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September 4, 2020 22 mins

Chadwick Boseman's role of King T'Challa in ‘Black Panther’ will not be recast! Will Tom Bergeron be a surprise contestant on ‘Dancing With The Stars?” Demi Lovato’s latest tattoo is all about faith and freedom. Rob is joined by Instinct magazine’s Corey Andrew with all the dish!

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Speaker 1 (00:14):
Welcome to the not even I shall I'm Rob Shooser.
My friend Corey Andrew is with us. Cory, are you there,
I am here, Hello, good morning. Hello. You sound lovely
this morning. Coming from your bathroom, I gather yes, yes,
of course, the best acoustics in the land. Darling. We know,
we know, we know. We have a great show today.
It's been a lovely week of gossip. But before we
jump in the show, I have a quick birthday shout

out to our friend Mulligan. Mulligan is seven years old.
He is a chocolate lab and I love him and
he's lucky enough to live with a friend of the show, Kelsey.
Happy birthday, Mulligan. What time is it? It's tea time.
This is an exclusive You're not going to hear anywhere else.

Black Panther will not recast add Wick Boseman's role. So
after the sudden death of Chadwick are just forty three
years old, that tragedy, absolute tragedy. Black Panther sequel is
going to look very different. Sources are telling me that
the role that he made legendary the King will not

be recast by a different actor. Let me explain what's
going on. Here. Sources tell me there's no question that
nobody else will ever play that role. The king will
always be at Chadwick's role. The idea of finding another
actor to where the costume and the crown will not happen.
It feels disrespectful and wrong. They're going to make some

big changes to the sequel that Disney has already announced.
So Black Panther Tour was already in the very early
stages of development, hoping that they would start shooting in
March or April next year. So since production has not started,
they've got time to get the script, decide what they
want to do, and possibly even delay the film push

it back. It was scheduled to be released in twenty two,
but that could be pushed back to What do you
think about this, Corey? It's big news. It is big news,
and I have to say I agree with them. You know,
celebrities today, they're so connected to their audiences and not
just their characters, but their real lives because of social media,
so there's a real personal connection with with the entertainers today.

So um, I think the audience would probably prefer to
have him just be synonymous with that role forever and
that would be replaced. Yeah. I asked some agents and
manage a friends of mine out in l A what
they think about it, and they said they would love
to be able to say that different celebrities wouldn't want
to take on this role. They'd think twice about it

because it might be seen a step in into some
really big shoes. However, actors being actors in Hollywood, be
in Hollywood. They did say they doubt that, and if
this role was going to be recast, there probably would
be a line of actors begging to get this magnificent role.
So I think this is the studio. They're the ones
that have decided that maybe maybe it just can't be,

and I do think they're right now. In the comic books,
the role eventually, the ruler eventually is his sister. So
I loved his sister in the first movie. I don't
know if it's too soon to just cut straight to
her being queen or not. So I don't know what's
going to happen, but I do know that he is
not going to be replaced. I really believe this feels right,

not only because his death was so tragic at such
a young age, but this movie, this movie was groundbreaking.
It was the right movie at the right time. I
think it's the only action movie, certainly Marvel movie, that
has ever been nominated for an Oscar. It was up
for Best Picture of the Year. This movie wasn't just

a fantastic movie. It was the right movie for the
right moment. I think when the country was going through
so much turmoil and really coming to terms with the
past and some of the things, awful things that have happened.
This movie is really really historic. Do you agree, court Ry? Oh?
I do completely, And it really reinvigorated an interest in
African culture, African history, and young children who had not

even considered their heritage before something so special. They began
to participate with other with the community around the world,
the global community, to celebrate Africa. I was wondering, absolutely absolutely.
The one of the sports stars, Shack Big Shack, he
saw the movie and he said he loved it so much.

