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May 24, 2022 29 mins
Charlotte goes to Miranda’s show and sees her perform “Champion” live in front of the bright lights and screaming crowd. Looking at the adoring fans belting out the words to her song, she realizes she’s reached the pinnacle of a songwriter, and wants more. While Marshall works on producing the new album with Van, Charlotte negotiates with an increasingly distracted and overwhelmed Elliot. She thinks he’s got too much on his plate, but he’s too stubborn to give an inch. When he finds out she’s taken meetings with other publishing companies, he blows up on Charlotte about loyalty. She explains that however grateful she may be for the opportunities afforded by the chance Elliot took on her, she refuses to owe him forever, and deserves the respect and credit for what her talent has built. Marshall and Emily step in and convince Elliot to delegate. If they all want to succeed, they’re going to need help. They expand Charlotte’s team, and rehabilitate Carmelina Publishing’s relationships that Elliot has soured with his monolithic approach during his decade in Nashville. With the help and recommendations of her new team, Charlotte negotiates a record deal for her debut album. Marshall and Charlotte celebrate with a rare date night alone, where Marshall surprises both Charlotte and himself with a vulnerability and capacity to express his love with the same authenticity of his songwriting.
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