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April 4, 2024 22 mins

Tiger Woods swears off sex ahead of the Masters to focus - does abstaining help or hurt performance?, a lot of "What's Next?" for athletes as Caitlin Clark and Jason Kelce both plan their next moves

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
You feel matter, a little snare.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Groove line, man groove line, he wave grooves in the heart.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
Let's go Yo over promised. That's Cavino, I'm Rich. All
the stuff we don't get to on the Fox Sports
Radio show. We pilot up and talk some shit for
a half hour right here on the Bonus.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Pod, Uncensored, Unleash.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
But if you join us Monday through Friday on Fox
Sports Radio, we appreciate it. If not, definitely follow us
search the podcast Covino and Rich. But we're on live
two to four Monday through Friday on the West. That's
five to seven on the East. But I hope you're
having a great week. I hope all your baseball teams
are winning. I hope you're enjoying your college basketball. In fact,
we will talk some Caitlyn.

Speaker 1 (00:43):
Clark, what is next for her and the idea of
idiots telling her to like, oh, put aside the five mil,
pass it up, get the mat here.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
I'm on what's next for Jason Kelsey?

Speaker 1 (00:57):
Is it wrestling?

Speaker 2 (00:58):
Is it broadcasting? Is he going to be an actor?

Speaker 1 (01:01):
We're gonna get to that, Jason Kelsey, Yeah, the actor.
Maybe he'll be president, you know, before we get to uh,
Tiger Woods and his non active penis what is it
a while that the baseball season started? And I don't
know if this is like this every year, I would
have to think back. But all the biggest stars, Mookie Bets,

Bryce Harperjan Soto, they're all having pretty hot starts to
the season, like all the stars are emerging.

Speaker 3 (01:27):
Hot starts is an understatement. As of now, Mookie Bets
leads the MLB in just about everything batting average, home runs, hits,
runs betted, in runs walks. Dude's betten forty five with
five dongs already. But you have that protection in the lineup.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
Not to get nerdy baseball guy, but if your protection
in the lineup is sho he Otani, Freddie Freeman and
guys like that, they got a pitch to someone and
Mookie Bets is reaping all the benefits, all the benefits.

Speaker 3 (01:56):
So yeah, no, it's so great to have baseball back,
just something to watch every night, and you know it's
just that time of year. I can't wait. Let's go Yankees.
I love it now. Tiger Wood's junk, let's talk about it.
Tiger Wood's junk. I'm a guy who believes in stay
away from women when you're training. I believe Mickey from
Rocky I always subscribe to that because to me, it's

just common sense.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
Ready, you're all.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
Motivated and fired up to go out because you want
to meet a woman. Right, but let's say you take
care of business at home, You're less motivated, You're less
fired up. Isn't the science pretty simple right then and there,
that it takes away your drive and your motivation and
you're fired.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
Become a lazy lump opposed to being like, Oh, let's
be honest pent up. Do you want to be pent up?
Or do you want to be relaxed? Now? There have
been many strategies.

Speaker 2 (02:46):

Speaker 1 (02:47):
You were telling us that Lamar Odom had said in
an interview that he tugs it before every game. Yeah,
he's tug road.

Speaker 4 (02:54):
He said the exact opposite. He revealed that he had
to do it before every NBA.

Speaker 1 (02:59):
Game, every game, tugaro, every game.

Speaker 3 (03:02):
Studies may prove me otherwise, but to my knowledge and
the research I've done, uh from other people, I'm sorry.
Don't you feel like sometimes you just want to go
to sleep after you get it done?

Speaker 1 (03:17):

Speaker 3 (03:18):
So how could you sort of want to go out
there and slam dunk on some I'm sorry, I'm just
I'm loving the headline.

Speaker 1 (03:23):
Lamar mits he'd always masturbate before NBA games to come
his nerves. And Chloe his you know, his ex said
that he preferred road games so he could quote bust a.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
Nut in his hotel room.

Speaker 1 (03:37):
So I mean, yeah, hey, it was just that hotel room.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
We say tuna sub. I know we're uncensored, but tuna
sub backwards.

Speaker 1 (03:45):
Okay, so tun us up? Yeah, what do you want
me to tell you? I will say this. There was
a study done by Vice, and Vice does a lot
of great investigations, documentaries, everything. Vice did a study on
whether or not athletes benefit or not from any type
of sexual activity before a game, before an event. And
you know this goes back to not just Mickey in

the Rocky movie Make You Weaken the Knees. You remember, Rocky,
you lay off that pet shop game Women Weaken Lives.

