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November 9, 2020 20 mins

After The Trump's leave the White House where will Melania live? Alex Trebek dies at the age of 80, Radio stations agree with Mariah Carey! Rob is joined by his dear pal Garrett Vogel from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show with all the scoop.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
A shot to the Norse Nice Show. I'm your host,
Rob Shooter. It is Monday. We've got a ton of
gossip and joining us every single Monday. We love him,
we want him even more is our friend Garrett Vogel
from Z One Elvis to Round Show. Garrett? Are you there,

Rob Shooter? How are you? How? How are you? Really? Lovely?
I work like a lunatic all week trying to get
gossip and celebrity dish and all that other delicious stuff.
So I really really sort of value my weekends. I
can turn off, I can turn my phone off, I
can turn all that noise down, so I sort of
tune out. What about you? You know? I try, but

it gets tactic because you know, you want to do
things in limitations of what you can during a pandemic.
You want to try to get outside. You want to
try to go, you know, go for a walk with
friends and have a drink. You know, it's so you
try to do that. Do you have two phones though?
Because do you have to shut phones off? You have
interesting No one said look at you. I didn't know that.

I didn't know that. And I have so many email
addresses I forget which one's which like, honestly, I made
one email address up deliberately for my mommy, which is
I love Rob Shooter at I know, so every time
she has to send me an email, it's all about
putting it down in the world, you know. So mom

now knows every time she said to me email that
if she doesn't send it to that address, I won't respond.
So it's just an email address for my mother. Think
about it. It's not a bad idea. Okay, what time
it is exclusive right at the top of the show.
We're not a political show. We're a celebrity gossip show.
But this is in the world of both. Maybe at
the moment, we have an exclusive that Melannia Trump wants

to return to New York City with or without her husband.
So after Donald Trump leaves the White House, so he
say he'll probably head to marra Lager. In fact, insiders
are now saying the family looks like they're going to
spend Christmas in mar Laga and might never go back
to the White House in January. However, that is not
where Malania wants to spend her day. She's a New

York girl, she loves the city. Before he ran for president,
you actually saw her out and about in the city
quite a lot. I've bumped into her many, many times
around New York. It's a wonderful city to live in.
It's even better if you've cut their money. I mean,
it's it's an amazing city. There's no way you're bumping
into her now, because even if you do bump into her,
that means you're getting through hyper Although I did bump

into Avonka Trump and Jarrett at Nobu fifty seven. It's
a fancy restaurant uptown, and they had secret service with them.
I know. It was wild to see them with secret service.
So it's interesting, Like you gotta look into it because
I know the President and the first Lady get it
for life now, but I don't think they do. Who
told me there? Jenna Bush Jenna Bush on the Today Show,

whose father was George W. Bush. She got secret service
and as a family they decided to get rid of them.
I know. She said it was really weird for the
kids looking around and seeing mommy and daddy and all
these men and women in dark suit and sunglasses. And
they had to convert their garage at their house into
like FBI secret surface headquarters because they need a room

to put all the computers and all the guns, I guess,
and all that stuff. So Milania wants to come back
to New York City. Inside, I say, her number one
priority love or don't love this family. Her number one
priority is her son. Though I think we can all
agree that she's done a terrific job keeping him out
of the spotlight baron. He's only I think twelve thirteen,
maybe fourteen years on old. As a young man. She's

looking at schools to bring him back here to New York.
What do you think about this? Could you live with
your husband or your wife in a different city if
it meant sending the kid to a different school. How
is all this going to work out? I don't think
it would work, you know, for a normal person. But
you know, in that celebrity world where they're like, think
about Kelly Ripper and her husband, who is Mark con Swellos,

who is literally on the West Coast almost nine times,
nine months out of the year filming. He shows you
know what I mean? You know, so there's that, you know,
I think the celebrity world, there's something you and I
never understand in the sense of having a full family.
But hardly people know not terribly well, Bruce. My husband
knows a lot more famous people than I do, but

a lot of them. The star of the family is
on the road all the time. They're always in Japan
or England, are touring around America doing concerts. Obviously not
at the moment, and their spouse or their family unless
they work for them, unless they're the manager or the
agent or something, they're not with them. When I worked
for bon Jovi, I went on the road with Bonovi
for months at a time. Dorothea, his lovely wife, she

wasn't there, so they spent a lot of time apart.
Also to I think celebrities can afford private planes and
hell acopters to get together. But it's so interesting, isn't it.
Once again, We're not a political show, so I'm not
going down that route. But I just think it's so interesting.
Can a couple kind of family live a part? This
brings us to our pole question of the day. Melania

