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May 6, 2024 76 mins

Here we go's not's just not great.  It's a little bit...DULL.
We have a bunch of red flags... timeline issues, background actors overacting, and why is Miss Patty an extra in the diner!
Why can't they find anything to eat in all of Paris!??!?!
Are Lucy and Olivia interesting or  just trying to be Madeline and Louise?
Lorelai is now Mrs. Hayden...even she looked miserable about it!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I am all in.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
I's you, I am all in with Scott Patterson and
iHeartRadio podcast.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
Hey everybody, Scott Patterson, I am all in Podcast one
eleven productions. iHeart Radio, iHeartMedia, I heart podcasts. Here with
My Intrepid Cruises and French taras Sude, Daniel Romo and
Amy the Big Boss Sugar Mon Gosh, Episode seven, Season seven,

French Twist.

Speaker 3 (00:46):
What did you think?

Speaker 1 (00:48):
I'm gonna say something very controversial and unexpected. But I
enjoyed this.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
No, really, I did enjoy this.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
Wow, I actually stopped you.

Speaker 4 (01:00):
You were gonna hate it?

Speaker 1 (01:01):
No, I didn't. I enjoyed the crap out of it.
As going to Danielle Romo phrase, I enjoyed the crap
out of this.

Speaker 4 (01:11):
Shocked is.

Speaker 1 (01:14):

Speaker 3 (01:16):
Oh no oh, no oh no.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
I decided just to give in and go with it, man,
And I mean, you have no other choice at this point.
It's like Emily Krota invited me onto the boat and
I enjoyed the ride. You know, all right, everybody, We're
going to take a little break. We'll be back after
these messages.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
Daniel, what did you think?

Speaker 5 (01:44):
I don't know if I can articulate articulate my thought.
Oh my god, I'm gonna need some help here.

Speaker 4 (01:51):
I don't it was bad.

Speaker 3 (01:54):
I'm so sorry, Danielle.

Speaker 5 (01:58):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn't enjoy it this one. I
just I was watching the whole time, and the end
really just pushed me off the cliff, like, I don't know,
I just I can't. I cannot with this episode.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
There's one storyline I did not hate.

Speaker 5 (02:18):
Going to tell you, there's one part that I did like.

Speaker 4 (02:22):
Okay, okay, Suzanne, your thoughts on this, you know.

Speaker 6 (02:26):
I actually I sometimes I skipped this one about half
the time, so sometimes I watch it. Sometimes I don't
watch it. But I actually watched it twice this time
because I really like to sink in and it actually
is worse than I remember. I took. I took multiple

pages of notes on this one.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
Cute haircut, by the way, I like it.

Speaker 6 (02:53):
Your hair kind kind of kicky.

Speaker 4 (02:55):
Yeah, you got the long bob. It's real cute.

Speaker 1 (02:58):
The one thing that I liked about the episode is
that the commitment that the writer's room made to continuing
this storyline and take it to this point kind of
won me over because I thought, they know they must
be getting lamb basted here at this.

Speaker 4 (03:17):
Point, they probably have reviews.

Speaker 1 (03:20):
Absolutely, and they're just taking all these slings and arrows,
but not of outrageous fortune. I think they're they're they're
getting a lot of criticism, but they stuck to their guns.
They got us to Paris. They got Emily back in
the fold. I mean, missus Kim back in the fold.

Speaker 4 (03:39):
Oh yeah, and.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
I know I just kind of went along for the
ride and didn't mind it.

Speaker 4 (03:47):
Are your thoughts.

Speaker 3 (03:48):
I didn't like it, but there was We'll get to it.
I don't want to spoil it yet, but there is
one storyline I was surprised that I enjoyed.

Speaker 4 (03:55):
My problem is I can't really articulate my thoughts. I'm
sort of I'm like, oh, like, I don't know what
to say. I watched it. I wasn't miserable, I wasn't thrilled.
I just was like, I'm good, Okay.

Speaker 3 (04:14):
You kind of have to just accept what this season is.
At this point, we're in seven episodes in listen.

Speaker 1 (04:19):
This this this episode had a lot of Christian Ritter,
which is fantastic. Yeah, and it had a lot of
Emily Carorota, which is doubly fantastic. So there was a lot.
There was a lot for me to like about it,
uh and anticipate and enjoy, and it made the Paris
stuff palatable. And then there was that scene where he

proposed and it was like, yeah, all right, I mean,
you know, I get it. Now, this guy wants this
woman and he's breaking he's breaking the bank to do it.
And you say what you want about the spend. Okay,
the effort, the kind of guy that he was compared to,
But I almost kind of want to give him a break. Now.

I didn't hate him in this episode. I didn't.

Speaker 5 (05:05):
I don't hate Christopher, Like I know that's going to
be unpopular. I don't hate him. I hate everything around
him also the situation. Right, yeah, I don't hate him.
I don't fault him in this situation. I truly don't
everything else.

Speaker 6 (05:18):
You can't hate a child, right, it's just so Susanne dull.

Speaker 4 (05:25):
Am I wrong that it's just kind of dull?

Speaker 5 (05:27):
Yes, it's very dull.

Speaker 4 (05:29):
It's just a little bit dull, and like, I know,
we'll talk about it. But the Rory stuff with the friends,
it reminded me like, Okay, we're trying to recreate what
we had at Chilton. Yeah, but it's not.

Speaker 3 (05:45):
Yes, it was really funny. My mom walked by when
I was watching this and she's like, I don't remember
an episode where Rory had pink hair, and I was like,
it's season seven. She goes, oh, never mind, I never
watched this. It was really funny episode.

Speaker 4 (05:59):
I think I've watched season seven a lot, because all
the episodes are very like I've seen all this a lot.
It's just kind of hell yeah, yeah.

Speaker 6 (06:09):
For me, it just really cemented what we've all said
in the past about how Christopher is really living in
the past, like he's really hanging on to what they
had in high school.

Speaker 5 (06:23):
The same with Laura. I the whole pizza story. That's
the only thing I didn't hate. The pizza story.

Speaker 6 (06:28):
Yeah, yeah, that was part of it, the pizza story
from tenth grade. And then he was talking about I
wrote it down. We can We'll get to it when
we get to it, I guess. But you know, he's
he's talking about how they wanted to sleep on a
park bench, Like all this right, what they wanted to
do in the past, doesn't seem like I mean, I've

said I said this in a previous episode when we
were interviewing somebody, I forget which one it was. And
I don't see Christopher and Laurela as these long term soulmates.
I think that they were high school boyfriend and girlfriend
and he's just the guy that happened to get her pregnant.

Speaker 4 (07:09):
And if she didn't.

Speaker 6 (07:10):
Get pregnant, I don't think they would have stayed together.
I think it would have just fizzled out like high
school romances do. I don't think we'd be looking at
them in their mid thirties getting married. I think the
only the only thing holding them together is, you know,
the trauma of their unplanned pregnancy. Danielle's losing it.

Speaker 5 (07:27):
I know I'm losing it because I'm having flashbacks right now.
And Christopher was like, I'm loaded.

Speaker 6 (07:34):
Oh yes, to be a drinking game. Every time he
says that.

Speaker 4 (07:40):
Forgets their rich not any rich person, Like who forgets that?
Nobody like what, I don't know, I'm gonna try it,
like just dull. I don't I know, I'm just being
so repetitive, and I'm just like.

Speaker 6 (07:58):
I have all kinds of red flags that I'm gonna wave.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
I guess red flag ever that I can't wait till
we get to that scene and I can just be like,
bloody red Flag.

Speaker 1 (08:09):
Listen, the condemned is having their last meal. We should
just get on with the execution. Let's go, yeah, do it.

Speaker 5 (08:16):
This is Season seven, Episode seven, French Twist. Air date
November fourteenth, two thousand and six. Christopher and Lurlai take
gg to Paris to be with Sherry. Meanwhile, their relationship
progresses at lightning speed. Rory's tenure as editor in chief
of the Yale Daily News ends, leaving her unsure of
her future. Plus Lane and Zach plant their future with twins.

Speaker 4 (08:41):
First Red Flag, May I we went all the way
to Paris to see Sherry, and we.

Speaker 6 (08:51):
Really true.

Speaker 5 (08:52):
We also like, let's stick that Gigi is well behaved.
Now I'm over.

Speaker 4 (08:57):
It in one year?

Speaker 3 (08:59):
Yeah, right even, And also it's also like, is Lourlai
her mom?

Speaker 1 (09:04):

Speaker 4 (09:04):
Like it's so weird And anyway, Susanne.

Speaker 6 (09:07):
So you started going like back to the way beginning.
Did you guys watch the last time on Gilmour Girls
and noticed that they totally gave away the boyfriend's secret?

Speaker 3 (09:19):
Oh yeah. The second I saw Marty, I was like, really.

Speaker 4 (09:21):
It's so weird.

