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February 27, 2024 76 mins

This week, God's Country brings you a special brothers episode where Dan and Reid host Jordan and Jacob Davis. These Louisiana boys reveal how their journey to Nashville brought about an unintended role reversal between the brothers. The guys discuss duck populations in the south and stage a duck call competition that we need your help judging! Dan tells about the first and last time Reid knocked him out cold and Jordan shares "The one that got away," which might be one of the wildest stories yet! 

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
What's Up?

Speaker 2 (00:08):
You're off in God's Country with Breed and also known
as the Brothers Hunt, when we take a weekly drive
to the intersection of country music and the outdoors, two
things that go together, like little Bros and.

Speaker 3 (00:18):
Asthma or Big Bros and winning competitions.

Speaker 4 (00:22):
Produced by Meat Eater and iHeart Podcast.

Speaker 3 (00:25):
So hop on up and ride Shotgun with us as
we take the back roads with some of today's biggest
stars and creators behind the songs You Knowing Love.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
We got a brother Day coming manus Brothers. We're gonna
sit down with Jacob and Jordan Davis, two Louisianians, big
duck Hunters, obviously great at writing songs, great at singing songs.

Speaker 4 (00:46):
Jacob's and songwriter, Jordan's and artist.

Speaker 5 (00:49):
Jordan's also a songwriter, and.

Speaker 4 (00:50):
There's also a songwriter.

Speaker 2 (00:51):
But miss good dudes man grew up a lot like
we did, just the kind.

Speaker 3 (00:55):
Of exactly like we did.

Speaker 2 (00:57):
Yeah, Yeah, there's a lot of similarities, a lot of
cool stories that they've got that they're going to share
with us.

Speaker 4 (01:02):
Yeah yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:03):
If you if you like Brothers and like the country
music in the outdoors, you're gonna love this podcast.

Speaker 4 (01:08):
I'll stick around and hang out with us.

Speaker 5 (01:13):
That's a little That was That was much. That was much.

Speaker 3 (01:16):
That was my.

Speaker 1 (01:22):
Hey, Kelly, can you throw me my jacket that's on
the ground right there?

Speaker 3 (01:27):
You know what? You know what I'm about to do,
don't you?

Speaker 5 (01:29):
You know?

Speaker 1 (01:29):
I got to get some lumbar support back here.

Speaker 6 (01:32):
Old man driving down the road. It looks like he's eighty.

Speaker 1 (01:37):
I said, I in the truck, bro, I gotta get
some I gotta get support back there. But you know
I got that.

Speaker 5 (01:41):
It's unreal.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
Don't be talking about that on the pocket.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
How old are you?

Speaker 1 (01:44):

Speaker 5 (01:45):
What's out?

Speaker 3 (01:45):
How old are you?

Speaker 4 (01:46):
How old do you have to be to have a
lumbar support?

Speaker 3 (01:48):
Oh well, I mean it's start. I mean I'm thirty seven,
but it.

Speaker 6 (01:52):
Started at thirty seven, going on sixty truck sixty truck.

Speaker 3 (01:57):
Run back to the house. He's like, shoot, man, And
I was like, what is this extra seat? You know?

Speaker 4 (02:03):
You just have the thing that you know, just a
pad and you know.

Speaker 6 (02:10):
It wasn't for a while. He had it plugged in
and it had a heating bro That.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
Was a love. That was a low spot. That was
a low spot and it was gotta.

Speaker 4 (02:18):
Be hurting you gotta be hurting the fact it was
rough man and I.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
Could plug my heating pad in and put it in
front of my lumbar pillow. How dare you? Bro?

Speaker 3 (02:24):
You know you like that? You know, I'm just saying.
I got in. I was like, oh, this is a support.
I thought it was in the way, like maybe his
CD trade had felt falling. I was like, this is
a net lumbar support. Yeah, thirty seven going on, eightiesth
going on?

Speaker 4 (02:44):
I like that, man, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Speaker 1 (02:47):
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Speaker 5 (02:48):

Speaker 4 (02:48):
So we got a couple of j d's in the house.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
What are we gonna call it? We need to do
like a brother. This is a brother day brother, like
a brother.

Speaker 5 (02:55):
Said the brother's pod.

Speaker 4 (02:59):
We got a couple of uh, Louisiana's.

Speaker 3 (03:02):
How do you say that?

Speaker 4 (03:02):
Louisianans, Louisianians, Louisiana You really say?

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Is that for real? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (03:07):
Right, Louisianians Louisianians, Right, dude. A couple of duck hunters
on the cap.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
We don't really know. We're not a good rating system,
Like we think they're good, but we don't really know good.

Speaker 6 (03:19):
I want to tell you this, if you're going off
of this season, you would not say I'm a good You.

Speaker 3 (03:23):
Would not say a good shot, brutal shot.

Speaker 7 (03:26):
I feel like you're a pretty good shot, bro, I
was a pretty good shot.

Speaker 3 (03:28):
I mean you were hot. You were hot that morning
I had both of y'all.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
Y'all came to the farm, dude, and you boys, y'all
were on it.

Speaker 8 (03:35):

Speaker 1 (03:35):
I was depressed.

Speaker 5 (03:36):
Jacob did tell me that y'all can shoot. They can shoot.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
I'll tell you this.

Speaker 4 (03:39):
That duck hunt.

Speaker 5 (03:40):
I'll tell you this. Of the duck hunts of my.

Speaker 4 (03:42):
Life, which are probably five or.

Speaker 3 (03:44):
Six, number one, that was my number one day, Jake's
that makes It's just I've tried to describe this to
other people, but it was just like it wasn't just
the ducks. It was just like this atmosphere thing that
was a very positive like I think we just had
never really spent any time outside of the writing rooms together.

Speaker 5 (04:05):
That's right. When we got in there.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
It was very supportive, and he was already trying to
like downplay it, like, hey man, this ain't no big
spot man, It's just just my little spot out.

Speaker 6 (04:13):
He wasn't trying to downplay it. That's exactly how Jacob's far.

Speaker 3 (04:17):
We slapped them that day they showed up.

Speaker 1 (04:20):
I mean it was and then uh and then you know,
you get in there and Jordan knows this too. Y'all
know this because we've been on hunts together. But it's
like somebody, somebody's you know, calling the shot or all right,
y'all take them, y'all take them, y'all take him. That morning,
I was like, y'all, shoot away, boys. I'm not going
to tell you where to shoot. They're on your side
of the blind or my side of the blind, whatever,

y'all shoot them.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
Which is always like a scary thing as a non
duck hunter being invited to a duck hunt with and
you're sitting there with a gun and I mean like
ducks are flying in front of you, and yeah, because
you always think about your waiting on the cut them.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
Are you waiting on the kill?

Speaker 4 (04:54):

Speaker 5 (04:54):
That one left?

Speaker 3 (04:55):
He was. He would he would tell us like all right,
you know, like wait, wait, wait, all pop up.

Speaker 5 (05:00):
And do that.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
Yeah. It was just it just it was like man,
good shot, buddy, Hey man, great way to go. Man,
you still good over there? Like everything was just so
it was great. I really could have sat out there
for another twelve hours.

Speaker 6 (05:16):
Well, God, we have fun, man, I do think that's
the main the duck hunt is fun because it is
you can have a conversation. It's like periods of like
hanging out mixed in with like four or five minutes
of like intense like all right, stay down, stay down,
stay down, working, And.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
There's a lot of it goes from like that to.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
That quit so fast.

Speaker 2 (05:33):
Like you can be sitting outside hanging out, you know whatever,
and then all of a sudden, a grip of ducks flying,
everybody's in the hole that you get ready.

Speaker 4 (05:41):
It's that intense moment.

Speaker 2 (05:42):
And then and I will say this, like me and
Jacob and Dan Jordan cutting he was supposed to do
but had something come up. But me and Jack mcdan
just spent a few days together in Arkansas's but Tennessee.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
It's weird, yeah, on the Missippi River.

Speaker 3 (05:56):
Yeah, and went through Arkansas to get to a Tennessee least.
That's right. Yeah, Yeah, that's pretty good.

Speaker 5 (06:02):

Speaker 2 (06:02):
I was we hunted all day the first day and
Jacob wasn't there, but dude, I was exhausted after it
and we didn't do nothing but sit in a duck
bline and shoot shotguns all day. But somebody said at
the end of the day, they were like, yeah, man,
because it's so it's so the up and dawn.

Speaker 3 (06:17):
Up and down all day long.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
You're in your intense, your back, you're chilling, you're talking,
you're eating a sausage biscuit, you're shooting ducks again, you're
you know, So it was.

Speaker 5 (06:25):
It was.

Speaker 3 (06:25):
It was a lot of fun. But yeah, I was
exhausted after, I know.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
But the camaraderie of it, I mean, you know, we
me and Jordan hunted yesterday. Yeah, and uh not the
any songwriters under the bus, but I had a couple
of songwriters buddies with me and they were they were
missing some dunts.

Speaker 4 (06:41):
You know who you are.

Speaker 5 (06:42):
That's what it was funny.

Speaker 6 (06:43):
You talked about Jacob con shots because I got yelled
at and then guard hold because I called a bad shot.

Speaker 1 (06:50):
Yet, bro, you yelled there is a Mallard Drake coming
in at daylight and I'm talking about coming in the hole.

Speaker 5 (06:56):
And this story has already started.

Speaker 1 (06:59):
And over comes over our buddy, our buddy Ray Fulter.
He raised at the front of the line, and Jordan
goes right right, shoot that duck, Shoot that duck, and
he just.

Speaker 3 (07:08):
That Duck's like, no, it's not, that is not And
I was like, why did you do that? And then
it's like.

Speaker 1 (07:13):
When you know how brothers are, bro, it's like behind
everybody else in the and the duck Hall was kind
of looking like, man, I think Jordan's about to get
into it a little bit here, and George's.

Speaker 3 (07:20):
Like, Dude, that dock was not. We got to take
those shots, bro.

Speaker 6 (07:23):
Because they were circling the whole all morning and so
it wasn't a daylight. We had seen a few flights
then landing back behind where we were at.

Speaker 5 (07:33):

Speaker 3 (07:33):

Speaker 6 (07:34):
Yeah, behind we were just sober behind the that little
reservoir behind him, there was probably forty ducks on the water.
They're talking to us all morning, so they would circle
our hole and then pick those ducks up.

Speaker 5 (07:46):
And they would go land with them. Yep.

Speaker 6 (07:48):
So I said we got to start shooting these when
they're swinging, and so Mallard comes around swings right above us,
and I said, shoot that bird, Ray.

Speaker 3 (07:56):
Because you're obviously wanting your your the people who've come
to your bond to get some shots.

Speaker 6 (08:01):
So I'm like, shoot the bird right that. It's followed
by shut up, Jordan's shut up. There's some more truth
coming from this.

