure, some of you are Turkey
from you Intimate. That's right, Turkey. Time. We have Josh

Henderson on the show, we do. Some people are like,
when you have an actor on the show, will guess what?
He's also a pop singer. That's right, started his career
as a pop star. That's right. On the WB's hit
series pop Stars two two after Eaton's crush with Nicole,
how do you say your lasts? Now, it's not Nicole
slursinger slurs slurs. There's no slurs. Oh, Nicole Sursinger. There's

no sir either. Nicole says sure, sure like a shirt Shursinger.
Sure Zinger, Nicole Shurezinger. Yes, Nicole Singer. Oh, that's easier
than what I was trying to say. Well, baby, you've
been saying because I have a friends with the last

name Schlessinger and so, and it just kind of yeah,
and it's kind of naturally comes out. But that's way easier.
Nicole sure Zinger. Yeah, let's say shirt and a singer Zinger,
which was my favorite dessert growing up. So now you know,
now you're gonna say her name correctly everything. And I
feel like you see her all the time too. I
do see her. Well, I just did as singer with her.

I'm not on the show, guys, but I'm giving a clue.
I always do it every year. Oh yeah, I know. Well.
The producer was like, oh, Nicole just keeps saying how
great the tour was with you guys, And I'm like,
pussy got dolls never opened up for us. They weren't
even together. I'm like what. I was so confused, and
then I realized, crap, she wasn't Eating's crush. Yes, I
had totally forgotten she was an eating's crush. Get over yourself.

I wasn't a ten year old at the time like
you were. I was not ten Nicole's I was like
singer ser Zingerer, sure Zinger, So you have to say Zinger,
but you say sure Zinger, yeah, sure Zinger. Okay, See,
I've learned it. You hear that world was that painful
for you? Never going on the show's pretty painable. Need

to get Nicole on the show. She's are you kidding?
She's ultimate? Hello, she's got two girl bands we can
talk about. Yeah, serious, talking about a pop star teen idol. Yeah,
all right, let's work on that. We'll speaking on other
teen idols while they will be teen idols. I guess
I have teens. Lizz was a teen idol. She just
lots of teen fans. Yeah. I was thinking more of
Cardio and Cardio because of all this stuff. So let's

talk about throwing stuff on stages. Let's not make this
a thing. This is so stupid. People are gonna have
to perform in like a popemobile from now on, and
we like have a have a big screen. Yeah, I mean,
if it really starts to get dangerous, guess what. Your
cell phones are gonna be taken. Everything's gonna be taken,
and it's gonna be so boring for you, so boring.
So don't throw things on stage. Let's take a little break,
we come back. I know this is gonna go along.

I can already tell because mister Josh Henderson is here
and we need to catch up knowing this kid forever.
And there's so much I don't know about, especially the
music sets. I just you know, it's acting. We all
have been watching the last I from the start. I
don't know, all right, So let's second rate. We'll come back.
We're gonna have Josh Henderson from Seeing twenty three welcome

back to the show. All right, the man is here.
Josh Henderson's an actor, model, singer, best known for his
lead role as John ross Ewing the third T and
T's Revival. Dallas also played Austin McCann on the ABC
television series Desperate Housewives and has appeared in films like
Step Up. He's got to start in entertainment after his
appearance on the WB singing competition pop Stars, Yeah you're you.

You watched all those shows of course, so we got
crushed pop Stars too, where he was one of the
ones selected to be a member of the pop group
Scene twenty three. And I can't wait to talk about
Seeing twenty three because it's very short lived and I
want to hear all the drama. Mister Josh Henderson, welcome
to the show. Thank you so much. Here, how we
do it? We are, I'm glad to have We've known

each other for so many years. We have, so we
really haven't spoken about your pop star day. Sure, so
you know most people just know you as the actor.
Sure these days, but let's go back. Let's go back.
You were from Texas. We're in Texas. Are you from
to Dallas? Grew upro Mesquit? Okay? Where how far is
that from Dallas? About thirty minutes east? Okay, so you're
just right outside Dallas. Did you always know that you

wanted to be an entertainment Uh? So, you know, Look,
so I'm growing up. I moved back and forth from
from Mesquite, Texas, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, back to Mesquit. By
the way, your southern accent is coming out, just talking
about Texas, and I said, dad gunman. So anyways, yeah, no, look,
I mean I planned on and I don't know if

you know this, but but I I had a kind
of made, you know, a kind of headway into become
a professional baseball player. I don't know this, Okay. Yes,
I'm trying to push my son into I know you're
not supposed to push kids in everything, but if there's
one sport I want him to play for her of course. Yeah. No,
I mean, look, you know they call it America's pastime,

right It is a great sport and uh so anyways, yeah,
I mean I got drafted by the Texas Rangers when
I was seventeen years old, so I planned on playing
professional baseball. And I will try to make this concise
because I don't know how much time we got all
the time okay, asking you shower seat now? So yeah, No,

I I graduated high school. My girlfriend at the time,
she she she wanted to book a trip for us
to go to San Francisco. Never been out. I'd never
been outside of Texas and Oklahoma in my life, right,
So we land in San Francisco. Day one, We're walking
around downtown. I see like thousands of people standing outside
of this hotel. So I just walk up to somebody

and I'm like, hey, what are you guys doing. They're like, oh,
we're auditioning for the show called pop Stars, and I'm like,
wait a minute, I know that show. And I looked
at my girl and I was like, hey, can I
can I hop in line? I mean I don't know,
like maybe I'll get on TV? Right, hilarious? And did
she know you could sing? At this point? No one did?
Oh wow, okay, So anyways, yet, No, I looked at

her and I was like, hey, do you mind? She
was like, I mean, when's the audition? And I had
no idea. So I looked at the guy and go,
when's the audition? He goes tomorrow, and I go, so
do you want to get in line? And anyways, we
slept on the street and woke up and Pop Stars
is kind of like American Idol. So it's it's seven cities, right,

so you got your la Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco,
New York. And so we hopped in line, you know,
just for the hopes of maybe I'll get on TV
for a second. Right. So, uh, next day we wake up,
we got sprayed by the street cleaners and so uh

you know, I was I didn't look great, but anyways
we went in and unlike American as so American Idol
is one person goes in at a time. So pop
Stars is like sixty people go in. Five people are
on one, two, three, four, five little stars on the
thing and you step up on it's your turn. I
was terrified, what do you sing? What is it one

of my songs? What did you say? It's so funny
because I'm not connect Bye bye bye. Anyway, so it's
known for its vocal ability. Funny because I anyways, yes,
that's what I started with. So I started with bye

bye bye. Out of my five people, I was the
only one that were like number four, please I used
stay everyone else sorry, but by bye. And and so
I came back hours later and saying I believe I
can fly by r Kelly. Uh. And I got another
call back, and I'm gone, wait, is it? Is this
for real? All I wanted to do was make it

to the dance part because I've been dancing since I
was two and a half years old. What you don't
know about me is I and this is hilarious. My
mother has video. Don't ask, it's trust me, it's we'll
talk to her. I won World Juckist Break Dancwer at
three years old in Corpus Christi, Texas, dancing to Michael
Jackson with one white glove on my hand, doing the moonwalk,

spinning on my head and it's all on video. Can't
make this stuff up? Can we get on the sample
of this put on our Instagram? Oh my goodness, don't
talk to my mother. Mama, my mom? So uh yeah.
So I grew up in that camp and that whole
kind of Michael dance camp stuff. So all I wanted

to do through with bops. I was like, if I
can make it to the dance round, I'll be I
and I did crazy story. Oh see, I told you
long with the longer short of it. So so we're
about to go. So now it went from like at
least in this city of San Francisco, went from seven
thousand to two hundred too. That made it to the

dance around, right, So I don't know, I'm hyped on seventeen,
maybe eight maybe just turned eighteen. And someone says, I, bit,
you can't told you that chandelier stupid, And I knew
I could jump, so I tried, and I swear it
was all in slow motion. I jump and I remember

looking down seeing the camera go over there doing interview
and someone over here blah blah blah, and I'm like looking, looking,
look and I comed up. Oh no, right before the
dance partner what whole. I can feel my ankle growing
in my hand, and now I'm crying, not only because
of the pain but also because I'm like, well, my
dreams are shattered. So then I had to go to

hospital in San Francisco. And the camera crew followed me.
So I didn't became the drama story of the entire
It was actually perfect. It actually maybe it's why I won.
And so what's crazy is this? So I go to
the I got and they're like, you tore all your
ligaments and I'm like, yeah, okay, this gets crazier. You

guys good, here we go. I wish I could make
this up. I can't. So I go back home and
I'm like, okay, I'm done right, I'm done. It's over right.
So we fly back to Texas and my girlfriend at
the time, who had bought the ticket for me to
go there, and then all of a sudden, randomly we
hopped in line and whatever she was in beauty school.

