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June 20, 2024 20 mins

Lionel Richie turns 74! Most people know him as the American Idol judge and not the 70s & 80s musician, so Covino & Rich highlight stars with a legacy you may have forgotten.  Kylian Mbappé fractured his nose and needs to wear a mask, so Covino & Rich highlight other sports accessories that stood out.  Ryan Garcia announces his retirement from boxing. But will he be back?

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Oh yeah, what's up? All right?

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Welcome to Ober promised, our bonus podcast, Fox Sports Radio,
What Up Covino Rich Monday through Friday on FSR two
to four out here on the West side, five to
seven on the East coast. Search Covino and Rich wherever
you stream your podcast. But welcome to the show where
we talk about all the things we didn't have time
for throughout the week, but stuff we wanted to get.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Are there some dumb shit that I feel is better visually?
So hey, let's do it on the YouTube page for
Fox Sports Radio. Let the Wild Rumpus start as your
favorite book. Last book I read Where the Wild Things Are?
So speaking of wild things, Ryan Garcia in the news again,
we're gonna talk about athletes who retired came back a
little bit. We're gonna talk about funny sports accessories, some

of them due to injury, which is not funny, but
stay with us. Okay, but you know what I saw
that today was the birthday? Hello legend? Is it me
you're looking for? Is that why you were dancing on
the ceiling? That was littel Ritchie? What a feeling? Who
I feel like? Is such a freaking g if you

watch that documentary about We Are in the World. It
gave even more respect for him and what a power
player he was. But it reminded me that this old
school Littel Richie is not the one young people know today.
So I've thought about this. There are certain stars that
people are clueless to the history.

Speaker 2 (01:29):
Well again, people forget what made them dominant or what
actually made them famous because they've lasted long enough to
have second life in different careers and they grew old,
so you don't remember. I call this the first base
coach or third base coach theory. Growing up as a kid,
we had the inability to realize that the third base

coaches of our favorite.

Speaker 1 (01:52):
Teams were actually dominant at one point. You're like that
old guy. That old guy played baseball in the way
I remember it talk to me as a little boy
grown up in New York. Yeah, wait a minute, you're
tell me Davey Johnson, the manager of the Mets, used
to play exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (02:09):
So a lot of young people today had the inability
to understand that, Hey, Lionel Richie, the judge, you know
him as the judge who wears cool jackets on American Idol.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
Yeah, he was in the Commodoores. He ran the eighties.
He had hit after hit after hit.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
Yeah, that dude's a music legend, like the Judge, right, Like, yeah,
the Judge.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
But let's there a story where your girlfriend didn't know
Valerie Burtonelly wasn't just a food network person. She doesn't
know her as the you know, eighties.

Speaker 2 (02:39):
I would say she was a pin up girl that sorts,
you know, married to Eddie Van Halen one day at
a time. Everybody loved Valerie Burtonelli. Look, sometimes my girlfriend's
a little younger than me, Like I know the hard
time no Belichick, No, yeah, no Belichick. I have a
hard time explaining to her how dominant Shaquille O'Neil was.
She just knows him like as the icy hot, funny commentator.
I'll be he's gigantic. She knows he played basketball, but

now she doesn't know how dominant he was. Or when
I try to tell her about OJ, she's like, yeah,
you know, I know the OJ story. I'm like, yeah,
but you don't understand it was the biggest, you know,
most loved athlete, right.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
But we came up with some other ones that I
think perhaps the younger generation might not realize their previous life.
And you know, you said Jack Charles Barkley because he's funny,
because he's got through his chubby ups and downs. I
think young people don't realize in his prime, no one
was better. He took Michael Jordan to Game six and

should have been Game seven on the Suns. In the
Sixers days, he was even more trim, and you know,
he was an MVP. I think people don't realize that
Barkley because he's a funny broadcaster. And again he's not
in the best shape anymore. He goes up and down.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
It's dominant, and it's also how not serious he takes
himself nowadays. Right of course, it's almost like, really he
was that dominant. I know he played, I thought he
was good. I didn't realize how dominant he was. No,
he was the man. He still is the man, just
a different man who most young people know as a broadcaster.

