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August 22, 2022 82 mins

Dean and Jess go at it and we have A LOT of thoughts.

Is Lorelai's Pageboy cap the worst fashion move in Gilmore Girls history.
We have a SERIOUS bone to pick with a certain scene in this episode.  Should it have been handled in a completely different way?!   The debate is on.
And, Scott reveals something extremely personal and important about a part of this episode.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I am all in. Oh that's just you more. I
am all in with Scott Patterson and i Hurt Radio podcast.

Hey everybody or Live from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Poem of
seafood Delectables of all stripe um takes Nova Scotia. For
some reason, I think I thought Nova Scotia was the city.
I just realized that that's not. No, it's it's it's
the province. And like, can you give me like, is

it like the size of Massachusetts, like the size of
Rhode Island. I think it's a couple hour drive about
astern if you got it? Got it? So it's no California.
It's not as like oh no no, no, no, no,
no no no no no, no no no, it's it's beautiful.

Have you discovered a favorite restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
You know there's a couple actually there's a couple. Yeah,
I don't want to name them, but there, because you know,
I like to go there. Everyone didn't know about it. Hey,
come on down, I'll buy cocktail. And I was like

hearing about something like that, Oh God, what was it?
And they're like, don't tell anybody, like because you don't
want everyone to know, like it's the best, right, and
then they'll they'll you know, people order so many and
then they'll have to get cheaper meat or something and
then loses its luster. Yeah. So, but there's a couple

of places and they're they're fantastic. But it's it's it's
it's a fun city and uh, you know, it's beautiful
on the outskirts of the city, it's like unbelievable places. Um,
you got to be into boating and fishing and all
that stuff because it's like it's heaven here. Water skiing,
it's it's great all morning. I was like Unice Singles

water skiing all over the day. I'm just kidding. I
would never do that. It's in my contract. I just
follow is about it there? Yeah, yeah, a little a
little bit. It's historic. Yeah, there's some historic sites. Sure. Yeah,

it's got its own history diner. There actually is, and
I did take a photo of it. Wait, it's actually
called Luke Steiner. There's it's not Luke Steiner. I think
it's more of a bakery, but it says Luke's on
the front. We were shooting down town one. You don't
you don't follow my Instagram, do you Cram's doing that
whack thing. We're not getting my you know. So, so

I took the picture in front of Luke's and I said,
you know, something like some stupid that I always say,
like Luke in front of Luke's. Oh mind blown or
something like that, and it got a headline here in
the Halifax Press. Yes, yes, yeah, I found it. Whack
thing is called an algorithm. I'm getting like, I'm getting

people that I've never seen in their things in five
meters and I'm not getting the ones that I usually see.
That's like, yeah, I'm really bitter that nobody responded to
my text outside of you Amy that you were going
to watch this episode. The second I saw this episode,
I blasted all of you guys and was like, I'm obsessed.

I know, but here's why I didn't respond. You didn't
like it? Well, I love all the episodes. No, no,
I love them all, but this was not my favorite.
You know what, you know what, you know what you
should have done. You know what you should have done.
You should have watched it a second time, because I
watched it last night and I was like, man, stinker

didn't like it, and hang on, hang on, and I
was just in a mood. Okay, I was lonely, I
was missing my family. I wasn't in the mood to
be watching any of this kitty stuff. Okay. And then
I watched it right before we came on, and I
laughed my ass off, and I really really enjoyed it.
I actually I really enjoyed the episode. Stop laughing, right, hilarious?

I thought so, I thought so. I mean, it's enjoyable.
But what parts made you guys laugh the most? Okay,
say the same things? Got go ahead? God, what are
you gonna say when talking? Yes, yes, he steals the episode.
He he was changes. It was changes. Everything he said.

I completely agree with you. Everything he said. Don't touch me, Dave,
I'm not gonna touch you young. I mean, everything was
perfect from this guy Sprouth. I have like five lines
from Dave Regowski. Yes, yes, he was masterful. Oh my god,
is I love Adam Brody. He did that same stuff

on the the delivery and that the cool laid back
and he's so smart and wait, yeah, yeah, it's like
there's nothing better. There's nothing better. And the great line
was when he said, and when the guys you're like

and and Regalsky says, uh unusually obsessed with that integer
My favorite when he told young Cheo to step away
from the cords because he electrocuted, and so good, it's
so good. It's so good, oh man, you know because

because because Yanny, I mean Michelle kind of he was
still great. But I like, I like angry Michelle more
than I like sort of like dogs, but the dogs
in the soft Michelle. That's funny too. And he had
he had one or two good lines, but it's it's
not the David Galsy came in and just hit it
out of the park. Like every time he showed up,

I was like, yeah, more, Dave more, Dave more day.
I mean even when he was just it was so great.
He's so different from everybody else. He's so distinctive and
he's just he's just really relaxed and great. I love
the guy. I love. You gotta get him on. I asked,
I know, you gotta get you gotta get him on, man,
because I'm pretty sure he's Adam Brodie's just playing Adam Brodie, right, No, No,

there's no question. He doesn't have to do characters. He
is a character. It's so confusing because Adam Brody in
real life is married to late mister. Yes, okay, so
he married the girl from Gossip Girl. Correct, and then
the girl from the o C married Rachel Bilson. She

married Darth Vader, but they got divorced or separated. They're
not something. She married Darth Vader. What's married at Hayden Christians? Yeah?
Oh yeah? Who confused? The heck? Can keep up with
all these kids and who they're marrying? And I just
bouncing around like Bunny Rabbits and Layton Mester and with Rachel.

I agree, Oh, come on, she's put her from Gossip Girl.
You can't really, she's iconic, Layton Mister her song good
Girls Go Bad? Yes, okay, let's should I give them
the synopsis so people know what we're talking about. Yeah,
let's do let's do that. So this is season three,

episode nineteen. The title is Keg Max Air date Apri three,
So this is literally in the synopsis. So much happened?
Lad La joins the Booster Club at Chiltern, where Max
is the faculty advisor and he tries to set boundaries
with her. Meanwhile, at the end, Michelle and Laura La
are picking up extra house keeping duties and she has

an awkward running with Luke and Nicole in their room.
Jess Laurence he's getting kicked out of school and he
doesn't tell Rory, all leading up to him being upset
at a party where Lane's band book their first gig
and ends up getting in a huge fight with Dean
and speaking of Lane, Dave is jealous about young Chew
and Lane started drinking and drunk dials her mom to

tell her the truth. Can I get my bone to pick? Yeah? Sure? Max?
Like what the hell was that? Like that scene? Sorry
to come off like start right and being caustic, but
like that scene was so donkey do do? Like what

but I'm you see I I actually agree with your
bone to pick because I am actually happy. Max was like, no, dude,
you had the ring. You ruined it, so I'm out
right that you can't have a cake and eat it too,
sorry right right moving around the classroom like state ten

feet for me, Like he's a dork. I was like, no, Max,
You're cool. He was. That was okay, So so that
was that was theater Okay, that was a theater interpretation
of that scene because they had the room to do
it because it was two people in a big space
right in a classroom. They had all that space to themselves.

