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January 25, 2024 22 mins

Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce promote the new cookie at Subway which sparks throwback thoughts of $5 Footlongs and how fast food is no longer cheap, Rich gives his NFL NFC Championship 49ers Teaser and Same Game Parlay courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook, Army Vet Eric Goins returns to Notre Dame at 30 years old to be their team kicker so we discuss the pros and cons of enjoying college later in life

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Over Promised with Cavino and Rich, presented by DraftKings Fantasy Sports.
Check out what DraftKings has to offer this season with
code over Promised. Because life's more fun when you're in
on the action DraftKings. The Crown is yours. Gambling problem
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Speaker 2 (00:23):
Man, just some nervous energy in this room. It was
ready for some football.

Speaker 1 (00:30):
And more nervous as the days get closer to this
Niners Lions game.

Speaker 2 (00:33):
It's it's give me anxiety.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
I go like a stomach ache, got nervous, gut huh? Friday, Sunday,
three days or something. Welcome to over Promised, brought to
you by DraftKings Sportsbook our Bonus Podcast, Covino and Rich.
So ready for the weekend. Thank you guys for hanging
out with us. I hope it's been a great week
for you. We have lots to get to today. Going
back to college at thirty years old, would you do it?

Would that be awesome or weird? We got some stories
to tell.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
Back to school Rodney Dangerfield Style.

Speaker 1 (01:01):
Thornton Mellons style and speaking of melons, Rich has his picks.
I got a parlay and a teaser that are sure
to maybe win me money. Yes, you know it's I
have one of these, like, how could it go wrong again?

Speaker 2 (01:16):
In game? Same game? Parlay?

Speaker 1 (01:18):
So well, speaking out the games this weekend, as you know,
the Chiefs are taking on the Ravens, one of the
best matchups. I mean all the games, both games are great.
But speaking of the Chiefs, two of their biggest stars,
Patrick mahomes Hey, Patrick mahomes here, I'm here, and Travis
Kelcey are part of a new campaign for Subway. Well,
when you said two of the biggest stars, I thought

you meant Jason Kelsey and Taylor Swift. Oh no, not
the biggest starsting Patrick mahomes into this conversation because they got.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
What they wanted.

Speaker 1 (01:47):
We're gonna give the Ravens what they wanted again. They're
part of a new campaign for Subway, and it got me.

Speaker 3 (01:51):
Taken on a Subway series foot long except when you
had a new foot long sidekick like the Boss. With
a new foot long cookie the Boss.

Speaker 2 (01:59):
I'd be my favorite. I can't ever what every every
foot longer?

Speaker 1 (02:05):
So you get a sidekick as we throw it back
on a Thursday. When you think of subway foot longs,
you're not even thinking of the cookie.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
By the way, that cookie. I think I might have
to get one of those. I love you a subway cookie.

Speaker 1 (02:17):
You're giving me a foot long cookie just before you
tell me how you and your girlfriend to go to
the beach next week in Mexico.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
Yeah, you need a full long cookie. Maybe maybe back
and back. But I love that soggy subway cookie. I
love I can't resist them. Right. They used to be
three for a buck. I remember that.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
Now it's five dollars for a foot long cookie. You
remember the old jingle five dune five dollars, five dollar long. Yo,
it hasn't been a five dollars foot long in forever. Yeah,
that shit's like thirteen dollars thirteen twenty nine. I looked

it up, but Spot said you can get a cold
cut combo foot long for eight ninety nine. I mean,
like the weakest, yeah, old cut combo.

Speaker 2 (03:01):
Yeah, so the day if you want baloney and a
bunch of fixtions, eight ninety nine.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
It got us thing at how much time's flying, how
things are changing. Obviously people always complaining about how expensive
everything is. But the five dollars foot long. I don't
know if they still run that promotion anymore, but if
they do, it's for like a day. But we used
to love the five dollars foot long. Now it's the
ten dollars thirteen, fourteen dollars foot long. When you throw
it back on a Thursday, you're.

