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March 12, 2024 31 mins

This week, Tommy is joined by Stockholm-based singer and actor Omar Rudberg. At just 25 years old, Omar has sold out arena shows in Sweden and tours here in America. At 14, he was the opening act for Justin Bieber and One Direction. And aside from his musical accomplishments, he is part of a certain fan-favorite project that further shot him into global superstardom: Young Royals. Young Royals is a teen drama romance series on Netflix that just dropped its third and final season. It follows the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and his romance with fellow student Simon Ericksson, played by Omar, and all of the wild, messy, beautiful drama that their love story brings. Today, Omar opens up about how he’s feeling with the show coming to an end, his friendship and brotherhood with co-star Edvin Ryding, a sentimental keepsake that he secretly took from the set, some brand-new music announcements, the music that will forever remind him of Young Royals, how proud he is to have been part of a show that celebrates the queer community, a top secret project he is working on with a top secret person, and his final farewell words to the fandom as he signs off from Young Royals.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey guys, welcome to I've never said this before with
me Tommy di Dario. Today's guest is a Stockholm based
singer and actor and his name is Omar Rudberg. Now Omar.
He has a fascinating backstory, so get this. At just
twenty five years old, he has already sold out arena

shows in Sweden and tours here in America. At fourteen,
he was the opening act for really, really small musicians
who probably never heard of them, justin Bieber in one direction. Yeah,
no big deal, right, And since then, while his career,
it has skyrocketed. And today we are talking about a

certain project that further shot him into global superstardom. And
I've got two words for you, Young Royals. So Young
Royals is a teen drama romance series on Netflix that
follows the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and his romance
with fellow student Simon Erickson, which of course is played
by Omar, and all of the wild and messy, beautiful

drama that their love story brings. It's a queer love
story that has become one of the most important love
stories in all of television, and that just goes to
show you why it's been sitting at number one on
the charts every single time a new season drops. It
means so much to so many. But sadly, the love
story is coming to an end with the final season

that has just dropped out right now, I know, but
this is an episode for all of the Young Royal
fans out there. We're not gonna be spoiling anything, so
don't worry about that. But what we are gonna do
is we're gonna celebrate. We're gonna reflect back on Omar's
journey throughout the series and deep dive into all things
Young Royals to honor and celebrate an actor who means

so much to so many. So let's see if today
we can get Omar to say something that he has
never said before. Oh oh, Mark, it's so good to
see you, my friend. How are you?

Speaker 2 (02:07):
I'm good, thank you, I'm very good. I'm glad to
see you too.

Speaker 1 (02:10):
Oh well, listen, I know that the world is celebrating
and super excited because season three of Young Royals has dropped,
But with that there's a lot of sadness because that
means it is the final season of the show. So,
first of all, how are you doing? Has it been
a really emotional time for you.

Speaker 2 (02:30):
It has definitely been emotional. I've been going through it,
but I think that I'm actually I'm very ready to
let go a little and just let these characters in
the series live on by itself. I mean, we've been
working so hard on this season and on Young Royals
overall for the last three years, so I think we're

all kind of in the same boat where we feel
like let them be, you know. I think everything great
and everything good has an end. But it feels great.
I mean, I'm happy that we actually got to do
the last season and three seasons, so I'm very happy.
I'm very proud.

Speaker 1 (03:10):
What was it like saying goodbye to your character on
that last day of work. Was that a super weird
kind of day for you?

Speaker 2 (03:17):
Oh my god, Yeah, it was very emotional. I couldn't
really feel the difference between Simon's feeling on camera and
my own feelings off camera. It was kind of the
first time where like fiction and reality like kind of
got together in some weird way because what we were

saying in that last scene, for example, in the lake
where because we shot the lake scene on our last
shooting day, and what we're saying in that scene basically
makes sense in real life as well, you know, like
it's the end basically, And so that was kind of
very hard because it was emotional and I couldn't really

troll my feelings. But it was a very beautiful day,
and yeah, we had such a great time together.

Speaker 1 (04:07):
When you look back at all of your work on
this show, you have done such a phenomenal job creating
a character that means so much to so many people.
What are you the most proud of?

