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April 2, 2024 38 mins

0:00 The Mets don't try

00:22:41 The A's keep making errors

00:26:09 Ronel Blanco no-hitter

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Jimmy's Three Things. I got three
things I want to talk about in the baseball world today.
One is McNeil, the Mets sliding, breaking up double plays,
not breaking up double plays. I did about as big
of a deep dive as I've done in a while,
because I just kept going down a rabbit hole and
getting kind of very curious into what I was finding.

Two Oakland's committing errors at an all time pace, and
three we had a no hitter in Houston. I might
just poke around those two things and watch some video
and see Thank you very much for tuning in if
you enjoy this show or talking baseball in general. The
series recaps the midweek episode Subscribe to the channel. I'm
gonna take a sip in my coffee, and then we're
gonna dive in to topic number one. Topic number one

McNeil and Reyess Hoskins the fight. I did a breakdown
on it. I was very interested in it. In my breakdown,
this part kind of really made me think, like, wait,
what because they watched the replay and then McNeil turns
after watching the replay and he says, you think that's
fucking okay? And you can see rees is like, yeah,

so there's just a disconnect between what's a good slide,
what's a bad slide, what's allowed, what's not allowed, what's dirty,
what's not dirty, what's aggressive and competitive, and what's dirty.
And McNeil seems to think that anything aggressive and competitive
is dirty because a lot of MLB players that I
reached out to Trevor Pluff who does talking baseball, and
then he reached out to other guys like that's not dirty,

it's aggressive. It was late, but he's trying to break
up the double play within the rules of the game
and didn't get anyone injured. Dallas Braden tweed it out, like, dude,
learn to move your feet around the bag. You just
planted there. So the first thing in the rabbit hole,
I'm just gonna give you the rabbit hole that I
went down in chronological order number one. This picture was

flying around the internet from Braves fans saying like, well,
McNeil's done a dirty slide too. Look at this slide.
He's way offline, out of the base path. So I said,
all right, let's go find that play. I want to
I want to see if that you know, if this
is just a screenshot or is that really a dirty play?
So I pulled up play and here it is the
local back hits hit to second, McNeil slides and they

run in each other. It's not dirty. He's really just
sliding way early, like if you want to say the
cut off of the grass. I don't know if my
curse on screen, the cutoff of the grass right there,
that's kind of like early or late, just just an
easy way to gauge. If you slide after that, it's
a little late aggressive. If you slide before that, you're

giving yourself up. Because he's not really trying to get
to the bag there. I think he didn't realize the
shortstop was gonna come into him. So I didn't think
that was dirty. It ended up helping, but I didn't
think that was dirty on McNeil's part, to his credit.
Now where things got weird as I went and I
was like, well, let's see if McNeil has any dirty slides.
So I went and I searched every time McNeil's been
on first base. And there's less than two outs, so

the team is going to try and turn a double play,
and there's a ground ball to the infield and I
wanted to see what that looks like, and what I
found kind of blew me away. And I'll just show
you all the videos that I found now and what
you're looking for as this plays is McNeil's the runner
on first and how he tries to break up double place.

Speaker 2 (03:17):
There is a six four three Taylor garda short. Velasquez
makes another good play, starts an inning popper out to
Vidamos to allow one first right Padia. I'll twove with
the easy turn for the six full ball right Bertie,
the turn by Diaz for Bross, the flip to Castrolly
off balance, will play ball right at Iglesias, the turn

by Alberto for the sixth side. Kim will go to
second for one on the first hint, we'll play ball
right to Crawford the turn.

Speaker 1 (03:48):
So as you can see, he he doesn't try to
break up the double play. It's almost like it's not
an option in his head. I watched one hundred and
sixty instances in his career and I had to cut
a lot down because this this got too long. Uh.
A lot of them look like this.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
The play ball right at bullguards and on the turn
by Gonzalez to turn it. There's one stuck with Platt.
That's why he did it. You sawing him move into
the spot and it's starter to the command.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
I mean, he's not even he's being considerate, he's being gentlemanly.
He's saying, Hey, I don't want to get in the
way of what you guys are doing. You want to
turn the dope play, go ahead and turn it? Who
am I to try to stop it?