Speaker 3 (08:12):
We got a we got older brother, couch and younger brother.
It's like the the we've been.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
We've been like that our whole life, same as y'all.

Speaker 3 (08:20):
Yeah, who's older?

Speaker 1 (08:21):
I am just under two years older.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
Okay, that's why I say we've got a big broke
couch and baby a little bit.

Speaker 4 (08:31):
I don't know.

Speaker 7 (08:31):
That's where the bits bro Yeah, see, that's why we
get guard hold.

Speaker 2 (08:36):
We could go into some but I would venture to
say we probably shoot better.

Speaker 5 (08:40):

Speaker 3 (08:41):
You know, you're probably better.

Speaker 5 (08:42):
Right off the bat, we're better looking.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
We gotta.

Speaker 1 (08:47):

Speaker 5 (08:48):
That's why we're in the middle and there in the corner.

Speaker 3 (08:50):
Having fast happened fast. I'm not surprised that we're already there. Hey,
I enjoyed watching marsh works. Yeah, dude, he's listen.

Speaker 4 (08:59):
If I Marsi's Jacob Star.

Speaker 3 (09:01):
If I could go back in time and start duck
hunting at a young age and have a dog, I
would totally do that. I can't do it now because
I just what's a lot of work. But but yeah,
and I.

Speaker 5 (09:14):
Have too many other things.

Speaker 3 (09:15):
I always say this, I feel like you have this
amount of bandwidth, right, and you have to give so
much to so many different things, whether it's music or writing,
or your wife or your kids.

Speaker 5 (09:25):
You know what you have.

Speaker 3 (09:26):
Going on, and I recognize that in order to to
have what you need to be a good duck hunter,
it requires more than what I than what I have
available totally. You know what I'm saying. I'm not hating
on the sport.

Speaker 5 (09:40):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (09:41):
And we can read still dabbling. Man if we can
pick up a phone. Man, yeah, we get there and
put up you know.

Speaker 5 (09:48):

Speaker 3 (09:50):
Yeah, before you know it, we're like looking at seven
hundred thousand dollars.

Speaker 5 (09:56):
We can't, you know.

Speaker 3 (09:57):
But I'm just saying it requires a lot, right, But Man,
I get especially with the dog situation. Yeah, I think
maybe because we just love dogs or but watching there's
something really nice about watching an animal have the best time.
I'm talking about enjoy every second and and and satisfying

some innate thing that we don't have that they have,
Like that is fun to watch. Yeah, and you could
tell marsh he was eating it. And even just you
saying that, I feel like a proud dad. You know,
we haven't even talked about my three beautiful daughters. But
I'm proud. Thank you so much for saying that, Dan,
And I'll tell him whenever I get No, it was

it was fun to wat. I mean even in like
a long shoot thing that he wasn't really and I
mean shoot is in like he had to come up
like a a c duck to even get in.

Speaker 5 (10:51):
The blind right.

Speaker 1 (10:52):
Oh yeah, it was a weird entry into like where
the dogs it was just never hunted it and he
just I think they kind of get that whole thing.
Like if I'm comfortable, he knows like, all right, Dad's
got me good.

Speaker 3 (11:04):
So what makes it like a like, how do you
like I heard you saying like, yeah, he's a beast,
he's a great duck dog. How do you like know
a duck dog it's gonna be a.

Speaker 5 (11:12):
Good duck dog, man? Or do you know?

Speaker 3 (11:13):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (11:14):
I don't think you do. I think it's a pick
of the litter because Marsh, you know, I got him
from West Tennessee and he's got some he's got some
brothers that are just like really and I know the owner.

Speaker 3 (11:25):
Like, man, is your dog?

Speaker 1 (11:26):
Good dog? And I'm like yeah, man, he's a good dog.
He's like I might have got the turd of that bunch.

Speaker 5 (11:30):

Speaker 3 (11:30):
So what makes a good what makes a good dog?

Speaker 4 (11:32):

Speaker 1 (11:33):
There's there's I think there's different characteristics. Obviously obedience is
number one. But you want a high motor in a
black lab, you know, and you want them just to
kind of endure the slow periods of duck hunting, like
you were talking about, read the lulls and duck hunting,
which there are a lot, you know, and when it
gets quiet and it's cold and he's just sitting on

a box and he's looking at you. You don't want
a lot of those. Yeah, So what a really vocal
dog is not really, honestly, is just not a good thing.

Speaker 3 (12:04):
And a duck dog, I heard you say, I heard
you say in the bomb the other day, the first
duck goes down when he busts out the bomb, swims
up there and gets it to him and comes back quiet.

Speaker 5 (12:13):
He's good.

Speaker 3 (12:14):
That's what's that first.

Speaker 2 (12:16):
Him begin Jacob looked at me were I was by
the hole by Jacob and Marsh washing him, and he
was marsh was.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
You could hear him down there.

Speaker 3 (12:23):
He was eager man.

Speaker 2 (12:25):
Was a four center before race, you know, a football
player coming out of the tunnel like he was so
amped up to be there, and he knew what was
going on. He knew ducks were flying and shots were
being shot, and he was just like Jacob was like
holding Marsh, holding Marsh. About that time he jumps out
the box, goes and grabs the first duck and he does.
He comes back, throws the duck to Jacob, gets in
his hole and you didn't hear Pete is chilling, and

Jacob looked at me and goes, he just needed that one.
He just needed to get that that first one.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
And his hole.

Speaker 6 (12:53):
And when when the same one yard in Jake's Marsh
can actually see the ducks full weekend. It's pretty cool
to watch him. And if he's locked into a spot.

Speaker 5 (13:04):
And that.

Speaker 3 (13:06):
He watches the.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Talking about and look at Marsh and his eyes are
up and I look up and he's watching ducks.

Speaker 3 (13:13):
See that's even cool. Man, I didn't even know that happened.

Speaker 1 (13:16):
Yeah, and man, that's a pick of the litter.

Speaker 3 (13:18):
I train him.

Speaker 1 (13:19):
I work with him almost every day. You know, paid
good money to have him trained. But he's just a
good dog man. I got I got a chocolate that
makes me so bro.

Speaker 2 (13:28):
I got a chocolate live named Merle, and he.

Speaker 4 (13:31):
Would he would be a he would be a bad
duck dog.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
But it's except I mean he's the he's the best
frisbee dog now.

Speaker 3 (13:41):
He is.

Speaker 4 (13:42):
Yeah, same demeanor as marsh like eager to go.

Speaker 3 (13:45):
And when I when I lost that frisbee.

Speaker 1 (13:47):
Bro, he's gone and he's catching everyone and it amazing,
Like that's what they were brought in the world to do,
for sure, and that's all they want to do.

Speaker 5 (13:53):

Speaker 2 (13:53):
Man, I've got a bloodhound and him, and we can
go out into the backyard or I can take him
on a walk or whatever. And Maybell is gonna dig
up males and she's gonna smell everything. Yeah, bloodhound, she
will literally put her nose.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
If you're on the couch, she'll put her nose, I mean,
like a cinnamon from your mouth. Just I mean she
she won't touch you, but she'll get as close. Like
all she wants to do is smell the world.

Speaker 2 (14:17):
And then Marle just jump on you and throw a frisbee,
throw them all. Yeah, it's it's bizarre.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
A lot of work, a lot of time, but man,
it's fun to watch them. I could sit and watch
them work in a duck line all day, even if
you're not killing ducks.

Speaker 3 (14:30):
Oh for sure.

Speaker 4 (14:31):
It takes it to another thing.

Speaker 2 (14:32):
Yeah, yeah, like even you know, we hadn't done a
lot of duck hunting, but but duck hunting without a dog,
like that first day we were there, we didn't have
a dog.

Speaker 4 (14:39):
We just sent you know, the kids out there.

Speaker 3 (14:41):
To get them. But that's you, my boy.

Speaker 4 (14:44):
Yeah, yeah, all right, it's not but you bringing Marsh
bringing it. It just changed the hunt man.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
It's like it was more fun to shoot a duck
and watch Marsh go go work for it.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
And you hang out the blind.

Speaker 7 (14:57):
He can't send me.

Speaker 3 (14:58):
Yeah, he can't see me these hebler to me.

Speaker 2 (15:00):
You can't see me, Marsh, No, no, I have your leash.
By the way you left in the black left it
he did bring up like a two week old dead goose.

Speaker 5 (15:11):
That was right.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
Marsh got it, kisty.

Speaker 1 (15:14):
Marsh went and got it brought up and even Marsh knew,
like I don't need to be touching that thing.

Speaker 4 (15:17):
He just dropped it at the foot of the.

Speaker 5 (15:19):
Its probably as big as Marshall.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
It was a big, big, I guess we need to
explain where we were.

Speaker 5 (15:23):
We went to.

Speaker 3 (15:24):
We got invited to go to this island thirty four
with a buddy of ours, Rusty Bye, who's kind of keeping.

Speaker 1 (15:29):
It shout out island.

Speaker 5 (15:31):
Yes, I'm so sorry. I promised you next year from there.

Speaker 3 (15:34):
Man, Well you know you're not getting invited next year.

Speaker 5 (15:37):
That's the thing. Man, you missed, You missed your shot.

Speaker 3 (15:39):
Shot, You're out. Uh No, we just got back from that.
It was a lot of fun. We killed a lot
of ducks, great vibe, told some good stories, y'all, drink
a lot of whiskey.

Speaker 5 (15:52):
I didn't you know.

Speaker 6 (15:54):
I don't believe that because I don't know Dad Dan
stay these days.

Speaker 5 (15:58):
Yeah, yeah, I just.

Speaker 3 (15:59):
I just can anymore. I feel like I talk about
this ever podcasts. I just can't do it anymore. Man,
I'm just not cool anymore.

Speaker 4 (16:06):
Lombar support, Yeah, we need some more support than this now.

Speaker 6 (16:11):
Actually, yeah, no, that's there's I only drink bourbon during
hunting season. I don't know what it is like truly.
After that was our last hunt, did you kind of
say that to you?

Speaker 5 (16:21):
Do kind of do the same thing, the same.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
Thing, and then I'll probably switch it tequila, it starts
warming up.

Speaker 3 (16:26):
Sounds like sounds like probably talk about it, you talk
more about down.

Speaker 5 (16:33):
This isn't a podcast because.

Speaker 3 (16:36):
Come on out goly, We're gonna see you do a
real misk play.

Speaker 7 (16:42):
Yeah you love it.

Speaker 4 (16:48):
Did you get in some good hunts this year?

Speaker 5 (16:50):
I did? Man, We had some great hunts in Arkansas. Uh.

Speaker 6 (16:54):
We got a friend of ours that runs white Oats
and Arkansas is great. Just yeah, it's awesome. And then
but I mean to be honestly, our best our best
day was at Jake's I guess New Year's Eve eve.

Speaker 5 (17:09):
We went over there. Yeah, me and Jake got into
him real good. And it's just man, which is.

