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July 3, 2020 123 mins

After two failed attempts at getting through all 200 top moments in culture history, we try once again. Will it be the last time? The vodka Red Bulls are back. Listen and find out.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Look man, oh, I see you. Why why and look
over there? How is that culture goodness dulling? And you know,
some things to address up top as usual. This is
day three of our unplanned saga. We thought we could

get all of this out and pay respects within one
two hour chunk, and yet we that was the hubristic
sort of journey that we were on on this episode,
and we overcame our fatal flaw and now we are
going to hopefully get through the rest of the Top
twenty five. I think we can do it. We've returned
to a situation where we're drinking vodka red ball. We

have actually returned a bookend, so we are actually back
to alcohol consumption, which I feel good about. But one
thing I don't feel great about is you know, as
we said yesterday, there was going to be some changes
and removals and additions to the list, because that can
happen um and Bowen Yang has chosen to take off
the list. He actually argues, it is not a part

of culture, and I think it is a part of culture.
It was even in the top. Okay, let's talk about it.
I will not I'll get to I want you to
say it. I'll get to what. I replaced what we're
about to reveal with once we get to it. But
I took out first of all, let me know, this
is what I have to say up top before we
get into this. The way we wrote this list was

we started with number one, we don't need to know
the process. But they don't need to know the process.
They don't need to know the process. So it felt
like very sort of like a stream of consciousness that
we were just putting in random things willy nilly and
not really giving thought to the order when we've been
giving thought to the order this whole time. Um absolutely
big old freak by making the stallion, beat out Jonas
sal conventing the polio vaccine for empirical reasons. We agree

on that. We agree on that one. I took out
Christina Ricci, who was I think at the twenty took
out Christina Ricci, and they replaced it with something much
more significant, Christina Richie, I mean, after Adam's family, like
what was like the big moment, like that darn cat
white snake, moan um black snake like Beau that was tough,

and who else is in the movie justin Timber like
who Cares and Samuel l and I just want to
say something. You don't just fly through Adams family. I
don't see Wednesday Adams and if for you to say
that Christina Ricci is not a part of culture. She
was also iconically in the Cold Black episode of Gray
as Anatomy. It's unbelievable what you do in the way
you act and behave. I don't think she is the moment.
She is not a moment. She was such a moment.

She invented dead pan, she invented dead pand but dead
Pan Jendine Garoffalo found dead and j Raffalo found dead.
When we called it out to that Christina, I mean
she had invented dead pan. I want to say that
what I replaced Christina reach me with, well, we will
talk about this when we get to it. And I
would argue a huge moment for the culture, an actual moment,

someone doing something and it affect serious. Look at Christina
Ricci's efforts to film and television, I don't understand that
when when she was in Adam's family, turning those lines,
those one liners, it had never been seen before. One
on a wishes, no wishes, Oh my god, we Nona
sadly did not make the list. She did make went

on a writer is not on the list, not even
for her SAG Awards, um faces, not even for her
with the Christmas lights, not even for her during her
actual peak. I mean, okay, Matt, I think it's time
to dive into the top fighte us not agreeing on
Christina Ricci. I think we agree on literallycent of the list,

and that includes what we're about to say. So of
two hundred items is point well, so my statistics weren't
exactly dead on. No, no no, no, I no, I'm just
doing the math and I'm like, okay, yeah, I think
like distributed over the two hundred there are parts of
each item on the list that we disagree on. Yes,
I think that, But that's part of partnership and concession,

and that's part of moving forward. You know. We can't
agree on everything. Yes, we just want to clear up
something too. Um. We had people reach out through saying,
oh God, I hope this person doesn't make it on
the list, or this person doesn't make it on the list,
like people that they seem to dislike, and we go
that's not yes, exactly, this is not the biggest impact people.
It is the We should clarify that it's cultural moments

that were positive that positively effective. This is cultural canon
and there's no place for your negativity or disagreement. You
are not the culture is that's we are. We say
the list. Oh no, but I'm saying it's no negative people.
I know what you're saying. There's not a lot of
negative stuff in the list because that's not actually contributing
to culture. Exactly. You have to be positive to contribute
to culture, and that's actually really culture number twelve. You

have to be positive to contribute to culture. You know,
even the quote unquote nasty moments on the list, including
Rosie and Elizabeth's fight on the view or contribute positively
in a way exactly. And even Jamie Jamille is multiple
slash conflicting stories about getting chased by bees that positively
contributed to the culture. It positively contributes to the culture

because it makes it more of a possibility that she
has done on Snatch Game soon. Yes, I think that
when you when here's the thing about Jamila Jamil and
we hope someone is playing a really good long game
because she's making herself iconic for questionable things and that
is going to make her an amazing Snatch Game character. Yes,

I agree with the drag queen one day. Uh you, Matt.
You know. My theory on Lady Gaga is that her
whole career, every part of her career, has been performance
of fame. I feel Jamie Jamil is doing the same
kind of performance. Are on the same level, I would
even say, so, what we're saying is Jamila Jamil is
actually a war holy and sort of artist, yes, but
with sort of like um pull quotes, with pull quotes,

with seemingly playing a heightened version of a character that
she played on a TV show. Yeah. Um, it's so fascinating.
I mean, it's a fascinating thing. And the fact that
she gets the center chair on Legendary makes absolutely no sense.
And yet there she is announcing stealing stuff from Deshaun Wesley,

being like, actually, I'm gonna be the one to explain
what the moneyball situation is. It's it's it's amazing. No, No,
I'm not dragging him saying it's it's performance. Are it
is it's performance? I'm not dragging. I'm not dragging. To me,
there's actually nothing funnier than a beautiful woman being traced
by a bee. Like beautiful woman being chased by and
in fact chased by so many bees that it plagues her.

To me, there's not much funnier than that than that.
I mean, Macaulay Culkin wishes in My Girl, oh honey.
I mean, first of all, not a beautiful woman, not
a beautiful woman at the time, like a fine looking boy.
Now when you come out and you say I was

chased by bees, and that's that's what persecutes me. That
actually takes away from McAuley, and that is a problem.
Now we wish we could say Macaulay was on the list.
He's not. He's not on the list. He's not on
the list. He did not make the list. Not even
Anna Klumsky on the list. No one from My Girl
on the list, no one from No one from the

cast of Home Alone on the list. Not even not
even Katherine Mahara, who I think has made a career
that would um sort of definitely weren't consideration for the list.
She just didn't make She just didn't make it. She
couldn't even really match up with Nicole Scherzinger on honorable mention,
so she wasn't even an honorable mention, although it's nothing

against her, it's just she didn't make the list this time.
It was not a moment. You know, when we get
to our foode, there's gonna be a whole new list. Yes,
and we'll talk about her then, but for now, no, no, um,
and we will. Let's just say this is Would you
say that this is a living document, Matt, I would
say that all documents are lived ng in a way. Okay,

I I love that, Thank you so much. Um. I agree.
I agree that this is a living document because it
comes from We're actually going to talk about where documents
come from in rule number twenty sorry and number twenty
four on the list. Absolutely. Um, So what do you
say we actually get the beginning? I say, we get
the beginning, all right. So, um, there's twenty five things
that are in the top twenty five moments of culture,

and we are so excited and we have plenty of
time to really get into it, really get into it. Okay, Okay,
number twenty five. I can't believe that we're finally counting
on the top twenty five. This is really this feels
really cool. Number five on the list is every actress
and drop dead gorgeous the fact that, and why shouldn't

she be first? Rightfully? So, I mean when she did
that dance with Jesus, Oh my God, just too good
to be true, and when she was a face on
Mount Rushmore. I mean a gene performance you gotta talk about.
Here's the alley you gotta talk about. You know, say
what you want, but she is giving you everything? Is

that for me or my gown? Sade works by their
don again? Um? Okay? And then you had Allison Janny
and Alison Janny at Ellen Barkin, Ellen Barkin, Ellen Barkin
and Allison Janny the duo to end all duo, duo
to end all duo, as you had not an actress.
I don't mean to miss gender. Will Sasso, Will Sasso
in in a fun role. So this this, this item

is every actress and dropped. And you say Will Sasso
and you know and the way that all those movies
are a little tough to watch because they have an
aged well, um, will say, so there there's there is
potentially enable us to performance. That's that's there. That's problematic, right,
But we acknowledge we don't celebrate Will Sass. So we
say that Will Sasso is there, but that this is
about the actress not on the list, not on the list,

but he's not on the list. Who is on the
list has cast Maine on mat TV. She has made
the list prior, but not Will Sassa does not make
the list as part of the number twenty five every
actress and dropped Dead Gorgeous who does make the list
is Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten duns now here's the thing about
Kirsten Dunst. Another iconic moment that could have made the
list but did not was the toothbrushing scene and bringing

on bringing on. That was very close to making the list. Um.
But what she does here and dropped Gorgeous is the
next level and every actress in this has done next
level work. Yes. Um. Another Kirsty moment, if I might add,
that did not make the list, but her being separated
um from her dog and Marie Antoinette in the beginning,

very emotional. She was very sad to be leaving that
dog and to be married to this you know, short Frenchman.
So you really love it? Have you seen on becoming
a god? I saw the pilot and the way she
sort of screams after she shoots the bullets into the
lake after at the crocodiles. The end of the episode.
I love the way she skin and we talked about

the skins what appears to be an actual lie of crocodile.
In the beginning of the second episode of I'm Becoming
a God, we did talk about this, how you were
pretty pretty convinced it was recodile crocodile, and well, it
would be an alligator if it was in Florida. I'm
sorry it was an alligator, but she peels the skin
and the scales. Yeah, but I feel it must have
been a prop, And I was saying that I don't know.

I don't think there's a prop budget or an effects
budget to make I mean, you know, taken up with Peter,
but they might have actually bought some dead gators. So
you think that As someone who knows the magic, IM
not saying that I know. I think this was a
real alley. I'm not saying that I have any specific

industry knowledge, but it just seemed like a real alligator.
We're going to need the set designer or props Department
of Becoming a God in Central FORID, so please reach
out regardless. This has been twenty five every actress dropped
out of Gorgeous and we have to say, just before
we got Murphy is to this guy, you were the one.

And please understand that you were also iconic and clueless
for saying you're a virgin who can't drive, and that
you also did not make the list for that, but
you do make the list as part of the drop
out of Gorgeous cast. We do give props to Uptown Girl.
Uptown Girls, and we love you Britney Murphy. And we
talked about this, I mean many at this point, many, many,
many people have put forward the theory that had she

been alive, were she still alive today, she would have
won an Oscar right now. I think my theory is
she would have been one of the queens of television.
She would have been the queens of peak TV. I
don't think Oscar for her. I think two or three
Emmy's Got Could you imagine a Brittany Murphy led like
Prestige TV show? I can't imagine it. How good would
that be? It would be amazing. She peeked before her time.

