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May 17, 2022 33 mins
Charlotte and Marshall return to Nashville, where Charlotte’s name is quickly gaining traction as an emerging act. The Carmelina boardrooms echo with differing opinions on the best way forward. Elliot digs in when they tell him he’s in over his head, and claims he can handle every aspect of her career, but Marshall and Charlotte take meetings with other publishing companies and major label A&R’s anyway. One of the songs Charlotte wrote at the camp gets cut by a big artist who’s rough around the edges, but the single comes out of the gate hot. Before they meet him in the studio, Marshall warns Charlotte about his reputation around women, but Charlotte insists she can handle herself. The session is rough, he’s creepy and disrespectful, but Charlotte sees it through. With attention growing and paperwork looming, Charlotte seeks advice from Emily and Miranda on record deals, touring, and management, and Miranda invites her to come to one of her Texas tour dates. We see Charlotte facing the big question of season two: do I want to be a songwriter or an artist?
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