Speaker 2 (03:25):
Like, what happened?

Speaker 1 (03:26):
The five dollars foot long was the thing. In fact,
you know, people, as you said, love to bitchigin playing
about inflation and shit's so expensive now.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
And it is.

Speaker 1 (03:34):
It's not just inflation. It's inflation and shrink flation. Your
portions are getting smaller. You've been at Chipotle. You've been
at Chipotle, they give you a breath. It's smaller now
and more expensive. So I have a formula shrinkflation plus
inflation equals constantly makes me angry.

Speaker 2 (03:53):
I would work on that more.

Speaker 1 (03:54):
No, but I will say though that frustration went frustration
all when you look back on a throw back Thursday
over promised.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
It's not just subway.

Speaker 1 (04:04):
I you know, the other day, I'm coming home from
work and my wife's like, you know what, I'm craving.
I'm like, what she goes hee, pick me up french
fries at McDonald's, and I feel like that shit used
to be on the dollar menu. Do you remember when
McDonald's had a dollar menu? Do you know how much
french fries on now? If you get a large fry, yeah,
large fry pile, large coffee over five dollars, get out

of here for one large fry over five bucks.

Speaker 2 (04:27):
And it's a scam anyway.

Speaker 1 (04:28):
I think the same amount of fries are in all
the packs.

Speaker 2 (04:31):
Large fry over five dollars.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
I remember when the number two, as you always say,
which is better than the number one sometimes, but I
used to get that number two combo.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
It was two cheese bers number two.

Speaker 1 (04:39):
It was two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink for two
ninety nine.

Speaker 2 (04:43):
They were a spot.

Speaker 1 (04:44):
You can also get the big mag or the quarter pounder,
all the value meals when we were kids or teenagers
or two ninety nine. I want you to throw it
back on this Thursday or whenever you're watching over promised
our bonus podcast here. I want you to think back
to the prices. You remember that dollar menu that was famous.
You know how much a big mac meal in La
costs right now? How much eleven dollars? That's not that's

not she.

Speaker 2 (05:09):
It's not a fast food deal.

Speaker 1 (05:10):
I told you I love Chipotle, right, It's like my
favorite go to cleaner fast food burrito bowl. Forty bucks
for my wife and I get two burrito bowls. It's
like airport. Two burrito bowls with guawk and a side
of guawking chips is like thirty five thirty six bucks.
I'm like, we might as well go out to a restaurant.
So what else comes to mind for you?

Speaker 2 (05:28):

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Rich and I are here in Los Angeles, and yeah,
that's not a thing anymore, No dollar menu, hidding me?
What comes to mind for you? By the way, let
us know, but growing up and working in New York City,
beat party at night, and it would always be the
dollar slice dollars slice of pizza. They may exist in
one little knooker cranny of New York City here there,

but I'd imagine that is not your best ingredients because
you go to a pretty legit pizzeria now like four
bucks three point fifty for a slice of ridicular. It's ridiculous.
Can't get anything for a dollar except for an Arizona
iced tea. It's like the meme goes, whoever's in charge
of pricing for Arizona iced tea should be in charge
of inflation here in this country because that has remained.
I think a dollar and dude speaking in New York.

Growing up in New Jersey, I'm from Union, New Jersey.
I would take Lincoln Tunnel to New York City like
Elf in the movie Elf. Yes, exactly, like lin In
Tunnel to get into Manhattan. My first memory of going
there was four dollars to go into the Lincoln Tunnel
from Jersey to New York if you didn't have easy pass.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
I remember, I need four bus. I know it's not food,
but I had to share this with you just to
prove the point. It was four dollars in my day,
seventeen sixty three.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
What an arbitrary price, seventeen bucks to go through the
Lincoln Tunnel.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
Can you imagine that?