How they going to fill it? So they decided to
do a theater interpretation and not a TV or a film. Yes,
I think your interpretation dory and that right, it's like
watching that was like watching an off Broadway play, a
bad off Broadway play. Well, not necessarily I thought, no.
I thought the acting was was good. It just it's

hard to digest it in a television format and a
television medium because that's theater what they Yeah, I think
you're right, because this is I think you're totally right,
because it's why I don't love people are gonna like
I want to yell at me, but I don't love
theater because it always seems fake. And so to me,

this show is real. Like for me, these people are real.
This is all real. And so when I see that
dorky miss dancing around hand been handy man, like it's
choreographed like someone, because then you're gonna go left and
you're gonna go right, and you're gonna run around the
desk right right, fool. And then like they almost won

me back when they bumped into each other in the hallway.
But still I was just like, she came, but she
came running out the door. Why was she running out
the door and like slammed into him with her shoulder.
It was like, what is going I didn't like that.
I wanted the last time he said by to be
the time he said by, right, I did too, just
be Max. Max is So I love Max because Max

is cool and Max would never that was not Max.
That was an impostor because by Max never, like he
would have gone in and kissed her and then been like, yeah,
goodbye forever. But I don't but but he but look
at what he went through. He didn't want to lose
his job, you know, because because how how many conversations

did we have prior in season one about the inappropriateness
of the relationship in the first place, Right, And then
you know he's he's gonna bend Rory's mind with this,
He's going to jeopardize his career with this one magnetic girl,
and you know, yeah, you can believe that, but it's like, what, so, yeah,

I kind of feel like he's justified in doing that.
I don't know, if you didn't like how it was blunted,
you didn't like how the scene was interpreted right, and
and it also made well it also made Laurela I
look a little dorky too. Yeah. Yeah, it looked like
she kept coming forward and was like, WHOA is this

Like it was a little yeah it was. It was
a little creepy, it was. It was kind of yeah,
I got I thought it was an odd choice when
I watched it, and then I watched it again and
I thought, yeah, it's still an odd choice. But they
made the choice, right. Yeah, I guess you have to.
They decided to try something, you know, and really physicalize

the scene, right, and you can defend that scene. Hit
me up because I thought anything it was over the top.
I will agree with you on that. But I did
like the scene. I did like the scene where Lorela
was trying to get get you know, get through to Max.
But he was like, you know what, No, you screwed

me over once. You're not going to do it again.
And I stand by it, Like I do love him
doing been that. I like that she came in and
called him out, so you're avoiding me and he's like yeah,
but all right, And all he needed to do to
make a really strong response is to stand up behind
his desk and use his voice and that's it, and

that's all it needed. And I think it killed what
I think you're objecting to. Is it kind of killed
the tension of the scene. Yes, because there was a
lot of tension and a lot of feelings in that
scene and it kind of got frittered away with all
that kind of weird staged you know, it was like
she wasn't trying to murder him, and he's throwing like
desks in front of her. You know, it's like it was.

It was, it was, it was, it was. And for me,
I'm sorry, but if you were engaged to somebody and
you slept with them and then they dare tell me, oh,
don't come within ten feet of me, I'm going to
do this weird. Hey, that's twenty bucks. I love this show,

and I think that scene I'm gonna go on limb
here and say, one of the worst scenes in the
entire run of the series. Oh no, not worst episode,
just scene that was it worse than Christopher coming in
and doing a whole I was about to say that
you would like that scene. I love that the whole
romance novel scene that was amazing I love that scene.

This scene was so fake because amazingly Bad is never
going to act like that, and lor Lie is never
gonna act like that. You're telling is some dude that
she was engaged to and slept with, like we all
know it, said to her, don't come in within ten
ft of me. Let me tell you what my lorre
Lie would do. Bye, She's not gonna do that dance

and try to Oh, let me come closer like a freak,
Like that's too cool for that. Dude says to her,
I can't come within ten feet of you, which, first
of all, I get it. He's saying, I'll kiss you.

But it's like, dude, you're a grown ass man. She's
the coolest chick on the planet. Okay, but he said
it himself, Laura is a creature that makes him do
weird things. A mythological creature. You're like a mythological creature.
Refer creature. What I want to do somebody. I know

that I'm making producers lose their minds right now, But
can somebody transcribe that scene really quick so we can
read the words. The words were not my problem with it.
It was the buffoonery you want to do. Do you
want to do the scene with me? Yes? Do you want? Yes?
Because I'll be because let me tell you, Luke never

have been ever like that, ever, especially the lord, like
he would never do kill later because I love a
big door. Like it was just I feel like reading
like the scene is almost like gonna like I feel
like I feel like the words are actually going to
play off. Well, yes, that's what I'm saying they did.

We're going to do with justice. We're doing this as
an exercise to right the wrong internally. That's going on
side of Amy right now. We've got to write the
ship for her. It's like a rehab mission. Yes, I
don't think it was no words that and you can
say like I can't come within dense feet of you,
like you can say that. Cool. It's when great actors

make us questionable choices. And whose fault is that? Like
is that the director? The guys. I'm telling you they
did this in real time, like we didn't like pause
and edit like they just found that and I am ready, Well,
this scene is like miles long. All right, we can

just do the the part, Okay, all right, go ahead,
got you? You sure did kind of real busy. You're
avoiding me. No, I'm not. Then, what's with the I'm
busy things? I can't be busy. That's avoiding me saying

you're busy. No, it's descriptive of my current state. These
essays are due back tomorrow. I'm way behind my reading,
so I'm eating my Dale vending machine sandwich at my
desk in my feudal attempt to try and catch up
two rotations? What it's in the Booster Club? By laws
my friend and looked it up myself. Faculty advisors are
supposed to do a minimum of two consecutive rotations with

the Booster Club, and you did one. I did three?
What I did three? You wanted my third one? I
did the previous two. You weren't at You have documentation? Documentation? Well,
I'm sure I can scrounch up a witness. Why did
you treat me so weird at that last meeting? I
treated you with respecting kindness. That's why it was weird.
It's it's how you treated Terry and Joan too. I mean,

did you also kissed Terry and Joan? Yeah? I did,
and Doug and he was the best of all three.
I was playing it cool. You were too. I was
just following suit. No, I was playing it cool because
you were playing it cool, and I'm the treasure, and
the treasure has to be cooler. It looks suspicious. Wait wait, wait,
wait ten feet ten feet that's safe distance for us,

and the more furniture in between, the better. I'm not
going to attack you. I'm not worried about you. I'm
worried about me. I mean, there are people still walking
the halls, and this is my workplace, and I can't
be held responsible for what I do around you. I
mean you you are like a like a like a
mythological creature that casts some kind of I mean it

sounds like such an insult, some kind of monster, mythological
creature that cast some kind of spell on me and
makes me act stupid. I'm not stupid. I don't act
stupid with anyone else. Ah, we're too close again. Come on,
I didn't bring a freaking tape measure. I'm not good
at judging distances. To help me out with a ten

ft thing. Well, it's a little bit bigger than a
basketball player. Just keep a really big basketball player between us.
But there's a sentence. Okay, So now here's this is okay.
So okay, I'm gonna stop. Hang on, this is where
it goes awry. This is this is dot com Okay,
so this is where the interpretation goes awry. So let's go,
let's reinterpret it. Let's know, let's fix it, because I

don't mind not changing the words. It was their movements
that just right. I was gonna say, when you're reading
it, it it actually like listening back, I'm like, oh, this
is sound that bad. Okay. So here's the thing. So,
so if I'm standing up and you're standing over there,
I'm not worried and I'm just standing there talking. I'm
not worried about you. I'm worried about me. I mean,
there's still people walking the halls, and this is my workplace,

and I can't be held responsible for what I do
around you. Smile on my face. You mean you're like
you're like a mythological creature that casts some kind of
spell on me and makes me act stupid. I'm not stupid.
I don't act stupid with anyone else. Like, just underplay
it and play and play the attraction. Yes, if I
was lower lie, I would have kind of not the