Speaker 2 (04:17):
Thank you? You know, what I'm proud of is that
I put myself out there. I think I had never
done anything like this. I didn't act, didn't know if
I could act at the time, and I was afraid of,
like what if I get in this whole thing and

I forget my words, Like there's a lot of words
you have to learn, like the script, Like what if
I never learned the script? And I was like so
afraid of so many things, And I was just like,
you know, fuck it, Let's just do it, you know,
let's just put myself out there and do everything that
I got to be a part of this because I
also believed in the story Leaved and everything about this

and I was like, if I'm gonna be so sad
and angry with myself if I don't do it, because
I fell in love with it from the start, and
so I'm just so so happy. I threw myself out
there out of my comfort zone and I started acting
out of the blue and like just did it.

Speaker 1 (05:21):
You know, Yeah, that must be an amazing feeling. And
anything new is kind of scary, right, and you've conquered
the music world, but this was something so different for you.
Was there a moment where you were actually thinking about
passing on this opportunity.

Speaker 2 (05:34):
No, never, never, not a single moment. I didn't do
anything at the time. It was COVID and everything was
shut down in like the studios and like music wise
as well, Like everything was just shut down really and
I didn't really have anything to do. I was like
kind of depressed because I didn't really know what was

going to happen to me in my life. What I
was thinking the whole time was I'm going to be
a part of the show and I'm going to be
doing this or I'm gonna die, Like that was my
two options, so very serious. But then I got in
and I got to be a part of this and

never ever thought of thinking like, nah, I don't want
to do a second season, like none of that. Like
I was, I've been obsessed with this whole thing, Like
I'm one of the biggest fans of Young Royals, like
fight me.

Speaker 1 (06:31):
I believe it. I believe it. It's why wouldn't you
be It's such a beautiful show. If you were given
the choice to do more seasons and carry on with
the story, would you or do you kind of feel
like the story has been told in its ending where
it should end.

Speaker 2 (06:46):
I feel like the story has been told and it
should end how it's ending, because I kind of agree
with with Idmin and Lisa and all of the others
about that, like if you would do more seasons, like
what is it left to say? Like we've already said
like most important things, and we've said so many great things,

and you know we're sad things as well, and like
we've said so many things during this whole show and
the journey, and I feel like it wouldn't be what
it is if we would keep going, like and keep
doing like seasons, Like if you see other series out there,
like when you do too many seasons, like at the
end of the day. It's not the season that you

saw the first time. I don't know, it's just the
right thing to do, I feel like definitely. But you know,
at the beginning, I was like, let's do a season
four and a five. Let's go because I'm such a
hyphe person and I always and I always and I
also hate saying goodbyes to things like I I'm definitely
a person that connects with something, and I feel like

it's hard to like let stuff go, Like it takes
time for me to let stuff go sometimes and sometimes not.
Sometimes I'm like, true, but this was something that I've
been holding on to this like so hard, and you know,
it feels right definitely.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
How many times did you cry during the filming of
season three?

Speaker 2 (08:14):
I don't know, maybe like six times, maybe six times.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Yeah, Well, that means it meant so much to you.
And watching you and EDVN throughout this this series has
been magical for people. He of course is your co star,
and watching your journey and the ups and the downs
and the drama and the beautiful moments and everything has
been thrilling for audiences. How has that friendship been over
the years. Is that something so special for you.

Speaker 2 (08:39):
Me and Edwin. It's been very special. Like I'm happy
that we clicked from the start because what we've been
going through and everything that we've been through together, Like
it would be so sad to do it yourself, like
by yourself and no one to like have this whole
do it together kind of thing. Like it's a different

thing to do it together. And you know, we've been
talking about everything that has happened to us, Like we
text a lot, like randomly, like yo, this and this
has happened, Like what the fuck? Like, oh, we're we
did the violent show together. Like what if I would
be there alone? Like I would die if I would
do it alone. And so like it's very special to
like just do it with someone, like going through something

with someone that can relate like me and even we
can really relate to each other, and we definitely help
each other through stuff, and like we learn from each
other and all of that. So it's been very special, definitely,
And we we're definitely like brothers when we hang out,
Like we we poke at each other and do crazy

stuff together, and we sometimes get annoyed on each other,
but it's all love, you know, it's we always have
a good time together always, Like every time we see
each other, we laugh and we talk about crazy stuff
and you know secrets.

