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June 10, 2024 63 mins

We’re more than halfway through Season 7, and we hope you agree these episodes are getting better and better!


París proves she really is a good friend to Rory.  And, happy to see Lucy’s conflict with Rory resolved.


The vasectomy stuff has us all saying hmmmmmm.


Luke deserved to win but we have some questions about his day in court.  


There is something about the timeline in this episode that has us all questioning things.


Is Christopher overreacting or accurate?


To Whom it May Concern… we love that letter.


The end of this one, though. Tough. 

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I am all in.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
That's you.

Speaker 3 (00:16):
I am all in with Scott Patterson an iHeart radio podcast.
It's so weird how you remember like moments in a
show that are like upsetting and with ed herman not
being alive anymore, it's even more painful.

Speaker 1 (00:33):
That it was hard to watch for that reason. Yeah,
I agree, Yeah, but I enjoyed the episode. I really
got a lot of cackles. I've never liked Paris more.
Me too, I saw another side of Lucy.

Speaker 3 (00:52):
Lucy was good in this one. Guys, see that that's
the Lucy I like she was alady under.

Speaker 1 (00:59):
I just enjoyed. Was just a very enjoyable episode from
from top to bottom.

Speaker 2 (01:03):
Iually agree.

Speaker 3 (01:04):
And Paris was at her best, and like, you know what,
Paris is a good friend to Rory and she she
has been a longtime friend and I kind of we'll
talk about it, but yeah, it's like that.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Nice balance she had between being a supportive friend and
still having her edge right being Paris, and that's the
that's the Paris that I like.

Speaker 3 (01:22):
Christopher is a toolbag in this he just did is
He's a tool bag.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
He didn't really come off to me, like with God.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
I think he's overreacting so bad.

Speaker 1 (01:32):
He is, but he is, But that's he's not wrong,
but he's not right.

Speaker 3 (01:37):
Yeah. I would also like if you marry a girl
who canceled her engagement one day before, there's going to
be some residual sort of good What did.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
He think was going to happen?

Speaker 1 (01:49):
The unconscious nature of love, that's the unconscious nature of desire.
We don't see things that are right in front of
our face. And I think that goes for Laura too.
So we're talking about two people who are operating on
levels where they're missing a lot of stuff because they
have this sort of this agenda where you know, they

both want to be together to think it's the right
thing to do. They've been sort of, I don't know,
almost convinced themselves that this is the right thing to do.
And it's not coming from, you know, a really centered,
emotionally mature place. And so they're both you know, it's

fraught with error. And I don't blame them, you know,
and you can't judge them. It's like they're they're trying
to do their best here and make a family. And ye, boy,
I tell you.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
That ship is sailing away.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
That was always hanging by a thread anyway, right, and
we all know that. And I think that's the brilliance
of it, you know, with the brilliance of the writing
that's set up the whole thing is we see that
it's hanging by just a thread, and the tension is
when's it going to break? When's it going to break? Oh? God?
And it did?

Speaker 4 (03:05):
Was that?

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Is this episode? Thirteen twelve? Okay, so Christopher's got one more?

Speaker 1 (03:10):

Speaker 3 (03:10):
One more? No?

Speaker 5 (03:12):
Yeah, you can't and there has to be something.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
There's one.

Speaker 6 (03:15):
No, I think there's I think there's more than one.

Speaker 3 (03:18):

Speaker 6 (03:18):
Because the end of this episode, I actually started remembering
like every I feel like I blacked out the first
half of the season and then now I'm like, oh,
now get to do everything.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
Yeah. Yeah. And it was very very hard for me
to not watch the next episode, almost just for my
own anxiety, because I was like, I need to know
that Richard is like okay, which obviously we all know
he is okay, but I'm not spoiling. Sorry.

Speaker 2 (03:43):
Oh sorry, Daniel, it's hard when it shows now for
twenty year.

Speaker 3 (03:50):
God, I'm so sorry, Daniel. It's okay.

Speaker 5 (03:52):
I figured that there's going to be a hospital scene
and Lucas and I think it's a repeat of the
last hospitals.

Speaker 3 (04:00):
You know that he lives. I'm sorry, Scott, but I
know you know because you have scenes with Betterman. But anyway,
I was kidding, it's uh upsetting this episode. The end
is very very like I got like Ajida and cried.

Speaker 5 (04:17):
Like there's anxiety cliffhanger, like I didn't need that anxiety.

Speaker 3 (04:23):
Going to no, especially what Danielle I have been through,
and like Scott YouTube and with Sam it's like it
was not it was the really deep breathed because it
was very triggering.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
But especially after what we went through witnessing this this
beautiful kind of montage letter, the reading of the letter
which started out and really great and then his voice
taking over and we're going, very well done, And that was.

Speaker 3 (04:57):
Great face acting, Scott Patterson. Great face acting during the
reading of the letter, because you conveyed so much of
how much that letter meant to you.

Speaker 1 (05:07):
And I'm going to throw a flag on myself because okay,
I'm gonna tell you when he blurted out his little
speech about how he thinks he's going to be a
good father and all that, I just thought it wasn't
invested enough. I didn't believe it.

Speaker 2 (05:28):
I didn't believe it did be worried about your parking pass,
your parking ticket.

Speaker 1 (05:35):
I thought that speech should have been far more heartfelt
and I should have raised stakes on it more and
I could.

Speaker 3 (05:44):
I guess I thought it.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
Was flat for me, and I just I would have
not if I was editing the episode and I had
a better choice, I would not have used used.

Speaker 3 (05:54):
A different version of that.

Speaker 5 (05:55):
And I kind of disagree because I feel like Scott
Scott Luke Luke was so was so scrambled in this episode,
Like his thoughts were just like all over the place,
and he gets to the courthouse early and he's nervous
and and I don't know, I felt like and he
wasn't even supposed to speak right, So like him, I
kind of liked him lobbing that a little bit because

then it the emphasis on lorealized letter locking in custody situation,
you know, it just like made it like yep, it's
that letter that really that really really helped because I
don't know, and I like.

Speaker 3 (06:32):
Ask something Scott and tell me, like I don't know
Diddley about acting right other than just like I like
watching acting, I find that you tend to be and
this is a compliment, like an understated actor. I never
feel like you're over the top or over acting, and
I think that's why your performance, especially as Luke, is

so genuine.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
Well that's why I think I'm throwing the flag because
it wasn't emotionally full and it was too large to
try to overcompensate. So it should have been a bigger feeling,
but smaller gestures almost.

Speaker 5 (07:10):
You know.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
I learned a great lesson very early on in my
acting training, and that was because I was larger than
your normal actor.

Speaker 3 (07:20):
Oh you're tall, because you're tall, right, that's interesting.

Speaker 1 (07:23):
Less I do, the better it is. And that's interesting
because I used to be very expressive and very.

Speaker 3 (07:29):
Physical on Seinfeld. What was it was like your episode?

Speaker 2 (07:38):
Were you worthy of the worthy?

Speaker 3 (07:42):
Do you ever think about the fact that you're like
in an iconic Seinfeld?

Speaker 1 (07:46):
That's so insane, that's kind of I got a nice
residual check from that. Yeah, I got a fairly big
one too.

Speaker 3 (07:54):
More than Gilmore.

Speaker 1 (07:55):
No, Gilmore is kind of tapering off, but it's once
in a while you get a big one that what year.

Speaker 6 (08:03):
Did those stop? Because like some people a certain show
a certain year no longer get residuals uh I does it.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
Depends on I think as long as they're on the air,
you get the residence.

Speaker 3 (08:13):
Yeah, I think so, Like it's probably like you get
less though if it's on up TV, then if it's
on the CW or something like that. But Seinfeld, good
for you.

