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September 22, 2022 7 mins

Another rockstar was unfaithful. Who's surprised? 

Bethenny unpacks what we all must learn from Adam Levine’s marriage woes, and which celebrity cheating scandals deserved the headlines. 

Plus, according to Bethenny, Halloween came early for one influencer. Find out which celeb Bethenny says has gone full Vampire.

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Speaker 1 (00:12):
While breaking news that's just in and we will have film.
Middle Leven Adam Levine is cheating on his wife. He
is a rock star, he is a world famous, successful
musician WHO's toward the world, historically dated models and I
know it's shocking. He's having an affair. It's all anyone

could talk about. It's just an absolute stunner. I've never
heard of anything like this. People Cheat. It's shocking. I can't,
but I mean I was saying, I said on Tiktok,
like did he roaster bones? Where's the big news? Like
it's like, Oh my God, Rock Stars Cheating on its
summer bottle? Like what? Okay, what else? What else armie

hammer was was cooking stews of women, like I need
something to take my teeth into, because a rock start
cheating on a supermodel isn't gonna do it. And Air
to the arm and hammer fortune of air to a
multibillion dollar fortune. Tall, blondish, strapping, handsome, awe shucks looking

plays the prince in movies is fucking making baby back
ribs out of his dates. That's a story. That's something
I can can sink my teeth into. I understand that
that's something to talk about. Okay, that's something to understand.
Adam loving cheating on a supermodel? I don't get it.
And yes, people are saying, who cares? If Adam leaving

can cheat on a supermodel. EAT The cheesecake. It's also boring.
Jude Law was having an affair with his nanny, on
CIENNA Miller, Fisher Stevens, and I don't like to talk
about someone's physical appearance, but because he's the cheater in
the situation, I'm gonna do it. Fisher Stevens looks like
a gnome on my lawn and he cheated on fucking
Michelle Bifer. Okay, that's a story, right. Arnold Schwarzenegger had

a baby with a housekeeper in his house. That's a
motherfucking story. Okay. Woody Allen isn't is married to his stepdaughter.
That's a cheating story. Armie Hammer as a multibillion dollar
air who is making, you know, chicken stock out of
his his side pieces. That's a story. Okay, those are stories.

I need more than a tag it up, you know,
rock star Texting, instagram models. CAN WE BE? How much
more basic can we be? Give me something more people.
I'd be saying to my reporters go find more. Did
you happen to catch funeral fashion show? Yeah, it was
in the UK. I'm not sure if you heard about it,

but there were Um, two top models, Kate and Megan,
and they were both modeling different fierce, severe black outfits
and they both have had a motherfucking glow up. Pre Exit,
the game was not as tight. There's definitely been a

glow up. Let's just be honest. Okay, when Megan came
into the picture, she was doing sort of the jeans
and the White Crisp Shirt and like the you know,
I don't want to jump off the page too much
of meeting my my in laws clothing and Um, and
Kate was always very conservatively nicely dressed, always looked pretty,
always elegant, etcetera. But after Megsit Kate had a motherfucking

swan like glow up. Okay, it's somewhat subtle, but if
you really look back to like the day before Megsit
and the days after, there was a change, like she
was like listen, bitches, I'm gonna be Queen and now
I got this fucking nuisance out of my way and
I'm coming correct and the wardrobe has changed. It's not

just that the dress has changed, it's the whole look.
It's the messaging, it's the jewels, it's the crown jewels.
Um Now it's the veil. That only that. She's saying,
fuck you, I can wear it and you can't. Like
you know, she's pushing, she's doing everything she can do
to still look subtle and elegant, but with a massive

side of fuck you. Megan, on the other hand, is
coming in like a black widow spider saying, listen, if
I'm gonna be polarizing and half the people are gonna
love me and half the people are gonna hate me,
I might as well fucking slay all day, because she
is coming in with fierce outfits and we cannot pretend
that the funeral was not a fashion show and not

a like little just like one up of fashion digs.
I mean, it absolutely was, and it's really subtle because
you have to figure out where the line is, where
you've been inappropriate, where you've dressed not for the occasion.
And they both really just met their more they hit
their marks, even with the makeup, the smoky eyes going

on from a little miss markle and it's just all happening.
It's just all intentional. It's all happening, but there is
no way that anyone can tell me that that fashion
game has not gone lit. Some might think it's somewhat
inappropriate to like kind of turn it out so much

for a royal funeral. Like nobody looks a little nobody
looks haggard, nobody looks a little disheveled. You've seen people
at funerals. You've seen how people up. I mean, Megan
doesn't know the queen that well and you know it is.
These are the daughters in law and Kate's knowing the
Queen for way longer. But there's a lot going on.

But still, when you're at a funeral, you know you're
not you're not trip, but you're not. You're not walking
the runway, but these women are. So I want to
hear what you think about funeral fashion, because funeral fashion
is an untapped category. or in the world, when did

Corny Kardashian become a vampire? When did that happen? Like, when,
when did that happen? I remember her in like sexy,
slutty little dresses and I know that we sometimes like
owners look like their dogs and people dress a little
like their partners. I know somebody that they'll like wear
matching shirts like I literally I'm about to start calling
corny Kardashian Tuesday from the Adams family. She is like
goth out in such an extreme way that I feel

like her. She's unrecognizable and I don't even know that
that's what I think about her as like we all
have to change. I love that, listen, I love that
she's in love. I love that she's a rock star's wife.
Now she's happy. I honestly she I like. You know,
I like her vibe, but she every time I look
over I'm like, Whoa, for the love of Christ, like
she really she she did a whole I don't think

she has a goddamn color in her closet. It's like
all black all the time. It's unbelievable. Yeah, so that
I just woke up it last week I was like wow,
corny Guardashian, full guys, m
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