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February 8, 2024 23 mins

C&R Check in live from Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58 festivities, Rich's Super Bowl prop bets - gatorade color and jersey number - courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook, rapper Lil Dicky joins the show to share his thoughts on his series Dave, making new music, and Drake's recent video leak

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Over Promised is presented by DraftKings Fantasy Sports. Check out
what DraftKings has to offer this season with code over Promised.
Because life's more fun when you're in on the action DraftKings.
The crown is yours.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Gambling problem called one eight hundred Gambler Agent eligibility restrictions apply,
voidware prohibited. Seadraftkings dot com for details.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
Welcome to over Promised, our bonus podcast live from the
Mandalay Bay Radio.

Speaker 3 (00:37):
Row, Las Vegas, brought to you by DraftKings Sports Book.
I'm Cavino, that is written.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
Now, we got little Dicky Dave Hi, I'm Dave's the best.

Speaker 4 (00:46):
Stop him by in just a little bit.

Speaker 1 (00:47):
A little bonus interview on today's over Promise. But we
got to go over some prop bets for Super Bowl
fifty eight courtesy of DraftKings Sports Book.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
There's some good ones I got to today.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
I'll give you some more later in the week, but
I want to start with one that people talk about
every year, and that, my friends, is what color gatorade
will be poured on the winning coach or players?

Speaker 4 (01:08):
Like, what gatorade's gonna be all with the on Shanahan?

Speaker 1 (01:11):
If you're you know, some hope and yeah, Andy Reid,
no thanks.

Speaker 3 (01:15):
I'm a Niners fan, right.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
But I'm looking at the prop bets right now, and
oddly enough, you would think Niners are red. The Chiefs
are red, so you would assume red. Gatorade's like the
number one answer on the board, the best odds. Actually
it's the fifth best odds.

Speaker 3 (01:29):
Oh really, it's a color clash.

Speaker 1 (01:31):
I mean, going on, purple is the likely favorite. I'm
like purple, and they pushing some new purple rout I
don't know. That's plus two twenty five. Yellow, green is
plus three hundred, meaning bet one hundred win three hundred,
Orange plus three hundred, Blue plus three fifty. Red is
plus three fifty. I'm putting my money on red. I mean,
whoever wins, that seems like the safer bet. But then again,

have you ever seen red gatorade? I feel like you don't.
Usually clear gatorade is plus one thousand, and have about
no gatorade at all plus sixteen hundred.

Speaker 3 (02:03):
So man, that's a tough one.

Speaker 1 (02:06):
And this guy's such a gambling fool, by the way,
that we're betting on gatorade.

Speaker 3 (02:09):
Yeah, we're betting on gate raade.

Speaker 1 (02:10):
But he also hit on Red sixteen this week Joe
Montana style. Yeah, we're here in Vegas, so I'm just
thinking out loud. I don't know why purple is the
odds on favorite. Maybe someone got some intel, like Andy
Reid likes purple drank.

Speaker 4 (02:24):
Who knows, but I think.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
Right now I'm gonna go Niners, Chiefs whoever wins red Gatorade.

Speaker 4 (02:30):
You don't see it that often.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
It's plus three fifty, Hey, couple bucks, make it fun
DraftKings because purple was part of the remember to Big Conspiracy,
part of the color of the official Super Bowl logo.
You know all right now, The second prop bet I
want to make before we get to a little Dicky
Dave here on the showy this is I don't want
to confuse you, so follow me here because this is

like a tricky thing to follow. The jersey number total
for touchdowns scored the game.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
Okay, got it?

Speaker 1 (03:02):
So if you add up all the jersey numbers, yea
of anyone that scores a touchdown for both teams, for
both teams, okay.

Speaker 4 (03:08):
Both teams combined.

Speaker 1 (03:10):
Add up the jersey numbers of the players that score
touchdown over or under one twenty one point five.

Speaker 4 (03:19):
Now, keep in mind you might.

Speaker 1 (03:20):
Say easily over, but let me give you a couple
of Jersey numbers that'll throw you off a little bit.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
I mean, everybody knows Kelsey alone is eighty seven.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
So eighty seven, Kittle eighty five. Yeah, so if Kelsey
and Kittle score touching, easily over. But once you start
realizing all the other players that are on the Niners
and Chiefs Debo nineteen, Ayuk eleven, Pacheco ten, McCaffrey twenty three.