She's cutting cutting Sky's hair, and she just randomly is
telling him about my story, and he goes, well, I'm
the trainer for the Dallas Cowboys. Have him coming to
my facilities. I'll try to get his ankle ready, and
so she comes home it's like, yo, I don't know
if this guy's for real or not. But I told
him what had happened. So it was so when I
left San Francisco, the judges of the show and you

probably you know Brad Rip Rock Damon, Yeah, yeah, he
was one of the judges. Tony Michaels huh yep, he
was our choreographer. And James Foster Levy, who was days
David Foster's sister who anyways, she was called doctor Nell.
She was the Simon Cowbot pop stars. So they had

all said, look, our last city on the audition tours, Miami.
If you can be ready in three weeks, you can.
If you can get yourself there, you can finish your
audition in my So I'm looking at Michael going, thanks
so much. You know, I feel like I'm done. Somehow
the powers that be. My girlfriend's cutting the guy's hair
who's the trainer of the Dallas Cowboys, he says, bring

him to my facilities. This guy gets me. I mean
we're talking like Electrollis's acupuncture every I mean like as
if I was the quarterback to Dallas Cattles. I mean,
this guy is literally doing for free, for free something
I don't know what it was. And so he got
me as ready as I could be, and we didn't.

We had no money, my mother and so my mother,
for whatever reason, she believed, well she did believe in me,
and so she flew me her my two little sisters,
Hannah and Chelsea. Chelsea was four, Hannah was eleven, and
my girlfriend at the time. We flew to Miami and
I showed up at the auditions with the cast on
my left foot, and the judges were like, he showed up. Sorry,

can we cuss from this? Yeah? Oh really? Yeah? Anyways,
So so I showed up. And when you when you're
in an audition process like that, you kind of develop
a bond with the people that you audition with, meaning
like this is highly emotional, highly intense. You know, we're
you know, people are chasing dreams and whatever it is.

So I showed up to Miami not knowing any of
these people, and they're like, who the hell is this guy?
What's he doing? And I'm hobbling in anyways, so I
got to jump into the dance part of the audition,
but I still could barely put weight on my left foot.
So I'm doing what I can and I I love

my mother to the end of time for getting scrapping
the money together to be able to take us to Miami.
And at the end of the day, it was a
vacation and that's kind of what I chalked it up. Okay,
TV out there, you're following this guy to the hospital,
obviously camera making it a storyline. You know, this is
gonna be a great storyline. You can pay him out
to Miami to finish the story whatever. I know, hilarious,

So it is what it is. I did audition, and
I shook the judge's hands and I was like, and again,
I'm a child. I'm like, I don't even know if
I was eighteen yet. And I basically said thank you.
You know, I was so grateful that they allowed me
and my family to fly ourselves there for their show,
you know what I mean. And so then, uh, let's

call it three hundred or so plus people from every city,
so seven cities. I think that math is twenty one hundred. No,
I'm not really good at numbers, but I think I
got it right. Anyways, we all went home, right, and
they were gonna call a final twenty five to LA
for what they would call Pop Stars boot Camp. Okay,
final twenty five. So they're all gonna call one of
the judges. We're gonna call us at home, and they

asked us to fit. Then this is before cell phone cameras, right,
so we had to get like a you know, like
a camera and hit record. Keep the damn thing, you know,
like hit So they're like, they call a producer called
ahead of time. I was like, Joshka, do you guys
have a camera? And I'm like I think we have one,
and they're like, we just want you guys to film
and I'm gonna okay, well all right, So they called

and I expected him to say thank you so much
for you know, coming to two cities and whatever, but
you know, we're gonna move on. And they were like,
you're in the final twenty five and I'm like, what
some good odds already, right, So now it's down to
twenty five. I'd never been to LA and so they
fly us all out and we're all in a hotel

and we have roommates, right like there were two two
to a room, and I'm rooming with this guy who
I had not met because he was in the Los
Angeles and his name was Moiss and he was a
break dancer. So that's what I did. So he and
I are literally and the cameras came in. We're like
literally doing headspins and windmills on our beds, and so

you might know there might be more than one. Yeah, yeah,
he's he's a big bee boy and and and you
know la or you know whatever. And he and I
were roommates. And every day you go and you go
through the dance part of the audition, you go through
the harm any part of the you go through the
singing part of the audition, and then at the end
of the day, everyone comes in and they cut three

to five people a day, And so I kept going
in just assuming this can't be real. So and they're like, Josh,
you know, you sound a lot like another artist, which
we're not going to get into that. Wait who were
talking about? But yeah, no, they I that's all I knew.

I watched By the Way I Love You, and I
watched you guys. Yeah, you know what's hilarious. We're gonna
cut to a different part of the story real quickly.

In my senior year book, my high school superlative, is
that what the word is? Yeah, it was like, Josh
is going to be in a five member boy band
called All About Josh. Now the hilarious part is it's
cut to a year later. I went a show called
pop Stars, which was impossible, and I was the baseball player.
And now actually it came true. So still to happen.

It's your boy, I'm like now remembering all this stuff. Anyways,
So yeah, I kept getting called back and I would
come out and I'm gone, okay, so now there's only
are they flying you out at this point? Yes, okay,
thank god, Okay, correct, Yeah, the show's flying you out.
I don't remember if it was Spirit or you know,
Western whatever it was. Yea, So now we're down to

I don't know, let's call it twenty. And then the
next day I go through this whole thing, and Tony
was very tough on me. Tony was the toughest on me.
He would he would ram me and and I was
totally vulnerable and and and again a child essentially, and
I didn't understand why it was so mean to me,

and but I kept getting called back. Now we're down
to the final fifteen. So the final fifteen, they break
them into three groups of five. We go up on
the stage at what used to be called do you
remember Cabana at club then Hollywood? Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah,
it was called something else when we were doing the show.
But they have like an indoor area with the stage.
So they break us in the three was five. They

do my hair, they cut it, and they put me
in a tank top and some weird pants and that's
right across the arc light, right, yes it is. Yeah.
So uh now we're down in the final fifteen and
they kind of put us into three different groups of
five and like we're all our own thing. And I'm
still going, this can't be real, you know what I mean,
you can't be real. And so that night, the Final

fifteen then goes down off the stage. The judges come
on the stage and essentially go we're gonna call ten
names and if we don't call your name by like,
you're done. And so we're all highly highly going, wait,
we're this close, because right, so who do they leave
for last pick? The last one was like Josh, please

come up, and I'm like, oh my god, wait, I'm
in the final ten. This is I'm supposed to play
baseball in like a month. This can't be real. So
now I'm in the final ten. We go to this
Final ten dinner and at that point, were you wanted
if you were to choose at that moment, like, look,
you can either be in this band or go into
professional baseball. What would you have chosen at that moment? Well,
I knew everything about baseball and I knew nothing about this,

So baseball is a lot more comfortable. But this was
this was like an impossible dream that can't be real, right,
So how does this land in your lap? No? I mean,
and again, I love you and I watched you guys
all through high school and I I mean, I was
the president of student council, so I used to choreograph
our stuff too instinctly. Anyways, I'm giving too much information.

So anyways, so yeah, I was now in the final
ten and we're at dinner and the so pop stars
on like Idol, And this was before American Ados. So
this was when O two I don't think started a No.
Two three, But the final ten we all fly home
and you don't know what judges are going to show
up at your house with the camera crew, but they're

going to come to your house and tell you if
you made the group or not. Right, So dramatic moment.
I know, I always looking on my window like everything real,
Like I was like really, So now I'm back in
the ski Texas. My sister Chelsea is a baby she's four,
which they actually had her going. She she she had
her little cameo, which she probably didn't remember that and

uh so Chelsea Hannah, my mom and me and the
girlfriend that bought me the ticket that if she didn't
buy me that ticket, this and it never happened. And
by the way, I wouldn't be sitting here right now.
They'll still talk. Uh nope, and she moved on. So

all of a sudden, knock, knock, knock, and I have
no idea if it's gonna be Brad or Tony or
James and opened the door, and of course it's the
guy that gave me Holy hell the whole time, Tony.
And I'm like, Tony Michaels is at my house and
Mskie Texas right now with a camera. Okay, cool, welcome,
come on in. And of course for TV. He was like,

you know, little Josh, you know what I'm saying. Look,
here's the deal, man. You know, like we had a
lot of people. You get a lot of talent right here.
You know, there's a lot of talent. You know, there's
a lot of talent, and uh you know, look, you know,
I'm just saying, like, you know, there was a lot
of talent. You know, we had some problems with you,
so you know, I'm gonna say is you know, unfortunately

you're gonna have to say no to you a baseball
coach because you made the group. And I'm like what
And then it didn't even hit me yet. And then
my sister started crying. My babysitters crying because we're all screaming,
so she didn't know what's wrong. I give Tony a hug,
and I'm still kind of in a daze. And anyways,
he and the camera crew leave and I'm sitting here

and I looked at my mom's in the kitchen and
I go, wait a minute, wait, does this mean I
have to actually do this? It was fun of it.
I mean like I was like, wait, you signed the
contract and you were gonna go be a star and
I'm like, wait, but but is this for real? In anyways,

so I was terrified. Yeah, I was terrified because I
was going, oh wait, Never in my life did I
think I was gonna win this damn thing. Eighty thousand
kids audition for that show. They picked five and that
was like in the early days. That was kind of
like the first for our like era of like of
like talent competitions at that scale on TV, like the