Speaker 6 (09:22):
Yeah, It's like we haven't seen Marty for two years,
and now they put him in the recap. It's like, Okay,
I guess Marty's coming back. Like that kind of took
the wind out of the sails of the whole boyfriend thing.

Speaker 5 (09:31):
Yeah, yeah, talk about he is a different person.

Speaker 4 (09:37):
Scott. Were you like, whoa boyfriend is Marty?

Speaker 1 (09:41):
No? I didn't really care. It's like so that that
was the biggest like, yawn, what who cares?

Speaker 4 (09:49):
I hate it.

Speaker 5 (09:49):
It's kind of spic sy.

Speaker 2 (09:53):

Speaker 3 (09:53):
I like Marty.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
Yeah, No, I like like Marty too. But it's like
I'm watching Kristin Ritter, She's fantastic. Yeah, just like that.

Speaker 4 (10:02):
They called him boyfriend boyfriend. I was like, can you
call him Marty?

Speaker 1 (10:08):

Speaker 6 (10:09):
So then the actual show starts and they're coming out
of the house getting ready to get in the car
to go to the airport. There were some cute pumpkins
on the porch. I actually I had in my head
that this episode was later in the year than it was,
and so I was like, why are there pumpkins on
the porch? And then I realized this because it aired
in November. For some reason, I thought we were in
the springtime already.

Speaker 5 (10:30):
I thought, so she Yeah, is she graduating in wintertime?

Speaker 3 (10:35):
Then that was that's the confusing part because she's graduating soon. Yeah,
Logan was gone for the summer and then she came
back to school, but like, is this end of first
semester and maybe she's graduating. Secondly, she's graduating in the spring.

Speaker 6 (10:51):
Yeah, because Paris was talking about being a TA next semester.

Speaker 4 (10:58):
For some reason, she's just giving up the paper. It's
really weird.

Speaker 3 (11:01):
For her last semester.

Speaker 4 (11:02):
Yeah, Timeline has full flags all over the place.

Speaker 5 (11:06):
It happened fast. I thought we were is what isn't summertime?

Speaker 6 (11:11):
Yeah, it feels it doesn't feel like fall. It's not
like your typical stars Hollow Fall episode.

Speaker 5 (11:19):
Yeah weird.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
No, And Susann, you have a point that like the
only gist of fall we got were like two pumpkins
on the porch. We usually see the town all decorated.

Speaker 1 (11:29):
Yeah, wee.

Speaker 4 (11:30):
Reason I know is because this is how I know
Logan's left. And remember she was so disappointed because she
wanted to go see Logan like at the end of summer.
But then he's like Christmas, and we know it's not Christmas,
so we just that are kind.

Speaker 6 (11:45):
Of like in the middle it's that's a good point.
So that scene just establishes that there, this is the
episode where they're going to Paris. That was kind of
the whole point of that scene. Lorla, I totally messed
up on the car seat straps like.

Speaker 1 (12:02):
That was oh god, yeah really.

Speaker 6 (12:09):
Maybe that was intentional. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (12:11):
I just thought it was so weird. How all of
a sudden she was so close and tight with j
Yeah it was over like WHOA fine? Great? But how
did that happen?

Speaker 1 (12:21):

Speaker 5 (12:22):
So bad?

Speaker 1 (12:23):
Hey guys, uh, now available for you The Gilmore Girls Coffees,
Luke's Diner, Blend Stars, Hollow Signature Blend hazel Nut and
the Dragonfly and Talk Flast Fast two X Caffeine Blend
Call toll free eight eight eight seven O two seven
eight seven three. That is eight eight eight seven O

two seven eight seven three and eight Brothers again.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
What's that number again?

Speaker 1 (12:53):
I think it's eight eight eight seven O two seven
eight seven three. That's trip eight seventy twenty seven eighty
seven three. And somebody from Warner Brothers will call you back,
or they will answer the phone. And Suzanne, you and
John ordered and you got your three packed tell us

what it was like.

Speaker 3 (13:18):
It was a super Yeah, it.

Speaker 6 (13:20):
Was a really easy ordering process. And I am not
being paid to say this. We left a message over
the weekend. They called us back on Monday morning. It
shipped on Tuesday and landed on my front porch on Wednesday.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
A nice box. It had come in a nice one
of the nice box.

Speaker 6 (13:36):
It was very well packaged. It was very cool, very
easy process that people were super nice.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
Yeah, so go ahead and order.

Speaker 7 (13:44):

Speaker 1 (13:45):
The phone lines are open, uh, and we appreciate your business.

Speaker 6 (13:58):
And then it goes to the news, the Yale Daily News,
and we find out that Rory, her term as editor
in chief is over. So I had to call. I
had to think about that too, because then I realized
she only did part of a term because she took
over for Paris, so she wasn't even the editor for
an entire year. And now it's going to be Bill's turn.

They give her that giant pencil that was kind of cute.

Speaker 4 (14:23):
It was that was cute, and they all love her
and Paris is there's a speech.

Speaker 6 (14:32):
Minor minor red flag. When Jonie was talking, her cup
was empty, and then when she gave Rory a hug.
Rory said something about, now, I'm what, but the cup
was in.

Speaker 4 (14:45):
Just be quiet the whole thing. I still was a
little bit before. I'm just a little bit like.

Speaker 6 (14:51):
Yeah, I mean I didn't mind that scene.

Speaker 4 (14:54):
I didn't.

Speaker 6 (14:54):
I didn't hate it. It was it was okay, yeah,
okay it Then we go then we go to Lane
and Zach's apartment and they're looking at their old sound picture.
Oh Zach, so he apparently is confused and thinks that
twins and conjoined twins are the same thing. I mean,

they kept saying something.

Speaker 4 (15:18):
The wrong word. Yeah right anymore.

Speaker 6 (15:22):
Yeah, oh, I.

Speaker 3 (15:23):
Didn't know that.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
I just thought, as I thought, that was a little weak.

Speaker 4 (15:27):
Yeah, it was a weak gag because nobody thinks that,
agree Scott, like, even Zach like.

Speaker 6 (15:33):
I mean he's not like super intelligent, but he's not
that stupid. I mean, he's not going to think that.

Speaker 1 (15:40):
I just you know, what's disturbing is that, you know,
they're having twins, and she's so upset all the time
about it. It seems it's like, you know, where's this
glow and pride of motherhood?

Speaker 8 (15:51):
And well, yeah, I don't I don't fault her for
that because she wasn't planning to have one kid and
now she has to have to.

Speaker 6 (16:02):
So I kind of understand.

Speaker 1 (16:05):
All that stress going right into the baby.

Speaker 6 (16:09):
Well that's just how it allows.

Speaker 5 (16:12):
I mean, but I do get what you're saying, Scott,
because it's like everything about her situation has been awful. Like,
she moves in, Yeah, she moves in with the other roommates.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
A drama, drama all the time.

Speaker 5 (16:27):
Yeah, has sex for the first time on a beach,
didn't like it at all, gets pregnant, it finds out
it's twins. You know, this is kim makes you move
back in? Yeah, Like like just so many bad things
happening in the lane. I want her to enjoy something
for a change, right.

Speaker 4 (16:45):
And this they're not that funny. I think that's the
problem too, if, like, like Scott said, the gag didn't
really work, so her angst isn't enjoyable because the jokes
aren't working right. No one's like, what we're evn conjoined twins?
Oh you we're just having regular twits Like what come on?

Speaker 2 (17:08):

Speaker 6 (17:08):
I did think it was funny that she was freaked
out about her mother thinking that they had sex before
they got married, Like that was what her concern was
that she was what her mom was gonna think.

Speaker 5 (17:20):
The one thing I would say that I do find
enjoyable in this is how missus Kim is kind of
like rising to the occasion. I'm kind of like, all right,
missus Kim. I'm I'm enjoying missus Kim right now.

Speaker 1 (17:32):
That she lifted this whole episode. Yeah, that's what I
was going to say.

Speaker 3 (17:38):
That was my favorite part of this episode is just
considering what we're like the storyline. She made it so
much better because you expect that from her, like, oh, okay,
you can move in and if not, well I'm going
to move in.

Speaker 4 (17:50):
Like you know.

Speaker 1 (17:53):
And she her she's such a good actress and only
Krota is so under rage and so overlooked. She was
nailing every single line. She was doing her business, she
was living in her space. I mean it was excited.

Speaker 5 (18:16):
Yeah, like when when Lane told her she was pregnant.
You've saw tears in her eyes, but then she quickly
was like, and now we are going to do like
we are going to make.

Speaker 6 (18:26):

Speaker 4 (18:26):
I love very authentically that character. Whether Emily plays it
so authentically or she just is missus Kim. I don't know,
but that character is never like off, it's just she's funny.

Speaker 1 (18:40):
It's consistently amazing.

Speaker 4 (18:43):
And they're leveled up. In the scenes with her, he
was much Zach was much more enjoyable with her than
the scene with just Lane.

