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June 2, 2022 32 mins

Tori and Aneesa are joined by Challenge All Star, Sylvia Elsrode. They discuss her political moves with Kailah and The Treehouse this season, being an underdog, and the topics that some Challengers consider off limits while filming.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
What's up, guys. It's Tori and I'm a Nissan. This
is MTV's official Challenge podcast. Yes, and today we have
Sylvia eld Rode on the podcast and we haven't seen
her on our screens since Final Reckoning, so I cannot
wait to talk to her. Yes, and she is dominating
All Stars three. So let's hear what Sylvia has to
say in this interview. All right, guys, we are so

excited because today I think we have one of the
most underrated players of the Challenge ever. This person has
done four seasons. She's done Invasion of the Champs, then
Detta's Final Reckoning, and now All Stars three. Welcome Sylvia,
el I thought, because I know nobody else will. I
just clapped, thank you. How are you doing good? I'm good,

Thank you guys for having me on. I'm very nervous. Um,
I don't like doing this stuff, so here I am.
It's crazy because you you sell homes, so you're always
around new people and having conversations with them, right, right,
go on TV. You've wrestled girls, you've ran finals, Um,
you're winning challenges, but you don't like people. Okay, yeah,

all right, so you're really good at faking the people thing.
I really am. I'm really good at putting on this
big face. And then you know that there's that mean
that you know, you're out in person and you're in
like full skin uniform, and then you come home and
it's just like this zombie that's me, Like that's a
national depiction of me everyday life cannot wait to get

back home. I get it, I get it. But you know,
it's nice that you have or at least you've established
this comfort within the game already. You have the teahouse,
and it's so important to like have people that you
trust in this game. So book. I mean, I don't
trust everyone but to work to work with. Yes, yes,

I don't know how I managed to do it, but
I somehow managed to always fall in with a group
of people that really work closely together, and they take it,
you know, take me under their little baby weing and
I just managed to find the good, the good clicks.
I don't think you need to be under anyone's wing.
I mean, I've seen you. I've seen you on a
final that I think maybe you should have won. Um

me too, did I tell actually to her face? She
knows it. I know and I, you know, always have
been a big Josh fan. Um. I think you guys
worked really well together. I think you've always held your
own and I do think there is a bit of
an underdog in there where, you know, people people look
at us and they're like, yeah, these girls don't can't
do it, and then you get in there and you

kick ass. I definitely think the whole body image thing
is a big key factor. And I think that people
when they look at us, and he said, they just
kind of historia. Look, you know, you look less Sue
and all that, but a hesa, I feel like we
have relatively the same kind of body. Oh. I'm just
saying like we have this. I'm just getting yeah, and
I feel like when people look at us they definitely think, oh,

those girls can't do shit when an actuality, I mean,
we're pretty tough. Listen, bitch, mass moves masks. Both of
you have beaten me in eliminations. So we're just getting
I'm sorry, Sylvia, I'd like to hear about we're just
Gonnay had one of the most worthless partners out there.
She's a great guy, a great guy, but I mean

did not help really all honestly, go back and watch this.
I think what it comes down to, and let's let's
let's focus on some important strategies. Actually, let's just focus
on strategy, because that's I think Sylvia would set you upon.
You have an incredible and you always do. Did you
not win the first challenge this season? Was that you?

That was me? Okay? And then you also won this one?
So you always have a way. You're not an underdog.
I find you, like, not in a threatening way, but
I find it was a really great competitor. And it's
it's not as a threat, like you're good, you're a battlement.
You're all right, you're good. You don't scare me. Average

average player, i'd say, god, average. Well, I just want
to know why you consider yourself average, because I I
just think you have a different perception of yourself. I
do I think that well. I mean, I think you
get told something so many times you start to believe it.
You know what I mean, You get told I hate
to say it, but yeah, as much as you try
to ignore or ignore all the trolls on the internet,

at the end of the day, words cut no. Yeah,
and as much as I can look at myself in
the mirror and say I am genuinely a good person.
I'm genuinely a strong minded, strong willed woman. I mean,
maybe I got a thirteen year old step son, and
holy hell, if you all think that life is hard,
have a teenage step child, I'd have so many step kids.