Speaker 2 (04:34):
The second and Briard Donaldson on the back end out
at second and here's the grounder come and go to
second for one on for Harrison Garcia down the third,
Walls goes to second for one lowed Edic to Crawford two.
A'll beast roco beat.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
What was the hat? You know what was that one?
If I go backwards here when I was fought, when
I was finding these, there were something like that where
he just runs straight through, doesn't slide at all. He
never really tries to slide and get to the bag.
He's not really trying to get in the way. So

that was really weird to me and kind of eye opening, like, oh,
he's very respectful, so he thinks that you shouldn't try
to break up double plays. And then I was like, Okay,
let's go watch what Reee Hoskins does. Who's slower than McNeil.
And McNeil has this like reputation it's like a blue
collar grinder, like tough player. So that kind of really

surprised me to see all of that. I went to
Reee Hoskins, who's slower I think twenty percent. I think
Hoskins is like I think McNeil's fifty percent in sprint
speed and Hoskins is like twenty five. So here's every
time Reee Hoskins has been on first base and there's
a grounder to the infield less than two out, so
the team's going to try and turn a double play.

And here's how he attacks it.

Speaker 2 (05:58):
That's trying to turn two I left side Conaworth will
go to second base for one. On the first it
will be off the marshwart stop the young has it,
goes to second for one, back over the first nine
and something and done the second for one. I mean,
they won't turn the double.

Speaker 1 (06:13):
So as you can see, what Hoskins does is he
gets his ass down the line quick. When he gets
to that cutoff point that I was talking about, he
gets big like a bear, like you're trying to scare
a bear. Ah, you know, throws his hands up, gets
kind of upright with his chest, and then drops down
into the base. And as you can see on these highlights,
he induces a lot of bad throws and breaks up

the double play. He's never injured someone at second. That's
a good example of what he does. He's never injured
the player. You know, there might be contact, but within
the rules, and he's it's winning baseball. I mean, he's
doing everything he can. He's like, hey, I don't have speed,
so I'm not gonna be safe here. Let me try
and do everything I can to play winning baseball. And

that's what he's doing. And this was again to cut
this down. I just there's just a lot of examples
of this where he's inducing bad throws, putting pressure on
the fielder and it's working. McNeil was the complete opposite.
He was granting people double plays. I was very confused.

Speaker 2 (07:15):
I was like, this is odd.

Speaker 1 (07:17):
So I oh this. I have so many more of
these from McNeil. See I color coded it. Pink was
to the shortstop, yellow was to the third baseman, and
blue was to the second baseman. And yeah, so Reese
breaks up a lot of double plays by using his
big body and getting to the bag down late. Again,

he never hurt anyone. It's just that it's still part
of the game. The rules didn't make this not part
of the game. But I'm beginning to think the Mets
might think the rules made this not part of the
game because I kept digging right well. First I wanted
to compare Rees and McNeil. Again, McNeil is faster. Here's
the ball hit to the shortstop and fl to second base,

very similar play. Reese is already in frame and he's sliding.
He's not going down until he hits that cut off
point of the grass where McNeil is giving himself up
way early has no interest in being part of the
play and just says, there you go, go ahead, turn it.
So that was wild. And then I was said, Okay,
let me find one in a close game, because that's

unfair if one game doesn't matter and the other game
is really close. So up top you have Phillies. They
are tied at zero in the bottom of the fourth inning,
base is loaded down below. The Mets are up two
in the sixth inning, and I also wanted to find
balls that were hit similar. So if you see on
my premiere timeline this blue marker, that's when the ball
hits the bat. So the ball hits the bat, I

sink to that up and then the ball is hit
to the shortstop and as they flip it to the
second basement, you can see Reee Hoskins is in frame
and he's about to get big on him like a bear,
and then drop down to make it hard. And McNeil
just comes into frame now and has no interest in
playing competitive baseball on this play, just gives himself up