Speaker 1 (18:54):
She's like the you know, the master level who raises
it every buddy's game. Yeah, I agree, So keep up
with me, you know, absolutely stunning performance. It made the
whole episode for me, really did. Yeah, when you leave Emily,
it's like, oh no, come back.

Speaker 4 (19:13):
Yeah yeah, because Roaring and Lorelize were sort of the
there are storylines we're like, not great anyway.

Speaker 1 (19:21):
Yeah, I agree, I agree.

Speaker 6 (19:23):
Okay, So then we are all of a sudden in
Paris and this is where it starts going.

Speaker 4 (19:30):
We were in the hotel, like we go immediately just
into the hotel room, and we have like weird shots
of Paris. Yeah, like they've already dropped off. I meant earlier,
I wanted them to. I wanted to see that part,
like I wanted to see gg.

Speaker 3 (19:48):
It feels like we're on a we're on a romantic
trip with the footage of Paris.

Speaker 4 (19:53):
Stock footage of Paris, stock footage of Paris now we're
in a.

Speaker 5 (19:58):
There's a European street at the Universal backlot, Like, can
you just go there? For one scene?

Speaker 1 (20:06):
I thought it looked I thought it looked a little Parisian.
I thought they.

Speaker 6 (20:13):
Did use when they were running around looking for food
they were at Universal.

Speaker 4 (20:16):
They were yeah, yeah, because then I felt like they
went to a hotel room that looked kind of like
the Reach Bevwell or like the four seasons Christopher has.

Speaker 1 (20:29):
You know, here's another thing that really sustained this episode
for me. Lee Shallotte Chimmel I think that is her name,
directed this episode. And uh, that lady knows how to
shoot an episode. That woman knows how where to put
a camera. That's what I was so engaged. I kept saying, boy,

this is this is a little different. She really knows
where to put a camera, she knows who to stay on.
I think the editing was beautiful. That's what kind of
sustained me. It was it was Emily's performance, it was
Kristin Ritter, it was a couple of other things, and
it was the director who kept me in it, you know.

Speaker 6 (21:09):
And she she did multiple episodes of the show, shooting
the pilot and the.

Speaker 4 (21:19):
Okay, so she knows how to.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
I thought the pilot was Leslie Linka Gladder, not Lee Shallotte.
You know Leslie linka Gladder. I think that's the pilot.

Speaker 5 (21:30):
We could look it at.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
Yeah, because she was in the Leslie linka Gladder was
in the meeting that I went into the audition, I
was there, so.

Speaker 6 (21:41):
So the in the hotel.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
Did I know something that Susanne French the first in
the history?

Speaker 4 (21:51):
Must feel good? That must feel good?

Speaker 3 (21:54):
It was Leslie old Scott for the win.

Speaker 4 (21:58):
You get up? Then did she do the finale too?

Speaker 6 (22:01):
Because I thought the same person did the finale and
the pilot.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
I don't know she did the finale.

Speaker 4 (22:07):
We will have someone look that up too.

Speaker 6 (22:09):
Okay, well, so back to the hotel room for a second,
talking about it.

Speaker 4 (22:16):
In a mediocre okay hotel room. Sorry, I did love it.

Speaker 6 (22:19):
And did you notice that the comforter on the bed
is the exact same comforter that was on her bed
in Stars Hollow. Oh It's like literally the same. Like
they couldn't even be bothered to get a different comfort.

Speaker 4 (22:33):
That room was just so periwinkle.

Speaker 6 (22:35):
Yeah, yeah, it was lead did the finale too? Or wait,
so Lee did the finale but not the pilot. I
thought the same person did both.

Speaker 3 (22:46):
According to IMDb, leads to the finale and Leslie did
the pilot.

Speaker 4 (22:52):
Interesting, Okay, I didn't love the hotel room, Like, at least,
if you're going to take me to Paris, fake Paris,
get me a gorge hotel.

Speaker 6 (22:59):
Room, right, exactly something that someone who was loaded would have, right.

Speaker 4 (23:04):
It was sort of like, yeah, it just reminded me
of like a regular room, not the pretty woman suite,
but a regular room at the rege above Will.

Speaker 6 (23:13):
And then Chris compliments Laura. I. I thought this was
a little condescending. He complimented her on how good she
was with Sherry. I don't know. I never saw right
rubbed me the wrong way. It's like, I don't know,
she doesn't need his approval of her behavior.

Speaker 3 (23:31):
But I also thought this part is sorry. Is this
the part where they talk about he's trying to make
a reservation. Yes, like knowing Laurai, she would be like,
we need food right now, like she would go. It
just seemed very like, I don't know, not laurl I
like food is such an important part in her life,
but it felt a little odd.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
That's a good point Daddy Warbucks have have a buffet
set up in the ring.

Speaker 4 (23:55):
Is mini bar? Where's the mini?

Speaker 3 (23:58):
You can even walk down the street and just I'm
sure there's something open somewhere, you know.

Speaker 5 (24:02):
The Paris version of seven eleven.

Speaker 4 (24:05):
Know, I thought this whole storyline was so boring.

Speaker 5 (24:12):
Oh the bread, it's going into the truck.

Speaker 1 (24:14):

Speaker 4 (24:15):
I mean first, I know we're not there yet, but
I just have to say it because I'm getting so
irritated and I'm trying to like when they finally go
outside after hours, which we'll talk about, and the person
is coming with the sandwich, and then they go the
way the guy is going as opposed to going the
other direction where he obviously got the bread. Whatever. Let's

talk about them sleeping like it's so boring.

Speaker 1 (24:42):
Yeah, does he bring her down to his level of obnoxiousness?

Speaker 4 (24:47):
They're they're boring together.

Speaker 3 (24:52):
The right way to describe any think.

Speaker 4 (24:54):
Oh I'm so tired, Okay, let sleep. Oh I'm so hungry, okay,
let's trying to blame. Never one in Paris.

Speaker 3 (25:03):
Never once did Laura I say like, I'm so hungry,
but it's okay, I'll sleep on it.

Speaker 4 (25:08):
Right, And also, what you're at like a nice, very
fancy hotel. They obviously have something, and there's a mini
bar that obviously probably has Parisian chips and Parisian m
and m's what there wasn't Why why wasn't there.

Speaker 1 (25:26):
One Jaddy Warbucks way to go?

Speaker 5 (25:30):
I go to the front desk, and do you have
like mint chocolates?

Speaker 4 (25:33):
All fancy hotels here's why they have mini bars or
they have like that basket with nuts because they charge
you forty two dollars for a bag of nuts. This
big and that hotel would have had. I just and
I'm so bored. I don't care. I don't care. Sorry,
I'm just like, I don't care that you can't find
a cracker?

Speaker 1 (25:54):

Speaker 6 (25:55):
Yeah, Exactly.

Speaker 1 (25:59):
That scene is if if missus Kim came out from
underneath the bed.

Speaker 4 (26:03):
Whether her vegan or whatever, would have saved it was like,
could you just have chips so they could talk about
something interesting? Like are there no chips anywhere? And also
somebody like me, somebody like you has a peanut butter
cup in her purse, like if I was going on

a trip like that, and I know Lorlai, she's got
snacks in that.

Speaker 3 (26:28):
Purpose she grew up the candy bar from the airport totally.

Speaker 4 (26:32):
Also, it was four in the morning. They keeping like,
it's so late at night. No, actually it's morning. It's
in the morning.

Speaker 6 (26:39):
The whole rant about the whole timing, the.

Speaker 1 (26:42):
Timeline is so it's like in one hour they did
so many things.

Speaker 3 (26:46):
Yeah, and it's like there's not a wave in one hour.

Speaker 1 (26:51):
They you know, they they made whoopee for like a minute,
and then they took a two minute shower and then
they we're out in the street at five, look at
ut f a.

Speaker 4 (27:05):
Everything happened at four. They wake up at four. Then
they looked for bread at four. Then they came home
and did it as far and then it was finally
only five. And also, I don't care how rich you are,
if you don't know the owner of the restaurant's phone number,
you can't call him to be like, hey, open up and.

Speaker 3 (27:25):
Get an entire staff.

Speaker 4 (27:27):
Unless it was the hotel restaurant, then maybe you could
call the concierge and be like, I'm gonna pay this much.
But yet they went like around the neighborhood. The whole
thing was so dumb. Can I just say it? Okay,
now I'm awake. Now I'm fired up. It's so boring.
It's making my back hurt. Oh they're in Paris, like,

get sorry, Let me just all rant for one moment,
then I'll shut up. Get some crackers, steal a back,
get out of the back of that van.

Speaker 6 (28:00):
Get the guy that I morel I didn't do that.

Speaker 5 (28:04):
Yeah, you tap that that bread man on the shoulder
and gave him a hondo. He's going to give you
a bagett.