So if none of the if none of the tight
ends or a receiver with number eighty something scores, it
could be like if McCaffrey scores three tutties, Mahomes rushes
for a touchdown, throws a touchdown to.

Speaker 4 (04:05):
Pa check Go, it could be like under fifty, it
could be like fifty.

Speaker 3 (04:08):
So that's a really interesting one. By the way, though,
is that a new one? I've never even heard.

Speaker 4 (04:12):
I've never heard it, and I love it. I love
the DraftKings is offering it.

Speaker 3 (04:15):
That's fun.

Speaker 1 (04:15):
But here's what I'm going with. Okay, I'm going with
the over, and I'll tell you why. If you combine Kelsey,
this is what I'm doing because I hate to say
Kelsey because I'm a Niners fan, but right.

Speaker 4 (04:25):
Kelsey plus two McCaffrey's hits the over.

Speaker 3 (04:29):
You know what, I actually agree with that one man.
I think that's a guarantee.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
McCaffrey times two is forty six, forty six plus eighty seven.
Do the math is one twenty three, So I like
two McCaffrey's one Kelsey, let's go with the over. So
purple gate right, no, no, red Gate red and over?

Speaker 5 (04:48):
What if?

Speaker 1 (04:49):
What if Deebo scores like three touchdowns? Butchecko's no, no.

Speaker 3 (04:53):
No, no, one of the tight ends definitely scoring.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
I'm actually with you on that for sure, So hit
the over one twenty one and a half.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
All courtesy of Draftking Sportsbook.

Speaker 1 (05:02):
All right, well, there it is, Dicky looking for a
super offer for the big game. Draftking Sportsbook has you covered.
New customers can bet on the Big Game. Turn five
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partner of the NFL.

Speaker 4 (05:25):
With code over promised. The Crown is.

Speaker 6 (05:28):
Yours gambling problem called one eight hundred gambler or visit
www dot one eight hundred gambler dot net. In New York,
call eight seven seven eight hope and wire text hope
and y four six seven three sixty nine. In Connecticut,
help is available for problem gambling called eight eight eight
seven eight nine seven seven seven seven or visit CCPG
dot org. Please play responsibly on behalf of Boothill Casino
and Resort in Kansas twenty one plus eighth varies by jurisdiction, Voridan, Ontario.

Bonus bets expire one hundred sixty eight hours after issue
and CEE dknng dot com slash football for eligibility and
deposit restrictions, terms and responsible gaming resources.

Speaker 3 (06:01):
It's Cavino and Rich live from Radio Row, Las Vegas.
And look who's here.

Speaker 1 (06:07):

Speaker 3 (06:08):
Let's welcome little Dicky. Every day what's going on?

Speaker 5 (06:11):
I'm not just having fun?

Speaker 3 (06:12):
How do you know, David.

Speaker 1 (06:13):
We love when we interview someone we actually like, So
this is this is nice because we're fans on the show,
we're fans of your music.

Speaker 3 (06:20):
So this is nice. Yeah, it's easy for us, but
not only that. Rich.

Speaker 1 (06:22):
The last time we interviewed you was that miserable time
called COVID when you were doing those zoom interviews all
the time. So it's good, way better, way better.

Speaker 3 (06:33):
How do you like a scene like this? Man?

Speaker 4 (06:34):
Do you I'm taking it all in or what?

Speaker 5 (06:36):

Speaker 7 (06:37):
This is actually the first convention I've ever been to,
you know, I see in movies and stuff like. I
just never I realized today when I walked in. I've
never been to a convention.

Speaker 1 (06:46):
I would say a media convention, probably on the higher
end of fun conventions, like if you go to other conventions,
just a.

Speaker 4 (06:53):
Bunch of dudes in polo shirts and kakis.

Speaker 7 (06:56):
I don't know what conventions are the most exciting, but anyways,
everyone here has been really nice.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
I think it conventions a lot of times you just
see a bunch of dudes that are away from their
wives and they're up to no good, like you see
these guys at the bar at the hotelity a lot
of infidelity of conventions.

Speaker 3 (07:09):
Rich is really keen on that. He's always aware, very
aware of I'm just kidding.

Speaker 1 (07:13):
So, dude, you got to notice that mutual respect though, man, right,
because I know you're a big sports fans. You've seen
all these dudes walking around, but they also know Dave, like,
oh there he is many.

