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Lively Lewis Stories

Welcome to Lively Lewis Stories!! You may know us from The Lively Lewis Show!! Join siblings Levi and Ivy on their incredible adventures, where they learn and model positive life lessons. These imaginative stories of Levi's energetic personality and Ivy's spunky silliness will keep you engaged, laughing and learning episode after episode! Our goal is to capture hearts of kids and parents alike with strong values, big imaginations, humorous pretend play, and healthy family dynamics. Our stories are great for bedtime stories, car rides, or just for fun! Thanks for listening!!


February 20, 2024 10 mins
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The Book Buddies help their librarian, Mrs. Whittaker, revisit her favorite storybook world, "The Super World of Sports," to relive her cherished memories. After rekindling her connection with the book, they join her in the adventures. Jenny (Mrs. Whittaker) takes part in exciting sports moments, and they celebrate her triumphant return to the book world. The Book Buddies then bid farewell, knowing the magic of books alwa...

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Alexandria, Levi, and Ivy, fueled by their desire to revisit the magical book worlds, learn about Mrs. Whittaker's own book adventure from her youth. She shares her longing for a beloved sports-themed book but warns against getting too consumed by it. The Book Buddies understand her perspective but still wish to find a way back into their favorite books. They devise a plan to get Mrs. Whittaker back into her cherished book and ...

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Levi, Ivy, and Alexandria, known as the Book Buddies, eagerly await the school's 100th Book Fair. Their librarian, Mrs. Whittaker, reveals a magical secret: they can step into their favorite books. They dive into their chosen worlds, experiencing adventures, and later return, cherishing the extraordinary experience. Mrs. Whittaker gifts them the books, marking the start of their magical journey in "The Book Fair Chronicles...

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February 6, 2024 14 mins

Levi and Ivy wake up to a magical morning during a camping trip. They explore a mysterious cave filled with glowing gems and discover that the gems possess unique powers. Using the gems' energy, they escape the cave. They return the gems, learning the importance of unity and respecting the natural world's magic.

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February 2, 2024 9 mins

Levi and Ivy prepare for the Junior Olympics, practicing hard alongside school and family responsibilities. They support each other and find strength in their sibling bond. At the competition, Levi excels in basketball, while Ivy shines in gymnastics until she twists her ankle. Jenny, Ivy's friend, steps in on the rings, showcasing her talent. Despite some challenges, both Levi and Ivy's teams achieve commendable results, t...

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January 30, 2024 11 mins

In 2028, the International Olympic Committee opened up the Olympics to kids under 16, creating the Junior Olympics. Levi and Ivy, motivated by their love for the Olympics, decided to try out. Levi focused on basketball, while Ivy started training in gymnastics. Both worked hard and eventually made the Junior Olympics teams, but not all their friends did. Through their journey, they learned about teamwork, sportsmanship, and being e...

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January 23, 2024 14 mins

Levi and Ivy, known as The Awesome Animal Superheroes, discover a magical portal in a forest. They gain unique superpowers and meet Titan, a talking bird. They find out that an angry man named Trap is trapping animals in a giant bubble to get back at the city that didn't support his pet store idea. Levi and Ivy rescue the animals, befriend Trap, and help him see the error of his ways. Trap reforms and starts working at an a...

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January 19, 2024 13 mins

Levi, Ivy, and their friend Noah get absorbed into a video game world called Super Noah's World. They embark on an adventure to rescue Princess Papaya from the dragon-like tortoise, Dozer. With teamwork and power-ups, they defeat Dozer and return to the real world, leaving behind a memorable experience.

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January 16, 2024 13 mins

Levi and Ivy, avid video game enthusiasts, grew tired of their old games. Their parents agreed to buy them the desired Super Mario Bros Wonder for Christmas. Determined to get it sooner, the siblings started a lemonade stand and took on extra chores to earn money. As they realized the value of hard work, they also helped neighbors, and their lemonade stand became a local hit. They learned the importance of earning, giving, and appr...

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January 12, 2024 15 mins

Levi, a talented soccer player, always received praise and was used to being in the spotlight. When a new player named Logan joined his team, Levi had to learn that teamwork and sportsmanship were more important than personal recognition. Initially, jealousy and competitiveness surfaced, but with his dad's guidance, Levi embraced the idea of supporting others. He and Logan became great teammates and friends, realizing that work...

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January 9, 2024 13 mins

Ivy gets scared when her brother Levi shows her a picture of a snake in a wildlife magazine. Their mom questions Levi's prank because he is also afraid of snakes. Ivy and Levi go to the park, meet a new friend named Leslie, and agree to visit her house. At Leslie's, they discover a pet snake named Slinky. Leslie shares fascinating facts about snakes, helping Ivy and Levi overcome their fear. They bring Slinky to their house...

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January 5, 2024 13 mins

Levi awakens in a Pokemon-filled world and meets Ash Ketchum. He embarks on a journey to become a Pokemon trainer, learning valuable lessons along the way. In a challenging battle, Levi impresses everyone and even sees a young version of his mom from her time in the same world. Eventually, he decides to return home, cherishing the experience. His mom, now understanding, expresses her pride, and Levi appreciates her support. The sto...

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January 2, 2024 10 mins

Levi's mom struggles to get him ready for school as he's immersed in a Pokemon fantasy world. She encourages his passion but urges him to focus on school and other activities. Levi decides to cut back on Pokemon but continues secretly training to become a Pokemon trainer. That night, he wishes to wake up in a world where Pokemon are real, and the next day, his wish comes true.

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December 29, 2023 14 mins

Levi is excited to surf alone for the first time but encounters a challenging wave. His dad rushes to help, and they're saved by Echo the dolphin and her friends. Levi learns an important lesson in ocean safety and decides to continue surfing with his dad.

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December 26, 2023 16 mins

Levi and Ivy eagerly await the results of Mr. Crunch's Super Snack Taster Contest, where the winner gets to tour Mr. Crunch's snack factory. Ivy wins and chooses to take her brother, Levi, along. During the tour, they offer creative snack ideas, which Mr. Crunch adopts, making their dreams come true when their snack ideas hit the store shelves.

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December 22, 2023 16 mins

Levi discovers his mom's old crayons are magical and can bring his drawings to life. He uses them to create various wonderful things, including a crayon version of his sister's friend who moved away. Levi shares his magical gift with his family and community, using it to help those in need.

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December 19, 2023 15 mins

Levi, an avid artist, discovers that his drawings come to life during a magical rainstorm. He creates various characters, including a glittery dragon named Buddy. They have fun together but realize that the magic fades with the end of the rain. Buddy leaves a drawing as a reminder of their friendship. Levi plans to create more drawings on rainy days, cherishing the magic he experienced.

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Ivy is excited about planning her birthday party with lots of elaborate details. However, when she realizes her friend Lila has been absent from school due to her mother's illness, Ivy shifts her focus from her party to helping Lila's family. Ivy changes the party date to accommodate Lila and learns the importance of prioritizing others' happiness over her own desires, leading to a meaningful and heartwarming birthday c...

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