Speaker 3 (28:10):
Because Christopher is loading.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
Christopher distracts or Laurel I distracts the bread man. Christopher
pinches a couple of loaves. It's not about.

Speaker 4 (28:19):
Notice that the door of the bakery didn't close properly.

Speaker 6 (28:22):
Yes, I was like you could tell it was like
a cheap set.

Speaker 5 (28:27):
Or if anything's open at five am, it's a bakery
thing that's open.

Speaker 4 (28:36):
It's so boring, you guys, it's so boring.

Speaker 6 (28:48):
We go back to Yale. Now this scene made me
laugh as a pharmacist listening to Paris talking about all
the different antidepressant meds that Rory could be taking lexapro,
so that that made me chuckle. She she was she
was actually correct in some of what she was saying,
but just a little outdated, So Paris is gonna be

a TA next semester. She's telling Rory to find something
to do with her free time now that she's not
on the paper anymore, and that's setting up the whole
you need some friends th juz Anne.

Speaker 4 (29:22):
This is the beginning of what am I gonna do
with my life? That apparently takes twenty years.

Speaker 3 (29:33):
Yeah, that's what I thought of Amy.

Speaker 4 (29:34):
I like literally when I heard that, I was like, well,
this is where this begins. Yes, yeah, I digress. I'm sorry, Scott,
which is out of character for Rory, who's such a
planner and thank you. It makes no sense right, Like
it hasn't occurred to her if she's going to go
to grad school, Like I know, it's you know, still fall,

but she needs to be like winding up up letters
of recommendation and taking the gre if she's going to
go to grad school, you know. Like it seemed weird
that she seemed to not have given any thought to
what her future is. Thank you so much, and then
she's like boohoo ing about it. Come on, this is
not this is why I'm like, Rory is more irritating
in season seven than Lorrali. Lor LII is fine.

Speaker 5 (30:23):
I agree. I don't know the rest of season seven,
but Rory has always bugged me since season one, so
I'm kind of like, oh, same different day. But Lorlai
is really just killing me.

Speaker 6 (30:37):
Yeah, I agree with that. And then we go to
Missus Him's, Lane and Zach are They're just silent. They're
all having dinner. I did notice that Zach was using
chopsticks and Lane and her mom were using spoons.

Speaker 3 (30:53):
Yeah, and there was some random like click clacking that
didn't match. Did you notice this? I didn't like it, Like, wait,
this is this is with missus cam right, Like there
was like a click clack sound, but it didn't match,
like them scooping anything brain. I don't think so it was.
It was so silent, that's all I noticed.

Speaker 4 (31:14):
That's like it was trying to match the sound. Oh,
that's going to need to rewatch. We're going to need
to go back.

Speaker 3 (31:18):
And unless I was falling asleep when it happened, but
I'm pretty sure I was like, what's that noise.

Speaker 4 (31:23):
We talked about? I interjected, Have we consoled you for
your broken foot?

Speaker 1 (31:29):
Your phone?

Speaker 7 (31:31):

Speaker 4 (31:31):
Yeah, tell the whole thing. Tell it, Tell it, Tara,
So tell Scott.

Speaker 3 (31:39):
Well, there's a giant cast on my leg as we speak.
What we were always on?

Speaker 4 (31:44):
What happened?

Speaker 6 (31:45):

Speaker 3 (31:46):
Okay, so mission, okay, can I say who?

Speaker 6 (31:50):

Speaker 3 (31:50):
Sure, okay. We were on a trip to Napa and
it was last Thursday morning and I went to go
get coffee because it was I want to start my day.
And then we get a text saying that Tory Spelling
needs a mimosa, so.

Speaker 4 (32:08):
Like but it wasn't like it was like no no,
It was like, hey, we're going to record an episode.

Speaker 3 (32:14):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, can you grab her mimosa? And no, no.
We were about to record and it was like, can
we get this mimosa? And Ice lattes to the room
while we record. So I'm going back to the room
and Hannah my coworkers in front of me, and they're
these steps. I literally saw the steps and I don't
know how, and my heel slipped off the step and

I fell and I heard a pop that went from
my toe to my head and I landed on the
floor and I just said I broke my ankle, and
Han's like, no, no, you'd be screaming, and I was like,
really calm. I was like, oh, I think I broke
my ankle, and she's like, okay, what do you need
And I'm like, just give me a second. I ripped
my shoe off, and then you're not supposed to do

I have no well, because Hannah's like, it's sprained. You'd
be screaming if it was broken, and to.

Speaker 5 (33:03):
Keep your always keep your shoe on.

Speaker 3 (33:05):
I did not know that.

Speaker 4 (33:07):
How do you know that I would have.

Speaker 3 (33:09):
I would have never known why.

Speaker 5 (33:10):
I know that? And someone double check.

Speaker 4 (33:13):
Me advice podcast for medical advice.

Speaker 5 (33:18):
I've always heard if you have like a foot injury
or anything like that, the last thing you should do
is take off your shoe because it contains the swelling.

Speaker 4 (33:26):
M interesting.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
Well, I took it off and then I put it
back on. So I went back on and then I
had to get help to get back to the room.
And then I Amy called me and she's like, do
you want to go to urgent care? But I was.

Speaker 4 (33:43):
She said no, I said I wanted to get oh no.
So she does two things I didn't want her to do.
Didn't go to the hospital and got on an airplane.

Speaker 3 (33:53):
Yeah, things that I was like.

Speaker 4 (33:55):
This is not what I recommend.

Speaker 3 (33:57):
But okay, I mean In that moment, though, I think
my adrenaline was so high and I wanted to get home,
and it'd been like three days on the trip, and
I was just like, what do I do. I've known here,
So I got on the plane. I went I know,
but I always take care of you. But I went
to urgent Care that night and they were like, oh, well,
it's fractured. And then they're like, oh, we'll give you

a boot. And then I went to the pagiatrist on
Monday and he's like, so, if this was any worse,
you'd be scheduled for surgery right now. So you're getting
a cast for a month and you're not You're allowed
to put zero pressure on it. Yeah. Well, I had
this nice knee scooter with me, but my foot.

Speaker 4 (34:39):
Is take it to Disneyland.

Speaker 3 (34:42):
It's actually a lot. It's actually a lot of work.
It's a lot, but it has a basket in front.
So I've been putting snacks in the kitchen And.

Speaker 4 (34:51):
Wait, now, Danielle, did we find out that your information
is incorrect?

Speaker 5 (34:56):
You know, it's I think it's subject to your opinion.
I'm seeing both on the internet. Some people are like,
take off your shoes to address your ankle injury, you know,
like you need to do that to to assess the situation.
But other people are saying what I said, to keep
your well.

Speaker 4 (35:14):
It did.

Speaker 3 (35:14):
It didn't swallow up. It didn't swell up that quickly.
That's why I think we also thought it was sprained,
because usually when you break it, it just like blows up.
But it was like a little bump. And then as
the day went on, and then on the next day,
Friday was really bad.

Speaker 4 (35:29):
Black and blue too.

Speaker 3 (35:30):
Oh yeah, Amy, I'll text your pictures.

Speaker 4 (35:32):
Oh I can't wait.

Speaker 3 (35:34):
I send a yell updates all weekend.

Speaker 4 (35:36):
So that's our medical minute, brought to you by Yes
Perfect would be.

Speaker 1 (35:42):
This episode has broken both of its legs because walk.

Speaker 4 (35:48):
But that was a lot more interesting than the quest
for bread. But anyway, like, can you just get some bread?
Just there is so much bread, just eat it.

Speaker 6 (35:57):
I would.

Speaker 4 (35:59):
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Speaker 1 (36:01):
It could have offered the guy twenty bucks for one
bloaf of bread.

Speaker 4 (36:05):
I want to love it. I want to love it.

Speaker 1 (36:08):
I want to love it.

Speaker 4 (36:09):
Yeah, keep going, Susane. So this is this is where
I know where we are.

Speaker 6 (36:16):
I hadn't it hadn't occurred to me that they still
hadn't told missus Kim that she was pregnant and she's
already showing and they hadn't even mentioned it to her yet.

Speaker 4 (36:25):

Speaker 6 (36:26):
I did think it was kind of cute when.

Speaker 5 (36:27):
When they know that they're having twins, which means you're
right recently far along right exactly.

Speaker 6 (36:35):
I did think it was kind of cute.

Speaker 4 (36:37):
Again, but when.

Speaker 6 (36:38):
Missus Kim thought that they were ashamed because they didn't
have new music, I thought that was funny and they're.

Speaker 4 (36:44):
Like, oh music, scene was not that irritating.

Speaker 1 (36:47):
I like that scene. I thought that was a good
scene and that and the button on it that Keko
gave it cool I really was good. Yeah, it was.
It was a good scene. It was a good scene.