and makes it easy. And I was like, that's crazy,
and then I wanted and then I wanted to make
sure people didn't think I was cherry picking a bajillion,
So I put two Reese Hoskins on the right and
eight McNeil on the left. And again this point where
the blue marker is on my timeline is when the
bat hits the ball. And if you watch through to

when Reese gets to the bag, he's by the cut
on the two on the right already and McNeil is
nowhere in frame on the bottom floor and on the
top four he's like going down ready and not really
trying to break it up, so that blew me away. Man,
It's like, what's going on here? Is this just a
McNeil thing? Is this a Mets thing? And then I

was I was is this around the league thing? Like?

Speaker 2 (09:51):
What is this?

Speaker 1 (09:52):
I again? I send videos to some players that I
know and talked to, and they were like, what that
is crazy?

Speaker 2 (09:59):
What is going on?

Speaker 1 (10:00):
They're like, Reese looks normal, That's like what you're supposed
to do. So then I had to dig deeper because
I was watching the Mets game last night and Lindor
on a double playball ran through the bag and then
the announcers kind of talked about the strategy to that,
but to be honest, I forget and I couldn't figure
out what they the strategy was. So I'm gonna have

to go find that footage right now because I couldn't
prep it. Let's go see if I can find it. Okay,
I found that it was a double play to end
the first inning, Lindor just runs through the bag and
they explain why here again, this is me hearing it
for like the first time, because I don't remember what
they said.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
Play that ended at the bottom of the first inning,
I'll be biased with the glove flip, and you see
that Lindor does not slide there. This is something that
is relatively new in the game where players are being
instructed to do this. Yes, and the idea is that
if they don't get the out there, they have to
go tag and they running from third's gonna score. And

also another thing.

Speaker 1 (11:02):
Too, Okay, if they don't get the out, if they
don't get the out, if they don't get the out,
they have to go tag him and the runner on
third will score. So if the if the if they

don't get the out at second, so if the fielder,
what if the fielder botches the the like misses the
bag with his foot, that's what they're preparing for. There's
the runners on first and second.

Speaker 2 (11:46):

Speaker 1 (11:48):
They're saying, don't try to slide and make this what
they okay, standard strategy would be like, hey it, try
to do a late slide and make this dude uncomfortable
turning this double play within the rules and without injuring him.

And if he throws the ball away the runner that
was started on second, that's that third rounding third right now,
we'll score on a bad throw, right, So force a
bad throw, or make him so uncomfortable he doesn't want
to throw it away and he eats the play and
doesn't turn to They're saying their Mets are instructing them
to casually jog through the base in case this dude's

foot isn't on the bag, So then he would turn
around and go tag Lindor and while he's doing that,
the runner on third will score. That's crazy, weird. I
think them Mets think you can't break up double place.
So I watched this last night. I was like, wait, what,

what are you doing? What's happening? So then I went
back into the deep dives and I found all the
other Mets players last year that kind of have speed
and should be hustling and breaking up double plays, and
I searched for instances when they would be tasked to
like make the dude uncomfortable throw it. So, uh, here's

what I found.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
Try to second for one Honda. First fins went thro
the middle and great timing stopped by Abrams to turn
by Garst to middle right to Rojas, Juggles takes it.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
They all do it to the bat.

Speaker 2 (13:35):
Second, Actually, the third Sosa.

Speaker 1 (13:38):
What is that? There's not a runner on second. That
could be rounding third in this one, So like that
strategy doesn't even make sense, even though it doesn't make
sense already. This is a tide game in the third inning,
and instead of trying to make break up the double.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
Play, actually the third Sosa play ball right, go along
with the turn that it should be two ball the
second for one over the first tide him up here
you go hold down the third and heyes goes cross
bydy to second, the left side, chance for two. The
turn by Andrew bravera high hop to second could tell

for one. All right here Perdomo Marte softly hit, but
vogel Bach doesn't run well, and it's a double play
ball right the Seager, the turn by Semi and double
play ball right at Arcia, the turn by alb rolical
third ground on a hop. Domas nice to play fill
the second pecond three two. Marte not running well and

it's gonna be third. Chance for two, barks to second
at Garca sharply one hop by Anderson. He gets the
out of second.