They're all on the show with me. I feel like
they're all my child. But I just think it's always
been the underdog and everything I think in every aspect
of my life, and I think that's what drives me
to do what I do and succeed the way I do.
It's because I've always been counted out. Hell, even I

hate to say it. I love my closest friends. I've
got a solid handful of them. But when I first
got into real estate four years ago, they're like, well,
how are you going to succeed everybody's real estate? Okay, one,
thanks for the confidence, but do not everybody's me so right.
I think it's also proving people wrong. It's like a big,
big thing. Yeah. So it's like the more they doubt you,
I mean some of us are fueled on that. I

feel like you might be one of those people like,
oh you doubt all right, cool. You don't think I
can do this, I'm gonna show you not only going
to do it, I'm gonna actually win. You know, I'm
gonna beat your ass while I do this. I love
that about you. And so you know, obviously you're crushing
this season and you have Caleb by your side, and
that's really cool because you guys are close right outside
of the game, outside of the end of yeah, I

mean close within the realm of reality TV. You know,
I wouldn't. I love Kayla. We had a rough go
around our very first season on Invasions, but then I
think we came back and I can't remember, but we
worked so well together. And I think the one thing
I genuinely love about Kayla's I know that she's not
going to stab me in the back until you know
what I mean. And even I think if I were

to run a final with her, I don't think she'd
ever stab being. I don't think she would. I really don't.
I think she is genuinely one of the most kind hearted, truthful,
and honest people. I know she's very right and loyal,
and I love that because that's very much how I am. Like.
I don't I don't want to be that person so well,
and I just hate making decisions in general, so it's

really nice to have somebody that does that for me.
I think we all needed Kayla start making some decisions. Bibit. Nope,
I'm with Sylvia on this one. I just perfect. I
will all right, let's start leaking. Yeah, it's not a spot,
it's not for me. And so she actually, oh my gosh,
she would yell at me. She's like, you need to

be out here, you need to be talking to people
like I just don't care. I don't want to talk
about the game. I don't want to do it. Yeah,
I know it's stressful. So did you guys talk before
the season and say, like, hey, girls, listen, I went
out there for a two week vacation. She getting pulled

off to this different cast. So no, we didn't talk
before the season. Oh my god, showed up. I love
that with the intention of like, oh, Panama great, I'm
gonna get an I'm gonna a nice tan drink a
little umbrella, drink on the beach, and then go home
in ten days. That was my plan. What show did
you did you think you were doing? Love Island? No?
I was on as a backup or what is it?

Oh so you didn't never count that out? You got
them old bodies in there, you know, one of them?
I break? Oh god, I'm just kidding. Everybody does everybody
actually as well on that show. I mean, everybody's really good, No,
I know, which puts my thirty three year old self
to shame. I'm like, fuck, girl, you gotta get the gym. So,

I mean, I've been hitting the gym now, just in case,
because I don't want to be caught off guard anymore.
I saw I saw myself on the first interview. I
was like, why would be nice to yourself? You're out
there crushing. Yeah, you know, we do no negative self
talk on this podcast as well. Yeah, it also helps
us not to talk shit about our bodies too, So
that I'm I'm interested because so obviously you were an alternate.