Speaker 1 (08:22):
Yeah, just I realized, you know what I realized the
other day because I realized that Jerry Seinfeld is the
person who really helped jumpstart my career because that show
really vaulted me into anyway, enough about.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
Me, you should send him a little note. Maybe he'll respond.

Speaker 1 (08:41):
I just I just saw an interview with him and
Barry Weiss. He was fascinating.

Speaker 3 (08:44):
Yeah he was. He says some things, but okay, okay, Jerry, whatever,
stand up. Not that long ago I went to his show.

Speaker 1 (08:57):
Comedy is a big deal right now. Comedy is really
in demand right now.

Speaker 5 (09:03):

Speaker 3 (09:03):
Yeah, I have a handful that I like. But anyway, I.

Speaker 1 (09:06):
Wish I'd been better in that scene. That's all I'm saying.
I wish I'd been better.

Speaker 3 (09:10):
Well that's good for you to say. We don't agree,
but good people to say Susanne, you want to take
it away?

Speaker 1 (09:15):
Oh first, hang on, I think we need to do it.
I got to do an intro. Hey, three two one,
Hey everybody, Scott Patterson here, I am all in podcasts,
well on professions. iHeartRadio. I heart podcast. I know Amy's
always trying to avoid that. No, but I like it.

Speaker 3 (09:30):
Like we've been on the air the whole time. I
got here a little lake because.

Speaker 1 (09:33):
I would, because I like doing it, because it's now,
it's official.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
It's sometimes I don't know if we're just chatting, because
like we all chat a lot. I know you.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
I know you're trying to get me not to do it.
I'm doing it, and the episode I'm actually gonna do
it again. Hey everybody, Scott Patterson. I season seven, episode twelve,
what's the name of this thing?

Speaker 5 (09:56):
Straight out of to concerns who are make it?

Speaker 6 (10:00):

Speaker 1 (10:01):
Of course, the original title was straight out of Brooklyn,
but they changed the title. I am joined by my I.

Speaker 3 (10:06):
Forget my setup. I'm fully in bed.

Speaker 1 (10:09):
She's one hundred and seven degrees in bed in normal.

Speaker 6 (10:11):
It looks like you're on a top bunk and sweating.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
Danielle rom terror suit is out of her cast she's
putting on the leg Yes, in.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
Time for Janet Jackson, just for Janet, Tara and Danielle
and I sorry, Scott's ant are going to Janet Jackson
on Wednesday. Oh wow, what have you done for me lately?

Speaker 1 (10:34):
I tell you, I keep missing those Janet Jacksons. There's
there's a hole in my life.

Speaker 3 (10:41):
Size Yeah, up side, Danielle, miss Romo. If your nasty,
thank you.

Speaker 5 (10:51):
Okay, guys, this is season seven, episode twelve, To whom
it May Concern, Air date January thirtieth, two thousand and seven.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
You know, I was trying to think of that, and
then said I heard, but.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
I couldn't think that's the best one.

Speaker 1 (11:06):
I heard the rhythm of it, but I'm.

Speaker 3 (11:08):
Like, we are a part. I can't the nation?

Speaker 2 (11:13):
Go ahead?

Speaker 3 (11:13):
Go ahead? He's Scott walked me right into that, Like
I couldn't come on, okay.

Speaker 5 (11:18):
Rory returns to Yale after winter break and leaves Lucy
a note apologizing. While Paris plans for their future, Sukie
finds out she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Luke's custody back April
comes to an end with a victory, and Christopher questions
Laura like about her true feelings for Luke after reading
her character reference letter.

Speaker 3 (11:39):
Dude, Christopher was like, outy five thousand. That was like crazy,
But anyway, we'll get to that.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
This was the first episode that had Lauren credited as
a producer.

Speaker 3 (11:49):
Oh really, no, no, I thought I've seen that before. Guys.
Oh no, you know what, and I'm confusing that with
a different show.

Speaker 5 (11:58):
It just makes sense as to why it's getting good again.

Speaker 2 (12:01):
Yeah, yes, I have a big red flag, but we'll
get to that.

Speaker 3 (12:09):
I have a couple but still it's yeah, it's mostly good.
And it's like it's Gilmore good. It's not even just
season seven good. It's like Gilmore good.

Speaker 2 (12:16):
It's good, yeah, right in the grand scheme of Gilmore.

Speaker 3 (12:20):

Speaker 2 (12:22):
So it starts out at the end of Friday Night
Dinner where they're leaving. Oh yeah, the gross the tequila
cactus sauce on the quail, like that whole thing just
none of that sounded right.

Speaker 1 (12:40):

Speaker 2 (12:41):
Yeah, And I googled it because I was curious, like
is this a real thing? And I found a recipe
for chicken mast lawn, but it didn't have a tequila
cactus sauce. It just was like taco sauce or something.

Speaker 6 (12:54):

Speaker 2 (12:54):
So, and one thing that caught my eye in the
scene will not my eye, I guess it was my
but so had we had a big gap we had
when they had the argument about the party. That was
at the beginning of December, and then we skipped to
January twenty third was the Christmas episode, and I just

assumed that the party had happened kind of in that interim.
But in the opening of this episode, Emily says to
Laura I that she's not going to be available to
work on the seating chart for the party. So I realized,
oh wait, that that big like re wedding party hasn't
happened yet. I guess that kind of surprised because it's
been like six weeks.

Speaker 6 (13:38):
Yeah yeah, and like school's just getting.

Speaker 3 (13:41):
Back, like it may never happen.

Speaker 2 (13:44):
Yes, So I just thought that was one of those
things that they never showed us that they had the party.
We just didn't see it. But apparently it hasn't happened yet.
But anyways, so they go outside and Christopher wants to
just three with the chicken or the quail. In the book,
Laurel I tells the story about how they did that
once and the neighbor's cat dragged it onto the backpack.

That made me laugh, and then okay, so then it
goes to Laurel's house. The next morning, uh Suki shows
up with coffee and muffin tops, and she's acting like
kind of whiny and kind of like she's acting really.

Speaker 3 (14:27):
Wait, sorry, sorry, sorry, did we talk about whatever gross
thing they ate? Sorry if my brain glitched. Okay, yeah,
because I've never eaten that and I don't want to Okay, sorry,
back to the muffin tops, which I'm a huge fan of.

Speaker 2 (14:41):
Yeah, I agree, I like muffin tops. I and I
was curious about the muff and bottom pie that they
can't talk.

Speaker 3 (14:48):
Can I give a couple of flags on this scene? Yes,
Suki constantly getting up and getting those napkins, the cloth napkins,
and then getting up again and getting a cloth napkin,
and then and the cloth napkin. It was like very distracting,
and she was so weird. It's like they weren't they
didn't want to eat, which I is kind of like

a pet peeve. Like Christopher was eating the muff and
like a pea sized crumb of them, and I'm like
that is so distracting. Just don't eat it, you know
what I mean? Just be like, yuh, I can't wait
to eat this muffin and then chitter chattered, chitter chatter,
and we'll just assumuate it after clock.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
Napkins are not at all consistent with lauralized at all.
I'm like, she's paper towels all the way, dude.

Speaker 6 (15:30):
For sure.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
Those were like those were like pressed like with an
iron cloth, napkins folded. I'm like, did Suki bring those?
What is happening? And who eats like a cloth.

Speaker 6 (15:39):
Nap often maybe it's a Chris thing. I don't know's
rearranging the house, God getting.

Speaker 2 (15:49):
Them off of the shelf. She didn't bring them in?