Speaker 1 (10:01):
Yeah, it's family, right, it's a brotherhood.

Speaker 2 (10:04):
Yeah, definitely, we have a great time together.

Speaker 1 (10:06):
So in the show, and I guess, without spoiling anything,
in season three, is there a moment between the two
of you that just makes you smile for your characters
that you just loved playing around with?

Speaker 2 (10:18):
Oh my god, there's so many moments, Like it's so
hard to choose.

Speaker 1 (10:23):
Like top one or two.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Come on, I'll definitely say that the lake scene was
very special. It was just a beautiful day. The lake
was stunning, the sun was stunning, it was warm. It
was very cold in the water though, but it was
very warm in the sun, and it was emotional. It
was beautiful like that day, That whole day in front

of that lake was just dreamy, like it felt like
a dream, like a like a like a real life
movie almost, and it was just so beautiful. So I
would definitely say the lake probably. I don't know, probably,
Like the first kiss was also very special because it's
very new and it was the first time we did
like a kissing scene.

Speaker 1 (11:10):
Was that your first that was your first kissing scene
on camera, right.

Speaker 2 (11:14):
Ah, yes, exactly, and it was just special.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
Thing is that weird? Is it weird to do a
kissing scene on camera with a million people in a
room watching you in a camera this close?

Speaker 2 (11:23):
I mean, like it was so weird because it was
the first time. So that is why I'm saying, like
the first scene was very special and very crazy experience.
Also like the football scene where I like go and
pick him up and he was like being like drunk
and like it was just also just like a fun experience.

Speaker 1 (11:49):
It sounds like, without giving anything away, you're satisfied with
how the show ended.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
Yeah, yeah, I do think that. I think it's the
right ending. I had my heart and my trust in Lisa,
and I really, you know, I knew that she was
gonna put a great ending on it, and it was.
It's a perfect ending. It's a perfect timing for an ending.
It's beautiful and it's like emotional and it's love this

series so much. I'm a huge fan.

Speaker 1 (12:20):
Oh well, we all are.

Speaker 2 (12:21):
We all are.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
When you think of Omar from season one to Omar
from today, how would you say you've changed over all
of those years. What I imagine is for the better.

Speaker 2 (12:35):
Oh yeah, definitely for the better. It's insane. I feel
like I've been living a whole life from when we
started till now. I cannot believe that we're actually sitting
here and we're actually talking about this at the same time.
It just kind of feel like it just started. Like
I cannot believe that it's four years ago, like four
years ago, Like it's insane, Like I can I cannot

really take that in. But you know, I've changed a lot,
like as a person, definitely for the better. I'm grown
a little more grown. I have a little confidence boost
from this whole journey, and also my insecurities I've kind

of learned to handle them a little as well. And
just like in general, like I just feel like I'm
in a place in my life where I'm like more
stable and I kind of know what I like and
what I want and what I don't want and what
I don't like, and like what I want to do. Like,
I just feel like I'm grown, you know, like I'm

twenty five, and it's definitely a difference. When I started
Young Royals, I was in a place where I didn't
know anything and I was very lost, but I was
also happy when it all started because I got to
know new friends and for example, Felicia Scene, the actress
that play Stella and Young Royles. I got to know

her and a lot of new friends and like this
whole new space of creativity and like acting, like partying,
but also like I just got so many new friends
at the time, and we were like a little crew
and we were hanging out and it was summer in
Stockholm and Young Royals came up, and I was still

kind of lost because it was COVID and I didn't
have a job. I didn't know what to do with
my life, so I was just hanging out with friends.
And then like I don't know's I'm a whole different person,
but I still have that Omar with me as well,
Like I'm still I still have that in me, but
I'm definitely grown. Well.

Speaker 1 (14:43):
I have to say, we chatted I think in the
beginning of the pandemic, so that by now that was
three four years ago, and I see it's insane, and
I see such a different version of you. Even from
that interview to today's conversation. You really seem like you've
stepped into your confidence and it's such a cool thing.
To see.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
Yeah, thank you so much, thank you.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
Is there something from the set aside from the hoodie?
We all know about the hoodie that you grabbed right
away when the show wrapped.

