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April 2, 2021 38 mins

What the hell's an NFT? Calling all digital artists! Paris sits down with Whaleshark, acclaimed social entrepreneur and NFT collector. Together, the pair breaks down the movement behind NFTs and why as an artist, Paris is excited and passionate to be in the space. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is Paris. Hello, how are you doing well? Busy
busy and and I see the amazing stuff that you
that you and you and Carter are doing as well. Yeah,

just so busy, never stopping. It's exciting, but that's what
I'm to do. Are you getting are you getting to
meet a lot of a lot of new people in
the space. They're everyone's thrilled that you're in here. Yeah.
I've been connecting with so many people. Everybody has just
been so kind and cool, and I really just love
this whole community. They're very, very grassroots, and I can

tell you they're just they can't wait for your first draw.
I cannot tell you the number of people that have
asked me when is Paris going to drop? Or when
is parents going to come on the podcast? When is
parents going to do this? When it's Pars going to
do that? They can't they can't wait. Oh that makes
me so happy everyone. This is Whale Shark. He is
the o G, a legend. Just everybody in the space

just looks up to you. He's my mentor and that's
why I wanted to have him on the show because
I've been getting just lots of messages from my friends,
and just from my listeners and people saying what are
n f T s? And people really just want to
know about this because everyone's talking about it right now
and they heard that I'm getting into the space. So, um,
who better to describe it than you the legend? Thank

you so much, Harris. And again I'm just so psyched
to be able to help you out here and there
as you as you take your journey through n f
T s. And you know, I've seen that you've just
grabbed the bulls by the horns and and this entire
space is just waiting, uh to see this ethic entrance
of n f T s as well as all the
knowledge and and all of the mainstream adoption that you're

going to drive with your presence in the space. Thank you.
I appreciate that. So what is an n f T
to someone who wouldn't know, like the people thing right now,
they might not know what an n f T is, Um,
how would you best describe it for them? So the
easiest way that I explain what an n f T is,
it's simply just digital stuff that you truly own and manage. Um,

you know, providing an example right now, the new generation
of gamers. They're very used to buying things like Fortnite
skins or you know, cs go weapons, and you know,
they're very comfortable with paying money for that as well
as its signing a value to that. What a lot
of people, what a lot of them, what a lot
of them don't know, is that you can actually take

that ownership one step forward, because right now, when you
own let's say a Fortnite skin, you know you might
be able to somehow find a way to sell it
on a platform right within the platform itself. With n
f t s, essentially, I cannot only sell this digital
asset uh in Fortnite. I can take it out. I
can sell it on eBay, I can take it out,

I can sell it on Walmart. Or if my grandmother
wanted to start playing Fortnite, I could actually just take
it and give it to her as well, whether or
not she goes on the platform or not. So for me,
n fps are just true ownership and management of digital assets.
Mm hmm. And what types of n f t s
are there for everyone who's listening, there are so n

f t s have exploded over the last over the
last two years. First, I think you've seen a first
time for yourself. Um. You know, you started off with
with crypto arc, right, your digital signature was a piece
of crypto arc. Um. So right now where we're at
is you know, you can have digital art, right, you
can have digital real estate. There are a lot of
new projects coming into the space where you can actually

own land which are n f T s. You have
digital collectibles like NBA Top Shots, who did over two
million dollars worth of sales, and those are essentially digitalized
basketball cards. Um. Some of the more interesting things that
I've seen recently. Um, you know, you can have gaming assets,
so you can have digitalized gaming characters. You can actually

also have digital racing horses, which is actually a big
thing now as well. Oh my god, it feels like
the possibilities are really endless. It's it's just so fascinating.
Any anything that you can imagine that we use today
or that we deem as digital goods, um can become

an n f T. And I'm quite sure with all
of the development in new protocols as well as a
new technology, we're going to be able to take digital
assets and allow them to do other things in the future, um,
such as become you know, a store of value. You
can put one n f T into another n f
T um, you can use an n f T to
unlock and experience. There's all these amazing things that you

can do with digital assets once they are empowered with
the capabilities of non fungible tokenization. Oh my god, that's
all just like blows my mind and it's just so exciting.
And I just see this as like the future of art,
and I love what it's doing for the creators because
I you know, whether it's in the music industry or
even with artists, I feel just like it's always at