fear exactly right movement. I would have sat on the desk.
That's good, kind of got up and sort of been
walking a little bit. What you're getting close? You know,
just this is a seduction This is a seduction scene. Yes, okay,
so do it? Do it like that? Okay, do it?
Do it sexy? Do it's sexy. I didn't bring it.
I'm doing it. I'm being sexy. Okay. I know it's

blown me away. I don't act stupid with anyone else.
You're too close again, I didn't bring a tape measure. Look,
I'm not good at judging distances. Maybe you can help
me out with a ten ft thing. Well, it's a
little bit bigger than a basketball player. Just keep really
big basketball between That's a sentence that's never been uttered before. Well,

there are the complications with this whole thing, you know.
Just thought i'd tell you what other complications. I've seen
somebody in California there, I said it, Oh, you mean
you weren't living like a Trappist monkel. You were in California.
So at this point, so at this point, they're embracing right, Well,
I think they're just I think, oh no, no, it's

getting sexy. And hot. I think they're just getting close.
Keep going. That doesn't bother you. Max, we weren't together.
Be sexy and cool, relax that was my sex and
cool relaxed. That doesn't bother you. Ah, that doesn't bother you.

Come on, we're holding we're holding each other. No, that
I wouldn't be I'm still I'm having trouble with this actress. Max,
we weren't together. I've been seeing someone too well. I
would probably still be seeing Diane if I hadn't moved
back there. That's something to think about. So you can't

date anyone for the rest of your life because you
stayed in California, you might still be dating Diane. Yes, No,
do it an aspirin. I'm probably a tic tac. Sorry.
I shouldn't have teased you with that aspirin thing. You know,
I thought we were both going to just pretend to
ignore the kiss. Wasn't that the deal? We had a deal.

I don't remember a deal. You had your shot, Okay, okay,
now at this point I would walk away. Oh okay, okay, okay.
Now we had a deal. I don't remember a deal,
and then he would That would be the moment where
I realized I'm can't do this. Okay, I just walk
away a little bit and I turned around and I

calmly say, you had your shot, okay, you had the
ring and you said no, yeah I did. And you
said that was right for you too. You went to Stanford,
you did a Diane, it was right for both of us. Well,
what is this now? Right here? It's us today? Well,

us needs to stay apart. Oh, Max. We had a
whole country between us for a year. It's like eleven
thousand basketball players laying end to end, and yet here
we are. I thought I was over you. I thought
I was safe to come back here. But no, not
the deal. I just I think we should stay apart
and never see each other again. That's impossible, No, it's not. Well,

I'll be at the children graduation, and so will you. Well,
I'll sit behind a tree. I can run into each
other at a drug store again. Well, I'm gonna run.
I'm gonna order all my drugs online. If my car
breaks down next year, will you stop? I will stop.
I'll keep my straight forward, call a garage and stay
in my car with a radio one really loud till
they come, and then I'm gone. And I say we

start being a part right now. Okay, whatever you want,
this is what I want when I walk out that door.
It could be very well the last time we see
each other. All right, allah, abide by your wishes. Goodbye,

lordly by Max. Okay, I think we did it better.
I'm not gonna lie. I think we did it better.
I do. I think you've got to play the attraction.
You've got to almost kiss. I still debate that, but
that's okay, you're the director, but not that Shenanigans. Good,

good episode, everybody bye. I'm still okay with the Shenanigans.
But I will say that I did like what you guys.
I do like this your take on it, and a
sense of like there's more drama, there's more lust and
love and you know fire, that's the relation. That's the

you have to I think you play. There's a lot
of pain there, and there's a lot of pain there
and both of them, and I think you've got to
stand still and do it. Yes, let it resonate. The
goofy nous made it seem like like they kissed one time,

and a like in a high school dance. It's like
no like and the coatroom kiss. I felt way more
real to me because it was like it happened, it
was real. This just seemed it's it had to be.
It had to be internalized. Yeah, I had to be internalized,
and it had to be it had to be very

powerful and hard for them to deliver those Yes, it
wasn't hard. They were being dorks, I know, I said Dorty, like,
I don't know what the word isony. It would be
a very high school versus adult and it was just gooney.
It was like, these are the two coolest people. Why
would they act like that? All right, look, let's go

back to the beginning of this episode. So we start
off with no Friday night dinner. I forgot this happened
like that, They don't go anymore. I love that. Richard
and Emily were just raging. They're like, yeah, but a
party of sixty listen totally justified, right, I mean they

got disc before. They didn't get an opportunity to celebrate
the Harvard they didn't get Yale. I'm sorry they didn't
get involved in that. So it's like, all right, screw it,
no more Friday night dinners. Hey, hallelujah, popular, Let's have
a party. It's like popular, right, right, and they forgot that.
Richard and Emily were probably sort of putting aside their

social calendar some Friday nights to host then yeah, right,
so what were they sacrifice? And now they're not, they
don't have to sacrifice it anymore. So party on Gartha. Okay,
So I have a question. Yes, what's the question? What
is in that? Okay? On the table at the Gilmore's,

Marian Laurelies, what isn't that bowl? Was it walnuts? What
are you talking about? So this is just a weird,
quirky question I have. Can somebody look and we can
do it later? Do it on the Instagram? There's a
bowl on their coffee table and I'm like, what are
those things in there? Are they in Laurelized house? Yeah?
Do they have a bowl of like shelled walnuts? Yeah?

I'm sure. Well sure, that's an East Coast thing. We
always had a bowl. Yeah, yeah, that's common. It's an
East Coast thing because we don't do that here. So
I was like, no, what is that? No do you
do that's the hand thing around the waist thing. That's
a fall winter East Coast thing. We and the walnut
first scene the first scene on the coffee table. I

grew up in a house. It was always like shelled
walnuts everywhere, you know, bowls of shelled wals with a
nutcracker and then you sit down you have a little
nut snack. You know that's wonderful. Yeah, yeah, is that
a walnuts? Probably is. Yeah, that doesn't seem on brand
for that, like hot cheetahs or something. They don't. No, no, no,

no no, no walnuts. Walnuts because walnuts keep you know,
you can keep them there for months. Also, the new
hair kind of look in this episode. I loved it,
but I think she did. I couldn't do it. The
hat and the hat what that that? That newsboy? Yeah,
I don't know what the heck? That was brand another Yeah,

the hat was my bone to pick. I was, I was.
I was struggling in that scene. You know, there's a
lot of pink and a lot of and like, what's
going on? Okay, we're not there yet, all right? So
we go to ump around like camera digital camera in
the diner and got the digital camera and she's like,

let me take a picture of the menu and then
I'll look at it on my camera. That is so
two thousand three, everyone carrying a digital camera and like
thinking it's the coolest thing ever. It was like a
brick you throw in your purse. You just keep it
on your wrist. And that's when that's that's when apple
Stock was. You know, pennies should have bought more. They

came back a couple of years later. Crush it. Random
digital cameras do people have in there? Like junk drawer
that probably has like a thousand photos on some Oh yeah,
what were those things? Memory? Yeah, I have a whole
drawer too, drawers filled with old camerasound one of those
Remember those Kodak disposable I have to I had like

three of those undeveloped film. By the way, those are
like making a comeback, like people are buying them, Like
where do you take the thing to get the photos? Yeah?
Where would you do it? Like like the Colcanes, The
cool kids shoot on film. Now you guys like disposable
film and they make Instagram accounts. That's like like their
page on film and they post all their film on

Like I've seen that with Polaroids aren't a thing as
much anymore. So those are kind of yellow weird Kodak
the ones where you like like so, so it's like
now it's a bunch of Quentin Tarantinos running around out
there shooting everything on film. Remember he never he fought

the digital revolution hard and he still is. I think
God bless him. So absolutely. Now we go to band
practice and they're trying to come up their band names,
and we learned that young Chew is going to figure
out how to get Lane to the party. So it
was was young Chew. He wasn't at the rehearsal, was he?