Speaker 7 (36:59):

Speaker 6 (36:59):
And when missus Kim stood up and zask going hit me,
hit me, he thought she was going to hit Yeah.
I enjoyed that scene.

Speaker 4 (37:11):
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (37:14):
And so then she says, Okay, you should move in
with me and Zach It's like cool, and then Lane's
like what the heck? So then unfortunately we go back
to Paris and this is where they wake up at
four am and Laurelize having a freak out because it's
four am, and in this dinner they tried to order
room service. It was kind of cute when she wanted
a cheeseburger with the side of cheeseburger and a cheeseburger smoothie.

That kind of made me chuckle. I can't get room service, and.

Speaker 1 (37:40):
So this is I don't know that that part. That's
when she started annoying me.

Speaker 3 (37:45):
Yeah, I kind of agree, Scott, because I was like,
she knows they're not going to have the cheeseburger and
stuff in Paris.

Speaker 1 (37:52):
It's like she's doing the the cute laurelizing with Christopher
and it just, yeah, seems right.

Speaker 5 (38:01):
She did that with the date. I don't know if
you guys remember that, but where she was like is
this the part that I should be excited about?

Speaker 6 (38:08):
That's what she did.

Speaker 5 (38:09):
She was so annoyed, like is this what you're doing
to distract me from being hungry?

Speaker 4 (38:15):
Is this what you're doing?

Speaker 5 (38:17):
And I'm like, yeah, she's.

Speaker 4 (38:22):
She's so not Laura LII like with Luke, she's Laurel
I right, Like she's not. She's just chill. She's snarky
when you wanted to be snarky. She's cute when you
wanted to be cute. This all does look and it's
it's I don't hate christ energy. Yes, it's frenetic, and
it's making me so I need a massage. It's just

too much for my stressed out body. And then it's
so boring. So it's like all this weird frenetic and
also it just feels like now's my time to give
some witty bamter, So gonna do some witty bamter that
they wrote for me.

Speaker 7 (38:57):
It's not.

Speaker 6 (39:01):
Well and this is this is part of why I
feel like they're not soulmates. Like she just seems so
uncomfortable with the whole thing, and like she's trying to
convince herself that she's enjoying this, and that's why she
keeps saying I love you, I love you, Like she
sounds like she's trying to convince herself more than she
is trying to express.

Speaker 4 (39:22):
She's just yes, I think Suzanne, you nailed it. She's
like doing that nostalgic thing where you're like, I love him,
He's so sweet to me, but then you're just like,
do I do I even care?

Speaker 1 (39:36):

Speaker 4 (39:37):
Bless his sweetheart? Like it's just a mess.

Speaker 1 (39:40):
I think she did a very good job of communicating that,
you know, her conflicted feelings, even though she's talking the
talk below.

Speaker 4 (39:50):
Let's talk it. When we get to the end, we're
all like, oh.

Speaker 6 (39:57):
So we have a little like throw away scene in
there where Rory is bored and she's like flipping her
phone all around and she calls Olivia and Lucy and
they decided to go to Stars Hollow.

Speaker 4 (40:13):
So was she like sat and board like all of
a sudden, it was like, it's just so weird.

Speaker 3 (40:18):
It would have made more sense if she like spent
time with Paris. I just feel like that would have
made more sense, Like Paris is her real friend.

Speaker 4 (40:26):
Yeah, she's suddenly besties with these two people, like we're
I think we're to assume they've hung out a lot
more than.

Speaker 5 (40:36):
Madeline and Louise, Right, Like I.

Speaker 4 (40:38):
Said, they're just trying to recreate that.

Speaker 3 (40:40):
Magic copycat of it. Yeah right, it's working.

Speaker 4 (40:44):
That is literally what they are trying to recreate.

Speaker 1 (40:47):
And well it could have worked. It's just not established,
you know. I mean it's it's it's not something that
we're look forward to or we're used to. I mean,
they're not right, we don't really know that yet. They're great.

Speaker 4 (41:01):
They are a new version of them because I love
Logan's friends. I always find them amusing and entertaining and right.

Speaker 1 (41:08):
But we saw them from the beginning when we met Logan.

Speaker 4 (41:12):
Here's what here's my take on it. Everybody can be mad.
Logan's friends are being who they were created to be, right.
They're not trying to recreate what we liked from earlier seasons.
And that's my problem with the two with Kristin Ritter
and the other girl. It's like they're not them. They're

trying to recreate Madeline, Louise, Madeline and Louise. That's give
me some new two new friends. I don't know, am
I making?

Speaker 3 (41:44):
But makes sense?

Speaker 1 (41:46):
Don't We don't see those We didn't see those two
care Christian Ritter and her friend at the beginning of
Rory's Yale experience, did we? We did not? The friends
just happened a couple episodes ago, right, Yeah, it's what
It's too bad because they're great, yeah.

Speaker 4 (42:03):
Or create new new personalities. I feel like they're just
trying to recreate that. Like when I when they're all
at stars Hollow at Rory's house, that could have been
Madeline and Louise kind of it was like the elevated
version the episode.

Speaker 3 (42:18):
Yes, thank you, that's what let's say. Yeah, it was
like that episode when they come to stars Hollow.

Speaker 6 (42:23):
Yeah, anyway, sorry, but no, I totally agree with you
because she didn't need to find two new friends. She
could have found one friend. But it is like there's
two of them and they're just like Madeline. I mean,
they're smarter than Medaline Lois.

Speaker 4 (42:36):
We already have Paris so underutilized. Yeah, Parris home parent
like I don't know. And what about your friend Lane?
So now you've suddenly gone to stars Hollow your best
friends they're like, what's going on?

Speaker 6 (42:49):

Speaker 1 (42:50):
I don't care?

Speaker 5 (42:51):
So yeah, Lane and.

Speaker 1 (42:54):
Satisfied us in this episode.

Speaker 4 (42:57):
Gotten to the diner because I have such a red
flag on the diner scene. When's that?

Speaker 6 (43:02):
No, that too, we're two scenes away from the diner.

Speaker 4 (43:04):
So he remind me to talk about the worst factors ever.

Speaker 1 (43:08):
Thank you?

Speaker 6 (43:08):
Oh my god, I have so many notes on that
Luke's diner scene.

Speaker 1 (43:13):
I think I know what you're gonna say.

Speaker 6 (43:15):
Okay, so first of all, I have to pick apart
the Paris scene. So they go this is now where
they're walking around town looking for a restaurant. There's the
bread truck, which we talked about the.

Speaker 1 (43:27):
Guys, Right, he's got thousands of dollars in cash in
his pocket, he doesn't think to buy some bread. Unbelievable.

Speaker 6 (43:44):
Now this is where Laurli tells the story about tenth
grade and the pizza in his pocket. And then did
you guys notice after she finishes her story and she's like, oh,
that was so sweet, and then he gives her like
this super long, creepy stare, like he just stood there
staring at her until I had to like look away.

Speaker 5 (44:04):
I'm like, the only that's funny because this is the
only part that I liked. I thought that them like
her saying that story and him looking at her like
I love that, I really love you, Like That's what
I took out of it, And that's why I can't
blame him, Like I think he truly does love Laura

Lai and and she was always the one that got
away I think for him, and now she's back with him.
And I think I loved that moment because for a
second I was like, oh, there is a lot of
love here. I don't know in that moment, I just
there's a lot of history, and there's love, but then

it just quickly.

Speaker 1 (44:46):
I think the whole point that maybe the writers are
trying to make is that he's not nourishing her. So
if he's not feeding her, he's not nourishing her soul.

Speaker 4 (44:58):
Following me, I like your deepness and deeps.

Speaker 6 (45:04):
I think he does love her. I think he but
I think he's still stuck in where they were, as.

Speaker 5 (45:09):
They both are. They both are because Laurel I is
also saying those stories and bringing it back to their childhood,
like they both.

Speaker 6 (45:18):
I don't think she's in love.

Speaker 5 (45:19):
With him, though I don't need obviously not.

Speaker 4 (45:21):
At the end of the episode we can all dig
into that. But here's my thing. Back on the bread.
I can live for a long time on just spread.
If you could just get me a bag at and
some cheese, maybe some peanut butter, I don't care. I'm golden.

Speaker 6 (45:36):
They had a truck of bread, yeah, and that would
totally have been like a mischievous Laurel eyed thing to do.
I remember when they were throwing from legs, like I
could totally see.

Speaker 4 (45:49):
Her just grabbing them, to see the truck pulling away,
and then Christopher being like, oh, the bakery's not open,
and then she like pulls the bag at.

Speaker 6 (46:00):
That was totally a missed opportunity. So then they give
up on finding food and decide to go back to
the hotel. So we're still in that hour five am hour.

Speaker 4 (46:11):
Right, We're doing fifty things in one hour, but now
they are in love, so they're not hungry anymore because
they're gonna go bound chuck a bomb bomb Yeah.