Speaker 3 (17:14):
Got That's it.

Speaker 5 (17:15):
I think we we We had.

Speaker 6 (17:17):
Better numbered hunts and probably shot more mallards on some
other hunts, but that day was was pretty special. Are
y'all shooting spooners and everything? Or how does that work
this season? If if it was in range, we were
we were shooting gotch.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
That morning was that morning was all mallards.

Speaker 5 (17:33):
Man, that morning we had we had a day.

Speaker 6 (17:35):
I mean, first Duck was the first band that he's
killed at his farm.

Speaker 1 (17:39):
Yeah, I killed that morning was a band of green
head really Sasketchwe Yeah, it was wild and when in
two thousand and twenty eighteen.

Speaker 4 (17:49):
So that duck's five years old, old mallard?

Speaker 5 (17:51):
Is it that old one?

Speaker 1 (17:52):
Oh yeah, yeah, five five and plus is an old mallard?

Speaker 5 (17:54):

Speaker 3 (17:55):
How did they do?

Speaker 1 (17:56):
Like, how do they ban those ducks so that they
they a lot of So shoot a net, a cast
net out over, try to catch them on a roost or.
You know, sometimes they can bait them into boxes, but
typically I've seen the nest I mean the net of
the top of them and then they go out there.
You know, Ducks Unlimited and Delta waterfowl do great, have
great programs and doing that and that's just to study

age migration, you know, survival rate more or less. But yeah,
that's how they do it. It's pretty wild.

Speaker 5 (18:28):

Speaker 6 (18:29):
There's a guy on Instagram he's Cohen Labs. He does
a lot of banning programs in West Tennessee, which is
right around our farms. So it's kind of cool to
keep up with him. And what is it I want
to Cohen Labs. Yeah, so yeah, they're just kind of
keeping up with the numbers in West Tennessee. And how

are the numbers honestly, do you know. I mean, I
think this year is the last I've seen. It's been
a lot of a lot of the bands have been
older birds, which is I think.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
Not really what you want. I think, Yeah, that means
just like the breeding and you know they're breeding up
and really in southern Canada, you know that just means
breeding numbers are down.

Speaker 5 (19:12):

Speaker 1 (19:12):
Uh, and everything's a hypothesis. We don't really know why
numbers are down. It's just like we got to do
something about it. Is it because it's too drop and
you know, the prairie region and they have to have
water to breed. And are we losing numbers of hens?
You know, there's so many rabbit holes into that. But
I love, I'm fascinated. But I like we've been We've
been doing it our whole fus.

Speaker 6 (19:33):
Now it's like listening to so many podcasts, read stuff
about like why they're down or why we had the
season we had, and it's just kind of you know.

Speaker 1 (19:43):
Like, do we need to drop down to like a
thirty day season next year? Do we need to drop
down from killing four mallards to three mallards? Would that
do something?

Speaker 3 (19:51):
So do you think that the So the what I'm
gathering is that there's a thesis that hunters are affecting numbers. Yeah,
for sure, huh.

Speaker 6 (20:01):
I mean I think it would be kind of crazy,
and I think that we have something to do with it, right,
you know, depending on I mean, I'm sure some people
would say more impact and less, but like you know,
and I kind of approach it as like, Okay, if
they come out next year and say you can only
kill four mallards, yeah, and you got a forty five
day season, I think anybody that loves the sport would

be like, Okay, obviously this is for the for the better.

Speaker 5 (20:25):
Of duck hunting in the future. Even if it were
to come out and say like, hey man, let's let's
just take it a year.

Speaker 6 (20:30):
It's a year off, ye, Like, let's figure out why
these why we had, why we didn't see the numbers
of birds we were expecting, And I would gladly hang
a shotgun up.

Speaker 5 (20:40):
For a year.

Speaker 3 (20:41):
Maybe not gladly, but I do it.

Speaker 2 (20:43):
I mean if I knew that, Like, do you do
you see that as time is like from when you
were younger duck hunting around, Like, do you feel like
the numbers have declined, Like you like, you used to
have better hunts or better seasons compared to now that
you're having lesser numbers.

Speaker 5 (21:00):
We've always kind of had to scrape them out.

Speaker 6 (21:02):
And it means Jacob grew up, you know, deer hunters,
and then weren't seeing any deer, and you saw a
bunch of wood duck light.

Speaker 1 (21:09):
And stumbled on wood ducks and a deer standing, and
he's like, hey, boys, we want to sneak down there.
That's exactly how we got into I was like, and
we both fell in love with it. But you know,
the numbers in Louisiana in particular have declined, and but
it's primarily in South Louisiana, and a lot of that
is sugarcane farmers and crawfish farmers. So they're turning these

rice fields, which ducks love, they're turning them into crawl
fish and sugar cane is more profitable in a lot
of ways, and ducks can't do anything sugarcane and crawfish ponds.

Speaker 3 (21:40):
Yeah, I can't say I'm mad at that because I
really love Crawford too.

Speaker 5 (21:44):
Man too.

Speaker 3 (21:47):
We don't get them up here. I mean, you gotta
like nearly special.

Speaker 5 (21:50):
Get you up here.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
I got a crawfish guy.

Speaker 5 (21:55):
Yeah, you had a guy man. But remember the we
cooked that.

Speaker 3 (22:00):
Those were pretty good, Cody, was it your thing of
Cody's thing?

Speaker 4 (22:04):
There we could oh for before me and Joy got married.

Speaker 3 (22:06):
What was that place?

Speaker 4 (22:07):
What's I got a clue, bro Some they were fire
though they were gas.

Speaker 5 (22:11):

Speaker 3 (22:11):
Some, well you'll know Jean Paul. So he told me
how they cook. I called him. I was like, hey, Dode,
tell me how to cook these. He told me exactly
how to cook him. I followed the recipe to a
tea and they were straight. Anybody knows how to do it,
that knows how.

Speaker 5 (22:26):
To do it. Yeah, for sure they're good. Though I
don't love crawfish.

Speaker 3 (22:29):
Didn't eat crawfish.

Speaker 1 (22:32):
No, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (22:33):
If there's something something that crossing duck, I would, yeah,
like a little crawfish one.

Speaker 5 (22:40):
I don't know. I don't know if you'll catch him.
I don't know if you catch them out.

Speaker 3 (22:43):
It's how much I don't ye decent questions.

Speaker 4 (22:48):
Crustaceans eat like little Yeah.

Speaker 3 (22:51):
He just said that. Crustations vertebrations.

Speaker 4 (22:54):
Okay, that's kind of blow in my mind. I just
thought they flooded corn because that's where they're all.

Speaker 3 (22:59):
They tell you what did they only eat corn and rice? Yes,
only eating fried chicken, which I could do. I can
gladly do that.

Speaker 5 (23:07):
But you know what I'm saying, mix it up.

Speaker 2 (23:09):
Hey, we got a couple of duck calls sitting on
this table, Me and Dan or what would you call?

Speaker 5 (23:15):
What would you say?

Speaker 3 (23:15):
We're duck. Don't try to put yourself in the same
category as me, because I'm better than you. So here's
what we're gonna do.

Speaker 2 (23:21):
I'm gonna give Jacob and Jordan each a duck call,
though I'm gonna let them rock, and then we're gonna mean.

Speaker 3 (23:27):
You're gonna know. But what I'm saying is one of
them might be better that I don't know. It might be
like handing him a Gibson and having him no better.

Speaker 1 (23:34):
I'm better, for sure better, I think, would you would?

Speaker 5 (23:37):
I guess we're about to find out.

Speaker 4 (23:38):
We're about to find out, that's for sure.

Speaker 6 (23:41):
Nobody in here I don't know if we have If
we have a Mallard come through this root, that's the winner.

Speaker 3 (23:48):
Our listeners can chime in.

Speaker 5 (23:49):
Yeah, so we're blowing.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
We're blowing at king Calls will shout out with the brothers.

Speaker 5 (24:02):
So that's your feed call?

Speaker 3 (24:03):
Is that? Is that?

Speaker 5 (24:04):

Speaker 4 (24:04):
Is there feeding on crustaceans?

Speaker 3 (24:06):
Are they I don't know if that's true. No, no, no, no, I.

Speaker 6 (24:12):
Do know that they will eat invertebrates, but I don't
know if we have to shoot a duck and cut
it over to see if the fact checks.

Speaker 3 (24:22):
While ducks eat aquatic vegetations, while seeds, small insects, worms,
and small water snails, larger birds will eat amphibians, and.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
Larger birds will eat about Yeah, there's been a dug
eat a baby crawl fish over.

Speaker 5 (24:41):
You know, all right?

Speaker 3 (24:42):
So are they are there ducks? Actually? I wanted this
because I've heard feeding call? Right, So are they eating
while they're doing that? Or are they just kind of like, hey,
I'm eating over here.

Speaker 1 (24:52):
So that sounds that's like a calm that mimics a
bunch of birds on the water.

Speaker 3 (24:56):
It actually sounds like what they say.

Speaker 6 (24:58):
It's a it's basically the boundary call. So it's not
necessarily saying its waters. There's birds on the water that
are feeding, and that's kind of them saying like, hey
this is my area, man, get away.

Speaker 5 (25:10):
Oh nice.

Speaker 6 (25:11):
So it's not it's a feed call because most of
the time they're on the water feeding. But it's actually
like like a hey, man, keep your distance, I'm in
this spot.

Speaker 3 (25:18):
Oh cool.

Speaker 5 (25:19):

Speaker 1 (25:20):
And that's supposed to kind of mimic that Jordan's.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
Faster. I'm pretty faster.

Speaker 5 (25:30):
I don't know, maybe like.

Speaker 3 (25:38):
But see, that's the thing.

Speaker 6 (25:39):
I've always been like the I've always been like the
background collar guys like that's me damn man.

Speaker 5 (25:45):
Okay, so now.

Speaker 3 (25:49):
Come me too. So what were you just doing? You're
doing a hen So that's a quack.

Speaker 1 (25:55):
We were talking about that the other day at the
but just a just a basic quack, which talk about
it like background thing. If they're working, you know, and
you've got ducks working a lot of times, I don't
like to yell at them.

Speaker 5 (26:05):
I don't like to do it.

Speaker 3 (26:08):
Just like am what we're trying to do. They're just
trying to make them feel comfortable. That's confidence.

Speaker 1 (26:18):
Mostly if they're circling the hole and you think like,
oh man, there's a good chance they might come in,
you just kind of give them.

Speaker 2 (26:24):
Just give us some Jordan, I'd come in if I
was a duck.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
Won that round, though I think Jacob won that round.

Speaker 1 (26:37):
And then when they're when when you've got birds working
and you're trying to get them closer to you.

Speaker 4 (26:43):
When they're over the top of you and they're looking.

Speaker 1 (26:45):
At you, you're not going to really do anything you
want to catch them when they're going away from you
with just.