We love Brittany. Brittany. Now another thing we love talk
about living documents from before this rule number. I keep
calling them rules because we famously do. Rules of culture
is a little paradigm shift number twenty four on the
top two lists in two moments, Moments and cultural history
is the invention of paper. Huge. Um. I know, I

know things are a little bit tense when we think
of Chinese person right now. I can't believe you just
said that. You know, I know there's there's tension, and
there's potentially yet another pandemic, uh, potential flu that's coming
out of We can't talk about that. Um, that's not
what we're we're talking about. We're talking about the invention
of paper, which was people think it's Egyptian. It's an

Egyptian invention that papyrus has started at all. Now it
was the Chinese who took a bunch of started it
all started all in a different way, in a different way.
Some man um took a bunch of leaves, um ground
and wood and ground them into the mulch and then
laid it out and let it flattened it, let it
soak in the sun, and then they got the idea

to write on it. I can't believe this is true.
This is paper came from China. This is the anecdotal fact.
So paper is a Chinese invention, not Egyptian. And we
have to that's actually a role of culture, role of culture.
Number papers actually invention China, not Egyptian. So unfortunately Egypt
this you lose this from, this is not yours. And

I just have to say, we would not have so
many amazing things if we hadn't had paper. We wouldn't
have had, you know, the journals that Tellership wrote her
songs in. We wouldn't have had the napkin that U J.
Jk Rolling wrote and we we celebrate her. We would
have had the paper that um was a fast similar

on the Google document that JK. Rowling wrote her seven
paragraphs transperob excreed on that she would later published onto
her own website. And you'll also noticed that no Harry
Potter appears on the list of culture. And honestly a
month ago that would have sounded crazy, but not anymore,
But not anymore anymore. And I want to say Taylor
Swift's journals, Yes, thinking Matt. Without paper, we would not

have the notes ap Apology, which was in many ways
innovated and perfected by miss Taylor Swift apps. I would say,
I mean, she wants to be removed from this narrative.
Who could forget what she wants? She would very much
have liked to been excluded from this narrative. I was
not aware that I was being called a bit or
something like where's the footage of where she is? Notes

app queen and and a lyrics pass on a notes
app queen. Only the young can run, Only the young
can run. Yeah, um, let's just say this has kind
of become about notes app, this is about paper when
it was really about paper. And that's actually a comment
on were we aware we were making the comment? You decide,

you decide. So Number twenty three on the list is
Bond girls. You know these girls. These are the girls
in every Bond movie. Of course I'm talking about James Bond,
but it was right to say his name, his last
name first, because that's what he does in this town.
Make no mistake. They are not his possessions. They're not
his there autonomous women. They are the girls of the

Bond um sort of you know, film genre, and so
many amazing women starting with Ursula Andrews running all the
way up to him. Is Anna da Arms that's going
to come out next year. Girl. We have seen Denise
Richards play a Bond girl. We have seen Terry Hatcher Michelle,
we have seen Michelle Yo. We have seen miss my

favorite Bond girl, Bombkaen play of course Zenia on the
top and killed men? Was she squeezed with her thighs?
And this is the camp that I'm looking for in
James Bond? Thank you? And is is this? Are these
movies bringing the camp? Would you say? I don't know
that Anna da Armis is going to serve camp to me,

you know? And I want a little goofy now I
want That's the thing is. It's like it's the same
thing with with Batman movies, you know what I mean,
Like we're going to get into but we're gonna get
into that. I appreciate that The Dark Night and Christopher
Nolan had its dark moment, but at its heart, I
want Joel Schumacher sort of gay camp nipples on the
batsuit and I kind of want the equivalent of that

with James Bond. I want him to say something corny
and literally every woman in the entire place like drowns
in their own wetness. I love that about James. But
I love that about James Bond. I mean a full fantasy,
like there are no actual women like this who behave
like this in the world too. Are so capable and
so smart and yet completely horny enough and so hot

and so horny enough to like let those things kind
of slide out of their humanity when they see James Bond.
What is your Bond girl name? Oh my god, m hmm,
this is hard, This is hard. I have mine, Dr
Natasha nut that's really good. And they call me Dr
nut Doctor, and they call me doctor Nut. Where are

you meeting, Mr Bond? P I have my PhD in
um quantum physics. And also you getting that nut get
this nut. Dr Natasha Nutt meets James Bond actually in
uh sort of science bunker very close to the Arctic.

It's way up north. Because I've actually been. My knowledge
is so severe that I have they have to put
me very far away, so he has to come to
the Arctic to sort of, you know, get to know
me a little bit better. And let's just say that
things get a little hot at the Arctic pole and uh, yeah,

I die in the movie after you give after we
have intelligence? Fine, blowing sex. I give crucial intelligence and
then I'm actually, um, this is this is so sad.
Dr Natasha Nutt gets um impaled on the North Pole.

It exists, there's a poll there, there's a poll there,
and get Santa. She gets impaled on it when they
befriend Santa. And then it turns out that Santa is
a Russian op. And you said Dr nut specializes in
Arctic science. Um no, I said, she specializes in physics
and getting that nut and getting that nut. She has

to live by the Arctic Circle because they don't want
anyone to find her. Amazing. She's such an amazing mind.
And she also looks like young Kyle Richards. Oh my god,
you know Amanda Kimmel Circus Survivor China. Ye, she actually
looks like me. A k a Amanda Kimmel Circus Survivor China.
You guys have the same face very much. So I

have my name. I knew it, Okay, she doesn't drink alcohol.
So her name is youth pastor Tita Taylor, Tita Taylor
Tester Taylor, Teo Taylor. And her name is Titta Taylor Taylor,
and she's a youth pastor and she has. She's actually
an op. She works for Always Option, works for the

n s A. She has crucial information on the Archdiocese
of Colorado because I mean, I think the reason I
took the role was because the characters from Colorado. That's
she gives James Bond for some reason. James Bond is
in the Rockies. She gives James Bond information on the
Archdiocese of Colorado for burying a lot of like scandalous
activity from the Catholic Church. Does she die? She lives,

She lives, lives, and she becomes I want to say,
a Fox News commentator. Oh no, I see when that happens.
She's she's the intelligence expert that they bring on Wait
did I tell you they brought me back for another
Bond movie, but to play a different character. Her name
is Who's her name is? Lifa, Lifa l e A

f A. What's her story? Oh my god? She blends
into the trees camo queen and a hunting expert. Yes,
so she's a hunting expert and camouflage expert, and she
meets James Bond when he has to um spy in
the trees. She's only in it for a really short
time lifa. Um, she's incredibly hot. She has triple age tits,

and she is able to get up in the trees
and blend in and do the same and um she
she We don't find out if she lives. Her dies,
which makes me feel like they want to ask me back,
They want to ask you back. I took on another role.
You did. Congratulation, Thank you so much. This is a
different character. What is it? Um? She is a genius
at puzzles. Her name is Ruby Cubics and she has

Consoli Cube with her pussy. Oh my god, that fucking bit.
Oh my god, that fucking bit. She's the best. No,
but she's actually so nice. She's not a bit, she's
very nice. I just feel like I know you. You're
like just getting out my fresh rason in jealousy. Okay, okay,
I see what you're saying. Yeah, which is as a
term of endearment. Um, Ruby Cubics can solve a puzzle. Um, yeah,

she's she She runs Sparkle dot com. Oh my god,
we all love Sparkle. Why does James Bond need to
go to Sporkle headquarters just because like there's there's a
there's a glitch on one of the puzzles that's like
a name as many vice presidents as you can, and
there's one name that Pop Step that is not an
actual vice president trickery. It's Lifa. So James Bond has

to wonder why his old flame Lefa is on the
Sparkle dot com registrate are going to bring back actually
in the same movie. We're in the same movie. Oh
my god, that's so exciting. Fun, that's so fun. Well,
I hope that our characters develop because I think that
something I thought about my two characters that I played
in James Bond, my two Bond Girls, is they just
weren't developed enough. So I'd love to see, you know,

some different kind of writers, and I'd love to see
Phoebe waller Bridge right my character. I want Ryan Johnson
to come right mind, okay, because you know he's he
wrote a wonderful rules for both Daniel Craik and Anna
to armis after their bodies. Yes, I think that we
can get them together and see what they do. I mean,
that's not our job, but it is our job to
demand um our characters be more developed. So anyway, that

was for Bond Girls. Congratulations Bond Girls. You made. It's
in a way, it's congratulations to us, Um twenty two.
This really means a ton to you. Um. Kate Bush,
the queen of being a young white girl musical genius.
I thought it was very important to Addison without Kate Bush.
Kate Bush made it acceptable for a seventeen year old
girl to be a musical genius. And before that there

were none. There were none before that, it was only
Mozart representing for them exactly. So you had Kate Bush,
then you had. If you didn't have Kate Bush, you know,
you wouldn't have had your Fiona Apples, your Lords, your
Billie eilish is he would not have Seventeen is that
magic number for these girls to be like okay, now
you're ready. I mean I want to I want to
see someone really you know Taylor absolutely Taylor fifteen. Wow.

When she received public not like acclaim I want Taylor,
I was gonna say, you know what it's gonna say.
I was like, I can't wait for the day when
a fifteen year old girl comes forward and you know,
breaks the mold and says it's okay to be a
fifteen year old young white girl teen musical genius, But
Taylor already did that. She kind of already broke that open.
So I guess now we're just gonna come out here

and busted open. Although who did do that and everyone
kind of forgets is Miss Jojo herself. Joanna Levesque should
be on the list, and she's not unless she did
not make the list. But she really should be on
the should be unless she did not actually make the list.
But Jojo, Oh my god, do you want to know
something crazy funcked up? I might have talked about this before,
but when when Leave Get Out came out, I thought,
because I was the same ages Jojo, I was like, Okay,

well she's talented and famous, so I guess I guess
I have no shot at fame. I understand that, do
you know what I mean? It's like, oh, there's only
so many spots left for for people our age to
be famous, right exactly. We did not recall at the
time the being told that we would A UM, I
totally understand that, I think. So I'm just I just

want to own up to the fact that when Jojo
first broke out into scene, I were jealous. My first
emotion was jealous. I think the first thing I thought
was empowered because I was like, oh, a thirteen year
old can become famous, it can happen for me. And
so I thought, okay, well, then within the next year
or so, I'm gonna be giving you everything JoJo's giving you.

That's that's true, that's fair. I felt empowered. I chose
to see one of my peers when they were succeeding.
I chose to feel empowered. And you need to go
to therapy about this. The way that you have treated Jojo,
and you know now understanding the way that your feelings
about her started totally and I totally get the way

you treat her. Now, what do you mean because you
just put it on the list, You didn't put her
on the list? Can I say something about Jojo? Though?
This isn't me canceling Jojo? I best not miss Joe
normalized going through your significant other's phone. So what that's
an invasion of privacy? So it's I don't first of all,

is that a felony. It might be some states some states. Well,
I just want to say, you have to do what
you need to do when you feel your partner is trifling.
I feel this way, Okay, I would I would you?
I just want to I feel this way. I just
want to say, this is a thing that has not
escaped my mind. And it's a Matt Rodgers original. Of course,

Matt Rodgers can turn a damn phrase like no one,
no one else. We were watching something the other night,
Disney fairy Tale Wedding, but for some reason like Joey Forte,
oh no, no, this this couple was in Greece, and
then oh yes, and then I I was like, you
know what if Matt Rodgers were Joey for Tone's age
and the circle two three four, whenever Big Back Creek
wedit came out, he would have played the Joey for Tone.

I should have played that part. And so Matt Rodgers
rises up from his seat and goes, I should have
played that role. I I and the emphasis on the eye,
the second eye powerful, I feel really and that character
was gay, right? I don't think so. I think Joey
for Tone comes out and what I'm telling you he
is he is. Joey for Tone is gay in my

Big fack Creek wedding. What are you doing, Hans, I'm
literally I'm looking at the screen trying to get someone
to help you, Hans. Look it up. Hans, you have
to look this up. Please please, and let us know
if if Joey for Tone was gay in My Big
Fat Reek, we no, we would have. We would have
we would have remembered it, because then we would have
thought about Lance and we've been like, oh, Joey for
Tone came out before Lance bast did. Like, no, we
would have anyway. This is the end of number twenty two,

which is Kate Bush, the Queen of being a young
white girl. Hold on, Hans, we're getting an answer from Hans.
My big free Gay and the second one, Angelo, the
comical cousin played by Joey for Tone, comes out as
gay to his family and introduces them to his partner. Um,

thank you, Hans, Thank you, Hans. I really quick before
we move on. Yeah, talk about I know it was
important to you to talk about Kate Bush. Oh no, no,
we just love Kate Bush. I mean Hounds of Love,
one of the best albums of all time, Running up
that Hill, one of the best songs of all time. Um,
you know, the beginning of Quarantine, I was I was
getting very very sad, like we all were. And then
one of the soothing comforting watches that I had was

a YouTube documentary or I should say a documentary on YouTube,
a bootleg of a documentary on YouTube about Kate Bush
Beautiful beautiful watch. I want to say, unrelated that the
I the emphasis on Matt has such a mastery of
phonetics in the English language and really leveraging them. And
I don't know my way, but I do know my
heart and the heart comes your heart through phonics. Yes,

Matt has. Really I have a theory now in comedy
that Matt helped me excavate, which is the words that
that and now I that has such comic power, comedic power.
Um the blank that that has UM going to have
to blank on that one? Why did you do that
to me? Um? The word that is so powerful? Because
it just because your brain is trying to fill the

blanks with an infinite amount of unknowns with that, You're like,
what is what? That could be anything? It literally could
be anything. It could be a noun or, it could
be sort of any old thing. It provides just amount
it's it's it's really a transaction between you, the reader
of that as a word, and UM, the person saying that.
Because it's they're starting a dialogue. They're saying the word that,

and it's up to you to fill in the blanks
of what that is. Well, whenever you say the word
that in a sentence, or if you're trying to get
something across and you use the word that, what you
are referring to is the comedic thing you are thinking about.
So you are referencing what is in your mind's eye
without explicitly verbalizing the comedic object or subjective or subject.