Speaker 7 (07:23):
So it's cool to do interviews and be able to
talk sports. Like honestly, in the alternate life, I would
have been doing what you guys do and been like
a sports comment you know what I mean. So it's
cool to even just be talking sports for money.

Speaker 1 (07:34):
Well, dude, I know you played basketball. I know you're
good at basketball other sports growing up? Were you any good?
Like good?

Speaker 3 (07:41):
Though? Like really good?

Speaker 7 (07:42):
Look, I'm a three year tennis captain of the best
team in my high school history.

Speaker 4 (07:46):
I like that.

Speaker 3 (07:47):
Yeah, can I of those? Nice?

Speaker 4 (07:49):
I saw one of those, like what's the hardest thing
to do?

Speaker 1 (07:52):
And it was like, you know, run for a yard
in the NFL, you know, hit a Major League baseball pitcher.
I thought the hardest thing on the list was reach
trn to serve from a professional tennis player, because I
feel like, no.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
Way on earth the average person could do that.

Speaker 5 (08:05):
I bet it's hard for me. I played tennis.

Speaker 7 (08:07):
I find to me it could not be harder than
hitting a baseball thrown like one hundred mile an hour.

Speaker 5 (08:11):
At at least the tennis racket, there's this big circle.

Speaker 7 (08:14):
You have a chance, you know, and it's like not
scary because the ball can only hurt so much.

Speaker 5 (08:19):
I would be up there like shit, like scared.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
So hard.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
What do you think of pickleball? In the pickleball rage?
As a tennis guy, I like it.

Speaker 7 (08:29):
You know I'm not, but it's I haven't I've only
played like four times, and you know I'm naturally good,
but I'm not naturally dominant. So it is a little
frustrating to feel like I would dominate these people in tennis,
and then I come in and they're kind of better
than me.

Speaker 5 (08:43):
But I know that I have better handed.

Speaker 7 (08:44):
So I just need to play it more because it's
a different bounce, it's a different ball.

Speaker 5 (08:47):
I don't like have the right touch yet you know.

Speaker 1 (08:49):
What when it does happen because it's not in the
workship but Dave season four, Yeah, you need to be
networking playing pickleball, and there's an odd scenario where you're
you're trying to decide do I show off how good
I am or not?

Speaker 5 (09:01):
Yeah, I remember I played the first time.

Speaker 7 (09:03):
I like really spent time with Leonardo DiCaprio was playing
pickleball and he was going so hard and he was
so good, and it was I was like, I hated losing.

Speaker 4 (09:11):
To me in those moments. I mean, little Dicky Dave,
your big deal.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
But in those moments, isn't weird, Like, dude, I'm playing
pickaball Leonardo DiCaprio, that's got to be like surreal?

Speaker 5 (09:19):
Now, this surreal.

Speaker 7 (09:20):
I like, I'm really at my core a very normal guy.
So it's like when I'm doing it. But you know
Leo's a normal guy too. But yes, I'm certainly there
being like, oh my god, like grew up like watching Titanic,
like idolizing this man. Can't believe he's in HD three
dimensional right in front of me and he's beating me
in Pickaball.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
But you've networked it so well, man.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
I want to talk about that too, because I remember
our first experience.

Speaker 3 (09:41):
We came up Maxim Radio, early days of Serious XM.
It was just serious.

Speaker 1 (09:44):
I remember seeing ex boyfriend right and like, yo, check
this out. That was the first experience.

Speaker 5 (09:50):
That's the first thing I put out.

Speaker 3 (09:51):
Blew up. It was awesome. We loved it. It was
heartfelt and funny. You had a hot chicken in the video.

Speaker 1 (09:56):
I remember to this day, you always joke about, yeah
he's junk had abs like that, like that's one of
our inside jokes.

Speaker 3 (10:01):
We still use that as a reference. Penis Apps. By
the way, we're gonna be talking more about Penis, so
stick around. No no, no, But you know, then things happen.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
There's so many people trying to do what you did,
and obviously you're just great at it, But how did
you network it?

Speaker 6 (10:17):

Speaker 3 (10:17):
And when you look back, like tell us about that journey.

Speaker 7 (10:20):
Look it like in the beginning, it's a lot harder
because you know, like, for example, season one of my
TV show, I'm trying to get YG in it, and
I'm i gotta be like, trust me, I know what
I'm doing, no footage or like evidence besides me like
making funny music videos. By season three, you know, I'm
going to Brad Pitt and.