Speaker 3 (26:51):
Like that's what they're saying. Turn them that, and that's like,
wait a second, what I miss? They're hern Then you're
a h Then you're like, left side up the gut.

Speaker 4 (27:05):
Let's not get ready shoot him?

Speaker 5 (27:09):
Shut up, shut up, that's true.

Speaker 3 (27:13):
That did happen.

Speaker 5 (27:13):
And I apologize, man, I'm sorry, man, I thought I
was right on.

Speaker 7 (27:17):
I don't know to either shoot the duck or break ray.

Speaker 4 (27:20):
Filter is not gonna shoot out from under you.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
I promise the nicest cat in the world, even you're
gonna have break bird.

Speaker 3 (27:27):
He's apologizing.

Speaker 2 (27:28):
I'm stop, dude, stop all right, Dan, get it, let me,
let's listen, brothers hunt all right, here we go?

Speaker 5 (27:34):
Who we go?

Speaker 3 (27:34):
Who's going first?

Speaker 5 (27:35):
You do the cackle first?

Speaker 3 (27:37):
What's the first thing that's good that's better than ain't
nothing up here?

Speaker 4 (27:47):
I'm I'm George's like, I'm so tired of hearing that.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
He's been doing that all round.

Speaker 5 (27:53):
Come on now, dude, we about to lose the day.

Speaker 7 (27:58):
There can't do that.

Speaker 3 (28:00):
I thought you were supposed to grown. That's that old like.
That's that old.

Speaker 5 (28:04):
Old Lombard man.

Speaker 3 (28:07):
That's that's that.

Speaker 4 (28:14):
It's that whole body.

Speaker 3 (28:15):
You don't like to go nowhere, that lombar.

Speaker 2 (28:20):
I give us, give us a wait, let me wait.
So do did Drake mallards which is the male? Do
they make the quack sound?

Speaker 3 (28:30):
They just go, yeah, only that thing? What's that?

Speaker 1 (28:40):
That's it, that's it, that's drake.

Speaker 5 (28:44):
So that's what they do. That's what they do. So
all these yeah, all these are coming from the hend.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
Yeah, these are all from the hen.

Speaker 4 (28:50):
You know that fascinating that's just the hen.

Speaker 3 (28:53):
Yeah, I had no So it's basically turkey calls. Yeah,
we're only the absolutely.

Speaker 1 (28:58):
The same thing.

Speaker 3 (28:59):
Crazy. So what's the what are we trying to do
here with a quack? Tell me how that's just dude? Yeah,
but what that's good? You got a little dress you.

Speaker 5 (29:22):

Speaker 1 (29:25):
H We're getting there. We're getting there.

Speaker 5 (29:31):
No, no, no, here's the thing on this too.

Speaker 3 (29:32):
It's like, okay, okay, we want to hear this.

Speaker 6 (29:35):
I honestly think that like I think I got you
on feed chuckles and quacks. Like, I mean, there's obviously
amazing callers out there that can do stuff with birds
that that's funny, but like the ones that can scream,
but like it's it's tough to like turn a bird
if you're if you're screaming at it that far ay
and birds flying pretty fast. Yeah, if you got any win,

there's a slim chance that they're catching you on. So
it's like if anything sound like a duck that me
and Jack have've always talked about, like going out.

Speaker 5 (30:05):
Either to a rest area well where.

Speaker 6 (30:07):
There's a bunch of birds and just mimicking what you
hear from listen to Like that's the way.

Speaker 5 (30:12):
To become a better caller.

Speaker 6 (30:13):
It's like all right, or you know, put a trail
cam in a hole and if you hunt that hole,
try to make those sounds.

Speaker 3 (30:21):
Yeah, you're telling me different ducks sound. They don't all
sound the same.

Speaker 1 (30:26):
No, I mean different within the same specie. Yeah, they
have differents just like us.

Speaker 5 (30:32):
Huh. Yeah. So it's like you.

Speaker 6 (30:34):
Have a raspy you know, old hen that is it
sounds like it doesn't kind of crazy, it doesn't get
loud but like just the cadence is super I think
for more. More so like listening to ducks on rest
on rest areas or whatever, it's like it's more the
cadence of it. Yeah, very seldom do you hear one
just go berserk and like, yeah, just go crazy.

Speaker 2 (30:54):
It's kind of the same thing with with turkey hunting too,
And I feel like as callers, people who like love
and are obsessed with the calling of ducks or turkeys
or whatever, like they are trying to get that perfect pitch,
the perfect tone, the perfect cadence, the perfect whatever the.

Speaker 6 (31:10):
There is true to that duck. I mean, like the pitch.
I know, I can sit in the blind with Keith
Allen or whoever, like the guys that are unreal callers,
and it's like you just want to tuck your lanyard
in a box and I'm not I can't do with
that guy.

Speaker 2 (31:26):
But at the same time, like turkey hunting man, like,
if you go and listen to hens and you're you're
not a great mouth caller or you're not a great
box caller, there's probably a hen out there.

Speaker 3 (31:35):
That sounds like you, right, even if you're like you
just just go.

Speaker 2 (31:38):
Out there and blow a duck, call a little bit,
and maybe try to get some birds that you don't
have to you don't have you don't have to hit
that perfect.

Speaker 3 (31:44):
Yeah, it seems a little snooty, though, I'm gonna be honest.
In the blond it seems like, hey, this guy and
this guy are the callers, so you guys chilling, you
can get very snooty. Sometimes it can. Bro It's like, Okay,
I thought I was I thought I was sniffing.

Speaker 5 (31:59):
That up is my thing too.

Speaker 6 (32:01):
It's like, and I remember early on being like I
would go hunt with better callers and if I didn't call,
I get sixty days to do it to see if like,
actually I'm moving birds. So it's like, I'm I ever
going to get better at this if I only hunt
with people that like I just shoot.

Speaker 3 (32:15):
That's exactly how I felt, so like I won't even
take mine on my pockets.

Speaker 5 (32:18):
I'm terrified.

Speaker 3 (32:19):

Speaker 1 (32:19):
So it's like and I hate that it's that way,
but it is that way. And there's a lot of
people that are like, you know, I've had people. I've
had people tell me like, hey, man, if you go
to somebody else's camp, don't take your dog don't take.

Speaker 6 (32:30):
Your calls really really, which is kind of an unwritten rule,
or I guess maybe even more so.

Speaker 3 (32:35):
But we all at this place that you broke that rule.
I don't care. He brought both and your dog, pissing
them on people's waiters and took the doo doo in
there boo booed right there. Oh dude, it's like, well,
Jacob's got this dog. He says, it's well trained. He
comes in there like pissing on everything. Bro Marshall cleared out.

Speaker 5 (32:53):

Speaker 3 (32:53):
Man, he will, he will?

Speaker 1 (32:56):
What can go get a duckt he can?

Speaker 5 (32:58):
Man, he looks good too.

Speaker 1 (33:00):

Speaker 2 (33:01):
So y'all, you you grew up as deer hunters and
then found a duck, found ducks in the duck hole.
But yeah, there's a there's a foundation of some brother
the brother thing that's that's happening.

Speaker 4 (33:12):
And I don't really know where we're gonna.

Speaker 3 (33:13):
Go with that right now.

Speaker 2 (33:15):
I'm just saying, let's talk about some brother stuff whatever
that means.

Speaker 3 (33:18):
You guys grew up, Oh did y'all?

Speaker 1 (33:20):

Speaker 2 (33:21):
So me and Dan had a room together. Yeah, we
had a we had a king sized bed that we
actually got later in life. But we had a one
of those things of a stuffed animal snake that would go.

Speaker 4 (33:33):
That was the divider.

Speaker 3 (33:34):
That was the divider. Always he would close line.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
And if you went across, if you got across the
snake and the other one got the punch. Oh yeah,
you couldn't cross the snake without getting a punch.

Speaker 3 (33:44):
Hey, can I tell the story? I remember core member here,
I have not thought about this in probably twenty five years.
This is what I'm talking about. Time we had a snake.
I vividly remember this.

Speaker 4 (33:55):
Who won that snake at that fair?

Speaker 1 (33:56):

Speaker 5 (33:56):
I did?

Speaker 1 (33:57):
Of course you did?

Speaker 4 (33:57):
You probably hit some shot.

Speaker 5 (33:59):
Yeah, three baskets. I would actually want to know.

Speaker 3 (34:04):
Always takes, I'm sure. So the snakes divide me and
read and and he would always sleep as close as
snake as he could. He was little young, He's four
years younger than me. Like, I'm not saying.

Speaker 2 (34:19):
Sleep sleep. You had to sleep close to the snake,
so did you? So it was a twin sized bed.

Speaker 3 (34:31):
Yeah, middan, I'm just gonna use your arm for this. Yeah, okay,
So honestly I'm dead. Slate right in the hand just goes.
I was like, man, and then it comes back, comes back, right.
So the next time it does this, it's like ten
minutes past, right, and I'm like, okay, he's good, and
it's like and I went as hard as I could

and bro it went and hitting right in the nose.
He goes back.

Speaker 2 (35:00):
Just so he doesn't know what happened to the world.

Speaker 3 (35:05):
So I remember him going, something hit me in the
something fell on my nose, and my mom walks in
his nose bleeding. She's like, oh my god, damn. I
was like what, Like I was what happened?

Speaker 4 (35:20):
I know, I.

Speaker 3 (35:21):
Was like, I technically didn't, but I remember that technically
hit himself, sling in your arm as hard as I
could and it did a perfect like right and right in.

Speaker 5 (35:35):
The Sorry about that, I'm sorry.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
Ma and Jordan had bunk beds. Yeah, we shared a round.
You know why we didn't. That would have made a
lot more sense.

Speaker 6 (35:43):
So this Jacob was on the bottom bunk, I was
on the top bunk, and I had still this day. Yeah,
more lumbar support down there.

Speaker 4 (35:50):
You need to take you need to take it easy,
have their big day.

Speaker 3 (35:53):
So it's like everything together.

Speaker 4 (35:59):
Can we on his mic for just a second, Jacob
Lamar Davis.

Speaker 6 (36:03):
Yeah, our first first, like legit fight was at like
three thirty in the morning because I was sleeping on top.
How old were you we probably I was probably like
nine nine or ten.

Speaker 5 (36:14):
Uh, and I had asthma. I still have as little
broke out you know.

Speaker 3 (36:23):
Yeah, yeah myself. You never know that you're strapped right now?

Speaker 5 (36:29):
Yeah, stay strapped.

Speaker 3 (36:32):
Yeah, that's when it gets cold.

Speaker 5 (36:35):
Keep I need that bet bro Okay. So I wake
up in the middle of the night to.

Speaker 6 (36:42):
Jacob just like just hammering me. Dude, No, no, it was
with a pillow. I wasn't punching, you know, started with
the pillow and then you started to punch.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
The boy would snore something and talking about snoring wheezing
like I couldn't breathe.

