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September 9, 2020 30 mins

Do you believe in Spirit Guides? And if so, have you wondered why they exist and how you can connect with them? 

Your Spirit Guides are as real as rain. And just like rain, they exist to shower you with love and healing so that you can blossom and grow. Your Spirit Guides come into this world with you the day you are born, and guide you along your Earth School journey. 

They are part of your soul-family—a spiritual GPS–and tuning into them takes patience, trust, and assistance from the Other Side. 

Join Brenda and Julie as they discuss this beautiful and sacred part of Earth School, where spiritual beings and humans merge and play. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hi, y'all, I'm Julie. Hi there, I'm Brenda. Welcome to
Insider's Guide to the Other Side. Now y'all need to
know that we're obsessed with everything on the other side.
Yes we are, because once you learn to navigate the energetic,
or to some the invisible world, life is going to
be more fun and much more serene. Heck, yes it can,

because let's be honest, brand earth School is hard. In fact,
you taught me that. Let's crush Earth School together. Welcome
to Insider's Guide to the Other Side, a production of
My Heart Radio. Well, Hello, my witchy Pooh, how are you?

I am a great my elf, How are you today?
I am doing so good. It's like I'm seeing a
version of my former self, meaning a smaller version because
you're shrinking old bring up keyto almost every episode. But
I'm now back into my shorty short denim cut off shorts.

It's happening, right, I mean, that's very exciting. Keto Magic
gets back. It gets me back into my old navy
Uh like, I think I paid nine dollars for him,
but I love them Jean short cut offs. Life is good.
Life is good. So today we're we're talking about you know,
do we have a spirit guide? And we're talking about

it because I am relentlessly and I mean relentlessly asked
about spirit guides from friends, family, certainly listeners. But I
have gotten this for years. And of course when we
talk about this, Brenda's like, I don't get those questions
all the time. I never get those questions to ask.

But I'm not out in the world like you are. Well,
I'm sure it has something to do with that. I've
been so open about my relationship with Jacob because I
obviously wrote about it, I talked about him regularly. Um,
and it only makes sense that you know, people would
would ask me about it, I think, right, does that
make sense? That makes total sense? And you know your

gift is being generous with your stories and you know,
so that's why people feel so welcome to ask you things. Well,
I guess, so I just don't ask me how much
I weigh. I will not tell you that because it's
changing all the time. It's going down, down, down, that's right,
that's right. Maybe I'll tell you in a year. Don't
look at my driver's license. It's all a lie. I
remember I remember in l A I because I've gone

up another way in my whole life that I remember
inn l A. I was at a bottom point. I
remember showing Susan my driver's license, like this is the
first time I've ever matched my driver's license and she
fell overlaughing. That is awesome, right, It's like, look, I
caught up with my lie because effectively what I was saying,
now it's the truth. I caught up with the truth. Yeah,
but for a long time it was a lie. It

wasn't there you go, that's what driver's license weight shoul be.
It is like, this is what's your weight goal? I
like that night. Um, So let me just give you
a sense because Bran I I definitely need your help
on this um for every reason that everybody knows I
don't have to explain. It's because you're the master. So
I'm asked a small set of questions, like I said,

on a regular basis, and the first one I always
get is do I have a spirit guide? That's question
number one. Question number two is why other spirit guides?
And three is what's the name of my guide? And
then of course you get the hat do I meet them?
But we'll address at the end. So, so how do

you want to take the first question about you know,
do I have a spirit guy? And this is this
is an easy layoup, but that's fine. I'll let you
have the easy layoup. Okay, do I have a spirit guide? Yes?
Why because name doesn't matter? Oh that's not fair. The
episode me over. Oh my god, who says you're not funny? Okay,

we're going to get Do I have a spirit guy? Brenda? Yes? Okay,
thanks for asking. Yes, we are all born with spirit
guides and they are with us throughout our entire lifetime
and they are part of our soul family. Because we've
talked about how soul families come together to support different

live streams. So some incarnate means we get assigned bodies,
and some stay back in spirit and say, hey, I'll
be the GPS on the other side and help you
navigate those life lessons. When do we get them? Like,
so you say when, like when we for our whole life?
So when we're born, like we're coming out of that