the record label or you know, the gallery or somebody
just taking most of what should be the artists. So
I love that this is really just giving the artists back,
you know, the power and what they deserve. Parents you're
spot on. I mean, there are so many different ways
that you know, n f t s are helping out
that industry. I mean the first way is that again,
now artists are actually able to work directly with online

galleries and and retain the majority of that profit that
they make from the sale of their of their work.
You know, at the moment when you look at the space,
simply because there are no gatekeepers and there's no walled gardens.
Um the value that is placed on different types of
n f T s as well as art and music,
it's all democratized, right. It's about the power of the

people saying this work is worth this much, without some
business suit sitting in a chair up on the fifty
nights floor saying this is how much it should be.
In addition to that, you know, one of the things
that I'm most excited about is secondary rate royalties. Right,
so for such a long time artists have been stiffed
because you know, they don't get second secondary sale royalties

on their pieces. You can bake secondary sale royalties into
n f T s now so that as long as
it changes hands, that will go back to the original creator.
So you are standing on the right side of history
and pushing for the right side of history here, my friend. Yes,
that's what I always like to do. And I just
think that's incredible that you know, for the rest of

their life or even when their families, um, years and
years forever, they'll be getting paid for what they did,
um when that was never happening before. So it's exactly
a whole new world. I wrote down a lot of qunctions. So, UM,

if anyone's watching the video now because we're you're putting
out some clips, are going to see that you're in
your avatar, which I've seen because we've spoken before, and
you know, I've watched her interviews and just everywhere people
show this image of you. Did you like, creator, like,
how did this come of out? So my my avatar

that you see right now is originally called avas Star.
So it's basically a project by a very good friend
of mine, Jim mcmillis, who's also an n F d
o G, who runs a company called n FP for
you two. What they did was they built out this
program where it would generate an automated picture or a
portrait completely on chain, completely on the block chains. So

any of the facial features that you see on on
my on my normal avatar picture is not stored in
any database whatsoever. It's automatically generated on the block chain,
so it never gets deleted and it never disappears. Um,
what I did was I worked with some very talented artists,
UM and creators, and they brought that avatar or avastar

to life. And what you're seeing in Paris, you've seen me.
You've seen me in real life before. I really enjoyed
sitting down with you, and you can tell you can
tell all the listeners even on blockchain. Uh my, my
real face couldn't be even further away from this avatar. Yeah,
you do not look like that, but Paris, if I

if I could grow a beard like this, and it's
just not physically possible for me, I probably would try to. Yes,
I love it. I wish I had an avatar because
I get so shy sometimes that like, this is my
avatar and I were like sunglasses high you we got you.
I gotta get you a pair of steampunks, and we

got to hook you up with an avastar and as
well as as well as an avatar so that when
you come onto any of the Blockchain podcast would love
to have you use that. Oh that would be sick. Okay,
let's definitely talk about that because I would love that absolutely.
So why do you choose to be anonymous? So I
choose to be anonymous mainly for security and privacy reasons. Um,

you know, back in the day when I was investing
in crypto, and I invested relatively earlier back in you
know what, I had invested back then. You know, while
it was significant, is definitely not as significant as it
looks like today. Right, It's been about ten years since
I first started in the space, um so there's always
been a lot of money involved. Uh. And you know,

even back in the day when I first started with
n FPS in twenty nine, back then, I was, you know,
investing a couple of million where you know back in
the day, today that really isn't worth that much, right
when when you take a look at the amount of
sales that are that is going on. Um I just
I was just a little bit worried about you know,
privacy and security as I was accumulating these assets. So

I decided to to to remain pseudonymous as I went
through the space. That's smart. And how did you come
up with the name Will Shack? That's really interesting. Um
So I believe that there is a duality to each individual.
You know, someone can be good, they can be bad,
they can be generous, they can be greedy, Right, it's

the in and yang of all things. So when I
was trying to come up with a pseudonym to enter
the space, with the way that I was approaching it
from a commercial perspective. Um. You know, whale shark seemed
to be a good show of that dichotomy because as
you look at whales again, they're big, they're graceful. You know,
they don't care about all the other little fishes in

the sea, and they just do their own thing, whereas
the shark wants to eat everybody else, right, and that
that's not biologically correct, but you know, again the shark
has that has that connotation to it. So I thought,
you know, whale shark really had a good dichotomy and saying, hey,
I'm going to be peaceful, I'm going to be generous,
I'm going to move through this to the space slowly.