Speaker 6 (36:56):
It's not like I was like you're dying. You weren't
because you did that any word. He's just wearing me out.
And I was like, I'd like jump off the top, bunk.
I was like, I guess, like I'm not gonna just
keep getting hit.

Speaker 5 (37:08):
Yeah, sure, sure.

Speaker 6 (37:09):
So at three point thirty in the morning, we're wrestling
around my dad. Dude, I'll never forget my dad's face
walking in there.

Speaker 3 (37:15):
Woking up out of dead.

Speaker 5 (37:16):
Sleep, to his two boys and each other.

Speaker 1 (37:19):
He's staying there as whitey tidy.

Speaker 7 (37:21):
Yeah, whitey taste.

Speaker 3 (37:22):
What the hell going on?

Speaker 7 (37:25):
I'm like, he started punching me and Jacob thirty in
the morning. Yeah, Jacob's like he's still already wants I
can't I can't live like this.

Speaker 6 (37:33):
I was like, god, dude, so yes, there was just
as much like but bunk beds saved us from that.
If we had if we'd had to do the snake crap,
oh dude, well, I was always like, he.

Speaker 5 (37:44):
Just smothered me.

Speaker 3 (37:44):
Dude, well I was.

Speaker 1 (37:46):
I thought about it.

Speaker 3 (37:48):
First off, Reid was significantly small for his age, always
up until like twenty one.

Speaker 8 (37:55):
And I was like, as in high school, bro like really,
so I could never, like I realize out I could
kill him, Like I could kill him, you know, And
so we never really like fought fault is it should have?

Speaker 3 (38:09):
I told that story.

Speaker 2 (38:10):
No, not on this first, first and only times Dan's
ever been punching the face a bunch of you, but
I've only been punching the face.

Speaker 5 (38:16):
You got to tell that, y'all.

Speaker 2 (38:18):
That reference, so it's hilarious. I was, honestly was like
a pretty good big brother. There was like but there
was a two week period that I.

Speaker 3 (38:26):
Clearly have been weeks. I was like aut six years
I know, but I mean like overtly a jerk.

Speaker 5 (38:32):
You were way smaller, so there wasn't a whole lot
I could do. Anyway. I come in Dan.

Speaker 2 (38:36):
We had football practice after and I was I think,
like I had some practice or whatever. But I would
get home before Dan would this this certain time of.

Speaker 3 (38:44):
This is not it's not a really great story. So
we're going to not make it forty five minutes. I'll
keep it because you got knocked out. So I come in.
Reid's playing. It was like punch out or something.

Speaker 5 (38:54):

Speaker 3 (38:55):
I'm like, I'm playing Nintendo. Yeah, I'm like I'm playing.
He's like, okay, man, am I was done. I was like, nah,
now play I'm playing right now.

Speaker 5 (39:04):
He was like what I was just like, do closet.

Speaker 2 (39:07):
He would throw me into and this is the first
time he would. He would literally he was big. He
was that size in eighth grade and I was, I mean,
like the freaking wallstla up. He picked me up, and
when he get mad at me, he'd throw me in,
like just toss me into the closet and I would
hit the clothes and then like they slide down, yeah,
and I.

Speaker 3 (39:30):
And I would sit there.

Speaker 4 (39:31):
I would sit there in the closet every time and
just like like just just sing.

Speaker 2 (39:36):
Just think about how unfair it is that I'm tiny,
How unfair it is that I can't play punch out you.

Speaker 3 (39:41):
Know when I want to.

Speaker 2 (39:42):
That was unfair, I agree, And so I'm sitting there
just standing, just steaming. In the bottom of it was
a rule that we didn't hit the face, because it
was like, dude, I could kill you. Yeah, sure enough, man,
I'm like up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, by.

Speaker 3 (39:56):
That's a contract, that's contra I'm talking about what stinkle son.
He comes and I was like and I just immediately
launched onto him and just held him down down by
his knees. His arms were across his body and I
had I was holding him with my hand and I
had my fist up and I was like, hey, man,

you know we don't punch the face. I could kill you.
You know, he was going, I know, I know you
can kill me. Please don't kill me. And I was like,
my fist is the size of your face. And if
I came down you right now, I would punch your
face and he was like, I know, I don't know
why I did that. I'm so sorry. It will never it.

Speaker 5 (40:39):
Just like because that was Jake was always stronger than me.

Speaker 6 (40:42):
So it's like, so I raised, I had to if
I ever was getting I had to just cheap shot
him up.

Speaker 3 (40:50):
And I'm like, dang, man, I can't believe you just
hit me. Run And this time it was blasts all black,
straight spot, and this time it was like kind of
timply jaw yeah.

Speaker 5 (41:03):
He So he got in my thing.

Speaker 3 (41:05):
And I saw black, and then I was like, I
am fix to murder my brother. And I turned around
and the door was already going, swinging out here, running
downstairs as fast as.

Speaker 2 (41:20):
Could, and I got in trouble jack to jall, which
I always got.

Speaker 4 (41:24):
Played punch out the next time for a little bit longer.

Speaker 3 (41:27):
And you know what, man, As I was I got
in trouble, my dad got on me, made me stay
in my room, and as I was staring up at
my ceiling van going around like this, I was like,
I probably shouldn't have done that, man, I should I
should be a better brother. See, and I've been a
bedder brother ever since. Always sometimes you gotta.

Speaker 4 (41:42):
Get across due.

Speaker 7 (41:44):
It was.

Speaker 1 (41:45):
I found out real quick when Jordan was because I was,
you know, until early high school, I was bigger.

Speaker 5 (41:52):

Speaker 1 (41:53):
And then the boy kind of got some inches on me,
bro and I was like, first time he feel a
punch at me in the yard. He came close to
my chin. I was like, we got that.

Speaker 3 (42:01):
He would knock me out. Then you start picking your battles.

Speaker 5 (42:05):
You know.

Speaker 3 (42:05):
It's like, man, the boy is getting big.

Speaker 4 (42:07):
I might have to watch it.

Speaker 5 (42:09):
He Uh, yeah, that was that. My dad said the
same things, like y'all can fight, just don't point each other,
and that's exactly. Take it outside, yeah, and don't break anything.

Speaker 3 (42:26):
Known when you had that giant beer. You used to
have a giant beer?

Speaker 5 (42:29):
Yeah, what was it?

Speaker 3 (42:30):
You just liked it.

Speaker 5 (42:31):
I liked it too. It's cool.

Speaker 4 (42:32):
Look yeah, I mean it's still pretty giant.

Speaker 6 (42:37):
It was like it was crazy, really, Like my wife
still looks at our wedding photos and she's like, how
did how did I allow this to happen?

Speaker 5 (42:45):
It is pretty, it was pretty. It's pretty.

Speaker 3 (42:47):
It's tame now, but it was wacky. But it was cool.
It fit your whole thing. But it was you know,
I mean, we're friend. I could say it was wacky, right, bro,
it was.

Speaker 6 (42:56):
It was if you would have passed me at that time,
you've probably been like, I should probably helped that old
boy out there was.

Speaker 5 (43:05):
Like a mountain man thing. Yeah, yeah, slipped back. Yeah,
it was a good look.

Speaker 3 (43:12):
I think you a great It's I'm just saying yeah.

Speaker 6 (43:15):
I mean, you know a lot of that too, is
just like having to like kind of break, like have
a different look. I think as early artists, you're kind
of like what kind of stands out coming on to.

Speaker 1 (43:24):
The music scene, and you kind of got a not
your stick. I don't like using the word stick, you know.

Speaker 3 (43:29):
What I mean.

Speaker 7 (43:29):
But you're talking about you're talking about the guy with
the beard.

Speaker 5 (43:33):
It was it was like, oh, the guy with the
big beer.

Speaker 4 (43:36):
A talking point was absolutely understanding.

Speaker 3 (43:38):
Absolutely, yeah, that's a solid point. It was that it
was the guy with the.

Speaker 4 (43:42):
Beard who moved to Nashville first, Did y'all did y'all.

Speaker 1 (43:44):
Move to move to here first? We both went to
l s U together, lived together at l s U,
and I was playing in bars and like doing the
whole thing three nights a week. This dude, no just
solo and this dude would just come in and carrying
a guitar, like an extra guitar case and like a
a speaker on the PA. You know, because I carried
on my stuff. He'd get in for free. They wouldn't
charge me and he would just booze on that band

tab nice and so I'd bet that's little you talk
about little brother, couch brother. That's like he had it
figured out.

Speaker 5 (44:12):
Yeah, and uh so for everybody.

Speaker 3 (44:15):
I graduated from.

Speaker 1 (44:16):
I graduated LSU and then moved to Nashville and then, uh,
you know, signed a publishing deal. When Jordan graduated from LSU,
he was like, man, I don't think I really want
to go to work in the old field. And I
was like, what do you want to do? And he
was like, man, I kind of been writing songs.

Speaker 4 (44:30):
I was like, come on, b.

Speaker 5 (44:32):

Speaker 6 (44:33):
I was like, man, you're doing it, and like he
would always send me like I remember the night that
I like truly like was like, no, I'm moving to Nashville.

Speaker 5 (44:41):
He was it.

Speaker 6 (44:41):
It was Travis Meadows was doing listening room and Jacob
sent me like a video Travis, dude, I love great
songwriter killer and uh and I was like, it's just
like a Wednesday night. Yeah, and I'm in Baton Rouge,
like about to go to bed to wake up at
five am to go to work, and I was like,
I don't think I want to do this.

Speaker 5 (45:00):
I'm gonna give this National things shot.

Speaker 1 (45:02):
Yeah, and then that was that was kind of that
was when he moved up here. You know, it's like
Jordan initially it's going to just write songs.

Speaker 3 (45:10):
That was what he was going to do. I was
going to do the.

Speaker 1 (45:13):
Artist thing and you talk about things being flipped whoopy swamp. Yeah, dude,
lord man.

Speaker 6 (45:19):
He was absolutely playing you know, all through Baton Rouge
and it built a pretty good following in the mood
in Nashville, signed a deal, I moved to town.

Speaker 5 (45:26):
I was just like trying to write songs for him
because starting to get up.

Speaker 6 (45:32):
It's like he was starting to get interest from labels,
and I was like, well, man, maybe I maybe I
can get on first record or have like his first single.

Speaker 2 (45:39):
We started crazy because it's so crazy.

Speaker 6 (45:43):
We started writing uh Detours, which was on one of
my EPs. We started writing that for Jacob Cool and
then I flipped around. I recorded like three years later,
but yeah, and then I started getting people started asking
about me as an artist, and I never played a
full band show before, so I had to learn pretty quick. Yeah,
but uh yeah, totally flipped. Now now he stays at

home and write songs and I'm gone half the year.