American Idols and stuff like that. There really wasn't anything
was two thousand Yeah, Scene twe or three Posts two
was two thousand and one and two thousand two. Yeah,
American was like the end of two thousand and two
in two thousand and three when Cali won and and
so now I'm flying it. I'm flying And by the way,

keep in mind, we knew who the final ten were,
but we didn't know who's gonna be in the group.
We didn't know who made it who didn't. And so
they picked us up one at a time. At Lax
we had a what what street we are? Never mind?
We were on at Yeah, we were on a street
called Koy Drive some Coy and uh and Beth muholand

and whatever and we'ren't And so they put us in
a six storehouse. We each had our own floor and
then the other floor was for our house. Moan because
now we're in a group. But the show hadn't even
started airing yet to even begin, much less to to
let people know the audience know who won, right, So

thirteen episode series, people found out who won or who
made the group in episode ten and then episode eleven
was us rehearsing for tour. They they had to wait
till the very end of the season to see. We
called it pop Stars Prison. I was in that house
and there's no social media too, so no, it shouldn't
be too hard to keep the secret at that and
none of us out cell phones yea, So we had

a house phone because they needed to control who we
were talking to, because what if I just you know,
called the principle of my high school and be like
I want pop stars jo. You know, they go on
the internet. So they were like monitoring on our calls.
We didn't have the internet. We couldn't have you know,
we called the pop stars prison. Was this? This was
this two months almost a year. I'm like, oh my,

so so I used to sneak. I used to sneak
out of the house just to go on runs, just
to run, you know what I mean. Like I was like,
I gotta get out of this house. So I'd like,
but I did pick. So I picked level two, which
was actually on the ground level, and I had a
hot tub right outside of my door, so I picked
the right one. The girls were all like three four

or five whatever. So it was it was three girls,
two boys, and we called the pop stars prison. And
at least they gave me an Xbox so I could
at least kind of when we weren't doing anything doing so,
they would do our grocery shopping. So what was cool
about that was is we had an unlimited budget. So
your country boys going, hey, can I get crawfish, snow,

crab legs, filets? You make that plane money back in food?
What did you do with your relationship at that point?
Because you go from her flying, you out being there,
and then you go disappear for a year. Yeah, it
was rough. That couldn't have been easy. Well, no, it
was the demise of our relationship. Again, she didn't think
I was gonna win this day. Yea, neither did I.

So it's like, where's my ten percent? Kidding? No, So
I hadn't seen her in ten months, so I hadn't
seen anybody that I loved the ten months. Let's let's
keep my mind. Nine to eleven happened at that point
where I didn't know that. I mean, I was so
kind of in my own world and I didn't even
know what the twin towers were but two of the

girls in our group from New York, so they were
freaking out. That was a weird time. And all you
want to do is be with your family because it
was a very weird time in our country, and you know,
I'm stuck in this house and I can't even you know,
for the most part, go outside. And so it was
a weird time, but hilarious story when we let's cut too.
When when when they finally announced made the group, It

would have been almost eleven months after we moved into
the house, So that was the first ment that we
could actually go out as the group. Right. And the
guy that I slept on the street next to. His
name is Nate and he's still one of my best friends.
That's the only way I met him is because he
and I audition together. Now he's a terrible singer, so
I didn't you know, get a call back anyway, but uh,

he's still a great friend of mine to this day.
But so our first appearance was at this mall in Riverside,
California as the group right, and Nate lived in side,
so he had the producer that he called the producer.
Producer has my phone and I'm like, yo, and he's like, yo,
you guys almost here and I'm like, yeah, I think so,
I don't know whe're going anyway. And he goes, I
go how many people are there? And he goes, there's

like twenty people here, dude, And I was like, yeah, dude, awesome,
we're famous. Bro. That was an absolute fabrication. We pull
up and there's a line wrapped around the entire mall
because I can see it because we're like going around
and I'm going, who who are they here for? I
was like, what is going on? I was like, who
who's here? And it's all on camera and as soon

as I step out, which you're very familiar with, I
stepped out and all of a sudden, it was just
like mayhem. And it was a shot because keep in mind,
I've been living in a house for eleven months and
was kind of like in this little bubble. Now I
come out as a different human being and all of

a sudden, I'm signing babies. I love job. I mean like,
I'm like, and it's weird. It was very very weird.
It was weird because it was like an overnight thing, right,
like it didn't kind of warm up to where we
were doing these little things and all of a sudden
the kind of crowd. No, it was like the next
day we did a little radio appearance and we showed

up at this mall. I think four thousand people showed
up at that mall and I'm sitting there and they
would always put me in the middle. There's five of us,
and put me in the middle, which was actually kind
of a problem because it quickly and I don't give
it hell, I'm not tooking my own horn, but it
quickly became like people were there to see me and
not maybe some of the other people in the group.
And it's a little weird, right, And so now it's

where our day one, there's an animosity kind of starting
and I'm going, my hands are I don't know, I
don't know what we're doing, just like you know, whatever.
And then we went on this Mayhem Press tour and
we went from there to the Mall America. Six thousand
people showed up in All America. I'm assuming you did.
Have you done the Mall American thing where there's like

levels of people? Oh? Yes, one of our first performances there,
and in fact, it is a very famous story. Uh
that and I think they have this own video. Yes,
because the guys who ended up doing this came out
just a couple of years ago and admitted it. Anyway,
we got water balloons tossed at us from the second level,
and you would have thought that it was nine to

eleven because this is security and every like it. It's
like someone who's been shooting at us or something. It
was just a water blow. Just a kid got dared
to throw a water ballow right like whatever, and uh so,
but everyone freaks out, get us out of there quickly
as possible, that the fans go nuts. I mean, it
is like Mayhem and this kid who just a few

years ago admitted it's like, I'm the guy who did what.
He was like, I never told a soul because I
thought I was going to go to prison and no,
he just he was doing an interview or something. I
just heard him talk about it. He's like, I'm I'm
the guy that did I'm never told anyone this. But yeah,
they could never find the kids who did it was

such a yeah. So that was my mall of America. Wow, craziness.
I assume I assume that you had you had done
that before, and that was our second appearance. We flew
there before we did TRL and everything else, which you're
very familiar with, but we didn't know what to expect.
And this is the biggest mall. And you know American America.

It's the name. It's a good name. Who came up
with that of America? Yeah, and and uh it was
insane because I literally I was I was coming out
of like again then this little little hole that I
was in for eleven months and now I'm in this world.
It is not familiar to me at all. So I'm

getting screened. It tears, ripped clothes, and I'm going, this
can't be the whole time, I'm floating going this, Yeah,
this can't be real. Bizarre, right, And then we get
to New York and we do that was when Regis
was still alive. So it was Regis and Kelly TRL
did today showing everything else and we're doing our whole

And by the way, yes, now I did her on.
I didn't do her that the show Kathy and Hoda.
I think, yeah, where they drink or whatever, you know,
and so yes, but no, it was Kelly from from
the get go, at least when I had started that
whole journey and I was. I was in sheer disbelief.

And what's crazy is is that was right before Christmas
and we all went home for Christmas and I get
a phone call from the producers of the show and
they were like, you record label folded, You're done, and
I'm going so it ended, yeah, because it was only
like a year corrects one song. What's crazy? We were
supposed to go on tour with you guys, no way, Yeah,

because Eden's Crush came on tour with us. Johnny right
was supposed to manage us. It was a whole dude,
our pasts are so like this, but we and that
was right that that was our last tour. That we
didn't know was the last tour. So as we were
going out, y'all were just coming in correct, Yeah, and uh,
and we were so excited. You know, we met with
Johnny Ridy came into our rehearsals and uh, that's a

whole other story. But you know, so now I'm sitting
at home with Christmas and I get the phone call
and you know, I'm again, I'm actually staying up the
girl that started its whole journey and uh, and I go, well,
I don't know what to do. I guess I'm gonna
go back to baseball. Maybe that maybe it wasn't meant

to be, Like did that even happen? You know? And
so uh. I called the coach at at the University
of Texas and I was like, hey, you might have
me now, and he was like, give it a second,
you know, but you're good. You can come, you know,
and come back whenever. And I don't want to singing
sissy on myn take your dance, move, take your back.

I'm like, I'm gonna do the Harlem shake it shortstop.
So two days later, I get a call from the
producers again. They said, hey, you know, these people want
to meet you out here in LA. It's like, oh okay, now,
like we're gonna fly you out. We're sorry what happened.
And I was like all right, cool. So I flew
out and met with agents. I didn't know what an

agent was. I had no idea. So I met with
William Moore all Bloods by the way, I met with
the William Morrison innovative artist. Right. So these two companies
and one of them scared of shit out of me.
The other one is super, super super nice. So I
love the super nice people because I still didn't know
what I was doing here, and they were like, we

want you to just try to be an actor. And
I'm like, well, okay, you know what I mean, like
I'll try. And at this point have you ever acted before?
Of course? Yeah, so like you never did theater or
that kind of stuff, nothing at all, No, and you
had the it factor. Well what's crazy is is that
was him? That was like beginning of March two thousand two.