Speaker 6 (46:19):
Okay, So now now we get to the diner scene.
So who wants to start on all the stuff that
was happening in the background.

Speaker 4 (46:27):
You start, and then I will continue.

Speaker 6 (46:30):
Okay, I want you to have the start so many things.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
I will say. That guy, the guy in the background
was actually our script or dialogue coach was George Bell.

Speaker 4 (46:41):
It wasn't scripty, it was George Bell.

Speaker 1 (46:44):
That was George Bell.

Speaker 4 (46:45):
George Bell, who had part in this show, wasn't he, Like, yeah,
I'm pretty sure that was George Bell.

Speaker 1 (46:53):
Who was the woman who was who was not killing it?
Who was not killing it by the way, as an extra.

Speaker 4 (46:59):
Who neither was the woman and neither was miss Patty.

Speaker 1 (47:03):
Because the thing is, if you notice the extras, then
they're distracting you because they're not doing their job, right, noticed,
I know, I know you.

Speaker 6 (47:13):
Okay. The first thing I noticed in the scene is
that Luke was wearing a different black hat.

Speaker 4 (47:20):
Did you guys not new not the new bad black hat?
Because he had one, right, the original black hat had
like a solid back.

Speaker 6 (47:30):
It didn't have.

Speaker 5 (47:32):
This last episode too though.

Speaker 4 (47:33):
Oh did he this snap or the not snap? I
just noticed it's a different black hat.

Speaker 1 (47:41):
Didn't the first one have like a buckle on it?

Speaker 5 (47:43):
No, it had like a like a like a patch,
but it had like a you know, like when you
were like a baseball hat and it has a little
emblem on.

Speaker 1 (47:51):
It with the thing.

Speaker 4 (47:53):
Yeah, you've been wearing a very bad hat season seven supervis.

Speaker 5 (48:02):
So okay, yeah, you see this one. Can I show us?

Speaker 4 (48:07):
Can someone show us?

Speaker 5 (48:08):

Speaker 4 (48:10):
Look at Daniel's eyes, she's all bug exited. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (48:15):
That was good, right, that was the first one.

Speaker 3 (48:18):
Yeah, And then that one.

Speaker 6 (48:21):
Was that I didn't like that one.

Speaker 4 (48:23):
I like the buckle. Look at the blue buckle.

Speaker 1 (48:25):
One, those are great blue buckle.

Speaker 5 (48:28):
You see he was wearing this weird.

Speaker 4 (48:29):
Weird one buckle that I don't know. There it goes
see how the cutest one.

Speaker 1 (48:35):
The metal buckle on.

Speaker 4 (48:38):
The right.

Speaker 1 (48:38):
We got rid of that one because it dug into
my forehead and this one this, Yeah.

Speaker 4 (48:44):
But that was the best ones. Those were the best
ones that had a little opening.

Speaker 6 (48:48):
Yeah. So the one in this episode was like that.
It had the opening, Yeah, have the opening. So it
was a different black hat. It didn't have the little
baseball logo thing. And so miss Patty now where she
from the beginning when they first started that chair was empty.

Speaker 4 (49:09):
Then she's just playing the bathroom. The overacting of the
background actors in this it was distracting, and she's and
that one lady's moving from table to table and at
one point she goes and talks to Zach. I don't

know why, right, the lady in the purp want to
know you and she's not a weight dress or server.
It's so weird.

Speaker 6 (49:39):
When this when they started the scene, there was a
woman that was sitting at the other table behind them
who her play was empty and it looked like she
was done eating. And then the very next time they
looked in that direction, there were two completely different people
sitting there.

Speaker 4 (49:55):
Oh do you know this woman I'm talking about that
there's the one woman that gets up, goes and talks
to Zach like Lina. I'm like, what why is she?
Who are you?

Speaker 1 (50:05):

Speaker 6 (50:05):
She had like a purple sweater on, and then she
went and talked to the guy that was sitting with
Miss Patty even though Miss Patty was yes, she just
like magically appeared in the background. I have a theory.
I think that there was something that they cut out
of this scene. I agree because I can't imagine why
they would have used Liz Torres as a background actor, Like,
why wouldn't they have just gotten a background actor?

Speaker 4 (50:28):
Correct, And Liz Torres is like iconic. Why would they
have a scene to just mime stuff to the Probably,
so I.

Speaker 6 (50:38):
Think they cut something out of the middle. And then
that was probably also when that one person who was
done eating she like got up and left, and then
new people came in while Miss Patty was talking whatever,
and they just like put a chunk out. That's that's
my hypothesis because there was a lot of problems that's
going on back there.

Speaker 4 (50:54):
What is the scene even about? I can here's what
I can remember. Luke does something, Zach and and do something.
I kind of remember Luke not wanting Lane.

Speaker 5 (51:03):
To Yeah, she's something.

Speaker 1 (51:07):
The heavy when you're getting ready to drop that little load, you.

Speaker 3 (51:14):
Know, and then they were like, oh, we're going to
be parents, Like that's kind of what.

Speaker 6 (51:19):
It and Lane Lane was mad at Zach because he
said cool, that was like how.

Speaker 3 (51:25):
That it was pretty boring again? But you're right, Amy,
there was so much happening. You're like, what happened here?

Speaker 6 (51:31):
Yeah, Like I had to watch that three times because
I'm trying to figure out what's going on in the background.

Speaker 4 (51:35):
I did too, I rewind, I rewound, rewound it. I
don't know if that's how the past tense of rewind.
I rewinded it, I rewound it, not rewinded it.

Speaker 5 (51:47):
I didn't did that once this episode because I wanted
it to end so bad. I'm just like.

Speaker 4 (51:55):
I did go back because I was like, what is
happening with these background actors? And then I was just like,
got a mess? And then I just saw miss Patty
and I'm like, what is she even doing back there?

Speaker 1 (52:05):
It was late. We were probably really drunk.

Speaker 4 (52:08):
She's just overacting it.

Speaker 1 (52:15):
Too much tequila.

Speaker 6 (52:17):
Yeah, we could have all used that when we were
watching me.

Speaker 1 (52:21):
Yes, we could have.

Speaker 6 (52:23):
And so then we're back in Paris again. And this
is when Christopher and Loralai are in bed and they're
still hungry. Shocker, this is what we've been talking about for.

Speaker 3 (52:32):
An hour past is already but it's like four h
five am.

Speaker 6 (52:38):
This is what.

Speaker 4 (52:40):
They've been all around town, slept together and it's only
been twenty minutes.

Speaker 6 (52:50):
Yes, So now he has realized that he has all
this money and so he's like, I'm going to fix this.
And so he gets up and they take a show
or something, and then he somehow magically convenes the whole
restaurant staff. Impossible, bake people up, ridiculous.

Speaker 5 (53:14):
But the fancy pansy uniforms show up to work and
deliver and have a delicious meal cooked ready to food
hype very hot.

Speaker 4 (53:26):
The food is probably not even in the fridge yet.
Like you are a French, beautiful Parisian, fancy restaurant, you're
not serving last night's chicken.

Speaker 5 (53:38):
Yeah, this isn't McDonald's. It's not ready in five minutes on, Yeah, ridiculous.

Speaker 4 (53:44):
The whole people, they are all lined up. Come on,
and even if I suspend belief, is that what I'm
supposed to do? What do I do?

Speaker 8 (53:52):
Suspend disbelief, suspend disbelief boring, So.

Speaker 5 (54:00):
I could have seen a photo of the Eiffel.

Speaker 3 (54:02):
Tower, oh Getty images.

Speaker 6 (54:08):
So then we're at Lorelei's house on the porch and
I have a little red flag because Rory told them
in the other when she was on the phone with
them talking about cute small town stars Hollow, she said
that they have a porch swing that squeaks. But they
don't have a swing. They've never had a port swing.

Speaker 3 (54:29):
Wait didn't they have one in the very beginning when
season one, when Richard is ouch no, but outside, when
Richard's sitting outside during Rory's birthday party reading, Yeah, was
that a swing?

Speaker 1 (54:45):

Speaker 6 (54:46):
I remember there being like a.

Speaker 8 (54:48):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (54:49):
I do remember Richard. I do remember Richard sitting on it.
I just don't remember if it was a swing.

Speaker 6 (54:54):
Yeah, I don't remember if that was a swing either.
But so then they're they're sitting on the porch now
and it's not a swing. There's thing on a like
a like patio furniture. Looking through yearbooks. It was kind
of kind of cute.

Speaker 5 (55:06):
They have like their you know, their hairs all I
will say, the coloring of hair. I think like I
did that, Like, I was like, I want one pink
strand in my hair, Like, yeah, that's kind of relatable.

Speaker 4 (55:21):
It wasn't as painful as the rest, but it was
still bloring.

Speaker 6 (55:24):
Yeah, I didn't. I didn't hate the hair coloring. I
thought it was cute. And then they just randomly decided
to make Rice Krispy's treats.