He got so sort of engrossed in the movie. He
asked a friend afterwards if we contractually existed. He got
a bit confused. But that just shows you the power
of this movie, which brings us to our pole question
of the day. Black Panther will not recast Chadwick's role.
Are they making the right decision? Yes? Or no? Govert

on our Twitter page it's naughty, nice Robber. On Facebook page,
you can leave a comment there naughty goosip and be
sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results. Corey,
what are you working on well? Halting the Batman? Robert Patterson,
he's got COVID nineteen. So vanderby Fair has learned that
the star came down with the virus just days after

shooting resumed. Now, one of brothers would not comment specifically
on any one individual workers health, but they did share
the following statement. A member of the Batman production has
tested positive for COVID nineteen and is isolating. In accordance
with established protocols, Filming is temporarily paused. Now. The production
had previously shut down along with most other industry work,

as you know, back in March because the quarantine lockdown.
So um, what I found interesting was there was a
trailer released recently for the for the Batman film, and
it looked phenomenal. Now doesn't look amazing, rob wonderful? Yeah,
And I thought that the movie was like done and
coming out like that. I thought that was like the
trailer for the film, and on my Batman fans are like, child,

that's not even done yet, So what do you think
about how are they going to finish? It's wild, isn't it.
But they shot enough to to do a wonderful trailer.
It looks phenomenal. But there's a little difference between a
two minute trailer and a two hour movie. There's a
lot of footage in there. They've got a lot of
work to do. I asked, though, So that the news
broke yesterday that the production was shut down, we all

found out about that, but nobody could figure out who
now the rumor was it was Robert, but van Andy
Fair got their first hats off to them. They got
that was Robert. I wonder, and maybe this is a
little cheeky, but that's what this show is all about.
If it hadn't been Robert, had it been a penguin
or a joker, or you know what have they shut

down if it had been you know, the third criminal
from the left in you know what have they shut
down if it had been the Butler? I just wonder
about it, like, is this special attention because it's their star?
In his defense, though, Batman is in a lot of
the movie. So if the book that gets sick, God forbid,
we can sort of film around him. We can juggle

the schedule and film different things that he's not in.
But I suppose when Batman's sick, we can't really film
very much, because, after all, the movie is called Batman.
He said, what do you think if it hadn't have
been Robert, do you think they might have forged ahead? Well,
you know what, I think you're right that the star
has to be the one where the focus is at,

you know, where that the intentions put on the start,
because it's his film. However, I just thought about the
irony of apparently, you know, COVID nineteen started with a
bat felt weird. That is, Oh, Warner Brothers are hoping
nobody else thinks of that imagery. It's a terrible, terrible
image to have. Hey, we're wishing you all the ust

be safe, everybody. This is serious. Demi Levardo is showing
off a new tattoo she got on her neck and
it has a lovely message. It to faith and freedom.
So she's got some new ink on her expanding, ever
expanding tattoo collection. This one looks like it's a butterfly
stretch out along the right side of her neck. It
says she wrote, dear little Mia, I'm sorry it took

so long, but baby, you are free. So we know
Demi almost died. It was very serious her overdose. So
she's lucky and we're lucky to have her with us. Now.
She's expanding her tattoo collection. She also got the word
survivor that was back in December, and spiritual rebirth, a
tattoo of an angel being lifted by birds on the

back of her neck a few months ago. Let me
ask you, I'm not the biggest fan of tattoos, are you, Corey?
Do you like them or do you not? Do not?
Or you neutral? What do you think? You know what?
I do love them, but they have the bug artistic
and creative. I happen to have one myself. That's not
Where is it? Can we ask? Yes, it's on my
upper left shoulder. Had to think about it and and
I got it much like she did, at a time

where I needed some affirmation and I wanted to have
it on my body so I can always look at it.
But um, that's said, I do think that in her case,
she's got to be very careful that she's not doing
things that are just surface level. It's actually needs to
really stay focused on her wellness and her breat A
tattoo is now going to do it. It's not going
to do it. Is It's like, yeah, I do understand it.