But at the same time, don't forget that there is
that shark element um where where you know, I am
going to try and get the best deal um or
you know, I am going to invest in the best
projects with the highest hedroom. Yes, this is Paris, This
is Paris. How did you start like collecting n f

T s? Like when did this star and what was
that made you want to do this? So I started
collecting n f T s in um. I had always
been a collector of sorts. So really back in the
day I'm a I'm a huge nerd, Paris. I've been
a huge nerd all of my life. So you know,
when I was younger, I used to collect a lot

of Eneme or dragon ball Z cards. I played a
lot of Magic the Gathering, which is you know, kind
of with the Dungeons and Dragon's crowd. Um. You know,
I was collecting video games up into my twenties, um
and then, so it was really natural when I saw
n F T S and I had been playing around
with all these digital assets all my life to say, wow,
this really makes a lot of sense. Um. So I

entered the space actually by collecting something called Gods and Chain,
which is kind of like the blockchain version of Magic
to Gathering. Um. But the real impetus for my digital
collection hoarding behavior actually came in when I discovered digital art,
right because I always wanted to be I always wanted
to be an art collector. But you know, I was

always so intimidated by the traditional space because I don't
know anything about fine arts. I've never gone and had
a fine arts background. Um, I was too intimidated to
walk into a gallery. UM. So I decided, hey, guess what,
I'm just gonna use an anonymous name. I'm going to
enter the space and I'm going to buy whatever I
want and whatever I like. And uh, that's pretty much

how it started. I love that a lot of people
wouldn't know that I'm actually an undercover NERD too, and
I always have been and I've always been a collector.
That was one of my questions I was gonna ask you,
because I used to collect just so many things, like
Paul Dogs. Do you remember POGs and slammers? Yep, yep,
those were so cool. I had like literally thousands of them,

like obsessed with them. I love collecting like Pokemon. I
still I still do, um just beanie babies, like I'm
I don't know, I just love just anything, and I
love playing video games. I'm obsessed with VR. I'm actually
a huge tomboy, so I just I love anything to
do with that. So we have some things in common.

And you know, now now that you've entered the n
f T space, you can collect your heart's desire, and
you know you don't need to you don't need to
have another storeroom or you don't need to have you know,
another place to hoard everything. Um, person, I have two
n f t s. UM, that's insane. That would be
a lot of storage. You know, it's if it wasn't digital. Absolutely,

I guess what person. Not only do I not need
a storage unit? Um, I know that none of these
collectibles are ever going to physically degrade, right, I can
keep them for the rest of my life and uh,
you know, hopefully try to get a wrap on my
digital hoarding behavior. Oh my god, that's amazing two thousand,
Like that is mind blowing. Wow. Where do you do

you have like a museum for them? Like how do
you show them? Like how can people see them? Or
they hidden? Like what is what's up with that? So
they're across multiple wallets um, And for your audience, wallets
are essentially the different accounts that you have. UM. I
have all of my most valuable assets in a wallet

that we call the whale Vault UM and basically people
can see them through several ways. They can go through
the web address through open sea, and they can see
all of the art, all of the land, and all
of the digital collectibles we collected. The other thing that
I really love about the space is a platform called
crypto voxols where you can actually build out your own

online galleries. And what we did was we hired a
company called Vauxell Architects and they built us three galleries
and we have another gallery by an artists called A
Lot of Money. And what we do every single every
single quarter is we use these galleries to push or
to put up all of the artwork that we've actually collected. Um.

You know. One of the most fun things that we've
done also is we've built like this ten meter high
fridge refrigerator where we put art that is made by
the by the children of our members, um, so that
the entire world can see their art on a on
a on a virtual refrigerator. Oh that's cute. I love
that idea. Have you guys thought about doing like your

own virtual kind of like art Bossel or just kind
of like an art festival or a week or something
like that. I think that would be a fantastic idea.
And there are so many leaders in the space right now. Um.
You know, Crypto vaux Alls has really become and also
to Central Land to an extend, but these two platforms
have really become a nice virtual meeting space during this

