More To It with Marcellus Wiley

More To It with Marcellus Wiley

Welcome to “More To It” a show that takes a deep dive into the biggest topics in sports, entertainment, and culture. The journey begins with headline news which leads to deeper discussions about life lessons that are presented in every story. In every episode we tackle subjects and issues beyond the public’s perception & narrative in desire of new discovery about the stories & ourselves. Hosted by Marcellus Wiley, an outlier who defied the odds to go from Compton to the Ivy League and then played ten years as an All-Pro Defensive End in the NFL. This is not your typical sports show; with topics ranging from the social ills that surround us all, to the character building that occurs from overcoming adversity. You’ll get inspired hearing stories that highlight the growing pains that fuels anyone on a successful journey. You will be encouraged to hear your heroes humanized, emphasizing the shared inner greatness that we all possess. You will leave every episode with a greater understanding that no matter the story, person, or outcome, there is always “More To It!”


October 21, 2023 69 mins

00:08 Show Open / Michael Wilbon

22:25 Bill Simmons

38:08 Cowboy Haters

54:28 Bonus Topic Joe Manchin

01:00:57 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:09:50 Wileyism

Wilbon was talking bad about the arena or the people….but he needs to pick one!

Bill Simmons thinks the future for podcasts is brighter than ever

Micah Parsons is sacking Acho & all the cowboy haters

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00:07 Show Open / Johnny Manziel

17:12 Michigan Sign Stealing

33:04 Parsons vs Martin

50:55 Bonus Topic Gardner Johnson & Deebo

58:49 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:02:19 Wileyism

Manziel never heard of the 6 P’s!

This year Michigan can’t stay out of trouble - or stop winning!

Micah is right, Kimberley Martin is just another Cowboy Hypo-Critic!

CJ Gardner-Johnson ain’t scared of Deebo!

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0:07 Show Open / LeBron James

18:38 Terrell Owens

35:34 Skip vs Me

55:07 Wiley Wins'day

01:00:22 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:04:42 Wileyism

Lebron was flexing and doing King Things on the sidelines

T.O. got hit by a car fueled by jealousy!

My problem with Skip Bayless & Sports Media then and now!

Wiley Wins’Day!!!

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00:07 Show Open / Riding Dirty

18:19 Antonio Brown

28:20 ESPN & McAfee

39:55 Bonus Topic Dr Chao

54:52 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:00:07 Wileyism

Call Nfl Players riding, dirty is nothing new, but let me tell you why we do it, including me!
Antonio Brown is trying to send a message to his ex that only the kid is going to feel!

Pat McAfee’s presence has changed ESPN’s culture by just being himself

Tuesday Therapy w/ Pro...

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00:07 Show Open / Chad Ochocinco

24:54 NFL Emergency

38:44 Whitlock Was Wrong

01:06:05 Bonus Topic (Deion Sanders)

01:11:57 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:17:50 Wileyism

Chad Johnson kept it real nasty and found real love….

Face to Face with your Athletic Mortality - NFL Emergency

Whitlock was Wrong & Right about Stephen A. & Max

Deion has to accept the late night kickoff compliment!

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00:07 Show Open / Sergio Brown

20:28 Deion Sanders

33:46 Lebron James

47:35 Bonus Topic

53:31 Wiley's World Funk Up

58:43 Wileyism

Did Sergio Brown kill his mom and then party like nothing happened?......

Deion knows what time it is, it’s time for Shedeur to get paid for Flexing his watch.....

Did you know Bronny is as athletic as Lebron is?.........

Giving, Donating, and Volunteering ...

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00:07 Show Open / Jordan Love

21:17 Jerry Jones

32:32 LeBron and Shaq

41:58 Bonus Topic Tom Brady

51:58 Wiley's World Funk Up

54:48 Wileyism

To add insult to injury, Jordan Love is trying to replace a Legend.

Ouch! Cowboys have lost faith in Dak!

Rather have Shaq or LeBron own the Las Vegas NBA team?

Mac Jones doesn’t know the patriot way or which way is up

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00:07 Hurricane Heartbreak

15:55 Brock Purdy

28:01 Good Competition

36:06 Bonus Topic Dr Chao

01:02:17 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:10:25 Wileyism

Miami Player’s will struggle to trust Coach Mario again!

Purdy haters just want to be popular, not right!

Rich Paul likes Woj & Shams beefing

Pro Football Doc tells injury stories never told

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00:07 Show Open / ESPN & FS1

18:50 RG3 31:24 Deion & Skip

48:44 Bonus Topic (Chase Claypool)

58:31 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:02:00 Wileyism

Neither ESPN or FS1 wanted to talk about Baseball Playoffs.

RG3 Still wants to play in the NFL and thinks alot of retired players are sccared to say they want to as well…I disagree!

Something’s not right about Skip Bayless getting flowers from Deion for giving Black Broadcasters o...