Speaker 5 (10:37):
He's seen every episode and he's a huge fan of
the show.

Speaker 7 (10:39):
So it's like it's like, in a weird way, it
was harder to get YG than Brad Pitt because like
there was at least evidence when I was by the
time I was ready to get the red pit. Now
I'm fortunate to where like I'm in a position where like,
I think I've just put in enough work that the
product kind of speaks for itself, and these people are
just joining in because they f with I don't know
if I can curse, they f with what I'm doing
so hard. Whereas like back in the day, like it

did help that I was like, you know, conversationally pleasant
with like people that had to really take a gamble
on me, right, But now I think the proof is
in the pudding more or less absolutely.

Speaker 1 (11:10):
And part of your character and part of real life
is people taking you serious as a rapper and now
just all around entertainer. Do you think being personal so
personable and so likable and funny do you think that
took away from your credibility as an actual rapper sometimes
because dude, we've seen you on Sway, Sways our boy man,
you you got bars for real?

Speaker 7 (11:28):
Yeah, yeah, look, I don't think it's taken I really
like haven't put out enough music over the last eight
nine years to feel like, oh I'm slighted as a rapper,
Like the TV show has actually kind of taken away
my ability to really focus on music. So right and
right now, it's like the first time in a while
that I've been like head down like recording new music
in like five six years.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
So have the goals changed or is it headed where
you wanted it to head?

Speaker 5 (11:52):
Uh, it's headed where I wanted it to head.

Speaker 7 (11:54):
But like the goals do change, Like I think I
entered the whole thing like wanting to be like purely
a comedian and like not really even understanding that I
had broader goals as a filmmaker. Like now like I
look at myself as like a true director writer, and
like I have just as much interest in making like
the next uh, the Social Network as I do the

next Super Bad, you know, Like I think when I
entered it, I was like trying to just make super Bad,
which is like.

Speaker 5 (12:19):
My favorite movie ever.

Speaker 7 (12:20):
Yeah yeah, yeah, icon of comedy and I love that
and I still want to make those kind of movies.
But really, like a movie like The Social Network I
never thought I would try to make, and that, to
me is like the highest form of art is a
movie like that.

Speaker 1 (12:31):
You know, it's interesting, We're due for some like R
rated comedies like when you think quotable, quotable comedy. But yeah,
you know my theory that the minute social media took
over movie quotes went away because if you quote a movie,
think of all the last movies you might quote with
your buddies, wedding crashers, it ended at super Bad, you know,
like super Bad. It's they're all mid two thousands.

Speaker 4 (12:50):
You're like, what happened? Social media happens?

Speaker 5 (12:52):
Why do you think that is?

Speaker 7 (12:53):
I I definitely feel a lack of the R rated
comedy like when we were younger and jud Appatow like
every course, yes with a class, like, it's not happening
right now.

Speaker 1 (13:01):
My theory is because now we're just oversaturated with content,
and we would watch super Bad over and over again
and movies like that over and over again, so the
quotes were embedded in our brains and we all related
to it.

Speaker 7 (13:11):
Like funny up and coming funny. People are just more
incentivized to just make TikTok online content than like write
a script.

Speaker 3 (13:19):
No, that's that's that could be it too.

Speaker 5 (13:21):
I'm totally fine with it because I feel like I
have no competition.

Speaker 1 (13:25):
I'll tell you what you said before. He's sort of
like if you want to do a sports tie in. Yeah,
He's sort of like the Yogi bearra of rap and
I and I say this because Yogi.

Speaker 4 (13:34):
Won ten World Series.

Speaker 1 (13:35):
Appreciate Hall of Famer and if you watch that documentary
about Yogi Barra, the whole thing is great. His personality
and how fun he was took away from people being
like yo, he's freaking legit. And and that's when people
hear your rap, it's like yo, he's really good. Yeah,
but he's like funny and goofy and he's really like.

Speaker 5 (13:51):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, No, I don't know.

Speaker 7 (13:53):
It's I straddle that, like even moving forward as I
make more and more music, Like I think to myself,
do I really want to have this like over the
top funny moment in this song that before it wasn't
that funny?

Speaker 3 (14:02):

Speaker 5 (14:03):

Speaker 7 (14:03):
And I think, well, maybe because I don't want to
take people out of the song. But also like that's
just my personality. Why would I take that? Like, you know,
so it's I'm always trying to balance.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
I had a question for you, speaking of like the process,
how do you know when you're done with it, like, oh,
maybe I should add this or do this or do that.