And I think they're getting reminded to on that new
David Letterman special on Netflix because they go through his
history everything.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
The Barkley episode fantastic. Now I'm guilty of this, so
I'll be straight up real with you, freaking guilty. I
don't know very much about Howie Mandel when he came
out on Dealer, No Deal, always a German fhobe, all
the Hawk girl's fist bumping, and now he's on X
Factor as a judge. I'm like, Howie Mandel, I knew

he was involved, but I forgot that the Howie Mandel
we all know judging on AGT and all these talent shows.
I forgot he was the voice in Bobby's world, and
forget that he was a successful comic.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
He was on every late night show. He was an
eighties comedian. I think because he looks so different with
the bald he people get confused. They're like, is that
the lead singer of Disturbed? No, No, that's Howie Mandel.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
Wait, that's not David Dramond. It's not David Draymond.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
He just used to have that Jerry curl, and people forget, like, yeah,
he used to look like Jeff Goldbloom back in the
day with that hair.

Speaker 1 (05:13):
Dude, he was a goofy.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
When I see goofy, rich like a really goofy eighties
comedian used to wear suspenders like Robin Williams. He would
stare at the audience and be like what what like?
He was nothing like the Howie Mandel you know.

Speaker 1 (05:28):
Now, What's what's funny about that is I think Bobby's
world and I don't even know I was that a
little too young for you? No, I remember Bobby's He
was also the voice of Skeeter or Scooter on Muppet Bass.
Oh yeah, Howie Mandel's got a history. Another one. You
may say, Nah, Rich, you're full of shit on this one.
I don't think. I think he's such just a famous

name that I bet you younger people if you asked,
like some of the editors at Fox Sports Radio that
are twenty something, or you know, maybe if he got
teenage kids. I don't know if they know that Arnold
was mister Olympia. I think they know he was a
famous actor, action hero, politician. I don't know if they
realized he was an Austrian guy who came to the

United States and was mister Olympia.

Speaker 2 (06:11):
They don't realize how massive and dominant he was in
a time of girly man. You know, he was pumping
everybody up. I don't think they realized how many lives
he lived, how many obstacles he overcame to be the
governator and be the legend we know today.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
They definitely know.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
I think a little more about him because he's so
mega famous.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
Terminator, action star. Yes, I don't think younger people recognize that.
The way he even got there was he was the
face of like weightlifting for a generation.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
Attribute that to longevity, man, you know, and perseverance. The
guy dominated everything he was a part of. For me
growing up, that was like Ronald Reagan. I knew he
was an actor, but I'm like, well, how big of
an actor was Donald Reagan? Yeah, the act Yeah, I
knew he was an actor, but I may have seen
him in a Cowboy had a few times in a
few movies, but I really didn't know how big of
an act because we didn't live it.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
I love your theory that it's the baseball coach theory
growing up because all the players, whether it's Lou Panella,
Billy Martin, Sparky Anderson, all Lesorda, all these guys that
we watched growing up, we had no clue that they
existed as players before.

Speaker 2 (07:20):
And even if we did, we didn't know how dominant
they really were because we didn't live it. We just
knew them as whatever we saw them as today, and
you said there was a recent one that I find
to be absurd.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
Right, Well, it's a it's a story that was hot
this week and luckily no one got hurt. But he's
getting a lot of shit for a Justin Timberlake who
got pulled over for a DWI out in the Hampton's
Long Islands. The cop that pulled him over. I'm not
saying he tried to pull a do you know who
I am? But apparently there was no name recognition, Like

the cop that pulled them up was like, yeah, yeah,
your ID, please, are Justin Timberlake, get in the car.
Didn't realized was the cop Apparently, Well, cinently, the cop
was fresh out of the Academy twenty something and was like, yeah,
I don't know Timberlake. And you think about it that
you're popular twenty something years ago. That younger he doesn't
know that Timberlake. He doesn't know the ram and noodle

head Timberlake, O Vin sink. So younger people are gonna
only know Timberlake as the outlaw? Is that what you're
telling about the DWA guy that does solo stuff once
in a while. Yeah, that's insane. That just means you're
getting old. He's a sexy back guy from the two thousands.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
Uh So again people that we forget how dominant they
were in their previous life or occupation, We forget what
actually made them famous.