Speaker 1 (06:44):
God, So again, this whole Travis Kelsey campaign got us
thinking about the five dollars foot long.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
Yeah, good luck.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
That's not the only thing that's changed. And you know,
not to sound like the old guys, but backyard day,
there was a lot of shit that was a lot cheaper,
and it doesn't seem like we're made more money.

Speaker 2 (07:01):
No, it's a compensate for these prices. Spot.

Speaker 1 (07:04):
You're a big Starbucks guy, as am I. I mean,
believe it or not, I'm not shocked Starbucks hasn't gone
up that much. Like I get a cold brew, I'm
cool with it being four or five Bucks, but it
used to be like three or four Bucks, which isn't
really that different. Like if you look at the old
school Starbucks menu, it's not that bad. Starbucks has somehow
found the way to not based on the other things,

Starbucks would be like ten Bucks. Yeah, no, for sure,
for sure, but it's getting ridiculous and it just got
us reminiscent.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
So what is it now?

Speaker 1 (07:33):
Inflation plus shrink flation equals frustration. So frustrating and good luck,
we're thirteen dollars subway foot long. Oh but definitely invest
in that cookie mans. That seems like a good five
dollars investor. Let me throw it one more at you.
The other the other night, let's just say, uh popped
a little edible.

Speaker 2 (07:52):
I asked my wife, I go, oh, before you sit
down and join me, you go to Taco Bell.

Speaker 1 (07:57):
Like, okay, babe, she said, do you remember Taco Bell
used to be like tacos were like under a dollar?
Everything was that was the read an article recently, believe
it or not, I do read once in a while.
I believe their prices went up fourteen percent in the
past like year plus. But the highest average price of
fast food is Wendy's. Yeah, Wendy's is the most expense

you know, I'll swear by. My favorite fast food item
is the Gordida crunch at Taco Bell. I told my wife,
can you give me a couple of o's and a chaloupa?
And just she said, your Taco Bell was seventeen dollars
for four items. I'm like, I serious, so cheap. It's
not cheap anymore so inflation plus shrink fleastion equals frustreet. Well,

enough of set like bitching, complaining guys, Let's get into
our picks for the weekend and go on the last
over promised on Tuesday, I gave you some picks for
the Ravens Chiefs. Now I'm gonna lean my attention towards
the forty nine ers Lions. Now I'm gonna call this
my what try to call this my homer? How could

this possibly go wrong?

Speaker 2 (09:02):

Speaker 1 (09:03):
I'll think of a good name for it. The Niners
are favored by seven and a half. Like the names
for your picks have also inflated, Yeah, they gotten longer
all the time. Niners are now seven and a half
point favorites. I'm pulling that down in a teaser to
Niners by one and a half. So Niners minus one
and a half and I'm going over forty five and

a half because the point spread is fifty one and
a half. I'm going forty five. And I'll tell you why.
The Lions secondary is one of their weaknesses. I know,
because you want to win, you want to buy a
Brito bawl, I know.

Speaker 2 (09:35):
Be able to afford a subway saying I want that cookie.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
The Lions secondary is one of their suspect spots, and
the Niners could exploit that. And the Niners have scored
over twenty in every game this year except for their
few losses. Right, so the forty nine ers putting up points.
The Lions have only held one team under twenty points
since Halloween. So the Lions give up points, they score.

Speaker 2 (09:59):
So if the lion are.

Speaker 1 (10:00):
Scoring and they're giving up points, I love the over
forty five and a half in a teaser.

Speaker 2 (10:04):
So over forty five and a half, that.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
Means like twenty seven to twenty one wins, and I
think it'll even be higher scoring than that. So I
like the over and the niners minus one and a
half and spot throw.

Speaker 2 (10:13):
It up there. What am I calling this? We'll call this.

Speaker 1 (10:17):
The my homer. If they lose, all crawling, call in
sick Monday teaser. Second my homer. If they lose, I'll
cry and call in sick Monday teaser. Yes, because you'll
be so embarrassed.