Speaker 1 (14:46):
At where was he? Where are they? What is going on?
My only saving grace was and Mets fans, if you're
still watching, I'm so sorry. I was running this by
Mets fans in the office, being like, guys, what's going on.
They said they never noticed this. Alonso and uh Canna
last year they acted normal.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
Rounded slowly the third and ran with the sidearm tossing.

Speaker 1 (15:09):
That is the same as the ree Hoskins slide. You know,
good job by Pete. He's at the cut of the grass.
He's getting down laid, he's throwing his arms up, He's
trying to make them uncomfortable. Here's Alonzo again. Look at
this nice. So some guys, I guess aren't listening to
whoever's telling them to not do this. Uh. Here's Kana

and yeah, he's he's playing hard. He doesn't not want
them to turn this. Look at that slide, you know,
and he and he gets the player. Here Oswaldo and
that's legal, that's fair. As Walda's gotta move his feet.
You gotta come through the bag. You can't just stand
on the bag.

Speaker 2 (15:46):

Speaker 1 (15:46):
So you know, Alonzo and Kana great stuff. And then
I thought, Okay, before I make this video, I gotta
check around the league. I gotta make sure this isn't widespread.
And just because like they don't do it. I've never
noticed it or you know, even Mets fans that I
talked to, they didn't even notice it. So I checked
around the league, and I'm gonna give you guys the

link to check. But yes, not every team is doing this. Sure,
there's slow guys that they don't get down the line,
they're not going to there's kind of guys that might
be injured or hurting, and you know, or the games lopsided.
But in most cases, when it's a close game and
you have a double play ball, guys are trying to

break up the double play. They're trying to slide late,
make that field, are uncomfortable within the rules of the law,
and break up the double play. So that at least
saved my soul a little bit. But I don't know
what's going on in Queens. It seems like they're instructed.
I think maybe they have the rule wrong. So I

will post a link to this search that I did
for you guys, so you can go check it out.
And what I did was, here's all the parameters. So
I did twenty twenty three season. Okay, balls hit to
the shortstop and third baseman. All right, there's zero outs,
are one out, so you need to runners not on second,

not on third, runner on first, so you're gonna turn
two batted ball type ground ball, and then just to
because you get like two hundred options to find better
ones or you know, to even like limit it a
little more. I did batting score difference three runs, so
it's a three run game. And then I did the
exit velo on the ball eighty miles per hour to

ninety five miles pro because if it's over ninety five,
they're gonna turn that so fast that the runner doesn't
really have time to get down there. But anywhere between
eighty and ninety five, that's a double play ball where
the runner has time with a lead to go makes
up and happen and break it up, and then you
can all you gotta do is change the team so
you can check out how your team does this. The

only warning I'll give is Mariners. You guys were very
similar to the Mets, but I think it's mostly uh
Henyo Suarez from last year. But like man, go to
the Angels who last year were you know, well they
were in it for a while and then in the
last two months they weren't. Uh, they like they had

seventeen instances because we really dwindled it down. And if
you just watch a bunch of theirs, I'll pop them
all out and we'll just watch so you guys can see, Like,
if you want to do this at home, this just
how you do it. Just hold option or command, open
new tab and then you know, just skip ahead to
the ball and got down, threw the hands up, tried

to break it up. Yep, hands up at the cut
trying to get down. Very normal, look it for here
we go up. That was an error. Those will pop up.
You see those every now and then. Okay, here we
go right there, hands up, sliding late, trying to break
it up. So, angels fans, if you're tuned in, you know,

you got other problems you care about, but this isn't one.
So this is what I did all last night. I
just checked every team to figure out. I just didn't
want to make a video about the Mets and have
it be widespread around the league. You know, but if
you do this same search and you find the Mets's
it hurts my baseball soul, you know, size lead Look

at this, what are we doing? What is going? Ah? Okay,
that one got botched.