Within three weeks to the day, I get a call
from her and she goes, so I got good news
and bad news, and I was like, okay. She was like,
so you booked the lead of a show, you booked
the lead of a movie, and you booked a print
out for Sketchers And I go, wait what She was like,
you can do Sketchers, but you can't do the movie

and the TV show. You needed to do TV show
because it's a pilot, and the movies just you know,
it's shooting in Rome. But the show, if it goes,
we need She was like, you're doing okay. I was like,
whatever you say. I couldn't believe it. Right, all of
a sudden, I came from literally nothing to like making
a decent amount of money in one day, and I'm going,
why the hell doesn't everybody do this? Like, is this

for real? Now? It's not that easy. I was very
very lucky, very blessed, and that started a twenty one
year acting career that is still going on today. It's
so awf all from hopping in line, getting hit by
a street cleaner, sleeping in San Francisco and just taking

a chance to maybe try to get on TV and
hearing him twenty years later, twenty one years later living
in La and uh talk on. I mean, it's so crazy.
And you hear like fun stories like this all the time,
but they are very rare, very rare. Does anything like
that happen? So, man, that is that is so interesting?
I U when when y'all ended the group did, were

y'all still friends? Was there any friction in the group?
Would that of endo? The how was that matter? What?
How was the dynamic within this because it's hard to
put a group together, you know, And y'all did live
with each other, so that's good, and I think that's
a good test to see if you actually can stand
each other. But man, I mean, it is a crapshoot
if you know, all the group members are going to
get along, Yeah, and you know it's it's not like

if I'm familiar in your group. I feel like some
of you guys knew each other and some of you didn't. Yeah,
two of the guys want to make a mouse club.
Two of the guys worked at Universal Studio, and two
of those guys so everyone knew each other except me.
I knew Justin through a vocal coach, but we had
never met before. So yeah, I was the only one
that hadn't met any of them, but they had all
met each other before. Wow, Okay, I love that. I

didn't exactly know the dynamic to that, but I felt
like I kind of knew that there was what you
just did. And then Christopher Patrick was like, I'm going
to put a band together because he didn't he didn't
audition for Backsty Boys, and he was like, because Howe
was in his chorus class in college and he's like, well,
how does Howie get in this group? And I didn't
even know about the audition, Like this is bullshit, and

uh so he fell in louperlem and he's like, well,
if I put a band together, can what you support us?
And I was like sure. That's when he found Justin
and DC and then Joey and then me and yeah,
he put wow, man, that's crazy. So our dynamic was
slightly different considering that we were just all kids that
happened in the line and maybe trying to potentially just

get on TV. Now five of us landing in the
house together, we didn't None of us had previous relationships,
so it's not like we knew each other. So yeah,
it was a little weird, right, like, you know, like
we're separated from our families, we can't necessarily even talk
to anyone, but now we have to be best friends,
correct And you know, and there's cameras waking us up
in the morning because it was a TV show at
the same time. Well, and that's what I not talked

to the old talent guys about this. This is the
beginning of you know, it was making the band pop stars.
This is before American Idol. No one really had a
reference of television with music, correct, most at that point.
Everyone was just all about, this is how you get
a record deal, this is what you have to do,
but no one put the television element behind it all.
Which is so different. So how did you deal with,

especially someone that had no aspirations of going into acting
at all? Correct, how did you deal with that part
of it? I mean think about it, like even on
American Idol, right, cameras don't follow them home and wake
them up, right, yeah, they just are there on the
stage when we're singing, and that's all that Big Brother type.
It was like real world big Brother. But big Brother
is a great, great example. But we're also like, you know,

not competing. We're already we already all won. But we're
also like, okay, now we're kind of married in this
pop group relationship, and how do we do this because
it's not like, oh, I've been in a pop group
before this. No, we were all you know, babies, you know.
And so yeah, I mean I'm saying like boom boom,

boom boom, and I'm in bed and like there's a
camera waking me up. Hey, the producer buying hammer, going, Josh,
just tell us what we're doing today, and I'm like,
what are we doing? I have no idea what we're doing.
What we doing? You know what I mean? Yes? And
I'm going, oh, okay, okay, please hold on I just
I haven't had a little experience of that because when

I did Dance with the Stars like fifty years ago, okay,
was the first time that I had ever done anything reality. Right, Sure,
them showing up at five in the morning at your
house when you're so tired. Oh did they come to
your house? Oh? Yeah, I mean they're just you know,
and they want you so tired? Now you say something, sure,
And so it got to the point, I'm like, to
see you in reality. Yeah, what's the drama. I'm like,

I don't have drama. I like, I don't live in drama.
But I got to the point I'm like, guys, what
do you want me to say? I will say whatever
you want me to say. Just get done with this, Like,
what drama do you want? I'll say it? What? What? What?
What do you want me to hate my partner? Right,
let's just do it right now. But I'm like, but yeah,
you're just so produced. I got really good, very quickly

at playing to the camera without actually knowing the camera
was there. I learned that very quickly, which I think,
for whatever reason, maybe helped in me becoming an actor.
But but I'll never forget as soon as I saw
the cameras, I'm going, okay there, all right, Hey guys,
so we gotta really talk about like I don't know,

what's our group name? Gonna be like what are you guys? Like,
we hadn't even thought about this, Yeah, but we definitely
didn't decide the group name two weeks ago. But yeah,
it was gonna be going. I'm like, I got it relaxed,
I don't need you. But you know, I got pretty
good at that pretty quickly, to where that they realized
the guy that could actually kind of move the story

along without looking like it was me. And I just
got good at playing to the camera. And I don't
know why, but then clearly, you know, I ended up
being in front of the camera for for half of
my life now. But but you know it's so, you know,
here we are and and we didn't all get along, right, So, uh,
there's a there's a kid named Donovan, and I swear

this guy was like Michael Jackson reincarnated. He's incredible and
we all knew in the in the audition process we
all got to the final twenty five, Donovan was like
picking up the choreography, one take the whole damn song
and we're going, wait, there's one guy. Yeah, we're like,
what is the magician? H He was incredible and he

was a gorgeous singer, incredible dance. He was a bat
so we all knew he was gonna win, right, and
he did, and he was kind of the lead. I
didn't care. I was like, yo, I'm still learning how
to do all this. You're in the group, who cares?
But quickly I became the focal point of the group
pretty quickly, and so then all the things all of
a sudden, they're like giving me his parts and stuff,

and then that created animosity. Oh yeah, and then the
girls are like, well, we're here too. But at that time,
and in general, boy bands are usually girls like to,
you know, freak out, and they might not care about
the girls, but they like maybe those boys and that.
So yes, stuff got a little weird pretty quickly. But

I was always just the guy going guess, I don't care.
You got to give them the parts, you know whatever.
But things evolved the way they do and getting away,
how'd y'all come up with the name Scenes twenty three? Okay,
it's a good story. We were, you know, they brought
a camera and we're all sitting on the couch in
the living room and they're like, okay, guys, listen, we
just need you guys, like how to chat about you

know what maybe maybe what your names are, what your ideas.
So we all we all have like a you know,
like a spiral and in a pin and and we
were coming up with the craziest name. Now you have
to clear a name, right, it has to clear, which
we didn't know what that meant. So I will you
know what, I'm raising my hand like that thing on OK.

I was like, wait, guys, I don't know. We're all
from different scenes and backgrounds. There's two boys, three girls.
Why don't we just say scene twenty three? I don't know,
I don't know. And they they they everyone agreed and
it cleared, and so that's how the name came up
with the name I did. Yeah, what were the alternative names?
I love, like what bands could have been? I love

knowing that, like, uh, have it get out of our way,
we're going to stop. It was like the most you know,
like the most cliche, like you know, yeah, like like
totally can't even I know. We came up like two
hundred that did not clear and I'm like, wait, what
is there a flower shop in Gardenia that is called

like you know, like we rock? What's going on? Then? Anyways,
Seen twenty three Cleared and that was a part of
one of the episodes and and uh yeah, so it
ended and I was like, okay, so I don't you know,
I guess I'm gonna go back to baseball. And like
I told you, I ended up getting an agent and
then book jobs and then everything just happened very quickly

in my life. Now was that show Desperate Housewives? Like
when did you jump into Desperate Housewives? So I so
my my first role that I booked, which would have
been March of two thousand and two, it was a pilot.
It didn't go and really quick. Stupid side story. The
agents that I met went there like, well, we want

you to be here for pilot season, and I swear
on my life, I go, well, I know nothing about
flying planes, but if that's what you guys want me
to do, I mean here, and they all lost their mine,
you faked everything else. I was like, why not that cockpit,
let's do that. It was three women in the room

and they all lost their minds and I was like this,
I was like, Okay, what the fuck are they laughing at? What?
They're like, no pilots? Are there a television show before
it goes TV? And I go, which, there isn't even
a pilot season anymore. I know there's not, And I go, well,
why is it called a pilot? I don't get it,
and they're like, don't worry about it. So anyways, so
the first show was called Prep for the WB, which

probably helped that. I was on the WB pop star,
so I kind of had an issue. So I was
already kind of a face on the network. So that happened,
and then I booked a show called One on One,
which was a sitcom on UPN, which is a CW
and I did it for two seasons. That's the only
way I survived in this town. I think I was,
you know, I was making bare minimum, but it was

enough for me to survive and pay my rent. And
but I was also getting a pilot every year, right,
So then there was a thing back in the day
not anymore called a quote. So if you did the
last pilot, no, that literally you know what's crazy about
this industry? Now, there's a reason why we're on stark uh,
now they go, we don't care what your quote is.
This is what we're off, exactly. And everyone works, especially

in my generation. You work so hard to get your
quote up their whole entire career, and then all of
a sudden that's just ripped away. It's it's insane. It's
ridiculous what people get paid in this industry. And I
know a lot of people like that are not in
the business, like oh, millionaire problems nine. It's just like
any other business in the world. They make nothing. The
one percent will make it. The rest are just getting pennies.