Speaker 1 (08:37):
There you go.

Speaker 2 (08:37):
We want to add to the list. At Covino and
Rich at Fox Sports Radio. Now a global superstar. Unfortunately
fractured his nose does not need additional surgery, which is good.
But he's got to wear that silly mask. And I'm talking.

Speaker 1 (08:51):
About football soccer superstar and Bop Bank. I thought it
was your dad's resputant mask. Now he did rock that
for years. But in Bope has to wear the silly
sports mask. And I got it's an injury, not a
terrible injury, but you know, just for safety. And Bope
with that mask just gets us thinking about how aren't

they calling him mask Pope or something. I've seen headlines
mask that's so stupid.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
That one's a little different, though it's a little different
than the ones we've seen in the NBA.

Speaker 1 (09:21):
I always think of Lebron when he was on the
Heat and he tried to look all like dark night. Yeah,
Lebron was like, they look at all badass.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
I don't know if he was shooting for that or
if that's just what we thought, but I remember that too.
And of course you see the clear ones, A Dark Knight,
Jimmy Butler, I believe War one.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
But yeah, the mask.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
So that brings us to based on mask Pope and Bope,
the mask that sweeping the international soccer circuit, fun sports accessories. Now,
nothing funny about the injuries that may have led to him,
but we remember a lot of these and growing up,
I always wondered, and I'll give you the backstory too.
I always wondered why John Olrud wore a helmet in

the field. He had an aneurism early on in his life,
so it was just anneurism protection basically, but he always
wore that helmet in the field. But he was the
only guy. Oh yeah, I don't remember any other guy.
And it wasn't the ones with the ear flaps. It
was like the ones you would get on free helmet day.

Speaker 1 (10:19):
Yeah, no flap flap that I call that the Keith
Hernandez Yeah, was there a yeck that you can think of?

Speaker 2 (10:25):

Speaker 1 (10:26):
For the Mets and Cardinals, Keith never wore the flap.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
Well, I mean in the eighties, A lot of dudes
at the flap I don't think was even available, never
wore the flap. Yeah, it was just helmet. So John
Olrud comes to mind when I think of helmet. But
when I think of extra ultra protective helmets, I think
of Eli Manning's bulb A's helmet, but I think of
the David Wright.

Speaker 1 (10:48):
May the Schwartz be with you helmet. I mean that
is absurd. I mean he was coming off getting hit
in the head by a pitch, and you remember that
did take him out for a while. We're going back,
you know, fifteen years now, but I remember were David
right number five came back with that monstrosity on his
head and people did get a laugh about it in
the New York area, because listen, we love David Wright.

It was an injury, but like this, give kidding me?
What's that? Honestly, I like Rick Moranison spaceballs.

Speaker 2 (11:16):
It was giant and you'll see other pictures where it
just looks ridiculous. But again, for protection protective reasons.

Speaker 1 (11:22):
I get it.

Speaker 2 (11:22):
We get it, and that's why we have to adjust
our eyes for football season this coming season, because, as
you know, they're gonna be wearing those Guardian caps.

Speaker 1 (11:32):
Yeah, there's a David Wright. Oh no, that's Rick moranis
my bad? There you go.

Speaker 2 (11:38):
And by the way, they're doing a new spaceball so
you know that Josh with Josh gadd side note. So yeah,
now moving forward again, nothing funny about concussions CTE injuries.
But these Guardian caps are a little interesting. It's gonna
take an adjustment. We're going it's gonna be an eye adjustment.
But they're they're gonna design them with the team logos

on them and not going to look as ridiculous. But
when guys are coming out of concussion protocol, they're gonna
have the option to actually wear these cushy looking helmets
over their other helmet on the field in a regular game.

Speaker 1 (12:10):
In a regular game. So get used to that. You'll
see that a few times this year. I'm sure.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
Now again with funny sports successories. I don't know why
this was funny. You know why, because we grew up
in the eighties where if you wore glasses, you were
a nerd, right I was.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
There was just a lot of there was a lot
of nerd, nerd herd. There's a lot of nerd talk.