Speaker 2 (10:28):
But I like that one though.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
If it doesn't go through minus one and a half
over forty five and a half, what else you got?
I got a same game, a same game parlay, and
I got five things going. And these five things add
up to plus seven fifty, which you gotta love, meaning
wager one hundred, you're winning seven to fifty forty nine

ers money line.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
Okay, so you just need the forty nine ers to win.

Speaker 1 (10:55):
All right, and we know Rich is hoping for that,
and it's likely to score first. I feel like they
will they defer, but even if they get the ball,
I feel like they're they're putting points on the board.
I like that with your prediction. By the way, like
the Checko runs went in. I mean, h McCaffrey runs on.
It's funny you should say that because I'll tell you

a second. I got Kittle over sixty one and a
half yards because I'm telling you the secondary of the
Lions is their weakness. I got ayyuk making up for
maybe Debo not getting the carries or touches or anything.
So I got Debo over eighty two and a half
and I got I mean, the safest one of all.
I think a anytime Christian McCaffrey touchdown there, it is

all right, bunny.

Speaker 2 (11:40):
So Niners need to win. They just need to score. First.

Speaker 1 (11:43):
Kittle and Iu Kevin pretty decent games. And McCaffrey with
a Tuddy that's one hundred paces seven to fifty.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
Man, that's not bad, dude.

Speaker 1 (11:50):
I don't normally vibe with those because there's so many
things that need to happen, but I think the bad
The only tricky part of that is what if the
Lions get the and you know, move the ball, get
a field goal, then the BET's dead. But other than that,
I love the moneyline part of it. I like the
props on Kittle and i you going over because the

Detroit Lions give up a lot of yards in the
passing game, So how could you not see Kittle and
Iuke going off, especially if Debo. Even if Debo plays,
Deebo's not going to be your number one target with
a banged up shoulder.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
So I like that to make me nervous about these games. Now,
I just want to be excited about these games.

Speaker 1 (12:29):
Now you're nervous, I know I am, all right, So
there you go. That's your parlay and your teaser courtesy
of DraftKings. Take a look there. It is my homer.
If they lose, I'll cry and call in sick Monday
teaser and the how could this possibly not happen? Same
game parlay? All right, Well, make it happen. Draft Kings
Sportsbook and official sports betting partner of the NFL Playoffs,

bringing you an offer that hump make the playoffs electrifying.
New customers can bet five bucks on any game, get
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over promised and new customers can bet five dollars five bucks.
You get two hundred instantly in bonus bets only on
DraftKings sportsbook with our code over promised. The Crown is yours.

Speaker 3 (13:13):
Gambling problem called one eight hundred gambler or visit one
eight hundred gambler dot net. In New York call eight
seven seven eight hope and wire text hope and y
four six seven three sixty nine. In Connecticut, help is
available for problem gambling. Call eight eight eight seven eight
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Bonus bets expire one hundred sixty eight hours after issuance.
See dknng dot com slash football for eligibility and deposit restrictions,
terms and responsible gaming resources.

Speaker 1 (13:45):
Would it be the biggest bitch move ever? If I
did call in sick after a forty dollars loss because
I can't come in today. Don't be a Fox Sports baby.

Speaker 2 (13:52):
I will be a Fox Sports baby.

Speaker 1 (13:55):
Don't be one of those no. No, enjoy the games
and I don't know I like them. Rich, Well come
back to over promised our bonus podcast, Covino and Rich.
You can hear us Monday through Friday. Fox Sports Radio
five to seven on the East Coast, Sports two to
four on the West Side. We're live from La and
by the way, if you like our show, make sure
you follow our podcast for free Covino and Rich wherever

you stream, and if you leave a review, you qualify
for our new giveaways. We have these stainless steel water bottles,
call them Swiggies.

Speaker 2 (14:25):
They got the Swaggy. Definitely leave a review and.