Even and our book is coming out, I can't forget
that one. Can't forget that one. Um, we really need
to do a book. We should do a book the
rules of culture. And we've been saying this for years,
but now will you be allowed to do a book? Yes? Um,
it just has to be the right thing, rules of culture.
There's something you don't want to do that it just

feels first thoughts, it's not our book book, it's just fun.
There's another way to sort of, you know, long form,
sort of meditate on culture in a way that only
you and I can. I mean, this guy's this is
such a masturbation right now. No, I think it would
be easy to put together just the one rules of culture.

We go through pick the ones we liked there dumb,
how is it different from this, We're already doing it,
but in audio form, we there's something that, there's something new,
there's something new we can do to monetize, maximalize, maximalize, guys.
That was number twenty two. That was number twenty k Bush,
the Queen of being a young White girl, musical genius.
Let's move on to number twenty one, number one, another
musician when Gwen Stefani was Brunette and the cool video.

This I mean music video is one of the best
music videos that has been put out by a off
star in the modern era. It was I think the
third single, I want to say, What You're waiting For,
Holli Back, No, No, Holliback Girl, which Rich first it
was the fourth single, then Rich Go, Halliback Girl, and
um what You're waiting For and not in not order,

but those are the first three. It was what You're
waiting For, Rich Girl. Holliback Girl, I believe was the
third single and it was the biggest song on the album.
And then she really is cool because often what you'll
do is once you have a talk about the marketing,
once you have so the way it used to go anyway,
and it sometimes goes like this is the girls would
release a huge first single that they were confident with,

like blow the radio the funk up. So, for example,
let's say for this while Breakaway was the first single
off of Breakaway, the album by Kelly Clarkson, that was
really more of a promotional single for Princess Diary, So
I don't really count it as the first single from
Breakaway despite that being the title of the album. I
think the first single, and this is not the best
one to one is since You've Been Gone or Breakaway

that we can relate it to L A m B.
What You're waiting for was the song they felt was
going to be the biggest radio hit. What happens is
after you have that big radio hit is you hit
them again with like the same flavor of song to
show what the album is doing, that you are part
of the pop conversation. That is these types of up tempo,
hooky songs. So behind these days alives for Kelly rich
girl no no no no no no no no no

no no no no no no, for these hooky songs
that are sort of still upbeat and fun. But what
happened here with like sort of Kelly and Gwen. It's
a little bit different. After the big song comes out,
you want to pull back. You have the free reign
to do whatever you want. And that's why when you

hear your because of Us, you're thinking of us after ry, Yeah,
I'm talking about hot and Cold and I kissed the
girl came thinking of you. You take your big ballad
swing after you've had a couple of hit songs and
cool swung hard and and I think it was a
home run for me, like quality wise, I don't know
if it was a huge hit. I think it's one

of her best songs. I think it's absolutely one of
her best songs. I love that it's about something specific,
and the video is stunning, and the video is evocative,
and I think the biggest visual pull I have from
she's so iconically blonde that like to flashback in time
and she's brunette. It really does like take you somewhere else.

I mean it, I think, like for just this stupid
simple thing of like and in the past, she's brunette,
and that shows the growth art direction. But it does
read and it does work, and she does perform like
her youth and her brunette hair well, and she looks
good as a brunette. And she looks younger as a brunette,
Oh my god. And that's not to say that she
doesn't look young. She has not remained looking young. She

looks more distinguished and professional. She's like we know in
the modern day of the video, because the video is
her ex boyfriend from way back. Her first love comes
to see her in her mansion and her gwen ste
funny mansion and like italy um with his new girlfriend,
who's of course a brunette. Of course a brunette. So
they sit down and they're talking, and as they're kind

of having a cup of coffee and talking and exchanging words, ideas, thoughts, memories,
et cetera, they flashed back to their old days. As
the song Cool plays and the lyrics go, after all
that we've been through, I know we're cool. And it
also hearkens back to the other item on our list,
describing things as cool. Describing things as cool, that's the
conversation that we're having culturally in this list. Her on

the bed just kind of rolling the iconic and and
my favorite part of this song is towards the end,
it's it's the song is sort of like has resolved.
It's sort of the Dave Numa of the song and
she and she just does the little melodic flourish. I
will call it. It's so genius a Nuca. I mean,

it's so cool. She's so good. She's actually really really
good vocalist, and she's incredibly singular. Of course. I mean, look,
she's not belting on the song. It's a ballad, but
she's not like she's like, it's restrained, it's controlled. It's
so good you never hear it covered because everyone's like
it was done right the first time. Yeah, and also
like it feels like it was so specifically written by

her for her that and produced for her that it's
like it's not a range song at all. And I
think honestly, if you heard other people trying to sing it,
they would sound like stupid or because it's her song
and her moment and that video. I love a music
video that takes us on an emotional journey. All of
these ballads I'm referring to have amazing music videos, and

thinking of You video is wonderful, starring Matt Dallas. The
Because of You video was directed by Vadim Proldman who
directed House of Sandon fog Okay and was in that
And Kelly Clarkson wrote the treatment and that's incredible and
all these songs music videos and Cool is the best

fourth single ballad video that era from that era. And
it was a moment and the visuals are amazing, the
bridge when the two of them are looking at each other.
The editing in the video was incredible. Gwenne Gwenneth. Gwen's
acting in the video is amazing. At the end of
the second verse, girl Girl. Maybe this is not worth saying, um,

but I feel like the reason why it's not covered,
This is such a great observation that you don't hear
it covered. The reason it's not covered because is because
Cool melodically, lyrically, production wise, perfect match, perfect intersection. You
can't really innovate on it. And like, let's do like
a let's do like a pair down orchestral version of Cool.
Let's do like a like a bluesy what it's like. No,

it's like, it's perfect as it is. There's no reason
to funk with it. I think it did not get
the critical attention that it deserved at the time. I
think it's one of those songs, and let's listen to
it now, because it holds up. I believe it would
be I believe it would do well for her even today,
like if she put it on an album today, and
it would do very well, honest with you, Like I
know L A. M B Is not on the list,

but a lot of the songs on l AM except
her obvious Missus could work now. That album was like
forward thinking and progressive musically and lyrically in a way
that I think we're not really understanding as an Asian person.
I have such complicated feelings about but you love that
at the time. I loved it at the time. Uh

my most listened to album through high school, especially freshman year,
thank You What You're Waiting For? The I mean, if
you think about that, like think about that song. That
song is her having a conversation with her, like having
an inner battle where she has this savageur let's say,
I'm not trying to like invoke a specific person too much,

but it's her, like the voice in her head battling
with like her trying to like tell herself that she
can go solo, Like isn't that crazy? Yeah? And that's
to be the first single. It's so interesting and also
like the writing on that album is very specific and
it really feels like a personal journey. Also, how many
times have we seen Alice in Wonderland referenced as a
lyrical concept and as a visual concept. Since that not

to say she's the first that did it, but the
first I can remember. Like it's such an obvious match,
like hot music and like the whole fame thing with
the Alison Wonderland of it all, so it should feel
on the nose, but that felt really specific. Maybe it
was the TikTok of it all. Yeah, but that song
was really good and most of her album is really good.

The song of the real thing um bubble Electric Electric
is the production of bubble Papa Electric. If you can
get a good pair of headphones on and blast bubble
pop electric like like just it's like it's car it's
carbonated like it like it goes between. It's crazy. Yeah,
it was unreal and that actually that lost the pop

vocal Grammy album Grammy to you know what we take
away and we agree, we agree, but here's the thing.
The vocal Kelly has better vocals, right, if you're but
it's the award is for Pop Vocal Album, so and
when you say better vocals, it's like, yes, Kelly is
a quote unquote better singer on paper. However, Kelly won

the Pop Female Vocal Grammy for Since You've Been Gone,
and so I feel like she had a Grammy that year. Therefore,
like as an album, maybe L A MB just because
Breakaway I don't think holds up as much in retrospect.
I think it's very pop rock of the moment, whereas
L A m B. You can listen to it now

and be like, this was like a dance pop electric
album with interesting concepts. She's doing so much. She's doing
a million different like chameleonic things like pre Gaga. Like
she was like, oh, she can like do like Madonna.
Material Girl asked like eighties Madonna, and she can do
like you know, no doubt Scott, she could. She could

do it all and like and she could like do
like a pop hook that fits nicely with like a
hip hop bridge or whatever, and like just even like
Bubbapapa electric, just like being like come on, Johnny, when
you get in getting over here, it's like what are you? Like?
What are you doing? Like You're doing so many things
and I think they somehow all work together, and that's
really what pop should be, you know what I mean?

Like she that Phone was a really fun album, and
like we're talking about with cool like didn't miss You
with the emotional stuff too, because this this song is
very specifically about her breakup with the guy from No Doubt,
so that was like her first love and how they
moved on, and it's it's if you've ever been in
a relationship and it's ended and you can look back

on it, really the way that you can have a
difficult relationship with anyone in years later, how you realize
it's just a sort of uh moment on the long
road that is your many memories together. I love It's beautiful.
I'm so glad you included this and that we're having
such an in depth conversation, but I really am. And Okay,
let me shout out a couple more songs of that album,

um Uh, Crash, Crash that Baby Do Meet Wait and
Crash into Me Real Hard and the last the last
track on A Long Way to Go, like a song
about a long way to go. It's a song about
like race relations a song about race relations. So with that,

tell me quickly talk about the Harajuko girls of it all,
because yes, she would say that it was that it
was an homage, it was an appreciation, but it really
did seem to overtake a lot of visuals on that album.
And so I'm wondering, what are your thoughts on this?
Have you thought about it? I thought about it. I don't.
I haven't really, I will say, I haven't really come
to like a conclusive and you won't speak for everyone,

hear yourself, So let's just listen say that. Um in
the way that I feel like, like the worst sin
you can commit when you are stepping in an appropriative,
risky direction is to dehumanize the subject, the cultural subject.
Do I feel like the Herojuical girls were dehumanized a

little bit because they were just kind of props props
and following her around the red carpets, and then they
were even in the Sweet Escape era, So I can't tell,
I really can't tell, but that is weighed against her,
like I think being very visually inspired in a way
that like, honestly like kind of trivializes Asian bodies in

a way that a lot of white people and not
even just this is not like an actual political term,
but like non Asian people to humanize Asian people in
a way that's like, oh, like whatever, it's like, I
mean the way that we casually sort of talk about
Asian people and like in human terms. I feel like
that like is something that she probably couldn't compartmentalized and

partition out against her actually genuinely going probably visiting Tokyo
and like going to shian Juka, going to Harajuka, going
to forever being like, oh, I love this and wanting
to incorporate it in her aesthetic. I think that it's
I I agree, and it's interesting how you can get
so much right in the pursuit of art and expression,

and then on this, while getting so much right, you
can still get some things. And I think it's actually
a really interesting example of um looking back, and that
was the white privilege is assuming this can be something
that I try on like a costume, like I'm trying
on the sort of fifties thing in the bubble pop
electric thing, Like she genuinely felt it was a viable

aesthetic choice for her, which just speaks to the sort
of blindness to privilege which would never be made now.
So it's I think that the cultural conversation around L A.
M B is kind of We're a little nervous to
talk about it because of that, But let's not be
nervous to talk about it. Let's talk about the fact
that like that is something would not be done now

because we know better and we're we're actually our eyes
are open to how this subjugates people. But also, you
know that album is great. This and this is the
other piece of it. I there's a there's there's there's
one coin that's about sort of assimilation that um, I
think I related to when this album came out, which
was Wow. Gwen Stefani is saying how cool Asian culture

is that I feel cool, But that is sort of
this limit this assimilation is thought of like a white
person has to be like it has to say I'm
cool to be cool, has to say I'm cool to
be cool. Um. But then the flip side of that is,
I mean, any assimilationist thought is that one racial group
can be developed to be more like another. And I
feel like on the other side of that, like Gwen
Stefani is sort of like in a way, like what