Speaker 3 (14:17):
How do you know it's hey, that's done.

Speaker 5 (14:19):
Well, it depends what we're talking about with.

Speaker 1 (14:21):
Music, anything really actually right music because Bob Ross.

Speaker 4 (14:24):
Every time he painted, I was like, he's done, and
then he'd be like, let me do this.

Speaker 1 (14:27):
I'm like, oh, he's affing it up and he's oh,
oh no, it's actually yeah, how.

Speaker 3 (14:30):
Do you know?

Speaker 7 (14:31):
Well, look, music goes through a lot of phases, like
you know, I'll get a beat and I'll record a
demo and then like you know, I will then be
like there's inevitably some sort of weaker links of like
well this two bars, like I just know I could improve,
like and then I'll go back and I'll improve, and
then I'm really satisfied with my lyrical performance.

Speaker 5 (14:48):
I'll be like, well the.

Speaker 7 (14:49):
Beat is like kind of like you know, this is
the beat I was sent. I think we can add
a few things here and there and make it like
give momentum and shape and different, like make the outro more.
When then that's done, it's like, well, now it's time
to mix it. And then like there's all different things
and then I feel really satisfied. It's a certain point
with mixing, and then actually the beautiful thing about mixing
is you feel like, oh it sounds perfect, it can't
get any better, and then you master it and it

does sound.

Speaker 5 (15:11):
You're like, why did I even mix? And now it
sounds so much better?

Speaker 7 (15:14):
And it's like mastering there's really like you can owly
it's not as there's not as many like different things
that can happen. It can just like there's like an
on and an off switch more or less and like
so mastering is my favorite phase because it gets so
much better, but there's not a lot of room for
me to like nitpick and tinker.

Speaker 5 (15:28):
It's like more like yes or no, you know what
I mean?

Speaker 1 (15:30):
I do And dude, you made me think of something
else when you have such such professionals in your camp
who have so many skills other rappers, Benny Blanco, Like
where's the balance of Hey, I want to ask him
as a friend, but he's also a professional, Like where's
the balance there to use your friends in your network
with your projects?

Speaker 7 (15:50):
So you gotta balance it, like you know, Benny is
a great example. It's my best friend in the world.
Who also happened. I'm like the luckiest guy that, like
he would be my best friend at who was a plumber?

Speaker 3 (15:58):
You know, how did that happen? He connected eyes and
you're like, that's my guy.

Speaker 7 (16:02):
He actually the first day I put that ex boyfriend
the video out. The first day he tweeted at me
and like connected with me.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
No way, So I probably did too. We didn't give
a shit.

Speaker 7 (16:09):
Yeah, yeah you could have been Yeah, you can been
Benny Bloco in his life. But it's tricky because, like
you know Benny for example, like professionally, like he like
I'm the kind of guy who wants to work when
I work, like I want to work like twelve hours
straight and like take no breaks. Benny is a big
like fifteen minutes on, twenty minutes off. And it's like

I have to accommodate that because I'm not gonna like
complain because he's like the best producer in the world,
right and I'm lucky to even be working with him.
And it's like I could abuse and be like, come on,
I'm your best friend. You'll do whatever I want at
the end of the day. But I don't because I'm
always trying to be congressant that this is like the
lebron of production and like his process.

Speaker 4 (16:48):
That's so cool, dude, he's your best friend.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
And I feel like I wanted to come to his
defense when people were like why is Suleena go mess
with him and I'm.

Speaker 4 (16:55):
Like, oh yeah, I'm like, dude, he's hilarious, He's charming.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
I was like, if you watch David knew guys, does
he know, like dating Selena Gomez people are gonna shot
on me.

Speaker 5 (17:03):
He knew this, We knew it was coming.

Speaker 7 (17:05):
So it's like, you know, I'm happy that it's no
longer a secret because like they were dating and I
couldn't tell anyone, but we always knew that one that
became public. I think it's whoever Selena is going to date.
It's like there's a huge core audience of like Justin
Bieber Diehards that like it's weird, right, Selena and Justin
is like a thing you know that whoever she dates
will never be done.

Speaker 1 (17:23):
I saw Bieber's wife on a podcast that call her Daddy,
and she was talking about how they're happily married and
people are still like Selena. It's like, dude, Like, its
creepy that people are.

