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June 3, 2019 2 mins

Intimate, incredible conversations with the most famous creators and artists of our time. Learn the backstories (and secrets) about where they came from, how they got here, and what’s next. 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey, everyone, this is Jake Brennan from Disgrace Land. I
want to talk to you about a new podcast from
my Heart Radio called Icons Ever wonder how our most
iconic stars get to the top, What makes them tick,
what motivates them, when and where they realized they were
going to go for it, and what skills and inspiration
they applied to their hustle. Icons showcases some of the

most iconic musicians of all time, and you can hear
the first episode with the one and only Elton John
and myself discussing his new movie rocket Man and the
iconic songs and stories behind the making of the film.
Why rocket Man you could have had I'm so doning
you could have had the bitches back? Well, don't let
the song go down to me. I mean, there was
so many titles, but rocket Mount and I think it

is by far and away the best title. Elton John's songs,
like the Man himself, have a rich history. Listen to
find out how has music shaped the narrative to his
new film, a film that I believe is destined to
be as iconic as the man it is about. It's
not a biopic, It's a fantasy and a musical fantasy
on my life. But I'm loving every second of it
because he's honest and it's truthful. Or even though it's

a fantasy, it's truthful about me. I wouldn't be the
person I am today if I hadn't gone through that
and survived and then learned a different way of life.
Icons There's a lot in store for you and its
first season with a slate of iconic guests to be
interviewed and some of the most interesting voices in media
interviewing them. I've been influenced by stati different piano players.

When I first heard Little Richard, Julie Lewis, that was
a big turning point, and Ray Charles and Fats Domino,
they you know, the revolutionized piano playing. For me, that's
Icon's This episode featuring Elton John with Yours Truly Jake
Brennan from Disgrace in It produced by iHeart Radio. Listen

now on Apple podcast, I Heart Radio app or wherever
you listen to podcasts.
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