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January 31, 2024 6 mins

In this episode, Ice explains what you should be looking for in a life partner.




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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Ice SE's Daily Game. It's a production of iHeartRadio. What's Up?
Size Team? You're listening to The Daily Game the compilation
of motivational quotes I've collected over the years that I
found inspiring and helped me through the game of life.
Today's quote is dedicated to my wife, Coco. We've been

married now going on twenty two years, and it was
the greatest decision I ever made. Getting married is like
casting for a movie. You gotta find someone who's ready
for all the scenes, the good, the bad, the ups
and the downs. I say this again to anybody out
there that is getting ready to get married. Getting married

is like casting for a movie. You gotta find someone
who's ready for all the scenes, the good, the bad,
the ups and the down. You just can't cast somebody
who's ready for just the party scenes or the action
scenes or the they vacation scenes. There's gonna be bad scenes.

There's gonna be Each person can have separate tragedies. Your
wife could go through something, somebody close to her could die.
You gotta comfort her. You're as a male, you're gonna
go through moments where you're gonna need a woman that
you can lean on. It's gonna be able to say, baby,
it's gonna be all right. I got you. Don't worry

about it. You're gonna be ready to make a mistake.
She's gonna say who whah, whoa, whoa whoa. Then she
don't do that. We can't do that. She's gonna be
ready to make a mistake. You say no, no, no,
no no, And you guys are gonna save each other
from disaster. You might have financial problems. You might have
to say, hey, we gotta pump our brakes right now,
we gotta put our heads together. We got to pull
this off. You might have financial victory, go crazy, have

a good time. All these different scenes will happen. You
never know. You could go through betrayal, you could go
through really evil dark scenes. The question is is that
person ready for for all those scenes. The key to
my marriage is we can make mistakes, but have we
ever become enemies? There's a big difference in an enemy

and a misunderstanding, a disagreement. Maybe they're feeling you're not
being as compassionate for situation, whatever, But have I become
your enemy? An enemy is out to hurt you. They
are intentionally trying to hurt you. When you find out
that your mate has become an enemy. You got to
get the fuck out of there. It's a rap. But

then they also say, you don't really know who you're
married to until the breakup. That's a tough one, right, Hey,
all medicine does not taste good, you know. But let's
talk about getting into the relationship. Pick somebody who's ready
for all the scenes. And one thing I always ask people.
I'm running the kids all the time and they're having

their bachelor party or bachelorette party, and I ask the
guys and girls the same thing. I asked the guys,
I say, you done done? Are you done? Chase and pussy?
Are you done? Are you ready to be with one person?
If you're not done, don't get married. Don't get married
with intentions to cheat. That's whack, you know. Get done?

I mean I didn't get married till I was forty
two years old. Don't do it. And I say are
you done? And I go, is it the right it's
the right one. I usually ask the friends of the girl.
If I'm talking to a girl, like are you done? Oh,
I'm done? Okay. Then I asked the friends, is he
the right one. Your girlfriends still got yeah, yeah, yeah,
he's the right one. The girl homegirls will be like yes.

If your homegirls are saying no, they might know something
about him that you don't know. But if your homegirls
are rocking with him, then there it is. But be
prepared for all the scenes. And marriage can be the
right it can be the best thing ever. When I
got married, I damn near triple my income and I
got a partner and we're great. You know what I'm saying,

We're great. But the scary thing about relationships, there's a
scary part where humans and humans are flawed creatures and
humans continually morph. We continually morph, So what makes somebody
happy today in five years may not make them happy.
So you got it. It's like a plant. You've got

to keep checking in. It's everything good. Have you grown
this way? Have I grown that way? Because both of
you are constantly growing. So what today's price might not
be yesterday's price says change, you know, and you have
to be ready for that and mold and grow with
that person because a lot of times in the relationships,

people will just grow away from each other. And that's
a sad thing. When that happens. But hey, I'm not
against marriage. I'm one hundred percent with it. But for
anyone that's going through a breakup, all love stories aren't novels.
Some are the short stories. This has been another ice

cold fact from me. Listening again tomorrow when I drop
some wisdom on your ass. Till then, stay safe, stay smart,
and stay aware of whether you're boos, mister or missus
right or mister or missus right now. I's Daily Game.
It's a production of iHeartRadio, Final Level Entertainment and Oddity,

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has been researched to find its origin and give proper
credit to its creator
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