I do understand after going through something awful wanting to
have it marked on you forever. But for me, and
I'm trying not to judge here. For me, it's in
my heart, like when something bad happens, I don't need
it tattooed on my body because it's inside me. I
know it's there. I don't know about them. And I'm
also to just a little bit cautious. Maybe I'm too conservative,
but getting tattoos on your neck or your face. Remember

a couple of a couple of months ago, everybody was
getting Cindy Crawford's son got that tattoo on his face.
Amanda bind I just think you should really really think
about it, because you know, they say it's a job killer. Now,
obviously Demi is very lucky she doesn't have to worry,
but I do worry that it sends a message to
her young fans that they can tattoo their necks and

their faces in their hands. But they live in a
different world. If you turn up for a job and
you've got a big tattoo on your neck, it's awful that.
Maybe it shouldn't be this way, but it is. People
will judges, so just be careful. And I sounded like, mommy, here,
I've been to judge judy. I try not to judge it,
but I mean, I do like a tattoo on an arm.
I'm not sure why people get them on their bums

because you can never see it. Well, the President, your around,
somebody else could be seen. Yeah, I get you. What's
going on with Dancing with the Stars, Cory, Oh what?
Tom Burseron his shades Dancing with the Stars and his
new Twitter bio which is kind of fun. So Tom
bers Eron's fans got to kick out of his updated
Twitter bio, which takes a dig at his former hosting
duties on Dancing with the Stars. Now. Burs Round is

sixty five years old, and he announced in July that
he was abruptly leaving the show serving as the host.
Since it's premiere in two thousand five, that's a long time.
That's a good job. Yeah, that was a good job.
And Bergeron pokes fun at his old gig in his
new Twitter by or, which now reads former co host
of Footwork with the Famous, so he clarified that he

added the salty bio just a few weeks ago and
his fans are only really catching without it now. But
you know, one hopeful fan had a really good idea.
I think. The fan wrote, I was hoping that the
reason why they asked you was because you were coming
back to be a surprise contestant, to which Bersin responded
with a laughing emoji. So, you know, Rob, I thought
about this, and that thought that would be really you know,

we've talked about it and yesterday's show some Mark Glooper,
who co hosts every Thursday. He used to work for
The Wendy Williams Show and the Tyra Banks Show, so
he knows Tyra pretty well. I used to work for Tyra,
so I know her too. I know. I reported that
there was talk about having Tom come back, maybe not
as a dancer, maybe not as a star, but maybe
have him on the first episode to sort of pass
the bat on to Tyra, you know, in a very

gracious way. And I think Tom would be up for it, well,
maybe even have him seated in the ballroom or that.
I'm told there's going to be no audience because of COVID,
but it was decided that Tom shouldn't shouldn't appear, and
not on me, that there will be no tribute to him.
It's it's just like it never happened. I don't understand it.
It's not Tyra's show. You know, Tyre is not exactly
the past the bat on type of person, and so

it's all about Tyra. So I think it's going to
be Thanks Tom, but we're not going to see you again.
I do like the salty bio, though. Have you ever
done something like that? Have you ever deleted something from
your life because you're too angry or maybe you think
it's funny. I don't know if I've done that. Like
I'm I pretty much owned the good things and that
I've done some bad TV shows on my resume, I

think they pretty much owned them. What would you take
out of your bio if you could anything, Corey, Oh gosh,
I think probably, which is so awful to say. But
I did the TV show b et S Comic of
You years ago as a stand up comedian, which was
my TV debut, and it was like disaster. Now we
know what to google for, we have to find it.

And before we get a break, Jane Fonder is revealing
her great regret and it's not sleeping with Marvin Gay.
So she claims that Marvin Gay was very fond of
her and he even had a picture of her on
his fridge. He died in four at the age of
just forty four after his father's shot him. I forgot that,
and she went on to say that it's one of

the great regrets of her life. He wanted to sleep
with her, she didn't at the time. She was married
and she met him through through a friend. Have you
ever it really made me think about this. Have you
ever regretted not sleeping with somebody? Not sleeping with somebody?
We might have all regretted that, but have you ever
regretted not not doing the deed? Corey? Yes, and I