Speaker 3 (46:08):
Yeah, we end up both signing record deals.

Speaker 5 (46:10):
I remember that Black River.

Speaker 1 (46:12):
Black River and Universal, and uh, we were going on
radio tour like the same time.

Speaker 3 (46:17):
So we would pass each other.

Speaker 1 (46:18):
We've got to radio stations and my eight by ten
would be up there and he would just pin his
eight by ten on top of my us smooth over it,
I'm not kidding and sign it and radio stations loved it,
you know. And but we were just kind of like
passing in the night and it was just kind.

Speaker 3 (46:33):
Of a whirlwind, you know. And then you ever actually
see each other at the same stage.

Speaker 5 (46:36):
We never played a We never I would.

Speaker 3 (46:38):
I was like, never did a radio show together.

Speaker 5 (46:40):
When we toured the Northeast.

Speaker 6 (46:41):
The radio tour in the Northeast, we were like a
week behind each other, so like I was coming in
like right after him.

Speaker 5 (46:47):
Uh. We never did a radio show together.

Speaker 6 (46:49):
But I mean our single, our first singles came out
about the same time.

Speaker 1 (46:53):
Wow, you know what, man, this is I can tell
the story now in last.

Speaker 3 (46:57):
Travis Kelsey, Yeah, yeah, yeah, your mom split Jerseys.

Speaker 1 (47:03):
And h Dude, I remember my single they'd released the
radio and Jordan's single they'd released the radio and I'm
in I'm in a suburban like with my radio rep
and man, we're fighting, dude, just trying to get like
trying to grape him, like into fifty five and dude,
Bobby shows on and he was like, yeah, we got
a new artist, Jordan Davis playing a single. Dude, and

my radio rep it turns out, looks at me and
she was like that ain't good.

Speaker 3 (47:31):
And I was like, you know, singles you up.

Speaker 4 (47:33):
And I was like, well, I don't know what I'm
gonna do now.

Speaker 1 (47:36):
But you know it's now. It's funny, you know, it
worked out the exact way it's supposed to it. At
the time, you're like, man, we gotta look, we gotta
do Thanksgiving together, Christmas together, the rest of our life.
Forgu for sure, this is flashing the pan body, you know.

Speaker 5 (47:52):
And I mean you know with me and we have
done it too.

Speaker 3 (47:56):
It's like you get to a place where you know
if he has some and go it helps me out.
You know if it helps him out.

Speaker 4 (48:03):
And they have success together, and there's nothing better in
the world.

Speaker 5 (48:06):
There is nothing better, you know.

Speaker 3 (48:08):
I was I was supposed to be the artist like I.

Speaker 4 (48:11):
Dan did the same thing.

Speaker 2 (48:12):
And Dan moved to town Way before a couple of years,
four years before I did, and then same thing. I
filled a couple of classes and I was like, I
don't know what to do. He's like, should probably move
to Nasville. I was like, great, I've been singing my
whole life in church and so we I mean do
We started writing songs with Singleton and Tersey and making
a thing for me and we'd go in and cut
them and I'd go play the shows. And we were
writing at Sony one day and I remember I just

the turmoil of like being miserable on the road and
not like that not being for me as as what
was going on my head.

Speaker 4 (48:40):
And I was like, man, I just want to write songs.

Speaker 2 (48:41):
I fell in love with the process of creating them
but not going and doing them. And I remember we
wrote with somebody at Sony and Room five and I
was just sitting there and it's been I've been thinking
about it all day long.

Speaker 4 (48:52):
And Dan was like what's up, dude? And I was like, dude,
I don't think I could be an artist.

Speaker 5 (48:56):

Speaker 4 (48:56):
He was like, you just saw Dan's dreams just crash.

Speaker 3 (48:59):
And he was like, yeah, what that was? To cut around?
Yes you are? You know It's like, yeah, you too late.
He waited, everybody have another punch out?

Speaker 1 (49:08):
Yeah, moment here.

Speaker 3 (49:10):
Now you going going? I got to tie you to
that boy?

Speaker 4 (49:13):
Yeah, And I remember he's like, what are you gonna do?

Speaker 3 (49:15):

Speaker 4 (49:16):
I was like, dude, I'm gonna try to write songs.

Speaker 2 (49:18):
And I remember that, dude, that was And I was like, sure,
I think you need to leave that to big Yeah,
I remember that.

Speaker 5 (49:27):
That was. That was. That was wild.

Speaker 4 (49:29):
But you already had like a family member up here
doing it right.

Speaker 1 (49:32):
My uncle, my dad's middle brother is a songwriter up
here and had two hits on Tracy Lawrence.

Speaker 3 (49:37):
That's so crazy. You know what was this? It?

Speaker 4 (49:40):
What was better Man better Off?

Speaker 5 (49:42):
In Today's Lonely Ful? Ye? He had another one for
Kim Ellen's that died at like forty.

Speaker 7 (49:46):
Five my tub, He's sleeping in my bed watch TV.

Speaker 3 (49:53):
It's a good song. Yeah, that was. I think that
was a good song, great song.

Speaker 6 (49:57):
I think it maybe got like top fifteen, something like, oh,
it may have done better than that.

Speaker 3 (50:01):
Yeah, maybe I don't.

Speaker 6 (50:02):
I thought, I just know it didn't. It was it
was after it was the next single after Jukebox Ynunkie.
I think, yeah, maybe it was on that record for sure.

Speaker 3 (50:11):
That's like what early nineties, late early nineties.

Speaker 1 (50:14):
Yeah, I mean, but he man, he just uh he
had those two hits. And but when me and Jordan
were kids, we were back in Louisiana and he was
up here doing it.

Speaker 5 (50:22):
So we knew, like you knew it was a job.

Speaker 1 (50:24):
We knew that there are songs that huge advantage huge,
I don't know, you could do that absolutely as where
all of our friends thought, well, no, Tracy Lawrence, he
writes all the songs.

Speaker 5 (50:33):

Speaker 2 (50:34):
And to be successful at it, I mean yes, there's
a lot of stories where guys come up here and
you know, work there off for for fifteen years and
move back home.

Speaker 1 (50:41):
Yeah for sure.

Speaker 2 (50:42):
But to see to have like, you know, a figure
ahead of you and uncle to to come do it
and actually have some success at it, and you're like,
I could go do that, it's definitely a leg up.
You kind of get up, you know, And too, I
always say it too.

Speaker 6 (50:54):
Is like Uncle Stan would always come back for holidays
and play these songs that weren't cut.

Speaker 5 (50:58):
That's cool.

Speaker 6 (50:58):
So like even us move into town, we were kind
of like we had seen great songs that didn't that
weren't great enough to be recorded. So I think we
early on were like, all right, we had a better
idea of what made a great song man. Yeah, so wow, Yeah,
our learning curve got cut a little bit.

Speaker 1 (51:17):
You know, Yeah, I agree with that. But and then
you just kind of, you know, you get up here
and you just get around great people. Man, You get
around you know, buddies, like you know, you boys, and
then like our our core group of friends and you
Iron Sharpen's Iron Man. Yeah, you show up in a
room and you you learn how to You just learn
how to be better every day. I think.

Speaker 3 (51:37):
So I told the story a lot of times. I
haven't told them the podcast. Jacob's tired of hearing it.
Read's probably tired of hearing it. But the coldest moment
I haven't naturally your brother, oh.

Speaker 4 (51:49):
Lord cold, no names, none.

Speaker 5 (51:53):
In the bands.

Speaker 3 (51:54):
Wait, what happened the first time we ever wrote? So
I'm already laughing.

Speaker 5 (52:01):
So me and Jacob in there.

Speaker 3 (52:02):
I meet him, like he's cool man, but he was
about his he was on business, dude, he was standing
on business back then, like he'd have no time to
jack around. We're in here, right, hit songs or I'm
out yeah, and I'm like, man, I like this guy
because I'm I'm trying to go fishing. I don't even
want to be here, right, beautiful spring day, Turkey's gobblin.

We in here with this person and this person has
an idea, and we already beat up like thirty real
bad ideas of this person's and finally you can tell
we're both just caving.

Speaker 5 (52:38):
Right, Well, let's just get this thing going. Yeah, so
we start.

Speaker 3 (52:43):
It's black luster at best, Yes to be about twelve
thirty one o'clock, and we're on that like eighteen minutes.
Ain't said nothing, we ain't got grind, like nobody's said,
staring at each other and I'm just looking out the
window like, oh my gosh, this but this guy's cool,
so like I want to finish it for him, but
I don't even know if he's really feeling it, you know,

I can't really tell what's happening. Jake, everybody ten twelve
minutes of silence. Jacob was like, well, I just don't
know if this is really going anywhere today, guys. I mean,
I mean, honestly, look, Dan's not necessarily feeling it. I
don't think necessarily I'm feeling it. I mean, are you
into this? And the other car was like, well, yeah,

I mean I think it's like a pretty good start
to a good song. He's like, yeah, I just don't know.
I mean honestly, like it's one o'clock, Blueskuy's out there,
you know, I gotta want my dog or something like,
maybe you could just wrap this on. And I was like,
while he's saying that, I'm like, he's his guitar was
loading for so wait.

Speaker 1 (53:42):
Till I looked at Dan and I was like, I
don't think Dan's really feeling I just called him out
and I was like.

Speaker 3 (53:47):
I like, and I didn't even know Dan. It was
probably like I mean, I mean, I mean, I'm okay
if you guys, but I definitely not the baron unless
we want to try to get out of here. And
the dude I got the I got the truck. I
called him. I was like, pro thank you, You're my
best friend now he was liked and you weren't into that.

Speaker 5 (54:06):
I was like, I was not into that at all,
brother Jake shut it down?

Speaker 3 (54:09):
Huh to then like he wasn't. Ye, he wasn't what
he is now. I mean we didn't. None of us
had any more terrible guitars, no ideas, and he just
like a like a pro, just was like, hey, we
making money today. Obviously have you written his money?

Speaker 5 (54:29):
Said co writer. No, man, I don't think.

Speaker 4 (54:32):
I don't think you can go back in that room once
then think that.

Speaker 6 (54:35):
Do call each other? He probably called somebody was like,
never again, put me.

Speaker 3 (54:44):
Just writing down.

Speaker 7 (54:45):
The other guy looked like you'd rather been fishing.

Speaker 3 (54:48):
All he did was talking about hunting the old Yeah, yeah,
it was. It was a tool that I have taken
him put in my belt. It doesn't get pulled, have
very off, that's right. But when I if that, if
it does, you know how to do it. It's the
Jacob Davis time is money, boys.

Speaker 2 (55:03):
Man, Let's let's talk about Bluebeard Days a little bit. Yeah, man,
listening to it for me just like it. It feels
like there's some for you, like some redemption in that
record of like figuring out with with by dirt and
next thing, you know, figuring out who who you are

as a as a as a as a man, a husband,
a dad. Kind of the whole spectrum of that thing
for me is what that can you can you speak
to that just.