channel or the strategy session right now. So the strategy
session before you're born is where you so in our
inside or insight, Aaron said, as a great question, where
you were taking the boxes on some sandwich piece of paper. Yeah,
it's actually called which which is the sandwich place? W

h w I I said sandwich place the first place.
So that's the strategy session that you have before you're born.
So before you go through the tunnel, right and get it,
you know, assigned to a body, you go through this like, Hey,
how'd it go? What do you want to sign up for?
What are you open for? What kind of skills are
you going to have to give to while you're on

the planet to bring forth your soul's purpose. You have
that whole conversation and then your your team, you know,
the spirit guide team as well as some people who
might incarnate with you. You're all going to agree to
it because you're so much more agreeable and the spirit
world trust me anywhere here, right, because once you come
to Earth, then you're like, oh man, So that's where

our you know, our subtitle our school is Hard without
the other side, right, comes from, because once we get here,
it's so distracting. Right, there's shiny objects and just moving
these bodies. Hig maintenance bodies can be hard and you know,
blah blah blah. So we get distracted. So we need
a whole team that says, don't forget your soul's purpose.

We need people, you know, from our soul family embodied
to push us and guide us into areas. Now they
do that sometimes sometimes with honey, sometimes with you know,
not so much honey, you know, with vinegar vinegar. But wait,
I got a question though, because some people have said,
oh is my guide? You know, my uncle, that past
or a relative that past or something like that. Can

they be spirit guides like family from this life? Family
from this life can be spirit guides? Not for you? Okay?
So because right there, if they're in your family and
they know family of choice, family and blood family, so
chances are they're not going to be your spirit guide, right,
I said, I've had I've had questions about that. That's

another question I've gotten. But your family members are always
going to have an opinion, so if you ask them. Right, So,
who's your guide? The guides who you're listening to? But
that doesn't mean that's they're assigned as spirit guides. That
means they're just showing up in Boston you around. Because
if my uncle were a spirit guy, my mom's brother,
he would be um like the spirit guide of ice

cream and Snickers because that's I mean, he lived for him,
He really did, because my aunt would let to meet
it at home. So every time he left, he would
go to Broms to get ice cream or had Snickers
in his pockets. Um, I'm a really awesome uncle for
the record, because I would like for him to be.
And now I don't need him guide to me because
he'll guide me to freaking Broms or Dairy Queen or wherever.
This is what I'd say that when he saw he

just wrapped up my spirit guide class, right, And so
what's so fun about this class is, you know, people
like I'm gonna meet my guy and I'm gonna you know,
and a lot of times after we go into trance
work and you know, a visualization, you know, they come
out and they have so many memories of oh my god,
that was my guide who helped me. Oh my god,
that was my guy that told me to move here,
and you know, as a truck came running down the

hill or whatever. You know, like there's so many things.
They came out with so much healing and lessons than
integrated all kinds of lessons when they acknowledged how these
spirits actually worked with them throughout their entire lives, as
opposed to I'm going to meet this new guide. I'm like,
you're not going to meet anybody new. You're gonna know
these beings, these frequencies are going to they'll be in
a different way, in a new way. But it's it's

just such a healing construct when people find it and
can claim it and name it, so it's it's super helpful.
And you know the other thing I just want to
talk about it is it doesn't matter if your belief
system is that they were their angels or their spirit
guides or whatever, like, it doesn't matter, although from a
vibrational standpoint there is a difference. But you know, some

people call them their angels, and I've heard people say
that a lot. There's like, well I have angels, and
I'm like, okay, yeah, probably, I mean, like we can
do you know, names are less important, which we'll get
to in a second, right, So anyhow that but these
are just some of the stories. Like I want people
who to know, like, if you don't believe it, they
don't abandon you. So that's my bright right, They're right,

they're assigned. And so I think you kind of answered
the second question. But I want to bring it back again,
which is why are their spirit guides? Because our school
is hard, That's why, and and everybod needs a little help. Yes,
I'm sorry, I'm giving these one more to answers. Is
not help? What the hell are you doing? It's like
you want to have like a two minute podcast today.