Trump wants to return to New York City and her
old life. I'm not sure that will be possible, but
her old life here in New York City, with or
without her husband. Are these two going to make it
do you think they're going to stay together? What do
you think? Go vote on our Twitter page at Naughty
Nights are about Facebook page is Nowity Gossip. You can
leave a comment there and be sure to check back

tomorrow to hear your results. What's going on this Alec Trabeca. Oh,
all right, so the the anslot of continues. I mean,
a few weeks ago, Regis filled in, we're talking about
Sean Connery. And over the weekend we lost Alex Trebek.
He was eight years old. Apparently he died very peacefully

in his sleep at home. He's been battling pancreatic cancer
now for a couple of couple of months to almost
a year. And uh, it's super interesting because just a
few weeks ago, we're talking about two weeks ago he
filmed he was filming Jeopardy like he was filming what
now will be his last episode of Jeopardy, which will
air on Christmas Day. Um. It was super interesting though,

because over the weekend a clip one viral of contestant.
You know how Trebec talks to the contestants day who's
in the audience or who's watching at home? And U
one of the contestants said Hey, I just want to
say thank you because I came to this country and
I learned English and everything from you. And it was
a very like, very nice clip, and then all of

a sudden, you get this story Sunday morning. It stinks,
you know, it's just and to even have the conversation
of who's going to replace him, he really can't. As
much as you want to have it as friends, you know,
you and I go, hey, how about this person? There
really isn't that next person. The guy's been doing it
for almost thirty six years. He was the host of
a show and he was he I mean, did you

even think about betted? Like a little reporting on this,
and it was a really tricky thing to do because
it feels disrespectful to talk about anybody replacing him. And
I think, ultimately here when when I hit the phones
to my TV people that said it won't be a replacement.
He was Jeopardy, he was the show. After that amount
of time, you're not the host, you're the show. However,
the show makes an enormous amount of money. It is

so one of the top rated shows in its time slot,
so it will go on, or at least they will
try to continue without him, and the names that kept
coming up was George Stephanopolis, very interesting, but the more
interesting name was Gail King. Gail King is already part
of CBS, which I think is part of Jeopardy. I

think it's all part of King world, that the whole
company owns it, so it would be an easier transition.
And I also think too, maybe now, maybe a woman
of color might be the perfect choice after all these
decades of having a white man host it, so they
won't announcer host yet also too, I'm hearing and I
think this might be a good idea. Garrett, what do

you think they might have rotating hosts just for a while,
maybe for a while, kind of like how Kelly Ripper
did it before she landed on you know, Ryan Seacris.
But I think ultimately you need that one host of
the that constant, you know, familiar whatever. But I think
you're right. But I think they get that. But instead
of hiring somebody and then just seeing how it goes,

it's like a little audition they think in TV. And
I kind of agree with this. Let's just do the show,
Let's rotate the hosts or a couple of months and
the one that fits will become evident to us and
instead of us picking the host, really it will just
all become very clear once we start doing these shows.
I think it's remarkable to he has seven weeks of

shows in the can so we've got about a seven
more weeks to to join him each date. So so
his last episode or aeron Christmas, which you know, it's
kind of kind of interesting. See families will be either
together virtually or somewhat in small groups and they'll be
able to watch it. But did you know this Rob Shooter,

he's been through a lot. Alex Trebeck has been through
a lot. Uh you know, under the last eight years
he had a heart attack, in brain surgery and then
pancread a cancer over the last year and change, I mean,
and he kept on He it's kind of like almost
like Chadwick Boseman in the sense where you really you

really didn't know that he was going through so much
because he just kept on going with such a brave face.
And and that's why he kept on doing the show.
He said he felt it was so important that it
was just he needed to do it, and that's why
he kept on filming up until so we need did
it with such class. Rest in peace, Dear Dear Alex
Okay moving along Joe Judici from the Housewives of New York,

Jojodici daughters. His daughters have joined him in Italy. So
two daughters are with him in Italy right now. He's
really created the life for himself in Italy, so he
seems to be enjoying it. He's dating over there now.
Two daughters are out there with him, and the other
two who have I think school obligations will be joining
their stepfather soon. What I love about this story is

my inside is are telling me it is not impossible
that the girls might want to move to Italy full
time with their dad. This is not a reflection on
their mom. They love their mommy. But however, Italy is exciting.
It's new choice between Jersey or Italy. I mean, no,
I don't. I don't think any normal person unless you

were born and raised in Jersey would be like, you know,
you don't worry about it. Jersey. I think I think
for be a train wreck, as all these reality shows are,
particularly The Housewives, and that's really why we watch it,
because it's such a slobby, slobby show. I think they've
sort of come to a conclusion here that's really rather beautiful.