Speaker 5 (55:31):
A little bit? Man?

Speaker 6 (55:32):
That was what we wanted to do with that record.
Was really kind of came into it, you know, And
that was really my second album. You know, I'd done
two EPs in between them. But you know how everybody
talks about like the second album is like anybody can
have a good first record. In the second is where
we see if there's any stampower. So you're like coming

up with ideas of like what you want to write
about and what's this record supposed to be? And and
I told Paul, my producer, I was like, man, let's
just make the most honest, real record I can make,
you know. And uh and too you know, you know,
being a dad and uh, that's what I write about.

Speaker 5 (56:14):
You know.

Speaker 6 (56:14):
It's like I can sit here and try to write
about pull on old stories that we do every day,
like there's no heart in that.

Speaker 3 (56:22):

Speaker 6 (56:23):
So we started with you know, fishing Spot, a song
about miss my grandpa? Is that a true like kind
of just from inspiration. That's where it's Talita Ben in Texas. Man,
he's the one that taught me how to how to fish.

Speaker 3 (56:36):
Yeah, uh, and.

Speaker 2 (56:37):
Talk about how like this this whole podcast is about.
We say, where country music and the outdoors meets. That
is on the X of that spot right there is
writing a song about literally a rock that that your
granddad used to sit on and I'm not you know.
It was the line It's like, I'm not at your
stone because I'm sitting on your rock.

Speaker 5 (56:55):
At your fishing, huge fishing spot.

Speaker 4 (56:58):
That's a good things I am.

Speaker 6 (57:00):
Because I mean like that's the thing is like, you know,
because you can go you know, he's buried in hamp Hill, Texas,
and I could go to his grave right now and
talk to him and feel like I'm there. Or I
can just go get on my boat and go try
to catch Crappy and I'm closer to him than I
know that deep, you know. And then the memories of

just growing up with him and you know, being out
there and it just it just comes flooding back. So yeah,
that's the that is, That's exactly where music and outdoors meet.
But yeah, and then next thing, you know just how
fast you know, we all got kiddos, and I.

Speaker 4 (57:35):
Can't I ain't on trip. I can't even listen that song.
It a couple of times and then literally every time.

Speaker 3 (57:41):
At song because it's like it's it's.

Speaker 5 (57:44):
How fast four years have gone.

Speaker 6 (57:47):
And then I'll go even as far as to be like,
you know, the times where like I haven't been super present,
like you come home like you got one day to
kind of regroup, or bad time like we're talking about bore.

Speaker 3 (57:56):
We started that time where you talking where.

Speaker 6 (57:58):
You want to get out of it. You know, you're
like this is terrible, and then you're like.

Speaker 3 (58:03):
Oh my god, my daughter's four years Oh man, stop, dude,
you can be right now, I know, man like, And
but that that's all the stuff that we grew.

Speaker 6 (58:12):
Up listening to. I know, we grew up listening to
the same guys. Man, it's a Christopherson Prime Dom Williams.
That was always like just honesty in those dudes. And
it didn't sound like a hit or it didn't you know,
and there's nothing it's a hit. I love hits, but
like that music was just felt real, uh, And that's

what we try to do with Blue Bird Days.

Speaker 5 (58:35):
To just make the most real, honest record we can make.

Speaker 4 (58:38):
How did how did by Dirt go down?

Speaker 5 (58:40):
Give us that?

Speaker 1 (58:40):
Give us that We were at a retreat and outside
of Murphysboro in a camp like a cabin. It's me
and Jordan and then the other two brothers, the.

Speaker 2 (58:49):
Brothers those me too, me too, people in the world.

Speaker 4 (58:54):
We I don't know.

Speaker 3 (58:55):
He was in Green River. He told me that of
the day.

Speaker 2 (59:00):
I was, yeah, I mean, we've been writing and I
had no idea he was that guy. Yeah, that was
a great man too, great man. And Matt still cutting
songs and stuff record coming.

Speaker 1 (59:11):
Out, and MAT's a great singer, a great writer. But anyway,
we're at this cabin and uh, i'd actually say slept in,
but like we've been up pretty late, and I woke
up at probably like eight, you know, and I go
to the coffee maker and dude, it's almost coffee pot's
almost empty. And these boys, all three of them, Jordan's
pretty early riser, but they're all out on the back

porch just in the word man, just reading the Bible,
you know, just kind of trying to kind of get
set in for the day what it's going to be like.
And uh, Jordan had this idea. It was called bought
the Farm, and we were all like, dude, I love
that's really cool. You know, how do we do that?

Speaker 6 (59:48):
Which was ripped from a John Prime line, and he said,
which you can do with time after you already bought
the fallen farm?

Speaker 1 (59:54):
And then Matt Jenkins was like, man, I got this
title man called by Dirt And I had just come
back from fourth of July been with my wife's family.
My father in law told this story about his dad
that told him he was like, look, he was looking
at a piece of property and his dad told him,
He's like you better go get it some and they

ain't make it any more of it. And so I
had that in my phone and I was like, dude,
there is something that we can do with this. And
it was like we walked inside, sat around the bar
there at the kitchen.

Speaker 3 (01:00:26):
Is it an hour and a half hour and a half.

Speaker 1 (01:00:29):
It was quick, and we wanted to write it like
coming from a nine year old man sitting on a porch.
What he would say was.

Speaker 6 (01:00:36):
Our grandpa that you know we had two acres in Stonewall,
Louisiana and had a little fishing pond behind it.

Speaker 3 (01:00:42):
And yeah, bro, that song was long inspired.

Speaker 5 (01:00:44):
It might have got written that day, but it was.

Speaker 6 (01:00:47):
It happened so fast for you know, to him, that
two acres, three bedroom house with a purple Martin bird
house and a little pond was everything.

Speaker 1 (01:00:58):
That's everything.

Speaker 6 (01:00:59):
Like, yeah, you couldn't have you couldn't have told them
any differently.

Speaker 5 (01:01:03):
It's pretty. So that's where that one came from. Well,
I'll tell you, man, there is ah, there's there.

Speaker 3 (01:01:11):
This is immediately gonna sound like I'm putting other artists
down and I'm not there. I feel like in music,
there there are ways you can go right, especially when
you're writing this or when you're cutting a song and
putting it on your record. There are songs, like you said,
that are hits, and a lot of times hits can
can be inspired by your own life or they can

be inspired by other sources. And you're just basically trying
to write a song that people love. But y'all have
developed a way to be true to who you are
and still have hits on those songs. And that's an
extremely rare and very beautiful thing that you can keep
it family, uh, and you can keep it organized. But

at the same time, like these songs are your life.
And that's what I appreciate the most about y'all, not
your duck calling it and y'all taking us once a year,
which we really appreciate, appreciate that, but I appreciate the
fact that you you stay true to who you are
and you're able to build a really beautiful career on that,

and and uh, more power to you. I hope you.
I know you will because that's all you know how
to do. But keep song, keep singing songs, and keep
writing songs about here, great people in it, and that's
why it's so relatable to so many other folks.

Speaker 2 (01:02:31):
And it shows through just having conversations or sharing a
duck camp man. What we talk about and it is
is faith, family, outdoors and country music, man, And that's
kind of where you know, we all grew up in it.

Speaker 4 (01:02:42):
We all are a part of it.

Speaker 2 (01:02:44):
And yeah, just y'all y'all too, I know you know
you just you just live that out man, in your
songs and your stories.

Speaker 5 (01:02:50):
Yeah, it's great stuff.

Speaker 3 (01:02:52):
I appreciate that. I mean, you know, like you could
get up there and dance.

Speaker 5 (01:02:57):
I'm sure can you dance? You dand me? No, man,
you don't know sep it behind the mic, so.

Speaker 6 (01:03:06):
I started to pick the guitar up a lot more
on in my in my later years.

Speaker 3 (01:03:12):
I saw you at a fan but it's not fan
fair anymore.

Speaker 5 (01:03:15):
What is it called?

Speaker 3 (01:03:18):
Because you played after Luke or before Luke?

Speaker 5 (01:03:20):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, And.

Speaker 3 (01:03:21):
I saw you and I was like, man, I'm gonna
go mess. But you were getting like hyped up.

Speaker 5 (01:03:25):
You were like I was. That was my first time
I ever played a stadium.

Speaker 3 (01:03:29):
And I was like, Oh, is that what it was? Yeah?
I was like I was that's I was a nerve
yet let this pup.

Speaker 6 (01:03:37):
I was on the bus too, like because Luke was
part right in front of us, and I'm on the
bus like thirty minutes out. I'm just kind of like
and you're just hearing the roar of however many people
there is, and I was like, dude, I've never played
a stadium.

Speaker 5 (01:03:49):
This is pretty wild.

Speaker 6 (01:03:50):
And then Luke comes up on the bus like hey, man,
like it's another Tuesday, which it is to him it is,
and I'm just like, what's up, man? Is they do
this my first stadium? He's like, oh, yeah, they're cool,
and I'm like thanks.

Speaker 5 (01:04:06):
Like he's looking at it looking at me.

Speaker 6 (01:04:08):
He's like, he's like, yeah, the stadiums are nothing, man,
I do these every weekend.

Speaker 5 (01:04:13):
I'm like, god, dude, I'm kind of.

Speaker 3 (01:04:14):
Nervous sounding board.

Speaker 7 (01:04:18):
His answer was any Luke's pointers was yeah, I don't
screw up.

Speaker 3 (01:04:24):
I was like, what we did? Yeah, even hoped down
on the.

Speaker 1 (01:04:27):
Little stop, dude, I was moving around all.

Speaker 5 (01:04:31):
Once it starts, you kind of get excited, but yeah, you.

Speaker 3 (01:04:34):
Really hype in the corner. And I was like, I'm
not gonna I'm not going to break this cheese.

Speaker 5 (01:04:41):
You should have that would actually like call me down.

Speaker 3 (01:04:43):
You were you were? I was at my little box, yeah, man,
you know, and I'm like, oh man, that's I was like, no, yeah,
I'm sure there was that thing that you were trying
to say.

Speaker 4 (01:04:59):
But it's the part of the show right down for
the one Gattle god dude, just sweet sweet sorry here
here the God's Country Podcast. We get a lot of
these in the background. You know what I'm saying, Like,
I was looking for this.

Speaker 3 (01:05:21):
We do this thing called the one that Got Away.

Speaker 4 (01:05:24):
Yeah, and uh that.

Speaker 3 (01:05:30):
That's how y'all do. Y'all go from the chest.

Speaker 4 (01:05:32):
Yeah, it could be it could be a fish.

Speaker 2 (01:05:34):
It could be a deer, a song, a girl, but
your girl, so they could get us in trouble. Jordan
hit us with The One That Got Away.