Speaker 2 (12:28):
You Nerd, Revenge of the Nerds, and anytime a kid
wore glasses on the baseball field with those croakies especially,
I did you wore those, like, dude, I wear contact
c linses.

Speaker 1 (12:40):
I wore kid. I didn't have braces to your nerd,
I did. I did not have the crisabos if you
want to take a look at the I did not
have the sabos you have.

Speaker 2 (12:49):
But any kid that wore glasses, regardless where they were
called Crissabo.

Speaker 1 (12:53):
Yeah. Yo. And I played third base too, so there
you go. But I had my glasses with that shitty
little strap around the back round. Yeah, those croaky straps
whatever strap, it was a tight strap, like a just
to make sure my glasses didn't fall off my face.
I looked more like Kurt Rambus in the eighties. That's
the thing.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
If you played baseball glasses, you were Sabo, But if
you played basketball glasses, you were Rich Davis or yeah,
Kurt Ramba. But it's the mustache that might be me
so funny. Yeah, that's rich right there.

Speaker 1 (13:22):
In the eighties. You had a mullet too, right, I
did honestly cover that mustache.

Speaker 2 (13:27):
That's uh that now when it comes to funny sports accessories.
I'm gonna throw it back. Everybody remembers in little league
when we had to start wearing those plastic masks.

Speaker 1 (13:37):
I did not.

Speaker 2 (13:38):
You never wear a mask, no, no, no, no on your
on your batting helmet. No, never a face guard.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
No. What. Well in my hometown of Union, you know,
I guess I'm kid in your town. Got hit and then.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Buddy Barnando broke his jawn Little League took a pitch
to the face. So we all had to wear those
protective not like a face mask, it was just a
plastic My bar went across your mouth, My daughter.

Speaker 1 (14:02):
All the kids that play in the Little League, in
the girls softball, they have to wear fielding masks too.
Yeah I've seen those until they're eight, I believe. But yeah, no,
it's all for safety. But are you thinking of John Carlo?

Speaker 2 (14:14):
I'm thinking of he was even was he Mike Stanton
at the time, The artist formerly known as Mike Jean
Carlo Stanton had that really elaborate, wiry metal face mask
for a while when he played in Miami, and if
you remember, the face mask spells out a G for
Jean Carlo, So clearly he's not mic in this picture anymore.

Speaker 1 (14:32):
But John Carlo had that, and what it did Cavino
was paved the way for I don't know nine out
of ten players now where a little extension over the.

Speaker 2 (14:40):
Jaw absolutely just snaps onto the helmet is right there.
And hey, if it gives a batter more confidence a
step closer into the box against guys who are throwing
one hundred and five miles per hour, high and tight.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
You saw Aaron Judge just this week.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
Mookie Betts out for the season most likely, you know,
if it makes them safe.

Speaker 1 (14:59):
And comfort in the batters box, I get it.

Speaker 2 (15:01):
But when we first saw that Sean Carlos Stanton thing,
You're like, WHOA, what the hell is that about?

Speaker 1 (15:06):
But when it comes to sports successories, I think we're
leaving off the most important one, which one now, I
don't want to make light of it, because he was
recovering from a major neck injury. Oh Bobby, the brain heenon.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
That was legendary. Yeah, yeah, and he really milked that.
I don't know if he milked it, Richard, Was he
really that injured where he wore that?

Speaker 1 (15:25):
Listen, the hulksture probably threw him through a table. Maybe
he got attacked by the British Bulldogs for all I know.
But Bobby Heenon, as they called him, the weasel, Yeah,
one of the best.

Speaker 2 (15:33):
I mean, if he was being a weasel in this moment,
or if he was just really that hurt all the time.
But legendary yet funny.

Speaker 1 (15:40):
You know, it's legendary because anytime I see someone with
a neck brace, I think is Bobby brain heen over there.
So when I see someone with a cast I'm like,
all right, cowboy, Bob Orton, Now if you want to
add to the list again or chime in?