Speaker 2 (15:14):
I don't know if I'm gonna if I if I
dare to say it, because I don't want them to
want it back, but probably not. Probably they won't want
it back. But I actually stole Simon's little lava lamp
so that where he had next to his bed, like
the one that like changed colors and like shifts. I

actually have it like next to my bed. It's actually
dead though, I have to change the batteries of that one.

Speaker 1 (15:43):
But that's a good choice. That's a good If I
was gonna take something, you know what, I would want
the lava lamp too. I like that.

Speaker 2 (15:50):
Yeah, it's it was always on the frame like you
always saw see one in his bed and they see
the lights of the lava lamp. It's just beautiful. And
I took that one. I literally stole it. Like I
didn't say to anyone, and I knew it was the
wrong thing to do, but I just no one was
there and I was the scene's room, like kind of
saying goodbye to see one in his room, and then
I was like, I took it, no one, And I

just took it, like I didn't give a damn. Like
I was like, I'm going to bring something like are
you kidding me? This whole room and you're and I
cannot even bring a single thing like are you kidding?
So I just took it. You know what.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
You were having an emotional breakdown and you took it,
and I support it. I stand by that decision. That's
awesome the show, you know, aside from the beautiful pieces
on set that have so much meaning to you and
the characters, I feel like music's another thing that has
a lot of meaning throughout the show. When you now
look back at Young Royals. Is there one song? I'm

sure there are many, but I guess what's the top
song that will always remind you of your time on
that show?

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Oh my gosh, there's three I think of right now. Yeah,
go ahead, dun dunna, dunt dun how's it going? Fucking?
I don't know the lyrics, but that one bop it's

really good. Also the start a revolution obviously, and also
and you love me? Oh it's feeling guy? I love him,
you know, that one from the second season. Love that
one and that trailer is sickening. I think that's one

of my favorite trailers of the show. Like I love
the second season trailer with the music, it's just so amazing.

Speaker 1 (17:47):
Solid choices, solid choices. God, it's like you're a singer
as well or something that just sounded so good. Those
are awesome choices. Omar A part of the real and
why I love this show so much is because of
what it's done for an entire community of people, and

the queer community holds this show so close to their hearts,
and it really is one of these forms of representation
that exists that I wish I had growing up and
I didn't have it. And it's such a beautiful story.
That's what I love about it. It's a beautiful story.
So how does it feel meaning so much to an
entire community of people, to the queer community because you

were in a show and brought a character to life
that makes them feel so seen.

Speaker 2 (18:32):
Well, I definitely agree with you. I wish that I
had Young Royals when I was a kid because it
would change my life. I think, like, if I would
have Young Royals when I was a kid, I think
it would definitely move me. Then it did. Like the
craziest part is that I'm a part of the show
and it literally moved me anyways, Like even though I'm

not a kid watching it or a teenager, i still
feel it. And even though I know everything that is
happening before I see it, like I feel it while
creating it. And so I'm just it's such an honor,
like for real, like there's no other word to describe it,
Like it's an honor to be a part of something
like this and being a part of something that really

means so much for people around the world, and it
means so much to me as well personally. I Young
Girls moves me and changed me as a person. And
I'm just it's just an honor, and I'm a lucky, lucky,
lucky man that got to be a part of something
this amazing and great, and I'm just so thankful and grateful.

Speaker 1 (19:39):
That's very beautifully said. I imagine hearing that on your
shoulders throughout all the years is rewarding and beautiful and amazing, because,
as you said, you know what it means to so
many people. But did you also ever feel kind of
the pressure of having to do everything right and to
make the people who hold the show so close feel

like it's all being portrayed in the right ways. Like
how do you deal with that knowing that you exploded
from the show and you have all this fandom and
it's a storyline that is really sensitive and delicate, Yet
you still got to go to work and do your job.
Like did that ever get in the way for you?