Speaker 3 (15:51):
Well I know, yeah, and it was like too many
props or something. But anyway you.

Speaker 1 (15:58):
Go, Scott, I think Sukie getting up so many times
just you know, trying to express her nervousness. Yeah, yeah,
acting sense because she popped the question.

Speaker 6 (16:07):
I kind of had an issue with like this storyline.
I just felt like it was dragged on too many scenes,
Like I could have told you she was pregnant the
second she showed up and was acting like I didn't
need four more scenes.

Speaker 3 (16:19):
Of it, you know, or like, I also don't think
she's gonna like be that weird about asking lower Light
to babysit. It's her freaking best friend. She'd be like, Hey,
we really need a day. Can you just like take
care of the kids for a few hours? Like it
was so weird. It's like, really you need muffin tops
for that? Come on, although, is this the show that
invented muffin tops?

Speaker 5 (16:41):
And assume they got it because I feel like it
was popular during the time.

Speaker 3 (16:44):
Yeah, I think muffin tops became like a thing right
around that time.

Speaker 6 (16:48):
I'm going to google it.

Speaker 3 (16:49):
I don't know that whole scene was really Yeah, it
wasn't so.

Speaker 5 (16:55):
I did like the coffee.

Speaker 3 (16:56):
It's got some forst bit the coffee tibit was you
meek and interesting. Scott forced, Yes, it felt weird. I
agree with you, it's weird.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
I didn't understand why laurla I told Chris that it
was Luke's coffee, Like same, why would she?

Speaker 3 (17:12):
Why was she telling him about the letter? But yet
she's like, by the way, you're drinking Luke's coffee, got
choke on it exactly, here's my wound.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
Like you said, it's good coffee. She could have just
said yeah.

Speaker 3 (17:29):
It is asked.

Speaker 1 (17:33):
He asked.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Weird and weird like and Suki is going to go
I don't know that.

Speaker 6 (17:42):
What time is it?

Speaker 3 (17:47):
Why are they up?

Speaker 2 (17:49):
Because they were going to go skiing?

Speaker 3 (17:51):
Why is Flora l I up?

Speaker 2 (17:53):
She woke her up coffee?

Speaker 3 (17:55):
No, I think Laura was in the kitchen.

Speaker 2 (17:57):
She was in the kitchen.

Speaker 6 (17:58):
I think all they were doing that day was Christal
was setting up the TV.

Speaker 3 (18:01):
I don't think there was until ten. Where's gg what?

Speaker 2 (18:06):
Speaking of that? I I had a I guess a
red flag on that because they were at Friday night
dinner and then they're in Laurel Live's kitchen the next morning.

Speaker 6 (18:18):
So where's the kids?

Speaker 3 (18:20):
Well, it's Saturday, she's at the grandparents, that's right. He
does call that.

Speaker 2 (18:23):
I don't say she's at the grandparents. But the whole
day is Saturday, which means Luke was in court on Saturday.

Speaker 3 (18:32):

Speaker 2 (18:33):
Richard was in his office at Yale on a Saturday.
Lucy said she had a class. It was Saturday.

Speaker 3 (18:41):
Really what?

Speaker 2 (18:47):
Because John and I were watching it and we're like,
wait a minute, it's saturdayday. All this stuff happening on
a Saturday.

Speaker 3 (18:53):
I had a court on Saturday.

Speaker 6 (18:55):
Yeah, that is really that's funny. I didn't even think
about that all out.

Speaker 2 (19:01):
And then another thing from this scene too before we
move on, one thing that that actually my husband caught
this was there's artwork on you know, because they're in
Laura on the doors right there. Did you see the artwork?

Speaker 3 (19:14):
I saw art work on the fridge or a picture
of the fridge.

Speaker 2 (19:19):
There was artwork on her bedroom door. And then when
Suki is at Suki's that same artwork is in substygen.

Speaker 6 (19:29):

Speaker 3 (19:30):
Somebody on our crack staff needs to screenshot that and
screenshot that for Instagram because that's craze.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
I actually did. I grabbed pictures of it life.

Speaker 3 (19:41):
Thank you. Can you text it in the group? That
would be awesome. Because I noticed there was a picture
of Gigi on the fridge. Now, yes, I saw that too,
so I was like, oh, those an't I don't like those
little touches. But yeah, this scene was the napkin thing
was really telling me. I was like, why am I
so obsessed? And I couldn't get my brain to go
back to the conversation because I'm like, both napkins like

it Saturday. I like a cloth napkin too, but Saturday
morning with a muffin top, like, just eat that thing.
And then you know Christopher with his sized bites, I'm like, dude,
eat it, come on, eat it.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
And then so then it goes to just a real
quick sort of a transitional scene where we're at Yale.
Everyone has a roller bag. I guess everyone takes roller
bags on Christmas break and then brings back their roller
bags because every single backack have a roller bag. And
Rory sticks a letter on Lucy's door apartment door.

Speaker 3 (20:39):
I was happy though that the door was different from
when we left it. A few of the stickies were
gone and some new, so I was like, good detail. Yeah,
who ever does that? Scott scripty? I don't know whoever
does that good stuff?

Speaker 6 (20:53):
It might be Scripty.

Speaker 3 (20:54):
Also shout out to Brad Pitt, who eats on camera,
and I have to say respect, Brad Pitt, thank you.

Speaker 6 (21:00):
Wait what were you watching Oceans?

Speaker 3 (21:02):
He eats through the whole movie and.

Speaker 1 (21:04):
I love he's always snacking.

Speaker 3 (21:06):
It's so good. I would it's great, Like, come on,
you're a.

Speaker 5 (21:13):
Good, good fake eater. I mean you actually eat Scott
better at it?

Speaker 6 (21:18):
Yeah, yeah, he's good.

Speaker 7 (21:19):
At it.

Speaker 1 (21:21):
That it's just because I'm always hungry.

Speaker 5 (21:25):
Like great, this is snack time.

Speaker 1 (21:26):
I just enjoy eating.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
So then we go to laurel I's living room. I
guess I should say laurela in Christopher's living room because
you know it's his house now too. And he's got
the flat screen and a bunch of pieces all over
the living room and his plan for the day is
going to be to set up this, uh, this TV.
Laurel I makes fun of him because he was using

her conditioner and his hair smells good. I thought that
was kind of cute, that little banter. She's like, you
don't have anything to condition and yeah, that was a
good little scene. He can't find the level to make
sure the TV is straight, which becomes important later.

Speaker 5 (22:15):
Which is my red flag, but we'll deal with that later, Okay.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
Then we go to outside the courtroom and Luke looks
very nice. He's shaved, he's in a nice suit and
kind of talks to the lawyer about what's going to happen.
And then Anna shows up and she's her typical obnoxious
self and making it sound.

Speaker 6 (22:40):
Like I just wanted to like off my screen.

Speaker 5 (22:42):
Yes, like she's trying to intimidate Luke get out of here.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
Yeah, and when she was saying like, you don't have
a history of long relationships with women like that has
zero to do with parenting. So yeah, that's completely irrelement.
First all, it's not even really that true, but it's
completely irrelevant.

Speaker 5 (23:03):
I have a question a diner like she was like
totally liken to squish him down. Yeah, but I do
have a question.

Speaker 6 (23:11):
I can't I can't remember. And Susanne you might know
the answer to this, But does Anna know about Luke's
relationship with Rory or was the letter the first time
that she may have heard it?

Speaker 3 (23:24):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (23:25):
They never really addressed that.

Speaker 6 (23:26):
Yeah, because like I don't even think that Rory and
Anna cross paths, like in the way that's like, oh,
this is Rory. She grew up in stars Hal you know,
I don't think. So, just wondering, like, I.