COVID right where we can't really go to any physical locations,
and you know, it's just beautiful to see so many galleries,
you know, so many you know crypto buzzles right, Um,
and all of these events happening. Um, I can tell
you this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm
quite sure we're going to see events happening every single
week soon. Well, I can't be a way to be

a part of that. I'm so excited for my job
I'm going to be doing in a couple of weeks
that is highly secretive, but also it's going to be
a highly coveted piece of work. My friend. Yes, that's exciting.
I've been working so hard. It's so crazy. It just
how much as has like taken over my mind. Like
literally every night I'm dreaming of n f t s
like in my dreams, I'm like making them, talking about

them like you've been in my dreams as your avatar.
Like it's crazy, I mean you can. I mean again,
I think n f t S were you know, really
it's really an inflection point right for society and technology
technology as a whole. You were there as the original influencer, um,

and you know, having the original influencer come in and
you know, put a seal of approval not only put
a seal of approval on this, but also parast I
have a question you. How did you remain so low
key in the space when we all know that you
were here since the beginning of last year. Um. The
first time I spoke with you, Uh, you had a
huge volume of knowledge that I didn't expect. How did

you keep so low key during this time? And what
were you doing as you as you as you were monitoring,
monitoring the space grow. I've just I like to learn,
so I want I wanted to kind of stay low
key because I did my first crypto art with cryptograph
Um last March of and then I won the Charity
and f T Award, which was really exciting. UM. So

I've just been like kind of underground, like watching and
listening and learning and um them. And I was on
Clubhouse when everyone started talking about it and they pulled
me on stage and people kept kind of like pushing
me to speak about it. But I still wanted to
learn more before I talked about it. And now I've
just feel like I've learned so much and now I'm

ready to talk about it some more. Parents, I can
tell you that again, I when you're ready for it.
There are five, you know, five really large podcasts in
the crypto space that cannot wait to hear what you're
about to do. So you know not to do podcasts,
not to not to do uh not to not to
talk about podcasts on the podcast again, they can't they

can't wait for you to come in. Yeah, I've been
listening to a lot of them. You gave me a
list of them, so I've been listening to them. So
I'm excited to go on there and and talk some more.
Nice So for those who want to start learning and
collecting n f t s, but they're on a budget,
like people listening right now, where should they start? So

people now are extremely fortunate versus you know what the
space looked like. Um, you know two years ago or
even one year ago. Um. If I had any advice
for someone who wanted to get started, the first thing
would definitely to be helped would definitely be to help
on YouTube. There are so much there's so much amazing
content there right now that you know you can learn
about what n f p s are, how do they work,

and what are some of the different projects within n
f t s. So the first one is YouTube. The
second one place that you need to come onto is Twitter. Right.
Um uh, I don't know why, but Twitter has become
the ecosphere for n f T s R. Anyone who
who talks about n f T S or anyone who

creates an n f T project, or anyone who creates
n f T S they're always on Twitter. Right. Um.
The third part is pers you mentioned just now, Clubhouse. Right.
Clubhouse has become a twenty four hour n f T party.
I know the notifications I got on my phone literally
every seconds. Ever, there's so many rooms happening. People are

just obsessed. And I love Clubhouse. I love the community.
I love going on there and just being able to
talk with everyone. I think it's so genius. Democratizes communication, right,
everyone's word has equal value as long as you're up
there on the stage and and you know again, usually
all of the moderators are wonderful at bringing people up. UM.
And the accessibility that provides and the amount of interaction

it provides, Um, it's it's it's been amazing. But you know,
in terms of advice, you know, YouTube, Twitter, Clubhouse. If
you cover those three bases, you will get your bachelor's degree.
And n f T s very very quickly. Yeah, I
couldn't agree with that. That's what I've been doing, and
I've just have learned so much that I wouldn't even

have known if I hadn't have done that. But I
think it's amazing. And yeah, when we were talking about Clubhouse, now,
I just think I love the community and I think
it's just it's so different than any other social media
platform because it's not out of vanity platform. It's not
about posting photos or videos or what you look like.
It's all about your voice and what you're saying and
your knowledge. And it's amazing how people come on there

and they just want to just give the knowledge and
people are coming on and learning and just having these
really important discussions, and um, yeah, it's just been amazing.
I've I've really enjoyed it. I agree, And you know, Paris, honestly,
I hadn't touched an Apple device in five years prior
to the Clubhouse. Um, and you know, people kept telling me,

you know, you got to get an eye device, You've
got to get an I device. First time I picked
up an eye device after five years and actually went
on the Clubhouse, I got addicted. For three days straight.
Literally my time was on the way till Carter's like Paris,
like I'm going to He goes to bed early, and
I would stay up late and I'd be like on
clubhouse to like three in the morning. He's like, what