You just told us you get thrown onto the cast
and all of a sudden, this WorldWind of an experience.
What was your mindset going into the game. Were you like,
you know what, whatever happens happens. Did you try to
strategize quickly? No, I don't have a strategy. I just
I think you need a team up I was like, okay, cool,
Kayless here, thank god, because I felt like going in

as a rookie again. I truly felt like it was
my rookie season all over again. All these people have
friendships or have no need, they're in the past. And
I look over and I see Kyla. I'm like, ah, yes,
at least Kyless here, I see Veronica. I'm like, okay,
one more face that I know. Jemmy, Okay, here we
go another one. But but then again, like I really
don't know ever where I stand with Jemmy's or the Veronicas,

just because they have all the other castmates that they've
done so with, so truthfully, the only person I really
had that So I was like, okay, I know I
worked at Kayla before. I know that this person I
could trust this is going to be my person. We're
yeah called for um All Stars one or two. No, okay.
So they were just like, hey, come on this one,

and you were like, okay, I'll think about it, umbrella
drink and then all of a sudden thought about it,
but no, And actually I said no ever, because you know,
I've got my son, you know, my future husband, and
it's just like one of those things that I've got
a family here now, so the times times are different
for me. It's not one of those things that I

can just up and leave. I mean, I've got school runs,
football practices like all that. Mommy still right, Like I've
got like a full blown life here. Like it's not
like twenty year old Sylvia you could just pick up
on a whim. Hey, somebody can watch my dogs. No,
I've got to find somebody that's gonna take Leo. I've
got to find somebody that's gonna be able to take

him to the practices. We could take them from school,
so we'll start at six fifty. Like shit happen, you
know and to you. Yeah. So it was one of
those like you have two full time jobs and then
you leave those to come on here. So as patunate
you get thrown in. Are you like you know what,
I'm just gonna go all out now for my family. Yeah.

It was one of those things that I was just like, fuck,
if I can win this, pay off our house, hell
to the Yeah, that would set that would be fantastic.
So it's one of those things like it's not as
long as the flagship, which I think was phenomenal I
think five weeks is more than enough time to be
with I mean, you guys know, and yet with anyone

you guys, any capacity, I wouldn't I love to I
wouldn't be on vacation with her for five weeks. Somebody
would have to go. Shit. Sometimes I try to kick
my man and my son. I'm like, hey, y'all need
to go somewhere. And that's just like a random Wednesday. Yeah,
Like I need a bottle or two and I need
I need y'all to go. Yeah, dude, I mean it

is wild being in there. And then like the game
starts to take over and then you can kind of
get invested in it. So obviously you have this incredible
life back home and we're so happy for you, but
now you kind of have to like not detach from it,
but enter into this game. And now here you are,
middle of the season, you just won. You have all
this power, The game has changed completely. What was it
like in this moment when you won this challenge, this

daily challenge. This was a shit show for one, guys,
because this wasn't even the game plan for me to win.
I just wanted to make sure that everybody from the
other room was out. I don't want the power. I
need y'all to know I don't want the power. And
I laugh when the people are like, oh, of course
you only want to skate, so you want to screw? Yes, yes, yes, yes,
I want to sit through. I don't. I don't want

to burn bridges. I don't want to when I have
to do in the final, I can do it in
the final, that's fine. But do I want to do
that now? No? Yeah? Why work harder? I want to
work smarter. I did not want that power. And so
when they're sitting over there and Mark's like, yes, we
got it, I'm like, fuck me, I don't know what
we're gonna do. So, I mean a lot's going on though.

You just lost Jemmy and then you lose Tina. We
use Tina and Jemmy within like hours of each other,
hours of each other. The girl Veronica gets sent into elimination,
then she doesn't have to go in. I mean, there's
so many things that are going on, and then all
these ladies leave. You show up at the next challenge,
and then Beth comes. You seem really excited when she's

trying to pick rooms. How did you how did you
feel about that. She Okay, so here's the deal. Like
everybody was like, you guys form your own opinions. You
guys make your own choices. I was pissed off at
Beth from the challenge prior because she came in and
fucked up our entire plan, Like Kayla and I had
a full proof plan and would have executed perfectly had

she not just quit the first that challenge that she
came in on, it would have been perfect, and then
she fucked that up. Then she comes in, she's given
everybody these evil looks and Anissa, so you've played the
game with her before, I've played a couple of games. Okay,
So you know she just stares at you awkwardly, like
she just looks. She gives you these looks with this

very creepy smile on her face. It's like the most
uncomfortable situation you could ever be put in, and you're
just like, I don't know what to do. Do I
smile back? Do I look away? Like I don't know
what to do? Is it like it look like she's
like analyzing you? Is that what it looks like? No,
She's just like I wish you could see me. I
wish she could look like she's just trying to like.