He just he just showed up at the party. Correct.
They talked because they kind of acknowledge how are you
going to get to the party. So they wanted wanted
to double leg jump the windmill off the amplifier. Zach
wanted to do that, and Dave was like, you want
to think about that again, more great lines from Dave.

You probably you probably want to rethink that. You know.
This is where we learned that that Rory wants to
go to prom yes, yes, yes, the car is missing
still yeah, And they want to name their band, uh
mild walk in the Desert and the Edge of the
Dessert or something. Their acronym was so funny and like

I can I did like the Jess was the like
I felt like he was making an effort here, like
going to Lane's band prac right he is. Yeah, I
actually feel bad for just in this episode. Yeah, he's
really just a troubled Yeah he gosheel bad. I feel bad.
I feel bad for him, you do. My heart was

bleeding so bummed about like reality set in when he
had that meat we'll get there. Reality needed that, I
feel so I'm not. I don't feel bad for him
because I feel like he needed that. He need Yeah,
he needed to wake up, he needed to wake up. Call.
Yeah he did, he got it. Lawrence Hilton Jacobs delivered
the he dropped the hammer on him. You're out? That

was rough, baby, Yeah, like you gotta just repeat the year.
Nothing you can do, get out of my office, bye bye?
Yeah nice? Right now. A lot of people do think
there's a bit of a plot hole there in that,
like why didn't Luke get a call? Like if you're

that like in danger, were you here going to be
repeating senior year? You don't call the guardian or parents.
But we're talking about Jess here probably got home and
erase those messages. I was about to say he probably
raised their plan. Yeah, it wasn't like cell phones and
stuff like called the house, right, or like if there

was a letter, he intercepted the mail. Whatever your point. Alright,
so I don't Previously we're at the end and we realized,
like things are kind of rough, they're laying off people.
But seen, yeah, yeah, thank god, I like, really you
want to ask me how that feels? Okay? You know,

it's almost like today, I don't know that you could
do that scene because it was so like objectifying somebody's
body part. Yeah, that was disturbed, but I think I
think it would have been fine if it was just once,
but tenures and they just keep doing it to you too.
Like I realized that it wasn't okay, and it didn't

make me feel comfortable at all. It made me feel
really embarrassed. Actually, yeah, it's infuriating to be treated that way.
It is infuriating because you're being treated like an object
and it's just it's disturbing and it's disgusting and and
I had to endure that through that entire scene and

many takes. It was all about the butt, the butt,
the butt, the butt. And then you know when when
you know we weren't filming. We were sitting down people
still talking about the butt, the butt, the butt. It
it was inappropriate. Like it was the most disturbing time
I have ever spent on that set, and I couldn't
I couldn't wait for that day to be over. Yeah,
that's where it crosses the line because for me, and

again I'm just giving like a random opinion, like I
definitely have had like a guy friend where I'm like,
you know, where you have that clothe close relationship like
Luke and like Luke and lore Lye, so that parts
was sort of less cringe e. But when they yelled

cut it needed to go back to like professionalism. Do
you know what I'm saying, Like, were you guys? Because
really they're complimenting him and flirting with him. Okay, let
me ask you this way. Fast forward a few seasons,
Luke and Loraaly are together and the exact scene have
same scene happens. Do we see it differently? Maybe I'm

seeing it differently because I know they're they get married eventually. Amy.
I don't want to speak for Scott, but I do
I do think it is a little bit different when
you have a relationship with your significant other that you're

that you're have sexual chemistry with. You can't you know,
see things like that. That may be okay if my
husband told me my but looked good, But I wouldn't
be okay if somebody at the office or somebody told
me that. So I think there's a little bit of
a difference there. And I think I'm looking at it
with the eyes knowing what these two are in love

and they're getting married, So I think I might not
be seeing it right because I'm do you know what
I mean? But stand there, I mean, just put yourself
in my place, stand there in front of all those people,
right And and this is how the creator of that
show sees that character that you can you can humiliate

him and take away his dignity that entire scene, and
that's okay. And it wasn't okay with me. And I
hated that scene. And that's it's the worst. That's the
one thing I hate about this episode is that scene
to put a point forward to like Luke during that
time was spoken for he was dating Nicole, So that
makes it did you say anything on set, by the way,

or no, no, no, how fascinating, just breaks it down
because you're right, Danielle, I'm looking at it as in
my view, lore lies saying it to her husband basically
like I can't help it. That's how I think I
looked at it. But you're right, like he's totally dating
someone else and there's like the whole kitchen staff could

have been around. Yeah. No, I'm sorry Scott that now that,
now that we kind of peeled the onion a little bit,
I can totally see how that that made you feel
that way. I had to go to work and shoot that.
I had to learn those lines. I had to rehearse
that scene. I had to shoot that scene many, many

many times. We had to do that scene in a
table read with the entire production present, the crew, the cast,
all the executives, and they're, oh, but but but oh
but he's got a nice but but but but And
I'm not going I'm not trying to make it too
too extreme. You know, you still want people to enjoy

flirtation in shows, so I do have that lens on
it too. But imagine if it was a woman fixing something,
leaning over and change boobs for But no, it's not okay.
Never It's as disgusting for women to objectify men as
it is for men to objectify women, and it's as harmful. Yeah, totally,

it was. It was just the most offensive day I've
ever spent on a set. And I don't I don't
want to be like Johnny bring down here, but that no, no,
I mean we do have to point things like that.
And it was just because it was two thousand and
three didn't mean it was okay. It's never okay, and
I didn't feel comfortable doing it, and it was piste
me off and I never said anything, so I was

angry at myself or never said anything. But you know,
I had this job and I didn't want to make
waves and all that, you know. And it makes me
feel horrible because even though I thought, oh, little hint
of cringe, I also laughed and thought that that. But

also I think I love them together, so for me,
they are the couple. So it was like me saying
to my boyfriend, nice but in those genes, do you
know what I mean? Like, which would be fine kind
of a compliment. I think you would like it, but

it's totally different when you're like, oh my god, that's
not the situation here. Yeah, Well we got I got
that off my chest. Oh I'm glad. Yeah, and I
wasn't you change, But for boobs, it's so offensive. I
wasn't experienced, and I honestly I wasn't really expecting to
even discuss this, but watching the episode, I was like,

that is well, it took me back, Like I remember
not enjoying that at all, and I didn't think it
was funny and I never said anything, So it's like
there's that level of shame too. Yes, we'll think about
how many things you don't remember, and you'll remember that
so glaring because it made you feel comfortable. Thank god,

Thank god for Dave. He saved me in this episode.
He saved me. It's so interesting and we can move on.
But I'm just thinking about my own experience with that scene,
because also the impetus is that the right thing was

that Suki accidentally touched your butt. She did not mean
to and she was horrified that she did it, and
that's all totally acceptable, Like she didn't mean to, you know,
she she was like embarrassed and horrified. And then Laura
like kind of it has fun with it and I
did giggle a little watching it. Did you guys at

all or were you guys just like, oh yeah, I did. Yeah,
it's it's it's set up where you're going to almost
half to giggle because you love these characters so much,
and you know everybody is doing their job within the
scene and performing it so well in the timings there
and all that, you can't help it laugh. But I'm
just pointing out how incredibly small it made me feel

doing it, and I think it really and I think
it really reduces the character, and I think it really
reduces their characters as well to be involved in something
like that. I mean, it's happened to me before in
my life. It wasn't the first time it happened that.
It always made me angry, um, because it just you know,
it does. It devalues people. You're just you know, if
you if you are just talking about somebody's body part,

it's it's you're taking away that person's human entity, and
it's it's inappropriate. Do you feel now that you're older
and and in a sort of higher position on these
sets that if if if that happened on the set
you're on, for example, that you would call it out

and say like, this isn't not doing this? Oh sure, yeah, No,
I wouldn't do it in a million years. Yeah, that's
what's interesting. You have more whatever the word is, confidence,
but this is it. But this is a different set,
you know, it's a whole different vibe. It's a very collaborative,
very open place. It's a wonderful I'm not saying Gilmour wasn't.