Speaker 7 (17:33):
Kind of I think a bunch of children like who
just want to say stuff on the internet.

Speaker 5 (17:36):
So I don't think he takes it too seriously.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
When when Benny's dating Selena Gomez and you guys are
hanging and it's not public yet.

Speaker 3 (17:42):
It's not like weird.

Speaker 4 (17:43):
I mean, I know, you guys are just all regular people.

Speaker 1 (17:45):
But to know that I know a secret that if
if someone found out, he would be on TMZ like
right now. Is that weird that you're like you're sitting
on like that we're having drinks and hanging but the
world doesn't know this, but they sort of want to.

Speaker 7 (17:55):
Maybe it would have been weird if Selena was somebody
different than Selena.

Speaker 5 (17:58):
But she's just so down to earth.

Speaker 4 (17:59):
I love how she like I don't give it f
what you think.

Speaker 7 (18:02):
Yes, I mean, look, I had never met her prior
to Benny, and like you know, she's truly like the
most like famous, she's the most followed woman in the
world on instrument.

Speaker 4 (18:09):
That's why number one.

Speaker 5 (18:10):
And the woman couldn't be nicer, sweet or more down
to earth. Like.

Speaker 7 (18:14):
I actually met her when I was with my niece
and we just had me and my niece and my
brother and my family just went to Benny's like to
swim for a day and she was there and she
like spent the whole day like being so sweet to
my niece for no other reason, like a good human being,
so like that's why.

Speaker 1 (18:29):
By the way, that makes you the like coolest uncle ever, right,
I mean, Jesus, it was. I definitely are like, can
you take us swimming against it?

Speaker 4 (18:36):

Speaker 3 (18:37):
Just let's go somewhere.

Speaker 4 (18:38):
I know, Uncle Dave, can you be my uncle?

Speaker 1 (18:40):
No, just kidding before we talk, mout and do I
have to ask you a huge story?

Speaker 3 (18:43):

Speaker 1 (18:44):
Uh they still call you mister leftward sloping penis or
no not in a while. I got to bring that back.
Someone else's jammy is in the news today. I don't
know if you've seen it yet. It's been described as
a missile. I saw the foot we're talking Drake. I
want to know your reaction.

Speaker 5 (19:02):
Look that that was a long dick.

Speaker 4 (19:05):
I mean he had one hand on it and there
was room for like multiple more hands.

Speaker 5 (19:10):
Yeah, you couldn't tell if it was soft or hard
or what.

Speaker 4 (19:13):
Yeah, he's like half he had a little halfy flop
to it. So you're like, what's going on.

Speaker 3 (19:16):
And it's not it's not reaction.

Speaker 4 (19:19):
Yeah, there it is there it is.

Speaker 5 (19:21):

Speaker 4 (19:21):
I mean, damn, that's that's all missile.

Speaker 1 (19:26):
With my hand, there'd be nothing coming out of hare
pressing down on trying to get a little like a
quarter of an inch of the head, little helmet pup.

Speaker 3 (19:35):
If you zoom in, you see some abs, which is really.

Speaker 4 (19:38):
He's the guy that has the.

Speaker 5 (19:42):

Speaker 3 (19:42):
So again, thank you guys for being here. Thank you
so much.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
Man, But tell us what's going on Mountain down dude,
big fan obviously look, yeah, I'll hold the can.

Speaker 3 (19:50):
Yeah, there you go.

Speaker 7 (19:52):
You know, I came from a time the last twenty years.
Anytime you want to have this, you got to go
to Taco Bell. And it's like whenever I'd go to
Taco Bell, which I do all the time because I.

Speaker 1 (19:59):
Left to Corda Crunch Mountain Dew, Let's go, there's.

Speaker 3 (20:02):
No they know him by name.

Speaker 7 (20:04):
I always I'd be like, what is this mysterious? Like
only offered a Taco Bell start that I love.

Speaker 5 (20:08):
I get every time.

Speaker 4 (20:09):
Let me tell you something.

Speaker 1 (20:09):
The people at the Taco Bell drive through, like, I
have the kids go to sleep, and the wife and
I were like, let's let's get some taco bill pop
it edible?

Speaker 4 (20:16):
Yeah, and that's so of Gordida crunch. What do you
get a tackle bill?