are you doing? It's addictive. Eventually did have to wean
myself off it. So there was you know, to three
days and I was I was literally like you I
was like till three o'clock in the morning. There was
one day where I pulled an all night or all
the way to seven o'clock in the morning. Um. So eventually,
at some point in time I had to put down
the iPhone and I had to say, you know, I'll

come on. I'll come on, you know occasionally, but whenever
I hop on, there's like five n f T rooms
open always. It's it's pretty amazing, but it's exciting that
so many people are so just jacked up and excited
about this. Yeah. The thing is if you're if all
of you guys are excited now you know, Paris as

well as a bunch of other you know, amazing people
and creators in the space are just getting ready to
come on. So I think this is really the tip
of the iceberg from where we come up, where we
go on from here on. Yeah, I agree, so many
exciting projects coming out. I can't believe that that people piece,
what did it go? It went for like sixty nine

million or something that is correct. That wasn't. That wasn't.
Oh my god, incredible because we were we were in
a couple of clubhouse rooms before that, and people were saying,
you know, people who were not educated on digital arts space,
we're saying, hey, twenty dollars and then everyone then someone
would say, no, five dollars, two million, six million. I

don't think anyone ever expected to see that people piece
get the traction that it got. Um wow. On top
of that, On top of that, now you have Park
launching on Saltabees. Right, So Park announced that he was
launching with Saltabes on April the twelfth, April the fourteen, um.
And you know, as you see, you know, more and
more recognition of these digital artists come to the front space.

You'll see a lot of them enter into the mainstream
as well, which is to your point, empowering the creator
so that they can actually make a decent living, destroy
the stereotype. Of the starving artists and really put the
power and the power in the hands of the creator.
This is this is really what n f t s
are doing. Yeah, it's that's really just like the age

and time for the creators right now. And it makes
me so happy that everyone's finally getting the respect that
they deserve. Absolutely, And I can tell you person, this
is still the tip of the iceberg, because what's coming
up after n A thesis. We've got stuff like social tokens.
We've got stuff like you know, you've got so many
things that you can use in the in the blockchain,

true use cases of the blockchain to empower creators. Um,
there's you know, I think by by the time that
we're done in two to three years, in terms of
having a strong foundation, um, you know, we're you know,
creators will be able not only to control their creative process,
but also be able to control the wealth that they earned,
which is which is just a beautiful thing to be
to be witnessing right now. Can you tell everyone about

your Whale token? Sure? So? Uh, I am the founder
of a token called a social token called Whale. Essentially,
what it is is a social token that is backed
by the single large, most valuable collection of n f
T s in the world. Um. What I did was,
after I had finished the majority of my collecting journey,

I decided to donate my collection to the n f
T community and distribute that value by using a social
token called Whale. And today we become the largest general
n f T collector and creator community in the space. Um,
we have about fifteen thousand members worldwide. Uh and yeah,

and and we uh we we just love you know,
we we love giving away the Whale token to people
who are really making a strong impact on the space
and and bringing all those benefits and and and growing
the space and industry as a whole. And how do
people buy the tokens? So? People can acquire the tokens
in two ways. The first way that they can do
it is they can join the community. We have a

we have a discord at discord dot g G Forward
slash Whale um and they can actually participate in the
community and earn Whale tokens. The other said they can
acquire will tokens is by buying it from other members.
And basically what we have. What we have is we
have a trading platform on Unit Swap which is you
and I s w a p where you can actually

purchase well tokens from other members. Um. But you know,
as as as a project creator, we've never sold any whale.
We've only given it away. UM. And we love you know,
we love we We've loved seeing what it has done
for the community as well as the n f T
space as a whole. That's incredible. Thank you. I love that.
And who are your some of your favorite and FT artists? Oh, pers,

that's like asking what's which one is my favorite child?
There are? Oh I okay, so okay, So I'm gonna
go wrap. Let me try do this in rapid fire,
all right, let me try all right? Uh okay, pack
hackatao X copy Brendan Dawes, Ryan hart Schmidt, Stewart Van Twisted.

Vacancy on the South fifteen right vacancy Um George Boya UM,
definitely frenetic void, giant swan UM. Wow. First, I think
you see I'm struggling a bit here, right, there's just
so great a lot of money d r D d

R r a UM Trevor Trevor Jones. UM. And you
know I love collecting stuff from blow right. Bloud is
amazing art and music. Right, there's so many names I
left off that list. Um, there's so many of them. Yes, guies,
don't be insulted. If he didn't say your name, he
was thinking of it. It was a quick, rapid fire question.