In literal, you're exactly right because I built up a
quote for twenty years and the last test I did.
You know, and most people probably won't understand this, but
a quote is a quote. Whatever. They're like, well, we
can't ask you what you're quote is, but this is
what we're off. Favorite nations, favorite favorite nations. What so anyways,
So yes, so pilot every year, and then my first

pilot to get picked up was actually only two years
after that, so oh four, and it was it was
a show called over There, And I don't know if
y'all have heard of that, but it's the most critically
acclaimed war series of all time, even more than Banded Brothers.
And I was a lead over there Stephen Botco who
has now passed, but bless his heart, he is crazy, right, So,

oh my god, this is I'm giving you guys all
the nuggets. Me and Channing Tatum, we're sitting next to
each other. Cut to two years later, we're in Step
Up together, but and we're auditioning for the show called
over There. We're in the Steven Bochco building in the
Fox lot, And you know, I didn't know who Stephen
Botchco was. He's the biggest producer of all time when
it comes to television. And I do my read, first read.

Chris Jeroma was a writer. He wrote mister CP burning
Oscar winning writer, so we knew that the pedigree of
the show. So it was pretty nervous. And I did
my read and this old, older gentleman comes down and
and he goes, Josh, I'm going to talk to me
real and I was like, yes, sir, and he goes,
do you want to do this show? Then I go, ye, yes,

yes I do, and he was like okay there. I
go okay, and he goes, it's yours. M hmm. I
was like, what do you mean and he goes, the
show's yours. I'm Stephen Botka, how are you doing? I
go wait, so it's He goes, yeah, I don't even

call your age and I'll call him. It's yours, and
I go wait, So one audition I have to test
what enough? And and the crazy thing about this entire story,
so that that was the catalyst for my acting career.
That that show, and I knew how hardcore the show
is going to be. You got by the way you
guys should want. It's really hardcore and it's your tissues ready.

It's hardcore. And it was very real because it was
it was the first show war show ever that had
that had happened while an act to a war that
we were doing a show about. It was going right.
Man of Brothers was about I think World War two.
You know things have been done about beating up whatever,
but this world was still going on. And my agent
caused me, goes, holy shit, call me you got the show?

And you know what I said, I can't do it.
I can't do it. She goes, what No, It's like,
I can't do this. It's too much. It's too much.
I've got family that have died in the military. I
can't do this. This is too real. I can't do it.
I'm I don't. I don't. I don't think I can
live up to this. I'm I can't do it. She goes,

shut the fuck up, you're doing the show, and I go,
I don't think I can do this now, I'm serious,
And I was like, this is terrifying. Up to that point,
I just played the boyfriends and the kids in the
family like the son. You know, I knew what I
read the script and I knew what was going to happen,
not only to my character. But so she goes, I'm

not letting you see to this, and I go, well,
you know what. To be honest, it's not your choice.
I'm terrified. I do not want to not do this
role justice because I'm scared, and she goes, I'm gonna
have Steven and Chris call you tonight. I'm not saying
no yet, I'm gonna go Okay, So christ Ralmo and
Stephen Bosco both on the phone, and I just expressed

my concerns. I said, look, I am so flattered and
feel so blessed that you guys want me to do this,
but I have to be honest, I'm really scared to
represent the tens of thousands of women's the tens of
thousands of men and women that are overseas doing this
and dying for a country now, because it's real and
this kind of really intimidates me. And they understood, and

they said, that's exactly why we want you to do
this role, because we need you to be exactly who
you are. And they convinced me to do it, and
I did it, and I got nominated for an Emmy
for the for the show, and it was really hardcore.
And when I dive into something my emotions, you know, look,

maybe you don't know this. I've never met my father.
I got a lot of dark stuff in my mast
and I grew up in a community where there were
bars on my windows and I was raising my siblings
and I was terrified every day of my life. So
I have a lot of dark stuff to pull from
and I pulled it all for that show. And I
am so emotionally crazy in that show, and you know what,

That's what then allowed me to go, oh wait, you
can do this acting thing. You can do it. You
can do it, And that led to same casting people too.
Desperate Housewives after that's crazy, It's it's as an actor
having those struggles, you know, growing up definitely adds to
everything that you bring to the screen. And a lot

of the times people are like, you know, can look
back and think, God, I hate that I went through that,
or wow, my life you know, sucked in, But you
have to look at the silver linings come out of
that too, and yeah, what you had to go through
as a kid was shit, you know, and you know
it probably probably like shit, my life is shit, But
what it led to and all that withinside you, that's

what Botico and those people saw that vulnerability. They saw
it when I didn't. And you're exactly right. I mean,
I mean, I'm telling you right now when I look
at the big picture and the picture's not done right,
But to this point, I know for a fact that
I went through hell and terrible, terrible things, you know,
terrible things that they're just we're not even going there.

But it put everything in me, not only the ability
to bury it and never try to touch or access
it until all of a sudden I land in the
arts and now I'm in roles. It's where I need
to go ahead and potentially bring that ship up. And
literally I'm an intense I really am. And and you know,

I'm not that dude like carries with me through the
whole production. As soon as they say cut and I
go home, I'm happy, go lucky. When they say action,
I'm a crazy moment. Yeah, I mean, that's a lot
of my friends that are actors and you know, maybe
going through something really hard, you know, like a death
of a family members like that, and you know, and
once I get real distraught, you know, always make them

see them like, you know what you're feeling out, like
feeling like you're supposed to feel this, It's totally normal.
But know that you're going to be able to use
this emotion in your work in the future. So just
know that, like what you're going through right now is
only going to make you such a better, bigger person.
And and a lot of them come like, yeah, you

were right, Like in the moment, they're not thinking that way,
but like a few years later, like, yes, I was
so glad that I was able to remember that emotion
and like it, feel that emotion and not try to
hide it correct Yeah, and also not try to fabricate it.
And and you know, I've got so many, so many
friends and acquaintances that that have spent so much money
and all these things on acting classes, and I don't
necessarily I don't. I don't say that those are wrong.

I've never taken an acting class in my life. Now
that's just my that's just my pad. It works for
some people sometimes it kind of runs it correct. Well, no,
I mean, look in my own thought, right, if you
have to be taught how to act, not good luck,
because that's a that's not a positive thing to tell someone.
But but I understand. But for me, I just I

just have a switch and as soon as I need
to turn it on, no matter what the role is.
I mean, I just I just go there and I
know how to do it. Now. I had like audited
a few classes and stuff in between seasons just to
like try to go and mingle with my peers and whatever.
And I'm sitting there going, oh my gosh, the's people
are paying money for this stuff, Like what are they doing?

Like I mean, like what like I'm sitting going I
don't understand. And then you know, my homies will hang
out and I'll be like Listen, dude, like everything that
we just did in this read, throw that away because
you look like a robot. Might just be yourself on me.
Apply yourself to the role, and all you need to
be is natural. Unbelievable that that's true. And a lot

of people think they have to play another character when
all you have to do is bring in your ownself,
and that's what they want to see, and it's the
easiest thing. Yeah, who could you be? Who could you be?
Better than yourself? Hey, So apply yourself to the character,
whatever that character is, find that marriage, and then just
do it without thinking. If you got to think too much,

you already lost the Yeah, yeah, that's good advice right there.
Let's talk about Desperate Housewives. Austin McCann, the Rebellious Nephew,

the bad Boy. What was your experience on that show,
because that, I mean, that was the biggest show in
the world at the time, and I'll never forget. I
went in to read for Mark Cherry, and the two
casting people that put me in over there, the show
we just talked about, were there and I knew that
I kind of had an in and I had a

great read, and I was making them a laugh. And
doing like all this improv stuff. And sure enough, before
I got home, they called and said, hey, You're on
the show. And I was like, this was so this
would have been season two, right and then season three.
So I got and it was already a massive hit,
and I go, okay, and I'm by the way. I
live right across the street on a street called Bluff Side,

and so Universal's right there. And my agent calls. I'm like, okay,
so okay, So I okay, So I'm on the show.
So I'm okay at Universal we're doing this. She was like, yeah,
you're doing this, and I go. So day one, I
didn't have to drive. I would I would take my longboard,
my skateboard, and I would just skate over that little

bridge that goes over the one on one and right
into the gate. And I became good friends with the
guy that did the little arm thing with the cars
and everything. Is that why Mark lives right there? Did
he moved to that neighborhood? Have you been to his house?
We live to drive one? Maybe that's what it was.
We were used to be one always, Yeah, we were.