Speaker 1 (23:36):
Don't you have to imagine that Luke had mentioned it,
had mentioned it to his daughter.

Speaker 6 (23:44):
Yeah, no, no, not.

Speaker 1 (23:45):
To son would have gone on April, got it?

Speaker 5 (23:51):
Got it?

Speaker 6 (23:51):

Speaker 1 (23:52):
Yeah, Yeah, there's cutting a lot of time together and
during his hiatus from the wedding, I guess if you
want to call it that.

Speaker 6 (24:00):
That's true.

Speaker 1 (24:01):
Yeah, probably shared with her, shared with ape.

Speaker 2 (24:05):
So then owen Uh, George Anthony Bell was in that scene.

Speaker 3 (24:13):
He was the that's right dialg Oh yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
He was the he was the officer.

Speaker 2 (24:19):
Yes, that was nice to see him and a fine actor.

Speaker 3 (24:24):
Yeah, definitely yes.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
And then we go to Okay, so the lawyers come,
they go inside the conference room. The parking ticket, yeah,
the party, yeah, whatever it was.

Speaker 3 (24:36):
That wasn't your best acting, scut, but otherwise fine, and
she was not. That scene was weird because I didn't
think Sherylyn Fenn was quite on point yet. It was
a little bit I don't know. Maybe it was supposed
to be awkward though, because it's so awkward, So maybe
the parking ticket thing is like just adds to the awkwardness.
So so maybe he didn't have anything else to make
small talk about that I was feeling how awkward it is,

so maybe bravo.

Speaker 1 (24:58):
I don't know, it was all just too comfortable right away.
I mean, that's your adversary right there. Yeah, they sit
next to each other. Yeah, I know.

Speaker 2 (25:09):
So then Rory comes back into her apartment, coming back
from winter break and Paris has these whiteboards all over
the place and this is her game plan that she
calls Operation Finish Line for getting through their last semester
of college. And I thought that was funny, Like, I
thought that was just so on point for Paris to

do something like that. Oh yet like all these.

Speaker 3 (25:32):
Checkboxes, it was so funny, and yet those charts were
like my.

Speaker 6 (25:36):
Eyes, I know, I was like trying to read it.

Speaker 3 (25:39):
Am I wrong? That there were poster side hot size
versions and then mini versions for the table.

Speaker 6 (25:46):
Multiple Yeah, it was that made me so Paris though,
like we I would expect nothing less.

Speaker 2 (25:55):
I know, I loved it. I thought it was hilarious.

Speaker 3 (25:58):
Yeah, me too, And that's that I know, not that,
but it's such a great scene in the cafeteria, Like
that's that's like a great scene anyway, I'll shut up.

Speaker 2 (26:07):
Yeah, the pair is definitely was a highlight of this.

Speaker 1 (26:10):
Episode for me.

Speaker 2 (26:12):
So then we go to Suki's Loreleyes knocking on the door.
Suki can't decide what to wear, and there's.

Speaker 6 (26:21):
So much going on with Lorelei's outfit, from the scarf
to the sweater.

Speaker 1 (26:28):

Speaker 2 (26:29):
That yeah, that whole outfit with the I don't know
she'd taken that sweater vest off, I would have liked
it better, But that was they went hard on that
trend and Gilmore girls with the tights o the big shirt. Yeah,
totally fall sweater over the big shirt. That was popular
for a while and it could just stay in the past.

So really there there, There wasn't really anything significant in
that scene. It was kind of just setting the stage
that Loreley gets there, and again Suki is still kind
of acting all weird and scattered and she's she's I
thought it was weird that she wanted Lorala to come babysit,
but then when it's actually time to leave, she doesn't
want to go and she's crying saying, David, don't you

want mommy to play with you?

Speaker 3 (27:12):
Like that? That didn't track for me.

Speaker 6 (27:16):
Well that's why I was like, I didn't need this
many scenes about yeah dookie, Yeah, but I didn't need.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
That many, right. It was a little kind of over
the top, and I didn't I didn't pick up on
the pregnancy thing at first, so I'm like, I didn't
understand any of this because I'm like, where are they
going with this? Like why is she all weird. I
mean the first time I watched it, obviously I knew
what happened, but yeah, it just was a weird thing.

So then we go to Richard's office on a Saturday again,
and it was cute. I thought, Rory's visiting, you know,
her grandpa's office, and he's got a desk and everything,
and he's all excited to talk about this semester and.

Speaker 6 (28:03):
Did you remember what would happen? Because this scene is
when I remembered the ending of this episode. This scene,
I was like, oh no, like this is when I knew.

Speaker 2 (28:13):
Yeah, yeah, I didn't exactly remember that it was in
this episode, but I knew it was coming at some point.

Speaker 3 (28:20):

Speaker 2 (28:20):
Yeah. And but then Richard notices that Rory's kind of
upset because she's still agitated about the Lucy thing, and
so you know, they.

Speaker 5 (28:30):
I thought, I love I love Richard and Rory scenes.
I really, I think they have such great chemistry as actors.
But also I don't know, I think they're just so
cute together, Like he gets excited to work and show
can I show you my syllabus? Can you know.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
The way he I might be going out of order,
but the way he knows something's wrong exactly.

Speaker 5 (28:57):
Yeah, He's like, what it was actually happening, and she
just like whatever.

Speaker 3 (29:02):
He calls her, like an affectionate name or whatever. It's
just like they really do seem like grandfather and granddaughter.
They really really cute. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (29:10):
I enjoyed that scene. That was a nice moment. I
thought it was good for him that he recognized, like
from her face that something was wrong, and then he
pivoted and comforted her about that because she was upset
about the whole Mitcham thing and she went to him crying.
He was like, I don't know what to do with this,

like it threw him off his game. But now this
time when she comes to him and she's upset, he
went with it and he knew like exactly what to do.

Speaker 4 (29:39):

Speaker 5 (29:39):
I think with Mitcham, he was took it offensively because
that's his person or somebody of his caliber squashing his granddaughter.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
Yeah, I'm talking about before that, before he knew that
Mitcham was involved, when she just went to them and said,
I'm not going back to Yale, and and her parents
didn't know or they knew why, but they didn't believe
Laura Lai why. It was just a contrast for me
because she went to him upset one time and he
didn't know what to do with her, and then this
time when she went to him and she was upset,

he was like very grandfatherly and yeah, sweet and comforting.
So that was that was all I was trying to say.
And the exact quote is here, Murray, you're a great
person with a great heart, and that combination will always
win the day. That was a nice a nice sentiment.

Speaker 5 (30:33):
That was cute.

Speaker 2 (30:34):
So okay. Then we get to Suki's and we find
out that they came home early because Jackson wouldn't let
Suki drink. He wouldn't let her ski.

Speaker 5 (30:51):
I would be so mad.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
And so then like Suki's upset and she's like, I'm
going to go take care of my kids now.

Speaker 3 (30:58):
Is that okay?

Speaker 6 (31:00):
The whole time I was like where did they go?
Where they're like skiing? Like how far did they drive?
And then turn back around like how.

Speaker 1 (31:09):
Far part of the country. There's all kinds of little
ski resorts all over the.

Speaker 3 (31:16):
Yeah, you could totally go for the day. Happened a day, okay?

Speaker 2 (31:21):
Yeah, Because and then they talked about she wanted to
have alcohol at lunch so I figured like they were
gone at least a couple hours because it's now after lunch.

Speaker 5 (31:30):

Speaker 3 (31:30):

Speaker 2 (31:32):
And then this is where lore Lean and Jackson have
the conversation that he never got the viseector.