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00:07 Show Open / McAfee

22:07 FS1 47:35

Lynch 58:10 Bonus Topic (Kelce Swift)

01:06:40 Wiley's World / Funk Up

01:09:41 Wileyism

Why the McAfee show is killing it on digital but not tv?
Some FS1 shows are posting record highs, but not their biggest one!

Why Marshawn Lynch didn’t f*ck with Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll?!?

The Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce coverage is too much, so let’s cover it!

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00:07 Show Open / Deion Sanders

20:34 CJ Stroud

35:26 New England Patriots

47:39 Bonus Topic (Rodgers)

57:25 Wiley's World / Funk Up

01:02:28 Wileyism

Deion hasn’t finished a season in Colorado and they already want him forever.

CJ Stroud was supposed to be a bust…oops!

Belickick vs. Brady has never looked clearer

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00:08 Show Open / Celebs & Fan Pics

20:43 Fan Fights

32:03 Rodney Harrison

42:37 Wiley's World / Doctor Interview

01:22:39 Funk Up

01:25:17 Wileyism

Entitled Fans or Celebrity A**holes?  

Fan Fights, Stabbings, and Death at NFL Games!

Rodney Harrison said what everyone else was saying, but everybody got mad at him?!?

Pro Football Doc separates the lies from the truth from Coaches, Organizations, and Players about injur...

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00:07 Show Open / Dan Orlovsky

18:26 Trent Dilfer 29:45

Gus Johnson 39:20

Bonus Topic (Eboni K Williams)

56:13 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:00:23 Wileyism

Despite reports, Dan Orlovsky was not naked on ESPN, but let me take you behind the scenes so you can see their different approaches. . . the networks certainly have different approaches

Trent Dilfer is going to lose his team trying to lead his team!!!

Was Gus Johnson ‘Balanc...

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00:07 Show Open / Ryan Leaf

17:52 Is The NFL Racist

30:30 Dan Le Batard

49:50 Bonus Topic (Chandler Jones)

57:05 Wiley's World Funk Up

01:03:08 Wileyism

-Ryan Leaf thinks that ESPN is being insensitive to CFB realignment, but is he being too sensitive?

-Is the NFL Racist? Obvious answer, but some of their ads have made people question the league.  

-“Stephen A. Smith wants to end Skip Bayless’ career."

-Dan Lebatard -Chand...

Mark as Played

07:18 Eagles QB Sneak

16:54 Aaron Rodgers

28:12 Media Collusion

40:04 Bonus Topic (Zeke)

48:51 Wileys World Funk Up

55:17 Wileyism

Chris Simms’ wants some defender to kill Jalen Hurts, kinda!

Aaron Rodgers is talking since he ain’t walking!

Lebatard’s show thinks the media sabotaged the Dillard to Heat trade.

Ezekiel Elliott is going to be emotional going back to his old house and sleeping in the guest room!

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05:38 Social Deletion

18:47 Joe Namath

31:09 Mcafee in The Middle

43:18 Bonus Topic (Tyreek vs Micah)

50:18 Wiley's World / Funk Up

56:00 Wileyism

Deleting your Social Media to avoid Trolls is not healthy!

Zach Wilson is closer to being a good QB than people think, including Zach!

Lou Holtz got in trouble talking to himself on Pat McAfee’s show!

Micah parsons and Tyreek Hill know it’s all fun & games until it’s not!


Mark as Played

04:09 Colin Kaepernick

21:49 Sharpe vs Bayless

32:12 Deion Sanders

42:13 Bonus Topic (Sean Payton)

49:33 Wiley's World Funk Up Some Comments

53:37 Wileyism

Does Kaepernick want to be on the Practice or Publicity Squad?!?

Shannon has ratings as ammo to clap back on Skip Bayless!

Skip Bayless’ racial criticism of Dan Lanning was BS!

I bet Sean Payton regrets calling out Nathaniel Hackett now!

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05:56 Terrell Owens

14:07 Oregon Head Coach

27:14 Stephen A and Shannon

43:03 Bonus Topic

Dana White 47:41

No Cap Recap

53:30 Funk Up

01:01:10 Wileyism

T.O. Wants All the Smoke with Stephen A!!!

Oregon’s pregame speech was REAL w/a splash of ENVY Shannon Sharpe thought about ‘Putting Hands’ on Skip Bayless.

The Stephen A. Interview Dana White makes it Black & White on Transgender Athletes

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4:13 - Damien Lillard

11:06 - Deion Sanders

20:49 - Stephen A. vs T.O.

39:59 - Bonus Topic: Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5 Picks

43:32 - Wiley's World

46:40 - Wileyism


Colorado tops viewership record AGAIN because of the Prime Effect!!! Can they go further???

Why Colin Cowherd hasn’t picked a NFL winner this year! Why do you think??!


Damian Lillard “will lose every ga...

Mark as Played

The reason Deion should never leave Colorado Deshaun Watson is struggling because of one word! What Nick Chubb is feeling right now Death & Death Threats in Sports WileysWorld: Stephen A vs. Max & T.O., Deion ranks his kids!

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