There was the brother's house. That's was it before Dream
neighborhood by the way, and by the way, you guys,
because that's my dream neighbors. The best Halloween ever is
that psycho Mark Cherry Christmas. Oh yeah, well Mark Cherry
does every year it's a different Halloween and he uses like,
you know, Golden Girls are all these shows he sure
he did, you know, Desperate Housewise and he does this

like skeleton thing in the front yard. That neighborhood goes
over the top. We still like, I took my kids
last year and they're not even enough to trigger treat.
Had to take them there just so they could see
the crazy. You can actually move into that neighborhood unless
you're a festive motherfucker. You have to. You have to
get full candy bars. That's hilarious. Comes with you taking

your skateboard in the Universal. Yeah, so you know, I
became buddies with the guy again. I'd wave and go hey, Josh,
and I just skateboard right past and they picked me
up in a van and take me up to Hysteria.
What was great about that show was a it was exciting.
It was a lot of energy and and and you
know hype around the show, which is always fun. You

want to feel like at least what you're doing is
being seen and appreciated and loved. So we're up. We're
up at Hysteria, which is above like Jaws and all
those other little rides, you know, at Universal and still
five times yeah, it is, yeah, five times a day,
Like you know, the tourists will come in and we'd
have to stop and they'd all scream. We'd wave, So

it added this like energy element, like I'm sitting here
my you know my, because I'm somewhat narcoleptic, and that's
a whole another story, and I'm seeing to fall asleep
in my chair and then all of a sudden and
you're like, oh wait, there's people and energy and people
like us. Let's go to work. But I would also
always I was known as a guy like I would
steal the golf car, Like I would see a golf
court and I'd steal it, and I drive all the

way down. And if I knew that we had like
two or three scenes in between my next oh, I
had a little pass on my picture on a little baby,
and I would literally just cruise down. There was a
back gate and I'd go on a ride rode like
on my lunch break. I mean, I'm getting paid for this,
you know what I mean? Like it was incredible, right,
And also when I when I get it whenever, I

you know, like when you're the lead of a show,
you it is it's hardcore. Yeah, okay, Like and I've
done that many a time. When you're the leading show,
you ain't got no breaks. Now, if you're just a
kid on a show called Desperate Housewives, and you're not
a Desperate housewive, you got some time off, hurry up
and wait. Yeah, And so I mean to the point
where a lot of times I'd fall asleep in my
trailer and wake up and it'd be nighttime and I'd go, oh,

open my door, go hello, everyone's gone. They would forget
about meaning like I'm so low on the total bowl
no one would even tell me. Didn't even look for you.
At least had my skateboard. So I get home. So yeah, no, literally,
and it was great because you know, like it was

time off, but it was also I was you know,
I was I was having fun and I was universal
and and you know, my life changed over night. That
was probably that was six or seven away. So that's
back when the club scene was still fun. It's so
funny because you say, like, oh six, you know, wait,
my timeline is so messed up with that error because
it all just starts to blend. I could have sworn

Desperate Housewives his on two thousand and three, like I like,
I just feel like that was the time it was on.
But it was started. It started in uh oh four
oh five, Yeah, yeah, I was seasons two and three,
so six, seven into eight. Then the Riders strike happened,
or I would have been in the show for the
entire rug. Really strikes get you started, and I'm sure

it's affecting you right now too. Yes, so I'll never
forget Mark. Mark Cherry called me and he was like, hey,
Josh so wants to strike back. You're gonna be back
on the show. And I was like, hey, yeah, it's awesome.
And uh, anyways, my writers didn't come back, so I
didn't come back and that's okay. Everything has a reason
and that was all right, and they went on to

do I think nine seasons or whatever, and uh, but
I had I had a fun little run and my
life change overnight. I mean when that show hit and
my character came out, I mean, in this town and
then the rest of the world. All of a sudden,
the floodgates open to the rest of the world. I'm talking,
I don't care if it's South France or South America

or Australia or wherever you're invited everywhere, And I was
just going, you know, it's kind of almost like that
pop Stars moving again where I'm gone, is this were
you like, what are we doing? Right? And great? Run
a ton of fun. Whisterio is great. It's a little
weird because I was the guy hooking up with all
the young girls on the show. So I was twenty three,
twenty four, they were fifteen, little weird illegal, Yeah, yeah,

it was. It was I'll never forget. I'm like four girls.
But but you know, I'm I'm I understood the situation.
So you know, they were terrified because they had never
kissed a boy before. And you know that here here comes,
you know, the twenty three, twenty four year old, and
I'm like, hey, if just give me a sign if
you're uncomfortable, it's okay, all right, this is our time.

But I'll never forget. I was like, oh my god,
this girl's never kissed a boy before, and on screen
like that's a lot of pressure for them, and it
was all of them. Yeah, all of them. My character
got with every one of them. Yeah, but a ton
of fun. And then uh, you know, yeah, the radstrike happened,
and I think my next show after that was not

two right, I was gonna say, Nino two one Oho
to the arrangement. Yeah, I mean, you've had such well
Dallas was Yeah, how was that? I mean, did you
ever watch Dallas before? And he reruns before You've got
the show, So this whole thing you talk about something
that's just coming from somewhere else, you know what I mean. Like,
my entire story is very strange and it sounds like

it's made up, But when the Dallas thing came back,
I'll never forget. I went in and auditioned for the writer,
Cynthia C. Dre and our executive producer, director Mike Robbin,
and I went in and I I read and before
I get to my car outside of the building, which

was right over by Warner Brothers at the time, my
agent called and goes, yo, you're testing for the show.
And I go seriously, She's like, yeah, you're testing tomorrow,
and I go, I gotta sorry. I gotta call my mom.
So my mother and my memoll me Moss Texas for grandmother.
They were obsessed with the show. The original one started

in nineteen seventy eight, which was four years before I was,
before I was born, and uh, they they were obsessed
with the show. My memm was obsessed with show. She
died when I was twelve, so she never got to
see any of this, right, And I called my mom.
I go, Mom, and I didn't even tell her I
was auditioning for this. I was like, Mom, I'm I'm

testing you remember Dallas. She's like the show yeah, And
I was like, I'm testing for it tomorrow, mom, to
play Jarry eting Son. And she just went silent, and
I was like hello. She was like, are you kidding me?
They're bringing that show back. And I go, yeah, I'm
testing for it tomorrow. Mom. I'm not saying I'm gonna

get it, but and keep in mind, I was born
in Dallas, right Like, I'm like, you know that's where
I'm from. And I go, look, don't get your hopes up.
But I just wanted you to know I'm kind of
freaking out right now, and I'll let you know what happens.
The next day, I go in it sky named Peterburgh
was a president of Warner Brothers. What he says goes
and right when I went in for the first test,

there's like eight dudes wearing cowboy hats. I'm wearing a
T shirt and jeans. If you tried too hard, you're
trying too hard, you know. And I just walked in
and Peterburg, the president goes, oh wait, Josh, I Telliford,
wonder where you're from. Uh, well, I was born in Dallas.
And he was like, anyways, okay, I'm sorry, just do it.

And and so I did. And that was the That
was the studio test of Warner Brothers and the networks
test was would have been a turner. The next day
and like the like the fish from Finding Nemo, he
did the same thing like he hadn't done at the
day before. I was like, did you And I'm like, hey, Peter,

good to see I might when you know I played
along from Dallas. By the way, I loved that man
because he's single handed. Was like, no, I don't care
what you guys say. That's the guy. And I got
it and I called my mom and I was bawling, crying,
because I couldn't believe that this was real. There's been
so many moments moment to my life form like this
can't be real? Is this real? Now? I'm going home

that's where I was born, to shoot the show, to
put the city that I was born in on the map.
What what's crazy? Because we always say ninety nine percent
of this business is being told no. I feel like
you kind of beat that because I feel like you
haven't been told no ninety nine percent of the things

you've going out for. I feel like you've gotten most
of the stuff you're going out for. True. Yeah, No,
it's yeah. I mean that's that's a great that's a
great point. But but but I have had a ton
of notes. I mean, my my demise has been Chris
Evans testing gets in for Johnny play and that's against

for Captain America. And I mean he is in even
my first pilot, the Detestamore was a show called Eastwick.
When I've been here for two weeks, and and yeah,
by the way, Chris and I we know each we
play volleyball together. He's awesome, and you know what it
Congrats to him what a career. I mean, yeah, if
you can be Captain America. I mean, I remember before

he got kind of America, like we do only when
we were together. Yeah. No, well he came over and
I remember him and Chris Pratt told me the same
thing right before he got his like Jurassic par whatever
it was. They both remember these conversations so vividly because
they were both complaining like, yeah, we've had great work
and I have a hit show, like, but we cannot

get a job, like I just like no one is
paying attention, Like we cannot get the job we were
at all and they were so close and like maybe
I should just quit, you know, maybe I don't know,
it's just not for me. And then all of a
sudden the next month, I'm like, well it's thing. It
didn't quit. And that's crazy, correct, That's a crazy part
of this business is is it kind of what you

just touched on. I have had a ton of nose
And when I go in and I'm like, got it,
I don't get it. You know, you never know. And
the the hard part about this business is is that
everything is out of your hands completely. I don't care
if you're going and have the best day of your
life or the worst day your life. You could have
the worst day in the room and you could get it.