For the most part, it was great, but it was
a very rigid and you know, you you did not
diverge from the script ever. You know, you didn't add anything.
You didn't you didn't change lines. You said the lines
as they were written. And that's just all there was
to it. There was no discussion about it here. Um,
we're molding scenes, were improving, scenes, were adding things, we're

taking things away. It's a wonderful collaborative experience. And that's
why I think everybody is so really happy here because
they feel valued. You know, it's like everybody's got skin
in the game. They feel like there's a creative component
here that you know, they're being valued for. So it's
kind of all, you know, firing on all cylinders. So

it's it's really it wasn't like that at Gilmore. It
was just go in and go as fast as you
can and you know, hopefully you survive the day. Yeah,
different demands. Because of the way the writing was, you
sort of have no choice in it, right because if
you change it, it does throw it off. And I'm

not look, I'm not complaining about having the job. It
was a great job, um and it it means the
world to me. And you know, having one of those
jobs on even a smaller network means, you know, you're
treated like visiting royalty every day. I mean, really, these
jobs are rare and they're fantastic to get them. I
just thought that scene was that you know, if you

will indulge shocked and shocked me. Two things can be
true at the same time, And Scott and I talked
about this all the time, meaning the show can be
amazing and we love it, and you're still allowed to
have criticisms here and there of certain things or episodes.
Two things can be true, like I hate that I

don't love certain parts of this episode because I don't
want people to like come down on me or think
I don't love this show. I do, But at the
same time, it's like, can't I love it? But also
and I saw people on Instagram defending you Scott. I
thought there was such an interesting conversation on Instagram because
someone was like, oh, Scott doesn't like it, and they
were all irritated by that. And the other person's like,

he says a million times he loves his show more
than anything, but he's giving his opinion on certain things. Yeah,
we're in an environment today where if you give a
diverging view from an audience, the general consensus being that
it's a lovely show, everybody loves the show. If there's

any kind of criticism, and especially in this environment we're
in today, Uh, if you have some kind of divergent opinion,
you're going to get crushed. And and it's unfortunate that
we're in this place right now, in in in our country.
Um but that's just where we are. So I fully expected,
you know, and Amy and I've have had these conversations,

right It's like, you know, should I back off on
the criticism, And it's like she said, no, this is
how you feel give your opinion. And it's like, it's
the reason I'm doing this podcast because I'm I'm really
curious to dig into these episodes. And that's just how
my mind works, highly analytical. Um, I do feel that

I'm qualified to comment on the writing I've written. I've
I've written fifteen screenplays. I've read thousands of screenplays. You know,
I've I know writing. I've read all the books I've
I've gone through all the uh you know, the highs
and lows of writing a screenplay. I've done all the
I've written screenplays with a really good process. I've really

I've written screenplays with a horrible process, and so I
kind of learned how to do it. I'm not saying
there's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I've never
had a movie produced, but you know, I know about
what makes writing really good and what makes it bad.
So I appreciate you sharing all that, but also what
you told us today, because I wouldn't have thought I

would have seen the scene differently, or I think I
would have had a different takeaway, and I need to
hear your experience. So just think about it. You know,
I'm in New York, I'm doing theater. I'm studying my
brains out, I'm making all of these strides. I'm encouraged
to go to l A. I I sit in l A.
I get this big break on this show right, and

you want to be you know, you want to rise
to the top of your fashion if you have any
kind of competitive drive, which I do and most people
in his business do you do, Danielle does Tarat everybody does, right.
They just want to rise up. They want to be respected,
they want to be fetted, they want to win awards,
they want to be recognized for their work. And I
end up doing a scene where people are talking about

my butt, right, And you want to be liked, And
so when you want to be liked, it's just you
don't want to be really you don't want to be
treated like you're some kind of you know, meat stick
or yeah it's right. Yeah, by saying I'm not doing
this because you don't know what's going to happen. If
they say, well, then you're out. We'll write you out

and what you know what what an Academy members going
to say when they see the scene, Oh, we've got
to nominate him. You know that butt scene was amazing best,
But you know, I mean, really, what am I involved
in here? They really questioned why I was doing the
show at the time. It's like, what am I involved
with here? So there you go. That's just how I
feel about it, you know, and I got over it.
I really apparently I haven't. No, I appreciate the perspective too,

because I don't know that it was the intention. I
don't know that the intention was that like, but it
doesn't matter what the intention was because of how you felt.
But at the same time, I feel guilty. I'm sorry,
I'm coming king it out because I feel guilty that
I giggled at the scene. And now I'm like, wait,

I have to be able to do both kind of
where I go. I'm learning and I see that, and
then also like, it is a funny little bit. There
is something funny about it, but it's at your expense.
But somebody had to pay a price for that. That's right,
it's at your expense, and I'm still paying exactly. Yeah,

thank god for Adam Brody. Yeah, well, I was about
to say, and that hat, that hat. We're coming right
to the hat next where we just get jarred by
that cute outfit with literally a terrible hat, and I
don't thin before we move on from this, we're missing
one weird thing from that From that scene is when

Loreaae offers Luke in the cooler room and she goes yeah,
and she goes, well, you can just stay at the end,
I'll comp your room, like you know, we'll take care
of you. She's being awkwardly sweet, but it's almost like
we're they weird because we both know, like we all
know deep down and these two like each other, and man,

nothing's ever been more clearer than the awkwardness of the scene.
I think maybe that's my criticism because Lorelei was so
une out of there. What are you doing? Why are
you staying? And why are you like just oh, I
literally I didn't. I did not like it. And are

we supposed to cringe? Like? That's my thing is like
I hated that scene too, but that one seemed intentional.
I'm supposed to be cringing. I was like this, yeah,
you're like, just go fire frank Like, Also, he looked
Luke looked so cute, and Nicole looked They looked so

cuppily that it made it worse. I was like, I
wanted part of me wanting to cool, to be like, hey,
you gotta go. I wanted her really badly to like,
like not mark her territory that's the wrong praise, but
for her to be like no, no, no, like you're
being inappropriate. Get out. We're good, And she did try,

like being like we're good, we don't need the towels,
we don't need this, we don't We're fine, but like
I wanted her to be like, you need to go.
Also realizes very bad at that job, very bad. Like,
but I think the writer saw it as an opportunity
to put Laurel in a situation where she could be

her comedy. She didn't have staff, and plus, you're right,
that's a good point. She she didn't have staff, so
she kind of had to do it right. But she
should have just got the heck out of Dodge when
it just got so weird and she can't light the fire.
She should have done all the rooms, and then once
she realized it was Luke in Nicole's room, she should

have gone down to Michelle and like, this is the
one room I can't do and run for it I've
been in. Also, imagine being in a hotel and like
the person just comes and starts chit chatting with you
in your room. Believe like I don't want you in
my room. Now. There's so many things about this episode,
but I feel like as a whole the episode was like,

as a whole of the episode was good, but listen,
I you know, Laurel, I occupies so many different worlds,
her work world, her mom and dad adult world, her
kids world, all these different worlds. Right, uh Rory does too.
She's occupying her grandparents world, a mom's world, the stars
Hollow world, even even even the stars hollow, high school world,

the chiltern world, all these worlds. We finally got to
see a bunch of kids at a party having a
good time, like high school kids. Do Mber remember the kegger? Yeah,
the first party ever your parents house. You're like, do

not use the nice towels, towel the party stripes totally.
The party was very perfectly done. Like whoever wrote that
scene literally just left a high school party because it
was just accurate and they can't figure out the keg.