I love I love, I love all of you. I
know I see on your Twitter every day you're supporting everybody,
and I think it's amazing that you're using your platform
to really just be a voice for people and just
everyone really looks up to you. And that's just I'm
so happy that you're my friend. Thank you. I'm just

honored that I have the chance to, you know, again,
help you out a little bit as you move through
the space. I'm just blown away with the so first,
I'll be very awesome when we when we first sat
down and discussed I was just blown away with the
amount of knowledge that you already had on the space,
and that fact that you had been researching it already
for the past, you know, for the past one year,
and and knowing the players and knowing the dynamics in

the space already. Um, I I do not know anyone
else who has put in that amount of preparation. That's
just that's how I am in life. When I love something,
I just go for it. And I just learned as
much as possible because I always like to do the
best and life is short, so I like to make
the most of it. Absolutely, and again, I I can

tell every single person is waiting for your drop. Every
single person who is waiting for your drop? What I'm curious?
Uh They're They're basically saying, uh, can I work with
Paris please? So there's when is Paris's next drop, so
that I can start to work with Paris as well?
There are you know? And if you if you're on Twitter,

because Paris, you follow some of the major people within
the space. Whenever you follow them, immediately what you get
is a is a retreat on there and I say,
and it's usually OMG, Paris Alton is following me? Right?
I love that. I love Yeah, I love seeing all
the messages. It makes me so happy just to make
other people happy. It makes me happy. Person such a

positive space, right, Um, I mean the amount of love,
the amount of sharing, and the amount of collaboration that
exists within this space. It's and I've been in business
for a very long time. It's not something that I've
ever seen before. Um, I don't know about yourself, but
you know I haven't seen something like this before. I
haven't either. I've only seen it actually with even a

lot of like the business people I know, when we
go to Burning Man, that's when I see it. And
that's what I've noticed, Like, that's what I even thought.
Clubhouse is just reminds me of like that vibe of
just like everyone makes a giving and loving and just
so positive. It's just it's so different than the real
world it is. And you know, I've been thinking about
why that is. And you know, I do think n

f t s are grounded in creators right or an
artist and you know, I'm sure you know a lot
of artists. I know a lot of artists. They're just
such sharing and giving people that you know, that has
baked itself into the d n A of the n
FT industry as a whole. And you know, really it's
something that I hope it never loses because it makes
it a very very special place to be. I agree completely.

We are we are we are like that. We have
big hearts and big minds. Absolutely so when you think
about digital currencies, n f t s and virtual worlds,
can you paint a picture for my listeners of what
you think it could be like in five to ten years,
so we can all try to imagine it. Sure. So
I think the goal of blockchain is for people not

to understand what blockchain is, right. I think that's the
ultimate goal that we'll see in five to ten years,
very similar to when you know, you first had the Internet,
and I'm sure parents maybe you can remember like the
fifty six K dial up, you know, modems where you
had to link it up to your to your to
your to your to your telephone line and right, and
remember the annoying noises that made nowadays nowadays, if you

ask somebody what is the Internet? I mean really, no one,
you know, it's the web, right, That's what what is
the Internet? It's the Internet? Um. So you know, I
think five to ten years from now, we're going to
see all of these use cases of the blockchain, you know,
integrated seamlessly into technology and society as we know it today.

So let me give you an example. When you talk
about cryptocurrency, right, you mainly talk about bitcoin, and you
mainly talk about it THEEUM. The narrative behind bitcoin is, hey,
it's digital gold. It's gold two point zero. When you
talk about ethery um, you know people, you know, I
I like in etherempty gas right, or to oil because
that's basically what it does, right, It fuels the world's

mostly centralized computer. So I think, you know, when we
when we open up CNBC, or when we open up
any of these other you know, Bloomberg or any of
these other financial UM channels, what we're going to see
is the next generation or the generation who um uses
the Internet five to ten years from now, are going
to see are going to like in bitcoin to gold

and etherempty gas prices. Right, So it's gonna be it's
going to be a commodity in terms of cryptocurrency wise, um,
you know, cryptocurrency wise. Also, I think a lot of um,
a lot of influencers, a lot of creators are actually
going to have their own social currency as well. Right.
I do not put it past you, my friend, one