Speaker 6 (01:05:44):
So probably twenty sixteen twenty seventeen. I was going in
to make my first record and our buddy Dave Turnbull
had just wrote a song and sent it over to me,
and he's like, man, if you're taking any outside songs
for this record, uh, this is one I just wrote
twenty sixteen.

Speaker 3 (01:06:02):
This is when that has happened.

Speaker 5 (01:06:04):
I think. So it had to be twenty because.

Speaker 6 (01:06:07):
Montana years ago, and Dave was like, man, I wrote
this with Randy Montana the other day and I love it.
He sends it over. I listened to it and it
is currently. Luke Comb's a single that I totally yeah wandered.

Speaker 2 (01:06:23):
Boom boom boom boom boom boom, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (01:06:27):
I'm blanking on the name of all things are was there?
My big brother driven your scale, my big.

Speaker 7 (01:06:40):

Speaker 4 (01:06:42):
It's bag lagging, Jackie.

Speaker 5 (01:06:44):
I don't know what I'm doing.

Speaker 4 (01:06:47):
Out in his mouth, just like our day.

Speaker 6 (01:06:55):
Gigs started that is that night and throwing Mama's.

Speaker 3 (01:07:03):
Going in headlight WI I wear the Wild Things Are
Yeah set that to me.

Speaker 5 (01:07:11):
I listened to it, Uh.

Speaker 3 (01:07:16):
Hard time Gas night Gas there.

Speaker 1 (01:07:29):
My thing of streets and never see War in.

Speaker 3 (01:07:33):
The Sky goes starting. I wear the Wild Things are.

Speaker 5 (01:07:40):
Listen to that song on repeat. I called Dave.

Speaker 6 (01:07:43):
I'm like, dude, this is unreal, and he was worried
about at the end of the song, the brother dies
and he's like, yeah, man, I just don't I think
it's gonna be I don't.

Speaker 5 (01:07:52):
Know if you can kill anybody in a song. And
I was like, hey, I'll cut it.

Speaker 3 (01:07:57):
I sent it in.

Speaker 6 (01:07:58):
I couldn't get my team to get really super excited
about it, so it just lived until the biggest thing
country music made.

Speaker 5 (01:08:06):
It be here, you know, for a while.

Speaker 3 (01:08:13):
Yeah, he held it for a while. I don't know
how long exactly, but I mean there for the longs
it was like, no nobody can cut this. Eric's cutting
and then uh, it came off and Luke was like,
I think a couple of things that that.

Speaker 6 (01:08:31):
So. Can you imagine how mad Dave and Randy would
have been if Jordan Davis would have come.

Speaker 3 (01:08:39):
It's just record somewhere but town though. Man.

Speaker 1 (01:08:44):
That's and I know y'all agree, that's one of the
things that we hear. These songs great songs when they
find a place, when they get to see the light
of day, it's a win for everybody, you know, because
we write so many of them that were like, man,
I you go home, you hang your hat on that day, Like, man,
I work, I wrote my tale off the day, and
I believe in that song.

Speaker 6 (01:09:03):
Chances are, yeah, that's all the chances a song come out,
you know from whoever. Like the first thing I do
is go to the song credits and look at the
writers and like truly get for some but like most
of them, Yeah, I'm like, hell.

Speaker 3 (01:09:21):
Yeah, writers. I feel like most writers love to see
writers win. I love to see the writer win. Absolutely.

Speaker 1 (01:09:33):
I pulled it just like with you boys. Man, it's
like y'all first having you know, kind of love we
make together. Yeah, man, like that was that was pretty
That's special special.

Speaker 3 (01:09:45):
Yeah, I mean y'all did your first one?

Speaker 5 (01:09:47):
Was yeah? With him?

Speaker 4 (01:09:48):
With him, man, that is like you can't script that.
You can't you can't dream.

Speaker 2 (01:09:53):
I mean you can dream of that, but the dream
is you're thinking it's never going to happen because reading.

Speaker 1 (01:09:58):
All honesty, it is like a dream. Man, get up
and write a song.

Speaker 4 (01:10:02):
I mean, look, we're at Bro's sitting here.

Speaker 5 (01:10:04):
We've been talking about music and hunting.

Speaker 6 (01:10:07):
On Monday, we're gonna go write a song here, and
they write songs it's good, and if it is, send
it to.

Speaker 2 (01:10:13):
I'm sending you everything because it's got to go through him,
and he's too much of a buffer.

Speaker 5 (01:10:17):
He keeps saying that. He's like, yeah, stuff, I think
that y'all have started that.

Speaker 1 (01:10:25):
I come on.

Speaker 7 (01:10:29):
You if he's on it, for sure, Jago, y'all send
him something that's good.

Speaker 5 (01:10:33):
He's like, I'm gonna pocket that.

Speaker 6 (01:10:37):
Let's talk about the greatest greatest country song of all time,
greatest country song of all time.

Speaker 4 (01:10:42):
We'll get one from you, one for you.

Speaker 2 (01:10:44):
What we're gonna do is we're gonna make a cod's
country playlist on whatever and put songs that people say
on the uh.

Speaker 6 (01:10:50):
I think my my favorite song and maybe just because
I'm like listening to it a ton right now, dude,
Tom Douglas is little Rock, HM.

Speaker 3 (01:11:00):
Great one.

Speaker 5 (01:11:00):
I love that song.

Speaker 3 (01:11:01):
Yeah, dude, mind Conrad, but yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:11:04):
Coming home from uh coming home from the farm yesterdays
by myself, dude, and I just had the the Prime
Country on and it's just hit me and I just
remembered how much I love this song. But dude, Tracy Lawrence,
if the world had a front.

Speaker 3 (01:11:18):
Porch the other no, I might say that somebody did,
Tracy Lawrence.

Speaker 1 (01:11:26):
If the world had a front pull like we did
back then, we still have our problems, but we'd still
all be friends.

Speaker 3 (01:11:34):
Treating your neighbor.

Speaker 1 (01:11:37):
Next ken, What would wouldn't be gone with the wind
if the world had a front porch like weeded.

Speaker 4 (01:11:45):
Yes, that's right.

Speaker 3 (01:11:46):
It's the versus on the Yeah, the vers the verses.

Speaker 5 (01:11:53):
With her crochet.

Speaker 7 (01:11:54):
It was where Granddaddy taught me because I pray, and
it was what we made our own.

Speaker 6 (01:12:01):
Ice cream.

Speaker 5 (01:12:05):
Us a verse.

Speaker 3 (01:12:06):

Speaker 5 (01:12:07):
He was where my no sat on that old swing
with her crochet, and he was.

Speaker 4 (01:12:14):
Where Granddaddy taught me how to cuts.

Speaker 9 (01:12:17):
I prayed, and it was where we made our own
ice cream.

Speaker 3 (01:12:22):
It was soul tree summer night.

Speaker 6 (01:12:25):
This was where the bulldog had her puppies and us
brothers had our bike.

Speaker 1 (01:12:31):
There were many nights I sit right there and look
up at the stars through the sound of a distant
whipper will.

Speaker 3 (01:12:41):
The hum of a passing car.

Speaker 4 (01:12:43):
It was where we got up the nerve to.

Speaker 6 (01:12:47):
Steal on me nine first kids, and where I learned
to play guitar.

Speaker 3 (01:12:53):
They I had gam If the world had.

Speaker 2 (01:12:57):
A front porch like we did, bag Man, we still
have our problems.

Speaker 9 (01:13:05):
My weed off, the friends, dreating your neighbor like he's
your next king, wouldn't be gone.

Speaker 4 (01:13:16):
With the winds.

Speaker 6 (01:13:17):
Where I go to my nineties country in the world
had a front porch like weed bag Man.

Speaker 3 (01:13:30):
Tracy. Yeah, I played the gig one time and a
guy walked up to He was like, hey man, you
boys good, come outside with me.

Speaker 5 (01:13:37):
We were like, oh, no, this is where we die.
We walked out Grenade, Mississippi. I'll never forget it.

Speaker 3 (01:13:43):
My buddy walks out there, guy goes hold at your hand.
I was like, oh, this is where we die. And
I hold my hand out and he drops like seven
pills in my hand.

Speaker 5 (01:13:53):
Some of them are like in half and some of
them are like crushed up.

Speaker 3 (01:13:56):
And yeah, he was like take him on your ride home. Oh,
and I got one more thing, and I was like,
we're dying. Here's where we die. And he gives me
a c D and it's a silvers Burned CD and
it says Tracy t r. A c y Larynce l

A la n ce like lance with an R.

Speaker 5 (01:14:20):
He's like popping pails.

Speaker 3 (01:14:22):
Listen that on you ride on. So look, we did
pop CD and it was Tracy Larrence all the.

Speaker 5 (01:14:30):
Way home, Larynce.

Speaker 3 (01:14:31):
So we went back to my brother in law Jason's house.
We were going up fifty five to Stan Jackson. YEA,
who you met?

Speaker 1 (01:14:36):
I like him?

Speaker 5 (01:14:37):
Great guy. We get up there.

Speaker 3 (01:14:38):
He's a doctor and I was like, I'll wake up
the next morning. I put my jeans on and put
my handhock, like, oh yeah, I got these on to
see what these are. So I take them down there
and I put them on table and I was like,
obviously throw these away, but like, what are these pills?
He was like, Oh, that's a christmper Dolls muscle relaxer. Uh,
that's half an oxy cotton. That's too advil, and that's
a fourth of a Viagara. He had put a bag

around there, brode the concoction.

Speaker 4 (01:15:04):
It was while, dude, you got a back.

Speaker 3 (01:15:07):
Ache taking care of Tracy's like the trip God, listen
to money. Hell of a ride home.

Speaker 2 (01:15:16):
We would have died, dude, hey Son too Lates flying
up the charts man yeah to song too.

Speaker 3 (01:15:22):
Lates flying Bros. You'll go on it.

Speaker 4 (01:15:24):
Hey, thanks for coming in, man.

Speaker 5 (01:15:27):
Serious, believe it's been an hour. Let's do it again.

Speaker 4 (01:15:30):
Man, this is one of the first times we've all
four hung out in.

Speaker 3 (01:15:34):
And it doesn't need to be.

Speaker 4 (01:15:35):
We need to do this more often.

Speaker 5 (01:15:35):
It's really wonderful.

Speaker 7 (01:15:36):
Let's go chase some turkeys.

Speaker 3 (01:15:38):
Hey, you're talking about it.

Speaker 1 (01:15:40):
I know I know a couple of brothers that know
how to chase them.

Speaker 5 (01:15:43):
Chase some turkeys or catch some crappee. We thank you
all for coming. Love you.

Speaker 4 (01:15:49):
We love you, bros.

Speaker 3 (01:15:50):
We love y'all.

Speaker 4 (01:15:51):
Thanks for hanging out in God's country.

Speaker 5 (01:15:52):
Yeah, thank you.
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