Speaker 2 (20:16):
Yes? Yes. When we were gonna do the first season,
my thoughts were like, because I knew people were gonna
love this series. I knew people were gonna love the
storyline because I was so in love and I was like, Yo,
this is the greatest shit I've ever fucking read. But
I was like, this is gonna blow, Like this is

gonna be amazing. The only thing though, when I started
doing the first season was like, are people gonna think
I'm good? Though? Like, are people gonna buy what I'm
trying to say, like through my character and like how
I'm going to play him? Are people going to like
enjoy that and see that and buy it? Like, oh, yes, yes,

I see Simon, know what I mean? I was very nervous,
and I was also very nervous because I was an
artist and I am an artist and didn't do any
acting before that, and I was just scared that people
would just say, you know, go back to music, don't
ever do this again, like stuff like that. I was
scared of not taking me seriously kind of thing, like

I thought I was scared that people would just like eh.
But then for the second season, it was more like
it was a success and people actually liked my acting
and they liked what I did, and so then I
kind of like, well, I have to do it even
better this time and not like don't go underneath that,

like that's the level I'm going for now, So I'm
gonna do it like I did or even better. And
obviously I was like this is gonna be even better,
like I'm gonna do it even better this time. And
also I felt like the chemistry between me and Edwin,
like people loved it so much on the first season,
and I remember talking to him like, Yo, we have

to fuck this shit up. Sorry for I love it,
but we have to make it so good because like
we're doing the second season and people loved what they
saw in the first one, like we have to do this,
like we have to make it even better. This time.
But I was also so confident in like having that

energy like we have to do this, you know, instead
of like, oh, we I'm scared, Like oh, Like it
was more like, oh, let's push it even more, you know.
But yeah, definitely got to us sometimes like oh damn,
we have to do this right, like, oh, you know,
stuff like that. But together we really made it work

and we had fun and we never took it too seriously.
But definitely doing the first season and the second season
it was scary, but the third it was more like,
we got this. Let's have fun with this. It's a
beauty full story, Like let's just do what we love
to do and what we do best, and we do

it together. And I feel like the third season was
the easiest one to shoot because we were like, we
got this, you know, when people love this and this
is a great storyline, let's do this.

Speaker 1 (23:22):
Does that mean the third season was your favorite one
out of all three?

Speaker 2 (23:27):
I cannot tell you, Like it's picking a child, like
you cannot like the first season, even though it was scary,
the greatest thing I've ever done in my life, but
the third was also the greatest thing I've ever done
in my life. Like all of them were great, you know,
so I cannot choose. It was just different feelings for
every season. The first season was the first time, so

it was so special. The second season, the feeling changed
because we've done it once, we're gonna do it again,
like it has to be good, but like you know,
it was kind of like more of like a battle feeling.
And then like third was just like let's just enjoy,
you know. So it was just different feelings to them.

Speaker 1 (24:07):
Well, people want a fourth, a fifth, one hundredth or
two hundredth I'm sure you're already seeing all over social
media people asking you for a spin off, right, have
you seen that yet?

Speaker 2 (24:16):
Yeah, I've seen it. I've seen it.

Speaker 1 (24:18):
I'm sure I've seen it everywhere, and you're probably like,
let's give the character a minute, right.

Speaker 2 (24:24):
I know. Like the first time when I saw that,
I was like, tell the Netflix, Tell Netflix. But then
I was now I'm kind of like, you know what,
I'm like turning twenty six, Like should I play sixteen? Still?
Like maybe?

Speaker 1 (24:39):
Like what about a time jump?

Speaker 2 (24:40):
I mean, why not? But still I don't look like
I'm super old, Like I don't know, maybe I could
play like Simon after graduation and he starts to work
and have a job and moves out of his mom's house,
then maybe we can talk about it.

Speaker 1 (24:57):
Anything can happen, So we'll see what excites you for
the future. What do you want to do next.

Speaker 2 (25:03):
I'm actually going full on music next. I'm about to
sign my first record deal with an American label.

Speaker 1 (25:13):
Congratulations, man, thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
And that is a huge thing. It's a huge label,
and we are planning on releasing a lot of music.
So I'm working on a lot, a lot of new
music and we're going to release very very soon. And
I did my first show like two weeks ago. It
was like one eight hundred people in the crowd and
it was just completely sold out, and it was like

one of my best nights ever, like one of the
best nights of my life. And I want to do
it over and over again. And in my heart, I'm
an artist and I want to do music and i
want to sing. So that's definitely what I'm doing now
in the future. But then you know, we'll see, Like
I'm not going to leave the film industry, like I

love making films and acting, and so we'll see what
comes up. But for now, definitely music.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
So does that mean we're finally going to get red Light?