I was telling myself back then was like, no, but
she wants this, like she wants this esthetic and she's
actually saying that we don't need to be developed and
that the way that like we as East Asian people
are is like find the way. It is so like,
there's it's so complicated. I mean her lyrics are literally
you got the wicked style. I love the way that
you are. I am your biggest fan. So but and

it's it's so it's like is she saying that or
is or is she acting the role of we don't
have to listen again? But I don't think it's as
simple as canceled that album, you know what I mean?
Which is which is I think a good example of
a lot of the way things get talked about now. Yes,
that you can hold opposing thoughts currently and appreciative work

while also critiquing it for its many faults and we
we that was number when was Brunette and the cool video.
So that was appropriation of her Brunette's famously a Blonde.
Um okay, so number twenty talk about music videos Kellie

Preston and she the one and only time to talk
about this. This is huge for you. She was amazing
and this is exactly what I'm talking about. Only time
she was amazing, the only time been a star since
Jerry McGuire. Well, I don't even I know. I'm not
even giving her that because you can't watch this video
and tell me she is not everything and more. And

this is exactly the same kind of thing, which is
music videos to ballads that elevate the moment. Yes, this
was such a bop on Songs about Jane, A great
album when Maroon five first came out, Oh my god,
I was obsessed with this album. Talk about this love
Harder to Breathe, She will be loved, Sunday Morning, everything

on that album The Sun. There's so much good shit
on their back. When they were like rock, like light rock,
like alternative pop, like whatever they were rock. They were
rocked back when Maroon five was rock, especially Culture number thirty,
back when five was rock rock. Why um about Kelly Preston.

She was performing her ass off in this She knew
ex athlete the assignment which is to be capital T
capital M that milf. Yes, and she was that and
honestly serving. At the end during the montage when she
realizes that Adam Levin has chosen her daughter over her
when she slaps her husband's newspaper and runs towards the fountain,

and it's like like Harry rich White worming acting. And
then when Adam Levin runs to her, You're like, you
bet your ass. And then that close of the video,
which there's all three of their eyes, Kelly Press, Kelly
Preston the capital T capital M that milf even though
the M is already capitalized, no matter what is milf?
And it's an acronym. Bitch oh ship here, Well, we'd

have to ask miss Webster, Miss John Chow, who popularized
the term in American pie. John cho did not make
the list. John Show did not make the listspite being
the perennial Asian hunk. Yeah, he's such a hunk. And
I let me tell you, did you did you? Did
you see searching? It's too scary for me. There's actually

it's not that scary. The actual disturbing moment is when
he thinks that his daughter has been fucking his brother.
But it's it's a fake out. There's a moment where
you're like where he thinks that his daughter ran away
to go fuck her uncle. And and I remember, I
think I saw it with Joel or someone, but turning
to Joe and I was like, this is fucked up
beyond anything. And then it's a fake, getting like, oh,

thank god, did you think the movie was really going there? Yes?
And I was like this I'm not comfortable with and
if this isn't if there's an incest plot line here,
like I don't regardless of any plot terms that did
not make although I'm just missing the list. Was Deborah
Messing in Searching, Yes, playing a cop, playing a cop
who there's a spoiler, but let's just say all cops

are bad, bad, bad, bad, best are best, especially miss
Debora Messing in Searching. Let's keep going. We don't we
don't really agree with her, Let's keep going. Number nine,
This is huge, iconic Nicki minajes bossed up monologue. Can
you kind of just inform the readers about what this
is because this is educational film. Crew had been following

Nicki Minaj to film a documentary that was going to
be on MTV, I believe um during the Pink Friday era.
So right as she was sort of becoming Nicki Minaj
post mixtapes, post monster Verse, right on the brink of
a list she had arrived at a photo shoot the
crafty spread. It was not to her liking and included

such things as pickle juice, which sliced pickles on a board,
nice pickles on a board, but she specifically references like
the brine like pickle juice. Well, she goes on to say,
if I had accepted the pickle juice, I'd drinking pickle
juice right now. So basically what happens here is she's
talking about how she recently has stormed off of a

photo shoot and I guess it made some headlines. And
she said, I stormed off a photo shoot because when
I got there, it was cheap and it was like
sliced pickles on a board and nothing. And I can't
imagine and ever being treated like that if I were
a man, Because she said she knows from watching Little Wayne,
because she came up under Wayne. What she says, she says,
I came up under Wayne, and Wayne has his way

of doing things, and he says like, I'm gonna get
the things the way I want them, and while I'm asking,
I'm gonna blow this weed in your face all day,
and it's acceptable because he's a man. Meanwhile, a woman
is expected to show up wherever they're asked to be,
deal with the situation, and be grateful at all times.
So what she's really doing in the year of Our Lord,

I'm gonna guess, is saying the sexism in the industry
and all over the place is crazy and the double
standard is wild. And when a woman speaks out of turn,
she is What's the word she uses is assertive. She's
a bit. When a man is assertive, he's a boss,
he's bossed up. And I'm not get a connotation behind

being about step a bit. And then she says Donald
Trump can say you're fired, why can't Martha still run
her company and be the same way. Now, I don't
know if this is a one the best, but I
will say she was a seer and that she was
knowing that Donald Trump was doing whatever the fuck she's

not wrong and everyone bowed down. And mind you, this
is five years before we heard he was gonna run
for President States of America. But she is so energetic
and correct and get clear about her expression. Yeah, you
should all google it because our YouTube it or whatever,
because it's a Really she just is so great. That's

her mission statement right there, she's like, I'm going to
be bossed up and it's not going to be a
gender connotation. Like I had I accepted the pickle juice,
would be drinking pickle juice right now. Huge, And I
don't think. I think what she's saying is should rather
not drink pickle juice. Um, you know it's a little tough.
Let's talk about her now. It's a little I don't

really listen to Queen Radio. Mean that's more her sort
of stream of consciousness, like really kind of be a
little just just just just just just like talking like
expressing nikki brain onto an audio format and you're just
kind of it's it's maximalist. I wish she didn't feel

she had to do that. I feel like she I
will always follow her, I will always live. Yeah, I don't.
I I don't judge or I'm not a detractor to Nikki.
I'm a Nikki barbed for life. I'm a barbed for life.
I feel like I feel like Nikki is finding her
way back. I hope so. I hope so, and I

hope that like this weird, that this weird thing people
have with like oh she's done now, because there's other
younger people that are in her, like specific Lane quote unquote,
that are going to take a spot away from her
because they're all so different. This is such a boring
conversation almost to have because obviously they are. And if
you're still out there being like, well, Megan the Stallion

and Cardi b are coming from nicky spot, you are
so dumb because we should have them all. But and
and Nikki, I think it is doing a better job now.
I mean, Cardi is a different story, but I mean
she as she's collapped with Megan, she's clapped with joe
Ja kat And and Jojo Doja's Cat's a whole different story.
Definitely didn't make the list. Dojo No Dojo was not
on the list, unfortunately, and weirdly enough, Cardi's not on

the list. And that's it's no, it's not against Carton.
And we're not saying by saying we're Barbs that we're
not Cardi B stands. We love Cardi and very important.
But but the Boss Step moment is a moment. The
Boss Step moment is a moment, and we can't forget.
And another moment, which is number eighteen on our list
is Barber Cook Kennedy Center Honors performance. She did not perform, obviously,

she was on the balcony. No, she was being honored
by the women of Broadway, which include Laura Osness, Ms.
Kelly O'Hara, Mrs Rebecca Luker, Miss Sutton Foster, The Close,
Miss McDonald, Miss Patty Lapone, all the ladies got together
to honor Barbara Cook, who was really one of the

muses of Sondheim, for her Kennedy Center Honors achievements. And
it was an absolute slagh from top to bot. Want
a career and what a way to get honored by
all the women, the girls girls, and they came out
one by one and sang their songs. Glenn Close sang

Losing My Mind from Folly's and it was just she,
Glenn Close actually slayed. It was unbelievable. Then Sutton came
out with her. Everybody says, don't the pelvic floor of
do like they're literally her sound shooting through her top
of her head. Unbelievable. Patty Lapone, come rad or come shine.
You've never experienced a performer like. You've never experienced a

performing like I spent the entire time Barbara Cook just
sitting up on that damn balcony next to Meryl Street
living Meryl's living. But Barbara, from what I remember, Barbara
is just chill as hell, just being like, Okay, she's
soaking that. She's just soaking it in. But she's like
not too effective. She's like, I mean, I did that.
She's like I did that. My favorite thing is to

watch people watch their Kennedy Sonor Honors happen. Yeah, I
love it, and it's just so great. And Barbara Cook
recently passed away, and she's she's just one of the greats,
and you know she's one of the greats. When all
of the greats show up, want to show up and
never forget that. Aldre McDonald entered the performance with make

your Garden Grow. It was unbelievablegeous all the ladies. That
was a good year. That was Meryl, Barbara and I
think yo yo maa, I believe yoyoma. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I was good here. And I think there was someone
else too, but I'm I'm I'm losing it, but there
was someone else up there that was important. But yeah,
back in the day when Kennedy Center Honors was the
thing that we were looking forward to because the president
would be there. Let's keep going, Sandra, Oh, it's unbearable,

and you took a piece of me. Monologues and Grayson
at me. She had many, but these two rise above.
You pitch these out, actually, and I'm glad you didn't.
I agree with you. You chose these two monologues over her.
How do you keep your edge, sir? Because I had
it Season two finale Grazes anatomy, which we already covered.
But unbearable is the single tier. I think you took

a piece of me. It's also single tier. Unbearable is
the monologue that she gives when she has to b
is asking at the hospital, is asking for her sexual
history because there's an STI situation at the hospital and
she has to sort of admit that she's got a
sexual history with burst by Um and she submits it

and and they say, we understand this is hard for you,
and she this is difficult for you, This is difficult
for you, and then she kind of whipped around and
serves this monologue about how it's not difficult. What's actually
difficult is the reality of her situation, and she details
what she's going through in a class Shonda overshare monologue.