Speaker 3 (31:41):
Oh my god, dude, which we knew, but dude, so
well we didn't.

Speaker 2 (31:50):
We didn't know.

Speaker 3 (31:51):
That we need it. So because we nobody gets a
bisect me in five minutes.

Speaker 2 (31:59):
I have big feelings about this. So what do you
guys think?

Speaker 3 (32:03):
It's a mess. It's a total mess. It was crazy
that she thought he was going to go get a
vaseectomy four minutes later, and also crazy that he said
he did it and didn't do it. But it's all
it's all like kind of crazy in the sense of comedy, right, Scott, Like,
it's sort of like.

Speaker 6 (32:16):
I laughed at it because I forgot that. I forgot
that in the hospital room when she gave birth, She's like,
go to the other room, get the.

Speaker 1 (32:24):
Back, which is I mean, I didn't think one thing
about this scene was funny. Agreed, nothing about it was funny.
It was just kind of uncomfortable to watch, you know.
It's just anyway, Yeah, I I didn't.

Speaker 3 (32:44):
It's forced a little bit again right, Scott, like it
is this is this like some writer's room and they're like,
we need something, let's do this. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (32:55):
I don't I don't know that. I don't know that
vasctomy is you know, a central comedic tenant and I
don't know in comedy college, listen, we got to really like,
we got to really work on the judge, the old
their gold. I mean, everybody's got to have a good Vesela.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
Do you think when when she had the baby and
said go get a vasectomy, like it was like, go
get me some gum at the you know, little market.
It was always intended for this scenario. No, Like, do
you think or do you think they were like we
never solved that vasectomy?

Speaker 6 (33:36):
That's probably what they did.

Speaker 3 (33:37):
Have a baby.

Speaker 6 (33:39):
Wait, isn't this when she's actually pregnant. Wasn't Melissa McCarthy.

Speaker 2 (33:46):
Yeah, presumably somebody. I don't know if it was the
writer's idea or Melissa McCarthy wanted it. They decided to
make Suki pregnant, so they had to explain away this
vasectomy that had supposedly transparted.

Speaker 6 (34:00):
That has to be why. I don't think they just
were like, let's pick this joke from three seasons ago.

Speaker 2 (34:06):
But it was such a crappy way to do it, Like,
I feel like it was so disrespectful to Suki to
take to have Jackson make that decision, because that makes
him a complete hole. It just ruined Jackson's character for
me that he she's been going it's been two years now.

Did she thought he had aseectomy? And and you know,
I yes, he thought she was on the pill, so
he thought he didn't need to tell her. But that
doesn't make it okay because you can still get pregnant
on the pill.

Speaker 5 (34:44):
But didn't he say that the half of my cousin?

Speaker 1 (34:47):
Oh really?

Speaker 3 (34:48):

Speaker 5 (34:49):
Didn't she same situation too, has I'm supposed to get
of a sectamy? Didn't? She was on the pill, got
pregnant with twins.

Speaker 6 (34:56):
But wait, did she know that he didn't get the vasectomy?

Speaker 3 (34:59):
No, she did.

Speaker 5 (35:00):
You're talking about my cousin. Yeah, no, she she did know,
but she was like pressing and pressing and pressing him,
and he was like, I'm gonna do it. We gonna
do it, we gonna do it, and just do it.

Speaker 6 (35:14):
But didn't Laurel I say, well, Suki just got off
the pill and then doesn't Jackson say like, I know.

Speaker 3 (35:20):
Sause, I know that now.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
Oh God, I would have to say, if you were
going to give a free pass to a guy that
you know, delaying the decision to end his ability to
have children would be a pre.

Speaker 5 (35:35):
Legit hashtag reversible.

Speaker 1 (35:41):
Oh is it really want to have it done and
then reverse it? Because that's two surgeries.

Speaker 5 (35:47):
Now, I don't want to hear about no surgery.

Speaker 2 (35:55):
Sections. I don't want to hear about to surgery exactly what.

Speaker 1 (36:00):
No, I'm not I don't want to start a war
with you, Susanne. It's it's just you know that kind
of a procedure is like, I don't know. I'm just
trying to think if my if my wife asked me
to get a visectomy, how I would feel.

Speaker 3 (36:18):
Well, a lot of people are cool with it, like
if they've got like.

Speaker 5 (36:23):
What my husband's cool with it? Well, yeah, he's actually
like down for after that, Yeah, like when can I.

Speaker 2 (36:31):
Get this done?

Speaker 1 (36:35):
I'm just making an observation of view.

Speaker 3 (36:40):
Some men might be like, I.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
Don't want anything down there to not want one. It's
totally fine to not want one, but it should be
a conversation between the couple. It shouldn't be like, she
thought I had this done and I didn't have it done,
but I'm going to not tell her that she could
still get pregnant.

Speaker 3 (36:56):
And also though she shouldn't have said like to do
that in the first place.

Speaker 2 (37:00):
It was bad, but it was one hundred times worse
that he didn't tell her that he didn't have it done,
because now he has this knowledge that she can get
pregnant and she doesn't have that knowledge. Like that's completely
like an imbalance of the power in the relationship, and
the person who's actually going to have the pregnancy should

be in on that.

Speaker 6 (37:23):
I agree with that.

Speaker 1 (37:24):
You know, I just thought of a good vasectomy joke
speaking of.

Speaker 3 (37:27):
You did you get it at comedy college?

Speaker 1 (37:29):
No? No, no, no. It just popped into my head. I'm
trying to formulate the right wording, but it's something along
the lines of, Hey, this girl walked up to me.
I didn't even know she said, you know what, she
got to know me a little bit. She goes, you know,
you know how to have a best actively. I don't know.
That's not good, but you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (37:50):
I'm saying I just feel like it should have been
a conversation was that in comedy junior college, it was
extremely Jackson to behave that way.

Speaker 3 (38:04):
The whole thing's totally crazy, and I don't know very many.
I mean, then they're a good couple. So I don't
know a lot of like solid couples that are like
doing that well.

Speaker 2 (38:12):
And the thing is, like, if they wanted to have
Suki get pregnant because they needed a way to put
it in the story, vasectomies fail like they could have
just rather than having Jackson like intentionally take an action
that makes him into a complete jerk.

Speaker 1 (38:31):
All right, better, you really have problems as a man.
If somebody who you're just friends with, whose female female
friend says, you know what, I think you should get
a vasectomy.

Speaker 3 (38:47):
Into a bar, that's not good because it's not good.
It's fine anyway.

Speaker 2 (38:54):
So I hated everything about that storyline. I think I'm
so out of order.

Speaker 1 (39:02):
You're out of order. I'm out of order. You're out
of order.

Speaker 3 (39:08):
This whole pods haven't the amazing Lucy and Paris yet.

Speaker 2 (39:13):
Yet we're getting move this along, kids.

Speaker 1 (39:17):
Did Lucy ask Paris to get actomy?

Speaker 3 (39:22):
So Jackson goes and tells, I want to google good jokes.
Let me see if I can find them.

Speaker 1 (39:30):
Listen in the hands of a professional comedy writer, I
think my concept could elicit laughter.

Speaker 5 (39:39):

Speaker 3 (39:42):
Nothing turns me on like a guy shooting blanks.

Speaker 5 (39:46):
Did say snow seeds?

Speaker 1 (39:52):
The big the biggest insult I ever got from a
woman was somebody who was who was a friend, told
me I should get a sectomy.

Speaker 3 (40:00):
It's not good when it's not true. What does a
Christmas tree and a man who's had a vaseect to
me have in common? What is what a Christmas tree
and a man who's had a to me haven't common?
Get the bleep button ready, you might have to bleep me.