Speaker 5 (20:19):
I get it cheesy Gerdida crunch with chicken.

Speaker 7 (20:21):
I told jot us I told you and the Chicken
and I got a Mountain and it's like, I'm like,
you know previously, I'm like, what is this like golden
soda that they have? It isn't available anywhere else, So like,
obviously I'm being paid by Mountain Do to offer you
this information, but I really am happy and proud to
be the guy giving the information that this incredible soda
that has only been available in drive through for the
last twenty years is now in stores, canned and bottled nationwide.

Speaker 3 (20:44):
That's big news.

Speaker 5 (20:46):
Yeah, the guy.

Speaker 1 (20:47):
What I love about that, Like the same way we
said we're excited to talk to Little Dickey because.

Speaker 4 (20:50):
We actually like Dave. Yeah, like that's how you feel, Like, yeah,
that's how you feel about works.

Speaker 3 (20:55):
It works.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
By the way, when he was talking about the process
of writing, did you watch the We O the World documentary? No,
it's fantastic, And I kept thinking the whole time when
did they know each person's line is finished?

Speaker 4 (21:05):
And I just thought of what you were saying with
that process.

Speaker 7 (21:06):
But that documentary you should watch. It made earth with
thirty other artists on it. I think I should watch
that because I always thought I should be filming a documentary.

Speaker 3 (21:13):
No, you gotta do that.

Speaker 1 (21:15):
And speaking of you know, to wrap it up your
dream collaboration, man, I want to hear it.

Speaker 5 (21:21):
Well, you know there's two different mediums. You got film
and you got music.

Speaker 3 (21:24):
Both give us both.

Speaker 7 (21:26):
Like probably Lebron in the film, yeah, and the music.
You know, I think Drake and Kanye, like you know,
those guys totally are my favorite.

Speaker 4 (21:36):
Oh the old missile, Yeah, the old missile.

Speaker 5 (21:39):
We're not going to only know Drake by his dick.

Speaker 4 (21:40):
I know, I'm pretty sure he's got other accolades.

Speaker 3 (21:42):
I mean it's still fresh and embedded in our mind.

Speaker 7 (21:44):
Yeah, yes, yes, yes, but yeah, independent of his dick,
he's an incredible artist.

Speaker 1 (21:49):
Now we are here real, we are here at Super
Bowl Radio Row. So before you go, I'm a Niners fan.
Who do you think I'm hump pump crossed my fingers
for the Niners? You think the Chief Scott this or what?

Speaker 5 (22:01):
I just why would I ever like doubt Patrick On?

Speaker 4 (22:05):
That's the problem right now. I think the Niners on
paper might be better, but it's my homes, it's.

Speaker 7 (22:09):
You know, their only shot, in my opinion, is you
got to get like it to be a two score
game late because if it's a one score.

Speaker 3 (22:15):
Game, he's coming.

Speaker 5 (22:16):
It's just in the air.

Speaker 7 (22:17):
Everyone's like, well now it's time for him, and like
they're gonna start like overthinking it and like you know
they're gonna be scoring.

Speaker 4 (22:22):
I saw that story four years ago, bro, when they
lost to the Chance.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
I saw it last year when the Egos lost to them.

Speaker 4 (22:26):
So that's right.

Speaker 7 (22:27):
You just can't let the game be on the line
against Mahomes because he's gonna he's gonna win it.

Speaker 3 (22:31):
No doubt.

Speaker 4 (22:31):
Well, hey, dude, a pleasure to see you. Thanks for
having me, Dicky.

Speaker 1 (22:35):
Hey guys, welcome back to over Promised. So cool to
catch up a little Dicky. That dude is just such
a nice guy.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Yeah, I love that.

Speaker 1 (22:43):
If you don't watch the show, you gotta watch that show,
catch up on it. And I'm just glad he stopped by.
And that's the cool thing about being here Radio Row
in Vegas. You never know who's gonna stop by. We're
gonna do another bonus podcast sometime this week, but tune
into our show on Fox Sports Radio Monday through Friday
two to four West as four as seven on the East.
Because again, so many people stop and buy lots of

fun to have, lots of stories to tell.

Speaker 3 (23:05):
Super Bowl weeks in same, no doubt.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
All Right, we'll see you guys later on. Until then,
a Riven Dereci baby, see you in.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
The over Promised Land.

Speaker 4 (23:12):
I met you guts Vegas,
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