Sometimes I talk someone during the day, Sometimes I lose
my words at the end of the day, I don't
I'll pick them up for you. Okay, thank you, thank
you so much. So why why do we have questions? Right? Because? Um, Like,
like I said, we need we need help, we need encouragement,
we need sort I think of them as energetic cheerleaders

that will help us position near something that's gonna be
meaningful for us, or shift us in a way to
shift our perspective, shift the energy that we bring. Um
will just be uplifting in a way that helps us
remind us we came to Earth and that we actually
wanted to come to Earth school, right, Like, I'm still
a purpose So you know, I see them as my

invisible navigation system, at least practically speaking, you know, because
I certainly don't love ways like I do Jacob different
attachment and relationship that I have from you know, an
app that gets me for one place the other versus
my spirit guide. But there is a navigational aspect to
it that I think is really interesting because that's I
think we're kind of saying the same thing. I of

course just put a label on it, um because it
feels like I'm being nudged, you know, it's like, oh no,
don't turn left, turn right exactly, you know, And it's
not that. And it's also not as you don't have
the cookie Monster voice going over because I don't know
if you know about the cookie Monster voice over. It
was so great. It's like I'm not taking right, I'm

not fantastic. So um, So it's not you know, when
I talk about taking a right versus a left, it's
not like you get the obvious of a message because
you have to really be attuned to the nuances of
the nudging and the directions that that they're giving you.
The other thing, I think, just to be a little

bit on the generous side, that people think they don't
ask me, so I don't know exactly what they think.
You know, well, what did the guides get out of this?
I feel too selfish if I have these guys that
are supporting me and conditionally that doesn't even make sense,
Like our human brains can't understand that. And the truth
is the guides are working on something along the same paths.

It'll be different because they're not embodied, but it'll be like, hey,
I want to dive deeper into this. So you may
be working like I want to graduate elementary school in
earth school, and they're working on a PhD in the
spirit world, because you have to be ahead of someone
on that specific track. And it's not like they're better
beings than you, but they just might know more about

that one thing, um, And so they advanced their studies
as well. So it's this mutually beneficial system. It's a
lovely system, and they are there to support you and
not judge you. Like that's really important for people to
know and to help navigate right and help right. We're
going to take a quick break. I can't believe I

just said I know, I was just I was just
about well, that was awesome. You were reading my mind again,
which is rude. Um. So we're gonna take a quick break.
We'll be right back, and we're going to hit on
a question number three when we're back. Okay, all right, everybody,
we are back. So my witchy pooh, let's talk about

question number three, which is what's the name of my guide?
Everybody wants a damn name? Right, I know it's funny, right,
that's that me. And so what I'd say is that
names aren't terribly important to them, and they know who
they are, and so that's good, you know, it doesn't
it doesn't matter. But names allow us to call them in,

so that's you know, really they're helpful. And um, you know,
you have a great name story. But I'll just talk
to you about my guide, Blue Star, that I've talked
about a number of times. But when I became aware
of her presence, I would just see these blue sparkles
on the in the air, on the ground all around
me and so and they would kind of swirl like

in a little mini tornado. So I knew it was
you know, exciting and pretty and and sparkly energy, and
so I would just call her, you know, sparkles and
lady in the blue dress. And then like I would
cook kind of like, okay, spirst sparkles. And then when
I saw them twirling and like oh, it feels like
it feels like someone's spinning in a blue dress. And
so that that went on for probably here. Really, I

didn't know that went on that long. Lady in the
blue chests, what do you know? That's fantastic and it worked.
It didn't matter, right. But when I was at Canchester Field,
which is where I studied and trained, which university which
everybody knows, camp Chester feels like a witch university, Potter,
It's like Hogwarts and Aiganna. It's a spiritualist camp. And

that's that is where I was ordained, and I was
studying for my boards. You have to, you know, take
oral exams, and so it's a whole week I'm just
studying and praying and studying and praying, crying and because
it's like it's it's it's approaching process um. And so
I get out of the shower as I'm preparing to
go in front of the board and walk out of
the shower and there is a being three D standing

right in front of me, and it's blue Star. And
I know instantly it's it's blue Star because of the
shimmering around her. But I was so startled, as one
would be when you were right on this. It's like
I'm naked, i am as vulnerable and I'm nervous as
hell because I have to take this example. I'm nervous
and naked. Yeah, it doesn't get worse than that, right,