Speaker 1 (14:28):
Listen out because we're always playing games, giving away prizes,
and thank you for checking us out.

Speaker 2 (14:32):
Send the link to all your friends. Do you have
a picture of the Swiggy? Oh super dope. I'm actually
Spot has a picture of the Swiggy in Lava. Oh yeah,
I love it. I love it. It's a great giveaway.
I want our Swiggy in lava.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
Show us our new water bottle giveaway and definitely join
the fun Covino and Rich and at Covino and Rich
on social media if you want to chime in now
while Spot pulls up that picture, I wish you a
great weekend.

Speaker 2 (14:59):
We talked about it on the Oxports show.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
But I'm taking you personally if you if you tell
me you're rooting against me, I'm taking it personally because
of that. I know what it's. It's all I don't
root against this guy's happiness.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
It's insulting. It's insulting. All right.

Speaker 1 (15:10):
Now you know who Eric Goins is. Look at that way,
look at that. Look at a bottle. Oh my god,
that's not just any bottle. Steinles steel water bottle.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
I heard that. If you have that water bottle a
buch ask you Paul.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
Oh so much ass You know people you bring that
to the gym, women at the gym will back.

Speaker 2 (15:27):
Oh my god, who are you? Oh yeah, it's a guarantee.
It's again.

Speaker 1 (15:30):
Yeah. And the Stanley that's over. It's all about the Swiggy.
So Eric Goins. Okay, let me tell you something about
Eric Goins. It's thirty years old. Thirty years old, by
the way, means this is sand He was born in
ninety four.

Speaker 2 (15:48):
Oh my god.

Speaker 1 (15:49):
Okay, means he graduated high school in twenty twelve. What yeah.
Eric Goins played college football for the Citadel in twenty fifteen,
then went to the Army for seven years.

Speaker 2 (16:02):
A So you doing the math. Thank you, Eric, going
to your service. Thank you for your service. Man.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
He's now thirty years old, and he's Notre Dame's kicker.
Thirty year old army vet is now in college. We've
been to South Bend, We've been to the we've been
to the campus. If you're a thirty year old guy
on a college campus, oh yeah, are you the king
of the campus or are you the old guy at
the club?

Speaker 2 (16:27):
Oh? That's the question.

Speaker 1 (16:28):
If I were him, I would tell everyone I was
in my late twenties. Oh yeah, I mean you could
pull that out, good live if you aged relatively normal
and you're thirty. He's only thirty. All right, you're a
young man in life. Pull off twenty something. Right, there's
some twenty year old U. There's some high school kids
old as hell. So Eric coins went back to school
Rodney Dangerfield style, like Rich said, Oh, back to school.

Back to school. Proved to dad you're not a fool.
After seven years in the army and again kicking at
the age of three.

Speaker 2 (17:00):
He's kicking it.

Speaker 1 (17:01):
So the question we posted to you, over promised Fox
Sports Radio Nation, is would you if you could if
you could have you could do it? All over again.
Did you go back to school at thirty because there's
pros and cons and we know from experience. Dude, well, listen,
I'm looking at it, at this whole thing of you're

only looking from a sand point of hooking up, because
no one wants to go back to college and be
hanging around a campus when they're thirty. You say hooking up.
I'm thinking, like.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
What can you be thinking other than hooking up all
the experience.

Speaker 1 (17:37):
Cashing in on the experienced, the way you feel you
says about the booty. Let me tell you. When we
were at our twenties, Yes, Calvino and I were. I
think I was twenty four or twenty five.

Speaker 2 (17:48):
I was twenty seven to twenty eight.

Speaker 1 (17:50):
We hosted spring break events in al Capulco, Panama City.

Speaker 2 (17:55):
We were doing spring break events.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
Now, keep in mind these are young college when we're
young men, but we're already working professionally making money.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
We had a career.