Speaker 5 (55:30):
Those I was not min about Rice Krispy Treats, great
choice and dessert.

Speaker 1 (55:34):
You know what they season seven they ran out of story.

Speaker 4 (55:37):
Yeah, and we sort of saw a closet we'd never
seen before.

Speaker 6 (55:41):
There's so much debate about that closet.

Speaker 1 (55:44):
They just ran out of story.

Speaker 4 (55:46):
You know, well, right, I think that that's what you're right,
and they're just making stuff up, like let's have these
three people.

Speaker 1 (55:53):
Going sounds like Gilmore, looks like Gilmore. There's character.

Speaker 4 (55:56):
Talk to me about the closets.

Speaker 1 (55:58):
They ran out of conflict.

Speaker 6 (55:59):
They ran because sometimes it's a closet and sometimes it's
a bathroom, depending on what fits the plot in that episode.

Speaker 4 (56:05):
So sometimes there's a half bath there.

Speaker 6 (56:07):
Yeah, but then there's also a door in the entryway.
There's there's actually one scene where you can see both
doors and if it's a closet. It's only like twelve
inches wide. It's pretty it's interesting. Anyways, there's a lot
of debate about the closet bathroom.

Speaker 3 (56:22):
Hey, okay, is that where they usually have like the
board games and stuff that she opens up?

Speaker 4 (56:27):

Speaker 3 (56:28):
Yeah, the boppet, the boppit. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (56:32):
Interesting. Speaking of terrible scenes, right, there's obviously a bathroom downstairs.
What do we think is the house one and a
half baths? No, it's no bathrooms. Where does Rory shower?

Speaker 6 (56:46):
Well, that's the question is when she When it needs
to be a bathroom, it's a bathroom, But when it
needs to be a closet, it's a closet. It just
depends on the episode because she does. There was an
episode where when Laurel I was going out with Max
and make some comment about she's got her like lingerie
or unmentionables hanging in the bathroom or something. But then

other times it's a closet. When you need to find
the bopp it, now it's a closet. Unmentionable would have said, okay,
And then again we go back to Paris. So many
like these scenes were so short and so choppy. Now

this is where we go to the restaurant and it's
open and the table set it has a view of
the Eiffel Tower. They're reminiscing about when we were sixteen.
There's more creepy, weird staring in this scene. They're drinking
wine at five o'clock morning.

Speaker 4 (57:51):
I was just staring out the window. Was anybody else?
Just like, what's that with the kind of lights twinkling
a little that I don't know? And then I feel
like the sun coming up? Is this happening? You know?

Speaker 3 (58:05):
What was really at a character for me in this
scene is that when Chris says he's loaded.

Speaker 1 (58:11):

Speaker 3 (58:13):
Lorli wouldn't be like, oh my god, yeah, you're right,
Like I feel like she doesn't like that stuff. And
so this for me just felt like it's never mattered
about money or anything because she comes from money. Like,
so him saying that and her being like, oh well, yeah,
like you are loaded and you paid for this, I'm like,
that's not her.

Speaker 6 (58:32):
Right very much about trying to impress people with his money,
Like that was the whole thing with the the Yale
when he took all everybody's the restaurant and wants to
take them all Ski's.

Speaker 5 (58:44):
And he's already rich, Like like, that's what we don't like.
That's what I don't get. It's not like this guy
was so poor and a lot of ticket. If he's
been rich his whole life.

Speaker 1 (58:57):
Yeah, exactly, he's gonna get a mass of inheritance, right, So.

Speaker 6 (59:04):
He just has this show off he need. And so
they talk about the sleeping on the park bench and
all that, blah blah blah. I'm so in love with you,
Okay whatever.

Speaker 5 (59:13):
That's kind of cute. The park bench is kind of cute.

Speaker 6 (59:16):
Just and I wrote vomiting noises for hair.

Speaker 4 (59:24):
Great. It's not exciting, it's not sexy, it's not cute.
It's just like, Okay, this is so bad. But like,
no offense to the writers, please, I feel like I
could have made this up. You know that's not a
good thing.

Speaker 1 (59:43):
They're attempting the impossible, very rehabilitating a character that is
that you can't rehabilitate.

Speaker 4 (59:50):
Like I think they know that because the end of
the episode really shows that anyway, Yeah i'.

Speaker 6 (01:00:06):
So then we go back to the only tolerable storyline
in the episode, which was missus Kim's. They're in the store,
in the shop and she's unpacking things. And this was
the what I guess qualifies as my favorite line is
when she says I may be old, but I can
multitask and she tells them. They tell her that they're

not going to move in with her, and she says
she respects their decision.

Speaker 1 (01:00:35):
Cute little scene, very well shot, beautiful, beautiful. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (01:00:41):
I always like her store because there's just so many
little nicknacky things, like I like to look at things.

Speaker 1 (01:00:45):
So, you know, I don't think it's an accident that
Emily Coroda scenes are fantastic. Yeah, you know what I think.
I think Emily Carooda and I haven't real I don't
know that I've been in a lot of scenes with her.
I do remember, only a couple. But she really enjoys

the rehearsal process, and I think she sort of dictates
her own blocking what she thinks is right and what
she feels is organic, and she'll she'll act in a
way and rehearsal where she wants, and then the camera
adjust to her, the director adjust to her. She really
that's why she because she's kind of directing her own scenes,
like she's taking command of those scenes because she has

a real vision. Because she's super talented, and that's how
they go and that's how they're shot, and that's why
she's so damn good and everything because it's probably coming
from her. You know. Yeah, she's a force for She's
a force. Yes, she's exactly what you need to be. Yeah,

especially on a television set because there nobody has any time,
and we got to get through the day and we
got to all these scenes. Is so we just have
to you stand there, you stand there, you stand there,
you know, uh uh you know. So I think she's like,
she really fights for her choices and she can't just
say a line if somebody says go stand over there

and talk and says no, no, no, that's not how
this works.

Speaker 4 (01:02:16):
Yeah. Yeah, she's a part of this episode.

Speaker 1 (01:02:21):
Yeah, absolutely. I mean she's kind of the best part
of every episode. She said, which is why, I mean,
she hasn't been around in a while, and.

Speaker 4 (01:02:29):
That's why it's boring. She's not boring.

Speaker 1 (01:02:31):
She's not boring, that's for sure. She's riveting.

Speaker 5 (01:02:35):
She has a Kelly Bishop effect.

Speaker 1 (01:02:37):
Oh yeah, yeah, yep, she sure does.

Speaker 4 (01:02:42):
Then what happened Suzanne.

Speaker 6 (01:02:44):
So then we're in lorealized bathroom and they've all dyed
their hair.

Speaker 4 (01:02:51):
I thought that was cute.

Speaker 6 (01:02:52):
They all looked cute. Yeah, yeah, they're streaky hair. And
they're talking about being in a girl band. And then
Rory is apparently crying, but we only know that because
she's rubbing her eyes. She's not doing the fake crying
very well. And she's crying because she doesn't know what
she's going to do. She's I mean, I kind of

get the anxiety of being a senior in college and
you your friends are figuring out.

Speaker 3 (01:03:20):
But like she left the paper early for like absolutely
no reason. So I feel like she like for that,
she did it to herself.

Speaker 6 (01:03:28):
Well, I thought her term was up, like she left.

Speaker 5 (01:03:31):
I think it doesn't help that she has a boyfriend
that has graduated and London had an amazing job. Yeah,
you know, like I get. I'm sorry, I get the anxiety.

Speaker 4 (01:03:48):
No, here's why it doesn't track. This girl is at Yale.
She thrives off learning, right, so she's having the most
amazing classes. She would be like thriving and she'd have
everything played and I just don't see her boohooing everything's
changing in my boyfriends, and it's like she would be
like I'm taking this class I'm doing this, I'm going

to start working here. I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:04:11):
Yeah, I mean, I think it's normal for college seniors
to feel some anxiety, but I feel like Rory Gilmore
of all people, would have things planned, like she would
know what she needs her next step to be, and
so she would be working towards that, like yeah, she's yeah.

Speaker 3 (01:04:34):
I agree, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 (01:04:37):
I think college kids sure want to get jobs. But
I think she would have excitement. She would be like,
I mean, look, I know we do pivot, because you
know she does she wants to be Christian. I'm poor.
We know that she would be totally working towards that.
She would be putting her reel together and calling CNN
and saying like, hey, can I come do this? I

I don't know, I don't Rory has lost her way. Yeah,
she loses it for many years, yes, as we know.

Speaker 6 (01:05:10):
So then uh, Lucy and Olivia are trying to console
her and they're like, don't worry about it. None of
us know what we're doing. It's all going to work out.
We'll all get through it. And then okay, So that
was that. Then we go back to Paris for the
three millionth time, and now the sun is coming up,

so we see no Sherry.

Speaker 3 (01:05:36):
Then still five am.