And so I just kind of like, you know, and
and poop, she was gone, just like that. But but
but you knew who she was, she wearing and was
she wearing something, and she was she was in her
native dress and that's when it was imprinted on me.
She's blue star. So yeah, so that's that's how I

knew her name. That's how I got her name and um.
And so so my point is, yes, someone can give
you your guy's name, and that can be fun, but
it also can deepen your connection when you get yourself,
when you spend time in meditation and get to know
them as you would get to know any front, like
what was your lifetime that you shared together, what you know,

what's your experience. It could be just like, oh, I
get this feeling like I'm outside in the woods. Okay,
then you've got you've got something. Or I have a
feeling like I'm I'm in a library studying a lot.
You've got something like you can anchor it and just
let it unfold from there. So that first one in
the woods, I think that guide would be named Sasquash.
I'm just saying, So I remember meeting Job. I know

everybody just gets to listen to his giggle for funny
whatever minutes every week. Um, but I you know, I
I distinctly remember meeting Jacob, like or officially meeting because
you know that was post potential car accident or incident
on the four o five, And UM, I remember closing
my eyes to greet him. And I'm going to say,

for the record, for everybody out there, please know that
I did not do this on my own. I had
a teacher. And this is a very important point that
we're going to get to throughout. Actually this episode is
um about being careful trying to do some of this
on your own. Um. But so I was being guided,
you know, to greet him. So I closed my eyes
and when I saw him, I started to sob. I

don't even mean like a few tears, I mean I
was sobbing. So as I'm sobbing, tears are running down
my face. All I could think about was the under
gratitude that I had for him, and while I'm crying
with all my gratitude, he he was trying to tell
me his name, but I kept thanking him and sobbing,

and you gotta and those who know me know that
that is so terribly out of character, Like that is
not like earthbound Julie would do. Like this was definitely
spiritual Julie. That was just sobbing and thankful and crying
and the whole thing. And finally he said his name
was Jacob. Why do you think he gave Why is
he using that name right? Because I mean, his name

really isn't Jacob. Let's be honest, right, it's like he
it's not. I mean it's not. Well, okay, maybe it is.
But I think it's because because I thought about this. Um.
Remember I used to commute two and a half hours
a day in my car. I had a lot of
time to think. Um. But I think it's because I
did not have a Jacob in my life, and I

have found that on the spirit side, it's like about
finding names or associations. Like I remember when you were
talking to Mona after she jumped and you because I said, oh,
what's my sign for Mona? And I remember you saying
you don't remember this because you were doing your thing.
But um, you said to me, does the number six
mean anything to you? And I'm like, actually doesn't mean

a thing, and you go, exactly, it's the number six
was my sign from Mona. And then of course I'm
at a casino not long after that, because I'm still
me and I was walked by roulette table and I
dropped a good coin on number six and one. So
just ps pay attention to that. But I think it's
very clever about finding those names, those numbers, those symbols,

whatever it may be, that is not in your life,
and it's done with intention, and so I thought that
was really interesting. I love that, and I love Harmone's like, no,
we're doing something new, was doing something deeper, so right,
and that funny and gamble with me and she gambled
with me. So it's like, thank you, the best ghost ever.
I love. That's how I classify good ghosts. They gamble noted,

you know. And it's funny because I actually have a
different example in my class that which is finished A
dear friend and student, um justin Michael Williams, who wrote
an incredible meditation book. If you are someone who struggled
with meditation or loves meditation. This is an amazing book.
It's called Stay Woke, and he's doing this tour called