The other characters are probably like, literally, if this was
real life, the other characters would be like, this is
so inappropriate, it's so inappropriate for you to do what
you're doing. But but what we get instead is that
monologue where she essentially lays into them and says, it's
not difficult, it's unbearable. I was his hand. No, I'm
a ghost, and I do not wish him well. And

I do not wish him well. That's how it ends.
Oh my god. Yeah, because he's gone at that, because
he's gone, he's gone. He's also abandoned her, and she
really talk about giving a dropped in fucking emotional despare monologue.
The moment is she sheds the single tear classics Andrew,
but then she wipes it away and go, excuse huge,

And then we have to talk about the other one,
which it was the unseen hand to his brilliance, excuse me.
And then and then I think it's like a couple
of seasons later and maybe the next season whatever he's
in six season seven based really there is a scene
where Sandra as Christina Yang is having sex with her

new boyfriend Owen in the on call room and he
tries to get her to ignore a page from that
that's calling her to a surgery, cardiac surgery, which she
was just getting back into because Owen brought Teddy and
to be her mentor, and so Christina is sort of
reanimated at the hospital. Owen tells her to stay so

they can keep fucking, and then Sandra later on realizes
that Owen was sort of holding her back basically, and
basically she was the character that always put her passion first,
on her passion with surgery, and that was what she
lived for, that was her lifeblood. So um, she's had
this complicated relationship with Preston Burke, and then Owen tries

to get her to put him and them before pursuing
her career, and so she's ornery with him for hours
after that, and then later on they get back to
their apartment and she says, you were trying to screw
me into submission, and he was like, I was just
trying to connect, and then she drops in and she
tells him what's really on her mind, which is that

the Burke situation, the Burke relationship, she feels she lost
a part of herself because she gave so much to
the relationship. And it's also the first time she says
I love you too. She says, I love you. I
love you more than I love you. When you asked
me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of
me that could never happened. I did it was It's

so good. And she's just saying, she's declaring, she's like,
I love you, I'm off relationships to work, but I
love me more and I love what I love more,
and you will never take me away from my passion
and what makes me me. And that is the growth,
and that is the character of Christina Yang taking her moment,
the fact that she was emmulet and remains Emmy less,

and we love Jody Comber and we love Ms Claire Foy.
So it's just tough. But the fact of the matter
is she should have an Emmy for playing Christina. It's ridiculous,
even plaster. Why not I feel that that I I
understand in seeing the Emmy losses that they've been for
the last two years, I understand them. There's several years

where like blythe Dan or why, which I'm like not understanding.
I don't understand Katherine Heigl winning an Emmy over Sandro
and I love Katherine. We love Kathy in that role.
This was after season three, and I feel like even
even Christina had a better storylining season three. Oh season
three with throws things and so like. Basically, Katherine Hiel

is notable on Grey's Anatomy for the end of season two,
the Denny relationship, and most notably her performance in the finale.
In the last few episodes, she was driven insane because
she thought she was going to lose this patient that
she fell in love with. She had, of course the
iconic what about Me monologue, which was a little overwrought,
but he got the audience to feel certain like Sandra

would never go that month. Well, she certainly went pretty big,
but it felt better. Um, I don't even think Sandra's
I mean, somebody said date me. I was gonna bring
up somebody to date me. But that's like for some
reason funny and like I don't know, it's like it's
like fully intentional, like I think Katherine Heigl, if you'd
ask her, like she fully lost. She was not in
control when she goes I will never forgive you. I

know for me love you. I don't know it worked
for me, like I remember like, when I was watching it,
it was really working for me, and my dad said,
she's really overact. That's I agree with And I was like,
I don't see it that way. I don't know, I
don't know what it was speaking to me, but anyway,
she wins the Emmy first season three, when really they

were giving it to her for that and for being
a new movie star and not which is what they
were doing. They were anointing her and Sandra meanwhile was
sitting there quietly doing work that was Emmy caliber for
a decade well after she needed to be. Sandra's kind
of inspiring me now to not ever watch my own
stuff again. She doesn't watch her own stuff. This did

I told you this right when the first time I
met her Golden Clothes, she talks to me about like,
oh my god, the lip sync was was so great,
and she was like, um, you know, I had never
even heard myself back in that scene until I saw
you doing it. I told you this. I think, yeah
now I remember, she and she like, yeah, she did
say that. She was talking about how she and Shonda

and the writers sort of like sparred of it because
Sandra like wasn't She was like I don't think Christina
would ever say this this way, and the writers were
like no, and and then and then and then she
was like and Shonda like God bless her, God lover,
but Shanda like, it has to be word perfect when
you're delivering her lines. And Sandra was like, that was
one of the hardest days of my entire time at

Grace for that like that monologue, because I had so
many emotions around it, and and she was like I
never watched I saw it. You do it again and
like I was like, oh, I was like, okay, now
I like have it. I'm at peace with that day. Wow.
She's like I like, She's like, if that if that
monologue like meant like whatever this is, I don't mean

for this to sound I'm not. I'm not. I don't
mean to like self. No. I mean I think it's
an amazing insight into the way actors. Yes, and it
taught me a lot about whatever acting. But she was like,
if it meant if it like popped that much basically
like for you to do it and like for you
to be inspired to do it, like the nut means
that like I did my job. I mean, here's what
I'll say she rarely ever, if ever missed a beat

for me on that character is iconic. Like and I
just want to say before we move on to the
next one, I just and we we referenced before when
we talked about Carrie Bradshaw monologue. Put some respect on
Ellen Pompeo's name. Yes, because she has been doing that
show for it's gonna be almost twenty years and perfect

in the role and also did all these monologues the
same way and carried so much of that show through
thick and thin and always makes it look easy. Yes.
What did not make the list, unfortunately, when I think
is an honorable mention is Ellen Pompeio At the moment
when Ellen Pompeo was on a panel with Gabrielle Roberts,

I'm not seeing enough color. I'm not seeing that color.
And I didn't see enough color when I walked in
and Gabrielle Union and and Gina just looking at each
other being like, oh okay, Ellen's going there, and thank
god that is ally should in action. And also not
for nothing but the fact that Gina was there being like, yes,
good job. L Actually years later, moving on number sixteen,

number sixteen, I mean who could forget, could forget It's
Titanic fever. Fever. Titanic was a cultural moment to rival
some of the biggest cultural moments we've ever been through.
I mean this was all encompassing, from music to film,
two TV specials constantly on about it, to the world
of tabloid that created around Leo and Kate like unbelievable

history and appreciation for history. Yes, and it also really
I mean how many Titanic exhibits sprouted up. I mean
I went to several of them, like I became obsessed
with the Titanic obsessed. My first CD ever, I mean
I say my first album was Spice World was Spice.
I'm sorry, but um first for CD purchase my parents

buying me the Titanic score. I mean, from the score
to the visuals, to the overbloated romance to Kate Winslet
turning around in that fucking hat and making her like
not screen debut but arrive star moments, Leo being Leo,
that like gorgeous blonde, Harry ad like oh my, Billy

Zane flipping over the table, Billy Zane being too much,
Kathy Bates slang her little one liners, miss thing uh,
miss Fabrizio being hot and crushed by a pylon, and
then also the scene with the mother and Rose. Wait, women,
do you want to say me working because it seems stress?

I mean, I'm selfish. Why are you so selfish? I'm selfish?
I mean a terribly written movie. Yes and no, like
in terms of like it getting the broad strokes across
it certainly did change anything about it? Like probably not

he mean, did be do it? No? Um, but then
they did fuck like right after Umm, oh god, I
mean hate Winslet and Leo together, we have it down there,
have it down there, I mean, just Titanic Fever. My
heart will go on being the moment, being the moment

and you know, the final shot of just the black
and white photos, the final shot is of the boat
under Underwell, honestly, you will still be emotionally affected by
the film, That's true. It'll sneak on every now and
then and you'll watch it and you'll be you will
watch the whole thing. Oh, I mean, you know it's
It was on v H one after Drag Race, for

it was seven weeks in a row. It was was
it on every week? It was on for some reason,
like every week Season twelve of Drags. Honestly, it's probably
because it's the only way they can get them to
like keep watching after that. I can't. We're not going
to strap in for four Okay, okay, girl, all right,
let's Titanic peover was a fever, but it's not as

big of a cultural moment as number. This is what
I replaced Christina beat you with. Let me just say
that up top, and I think I think it's a
deserving spots, deserving substitution. Titanic not as impactful as AOC
on a roof in college ALCS dancing is what gets
her on the list. It's not just AOC is dancing.
It's the backfiring from the right for being like, look

at her being so whatever, I guess promiscuous. It truly
did show that no matter what she did, we would
all love her iro and we would she is our champion.
She is our champion, and like, and then there was
like a fun week of memes where like, you know,
you do cut to the feeling overlaid on AOC dancing
and you can do any song and have AOC just dancing,

writhing around the wall on the roof, doing the little
grape viney thing. She I don't know, it's not a
grape vine, but she does a little dance move. Well,
she's a fun person who seems like and I say
this in the most like in a respectful, like positive way,
she is so attractive and that when she is, yes,

you can't help but look at her, like she has
a star quality, she has a positive she carries the light,
she carries the l And so when that, when that's happening,
it's like a lot of people are going to be
offended by that, and a lot of especially when it
comes in a package that, um, they don't know what
to do with. I think that, And I watched Knocked
Down the House recently, and it's like there was no

way that anyone that's like in a Trump universe would
know how to deal with an incredibly smart, incredibly passionate
on the right side of issues, charismatic young Latino woman
who is speaking for a generation and beyond, and she
really is the voice of a generation. She's talking about

issues in terms of moral clarity, like in a way
that we can all sort of get behind it because
we're like, Okay, well, I guess this is the right thing,
Like you know, like and like and it's not the
right thing to like use religious purity as like a
weapon against policy. It's like this so so you know,
like a week ago back when the house uh beamed again,

she's on something. Yeah, like she sort of like dismantled
the idea that like religious pure as like this like
moral compass is like is so fucked up and like
not valid at all. And I'm probably misquoting and paraphrasing wrongly,
but like she can speak on such a on such
a clear level, like even like when she just got
when she just won her primary a couple of years ago,

a few years ago, and she was on Coldbart like
the next day, and she just like inexperienced, you could
technically say at the time, but she spoke so clearly
about things, and everyone the audience is on board, and
you're like, whoa. It's because she is not pretending to
speak for or as anyone that she's not exactly And
so when she's asked questions about what she wants done,

despite quote unquote inexperience and quote unquote youth, that's not
a part of the way she views the world or
needs to view the world. Because she is speaking for
what's right. Yes, she And there's an amazing scene in
the beginning of Lockdown the House where she's talking about
getting ready in terms of readying her appearance, and so

it's incredible. And I really think that if you have
a problem with AOC, it's something you have to deal
with insult because she is is the future. I do
believe that she will be a political voice that we
look to for the next fifty years, for our lifetime.
I think that she'll be relevant for the rest of
our lifetime, depending on if she goes into the Senate,

depending on if she continues in the House, depending on
if she does eventually make a presidential run at some point. Regardless,
she is going to be someone who is incredibly important.
And I think that, um that's also going to make
it pretty difficult for her, of course, and I but
I think she's up to it right now. She's funneling

a lot of thoughts, like like we're looking to her,
um um, just just just to get a sense of,
like of how to how to think about it. She's
the amount of pressure she must be under. Yes, and
I get to see Knocked Down the House, but you
and Studie talking about the last. One of the final
moments is oh yeah, don't don't give it away. It's

it's her dad's saying something to her. But when he
passes away, don't to say that. It's an unbelievable moment
that is really rewarding if you watch the movie and
learn more about her story than I think probably a
lot of people now. And I'll just say, I'll put
this into the ether on the podcast. Would love to
have her as a guest, would love to have her
as a guest. They ask is out, The ask is out.

Let's put the pressure on um. We love al Z
and she is the moment. Her dancing on the roof
in college is the moment. Let's move on. Speaking of dancing,
Oh my God, number fourteen, when Catherine Dada Jones said,
and in all that jazz, I mean the crest of
that song, the peak, just the sort of passionate happy

rage that is she's about to get arrested, and it's
a cry. It's her last cry as a free woman.
And let's not forget the lyric that precedes this. No
what's white fod and all it's so I mean like

talk about a knockout, like no question about it. Else
could have done that? That's she deserves could have No
one else could have done it as well as she did.
I mean, I don't think there's anything more to say here.
In a movie where Renee's l Werger is the lead
actress and absolutely slaying, the image you leave with is
still Katherine Dada Jones. And that's with that Renee performance

in it, which is culture didn't make the list. I
think I think Katherine's doing more work. I mean, like
between that and South Octango and I can't do it alone.
She's doing so much. It's just she's doing a lot.
But if you and Joel and I recently have talked
about this on another party, actually with Nathaniel Rogers's podcast,
Renee is the flat out lead and has the most

to do. The reason why Catherine's Dada Jones is so
iconic is because she almost makes you think they're doing
equal stuff, but they literally aren't. Katherine is on another
I think she knew this is going to be the
role that defined her legacy. Wow, and and and it end,
and you're right, I would say, I mean, okay, so done.