You get the best day in the room, and you
can not get it. That hand full of people in
power that choose everything correct, and you know what, you
can't even call it, and there's no way to call it.
And that day when I was testing for Dallas, Peter Peterberg,
my guy was my guy, and he was like, he's
my guy. And that show also changed my life because

I go back to shoot the show, I meet Larry Hagman,
who's now since passed on, but he shook my hand
and he goes ready for this ride and I go yeah,
and he goes, well, you're about to be a son
of a bitch. You better be good at it. And
I go, I'll be all right. And then all of
a sudden from the original fans, I'm hearing that I was,

that I'm worse than good, which was great. Lady Evil, Yeah,
who did I played in? Not Evil? He was always
doing things for the better of Loud himself. But no,
but I had so much fun, man, you know. And
now I'm sitting here on Southwark Ranch, which is a
you know, a staple not only in television history, but

in Texas it's essentially a museum at this point. And
I'm sitting here and I would always have them put
my chair outside of the outside of my trailer so
I could just look over the fields as beautiful, vast
fields and planes of Parker, Texas, which is where Southwark branches. Yeah,
we saw on the Housewives of Dallas stay there, did

they Really? It's weird because that house is about as
big as your kids. Oh, I know, and they you know,
there's velvet ropes, so you can't do but of course
the housewives like cross those ropes and started doing things
they were supposed to do. Yeah, that whole rooms just disrespectful, disrespectful.
I shot my first country music video at south Fork
and you know what, you know, you know who can't

do that? Everyone? Yeah, you know you can. The lead
of the show, they were like, you can do whatever
you want here. So we shot my my video for
a Lot of Love there at south Fork and uh,
it's a special place. And that show was so so
near and dear to me. And then we lost Larry
season two, and then it became the reins were handed

to me, and you know, I it was tough. We
lost him in the middle of shots. I'll never forget
Linda Gray, who played my mother, and her character's name
is Sue Ellen. She called me and Thanksgiving weekend, I
was at the Grove and I was in the line
at start at Coffee Beat, and I look at my
phone and I'm next to my girlfriend and I go,

Lynda's calling me. That's weird. My first thought was, I
hope Larry's okay. So then when I got out and
I'm in the middle of all this chaos that is
the Grove, you know, I called her back and she
was like, oh honey. I'm like, what's up there there?
He's he's gone. He passed. And I go, what And

now I've got people asking for pictures and coming up,
and I'm literally on the phone just hearing about, you know,
one of my good friends that it's you know, I
call them pops that died. I'm going, uh okay, look, okay, hi,
and please one one second, please, uh okay, all right,
thanks for calling. I gotta go now I'm taking pictures
of people. But I just it was a very odd moment.

And then you know, we all flew back to Dallas
when we were shooting episode eight of season two, and
because when you do a show like that, you do
become family. I mean it is you know more about
them than anyone else. So yeah, I mean when someone
passes like that, I mean it hurts, just like a
family member. Yeah, and it was so abrupt because I

mean I didn't he didn't tell anybody. I guess he
knew it was coming, but yeah, I mean everyone it
you see each other every morning in the makeup trailer
and you're like, warn the pops, how are you? You
know whatever? And his airstream was still there, you know.
So the next day when I when I had to
fly back, I'm just going, oh I do. So of

course I gave a speech to our cast and crew
because I loved a knowing everyone's first name, be shaking
everyone's hand every morning and saying, hey, get let's have
another great day. We're blessed to do this and we're
all our family. So then, yeah, I had to just
try to wrap my head around. And then that day
it was shooting a scene they had already the writers

had to rewrite, right because he and I were going
out a season. So now he's gone, so the writers
had to rewrite on the spot that day, I'm giving
a speech about how much I loved him and how
we're going to keep this train moving and for him,
and you know, and then I had to shoot a
scene where I'm pretending he's talking to me, Hey, John
Ros I'm in Mexico and I'm doing it gunshots and

I go damn and I scream. I had to do
that that day. So it was it was an intense moment.
And but anyways, what a blessing. And you know, I
was I was blessed to know him, blessed to be
able to experience that. And we ended doing a whole
nother third season, but it was a great experience. Yeah, well,

you've had a blessed career for sure. I mean, you've
worked your ass off to get here. But I mean
it's been so fun watching all the things that you do. Uh,
there is a sack strike happening right now, so I'm
assuming that you have a little time off. But is
there anything that you're working on right now that you
can tell us? And I know that you still love music,
are you gonna be releasing some new music anytime soon?

I am. So I've been recording, So I've been I've
been I started writing in Nashville, I guess in twenty fifteen,
and I was so fortunate because at the time I
was on Dallas, so I had access to the biggest
sunwriters in the world. And so I'm sitting on some

songs that are that are just I mean, written by
some of the best, Dallas Davidson being one of them.
I don't know if you know Dallas, but I mean
he really funny story. I love you, Dallas. I get
a message on one night, like three am, and hey,
John roll Man, Hey, Uncle Matty, John wrong Man, Hey

on the mat, Hey, I heard you do country music. Man,
hit me up. This is Dallas Davis Man, hit me up.
Man leaves, Let's do something right. And I'm going I
was talking to what's that cartoon? I look up. I'm like, holy,

he's the biggest songwriter in country music history, you know?
Or right there? Yeah. So I call him back and
I'm like, hey, it's Josh. I don't know if I
should say gen Ross or Josh. And he goes, get
your ass out to Nashville, and so I did. So
we started writing together. And that's a blessing because what's
funny is is when my when my manager called his team.

They're like, yeah, he can write, and maybe like a
year and a half or something. Who is calling and
they're like no, Dallas called him personally and they're like what.
So then I text him and they're like, okay, he
can he come into Tuesday. So he and I just
you know, he started hanging out and writing and he's
a great dude. Man. It's such a talented songwriter. And
so yeah, I'm sitting on some pretty awesome music and

I'm so fortunate for that. And there's other songwriters that
I've would have been fortunate and fortunate and blessed to
write with as well. Uh. And so yes, the long
story short, I'm supposed to do a little tour in Texas,
uh and kind of go and see my folk and
do some do some shows there, and then the goal
is to you know, I was talking to labels, but

I don't think I need to. Labels are just pr
firms now these days. When you have a platform like
you do, just release it, like, just do the music
you want to do. Correct, The fans are gonna love
it no matter what. Correct. I agree, and you know,
as you as you know, a lot of times they
just want to kind of tell you what you're supposed
to do and tell you what the song isn't it.

It's either that or bring me a full album. We
won't even work, We won't develop this at all. Just
bring me a full, ready to go album, will release
it like just no artist development anymore. Correct. So but yeah, no,
So I'm I'm actually gonna shoot you some songs. I'm
I was gonna say, I need to hear these offline
because yeah, and yeah, I got some things to talk

to you about. All right before I let you go,
we got some fan questions here. Would you This is
from Lizzie Beth fifteen eighty Babe, Lizzie Beth, would you
be interested if they did the Desperate Housewives movie or reboot?
To be interested? Yeah? Yes, of course, let the spin off.
The spin off is just your character. I just love. Yeah,

just man, Who is your dream celebrity you would go
to work with? From Princess D nineteen eighty two. Oh
my goodness, there's two of them. Wait, never mind my mind. Okay,
So I mean I think, okay, So if we're talking women,
it would be either Elizabeth Olsen or Alessandra Jadario. I

like both of them if it was man and be
Giovanna and Ribisi. You know Robin Williams, but he's no
longer with a man. If I could only met that guy. Uh.
And some of the other day asked me if I
was Brad Pitt's son, and I said, nope, but I

wouldn't mind working with that dude. I will play his son.
I'd like to call him daddy. All right. Next question,
do you have any plans to go on the road?
And before me, it was like we were just talked
about this Melissa JS TAA t is Melissas So when
are you gonna announced those dates any Thompson. Yeah, we're

just trying to uh, especially now giving the strike. I
got a lot of time online hands, so I think
it has a musician's dream right now. Yeah. So I'm
gonna start in Texas. Something We're gonna do like five
to eight different spots around Dallas and Fort Work kind
of in that area. Uh. And then I'm gonna hit
the East Coast because I don't really ever go there,
but but I've got uh, really close friend of mine, Sarah,

who lives in Jersey, and she's kind of like, yo,
you gotta come to the East Coast. I'm setting up
a lot of stuff. So anyways, I'm gonna go Texas
and East Coast and you know, just just try to
work well nothing else is happening. Yeah, would you ever
open up for instinct? And if you forgot the dances