Stay Woke give Back, and it's a tour to help
high school students who are disadvantaged to learn how to meditate.
It's amazing. Obviously the whole thing. I'm supposed to be
in person, but now it's it's going virtually and it's
just blowing out, So please please check it out. Stay
Well give Back Tour. UM. And but Justin was talking

about one of the guide sessions where he met his guide,
which was a dolphin, and he's like, really, my, my
freaking guy's a dolphin. And then he saw these extraordinary
examples of how dolphins showed up in his life, even too,
when he was a child and had one of those
um journals that has a little lock on it. There

was ah on that journal. There was a dolphin on
that journal. And in his book he gives this amazing
example of how he was meditating it. I think it
was an estland and he's talking about it and everyone
else has their eyes closed and he has his eyes
open during this meditation and sees these these dolphins, jumping
and diving and playing, you know, I mean, they just

keeps weaving through his life in this beautiful, supportive way.
And so it can be something you know and very
familiar with, then it can be something completely different. So
you can stay open. And that's just part of the
magic of guides. And we'll talk more when we come back.
All right, everybody, we are back. We were talking about dolphins,
and I don't want to end that part of the

conversation there, because how cool I would like to have
a dolphin. That would be really great. Dolphins amazing, right,
they're So we'll do the whole thing on dolphins at
one point because and we'll have it. We'll have justtion
on too. But you know, I may not have had
dolphins have wolves, but I have wolves, you know, indeed

I have wolves. In fact, the day that I officially
met Jacob, I also met two wolves that were accompanying him. Um.
There was both gorgeous. There was a brown one and
a gray one. Um. And part of my homework that
I was given after meeting Jacob and these two wolves
was that I was supposed to consciously take them with

me everywhere I went. And that actually includes the car.
So now imagine crazy Julie opening the back door saying, hey, everybody,
get on in, because that's what I did. Um so
the door open, right, They don't, but I felt like
it was appropriate and I needed them to know that
I was acknowledging that they were. It was very symbolic,

thank you very much. So they all piled in the
backseat of my jeep. And so that night after my class,
I went home and I think we've talked. We've talked
about Homer a number of times, and Homer was our
beloved and insanely crazy up. He was like the dog
that not one person in ten years, oh my god,
I love him. I want him. Not one person said that.

Not one person wanted my dog because he was so crazy.
But I loved him. So when I got home, Homer
wouldn't come near me. So imagine I'm walking into the
front through the front door, into the living room. Homer
like backs away from me Suzanne sitting on the sofa,
and she's like, uh, what, what's wrong? Can't imagine backing

away from you? Just exactly exactly because he parked up
my ass every day, So why would hear? Why would
he why would he move right, Why would he not
be near me? Um? So, so sus was like, what's
wrong with him? And like, I paused for a few moments,
and I went, I think he sees my wolves I
met tonight, And of course, in perfect form. My wife

didn't question. She's like okay, And I said, write how great? No,
I mean, seriously, there's no greater human being for me
in this world than Jusanne Taylor. Um. But then I said,
let me ask them to step away and and make
room for Homie, you know, and we also called him Oklahoma.
We called him Homie like had a lot of things,

and said, but let me make room for Homie. And
so I did. I closed mind as I asked them
like to move away, and within seconds, Homer ran towards
me and snuggled against my leg. Yeah, thats crazy, right,
they get it. I mean, they just really they're so attuned.
They see the world differently than we do. They see
spooks better than we do. Well. Also, he's a descendant

of a wolf. All dogs are, so there was probably
some really interesting kind of drive. I don't know what
he would have done if I walked home with a
with a dolphin, like justin did. I'm not sure. I
mean he might have gone after it as a snack.
I'm not sure, but he was very respectful of the wolf.
I literally have pictures of Maggie, my twenty year old
shipsu playing with spirit balls like they can that I

couldn't see. When I took the picture, I was like,
this is so funny. What is she doing? And I
took pictures of it. This is back with developed film,
so a long time ago, but right, you know how pictures,
how spirits can be captured in the film, and so no,
I don't tell me more. My ghost photographer alps. And

so when when the pictures came back, you could see
the spirits, you could see these spirit balls that she
was playing with. It was that's um, I haven't seen
those pictures. Do you know where they are? I have
to look. I would like to see him. I would
love if you just just take a few snaps on
your phone and doesn't help me, thank you, But I'll
find it. I'll try and find it, okay, okay, um.
So I just have to add now that this is

like the non exciting part, but the important part I
think of the episode, which is for all those who
are disappointed that wanted to learn how to meet your
spirit guide during this episode. We're sorry, but we're not
sorry because meeting your guide actually takes work and you
need a teacher, and a podcast is not the place