day in the near future to see a Paris coin, right,
And in five to ten years people people buying stuff
with a Paris coin, right, I think that is going
to happen as well. Right, So you know, I'll trade,
You'll trade, you trade, you five bucks of one, Paris, Right,
I think that's gonna happen. Um. From an n f
T perspective, I just think it's going to be the

de facto standard for any digital assets whatsoever. So whether
you're playing Fortnite, you know, Fortnite three point zero, or
whether you're playing another game, or you're collecting you're collecting
a uh, you know, you're collecting a let's say a
a book. Right. I think all digital goods are eventually

going to become n f T s without people actually
needing to know. They know that as long as I
buy this digital good, I'm going to be able to
do whatever I want with it. I'm going to be
able to sell it, I'm going to be able to
give it away, I'm going to be able to keep it,
and I know that I will always have it. Um.
So short answer to your question, Paris, I think it's
just going to be fully integrated into society as we

know it today. I know I see this as like
just the beginning and it's just going to take over
it is. And you know, I think it's monumental right
that all of us are here right now and witnessing
the birth and the growth of this technology. Um, you know,
I hate to be stereotypical, but five to ten years later,

you know, we're going to be the one saying, hey,
do you remember the time when digital assets were called
n f t s. Right to the next to that,
to that generation. Five to ten years from now, it's
gonna be hey, uh, it's it's a digital good, right,
It's pretty amazing. Wow, this is a lot to digest.

And I'm sure everybody is like listening and like wow,
and their minds are being blown just like minors. Um,
and everyone's gonna be wanting to make n f t s.
So I think, I think, yeah, I mean the beauty
about n f t s is anyone can make them
as well. Right, so you know Paris is going to

make an n f T will Shark can make an
n f T And I made n f t s before. Um.
You know, in the will server we have six year
olds who are making n f t s and drawings
right that they made with their parents and tokenizing that
it is. You know, if I, if I had a
word of advisory or listeners, it is not that difficult
to mint an n f T um. You know, as

long as you have something that you want to exist
forever on the blockchain and something that you want to
be able to give away to your friends or sell
to your or sell to the market. Um, anyone can
create an n f T in five to ten minutes. Um,
the technology is definitely getting there, my friend. But you're
right tip of the iceberg, and this is this is
going to blow everybody's minds literally. Yes, well you've blown

my mind. And I had so much fun and I'm
so happy that you came on the podcast, and I'm
so just grateful to have you as a friend, as
a mentor and just learning so much from you, and
I just always appreciate your time and everything in your knowledge.
And I rock and thank you. There's You're you're an

ace again on behalf of the entire NFT community. You
know you are. You are going to bridge a lot
of mainstream into the space. And we can already see
the amount of fervor that goes on whenever you tweet
about it. Um, we know that whenever you enter clubhouse
and go into an n f T room, all of
our phones blow up literally. UM. And I can just

tell you we're so excited to have you here finally,
not as an observer and as a learner, but as
a leader in the space. So thank you so much
for having me on Paris. Um, you know I know
that I speak, you know, not only for myself but
a lot of the other nft O g s in
the space. Um, we we we can't wait to see
your drop. Thank you. I can't wait, and I can't

wait for everyone to see it. And yeah, and I
can't wait to talk to you again. I think we're
zooming tomorrow. So absolutely, yes, definitely, all right, we'll have
a great night. I don't know where you are right now.
I'm not going to reveal your location. I do know
where you are, I'm not going to tell you. I

am I Paris ten years down the road. I want
to be able to wear my shorts and my and
my tank talks and my slippers and go down to
get a big mac and a coke without someone stopping
me to talk about n f T s. Thank you
for last All right, Well, I will speak with you
tomorrow and thank you again. You're the best. And um,

I hope everyone enjoyed listening. I know I had the
best time. And UM, we're gonna keep learning more about
this and We're also going to be having on some
other people soon to talk about this, so stay tuned.
Everyone loves it. Thank you. Thanks for listening to This
Is Paris. We love hearing from you, so leave us

a review. Send an email to Paris at I Heeart
Radio dot com, Leave a voicemail at eight three three
eighty seven Paris, and follow us at This is Paris
Podcast Bidays, Follow Paris at Paris Hilton, and follow Hunter March.
Hosted e's Nightly FOP at Hunter March
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