Mom and dad are still friends, they still talk, both
of them support each other. They're both dating now, at
least he is, and the kids are going back and
forth and they see him, which is surprising because I've
watched this show. They seem really well adjusted. It seems
like this is going to work at for the best. Gosh,
can you imagine. I don't think any child, nobody wants

to think of their parents getting divorced. But if your
parents do get divorced, can you imagine if one of
them moved to Italy and you that's that's that's something
to think about. Can you imagine? Imagine those arguments? I mean,
speaking of the housewives, as we were talking about Vanka
taking reality show offers and you know, Malannia, what about
this Rob Shooter. Both the Trump family is in New

York and New Jersey, there could be across the ultimate
crossover episode. What if one housewife does both shows because
she she can technically because she lives in New York
and New Jersey. I mean that talk about doing something
different new I mean that it's interesting with Ant because

he's such a liberal, he's such a demo crash. He's
so pro Harich Linton, and he knows the ratings, and
there was a moment when he was so disheartened with
which was going gone over the last four years. There
was some speculation that he would start getting rid of
the Republican housewives, of the Trump supporting housewives, and it
never happens. And I asked my brothers sources what was

going on, and they said, oh, no, no, no. At
the end of the day, Andy is about ratings and
this drama. Maybe maybe it's too soon now, but maybe
in six months. I've seen a crossover episode between New Jersey.
I love when TV shows do crossover episodes. This could
be a first for Real Housewives. And just saying, but
Rob Shooter, it is that time of the season. We've

we've gotten through Halloween, you know, we forget about Thanksgiving.
We go straight to the holiday music. So I don't
know if you noticed, but Mariah Carey has come out
of hiding and it is now Mariah Carey season and
radio stations all across the country, including our our lovely
company that that hosts this podcast each and every week,
I heard radio we're playing Christmas music until probably Christmas

of next year starting already. So uh, it's it's it's
it's weird but also very heartwarming at the same time
to think that it's, uh, the early November and we're
already listening to Mariah Carey, uh come November one. But yeah,
I mean Starbucks is even is even pulling out the
big guns early. They're giving out their holiday cups. I mean, uh,

you know Candice Beret uh is on Hallmark already getting
married every every Christmas episode. I mean, it is the season,
and you know, I think we all needed just a
little bit right this very minute as the phone goes.
But you know, it's it's it's very cool to see that.
Uh you know, it's it's a good distraction that I
think it's. I like it. I love holiday music, I

love Christmas music. I love going into Starbucks and seeing
the holiday cups, and I love the Hallmark Channel. Some
people say it's too early, and I think they get
a little cross by it. I say, this year, bring
it on. Although they did us some people over at
our Heart about this and they said, it's actually not
that much earlier than than usual. You've worked in radio
for a long time, about eighteen years is this earlier garage?

Was this about the same time. It kind of feels
like that every year, But once you sit down and
think about it, it's right on track. And you know
what I did November one, just like Mariah Carey, she
broke out, you know, she broke out the holiday music.
I did something I've never done and I've always been
against it. I put up holiday lights. I started putting
up my my outside lights, and I became the first one.

The whole street explodes. You're the one. You're the one.
I'm waiting. I'm looking on the Facebook groups. I'm waiting
for my house to start talk about like, you know,
one of those gossip like you know, inside her town sites,
like did you see the house first? It's not even
Thanksgiving it I'm a big believer in if it makes
you happy and it doesn't hurt anybody else, do it.