Speaker 2 (15:53):
Or did we forget somebody at Covino and Rich funny
sports successories, and that brings us to our final discussion. Yeah,
time flies and having fun on overcroping a little over promise. Look,
Ryan Garcia, the boxer, he's just been going through a lot,
right Let me just post this tweet or let me
just tell you about this tweet he posted. He wrote recently,

my mom has cancer. Nothing funny about That's horrible. I'm
being sued my supplements were tainted. I'm going through a divorce.
Always getting shit talked on the internet for years. Devin
Haney asking for my victory to be taken away, getting
hit with everything. Still love God, he is everything. So

when he announces his retirement on social media, I'm taking
it kind of like, well, he's just going through.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
A lot, and I'm not really buying it.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
He tweets out a lot of nonsense and how many athletes,
how many fighters especially, have we seen announce retirement and
then come out of retirement a lot.

Speaker 1 (16:57):
Of times in the world of fighting, it's a tactic
to get more money. Now, Ryan Garcia is an interesting cat.
I still think it's not real. He's too young and talented.
He's not gonna walk away, but I could see him
taking a break to settle what's going on in his
life though.

Speaker 2 (17:13):
You know, it might be a good time for him
to step out of the spotlight, but he's not really.
Earlier this week, a report from Boxing disclosed that the
New York Commission is scheduled to deliberate on Garcia's punishment
for his ped violations. As you guys know, from the
tainted supplements, they tested the supplements. It was the supplements

that were tainted for was it called again? Don't ask
Messene Glyseren And he announced his retirement as a result.
I'm not buying that much into it. But again, we've
seen this before, like Rich said, especially in boxing.

Speaker 1 (17:53):
Also on wrestling. I remember anytime there was a retirement match. Yeah,
I'm like, macho Man against Rick Flair retirement match, thinking
of yourself. Come on, in a month, they'll have a
Jack Tunney or you know, come back and say, uh,
it's you know, lifted, Macho Man can fight again.

Speaker 2 (18:10):
Like some of the most famous that come to mind.
George Foreman retired for ten years and then came back.
I remember this kind of like the same George Foreman.

Speaker 1 (18:19):

Speaker 2 (18:19):
Oh, by the way, we can talk about George Foreman
from the previous conversation. Most young people know him as
the grill guy. That's the same guy, same dudey. He
was fighting Muhammad Ali back then. Muhammad Ali also retired
and came back. Sugar Ray Leonard retired. I think five times, dude,
five times do.

Speaker 1 (18:37):
You think it's is it all tactic or is it
away of the moment, like I'm done, And then you're like,
I'm not really dumb that is you know what it's like.
It's like, give her in a relationship with a girl
that cries break up. Yeah, like, anytime you get in
a fight, this guy sells grills. Yeah, that's the guy
sells girls.

Speaker 2 (18:52):
You mean to tell me the guy that sells the
grills the same guy as the boxer.

Speaker 1 (18:56):
Yes, but I think we've all been in a relationship
with a woman that's a little unhinged that every fight
is like, well maybe we should break up, and you
break up, get back together, break up, get back together, daddy. Two.
That's the equivalent of these retirements in sports. And there
was one that. I mean, there's two NFL quarterbacks that

come to mind, Brett Favre back and forth, Tom Brady. Uh,
you know there's still people that think Tom Brady could
play now and who knows, you know.

Speaker 2 (19:26):
Again, back to Ryan Garcia, maybe he's just pulling a
Michael Jordan. I believe he retired just to dip away
from the controversy, you know, and then came back. So
athletes retire, they come back. It happens all the time.
So what's Ryan Garcia gonna do now? He's saying he's
gonna dabble in acting and singing, and I advise him

not to because d la Hoya tried that and it
didn't work out.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
Many Bonnie Poko is a great singer. I would say,
I would say forget the singing. Ryan Garcia is a
handsome young dude and he is strong. So why not
be like some type of young action star. Maybe put
out a movie to try to get a deal with
Netflix or something. I could see Ryan Garcia, with his
social media fame, doing something in that vein. But I
promise you this, he will fight again. He absolutely will

fight again.

Speaker 2 (20:15):
So your thoughts on Ryan Garcia hit us up at
Covino and Rich at Steve Covino, at Rich Davis, and
of course all of us at Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 1 (20:25):
Yeah, buddies, we'll see you guys back tomorrow on FSR.
Enjoy your first weekend of summer now. Yeah, it's officially
summer now right, be there, Chie, see you in the
over Promised Land. Come by
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