I think All Stars one was a little different, um,
because we all really supported each other. I think there's
so many new people coming back in it was a
very different show. Um. I mean I think coming in
after injuries and whatever, I would be a little bit guarded,
but I don't know. I mean, well, okay, be guarded,

but not throw around nast. Right. Yeah, one thing I
will say, I don't want to tip my I'm gonna
tip my hat to Johnny real quick. He always used
to say, don't ever bring personal shit up. We're playing
a fucking game, right, whether whether things are true or not. Um,
it's just like you don't talk about sister or someone's,

someone's family, someone's whatever, things that are damaging. Right, It's
one thing to be like, you're fucking bitch and I
don't like you and I never want to see you again,
and I hope I could take you into elimination and
bust your ass. Then you never come back to this
show by and I hope you never have a hard
bow movement ever again. I mean like that, but you

know there's a different difference than that. Then things that
are that damaging or that mean or with the intent
of hurting somebody, families where kids are involved, Like come on, missus, lady,
you're fifty something. You know how damaging that something like
that would be, Like, come on, you don't do that.
I just wanted her to say it to her face

when she came over, like I heard my name. That's
all I wanted. I just wanted it to be really real,
like I actually said this about you, and this is
why I don't trust you. I would give a lot
of credit. I give Johnny a lot of credit because
it's like, first of all, Johnny is really really sweet
at least I met her a few times, but she
comes off as a really sweet person. But she really
stops up for herself in this moment and she throws

herself in elimination, which I actually she's a triple O
G for this. My little sister is a fucking animal,
and that's like that you do it. That's the best revenge.
Like shout out to john Nay, you took the heat
for me, like that was so great. But no, tor Yes,
At first, I was confused. I was like, I don't

know if I can trust her. She's way too nice,
Like you just don't meet people like this. She's really
If you're that nice, I don't know if I can
trust she's nice. But she's so smart and I feel
like it's a long time for her to get her
challenge wings and know how to plow to play this game.
She has come into her element. The girl has got it. Yes, really,

And I wouldn't if you would have asked me years ago,
I would have been like, Noah, we just come and
we have fun and we drink and whatever, and you know,
and then she had a boyfriend and whatever and that
was it. But I'm so proud of what's happened. But
she's incredible. But this truly so kind. This game is
so different now. You literally went from what six in
the authority to two? Uh huh do you think do

you see people starting to act different now? Oh? Well,
every Ronica said it right. Everybody's in self preservation right now.
So everybody's trying to save their own asset. And so
this is something that really sucked for me because obviously
I want to save my own ass and I don't
want to burn any bridges, right, I also feel this
need to also want to protect Kayla. So like this

is where it gets tough for me is I know
that I feel like I can trust Kayla, But at
the end of the day, if she were in the authority,
would she go out of her way to make sure
that I wasn't selected? You know? But that's just the game.
That's the name of the game. And now we're at
a point where it's yourself or other people, you know,
And that's why I always been My downfall is I
want to save everybody totally. But I think I like

this call out game though, because it really does help
to not put too many too many people from the
same alliance in the elimination, Like it evens the playing
field because like we get to see these matches and
then with Wes and Yes, like that was crazy because
obviously we're building up to this all season because they
had been having their beef, they had been going at

it all. There is a background though, because I talked
to Yes. I'd bar a little tea here and I
was like, maybe you know how the how the season
Guess is a good friend of mine and I love
him to death. Um, I was like, how to go
da da da da? He was like, Anissa, you know,
definitely definitely called out West basically, so he was just

like I not a bit off more than I could chew.
But he definitely like stuck his foot in his mouth
with that elimination of like he said he had egged
that on, so he did. He did. He had kept
it going all season and it was back and forth
and back and forth between the two. But you know
how West is like, yeah, master manipulator, mine puppet, you
know what I mean. So it's yeah, it sucks because