Speaker 1 (18:06):
We were broadcasting pool side, we had full time jobs.
We were making money and hosting maximum spring break events
with MTV. When you're a guy that's twenty something with
a microphone and some type of like yo, you're you're
like and oceans of options, oceans of fun.

Speaker 2 (18:24):
I should say.

Speaker 1 (18:24):
I think if you're a college athlete and you go
back to college and you are more mature, I think
the women are going to be lined up for this guy.
But I think the fact that he's thirty, he's got
to say he's twenty eight. Tell everyone you're twenty eight.
The thirty would take that. He said, the college girl back,
you're thay. I'm glad you said all this math matters
got Okay, it's a thirty years old young man in.

Speaker 2 (18:45):
Life, right, you still got so much going on. He's
playing college football.

Speaker 1 (18:48):
From our experience, what a bonus it was for us
to go back and relive those years with some money
in our pockets. That was the biggest difference. We were
somewhat established and we had some flow. So it put
us in a different situation to have that fun that
we didn't have when we were going to spring break
when we were in college. Right, here's the difference thirty.

I have to say, no, the fact that we were
in our twenties. Because you could attribute any stupid thing
you did ever in your life, it's a rule in fact,
to your twenties. If you did some stupid stuff that
you're embarrassed by. Ah, yeah, it came about crime. I
talking about if you did some dumb thing, I got drunken,
you know, lit my shoe on fire.

Speaker 2 (19:35):
Twenty You could.

Speaker 1 (19:36):
Chalk all that stuff off to Hey, I was in
my twenties when you and I were there. We were
in our twenties when you start hitting thirty. And again
this is coming from a dad perspective too. Right, as
my daughter gets older and she's entering her college years.
She's not yet, but I'm saying when she does, you
think I want her with a thirty year old dude.

So that's why I'm like, you know what, that's when
it's start getting too old and too much. Do you
think thirty is out of the game or this is
the perfect time to be in This not out of
the game in the dating world. In fact, you're writing
your primo prime. Here's like an athlete would be in
their prime twenty eight to thirty two. Dating wise, thirty
year old guy, you're in your prime, but with college
girls that are eighteen to twenty one twenty, you are

the old guy at thirty. This guy should lie and
say's twenty eight, but it is wild to think. Imagine
going back to your college campus in your mid twenties
or close to thirty.

Speaker 2 (20:30):
What a perspective you have.

Speaker 1 (20:31):
You'd have, money, you'd have, you have the better you
have life perspective.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
And wisdom that smarter other people just don't have. Yet.
You're more mature and you're smart. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (20:41):
I just think it's a very interesting scenario. Imagine being
a thirty year old guy. I think it's too old.
And you know what I say, twenty six is the Yeah,
it's it's different because these football players that Notre Dame
their beasts, but there's a difference between boy strength and
man strength. They're just this again. These are exceptional athletes
that Notre Dame already. But I think he probably has

some advantage ours. You don't think so as a kicker
and he's thirty these guys, but you're gonna tell me
you didn't. You'd get stronger as you became more of
a man. These guys, these guys playing college I'm saying
in general, they are exceptions.

Speaker 2 (21:16):
But he's playing colleg football.

Speaker 1 (21:17):
Notre Dame. He's gonna he there's no advantage of him
being thirty. When you're talking about guys that are NFL
ready come on, I just think again has nothing to
do with sports. It has all to do with the
dating scene. And I think smarter, money and wisdom, wiser
and uh hey, good for him. Enjoy we wish you
well service. He's he's done it all right, Eric goins

again Notre Dame thirty years old, given hope and promise
everybody out there, so well have you if you miss anything,
we got this over promised on Tuesday, and of course
our daily Fox Sports radio show. Download the pod and
you could win one of those swiggis which are pretty sweet.
Enjoy your weekend football till next time, baby, see you.

Speaker 2 (22:00):
And the over promised that I hate that lava by
the sweetie. Pretty sweet, yeah,
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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.

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