Yeah I did. I threw a big party. My my
mom and my my stepdad went to the beach for
the weekend because it's only you know, forty five minute drive,
and so I had the house to myself and I
was in my junior your senior year, and I threw
I invited everybody in town. I mean, it was a

oh man, what a shin dig? That was good. God.
There were fights. Uh, I think they did. Yeah. I
was so gone by that point that I don't even
remember half the party. Uh, to be honest with you,
but yeah, it was. It was crowded and it's like
everybody in the high school was there. It was. It was.

It was quite the affair. Every teenager does it. We're
all so dumb. And even my stepbrother. My stepbrother got
in fight and it got in a fight with somebody
in the backyard. There was an actual fight. My stepbrother
got into a big fight with a guy named Tommy,
and Tommy was coming. Tommy was kind of the town

badass and he was good. He was a good dude.
And uh, they got in a fight. Yeah they got
anyone think the Jess Dean very choreographed fight. But in
attack no, no, no, no, no no no. It was great.
It was great. It was great. It I loved every
second coming. It wasn't believable because when you hit somebody

with the right cross right off the bat, that hard
and that square, so you're going you're going to knock
them out, they don't like go like this and then
deliver an even harder, not a scratch on their face.
But but then you don't get that great scene. I
love that. I love every moment of it. Dean has
been waiting to punch Jess for so long. You guys,

we need to rewind because I feel like there's a
lot leading up to this fight that literally there. I
feel like there's a lot of substance there. Okay, so
let's let's work. We're going to re First of all,
let's all acknowledge the worst hat in the history of
fashion we have to that was really just like she

did not like that exactly. Like she's like a beanie girl,
you know, she wears the Beanies. Maybe a baseball hat
would have been, like, made more sense than that. And
she had that cute blouse. Although that blouse. Here's what
I'm thinking happened with that fashion that day. The blouse
was the buttons were puckering a little bit, which happened.

So they put that cardigan on. It was really cute
and so it looked really good. I think they were like, oh, no,
this outfit isn't quite what we wanted. Let's it was
like the let's throw this on too. Then they give
her that it was it wasn't even a cardigan. It
was a zip up like juicy velord. But yeah, but

it had worked with the blouse, like you don't wear
a blouse under that. It's why, in your opinion, didn't
the hot work because I you know, it sort of
worked for me and it sort of didn't work for me,
and you know, everything was very pankas. I don't think
many women can pull off that hat. I think men

can going to wear that hat. In my opinion, you
can't have all the other things she happening on. You'd
have to like literally be in like ray sweat outfit
or a something so chill white T shirt and jeans,
white T shirt and jeans, Yes, exactly, she's got a
pink zip up Kashmir sweater vlore or something with a

flowery blouse that already was like cute, but like it
was like ten things too many. Yeah, it was we
need to have like a something for that. We should
do like top ten fashion fails, like at the end
on the Instagram or something that we need to have

some sort of like um funeral for that hat. It
was so bad. I think they all knew it. Okay,
So then we get to the party, So let's break
down the party left and right right out the gate
when that girl was so west there, they're kind of
like warming up and well they got there early with

the band and Jess was like, what are we here?
So really quick to go back. We also then found
out that he can't get tickets to prompts. That's where
he hasn't told her that he flunked out right and
that he can't go. And I was heartbreaking too. I
was so sad for him he didn't. I still stand
by that like I needed I needed that. Everyone's been

coddling Jess, like I needed somebody to be like also
if it was like you can't you can't miss thirty
one days, he's at thirty one days and you can't
miss twenty Like who's still letting him like show up?
Show up? Yeah? Like he showed up, but he wasn't
showing up, Yeah he wasn't. He was there, Like why
are they letting him go? Like you're out of here?
Well for his person walk back in the school is

right into that guy's office. I don't want to get that.
And the guy was like, I haven't seen you here
in thirty one days or whatever. You know, like that's true. Okay,
it's not how it goes down in the real world though,
parents thirty one days, you know, sure they do. But
like we said before, he totally could be like deleting

the voicemails, taking the letters out of the mail. But
then again, with being in a small town, couldn't this
just like across the street. Yeah, it's across We've seen
him walk to school. Yeah, the principle, the principle couldn't
go to Luke's Diner and say, listen, there's an issue.
There was an issue with Jess, Right, get a cup

of coffee. It's a small town, right, Why isn't he
coming over there? Hey, we got to talk about Jess.
If he's so concerned about him, it's supposed to be
concernous the principle, he wants to help him, right, guidance counselor.
Why did the guidance counselor go across street? Exactly right?
Not one teacher gets a donut in the morning, doesn't
It doesn't. It doesn't track. It's not tracking. The first

person that calls out Jess is poor Lindsay. She's like
seeing you at school. I didn't know, right, right, right?
Before we get into it, can we please just acknowledge
Jess's best line ever the girl crying and Jess walks,

Mine goes, it was a little early for that. You
guys know that was good that I was wondering what
that line was in reference to I thought it was
like in high school, there was so much to happen
before eight am, like it seemed normal, Like you know,
that was at the party party. But I think his
best line at the party was when Lindsay said, well,

what kind of you know? They asked Roy said, well,
what kind of music do you like? She goes, oh,
you know Michelle Brand's box cards, Matchbox twenty and Jess goes,
what what did he do? He was like, oh god,
that god match I love Rob Thomas, so Matchbox twenty

for me, Like, I already think I want to go
to that concert. And we're talking about Jess okay, talking
about Justice listening to the Who, He's listening to Zeppelin,
He's listened to the old stuff exactly. Come on, how
about the kids from the party and he goes, if
you drop a chip, pick it up. Yeah, the whole thing.

The party was good. I'm not gonna lie the party
was chip. If you drop a chip, put it, pick
it up and put it back, and what do you say?
Yea or something like that. His braces in his face
is twenty one and he can get the keg like
everybody's got like but then I got the line from

Kyle he goes, hey, you drop a chip, you pick
it up. It's common courtesy. And then how about the
fact that somebody said emo? Yeah, so emo. I didn't
even think emo was used back then. I thought that
was like it's like the Emo era. No. Yeah, So
if you have a rock band, and if you have

a rock band, you want to start your show with
four banging tunes, just like bam bam, bam bam before
you say anything into the microphone, like hey everybody, you know,
thanks and coming, it's great to be our next song boom.
You just you just go on stage and you hit
the you hit the audience in the face, four songs

in a row, and then you've got them right right right,
right right right. She's like, okay, um, all right, everyone,
here's what's your name? But that's but that was why
I said that gang was because they emoi thing came up,
because that's how they start concert with very slow song.