to learn how to meet your your guide, right brand Well,
and if we did an episode like that, it would
be completely irresponsible and malpractice. Yeah yeah, yeah, I don't
think we have um Witchie Pooh malpractice insurance. Definitely. Yeah,

we don't have a fast way to get fired. It
would be a really fast way. But I feel I
think you share this is that our job is to
educate um spark interest and also protect everyone, and we
have to take care of you guys, and so this
is one of those cases. So if because if you
try this on your own, you know, you may summons

the boogeyman. Might as well get out, you know, one
of those Umuiji boards, you know, because you're just like
you're just playing with fire here, folks like, don't try
this stuff on your own for real, um, But if
you'd like to learn, you know, you may have an
expert that is in your area, or you can also
check with Brenda to see what she's teaching, because she
just mentioned earlier on the show that she just taught

a spirit a spirit guide class. So go to Brenda
hyphen Rose dot com and to see if she's teaching something.
I I just I think that's the way to do it,
to do it right, to do it safely, and so
you can continue to have a relationship with your guide
the rest of your days here exactly. And remember it's
not a punishment. It's actually out of share love and
respect for you and for the spirit world. Right. Yeah,

and I'm going to add to this because Brenda would
never say this because she's not her it's not her
style and not her jam is. Um, you know, get
a message to us if you actually want a class
on this, because I have a feeling that she would
actually create one for you guys. So if there were
enough people that we're wanting it, so hit us up
on Instagram sent I mean smoke signal. Um. Actually, you know,

if you go to the website, you can get on
the wait list for the spirit guid class. There you go,
or go to her weight Listen, go on the website
to be on the wait list. Whatever she just said
that you should do. But if you also don't want
to do that and just want to send out a
smoke signal. We'll see it. That's all I'm saying. You
won't know how to get in touch with you, but
we will see. We won't know, but we'll know, if
you know what I mean. But you can't be too

safe with this stuff, you know. And even and I'm
a reckless motherfucker and I am not reckless with any
of this stuff. Actually, I'm not reckless. That was a joke.
I'm not reckless at all. Um, you're a reckless with
rules you don't respect, because you know that's true. That's true.
You done about this. I'm out of it, you know, Yeah,
you did? You know what? You're totally right, you're told
that's actually true. Yeah, it's actually But weirdly, I don't speed,

which is a very funny thing for how many rules
I do break. It's weird. I don't speak doing that
kind of stuff. But it's funny because well, but it's
it's weird because it's a very like wait, why wait,
she'll break all this other stuff, but she doesn't speed.
And again, with the spirit world, you do not mess
around like you don't know because when you're out wandering
in the cosmic wilderness. You know, it's sometimes it's not safe.

You need a guy, you needed to um. Yeah, So
I just I think it's important for everybody. Like if
you're disappointed, sorry, not sorry, but there's ways for you
to um to experience this and you just need a lot.
It's beautiful. It's a beautiful p s A. So thank you,
thank you. That's what I'm here for. I am. I
am a walking p s A. That's what I am.

I'm a public service announcement every day my damn life
for the spirit. Yes, right, so thank you for asking
about spirit guides. Hopefully we gave you some things to
be curious about. Well, I'll go talk to everybody that
asked me because they're family and friends mostly and there
you go, and you have now have an episode to
point them too. So I will point them and they're

will be pissed because like I wanted to learn how
to contact them and because I had to say that
so I don't get in trouble. Nice, So thanks so
much for listening, and remember you do have spirit guides
because at school is hard without the other side. Thanks everybody,
Thank you, which poo, thank you m m hmm. Thanks

for joining us everyone, and a special thanks to our
producer may Cole, who guides us while we guide. You
hit us up on Instagram at other Side Guides, or
shoot us a note at other Side Guides at i
heeart radio dot com, and you can even call us
at eight three three to to Guide to leave us
a message. We want to know what you think, we

want to know what you know, and we want to
hear your stories. And remember Earth school is hard without
the other Side. Insider's Guide to the Other Side is
a production of I Heart Radio. For more podcasts for
my heart Radio, visit the iHeart Radio app, Spotify, Apple podcast,
or wherever you get your podcasts.
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