Speaker 1 (40:16):
Uh, it's uh Christmas tree.

Speaker 3 (40:19):
I don't know what ornamental balls?

Speaker 1 (40:25):
Something a ball?

Speaker 3 (40:27):
But hold on, let me see if I can find Oh.

Speaker 2 (40:29):
My gosh, this is this is taking a turn top
ten things you don't want to hear during your vasectomy.

Speaker 3 (40:36):
It looks like we'll need to call the pediatrician in
for you.

Speaker 1 (40:41):
I don't even understand that.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
So when like Jackson goes and tells Suki that she's pregnant,
so I guess that's why Suki. They made Suki act
so over the top. Was because somehow Jackson knows that
she's pregnant, Like, how does Jackson know.

Speaker 3 (41:07):
Too? She's been acting so Perskin was clear, remember like
saying it just like thats so they did. I did
like the.

Speaker 6 (41:16):
Line where Laura was like, well, should we go tell her?

Speaker 3 (41:20):
I like her body?

Speaker 2 (41:23):
Yeah, And then so she's understandably upset and she's like,
you better take care of that before I get back,
and they go they leave the house to go on
a walk and then we go to back to the
conference room. So after that insanity, we talk.

Speaker 3 (41:38):
About like the socks, the whole like playing with the
kids stuff. That was awesome when.

Speaker 6 (41:46):
She handed her purse over, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (41:49):
To socks and then the house is a mess. Whatever.

Speaker 2 (41:52):
But I thought it was cute, like because Laura is
she's on there, y, you know, she's she's like a
she's like a five year old.

Speaker 3 (42:01):
And what's thatother one's name, Davy? What's the other one's name, Charlotte, Martha.
We didn't we didn't see her.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
We have.

Speaker 3 (42:09):
That those plastic babies are expensive.

Speaker 1 (42:11):
Continue, yeah, me to you, that's sect to all of us.

Speaker 3 (42:22):
God, keep going. I just want to get to that Paris, Lucy.

Speaker 2 (42:27):
God, Okay, we're getting we're getting to the par scenes.

Speaker 1 (42:29):
It's like a song lyric, you know, that's to me.

Speaker 2 (42:35):
So now we're in we're back in the courtroom, and
this is where the Anna's lawyer makes that rude comment
about how she spent more time with the bus driver.

Speaker 6 (42:45):
Okay, yeah, I had a really big issue with her
lawyer because also if I like, I don't think her
points were valid, She's like, well, how he wasn't in
her life, and I want to be like, because he
didn't know about her, like, it's not like a.

Speaker 3 (43:02):
Purpose a lawyer, which is why she lost.

Speaker 6 (43:05):
Well yeah, and then also it just made me really
upset that there was always that comment about being working
at a diner, because I I really don't understand how
that is like such an issue. And he's like, what
owned the diner? And I wanted to be like, who
cares whether he owned it? He worked there? Like it
were degrading, So what exactly it's so different? It was

so degrading, and it just made me mad for like,
I don't know, just I didn't like the way that
that part was written.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
I was right, and I wanted Luke's lawyer to point
out that Anna didn't have any problem leaving Ape Luke
for weeks while she went to her mother's house.

Speaker 1 (43:45):
So there was a lot there was a lot of
low hanging fruits that didn't get there. Yeah, yeah, it was.
It was a great right.

Speaker 3 (43:56):
You can't you can't sum up a custody hearing in
an eight minute Yeah, it's like, come on, no less.

Speaker 1 (44:03):
It was like a minute.

Speaker 6 (44:04):
Two minute scenes and only one cord hearing.

Speaker 3 (44:08):
It kind of.

Speaker 2 (44:09):
Stressed me out because I felt like, oh my gosh,
they're really not making a good case for Luke here,
Like I don't know that if this is going to
go in his favor.

Speaker 3 (44:15):
I think that was the whole sweat we're all supposed
to be like, it was the letter the letter saved
at all.

Speaker 2 (44:23):
Right, So then we go to Sukie Lorelei or walking
around town.

Speaker 3 (44:30):
This is cute. That was That was actually a very
good scene, and you really I like them? Yeah right, yeah, laure.

Speaker 2 (44:38):
Reminding here all the good things about having a baby.

Speaker 3 (44:41):
Yeah, that was cute.

Speaker 1 (44:42):
How about this somebody walks up and says vest ectomy
and you say, no thanks, I just had a borrow soap.

Speaker 3 (44:48):
Nope, nope, nope. But that was a cute scene. And
also we kind of know that Laureli's got baby fever
a little bit. That sort of came out in that scene, right.

Speaker 2 (44:58):
Yeah, because she says the topic has come up and
it might come up again, although.

Speaker 3 (45:01):
Her relationship's about to be blown.

Speaker 1 (45:03):
Would you ever name a racehorsectomy?

Speaker 3 (45:06):
There's something about this episode just remind me when we
get to the movies, because there's something about that has
me totally irritated about the movies. Just so you know, wait,
based off what scene the baby stuff?

Speaker 1 (45:18):
Oh okay, got it.

Speaker 2 (45:19):
So now we're at the Yale dining hall, so Amy,
I know you've been waiting for this moment.

Speaker 3 (45:24):
Oh this. I just really loved this scene. I thought
it was very genuine. I thought Rory was good. I
thought Paris was amazing. She really shows like what a
true friend she is and took the bull by the horn.
She's like, you know what, Rory, I'm gonna handle this.
Lucy was very good, understated good. I just love that
whole scene and we needed it. It was great.

Speaker 6 (45:47):
It also was like I just need this storyline to end,
and I was like, thank you Paris for just walking
over and making them talk to each other.

Speaker 2 (45:56):
Yeah, it was funny. When Lucy says a Paris like.

Speaker 3 (46:04):

Speaker 2 (46:07):
Yeah, so it was. It was a good scene. They
kind of made up, and we know, we find out
that Marty's like out of the picture now, which I
think we were.

Speaker 3 (46:17):
That was kind of a rough twist, but you know, okay, fine, Yeah, so.

Speaker 2 (46:24):
It was it was probably her idea to break up.

Speaker 3 (46:26):
She seemed okay, and I actually agree with her assessment that, like,
at the end of the day, Rory just kind of
like went along with some dumb thing that Marty asked
her to do.

Speaker 2 (46:35):
Right, It wasn't Rory's fault. Initially, it was all Marty,
so okay. And I liked the little the little miniature
versions of the charts that parents had made up and
then they've got them all on the table.

Speaker 6 (46:50):
That was lunch.

Speaker 2 (46:51):
That was pretty funny.

Speaker 3 (46:53):
Yeah, I love that whole scene. I'm back on the computer.
I am back, So yeah, great, good good. This whole
episode's Good's apparently very long, but it's good.

Speaker 2 (47:05):
So then we go back to Lorelized house and this
is where they're reading the letter, and so it's like
cutting back and forth.

Speaker 5 (47:14):
I felt like I was watching a movie.

Speaker 3 (47:15):
I was like, yeah, it was really good.

Speaker 2 (47:19):
Yeah, it was really good. How half of it was
in lorealized voice and half of it.

Speaker 5 (47:22):
Was in the judge.

Speaker 3 (47:23):
The whole thing was great.

Speaker 6 (47:24):
I cried hearing the letter. They're all emotional.

Speaker 1 (47:28):
It was fast train.

Speaker 2 (47:31):
And then Scott with us there having his own podcast totally.

Speaker 3 (47:37):
Scott's a whole different show. It's called Jokes and Songs, The.

Speaker 1 (47:43):
Times of Gol.