Speaker 2 (26:12):
Yes, Yes, it's on the way. It's on the way
soon soon. We're working on it. We're working on it,
but very soon, and that's going to be the first
release of this year. And it's going to sound a
little different the studio version from what I did at
Circus at my show, it was a live version of

red Light. But I do think people are going to
enjoy it, and I feel like it marks like a
new era for me music wise and artists wise, because
you know, I'm having a new team in an American label,
So it's like a whole new like era for me
as an artist, and I'm very happy about it.

Speaker 1 (26:54):
That's so deserved. You're such a talent, and I know
people are gonna want lots and lots of content from you,
especially with the show ending. They're going to need some music.
They're gonna need all of it. When you think of
the fandom, the beautiful, amazing fandom who shows nothing but
love for all of you guys, what do they mean
to you? What do you want to say to them?

Speaker 2 (27:15):
Thank you for being loud, thank you for doing free
promo for young Royals and making it top the charts,
and thank you so much for you know, existing and
keeping the LGBTQ community alive, and you know, thank you
so much for the support, and thank you so much
for being yourselves, and thank you so much for supporting

us and the series and this whole love story that
is so important for people to hear about and see,
you know, and to talk about. Thank you so much
for fighting for all of us and for believing in
love and for fighting for love. And yeah, we're forever

grateful for you, guys, and this wouldn't be what it
is without you, So cheers to you.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
I'm not the one saying goodbye to a show or character,
but you're making me feel emotional over here. Damn it, Omar.
That was so well said. Thank you for sharing that.
And as we kind of wrap up, the name of
the show is, I've never said this before, and I'm wondering,
is there anything that you can think of that you've

never shared, whether it's silly or deep or anything that
comes to mind?

Speaker 2 (28:30):
Oh my god, Well, maybe one thing that just came
up is that people might be sad about the show
ending and not seeing me and Edving acting together. Anymore
or working together anymore. But you know what, me and

Edrin are going to do some stuff together in the future.
We are working on something that is a little secret.
But stay tuned because you'll see me and Ving do
stuff together in the future. And it's not completely over
so and we're definitely obviously going to be friends still,

but like working together, not completely over yet.

Speaker 1 (29:17):
Ooh, that is quite the tease. I see what you
did there, I see what you did all right, Well,
we will eagerly be awaiting that. I can't say it enough.
Thank you for everything you've done with your art and
for an entire community of people that just feel so
touched by a show, a show that's gone global and
you know that started off maybe seemingly small and has

grown into something so incredibly big. And I think that
you're going to forever have a legacy in the entertainment
space as being a part of a show that truly
makes so many people feel so important and so valued
and so so seen. So for real, from the bottom
of my heart, congratulations to you. I hope you soak
in all those accomplishments.

Speaker 2 (30:01):
Oh, thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
Thank you, I mean ed And I'm going to be
chatting with the creator Lisa, and for everybody listening, that
episode is going to be full of spoiler fun. We're
going to launch out a little bit later in April,
so we'll give people time to watch the show today.
I wanted to make sure to just talk about the
reflections in general and really give people a proper farewell

to your character and your work on the show. But
my conversation with Lisa will be quite spoiler full, so
everybody look out for that. And Omar, I can't wait
to chat with you when you're doing something cool next again.

Speaker 2 (30:36):
Yeah, I cannot wait.

Speaker 1 (30:38):
Well, thank you, thank you, thank you for joining the show.
Congratulations and have a great final season.

Speaker 2 (30:44):
Thank you for having me. Thank you.

Speaker 1 (30:49):
I've Never Said This Before is hosted by me Tommy Diderio.
This podcast is executive produced by Andrew Puglisi at iHeartRadio
and by Me Tommy, with editing by Joshua Colaudney. I've
Never Said This Before is part of the Elvis Duran
podcast network on iHeart Podcasts. For more, rate review and
subscribe to our show and if you liked this episode,

tell your friends. Until next time. I'm Tommy Diderio.
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