Yes is so nice and he didn't I feel like
he didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings either, So it
just sucked. The whole thing sucked. I just hate the challenge.
I get it. I still get it to it's hard
to really be emotionally invested. Yeah, I don't know how
to walk through like was an iron soul? Like, how
does it? How does this not affect you? I mean,

I'm actually seeing children, I'm certain of it. Yeah, Well,
I want to know how you felt about seeing kind
of a different side of Yes during this elimination. I mean,
he's talking at shit. I know. It's almost a little
uncomfortable to watch because it felt like it was not
natural for him to be that way. See but I

this is the first time I'm meeting him. Oh like
when he won All Stars one, he was talking so
much shit and there's nobody around too. For half of
he was like, yeah, give me this shit, shit, y'all
want to take this because he had no one too.
When it's just you again or someone else, I think
it brings out more in you, you know, like we

don't walk around. I mean, Sylvia, you've been in really
physical eliminations, like you don't walk around like ra But
then when you get in there, it's like, yeah, I'm
this different person I get. I guess you're right. I did.
I've never seen it from that. But for me meeting
yes for the first time, you know, going through with
the season with him, he just never had an aggressive

to me, never felt like an aggressive phone in his body.
And then I see him up on this platform, Oh
motherfuck this fuck you, like, come on, bring it on,
Like this almost looks a little awkward for you because
you don't look like you're in your element of comfortableness
right right, So you know, I could have been like
bigging him up, like trying to big himself up, like
you got it, like right, a little self that I

do do. Yeah, that I do do. I know. I'm like, okay,
so come on, you got this. Just one more, just
one more, just one more. You've got to keep going,
keep going, don't quit. So I understand that form of it. Well.
It also helped that the elimination before Jordan was talking
all that shit to Durrell and so you kind of
get out in your mind and I took that from it. Yeah, yeah,
you know, and you see that being successful in that area,

and obviously Jordan was smaller, so you it kind of
is like, all right, let me try it again, Let's
give it a go. But that elimination was crazy, and
you know what, I just love that. Like obviously there
was just a lot of balls. Like John Ay had
balls to fucking throw herself down there. West threw himself
down there for Brad. Like you in the authority, you
guys have this really great opportunity because you have people
who are willing to throw themselves in, which is amazing.

But you know, now this is over. We see who
goes home, We see John A and West come back
into the game, and now next episode you're going to
be able to sabotage. Are you nervous because the pressure
doesn't stop. Guys, I'm a shit show. And like I said,
I am not really good at making decisions. I'm really
just not. It takes me at least two hours to

figure out what I want to eat for dinner, Like
this isn't what I'm like. I'm like, babe, you got
to figure it out. You know, I can't do this legge. Yeah,
just too much pressure, too much pressure. So I get it.
I Yeah. I love the fact that I won because
that made that meant I was safe from this elimination. However,
I know that going into this next challenge, I'm gonna

have to sabotage somebody. And the numbers are getting there,
you know, like we're slimming out here real quick. And
the people that you know, I would easily throw it
on because I just you know, I don't really have
any sort of friendship with them. It's getting it's getting
to that point, the lines to that point. The cool

thing is that the lines were drawn kind of early,
which is because then you guys get the opportunity to
just you don't have to be fake. You just kind
of get to, you know, collect people that will work
with you in times that you need them and then
just target the other side. But yeah, I don't. I'm
not an ass kisser, so I'm just I'm not going
to go around right trying to figure that out. If

you want to throw me and throw me in, then honestly,
I'd prefer to be called in rather than choose somebody,
because I've got nothing to lose at that point. Yeah,
did you go into this thinking it was going to
be a little different than the Flagship Challenge? Or did
you go in I'm thinking it was going to be
very similar to the Flagship Challenge. Um, honestly it was
a little eerie too, because everybody was almost getting along too. Well,