won't say the name, but I was a very famous
British out actor. I was young and pretty in my twenties.
You're still pretty and young, my friend, you are young ish.
But yeah, So this particular British actor who's out approached
me at the gym and made advances and offered me
an opportunity to quote court hangout, and everyone wanted me

to stay away from him because he did everyone. And now,
why do you regret it? Now? I regret it because
you know, he was definitely gorgeous and one of my
favorites at the time, and I was sold star struck,
and now looking back, I know, but it would never
be good though. If your star struck, it's never going
to be as good. It's no, it's not going to
be as good because on tvated films they're lit beautifully,

they've got a script. I was fined. I don't know.
The few famous people I might have kissed were not
quite as magical. Do you know once George Michael hit
on me in London? It never happened. He looked very sweaty,
and he looked a little bit bloated, and I think,
I mean, it was clear to me, even at a
young age, that he wasn't quite there. I think he

was on drugs or something. I don't know, but I'm
glad I didn't. I don't regret it, I really don't,
because if I had done it, only if i'd done
it and it's been good, would I would have been obsessed?
And if I've done it and it had been bad,
I would have never been able to listen to his
great music anymore. Okay, we're spinning out of control here.
Let's take a quick break and we will be right back.

Welcome back to the Naughty but Nice Shaw. I'm your
host strump Shooter with our fabulous friend Corey Andrew. Corey,
how you doing. You're having a good week, I am.
It's a really lovely week. Summer still here. A few
more weeks to sun, you know, and I know Labor
days on Monday. I think, so it's officially over. This
is like our last Friday of summer, although I think
we can extend it a little bit. You know what,

it's been a very trying us. If you need to
have a few more weeks at summer, you do it. Okay,
let's get to the polls dark. So yesterday Mark Luper
gave us an exclusive from US Weekly. It's on their
cover today. The Church of Scientology is tightening their reins
on its members. Will Tom Cruise ever leave? Will Tom

Cruise ever leave the church? Yes? Or no? Gosh? This
might be the biggest landslide we've ever had. On the
Naughty Button Night Show, Whopping ninety percent Night said, no,
he's never going to leave. What do you think, Corey?
Yes or no? Would he leave the church? No? I
don't think he can. I'm sorry. He would try and
he'd end up like, I don't know, disappearing or something. Well,

they know everything. I mean, as Leah Reminis said in
her A and E documentary, they do know everything. She's
actually hinted that there might be, you know, some sort
of vet while she hasn't hinted. She said it's a
very sinister place, and so you all agree with that.
I wonder if you'll ever talk to Suri again, his daughter,
she's a teenager. Now, I wonder. I know it seems

so I can't imagine cutting off somebody that I loved
a family member for that long. My sister Bet is awful.
My sister and we fall out all the time. But
I don't I couldn't you know what to me? And
I just don't know if I could cut her off,
I probably should, it be better. I hope she's listening. Okay,
don't forget to that. She's terrible. Tom Cory, don't forget
to vote unto Day's pole, you can go to our

Twitter page and naughty nice rather our Facebook page Naughty Gossip.
Leave a comment there and be sure to check back
on our next show to get your results. And now
it's time for Nicest of the Day. So Siffy, what
have you got Corey? Well, you know, Brad Pitt does
not care if Angelina is going to lash out, So yes,

if he's taking Nicole to Miraval, and then Nicole is
his new German girlfriend, and uh, you know, on his
former wedding anniversary he took his new girlfriend to his
that his current house with Angelina, which is so nat Yes, yes, yes,
but a source tells us tells Us Weekly that Brad
knows exactly what he's doing and the reaction he's going

to get from Angelina. He just doesn't care if she's
going to lash out, and he expects that she will.
Now Pitt six and the model was twenty seven. They've
been seeing each other amid his messy divorce from Angelina,
and the couple were spotted arriving at Chateau Miraval, which
is the estate that Pitt and Jolie purchased to there
in two thousand. It's like a beautiful vineyard in the
south of France, and it's mere. He and Angelina got married,