You don't start a show with a slow soul with
a bunch of high school game. No, no, no, well
like with anybody. I mean watching watching Narrowsmith concert, watching
a c D. They just come out of the gate roaring,
you know, and Lane just Lane just goes all out
this party. Oh my god, talk about liquid courage. Literally.

But first, just to refresh our memories. How good was
it when Lola said, don't put your hand in the
communal chip bowl. It's a toilet. You have to have chips,
be the one that refills it. Putting your hands in
a toilet. I wanted to be like girl I relate
gives that girl a kangaroo hat. Yeah, good for you. Okay.

So I just feel like there's so many storyline storylines
in this party that is so significant that it's like
so Justice upstairs trying to you know, he tries to
get some nookie. It ain't happening. He trying to. At
first I think he went for the belt. He went
went for the belt. No, no, no, but he went upstairs.

Oh no, he wanted the sulk, right, he wanted he
needed a minute because he knows but he but he
always needs a minute. You know, he was just a drip.
He should have just gone home. He was a drip
the whole time. But I think I think he normally
would have gone home, but it was so important to
Rory that he stayed. So he was like, I need
a minute, and was like I got to get away

from all these hooligans. Goes upstairs because like he's older
than them. That he like, I'm smarter than them. I'm older,
you know who needs Yeah, I've been to New York City,
I've lived there, I've used the keg before, I've tapped

a keg. Give me a break. And I thought it
was sweet, like that was their biggest makeout sash we've
ever seen. And then it did take it a little
too far, and I thought she was right saying like absolutely,
she's obviously considering like doing it. Do you think this
is how it should happen. Somebody could walk in, you know,

soon closes come down the chimney. Yeah, she wanted it
to be special, and but then I did. Obviously they
like had like it this heated argument and he raised
his voice, you know, but then he was like, I
know it's not you, Rory, you know, like and I
feel like if Dean was at the bottom of the stairs,

like I think maybe Rory and Jess could have had
a really sweet moment. I agree with you. I think
he would have said, no, this is I'm stressed right now,
like all these things are happening to me and and
I'm just I feel like I'm disappointing you. And she
could have been like, I don't know. They could have
had agree with they needed a minute, like to separate,
she gets herself together, and they could have talked about

Dean was at the end of the stairs. Oh em bloy,
did I love that Dean was at the end of
the stairs. She came crying, and he was like, it
hasn't yeah, and then Jess just comes downstairs and it doesn't.
Dean say are you okay? Yeah, has come down and
he just clocks him. No, he know, he went after

Jess because Jess made a comment about that figures that
you two would end up together, and just like he
just had figures, you know, figures. You're right. I took
it as figures like, oh, you would be at the
bottom of the stairs like waiting or something. No, no, no,
he said, figures because they're together and He's consoled, Okay,

like of course she's gonna right right right, yeah, yeah,
yeah right. So that's it. That was the That was yeah,
good fight and who was what was the best thing
about the fight that Dave Regalski wanted to talk to
Young Chew. I'm not going to touch you. I just
just talk about this Lane thing. I just want Then

boom they get clouded, you know? Then? Then how great
was that moment? That was the best moment in the
whole of them. I laughed. Second, two different boy arguments, Tina,
and that was that was a three Stooges moment. That
was good. That was great physical comedy, that was perfectly timed.

That was an intense he went right on top of
Young Chee. I mean it was just beautiful. Then I
did think the ending could not have been more perfect
because the cops says, folks, drop your cups. Parties over,
everybody go home, which cups? And Lane is, yeah, like

what about that phone call to her mom? Wow, it's
going to be a few U is the word repercussions
after this episode? And I really wanted to see the
other the other side of that phone call, Lane is,
really did you want to see the others. Didn't you
want to see Emily Coroda? Didn't you want to see

Mrs Kim on you like just cut to her, Like
I do think we're going to get the Mrs kim
pay off the next episode. We're going to get it.
Oh yeah, there's no doubt about it. Yeah. Oh my god,
what a phone call. Oh man, the phone call heard
round the world. Let me tell you long time coming
for that phone call. This is what happens when they

don't go to Friday night party fridnight dinner. I think,
but I thought, but I also thought that I thought
that Dave Regowski was justified and with the entire situation,
I liked how he wasn't hostile. He was just like
I'm done. You know. It's like it's like when are

you gonna like what is this in some in the
middle of some circus? Is like, Lane, I really need
you just to whatever. If you want to fake this
relationship and like have young Chew like for your mom, whatever,
do what you gotta do, but like freaking go make
out with David Key Yeah yeah, I mean party and

had Young Chew there, but like make out with him?
That is shot true, Like she should have fully been
making out with Dave. That was their agreement. So like,
it's not like she's betraying their agreement. Sucks for Young
Chew that he fell in love with her, not Lane's fault.

Lane does talk to him. I think you're right. You're right,
God blurred because they are becoming such good friends. And
why First of all, so what was the deal? The
only way that Lane could be at the party drumming
was if Young Chew came to pick her up to
take her out on a day. So the ruse in general, right,
that's the use. So they were Lan was fake dating

Young Chew and Young Yeah, I know that I know
the girlfriend. But then he broke up with Okay, so
he just came and got her. They went on a date,
Mrs Kim approves, and they end up at the party. Yeah,
and what's his face? Young Choo doesn't know what the
shot is. He doesn't know the drama he's involved in.
He must because he knows, he knows about he knows
about Dave Dkowski. Right, It's almost like he just changed

his mind because he broke up with So what is
he still doing hanging around when he knows that he
Because Lane needs him, He's like the decoy. He's the
decoy Scots, right though, because if Young Chew wasn't in
love with Lane, Young Cheo would have gone and been
off at the party, either chatting with other girls, or
he would have left and been like, I'll meet you
back here at ten. I'm gonna go do my own things.

But if he's but even if he is in love
with her, what's he doing sitting around Pine and for
in such a public way when he knows that she's
with Dave Dkowski? Right? He knows, I think because at
the end of the day, he knows that Mrs Kim
is not going to let that relationship happen, so he's
waiting on the sidelines. That is a good point you make, though, Scott,
because it's not like Young Choo's not in on it.

He's in on it. He is exactly what's happening. So
it is a little weird that all of a sudden
he's so like, I'm waiting for Lane, I'm saving this
chair for Lane, when we're all like, Lane's not coming
because you know this, well, she did. She did mentioned
that he she felt that Young Chew was delusional, well,
and she did refer to him as delusional. I also
feel like they've been talking a lot on the phone

and yeah, yeah, so maybe he thinks, maybe, you know,
maybe I got a shot with her. The young The
young boy is confused. He loves that's what he is.
Not for the party. I don't know if this would
have been that good of an episode. Oh my god.
I still love this episode and I still stand by that. Listen,

that was a great party. I mean, if you're gonna
do if you're gonna spend time with the kiddies, do
it at the party. I realized I really thought that
was fun. That was a lot of fun. See, but
they're hard to shoot, all those extras. Those things take
forever to shoot. The fight scene must have taken days
and days and days. No days and days and do
you don't have days? And they did it that night.