You're like, I don't or why are we here to
have fun? What are we doing here? Let me know
so I really know how to take it. But that's
how I think. That's how it used to be, um,
that we would like party and have a good time
and like love each other. But then when it came
down and true rivalries were just that because people did
not like each other. And then we'd go and we

play and then we come back in the house to
be party. Like I just don't really like Kelly and
and I just yeah, I think personalities get along, and
then some personalities just you know, don't. And I think
our two personal and I just can't. I can't, And
I tried several times, God willing, I really tried. I

just there's something about it. Listen, you don't got a
vibe with everybody. You were brought on here to be
friends with everybody anyway, I mean in life. In life,
we don't like everyone. I don't, and we don't have to. Yeah, right,
Like we're not in elementary school anymore. Like you're kidding.
Oh no, I didn't like people, then either you're not

gonna like everybody. And that's part of it. And I
think that's what makes it so real watching these kind
of relationships unfold or never fold or get in there,
you know what I'm trying to say, never these relationships
that never you know, really meshed personalities don't work out.
And there was just the one because I think for
the most part, through the whole house like get along

with everybody except for the one. And it just was
like pulling teeth to even be in the same room.
So right, right, what was that when you were last
on Final Reckoning before this, right, yeah, that was the
one I lost Okay, so that was a while ago,
but like not that far in comparison to some of
these ogs who haven't been on in a long long time.

Did you feel the unrocking you like decades? Yeah? Okay,
that's that's exactly maybe not that long. Yeah. Did you
feel like you had like an upper hand in a
sense because of that? I think that mentally, Uh, I
don't think so, just because I'd never give I'd never

tried to say that I've got an advantage on anybody.
M you don't know how strong somebody really is, whether
it be physically or mentally. Like I feel like you
can be physically tougher, you know what I mean, But mentally,
if you can't break somebody mentally, then you just you
know that's gonna be a tough battle, right um. Speaking
from experience with myself, I feel again like that's one

of those things that people look at me and they're like, oh,
I probably, but mentally I have been through so much.
You you're gonna have to do a lot more than
what you think you're gonna have to do to beat
me mentally, right Sylvia, I tell them I've been through
more emotional pain. This elimination is gonna kill me like

bruises heal all right, right, mental, mental, and emotional strength,
and I've gone through y'all gonna have to do a
lot more than bruise me. I never want to go
into elimination against you. If you hear that out their world,
you don't. So we were just gonna be on the
same side. Okay side on my back I can carry you.

Will be fine, We will be fine. Oh well, we're
really happy that you were able to come back on
because obviously it's been a minute since we've seen you,
and you've blessed our screens, um and All Stars three
is absolutely incredible. It's my favorite All Stars yet except
for the one that Nissa was on, because I love
a Nissa shout out to my girl, and because you know,
I get hurt on the inside sometimes. But I'm just

trying how Stars three is nice. It's nice, and I'm
not on it too. Just take a break and a breath. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
watch y'all do that ship well. Since it's All Stars three,
we have one final question for you. If you were
making a team with three other competitors, who would you choose.
Who do you think would best compliment your strengths and
your weaknesses. I don't know. Oh, this is so hard.