Speaker 2 (19:47):
Why are we doing this?

Speaker 1 (19:49):
Is nimo.

Speaker 2 (19:50):
He's fast.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
So yeah, you can go to this search and I'll
put the link in the YouTube and what are we doing?
And you can see if your team what the organization does.
Do they tell people to break up the double play?
Or do they tell people to run away and not
try to make anyone uncomfortable and just give up and say, oh,

you guys want to turn two? Who am I to get?
In a way? Very bizarre behavior. I don't really get it,
and like I said, it kind of hurts my soul
a little bit to watch because just because you can't
slide past the bag, all you have to do is
slide in the vicinity of the bag, maintain contact with
the bag, and you're fine. Liked Reese's slide was a

legal slide. The reason it looks dirty, and I'll go
back to the premiere video of it. The reason it
looks dirty is because McNeil bobbles this ball. Also, McNeil
just stands on top of the bag because I think
he thinks you can't do this, but you can. You're
supposed to like run through it. All the times you
see the second Mason run through the bad catch it

and move their body forward with momentum. Now this throw
wasn't great, and then he drops the transfer. So instead
of watching out for the runner, he's like, you know,
worried about the ball maybe, but he's just planted normally.
He throws that and that back leg comes up, and
that's what happens when Reese goes down. Instead, the back
leg stays down because he didn't throw it. You know,

think about a throwing motion, that leg would swing forward
and he'd be on the other side of the bag.
Reese doesn't know he's going to bobble the ball. He
bobbles the ball. A lot of people said that Reese
cleaded him, and I was like, what do you mean,
Like he spikes weren't that up? They're like the same
level as the foot spikes up like get him in
the shin. And some of the videos I showed earlier,
they did have spikes up and then it is awkward

that he lands on the other foot. But again, at
the time Reese goes down, he doesn't know Baity's going
to bobble this ball and stay planted with both legs.
He thinks he's going to throw the ball and end
up on over here. You know, so it ends up
it's bad and it doesn't look good, but it's it's
mostly incidental and it's a still a legal slide. I

just think the Mets have been told that those slides
are illegal, and that's why we had this confusion. You
think that's fucking okay, you're allowed to slide? What's wrong
with that? Alright? That was Jimmy's first thing, And to
be honest, I like these videos to be around twenty minutes,
and that was a deep dive into a first thing.

So I'm gonna speed up the next two things. Oakland's
committing errors like absolutely crazy and Blanco through a no hitter.
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get
into all of these that much, so let's just speed
through it. I'm gonna maybe I'll dice up and search around.
I'm gonna find some interesting stuff. Topic number two, Oakland
A's are committing errors at an all time pace, and
it's it's sad. I haven't seen all the errors from
last night's game, so I'm gonna go watch them. But

if you look, this was their first game they lost
to the Guardians. They committed one air okay, one air
it's fine, no problem. Their very next game they committed
two errors. Shit. Uh. Their third game two errors as well. No,
there their fourth game three errors. Oh and their fifth

game five errors. Uh oh asterix. I had roticism as
a kid growing up, and I couldn't pronounce my rs
and I had to go to speech therapy. So if
I say errors weird at any point in this video,
you can make fun of me. But just no, you're rude.

Speaker 2 (23:30):

Speaker 1 (23:31):
I was a whale road kid, and to all my
uh roticism kids out there, just strengthen that tongue. Work
hard at it. You know it can be fixed. I
talk all day now. Top of the first one runner
on no outs, swing and a miss throw down a second?
My dude, is that? My dude? Langlears? My good? Is
it actually is that him? Yeah? I just did a

video on this guy. His pop time is incredible, his
arm strength is incredible. Look at him pick this ball,
scoops it and then probably makes a good throw. Wow,
that's a little far, but they're just not giving. If
he doesn't make a perfect throw to his glove, they
just let it go to the outfield. He had two
others same thing. God damn kind of looks like me there. Huh.