Speaker 3 (47:44):
I'm going whole home. Yeah. But what did you think
when you watched them read the letter. I know we
kind of talked about your performance, but the letter part.

Speaker 1 (47:56):
I thought it was great editing, Uh, great, it was
just great television. And it was moving. It was very moving. Yeah,
and it was what I think the audience was waiting
for some kind of return to this Luke Laurel. I

what do you call it? Consciousness? I mean, yeah, yeah,
back in the show. Yeah and yeah, So I thought
it was a nice way to do it.

Speaker 3 (48:30):
It was, I agree, And we get that scene with
the phone call in two scenes, you know, that really
kind of brought them back together, even though she's so
sort of devastated, right right, right.

Speaker 2 (48:42):
I thought David Suckcliffe did a good job too, because
the letter kind of had a double meaning, right, It's
not only Luke and Larelei, but it was also Chris
and worry.

Speaker 5 (48:52):
That's exactly what I say that.

Speaker 2 (48:55):
Yeah, I totally got that.

Speaker 5 (48:57):
When I was watching it, I was like, oh my god,
he is not only upset with himself right now, then
he's also like, oh, my relationship is threatened, you know,
like she.

Speaker 6 (49:06):
Said father figure. I was like, oh, that hit home.

Speaker 5 (49:09):
Yeah, he realized in that moment that he's the rebound
and he will never be as good as Luke is. Like,
he realized it right then and there that he lost.

Speaker 2 (49:19):
You know what I mean, a crappy father on top of.

Speaker 1 (49:22):
That, right, so he was he wasn't running away from
that relationship. He was running away in part from his
past self.

Speaker 3 (49:30):
Yeah, his failure.

Speaker 1 (49:31):
He couldn't face it.

Speaker 5 (49:33):
I did think it was interesting that Luke and Chris
can totally relate on the fact of not being there
for their kids, their daughters lives for the first twelve years.

Speaker 3 (49:43):
One starting now and one through the fault of you know,
Christopher sort of made that choice and Luke's choice was
made for him.

Speaker 1 (49:53):
But you know what I thought was particularly interesting about
the phone call between Luke and Lorelei was that it.
It wasn't a hint between the both of them in
the acting that there was any hope for a relationship. Yeah,
Like she played it straight, like she's devastated from the
breakup of her marriage potentially right, she's so she's playing that.

I'm playing the whole friendship thing in gratitude and thank
you so much, and there's no hint of like heye
alone or maybe I could take it to my vax sectimate.

Speaker 5 (50:30):
There was also a sadness from Loralai that she lost
to you, O, I like.

Speaker 1 (50:36):
Did you did you see that in her performance?

Speaker 5 (50:38):
I did, But to your point, to your point, I
never saw her. I didn't. It didn't read to me
that she was like I need to get back together
with It read to me that she's like I lost.

Speaker 1 (50:51):
But I think the scene plays better when they both
realize that ship is sailed and they're okay with it.
But then you say she has a little regret.

Speaker 5 (51:00):
Yeah, I think she really.

Speaker 3 (51:01):
I mean I think she yeah, And when she wrote
the letter, I think there's some yet, right, right, first
of all, this all could have been solved.

Speaker 1 (51:09):
Do you think there's some hope in that letter too?
Do you think that letter had some intent subcontent.

Speaker 3 (51:14):
I think there's hope in that phone call. I think
there's hope in that phone call.

Speaker 1 (51:17):
The phone call, but not the letter.

Speaker 3 (51:19):
Okay, well, I think there's hope in all of it.

Speaker 1 (51:22):
With these things, you think she couldn't possibly hold back
in the letter. And that's the thing that Christopher sniffed
out and it woke them up, and that Laura I
didn't realize it.

Speaker 5 (51:31):
I think with Laura Li she didn't write the letter
out of this man is the love of my life.
She wrote that letter as this man is the most
amazing man in the entire world. And I think the
aftermath of it was her reflecting on the fact that
she lost him.

Speaker 1 (51:47):
Yeah, I agree with that.

Speaker 6 (51:49):
And the letter was purely for April. I didn't I
don't think.

Speaker 5 (51:53):
I rarely for Luke. I think it was purely for Luke.

Speaker 6 (51:55):
Well for that's what I mean, like for April, for Luke,
like it's it was for him to get April like
it was.

Speaker 5 (52:01):
It wasn't like to get him back.

Speaker 3 (52:03):
Yeah exactly.

Speaker 5 (52:04):
Yeah, Yeah, I agree.

Speaker 1 (52:07):
It's great, great sequence. It was just a great sequence. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (52:12):
I do find it interesting that even with Luke hearing
it back, you you hear his his like happiness, but
it was like there was no sadness in Luke versus
you get the sadness from Laura Lai.

Speaker 3 (52:24):
And that was so true, Danielle. He's so thrilled and
happy and like good with Laura l I. He's so
good with it. He's so appreciative, but he's don't feel
his pain or heartache, whereas hers You're like, oh, she's
got a heartache on heartache on heartache.

Speaker 1 (52:45):
No, Yeah, what a contrast. So good.

Speaker 5 (52:49):
It was so well done between the two of you.
It was so good, literally so well.

Speaker 1 (52:54):
Done that that's just fun to do writing like that.
You know, it's really fun to act that and see
it it in and then you watch it it's like,
oh wow, that was really effective. That was really great.

Speaker 6 (53:04):
Okay, And like whenever that music plays on Gilmore Girls,
it just like tugs at my heart string, Like the
tears are like like coming into my my tear ducks.
I'm like, oh, I love it.

Speaker 8 (53:22):
Hey, friends, I'm Jessica Capshaw and this is Camilla Luddington
and we have a new podcast, call It What It Is.
You may know us from Gracelawn Memorial. But did you
know that we are actually besties in real.

Speaker 7 (53:36):
Life, and as all besties do, we navigate the highs
and lows of life together. When one of us sends
out the distress signal, the other one always answers the call,
big or small, we are there and.

Speaker 6 (53:47):
What does that look like?

Speaker 8 (53:49):
A thousand pep talks a million. I've got used some
very urgent I'm coming.

Speaker 7 (53:53):
Overs laughter through tears, no judgment, problem solving over glasses
of rose.

Speaker 6 (53:59):
Sometimes it takes.

Speaker 3 (54:00):
Tequila because I don't know.

Speaker 8 (54:02):
Let's face it, life can get even crazier than a
season finale of Gray's Anatomy.

Speaker 7 (54:06):
And now here we are opening up the friendship circle
to you.

Speaker 8 (54:10):
Someone's cheating, We've.

Speaker 7 (54:11):
Got you on that.

Speaker 8 (54:12):
In laws or in line. Let's get into it, toxic friendship,
air it out. We're on your side to help you
with your concerns, talk about ours, and every once in
a while bring on an awesome guest to get their
take on the things that you bring us.

Speaker 7 (54:27):
While we may be a license to advise, we're going
to do it anyway.

Speaker 8 (54:31):
Listen to call it what it is. Starting June third
on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get
your podcasts.

Speaker 2 (54:40):
We kind of skipped ahead a little bit. I want
to discuss the scene where Laurel I comes home, the
scene with Laurela and Christopher, so that was so unchanged.

Speaker 1 (54:53):
Now we talked about it a little bit.

Speaker 3 (54:57):
I think I still think Christopher over reacted by storming out,
but I think Danielle and Susanna might be touching on
like he just realized he's a failure.

Speaker 2 (55:06):
Yeah yeah, I mean because he's he he specifically says
that he he's I can't. I don't have the exact
line in front of me, but he says something about
I thought I could be your number two, but I can't.
And he was just knew that he was the second
choice and he thought he could be okay with that.