so now it's bringing like the new girlfriend to the
baby mama's house in the south of France. Now where
I'm from, that would get you that that guy, I'm
just gonna what do you think about? I think you
should get a cheap hotel like everybody else. But I
guess when your branded, you go. Although we're gonna say
he's the nicest of the day, because I do think
there's something very wonderful about not caring anymore about what

somebody from your past really thinks. Like you're divorced, now
live your life. Do you ever do that, Corey? Do
you obsess about the past or what somebody's going to
think of you? Or can you move free? Oh? Yeah,
I used to, but now I don't care. My mother
was like that. Everything was about like what people thought.
When I was My mom was like that, Yeah, I
think moms do that. So I had to shake that

as I got older. So I like, live my life unapologetically.
Don't you live your life fabulously? We love it? Okay,
let's do a naughtiest of the day. And naughtiest of
the day. There's royal commentators in the UK Britain. I
know a lot of them, and they've had some very
salty things to say. I love that word, salty things
to say about the Harry and Megan's new deal. So
Harry and Megan appear like they've signed a hundred and

fifty million dollar deal with Netflix. We're not quite sure
what they're going to do because they don't really have
a very long resume of producing TV shows. In fact,
they've never produced one at all. So this is an
extraordinary deal. It's clear and I'm not being rude here,
but it is clear why they got it. Corey and me.
If what your Korey and I sorry, if we did
they try to do a deal, we'd get two dollars

since we've done have any experience. So they've got it
because of who they are. Sources are telling me Netflix
is not even that concerned about them producing very much.
These are going to be like ambassadors for the brand,
and they think it's worth them if they never produce
a hit show, or never produce the show period. I
don't think anyone's going to be too surprised or angry
this is about having these two as really the ambassadors

of this brand. It is not a lot of money
for them, it is for us. But for the company
to pay this sort of money to have an association
with Royals might even be worth it. I don't know,
but they said, I remember they do the Crown. I
can imagine if they do a cocktail party with Harry
and Megan to launch the Crowds new season, I'll be marvelous.
But the Brits has been really saucy about it, saying

that she thinks she's going to have full control Megan
where she's not. They also said that she's going to
try and cast herself as a mother terracer in all
the documentaries she's she's planning to do. And I just
think we should be too down on it. Yet they
haven't started. Let's wish them. Look, you British press, particularly
your Royal watches over there, cut him a break. They're
trying to get free financially from the family. They've finally

done it, and we're still complaining. It's like they can
never win. Let's cut them a break. Okay, it's time
for a moment of Robbi Robb, So hopefully we make
a giggle or lad for twenty minutes or so, but
for a moment where a little bit more serious. I
want to talk about friendship today, particularly being best friends
with yourself. So when you become your own best friend,

you also become your own best advocate. No longer always
saying yes, but rather learning to pick more carefully and
learning to say no. Corey, how are you at saying no?
Can you do it? No? I'm getting better, right. I
want to please everyone. It's a it's a it's something Morgan,
and I want to please everyone, and sometimes I end

up falling short because I have extended myself. I mean,
it's a common response for that, But what I would
say is that you're not pleasing everybody. In fact, you're
not pleasing the most important person of all, which is you.
So when people say I want to please everybody, don't
say that. Say I want to please everybody else, be
honest with yourself, and I don't. I mean, I do
like coming from a place, and yes, I do try

to be positive, I really do, but I'm quite good
at saying no, and it never works out when I
do something that I don't want to do for many
different reasons. Responsibility, kindness. Being bribed like I did never
ever ends well. So it's easier to say no right now.
Also too, after yes, the next best answer is no.

Maybe it's a terrible answer because it leaves everybody in limbo.
So if you don't want to do it, say no
and then we can all move on. Hey, that's it
for this week. Thank you so much for listening to
Not but Nice with rub, a production of I Heart Radio. Corey.
Thank you so much. We love having you on Friday
as we look forward to it, don't forget to subscribe
on the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever

you listen and leave us a review. We're getting some
more reviews, so thank you for those, particularly the five
star ones. And remember, let's all say it together if
you're going to be naughty,
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