I could probably share he's got you haven't forgotten? Alright?
All right, Well that is all the show I have
for you before. We like to ask every artist before
they leave, give us some recommendations on what we should
be watching on television right now? What films would we
be I'll say this, I mean whatever. Like, I'll be
straight up, I'm obsessed with food shows right now. All

of these chet like I don't know if y'all see. Yeah,
so I used to love Anthony Boordine, but there's a
couple of goofier versions of that now. One of them
is called Somebody Feed Phil. I don't know if you've
seen that. Who's still By the way, he needs to
be ready for this. Who's Phil? He created show called
Everybody Loves Room and it probably made him eight hundred

million dollars maybe. Yeah. So anyways, he's got his own
travel food show and it is just I mean, whether
you're watching or it's in the background, you're trying to
fall asleep. You watch Tucci Show at All, which which
one Stanley Tucci maybe just love. He's another one that
I like a lot, very Anthony Bard. Okay, yeah, he

kind of took over from that. So I've been obsessed
with cooking shows lately. And you know what I just saw.
It hadn't started yet, but the great you know British
Breaking Show, which I love. Oh, they now bring professionals on,
the professional professional version of that, which the Great Britain
Baking Shows. That was yeah, great British Okay, yeah, and

it's just novice chefs and you know bakers. But now
they've brought in teams of professional bakers. I love that looks.
There's also a show I think he's on Netflix or
Hulu or something's called That's Fucking Delicious. I think it's
what it's called. I heard of that one either, I've
seen it. I've seen it. I never really good. Yeah,
it's because they're just straight character So that's a good one.
And I'll just say this real quick, little my my

my obsessions are Survivor and Big Brother Big Start Brothers.
Last night, I know it's my favorite show of all time.
Did you do this celebrity? No, I would never do
it because I was gonna, okay, fine, I was gonna
say we should like talk to them and like actively
don't know each other and do and go in together. Yes, No,
and you was just kind of like you know, and
I would we would both be final two because we

would go in this is and this is how I
would do. I would never do the show. So I'll
get we might have started, but yeah, we would go
in and we would pretend that we're like, I don't
like this guy, right, So you would take half the house.
I would take the other half, and we would just
make sure that we never got voted off. You little mother. Okay,
let me tell you something real quick. Sorry if we
ran out of time. Now, we gotta talk. So I'm
also obsessive survivor. I've seen every every season. Maybe it's

just the last two years. I've watched every single episode.
I binged the Oh, I've seen every season and there's
forty five of them now. And me and Jeff Propes
are actually friends. And I told him so. He had
a talk show at one time and I was supposed
to do it and then I get canceled and and
I go, Jeff, I got a theory on it. He goes, listen,
here's what I want you to do. I want you

to come on the show, act like you're not you.
We're going to put a super fan of you on
the show and see if they so. Anyways, I go,
that's fine, that's fine. Whatever. Now let's just say I
ever did it. I go, here's my theory. I cannot
believe you just said this. I'd go, I would go
with the other person that either a's and alpha male
or popular or whatever it is, and I'd go, let's
stage a fight so no one thinks that we like

each other. You just said, very strange. And then you
take them and I'll take them, and we make sure
that if they're not going to talk about you and
they're not going to talk about me, and we finagle
the whole situation, and we put stuff on other people
until we get to them. And that's why we just
talked about my theory. But with mine, I would also

add a third person, so we split the house in thirds,
just so you really get what everyone's okay. But no,
I don't think i'd ever do a big brother just
because of the twenty four seven Live Element. I know,
because especially these days, I'm going to say something stupid.
I'm gonna say something ignorant that I like having my
vocabulary that I don't know it is supposed to be
out of my vocabulary. At this point, I don't think
you say anything too bad. Well I don't think so.

But what is that the people become numb to the
fact that they're watched, so they kind of forget, forget, right,
But you know it's right here at CBS RAT Trust me.
I've been in the walls and I mean since season one.
I'm obsessed. Let's all right, Yeah, I mean it could
be fun. I mean it would be it would be fun.

I mean it's my it's my favorite show of all times.
Oh my god. It's the best experiment social experiment ever
on television. And this year it's really good because it's
the twenty fifth anniversary, so they're really mixing up the game,
which they need to mix up the game. Have you
gone back and watched other countries Big Brothers? So I've
never seen another country's Big brother but I've seen like

all of the ones from here like three times each.
So my favorite characters. His name is Enzo Yeah okay,
which he got a shout out in the with Frankie
Grande and everyone because the time Machine was made by
mammuel It's production. So my at the time Dallas season
three was premiering him, I was with a girl in
New York, so we did this big premiere in New York,

and she knew that I loved in Zo, and all
of a sudden, I see this full walk into my
premiere party and I go, I go. She goes, I
know what, and he goes, yo, you will superstar me
me out. So now we're buddies. Anyways, I love I mean,

we've gotten to know I used to I still kind
of do. I throw the kind of official welcome back
to reality party for everyone when they come out of
CBS Rape they do their press, and then they always
would come meet me and Shannon Elizabeth would always throw
it and we would welcome them, you know, like congratulations,
I mean, and we would become close with so many

of these people, and we still do it. I mean,
the cookout was even though you do and watch them
and I'm the type of person that goes to sleep
with the live feed on of them. Just talking. So
I just go to sleep with them talking to me,
and so you really do feel like you know these people.
I mean, in one year when we were first dating,
when you were living into Luca Lake, we did our

own Big Brother weekend at our house. So we had
a company come so it was like three days, like
an accelerated version, and we had Please and we had
Dan Giesling fly in to play with us and staying
in our house for the whole weekend. We had Janelle,
we had ever behind Doctor Will. Yeah, I actually like
it more than Doctor Will. I think he had a

harder game to play. I do too, because Doctoray when
one knew exactly was and also Mike Boogie was decent
but a little slick. Yeah, but yeah those are Yeah,
we could talk about this. Yeah, it was. It felt
like because it was a three day event. It was
so that we all spent the night and I you
know Dan, and I was like, well, I have to
have Dan on my side. So we had this little,

you know whatever final two. But then I totally stabbed
in the back, did you? And I was like I
want to see it coming. No, because Dan has never
been voted out of a Big Brother House. Ever, No,
he's dance. Yeah, so I wanted to go down as
the one person that got him out of even if
it's a make believe Big Brother house, I got him out.
Did you do it? I did? And he was yeah,

it was some upset. He's like, what, I'm like, I
had to do it. That's great, that's a life moment.
It was great. Who wanted Sarah Packs? Sarah Packson won it?
Who remember Sarah? That little minx. She comes in like
she's never seen the show really before. She was with
boyfriend who loves the show, like you just I don't

know what this is. She was in a Mermaid movie.
She was Yeah, she was the Mermaid. Yeah. It was
like it's like a yeah, aqua marine. Well, my favorite
was the Last Home like water? Was it? The last
house on the left? That the horror that she scareder
yea Paris Hilton? Right, yeah, yeah? Does she had the

narrow go through her head? Pinder, it's car door, Urs's
greatest word. That's great. All right, guys, Okay, I can
talk about Big Brother for like five hours. Let's uh,
let's not okay. Josh is so good to catch up
with you. I learned so much more about you. Thank you,
thank you for having me. What a blessing mine for
all of your ship's crazy. But is there anything you

would like to tell your fans out there and how
can they stay in touch with you at the end
of the day. You know, it's a weird time in
general in the world, So I'd like to just you know,
tell people to keep your heads up and keep it moving,
keep you know, stay positive, and and uh, they can
always get ahold of me through Instagram. Facebook's a little
weird because I have someone else running that, so but

facebooks for old people, guys, Yeah, I'm not old. Did
Threads last for like a day because I go Threads
was like the biggest thing for a day, and I
went up the way. I'm still social media like like
left field, by the way. But I'm about to start
a TikTok finally, which I do not want to do.
You should. It'll be the most fun you have. No

I've got I only do tiktoard, Okay, so I'm really
not great at socials. But I've got new music and
a song called Runaway wait to hear this now, and
I'm gonna do it. My first TikTok is gonna be
me just singing runaway, just live musicians kill on TikTok.
Well I'm about to start, so yeah, TikTok look for

me all right. I can't wait to hear all these songs.
Thank you so much Josh being here, and thank you
so much for listening. Be good to each other out there,
don't drink and drive, take care of those animals, and
remember stay frosted. Hey, thanks for listening. Follow us on
Instagram at Frosted Tips with Lance and Michael Urson Art
and at Lance Bass for all your pop culture needs,

and make sure to write us review and leave us
five stars six if you can see you next time
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