And now he's realized.

Speaker 1 (55:29):
Because he tried so hard with the Paris and the
money and the wedding and right, it's just as hen
ever get he's just not measuring up to Luke.

Speaker 2 (55:38):
Right, he thought being rich exactly exactly, and now he's like, yeah,
I can't be your rebound.

Speaker 3 (55:44):
I mean, I know he touched on this in the beginning,
but it's like, bro, she started dating you the night
she broke up with yeah, that that's probably gonna have problems.

Speaker 1 (55:57):
Funny thing about money. It doesn't it doesn't give character,
but it does make you one sometimes, you know.

Speaker 5 (56:04):
I forgot to mention my red flag in the fact
that there was there would never be a level anywhere
in Lare lies like, no matter what it's in.

Speaker 6 (56:17):
Specifically in the drawer by her bed.

Speaker 5 (56:19):
Yeah, he does not exist.

Speaker 2 (56:22):
So was that his that he like brought with him
when he moved in. So maybe it was christ.

Speaker 5 (56:28):
It was loralized drawer because that's where she puts a
lot of.

Speaker 3 (56:31):
Playing with the level with the dog, right, That's what
I'm thinking, level with the dog.

Speaker 1 (56:37):
Yeah, but Christopher was using it to uh put up
the flat screen.

Speaker 2 (56:43):
Right, But he was looking for it, but he couldn't
find it because Laurel I had taken it and was
playing with it with the dog. So I think she
just put it back in the drawer.

Speaker 1 (56:53):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (56:55):
That was also a funny scene where she was talking
about hypnotizing the dog and then it was like, so
did you do and she's like, no, it's a dog.

Speaker 3 (57:04):
I just had the weirdest thought. Can anyone tell me
if paul Anka and Einstein from back to the future.
Are the same breed of dog, that's thank you, that's
a question, thank you, but I'm with you on that.

Speaker 2 (57:19):
So well, we're looking that up. We have one one
more scene at the apartment with Paris and Rory. They're
gonna go trace letting, which sounds like fun. You're going
to go steal some cafeteria trade.

Speaker 3 (57:31):
Scene again, really really cute.

Speaker 2 (57:33):
Yeah, and then Rory thanks Paris for the nice things
she said, So I thought that was that was a
nice touch for Rory to acknowledge that friendship gesture from Paris.
And then it goes to the scene with Luke's phone call,
which we just talked about, you know, she had when
he mentioned he said I couldn't have done it without

your letter. She kind of winces because now you know
Christopher's gone, and.

Speaker 5 (57:59):
So they are the same dog amy sheepdogs sheep dogs.

Speaker 6 (58:03):
But it's it says that Paul Polish Lowland sheep dog
and Einstein is a Catalan sheep dog.

Speaker 1 (58:10):
Because I was just going to say that.

Speaker 3 (58:12):
I was just so proud of myself because I almost
called Paul Ainka Einstein and then I was like, wait
a minute, are they the same dog? Okay? Thank you
for that's wonderful.

Speaker 2 (58:20):
And then the final final scene is at Yale. They're
in the classroom, Rory's looking, She's all smiling and proud
of Richard.

Speaker 3 (58:29):
Painful, painful, the heart.

Speaker 2 (58:32):
Attack of the last thing we hear is someone called
nine one one.

Speaker 3 (58:34):
That was so painful. That says it.

Speaker 6 (58:38):
I also like the way they did that, how it
didn't show Richard like it showed him kind of following
but falling. But the end scene is just Rory going
out of frame. I think that was like really effective
and like you just see her like call nine one
one run off and then it ends right there. I
think it was.

Speaker 3 (58:57):
Really corrected this episode. Again, was it Jamie.

Speaker 1 (58:59):
Back It was Jamie Babbitt, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (59:01):
Yeah, directing, really good direct Yeah.

Speaker 6 (59:04):
And that's why it made us want to keep what
I don't know what I mean, Amy said she did
like I wanted to just keep going.

Speaker 2 (59:10):
Yeah, that's a good episode.

Speaker 1 (59:13):
It was, it was it was all right, kids, So
what do you think? What are we going to give it?

Speaker 6 (59:16):

Speaker 1 (59:17):
Uh, Tara, what are you going to write it? What's
your measuring stick?

Speaker 6 (59:21):
I really like this episode. I feel like we're making
a comeback. I give it nine muffin tops. Wow, was
that yours? N Yelle?

Speaker 5 (59:30):
That was literally it's okay, eight point eight levels.

Speaker 3 (59:35):
Amy nine secret socks or whatever those things were, secret
travel socks whatever, those were nine nine.

Speaker 2 (59:42):
For sure z that I'm taking a little bit off
just because of the whole Jackson thing. I'm just not
on board with that. But I'm going to give it
eight point five muffin bottom pies, muffin so the boy.

Speaker 3 (59:58):
Nice Susanne, Nice, nice call there.

Speaker 1 (01:00:02):
I think I'm going to give it. I really enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed it. Sorry, I just I just had
a shot of the oil of oregano. It's very powerful.

Speaker 3 (01:00:15):
What does that do? What does that do?

Speaker 1 (01:00:16):
That's some healthy, super healthy thing?

Speaker 3 (01:00:19):
Oh great, m hmm.

Speaker 1 (01:00:22):
I'm trying to wash it down. I'm going to give it.
I think I'm kind of nine ish eight point nine ish,
eight point eight ish, So I'll give it an eight
point nine vest ectomies.

Speaker 6 (01:00:37):
We're making a comeback here.

Speaker 1 (01:00:38):
That's definitely uh rounding into form here season seven. Huh.

Speaker 6 (01:00:43):
So we've got twelve episodes in, We've got about ten
ten more episodes to go, right, ten.

Speaker 5 (01:00:49):
More easy and then started this podcast yesterday.

Speaker 1 (01:00:53):
It was just like last week. We all got to
know each other, all right. It's weird, so weird anyway,
that's gonna wrap it up. What's your name again, I'm
doctor Vinnie Bumbach.

Speaker 2 (01:01:06):
I have a couple.

Speaker 1 (01:01:08):
I was sure, go right ahead, I have to.

Speaker 2 (01:01:11):
Actually, both of them are lorealized. One was when she
said which one of the bush daughters is Reggie? And
then the other one was when she and Suki were
walking around the town and she says, I don't think
he wants his meat cut at all.

Speaker 3 (01:01:26):
That's just.

Speaker 1 (01:01:29):
Anybody else's favorite line.

Speaker 3 (01:01:30):
But this one that did make me giggle. There was
good stuff in it.

Speaker 1 (01:01:33):
It was There was a lot. There was a lot
of good giggles and some hearty laughs as well. So
and man, I really needed that today anyway. Thank you, ladies.
Uh Susanne French, Tera sud Daniel Roma, Amy Sugarman one
hundred and seven degree Amy Sugarman Today, the boiling hot

Amy Sugarman.

Speaker 3 (01:01:56):
Literally it's so true. I literally am fanning myself. But
thank you.

Speaker 1 (01:02:01):
Next episode seven, episode thirteen, I'd rather be in Philadelphia
and listen. Thanks so much, you guys, are you've really
gotten us through these seven seasons. We appreciate all the comments,
both pro and con. It helps us to shape this.
We really really appreciate you. You are fabulous, loyal, incredible fans

and that's going to do it. So and remember everybody,
we and I I'm all in.

Speaker 4 (01:02:32):
Stay safe everyone, Hey, everybody to forget.

Speaker 1 (01:03:03):
Follow us on Instagram at I Am all In podcast,
and email us at Gilmore at iHeartRadio dot com
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