You can get through anything, you know. I can't make decisions.
I would like to draw out of a hat and
where where you let the cards where they like? Okay,
strategy them from this season, from this season. Obviously, I'm
gonna go Kayla. Yeah, you know, I just think that

she was such a strong, just outlly for me. I
loved everything about it. She's political, She's great at that
sometimes when you know she doesn't get in trouble with
her mouth. But yeah, so I know I love her
for that. And then I think, as far as I
need a male side, So I feel like Wes has

such a good and I know I hate it, hate it.
I don't want to give him his props, but West's
political mental game on people is unmatched. You know. Yeah,
I know. So I just feel like I'd have to
choose less. I really would you get to pick another guy?
So who would the who would the fourth person be? Okay,
so I'd have to choose Bubbles Durrell just because he

would I feel like he would be kind of one
of those partners that if you are starting to feel
a little bit defeated. He's gonna build you back up.
You know, he's you've got this, You've got this. So
I feel like he would be the partner that I
have to have on my team. Yeah, Bubbles, Bubbles seen
him from behind. Oh have you ever seen a football

buzz I thought you meant because of that wig with
the tongue flick Dary, that's Darryl. That's my man, that's
my may man. Daryl at the party. That ship is
so funny. I can't get over that. It's funny. I
wish she brought I mean, I want him to make
an Instagram for Darryl. Oh. I think he should do
all cameos and Daryl. Yeah, I may pay for a

cameo just to see that dirty little man. And I'm
surprised the wig lasted three seasons with all the first
two seasons too. A year we had we had a
nineties party and he came in a in a mail
jumper one see like a short jump back and watch
Daryl is not a Daryl is a reoccurring cast member. Yeah,

oh my god, you have to watch it. You would
have loved it. That was the one where people were like,
I thought we were just playing Hopscotch. No, bitch, we're
playing the challenge. But we also had red Wine two
girl in the beginning. I knew that would get you
out this whole time. Yeah. No, they just did it
once and they were like, yeah, we're never gonna do
that again. We tried it, but yeah, yeah, what was

amazing having you Sylvia. I haven't seen you er a
couple of years ago in the lobby in New York. Yeah,
that's right. Sylvia was giving me life. She was life,
giving me life lessons and friend I was, Yeah, it
doesn't matter, you guys gonna. I'm pretty sure I passed
out drunk in a bathroom at a bar on I

think I think you did actually pass out somewhere. I
couldn't make it access on a scooter. Hey, it's amazing.
It's amazing, and we support you, and honestly, we're just
happy that you're back on our screens. So thank you
so much for coming on the podcast. Thank you so much, ladies,
Thank you guys for having me. Yes, where can people
follow you on Instagram? Give us something to latch two

latch I don't even remember my Instagram name. Um wait, yeah,
it's still Underscore Marie Underscore eighty eight. I know I'm
so original, all right, cool, Well, we're gonna send you
lots of pictures of love. Whatever that means to a
sends it, you know, it's up for interpretation. So thank
you so much, Sylvia. Seriously, thank you guys, talking to
you by bye bye. That was an informative and delightful

interview with Sylvia. She is such a joy and quite
quite the player. Yeah, I'm really happy to see her
on All Stars three and hear her opinion on me too,
And I think I think the way she not downplays herself,
but yeah, downplays herself is part of her strategy, and
I do find her to be a good strategist, so
I enjoy watching her. I cannot wait to see what

she does with that sabotage. And I mean we already
said it, but All Stars three is amazing. I think
you should be. Are you taking notes this season or now?
I have a tiny little plunder that I'm taking notes
with right here, So we'll talk about that after. Don't worry,
we'll explain that in future episodes. Anisa, where can people
follow you and send you love? Under the plunger? Okay,

you can follow me on Instagram at Anissa MTV. That's
a n E s a MTV and please send your
listener questions Tory. Where can we find you and follow
you and love you and send you pictures? Plungers, you
guys can find me on Instagram at Tory Underscore a deal.
You can also go on Amazon and then type in
little Plunger and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's

really oh my god, it's because you're the plumber yea, yeah,
you see what you did? So yeah, you can follow
me on Instagram, or you can do us a bigger
favor and rate and review us on Spotify or Apple
Podcasts because you know you love you guys, we'd love
to hear what you think, especially if it's positive feedback. Yes,

so make sure you're hatching new episodes of All Stars
three on Paramount Plus and we'll see you back here
next Thursday for an all new episode of MTV's official
challenge podcast
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