Um Now number thirteen another movie moment Beyonce and Ali
Larder's fight and obsessed. Fight coreo achievement, Fight Core, your achievement.
A chandelier gets dropped. I mean, one thing we have
to say is a chandelier gets dropped. That's the end
of the fight. The end of the fight is a
chandelier dropped and crushes Ali Larder. But let's talk about

the moment's proceeding. And you have to put some respect
on Ali Larder's name because she commits to this movie
all the way and it is, you know, not good.
But she she is so crazy in the movie and
so good and she is so believing in her insanity
that when she gets to the end this movie, you
think maybe she is going to kill But Beyonce, no, no, no,

I mean, is it Beyonce pushes Ali Larder off the
banister down the stairs. What happens is Beyonce gets home
and sees Ali Larder in the jersey of her husband,
Idris Alba, and did you not get my message? Because
Beyonce has left a nasty message about leaving my family alone.
And Ali is so crazy that Beyonce says, I'm gonna

let the police deal with you, and shortly Thereafter, there's
the moment where Alie says wait and she goes, don't
touch me. Yes, that's best acting moment of her career.
Don't don't touch me, seconded by her and Dream Girls
Curtis your child. Yeah, okay, but don't don't touch me

is her number one, and they then break out into
a huge fight or beyond calls Ali Larder a bit
many times the inversion of a black person calling the
police on a white woman threatening to call the police
on a white Well, the police couldn't get anything done,
while the police couldn't get the Christine Lottie the detective,

she could get nothing done. She was the biggest idiot
in film. Might as well be Debra messing and searching
an idiot cop might as well. But Beyonce threatening, bumbling,
The cops could not deal with Ali Larder in New
Jersey being psychotic. Well, they did not get the chance
because Beyonce said, I'm absolutely gonna handle this myself and
ended up with Ali Larder crammting through an attic barely

finished attic smashing into a coffee table in a very
enough Jennifer Lopez moment, Yes and was crushed by Oh God,
yeah Beyonce. You could tell Beyonce's character was a little shocked,
surprised that they did that, that it got that. And
then the best is when Beyonce runs out covered in

blood and like her hair. Tous Old Parcels. Christine Lottie
as the detective finally guests to the house and goes
what happened? And Beyonce goes, I think, you know what happened?
And then I'm thinking, like, I mean, she doesn't know
what happened. She doesn't know, she's an idiot, but she
ran in the house and she can, we can knows
whom that she found out. And then it ends on
Beyonce and Idris Elba hugging, and it ends on the

ugliest freeze frame in history. I can't believe Beyonce an
EP on the project Okay who I actually think there's
another acting moment and obsessed that Beyonce does not get
credit for Idris Elba that they get in a fight,
and Sala says, where do you suggest I go? Beyonce says,

but until they suggests the four Seasons? I suggest maybe
the four seasons. Amazing acting. Beyonce knows Carter Nala and
the Lion King Black is King the upcoming visual album
Actress Actress now moving on s King of performers, performers.

This is number twelve. Brandy chevs defined gravity final riff
and all the alphabets who have attempted this final riff.
We have to respect women putting their lives on the
line in order to serve entertainment. And this is war.
This is playing alpha but is war. And that's a
ruler culture Number forty nine playing alpha, but is war.

And the wires, the suspensions because of the vocal health,
because of the pressures, because of needing to go up
into the air. Yes, yes, yes, I mean magic on stage.
Talk about green paint being applied every single day. Can't
be comfortable. It's war. It's theatrical war, theatrical war. And

Brandy chevon Massey is a good soldier because she went
out there and ripped her throat in half at the
end of Act one. Google it, bitch, it's it's It
never loses its impact. You watch all the time, and
you feel the same way every time. It's remarkable. It
is I can only imagine if I was there what

I would do, And I don't think I would have
survived being there a live do we do? We try it? No? No, okay,
we don't try. We have to let just google you
know what. We're going to put it into the episode later.
Here is Brandy Chavon Massey's final riff and define gravity
all of us. So now you know, incredible, incredible and

you and that number twelve even feels low for me. Well,
you know the rest of the list is pretty good.
It's an amazing list. Let's keep going. But wow, and
we just want to say respect to every woman who
has respect to the original Ada Adina, Stephanie J. Block,

Nicole Parker, Yes, all the women, all the women and
sho Shanna Bean, So Shanna Bean, I mean eating a spinosa,
I mean put some respect on these names. These women
went went to war. They went to war, they went
to war. Let's keep going. September number eleven, when PARV cameristas,

We're sorry to be self indulgent. We had to. This
was a moment of culture. We built that moment up.
We and they believe we made it happen. Thank you
readers for go on that journey with us. We know
a lot of people started to watch Survivor because we
would not shut the funk up about it. We hope
you enjoy it. And you know, Survivors is going through
its own racial recording right now. There's a Black Survivor
sort of group, UM that is trying to get a

meeting with CBS executives, and we support their movement absolutely.
We need we need every season to feel like Cook
Islands without the Battle of the Races of it all,
because what what that season did was it not only
introduced us to parven so many amazing characters in the franchise,
but also what it did was it was a diverse cast.
Now they incentivized that in terms of the entertainment and

the viewing in a way that's you can say is harmful, um,
And I think a lot of the contestants I thought
was harmful. I recently watched an interview with you when
he said when he found out what it was, he
almost left, and he obviously did not leave. The spoiler
alert he wins in one of the most dominant games played.
I mean, he was going up against one of the
best players ever, which is Part and Party before she

realized her power. Um. But the moment of Part sort
of becoming what she became, and I felt so it
was so much fun to watch her in this Quarantine
and she really did you know how sometimes like in

your mind's eye, you have a stand in for yourself.
For me, that was part for the first month and
a half in Quarantine. I was just like, Parv is
a spiritual beacon for me. She's amazing on the show.
She's making me laugh, making me feel triumphant when and
she's winning. And I love having being like like a

different kind of character we've seen on the show. And honestly,
Survivor kept me sane in the beginning of Quarantine, And
the best part of watching Survivor was watching Parv And
when part when we put out the ask to part,
we were like, this maybe not gonna happen because we
view her as a selab deity. And then she came
on and it was a moment. It was so so wonderful,

so charismatic, you know. I there was a moment several
moments throughout the recording I remember very clearly, vividly in
that damn zoom she but she was able to transcend
the zoom and I was like, she's a star, and
we think that We're just so proud of that moment
and getting her on and that all the readers did

their homework. That was a moment for the pod and
it was it was a moment for the culture. By extension,
who do you want to take to the end to
four Girls? I mean, just an amazing moment. I watch it.
Watch honestly respect Cook Islands, but watch Micronesia. Micronesia is

the ship and Heroes versus Villains was like camp but
also great. And this one's for you, and this one
is for you, very good. This is for you, Jerry. Okay.
So moving on to number ten. Something we talked about
with PARV ten is ma mononym. We're not even saying
the last name Maria. Maria and Mariah's appeared a couple
of times throughout this list. Maria deserves her own spot.

Talk about Mariah. I'm gonna give it for to you.
You are the perennial Mariah expert. Mariah is the best
of all time. She's one of the best pop songwriters
of all times. She's one of the most prolific, She's
one of the best singers of all time. Obviously, she's
one of the best pop culture characters of all time.
She is. She is a pop culture character, the gift
that keeps on giving. She's one of the most shrewd

business women in pop music. To create a Christmastly beast,
anonymous with Christmas, and create a Christmas empire, to create
a seasonal empire like that, she is one of the
best ever. She never is boring, never a dull moment
with Mariah and the Lambs, I I stand with you,
I represent you. One of the best moments of the
past few years for me was going down to Brooklyn

and being there when she was interviewed about her amazing
career as a songwriter when Caution came out Caution is
an underrated abtion. Shame on the Grammys for not including
it in the Best Album of the Year category when
it was rightfully nominated. That's a controversy. I do not love.
Also the Grammy's way under reward. Mariah M Butterfly one
of the best albums of all time. Emancipation of MEEMI

one of the best albums of all time. Just My
Name Is Mariah Thelus Louie Lucianti is one of the
best album titles of all time. I mean yeah, talk
about like long titles being culture. That's the one right there.
That's the one I gotta say. I might be an
anomaly as as as a I'm not gonna I don't
if I call myself a lamb. I feel like that

you can call yourself a lamb. I don't have the
encyclopedic knowledge that lamb's do. I love Mariah. I don't
know that I have immersed myself. I mean, you love
You're a scholar on Maria. I'm a lamb Lamb. I
am that little boy that was in my room listening
to all Mariah And I've said it on this podcast.

But when I was in third grade, we had to
do a free writing and um instead of doing free writing,
I would just write down all the lyrics to Mariah songs.
And my teacher thought they were my work. So she
called a meeting with me and she was like, your
poetry is so amazing. And then I looked at it
and it was like literally lyrics from the song Breakdown
by Mariah Carey and the Roof by Mariah carry all,

like very adult themed things like in her vocabulary is
famously a little bit advanced for pop music. Um So
to think that my third grade teacher thought that me,
an eight year old was capable of that. Mr. And
Mrs Rodgers. I just wanted to have a meeting with you.
Man is using the word nonchalantly, indefinitely. I'm telling you

the a fact that Mariah had on me, I think
says a lot, says a lot. I just really quickly
wanted to say emotions. I think the you don't hear
it covered, you don't hear it covered, But how could you.
I wasn't even talking. I wasn't even talking about the single.
I was talking about the album as a whole. I mean,
um her MTV unplugged, her iconic cover of I'll Be There,

I mean another one you don't hear covered, and you
rarely hear mariah songs covered. You don't see a lot
of girls out here singing my own, Like why would
they ever attempt to sing my own? Not for nothing,
but like, oh, I'm sorry, I actually accidentally played the song.
I had to. I had to go and look at
the title of the song. I didn't want to get
it wrong. To be around you from emotions. And there

are so many songs that we don't even talk about,
such as All I Ever Wanted From, which is one
of her songs from her first album or no, maybe
that's from music Box. But also for every like tacky
quote unquote songs she has, like hero I understand in
respect that like those songs have a place heroes on
the nose. And that's another song you don't hear covered

because it might be a little on the nose. But
touches people, touches people. You're right. I can't say enough
even her failure, her biggest failure, Glitter is a culture moment,
a culture moment that is tied to one of the
worst tragedies in American history and stars padlock me. And

that's what else can we say about silk? Thank you?
Let's move on forward. This is we're in the top ten.
We're in the top ten. Number nine. Mario cotars oscar
speech the only one you can really sort of remember
on a word for word level. Can you do it?
Thank you life, Thank you love. And it is true
there's some men as in this city. Make yourself so

much what she'd be to me? Are you my life? Yeah? Yeah,
I really am speechless now. And her English has only
improved improve. I mean, it was the most charming moment ever.
And also she looked stunning, and she was so surprised

to win for Lavian Rose, one of the great best
actress wins. I was so shocked the Academy went there,
But they did, and they created a star and they
also created a public truth. Thank you. Now to move
on to what I think is I think the best
acting performance on the list? Oh my god, yeah, this
is number eight. This is a Poison Ivy. You have

recently seen Batman and Robin I, it's been I hasn't
been since the theater that I've seen Batman and Robin I.
I have such an interesting, protected relationship with that film
because I love it so much. What's happening in this
film and in her performance is she has created a
character which is May West meets Eartha kit meets Jessica

Rabbit and has created something that fits so well into
the assignment she was given in the tone of the movie,
which is over the top, cartoon them fatale craziness. Most
of her lines for the first half of the movie
are by herself. She sells it completely. She does an

iconic villain origin scene the shelves. The shelves get she
she becomes Poison Ivy because a bunch of liquids get
sort of chattered over her. Basically, she is sunken into
the ground and liquids and venomous snakes and all sorts
of poisons and toxins get sort of seeped into her
body and bring her to life, We're to assume, but

she goes from like crazy botanists to like eco terrorists.
Unclear why if she wants to save all the plants
in the world, she burns down uh lab in the
middle of the forest um or the jungle or whatever
she is, But it doesn't really matter because she's so
go for broke. All of her lines are amazing, including

the number one. As I told Lady Freeze when I
pulled her plug, this is a one woman show. And like,
correct me wrong. I feel like the framing on this
is like skewed diag no. I don't know, maybe not,
but it's just like such crazy, crazy choices on every
level being made in that movie. But uma Thurman doing

a lot of the work. I mean, because Arnold's not
going to give you that love. That love Arnold's does well,
and Arnold is not bad. He's not giving you like
he's not kids. That actation he's not giving you earth
a kid, he's not giving yours. He's not giving he's
not giving you camp. I don't think beyond just like
the costume of Mr free What's funny about Arnold's performance
as Mr Freeze is it's Arnold doing these puns like

he's just giving you. Arnold doing puns, and it's it's
not an acting performance, although he does cry one tier
word to believe um and he's good in it because
it's like the assignment he was given was you do
you as Mr Freed He did that. Buma has created
a character and is selling it all the way and

the script is insane, but she is fully committed to
it her best performance and the stuming is amazing. She
always looks stunning. Better than kill Bill, better than pulp fiction. Yeah, absolutely,
forget the geriatric bad Come join me. This is you.
It's infected, it's infected, it's infects infected and affected me

in profound ways. You know who loves this, Patrick Rogers,
Patrick Rogers, We love Patrick Rogers. I have never maybe
I'm just like not in on the Conversation or in
Batman and Robin, But Eartha Kid meets Jessica rabbit meets
who else. I think May West, May West, I mean,
I think May West is the clearest reference. But even
just this like that, that's earth like, that's like doing

it all. It's so clear where she got. I love that.
I am obsessed. It's it's so good. We we should
watch it tonight. Obviously we should, so, I bet so
you want to watch it? Um with seven number seven
Nancy Karragan and Tanya Harding saga and you know, God
bless Ititania for humanizing Tanya. God bless I like it.