People have said this before. Were right here? Hah, I
see it all right? Next there, so its a no okay,
this one's put in play. Same situation, run around first
no outs?

Speaker 2 (24:31):

Speaker 1 (24:36):
Oh shit? Okay?

Speaker 2 (24:43):

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Same inning? Still no outs. Next batter two O pitch,
don't tell me? All right? Thank god you caught it
in the right field. They're trying to throw it at home.
Oh my goodness, these are errors. You don't see off
the shin pad. Is anyone backing him up?

Speaker 2 (25:07):

Speaker 1 (25:11):
All right? Top? Third? Two on again? No outs? Again?

Speaker 2 (25:15):

Speaker 1 (25:15):
Nice pick? And what what the hell? All right? Nice
pick at first? Base doesn't go to second, I think
because he can't get it out of his glove cleanly,
even though by the time he does get out of
his glove he's still can Someone might have been yelling

pivots to first and the picture's not looking, so he's
got no target. And then the picture when the picture,
when the picture's running, when the picture stops to turn
and look at him, he slows his feet down, so
then the target's offline. Oh man, this is ugly. Okay,
we're in the third now two outs, pick off? Oh
you can't be doing that. I mean, we can't be

making extra throws if we're the a's that's not allowed.
That's a bad recipe. Shit, man, that's ugly. I don't
like that. I don't like that at all. That's ugly.
Topic number three. Astros got their first win and it
was a no hitter by Ronel Blanco. Ronelle Ronald Blanco,

tell me how to say his name in the chat
I in the comments. I like looking at no hitters
and complete games in this way. There might be easier
ways to streamline getting this info, but this is kind
of just how I've done it because I've made breakdowns
on no hitters and I wanted to collect video, collect
data while being able to get the video. So I
have nine tabs open for each inning. And so in

the first inning, he threw nineteen pitches and I'm just
gonna flip through. In the second inning he threw thirteen.
That's a decent amount, Okay. So in the third inning
he threw six, so that's the bottom of the order
got through well, fourth twelve eleven nine again, so he
breathed through the bottom twice. It looks like then a
top eleven ten and at the end fourteen, So then

I like going, you can see the pitch breakdown here,
or actually, this isn't gonna be the right thing. I
want to see pitch tight breakdown. So in the first
inning it was mostly four seam fastball and sliders, three
change ups, so he threw three pitches right away. Sometimes
people save those. In the second inning, he went with

change up. Okay, so much bigger mix, mostly change up,
but it didn't throw the four seam a lot. In
the second inning. I wonder if there was more lefties
up or righty's. I'll have to check that out. And
then to the bottom of the order. The first time
threw let's see what he did here? Did he throw
a mix? Oh? Okay, he introduced the curveball? One curveball.

A lot of times people will use the bottom of
the order to throw a pitch that they that they
didn't throw the first time through so they can get
a feel for it before the top comes up. So
then let's see the first inning. Who gave him trouble?

Speaker 2 (28:00):
It went?

Speaker 1 (28:01):
If I just this will give me like pitch by
pitch data a little bit and I can look at
the result of the pitch. So we go ball ball
swing strike ball ball. Oh, so he opened up with
the walk. I haven't looked at this at all. I
was watching the Yankees and then fell asleep. Open up
with a walk. What was his ninings pitch zero hits,
zero runs, two walks. So the first batter of the
game was a walk. Hey, maybe that helped him out.