Oh my god, that looks so complicated. Nobody has days
and days and days to shoot a fight scene on
a TV show. Trust me, it took a couple hours.
And also like, correct me if I'm wrong, Scott, but
like it with something that with that many steps and
choreographed and stuff, it's kind of like you gotta get
it in one shot. No no, because it's hard to redo,

and it not really, it's not hard to redo, but
all the energy is in the first take shore And
they obviously had stunt doubles, but I think Jared and
Milo did a lot of their own stunts look like
and it did, it did look like it because usually
you can tell if it's stunt doubles or not. I
really could only tell it was stunt doubles maybe once

when Dean threw him over the counter at the beginning
of the fight and he came spilling over. I don't
think that they would have Milo do that, you know,
because yeah, because that was that was really violent. Yeah,
that was that was violent. It looked like the stunt
double hit his back against the counter and it was.
It was kind of brutal. So does anybody else just

so worried about that dude's house was like a guy
stairs the chips, like so much for the chips. But
that was that was a really violent fight. That was
really that was a super brutal violence. Those other dudes
could have pulled them off each other and kept them
off each other, but they kept but no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Dean is a big kid. You know he's over he's
six three whatever, he is six four. That's a big,
strong kid. Have a question, you guys think one in
that situation, Dean or nobody wins the fight. I think
they're all wrong. Nobody wins a fight, Danielle, everybody, everybody.

I thought Dean one that day, No, because Lindsay is
going to be so irritated too, Yeah, and he's going
to be like everybody's going to be like this. But
I feel like Rory would be upset to that, like
because it's not like she wanted Dean to punch him either. Like,
Rory's not a violent person. So I think Rory is
gonna be upset with Dean as well. I'm gonna say,

if I'm forced to choose, I think I agree with you,
daniel I think Dean won the fight. Yeah, because Jess left,
just left, and Dean was still stayed. I know that
they were leaving, but he stayed with Rory. And he
is the one that saw her in distress and was
like that I'm not standing for that. Well, he you know,

Jess had that coming. He planted the seeds for that.
He mistreated Dean throughout. You know that entire his entire
dating situation. He tried, he broke them up. Yeah, you know,
he actually broke those two up. He intentionally tried to
break them up, and he did so he had a coming. Yeah.
I don't know what happens moving forward, But where I

stand right now is I want Rory to break up
with Jess and get back together with Dean. That's where
I'm at right now. I don't know I'm even remotely happening.
It's so odd that, I mean, I think it's kind
of perfect in TV world and drama world that Rory
having living her best life, going off to Yale for

God's sake, and her just such a future, and then
she's with this guy that she loves, and his situation
couldn't be worse. I mean, he's just emotionally just gone.
He's so troubled, this kid, you know, he he really does.
He's really really struggling. He's really struggling. It's hard to watch.

I can't. I don't want her to abandon him now.
I think she has more character than that. She's going
to hang in there and she's going to try to
help him out. Agree interesting little trivia, if I may
give it I don't want to ruin anything for what's coming,
but it was well known at this point that there
was a potential spinoff coming with Milow's character Jess. We're

going to see that. I think a lot of that
is also building. It didn't happen, though, right they filmed
the pilot. Yeah, so what happened was I just didn't
get it didn't get picked up, So so I don't
I don't know that he was available for shooting more

Gilmore episodes. I would imagine he was while they're waiting
for a pickup, because you've gotten months in between that
that Milo knew the idea would be to spin off
his character throughout season three. He knew like, okay, they
were going to create a spinoff for Jess and Daniel.
I won't ruin it, but you'll see what's coming and

how they do it. And they work it into two
episodes of Gilmore Girls that are coming up fairly soon,
and they shot the pilot I think, and then it
didn't get a pick up, and so he comes back
to Gilmore Girls essentially, and you'll see a lot of
it and soon I mean imminently. M hmm. Yeah, I'm

assuming this is during this is the time I'm that
Dean and Rory kind of reconcile for a second. No,
I'm not gonna answer. Yeah, we can't. You can't talk
a moving on. So what do we all take away? So, okay,
let's give this one out of ten fist fights, ten

being the biggest fist fight ever, best one being just
a little. Yeah. I think for TV, you know, with
a limited amount of time you have to do these things.
I think that's a ten fists out of ten. I'm
getting whole episode though. This is my pizza scale for this.
Oh I thought you just said for the fight. Well,

I was trying to be clever because it was like
one out of ten. The pizza were one out of
ten fist fights. Does anyone have a better one out
of ten? Kegs, let's do that one out of ten?
There you go, there you go. It was like an
eight for me, eight CAGs. I liked it. I did.
But now that we've really dissected it it, I can

kind of see I kind of see different sides of it.
So I was coming into this ten out of ten,
but I will say now I'm going to I'll give
it an eight. Oh, I'll knock off two kigs from that. Yeah,
I came into it six kigs and I'm down to
four kigs because I'm sort of like, I'm really grappling
with different things from this. So what we know is

that we've pointed out some awkward scenes, like there's the
Luke butt thing. We've discussed that a nauseam we have,
which it deserves turned down service probably, um and uh,
the your mythological the myth that you're a mythological creature. Ten.

So that's three scenes three, not three three. That's three
scenes the hat four four but that but that wasn't
a bad scene, Okay, but I couldn't even watch the scene.
You want to you want to feel like we want
to throw a flag. You want to throw a wardrobe flag.
That's what you want to do, all right? Um So

given all that, right, UM, I'm gonna I would have
given it a god for four scenes, No, three scenes
in a wardrobe flag. I think we're talking I think
we're talking about I think we're talking about a seven
or eight. But that's that's seven or eight kegs. I'm

gonna say maybe seven point five, seven point to five.
You know, I like to be exact um, Dave Regowski.
Trust he's adding some kegs for me. He's he's a
keg Adden kind of dude for me. So I'm gonna
give it a nine point three kegs. Yeah. Yeah, he

brought me back so many times, and I was just
so pleased with a lot of this episode. So I'm
gonna of at nine point three kigs. I'm gonna stay
on five, but with with sadness. With sadness, I give
it five kicks. Because I don't want to give it
five kicks. I just have to write, right you begrudgingly
give it five ks. I don't feel good about it,

but I have to know. I don't know, I know
sometimes you just have to vote. Move on, Gracie. Say
good night Gracie. Every time someone says that title that episode,
say goodnight Gracie, good night Gracie. All right, So, uh,

I just you know, at the end of the day,
love this episode. I mean, sure it has some it
has some pock marks on it. Let's let's just be real.
But the second viewing was very, very enjoyable. I need
to do that. Yeah, you should see you should watch it.
Just get lost in kid world. It's a fun place
to be. I mean, it is it. It'll take you

back to your high school days when you're sitting around
at Kegger's. Man, it's it's just great. It's just great.
This is the best beer ever. I don't know any
other type of beer. Oh God, just fantastic. And back
then we didn't have did we have solo We didn't
have solo cups back then? When we drink I think
we did, I mean we did we hear not that

much older than me, Well, this is the mid seventies. Yeah,
I was like in the nineties. I guess a little bit,
a little bit my mind. We drink out of We
drank out of plastic cups and st Yeah they had
plastic cups, good stone cups, but they were styrefying a
lot of styrofiled poor environment. Literally, does styrofum even exist anymore?

For like coffee only in packaging materials, Like sometimes I
get a box and I feel like if there's like
something soeramic, But who cares anyway? By guys, that's I digress.
All right, everybody, great a discussion, I think, Um, yeah,
this one's gonna like hang with me for a bit. Yeah, same,
I'm not moving on from it back quit. Yeah. Uh,

spirited discussion. I think we went we went pretty deep
on this one, um, But I think an overall great
episode for sure. All Right, kids, see you next week,
See you next week. Gang. Hey everybody, and don't forget

follow us on Instagram at I Am All In podcast
and email us at Gilmore at I heart radio dot com.
Oh you, gil More fans. If you're looking for the
best cup of coffee in the world, go to my
website for my company, scott EP dot com s C
O T T y P dot com, scott ep dot
com Grade one Specialty Coffee. Yeah.
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