I love Ititania um so oh much here, I mean,
a tragedy on so many levels, so many levels. What
do you want to say about this? What I like
to say is this is really, I think one of
the biggest media stories of the nineties. It was iconic
Olympic drama. It was iconic class drama. This is what

I this, This is what I wanted you to write,
bat thank you. I mean, it's clearly there's a more
complicated story here about what is asked of people when
they get to that level of fame and attention, and
what people forget is there's also so many factors that
are involved in them being there and them sort of

in terms of what they need to deal with, in
terms of the advantages that one person is given over
the other that are not looked at because the pulpy,
straightforward a story is that there was a woman attacked
and it's tragic. It's tragic that there was a woman
attacked and Nancy Karagin did not deserve what she got.
But I think the reason I like Itania is because
it does shed light on the economic disparity and what

abused us to a person, and um, you know it's
it's so much more complicated then this woman doesn't like
this woman. Yeah, it's so interesting that on face value,
the news story was as big as it was without
all this underlying stuff. Because the underlying stuff I think
it would make the story. It's just as fascinating as

the surface thing. Um yeah, I mean Tanya Harding seems
to be doing well for herself now, I hope is.
I feel like I did a cursory check up on
her on Google the year that Ionia came out. It's like, Okay,
good for her. I don't I don't, I don't know.
I think that she like has a normal life now. Um,

and I think that she felt very sort of validated,
whatever that means. I mean, we don't know the truth
of the situation flat out, and she felt, I guess
like her story was being told in some regard. Um,
but it is and again like it's an iffy, tricky,
gray area situation because maybe there's no part of her
that should be absolved represented as like a folk hero,

because she very well could have been completely in on it. Sure, totally.
But there's a really sort of dynamic, very like weird
American story happening here. Yes, which is and also it's
so crazy and hilarious that it takes place in the
world of figure skating, because it's what it means when um,

someone doesn't belong and where it takes them and where
where the place it brings them to emotionally really fascinating
in Shakespearean thank you for that, beautiful, I mean, you
just did all the heavy lifting there. In terms of
talking about this, listen, I mean, if you have anything
to say about Nancy Antonia, you have the floor now, wonderful. Um,

I I don't. I don't have anything to say, That's
what I'm saying. I mean, I'm not nothing that would
feel additive or um constructive. We've covered a culturally onto
the list and to the seven spot. But what's number six?
Number six is Amar Rosa's most powerful man in the
universe monologue. This is right before Trump was inaugurated. This
was omar Rosa in an unhinged interview. I mean we

I don't think anyone's really seen the full the full interview,
but in the snippet you have Omar Rosa many gult
Stalworth Newman saying just sort of in a super villainous way,
or in a super villain lackey way, sort of, I mean,
mythologizing Donald Trump in a way that was really equal

parts terrifying, inspiring and funny and ironic and stupid and pathetic.
That I think it's just it's an iconic moment for
for that intersection of things alone. He's a super villain.
He's super villain. How much of this can we recite? Well,
first of all, let's just let's just cut. We'll just
play you the audio. We're gonna play you the audio.
Every critic, every detractor, We'll have to bow down to

President Trump. It's everyone who's ever doubted Donald whoever disagreed,
whoever challenged him, it is the ultimate revenge to become
the most powerful man in the universe. So that's that's
what I'm talking about, and actually is it's the only
instance where we've started, one of two instances where we've

started the podcast with anything other than ding dong. This
was the Io Debrie episode. Please listen. I think it's
one of my favorite episodes because we start off the
first twenty minutes only talking about Amarossa because she was
in very much in the news and the culture that week.
Oh you couldn't tell me it wasn't the biggest news
story of the millennium, of the millennium, and yet it's

only number six, but all the cultural history transcends millennia.
I'm talking about since the beginning of culture. Yeah, I'm
so try. How much do you know of it? Anyone
who doubt anyone who ever doubted Donald, anyone ever did
disagree we bow to what is the most powerful man

in the universe. I mean, you all just heard it
what we're just reciting, so now you can know just
how incorrect and not off book Bonan is. And I
am not even going to try it because I know
I don't know it. But Omar Rossa. Okay, let's talk
about Amar Rosa. What do you say? I mean, this
is a person who has taken the spotlight in a
way that I think no one could have known would

and I I actually think she'll remain relevant for years
to come. She'll find a way. She'll find a way.
She's more interesting to me than not to draw this
comparison in a very superficial way, but she's more interesting
to me than a Candice Owens. Oh, not even a
competition Omar Rossa. The fact that she had very publicly,
she had a very public origin story. She is a superman.

She's a supermoman. We all saw it in The Apprentice.
The plaster fell in her head. She's playing basketball with
all these kids. Um like the full the full package.
In the beginning where she was talking about working at
the Bill Clinton White House, how ironic. But um then
the celebrity of celebrity parents, her calling Piers Morgan closeted
her iconic feuds. I mean, never forget the one with

Bethany and Wendy Williams. I was going to bring out
the Bethany one because that's actually really interesting. You can't,
I mean, you can poke holes in this obviously, but
it's when she was on Bethany and she was like, see, you,
as a white woman, get to be mediocre and move
up in the world. We're not saying that Bethany's mediocre
at all, but we're saying, I mean, she uses Bethany
as an example of mediocrity, white medio mediocrity and inequities

and skill and whatever or not not scale but like
you know, career advancement and mobility. But it's like, but
Ommors is like, you get to be mediocre and have
this talk show and you can't you can't fully disagree
with that. I mean, she's speaking truth in that situation.
But and a rare Bethany could not answer back. Unfortunately.

Bethany a very smart woman who could really like win
any argument with with Carol Radswell. Let's say, I mean
she met her match with omor Rose. I think that
she learned a lot from that. Omar Rosa interactually think so.
I think she learned a lot and brought it back
to Real Housewives when she when she went back, yes,
and you know she didn't want to go back. She
didn't want to go back. Um, all right, so Almarrosa congratulations,

you are number six. We are at the top five
moments of culture history. These are huge moments for us
and for the world for culture huge And number five
is I was rooting for you. We were all rooting
for you. How dare you, Tyra? You have really connected

with this moment. I I am a vessel for Tira
when and the times that I've performed this live. This
would sort of be my little third appearance on this list,
her third appearance on this list? Is it her third?
I feel like there's more. She was on for Rabies. Yes, um,
Tira in this moment, this is this stands is one

of the best moments in culture. Obviously it's number five
and of course, on a very concentric scale, best moments
in reality TV history, one of the best moments in
reality t V history. You really can't tell if she's
being abusive or if she's being actually nurturing, and you
can't tell if she's actually looking out for Tiffany or
she wants to destroy this girl as she's done for

many girls. I think it's literally all yeah, yeah, I
think she wants She knows in the moment, in the
deep back of her mind that she's being iconic, but
also it comes from a real place. I bet she
really was rooting for this girl. But it becomes the
next level of reality TV star and startup and Tyra
being iconic and also evil but powerful, powerful and convinced

that she's correct. I have Tyra in a nutshell. It's
Tyre in a nutshell. Oh my god. Yes, I mean
Tyra a fascinating figure, someone who contains multitudes. I have
never in my life yell yelled at a girl like this.
When my mother yelled like to set me, it's because
she loves me, like you you're you're in personal history there. Yeah,

it's a lot. You're getting late. Yeah, it's a lot
in the best way. And it's like you can tell
the girl was like, oh my god. Had I known
it was going to go here, I probably would have
just smiled and said thank you. But also it's like,
we don't really hear from the girl. No Tiffany Port Tiffany, um,
where is she now? I think they interviewed her in
recent years. I remember when we were writing top model

recamps for Vulture, I like was just curious and I
looked up with Tiffany how Tiffany was doing and Tiffany's
understandably scarred by that moment. I would I would categorize
that as a trauma. Oh yeah, I actually when it
appears on television and the most popular reality show of
the time, and that we're still we're still talking about
this in some way today and to land it on
or five on our rules of culture, that's got a sting.

That's got a sting. Um. But Tiffany, we love you, Tyree,
we love you. Um. Let's move on to number number four.
I mean, here we go. Regina Hall as Brenda and
the Scary Movie Films, comedy mastermind, mastermind, Cindy TV's leaking

ugly bitch. Now, what the funk did that you? Pete?
I know literally saw that ship, didn't I a comedy?
What they all fake? Can comedy legend? Regina Hall I have.
I'm on record of saying, if the world were fair,
Regina Hall would be as big as Andrew Bullock. She

can't do it all. She has the gravitas, she has
the acting ability. She is I mean like deeply, deeply,
deeply funny. It's like effortless efforts and that's like that
voice she's doing. It's like a choice, like she's so
in service against like just like and Batman Robin like
so in the pocket of the tone of the movie Assignment.

Oh my god. Every time she's on screen, it's like,
we love being with an Affairs on Affais is amazing
And she didn't make the list, but she is culture
but for us to get even more excited when a
new character comes in. Every time Brenda had to be there. Brenda.
And then even though she dies in so many of
the movies, they always bring her back because they know,
oh my god, they know she died in the second one.

She died in all of them. I think she died
in most of them. I don't know if she died
in the first one. She definitely dies in the second,
because she definitely she gets Jada Pinkett Smith killed Scream Yes,
and she died in the third. She died in the
third when she gets killed by the ring girl. And
then in the fourth one, I don't know. I can't
remember if she dies or not. The fourth one is
a blur to me, to be honest, it's not I
I consider it a trilogy. I I ended after Scaring

Movie three, and Scaring Movie three, of course, is the
first that when PG. Thirteen and they still made it work,
and I would say I would I would posit that
in some ways it is the best of the three.
Um I would also I would agree it's the best
of the three and also like it didn't feel the
need to be super because it wasn't urt. It was
just irreverent PG. Thirteen humor that really suited the franchise
and the performers. And Regina Hall, we give it up.