You know, pressure of a perfect game gone. If you
get behind, you can walk. Guy didn't do it a lot.
Then Vladdie struck out and he went fastball, fastball. Where
all the balls here, fastball, ball, slider ball, both fastball,
called strike, fastball, blocked ball. Then he went change up

to Vladdie, okay, change up, change up, and then he
went change up to end the inning against Darshow. Let's
see that one two years ago in April. So change
up to the righty in just wasn't expecting it, I guess,
he said, Darshow Varshow, Dalton Varshow just was not expecting

that at all. So the second time through he throws
the change up more. I guess he's like, hey, that worked.
I ended the inning with a change up right now,
was probably like, if that's who's catching, like, let's just
do that again. So then he gets Alejandro on two
pitches and he got the change up. Was the pitch man.
This is something Hobby Or did to the Yankees. They
didn't know he really had a change up Anymore's an

awkward swing round out. Okay, uh. Then Ernie Clement comes up. Oh,
just got dark in this room. Automatic light turn off
called strike ball ball hit into play on the change
up again. So that was at least the first time
through the first two batters. The three batters didn't really
face it, and then they were just got a good

thing going with this change up. Cool all right. And
then let's see kre Meyer two oh to kre Meyer
and he throws the change up two to oh. Meyer
is gonna crush a two oh fast ball. He's gonna
try to crush one. And he goes, oh, what a
pitch two to oh is a fastball count because you
don't want to go down three to oh. So he's
throwing a change up here, which he's not throwing for
a strike. It falls off, so it's going to be

ball three. But they are banking on kier Meyer swinging,
so their reports say, hey, this guy's gonna swing two oh,
which he did. That's that's a nice that's fun. Then
they went back to back change ups on kier Meyer here.
So the two O was a change up that he
swung over, and they went back to it and he
got him again. That is fun. They went three times

in a row, all right. They went three change ups
in a row to keer Myyer in this that bat
that one that was in the zone and he fouled
it off a little too high. Then they went back
to the fastball and then hit him with a slider
when the count was full. Is ballsy pitching? And that's
dead center slider kind of just I don't even that's
not really a good pitch. I just think it's again

somewhat of a fastball count, not really anymore these days.
And ker Myer's looking at fastball. That's cool. Alright. Third
inning bttom of the orders up for the JS and
he gets he goes through him with six pitches. What's this? Okay?
IKF he just goes slider slider. It makes sense. I
think is just gonna see a ton of sliders because
his back foot just like totally goes crazy. Look at

his back foot leaves the ground like way before impact.
It just sliding put a charge in that one. Kevin
Bigio cald strike called strike, swinging strike. Nice pitch, Visio

just taking the whole way off of that fastball. He
goes with the change up. So Vidio just took that
as well. Oh, two in a hole. Wasn't really ready
for either of those. And then damn change up is nasty,
all right, So he breathed through that. Oh George Springer first, Oh,
he went, So this is to get me over curve,
maybe because it's the first it's the first batter of

this inning. Second time through, and he pops it up.
Was not expecting a curveball, went fourth pitch. Well, this
is kind of fun. I'm having fun with his exercise. Sorry,
if this is boring you, I guess you just turn
off the video and bow out. But I've kind of
just been talking out loud. This is like what my brain.
This is what I do when people throw a hitters.
I just go through like this. Um all right. So

then he uses the change up again to get Vladdie,
because I believe he didn't use that first time through.
He didn't use it till later on. No, he threw
one to Vlatti the first time through. Damn, he's thrown
it for a strike. Man, he's thrown it for a
looking strike because I think they just don't know it exists. Goes,
get me over curveball to Turner. So this was a plan.
Let's show him the curveball the second time through. They're

not gonna know what's coming. Let's just sneak strike one
by him. If they swinging it, it's gonna be off
balance because they're not gonna sit first pitch curveball because
you didn't throw it all the first time through. It's
your fourth pitch. Cool pitching eventually gets Turner on the
change up. So the change up was the pitch. The
change up was the nasty pitch. Bar show comes up

and he just gets a smattering of changeups.