Speaker 6 (01:05:38):
Still funny.

Speaker 4 (01:05:39):
Yeah, it's a fun one hour.

Speaker 6 (01:05:42):
And this is where Chris like starts in on the
full court Press. He wants to get married. We love
each other, we belong together, creepy weird stare and there
this is so. The thing that bugged me was when
Rorla I said she wanted to wait and he's like why,

like really kind of a demanding way, and then she says,
well Rory. And Christopher hasn't even given a single thought
to Rory this whole time, and he says, well, she's
going to be thrilled, Like it doesn't even occur to
him that she would want to be there, and that's
what Laura I was referring to, and he, I don't

know it. Again goes back to the whole thing that
he's in that mode of, you know, where they were
before Rory came along. He's just completely devoted to Laura
I and doesn't even give Rory a second thought and
it doesn't even occur to him that she would want
to be there when her parents got married. I was
annoyed by.

Speaker 5 (01:06:45):
I find it interesting because I think they're trying to like,
put Laurlai in the position. Okay, I understand you guys
are all going to like get annoyed, but put her
in the situation that Luke was in right, where Luke
was the one that was like hold on, hold on,
and Laura I was I was like, no, why let's

get married because exactly, And Luke is like, but April,
I need to think about April, and Laurla is saying
I need to think about Rory, like I feel like
they're kind of trying to do like a little switcheroo.

Speaker 3 (01:07:19):
I never thought of it that way, But you have
a point.

Speaker 4 (01:07:22):
Can I? I'm Scott. I'm about to throw some some
knowledge down because I think this is what Scott has
been saying for so long. The reason it's boring is
that we don't have any Luke and Laura Lai scenes.
So even if they weren't together, right because at the
beginning seasons they weren't together, but we.

Speaker 6 (01:07:43):
Had all this.

Speaker 4 (01:07:47):
Action or like life between them, and now that's never happening.
Luke has one scene and I'm sorry, but he's like
our favorite, Like it's hard to say he's not at
least top three, right, there's nothing there's no interaction with

Luke and Rory or Luke and Lorelie. There's no lower
lieon Rory. Like we're just like all disjointed all over
the place, right, I agree with that.

Speaker 6 (01:08:19):
Like the show started out it's meant to be a
mother daughter show. We don't have any lore Lion Rory,
we don't have any lore Lion Luke. I mean, it's
just gotten so far away from what it was in
the early seasons when it was charming and warm, and
it's just completely like the only mother daughter we really

had in this episode was Layne and missus Kim, which
was good, our favorite part, right, and that was good,
But it's just it's just not you know what we
came to love.

Speaker 1 (01:08:52):
Yeah, it's there's no spine to the piece anymore.

Speaker 6 (01:08:59):
It's gone, right, there's no exactly, there's no backbone holding
the whole thing together.

Speaker 4 (01:09:06):
So works best because of the chemistry of the either
the actors or the characters, whichever, however you decide that,
and now we don't have our favorite sort of situations
are the chemistry between Scott and Lauren, or Luke and
Lorelai or Lorli and Rory, and like all that's missing

so maybe that's why it's so boring and off, because
it's just like filler.

Speaker 1 (01:09:34):
There was no Suki in this episode, was yeah, and
even in.

Speaker 5 (01:09:39):
Past seasons you had Rory and Dean, Rory and Jess,
and even now Rory and Logan, but you don't have
Rory and Logan together. You like literally don't have anybody
any of the key things together.

Speaker 4 (01:09:54):
And if I may say, all the characters right were
always small parts, and that there's you know, there's no
small parts. I understand that, But like Suki would be
a funny blip, Kirk would be a funny blip, because
the meat of the episodes were always sort of Rory, Loralai, Luke,
and now Luke's a blip. Rory is with two rams

and we're just every scene is Lorli and Christopher.

Speaker 3 (01:10:25):
And I think the full episode.

Speaker 1 (01:10:28):
I think one of the more important characters is removed
from this new narrative is stars Hollow seems to be missing.

Speaker 3 (01:10:36):
Oh my god, a good point town is missing.

Speaker 1 (01:10:39):
Yeah, community, So it's it's very odd.

Speaker 6 (01:10:43):
Right, Yeah, Like we were saying at the beginning, there's
no shots of the gazebo in the square with the
fall foliage and all that, Like we didn't have that.
We don't have Richard and Emily in this episode.

Speaker 4 (01:10:55):
Yeah, biller filler, filler filler, I'm looking for bread filler.
Where's my food filler? Like and kidding me.

Speaker 3 (01:11:03):
Like how Scott said. I think they just ran out
of ideas, like the two friends. They didn't even have
a new idea for two new friends, like they just
said they copy and pasted Madeline and totally.

Speaker 4 (01:11:16):
They're like, let's hire these two other actors to play
Madeline and Luis.

Speaker 3 (01:11:19):
And they kind of look like them too, they do.

Speaker 6 (01:11:22):
We go to Zach and Lane's apartment. We find out
that instead of missus, Kim has let them off the
hook for moving in with her, but now we find
out that she has moved in with them. Two cases
are all over the place. Brian has been moved over
to another Korean family, where he seems to be quite
happily eating dinner with them.

Speaker 4 (01:11:42):
Didn't even see that.

Speaker 3 (01:11:44):
I didn't hate this.

Speaker 6 (01:11:45):
I thought that was cute. Yeah, and we find out
that Zak is thinking of naming the kids Marco and
Polo so that they're easier to keep track of those Like,
I thought that was cute. That made me chuckle.

Speaker 1 (01:12:00):
And then we go where we're here because that's the
game we played when kids.

Speaker 6 (01:12:07):
Then we go back to Yale and this is where
we find out who boyfriend is and Marty introduces himself
to Rory like he doesn't know her super sketcher sketch
and she's like, why did you do that? And he's like, oh,
I thought it would be weird, and I'm like, so
you just made it weirder.

Speaker 4 (01:12:25):
Okay, yeah, like that comes to haunt everybody.

Speaker 6 (01:12:29):
Yeah. I still don't understand like what his thought process
was there.

Speaker 3 (01:12:33):
But he could have been like, oh, yeah, we knew
each other, right.

Speaker 4 (01:12:36):
I think he because he liked Rory and he doesn't
want friend. But it's still weird, very and it becomes problematic,
so we'll deal with that later.

Speaker 6 (01:12:47):
Yeah. And then so finally, then the worst scene of
the whole thing, like it doesn't even end on an
up note. We see them coming home with all the
suitcases and all.

Speaker 4 (01:12:58):
That, and he says, well, intentionally, her hand, yes, I
noticed that because I intentionally watched because I knew you
her hand is hidden the whole time, anyway, go ahead.

Speaker 6 (01:13:09):
Right, because her long sleeve is covering her hand and
then she holds it. I guess you know, so we don't.
The camera doesn't see that she's got a wedding ring on,
and he says, welcome home, missus Hayden, and she gives
him like this weird little smile. But then he walks
away and she's like looking at the ring like, oh
my god, what did I just do? Not at all
the face of a woman who's happy and in love.

And then we faded.

Speaker 4 (01:13:31):
Last son l you know Rachel Dratch when she plays
that character like Debbie Downer, Yeah, I was living louralized face.
At the end, we're Debbie down wha, Like why do
I do this?

Speaker 1 (01:13:47):
All right? So what are we going to give this?
Let's go around? Uh, Tara, what do you rate it?
What's your measures?

Speaker 7 (01:13:54):
Dick? I give it a three strands of colorful hair, Ah, Danielle.

Speaker 5 (01:14:07):
One point five pizza in a jacket.

Speaker 6 (01:14:10):
Wow, I'm gonna give it two giant pencils.

Speaker 4 (01:14:18):
Amy, six baguettes.

Speaker 3 (01:14:20):
I knew you were going.

Speaker 1 (01:14:21):
To do six.

Speaker 3 (01:14:23):
You said, boring through the whole hour.

Speaker 4 (01:14:25):
Still better than half the shows on television.

Speaker 1 (01:14:29):
And it's still better than a lot of the shows
in season seven because we get the Emily Corota and.

Speaker 4 (01:14:35):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 5 (01:14:37):
Coroda's reason why I gave it one point five.

Speaker 1 (01:14:41):
I don't know. I thought I'm gonna go five because
of Emily, uh and the way she lifted this thing,
and I'm gonna go Also Kristin Ritter lifted it, so
yeah five, christ I don't know. Black black screens, five

rumpled sheets on a bed like for like a three
three minute romp. Uh, that's going to wrap it up
for now. Uh. Season seven, episodes seven French Twist, Thank

You Ladies, Susanne, French Terrorists, Suit, Daniel Roma, Amy Sugarman.
We will see you next time. Stay safe everyone, Hey, everybody,

and don't forget Follow us on Instagram at I Am
all In podcast and email us at Gilmore at iHeartRadio
dot com
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