She's a dream guest for me. I would love to
have Regina Hall. We would talk about every single one
of her projects in depth, support the girls. It would
be like her inside actor studio moment Rest in Peace.
James Lipton, we would love to serve as the substitute
for anyone, especially Regina Hall, to talk about their working
in depth. Way we feel we are the gay w

TF James Lipton, WTF, Mark Marin James both white, white,
Terry Gross a white man's name, not a white man,
a white woman, but could be the name of a
white man, could be and that we have to question. Yeah,
number three, we're at the top three, Number three Spice
World album and movie. I mean, let's talk about the

album first. The album is incredible because it's giving you
talk about the album, I'm just gonna name the singles,
not the singles, but just some tracks. Spice up your
life too much, stop Saturday Night divas. God, I mean
even this not being the one with Wanna be on

it or so Yeah. This I think is like the
amped up progress version of Spice Girls. Also Spice Girls,
they use the word feminism repeatedly. They were talking about
being a feminist. They were talking about, you know, girl power,
supporting women, friendship, positivity, all the messages that we're like,

for some reason, dragging our feet to get to now
in the year they were saying we were. They were
the Angela Davis, a pop music saying the word Marxist.
You said that moshing Forward Marxist feminism before any of
the other girls. And then and the other girls still
haven't really said come out and said that. And the
iconic original storming out of a band member from the

group during its peak, never Camul, never Jerry. I still
I'm still a little hurt by Jerry. It's a part
of the cultural canon that Jerry leaves, and it was
written in the stars that she leaves, but she didn't
leave before the movie, which I believe is actually the artistic,

sort of real offering of the Spice Girls, because this
is an actually funny movie. It's very funny, and it
really it really breaks away from traditional movie structure, doesn't
make any sense, and that's what it makes it great.
It's like what we talked with Will about. Yes, yes,
I mean it's there. It's their yellow submarine. It's there night. Yeah,

it's literally like it's it's referencing that which is which
is a cultural callback which we love. It's referencing the
fact that they are as famous as the Beatles at
the time. And also it's irrever big comedy that goes
for the joke, like all scenes are sketches, big costume character,
stupid cameos, dumb like stuff that we don't see anymore.

And it's also it's commenting on the fact that they
have a movie. Yes, and they don't give a ship
or they give a ship, but it's like not in
the ways that you would expect, right, And also it's
the best supporting actress snub for posh Spice do that
what's the line? This dress is dry clean? Yeah, very good.
I can I don't know what's up Jerry, I spy

with my little eyes something blue hospital. Shut up, Jerry,
shut up. Jerry ran so that Regina George saying, shut up,
shut up. In mean girls could run, could run? Could run?
What are you talking about? You so skinny? It walks?
So what could run? You said? It ran so we
could fly? So it could fly. That's what I meant.

Um Oh, and Hans head of content, Hansa saying what
about about Coming? I'm and always we give love to Alan.
We could give love to Alan coming, who was in
Spice World. And Josy the PISTI cats. Oh yeah, I
mean truly doing so much more work than he was required.
But we're so happy. We're so happy. I mean, Spice
World a moment in time and now we actually are

arriving at the top two. At the top two, number two.
Oprah's interview with Barbara Walters. We could clarify this is
in Barbara Walters was interviewing Oprah. Obra was the subject.
This is around the time when the show was ending. Yes,
very emotional and it was emotionally thick. And I believe

what makes this such an important moment is it's two
women who were boundary breakers in media. In media, Barbara
Walters the first woman to really break through in a
broadcasting capacity and knocked down so many doors for everyone
that would follow her, including Oprah, who in turn did

that for women of color and black women, and like
just two of the biggest women in media sitting down
and having a conversation about what this means and how
they've gotten to where they've gotten an legacy that they
that they leave centered around Oprah obviously, but I think
this is most notable for the Gail quote. The Gail quotes.

She is the mother I never had. She is the
sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves.

I don't know a better person. I don't know a
better person. So now you understand the depth of feeling.
Why is it making you cry? I never said that
to her before. And what is in del liable to
me from that interview is just anto. I don't know

what the point was. She's talking about going on vacation
with Gail and driving past a car dealership and then
they go back to the car dealership to buy a car,
and then I remember Oprah going why because I could?
And You're like, Okay, this is the life of Oprah.
She gets to just see a car on a dealership

lot and just be like, I want to buy that.
Let's turn around. Oprah is you know, she is the
obviously the pannicle. There is I think no one more famous,
or more powerful or more important but um and we
and we are holding Opra to account, especially after disclosure
where she is the subject. I mean, you see the
arc between her from her sort of talking about the

anatomy of trans people and being very fixated on that
when she has a transguest on her show to sort
of really kind of enlightening herself on the train. Yeah,
well she's always had to do that. She she she
in the beginning, I mean in um, the white woman
who does amazing work on race, and she does that
Exchane Jane Elliott. She had Jane Elliott on her show

to over twenty years ago. I mean, like doing like
hard work for such a wide base of people. I
have to ask a question, which is, if Oprah still
on the air and has such access to white women
what she did, does Trump get elected? Yes, you've put
you've positive this before. It's hard to say. Well, it's

hard to say because while she did have such influence
over that demographic we saw. We did see her endorse
Hillary Clinton, obviously, and we saw every celebrity indoors silly Clinton.
So it also calls into question the validity of celebrity
endorsements in the year to where sixteen going forward, which
may be different forever. But I do think that she

is that special person who's able to break through the
conversation and say this is my feeling and opinion on this.
That's why the Golden Globes that will be Demila working
was like a huge thing. And like, you know, I
think Oprah is trying to occupy this like sagely place

in the world now where it's like she's still doing
like super Soul Sunday. She's still like has her media
empire out there, but it's like I think she's made
a conscious decision to like leave space for other people.
But I don't, I don't know. There's a there's a
major new act coming in her life and she'll figure
it out, you think, But oh yeah, she'll like I know,

she isn't like top of mind conversation right now, but
there is a major new era of Oprah that we're
going to see. Absolutely, I feel UM, a lot of
not every not every experience sort of rolled into one person.
But like, you know, you have a sexual assault survivor,
you have a black woman, you have um a richer

story X to riches story. I mean like she I
think that. I think that's what in some ways gives
her some credential to talk about to like be like
the steward for other people's experience. That's why it's like, Okay,
it's like Oprah wants me to listen in on a
conversation she has with vern Cox Gray. I'm gonna listen

to him. Like that's what's powerful about Oprah, And you
don't really get that with a lot of other people
and people in media, Like, no, she's one of a kind,
one of a kind. This interview is huge. UM, I
don't know a better person. What a line? I don't
know a better person? She really, I don't know a
better PERSONA yea, yeah, an amazing interview. UM, wonderful supplementary.

Uh sort of viewing for this is they took it
off YouTube, but they used to have a lot of
the final Oprah episode on YouTube, and that is a wonderful,
wonderful ride. You can find it somewhere. You can find it,
somewhere that's probably in your daily emotions. Your video is
something okay, And we've arrived at the number one moment
of culture and I think we both agree there could

be nothing else. And um, this has been a ride,
has been a three episode arc, and here we land
number one, the number one moment in pop culture history.
Look into my eyes, Adele does seem there could be
a no other? I mean it was the Adele doesn't

even heard around the world. We're still dealing with the
ripple effect. We have not yet begun to understand what
happened when John Travolta came out onto the Oscar stage
and said, the wickedly talented one and only which is
not Adina Menzel never will be her name, and then

the cut to her face of abject terror before she
begins singing a song she has not until that point
sung successfully live on the point, she had not sung
it lot, which is which implies that she ended up
singing it successfully and she did not. Um, And we love,
we love, we love her, We love Diana and into

the Unknown as one of my top songs of this year.
I love aDNA so much. I think that she's earned
her place as an a list, being part of several
cultural phenomenons but none of them make the list, like
but she is one of them, the final riff of
defined gravity. But Adele does seem. I'll never forget the

joy I felt coursing through my body when I realized
what he had done. I don't know if it was
joy that I felt at first. I was confused and shocked,
and I remember being with a group of people and
we were just like, wait, what, okay, let's just keep watching.
And then it was this sort of like aftershock on
social media that we were just on Twitter. Our friends

were like, wait a minute, yeah, John Travolta didn't say
her name right, Oh No. I knew exactly what had happened.
The sect it it happened. I remember he said, Adele
do seem. I was watching it with three other people.
Amanda was there. I remember looking over we both through
our bodies like it was like like what it looks
like when someone gets struck by lightning, like the comical
sort of like your body flies over the cross. My

body flew. I was limbs flying in the air. Literally,
my body went into a joy state that I cannot describe,
and I just said, oh, And to see a DNA
mentel stand there and to understand that he did not
get her name was so shocking and joyful for me

because I knew it would be funny later and it's
a good joke now. They presented at the Oscars the
next year. She was up on the if then forwards
as adult does seem for weeks and he was you're
saying that in the next year. It was that weird,
creepy moment where he was like pinching your cheeks. But
when you say, because I agree with you, when you say,
we do not have not have begun to understand what happened,

what do you mean that, Because I feel like, does
this mean that you have like some conspiracy know no conspiracy.
I just I just don't think we understand, like how
good a moment that was for the culture, and we
need to say it's number one, Like what could beat that?
Some people might say, like them announcing la Land and
really it was that the list. I think that was
just honestly a stupid mess up, and it actually taints

the fact that Moonlight flat out won that award. And
I think it's kind of sucked that that happened. Adele
does seem you cannot begin to draw any line from
Indiana menzelto the same. It just came out of nowhere.
But felt like it made so much sense to the
fact that I was like, this changes things. This is

camp comedy high like the most serious the event that
takes itself and most seriously in the industry in the world,
having something so stupid, so stupid, And here I was
thinking that joke of it was that John Travolta was
announcing Let It Go the coming out some of our time.

But yet and yet actually so is this the conspiracy
that John Travolta, through the name, through it and through
the introduction set Adela's em to take the scent off
that everyone would be like conspiracy. You're starting right now,
John Travolta introducing let It Go? Is it because he's oh,

Adele de Zim, what is that? You know? Like that's
like that seems like a fun little truth. I mean,
it's it's something that, um, I can't see it being
replaced by anything else anything. You cannot be Adelasim. We're
we're still talking about it. You watch it now, I mean,
have we played it? But we haven't played it lay it,

and there will always be a special place in my
heart for the movie musical and for the songs that
create the most memorable moments here to perform the Oscar
nominated Gorge, the empowering song let It Go from the
Oscar winning animated movie Frozen, Please Welcome the Wickedly Talented
One and only does Okay, So that was a dell

doz em. It still hits you the same way it
did at first, maybe even more, maybe even harder, maybe
in a different place. Thing is like no one really
knows how. There's been like an agreement about around the way.
Adele doesn't even spell which is a d e l
E d A z e e M. But there's like
an undel happening. There's like it could be spelled a
n d e l n A s i M. It's

a soft d if that even exists. Like so much happening,
Like what is the root of that name? Does seem?
Is that Egyptian? Like what's happening here that the sibilants
on does seem? Like the s sound like it's it's
an s c um a s c i like as
does seem regardless whatever it is, it is the number

one moment and culture has stree and rightfully so, and
it takes its place. And this was a two hour
episode for moments. You know what, I wouldn't change the word.
If I wouldn't change the word, because we are lost cultures,
and we examine the culture that we've all experienced and
which has come before us and that will come in

the in the future, and we say thank you so
each cultural moment that we experience, each cultural moment of
the experience. Well added this out, But Hans said, but
you literally told us to edit words though, and that's true.
But who lasked in the grand scheme of things wouldn't
change the word, wouldn't change a word. So we hope

you um tolerated us self indulging on such an on
such a crazy skill that we would do six hours
total of audio over three days consecutively to celebrate our
two hundred episode, potentially on a miscount our two hundred episode,
but to celebrate with two moments in history and culture history.

But we had a blast doing it, and we haven't
been in the same room recording in some time. And
we had fun, and we hope you had fun. And
I think we're not going to do it. I don't
think so, honey. We're not doing anythink so honey. But
hey this we might even encourage you to start your
own list of the top two hundred moments and culture
history and please send them to us and put them
in a Google Docs send it's the lane, but your
consideration F y C for UM. The next installment of

this in two hundred, when we do this again in
a couple of years, when we have our three and
four hundred episodes. So it's a living document. As we said,
it's a living document. And closing thoughts. I don't have
really any closing thoughts, but I think that we're going
to close things that we always close things, which is
with a song Hell, nobody and all of us, no

wizard there is or us Heather God may real ha.

War it's war, yeah,
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