Speaker 2 (33:04):

Speaker 1 (33:05):
Man, a lot of these at bats ended with change ups.
Going to the fifth inning. Now eleven pitches in the
fifth inning, Alejandro Kirk slider, slider, slider, So now it's
slider heavy Kirk Ernie Clement. He goes another first pitch curveball.
Didn't work this time, Let's see, so he's just using
this curveballs and get me over. Curve that wasn't really

get me over. He kind of wanted him to chase there.
Then he's throw the slider after that strike on the fastball, Oh,
with two strikes, went to the change up, didn't get
the k on Clement one two pitch change up in
the zone. He'd been freezing a lot of people with that.
From what I watched, that was fouled off. So off
of that, they go, Okay, you're gonna foul off the

change up. You know what exists, now you're ready for it.
How about this slider popped up? Awkward? Swing's so upset
with himself play and then kier Myer comes up another
first pitch curveball. How many first pitch curveballs did he throw?
Did he throw a curveball on any other count? Look
at that? Ker Myer's just like, you fucker, dude, how

come they're not telling each other? Hey, second time through,
he's going first pitch curve Eventually someone's gotta jump that.
He said face by ker Myers, like you fucker didn't
know that was coming. Uh, and then change up to
get him out. Damn man, good pitching, fun but the
Blue Jays you gotta pick up on this stuff. Okay,
So then he gave ikf all sliders his first time through, slider, slider,

all fastballs this time out, and then a slider to
finish him off before he hits it into play. Okay,
fastball fest Oh wow, look at this Bigio. All change
ups three in a row. He threw four change ups
in a row here. I wonder if they got He
just really liked it. Pitch one to Bigio, change up,
inside swing and miss. Pitch two. Oh, that is exactly

where he wants. That pitch didn't get the call. It
was a little low right down the middle with the
change up. Jesus just begging them to hit it. He's like,
do you guys know about my change up yet, because
if you sit on it, probably hit it. Oh my goodness,
first pitch right down the middle man, And I think

he was. I think, to Springer's credit, I think he
was kind of sitting on that, just was on top
of it because it's got some slight dip. Kind of nuts. Man.
What inning did I just do?

Speaker 2 (35:39):
The sixth.

Speaker 1 (35:41):
Yeah, seventh inning, latties up again, slider, change up, slider.
No fastballs this inning, two fastballs in the whole inning. Wow.
Turner gave him a first pitch out all change ups,
all sliders. Eighth inning, only three fastballs, all change ups.
The change up was just absolutely like working. And in

the ninth inning only two fastballs.

Speaker 2 (36:10):

Speaker 1 (36:14):
So like the last at bat, Flatty comes up and
they got to know the scouting report and the numbers, like, hey,
he's he's really liking that change up. He only threw
two fastballs the last couple innings. So he shows him
fastball right away up top. You build off that, so
now it's one to oher and now you go change

up in the zone. Low. That's a really nice pitch. Okay,
now it's one to one, and he's gonna just go
double up that change up, trying to get him a
swing and mist they're good for Vlady doesn'tvite. Also, pressure
of a no hitter on the line right here? What
was that slider that was just like kind of a
nothing slider. I think that didn't do much hovering there,
but it's at a good spot up and In is

trying to do more with that and then a change up.
The only thing I want to do, I want to
look up one thing before I get out of here.
I want to look up. I'm gonna cancel out the inning,
and then I'm gonna look up pitch type and I'm
gonna put in curveball, and then I'm gonna search how
many curveballs he threw in this game, and then I'm
going to four and then I'm gonna go pitch count.

And it was all second time through the order, so
I think he had a very very good plan there.
Second time through, we're gonna go first pitch curveballs because
we didn't show him the curve it all the first
time through, so they're not it's not in their head.
That's cool. It's good pitching. Thank you guys very much
for watching. I recorded this and it took a long time.
Hopefully I was able to chop it down enough. Appreciate you.
Subscribe to the channel if you enjoy these, and we

will be back every Tuesday for Jimmy's Three Things, where
it'll be an article, a hot story, a news story,
a question, and the stat deep dive like this and
enjoy yourselves and everyone around you, and call your moms
and tell them how and go Yanks. Nah, I know,
not for all of you. By
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