If you want to put on your best clothes today
and stripped down the street like a peacock, do it.
If you want to wear a top hat, do is.
If you want to put up your Christmas lights, if
it brings you happy, us leave him up all year round,
quickly before we get a break. This is a really
petty story out of London. Oh it made me a
bit sad. So Harry and Megan are in the USA.
They're in California. On Sunday yesterday it was a remembrance

Sunday in Britain where people put down reefs to remember
all those that died in the war. Heroes. Harry could
not be there, so he asked the Palace if they
would lay a wreef on his behalf. He was told no,
so on Sunday his brother later reef. The Queen wasn't
there in person, but his brother did lay a reef

for the Queen. Prince Charles was there. Harry also served
in the British Army for over ten years. He went
to Afghanistan twice. And I think this is really petty.
What do you think? I I think so too, But
you know, I got a good given for what the
story is. It's very serious. But the way that you
know when you're you sent me what you were going

to talk about, the headline that you wrote, I I
took it for this. Prince Harry US did turn down
service at the Palace because you said turned down. By thought,
I wouldn't if they have turned down that they do well.
We think about that. We're going to take a quick break.
We will be looking back. Welcome back to the Naughty

but Nice Show. It is Monday. We've got lots of Gussie.
I'm Rober Shoetter with my friend Garrett Vogel, Garret Darling.
Let's get to the poles. So on Friday show, we
had a great exclusive about Claire Crawley and Taitia Adams
at war. There the two bachelorettes. One has just left,
one has just arrived. When you leave a job, Garrett,

do you want your replacement to fail? Yes? Or no?
Oh you're such a nice bunch. At The Naughty but
Nice Show was seventy four percent said no. I'm afraid
to admit I do. I don't admit it very often,
but when I've been fired or whenever left it, I
think we all do. Most people are lying by the
way that voted up, but it is interesting. Maybe I

don't want it passionately, but I do want to be missed.
I want them to be like, oh, that Rob Shooter
did such a great job, but you're much nicer than me.
Don't forget to vote on today's pole. Milani and Trump
wants to come back to New York. What do you
think about that? You can go to our Twitter page
Naughty Nice Rob or your Facebook page which is Naughty Gossip,
and be sure to check back tomorrow to hear your

results are n It's time for our nicest of the day. Yes,
all right, well it's all about the pop diva's rob shooter.
So Ariana Grande just put out her album and you know,
she did a very solid job on the numbers wise,
almost two hundred thousand copies a hundred and eighty thousand
copies sold, which is huge. And if you think about it,
groups and female female female artists are the ones that

that you know, do big numbers. I don't see that
for male numbers a lot so um. But but let's compare.
So Lady Gaga's first week of sales was about a
quarters A little bit more pretty good, a little bit
more like almost almost three hundred thousand. Halsey did almost
two copies. But I mean, let's not forget tell her

swift massive first week with her surprise album eight hundred
and forty six thousand copies. Uh, you know, in comparison
to what Ariana Grande did. Now, in all fairness. Arianna
Grande's you know, fans a little different from Taylor Swifts
in the sense of, uh, you know, going out and buying.
They don't do a ton of streaming like they stream

until they're blue in the face, so Ariana Grande. But
in general, women in popul music right now are strong.
Congratulations to all of you and nights time Fran Naughtiers
today Anderson Cooper calling President Trump an a beast turtle
one of the state, and you know it's silly, it's

below you. I hate when I do this too. I've
called people's names and I hate myself afterwards. It's never
ever a good thing to do. Where are you un
name calling Garrett, no matter what it hurts someone. Um,
And unfortunately this is one of those things where I
think we've all gotten caught up in the moment and
just say something. Um. Hopefully he does, you know it.

I think he does for for what he said, because
at the end of the day, Uh, there there are
people out there in the world that though you might
not agree with hint the president or whatever, still they
are the same, you know weight, and they reflect you
know them. So it's you've got to be careful what
you say, because though you might think you're offending just

one person, light jokes and not funny call people names,
it's just not cool. Don't do it. And it doesn't
matter if they call you names. So some people are saying, well,
they've called us names for years, for four years, it
doesn't matter. Let them call you names. Do not do
not take the bait, and that's time for a moment
of rob. You get rob, get rob, get rob before
before I'm the marvelous person session in front of you today,

I would hold a groach would There was a time
in my life where us hold a grid so long
it actually became my identity. I convinced myself that I
was such a victim of unforgivable deeds that I ended
up trapped in my past. The truth was I didn't
want to move on. I wore this victim badge like
it was something to be prouder. But I realized what

I was basking in the wrongs of my past. It
was impossible for me to be free to participate in
my rights of tomorrow. Don't hold a grudge, let it go.
We ran out of time. Thank you so much for
listening to the naughty, but night Show. Thank you, Garrett.
We're a production of I Heart Radio. Don't forget to
subscribe on the I heart Radio app, Apple podcast or

wherever you listen and leave us a review and altogether,
and I remember, if you're going to be naughty, take
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