Speaker 2 (04:21):
Yeah that really like this girl, you know, yeah, absolutely around.

Speaker 1 (04:31):
I love how I forgot he called the Adrian the
pet shop Dame, pet shop dames. That way from that
pet shop Dame. But you know this goes back before
Rocky and Mick they're saying Greek and Roman times in colosseums,
in battle they would tell guys.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
No, I mean, you can't deny that it has an
effect on your motivation and on your mood.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
And like I said, you're sleepy. Levels a lot of.

Speaker 3 (04:54):
Times before people go to bed, what are they doing?
I know what they're doing, but just so they can
get that extra rest. And by the way, if you're
playing a game like golf or a fight where competition
is so strong and so highly competitive, don't you want
every possible edge. So if they say, hey, this will
keep you hungry and keep you on edge and keep

you motivated, I say, you want every advantage you could
possibly get, So.

Speaker 1 (05:20):
Don't do it. Well, that article focus on the game,
not on as cheek. That article and study from Vice
does prove the opposite. They're saying that levels and heart
rates and all these things don't get affected. So it's
a myth.

Speaker 3 (05:33):
But doesn't common sense or your own experience tell you otherwise.

Speaker 1 (05:36):
But I would think this, there's some people that need
to be amped up, and then there's other people that
are too amped up, and maybe to be game day
ready or fight ready, they need to take it down
a notch, like there's something to be said about being
too hyped up or too amped up for a fight.
But if like Canello Alvarez who fights the next month,
what if before the fight he's a little too amped
you don't think I don't know if you could take

care of yourself with a boxing glove on, but you
can get to do something. I need to be relieved.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
That what the best leans for house for cuts.

Speaker 3 (06:07):
Look, people, some people, a lot of people get no action,
do this with no great goal in mind whatsoever.

Speaker 1 (06:15):
That's not my description.

Speaker 3 (06:16):
If you're trying to win some shit, don't you think
it's okay to maybe take a rest for a little while.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
I think we need to prioritize a little bit.

Speaker 3 (06:25):
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with getting some action
or relieving yourself however you want to look at this,
But sometimes it's a bigger goal at play.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
Well, that's winning. The reason this comes up is because
in prize money, Tiger Woods in preparation for the twenty
twenty four Masters, his friend what a friend decides, like,
you know, Tiger, I'm gonna tell the press. A friend
of Tiger Woods said that he's focused, he's working really
hard at the gym, he's eating right, he's even eliminated sex.

Speaker 3 (06:52):
I think he's doing the right thing. That's my guy.
Tiger Wood's taking it serious.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
He doesn't want anything to take away from his focus.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
What I'm saying so to me, I don't care what
studies say, what Bike says, what doctor Ruth says.

Speaker 2 (07:04):
I don't care what anybody says.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
From my own experience, from my own common sense, I
think what Tiger Woods is doing is the right thing
to do.

Speaker 1 (07:12):
Prioritize focus, I think a lot of times, and I
have this proof in this pudding. I know you'll have pudding.
If elite athletes at their physical prime weren't also very
sexually active, then why did they order three hundred thousand
condoms for Olympic Village this summer in Paris? Because all

these young athletes, while they're elite at their sports, they
still want to get it on. They still have the urges.

Speaker 3 (07:38):
Hey, if you're worried about getting a booty, you're not
worried about working hard enough. That's the way I see it.

Speaker 1 (07:43):
Man, especially, you can't go for the sweet booty and
the gold.

Speaker 3 (07:47):
Who has more of a chance of winning The guy
who's solely focused on one thing, or the guy who's
thinking about women, who's hanging out with tonight, Oh and
the fight coming up, or and the golf match coming up?
Oh and uh oh, who's hitting me up on my
phone right now? This girl get back to me. Everyone's focused.
Everyone focused. I don't think does an answer, because I
think I think there is. I think there are times where,

all right, some radio hosts and TV hosts that we've
worked with at Fox, ESPN, everywhere, some people need to
prep for hours and hours. Some people just walk in
and do the show. Everyone has a different theory. Women
get in your head, whether you want to deny it
or not.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
Some guys need to throw one hundred pitches in the
bullpen before they come out. Some guys need five warm
up pitches and they're good to go. Everyone has a
different process. Hey, dude, so what's it hurting though?

Speaker 3 (08:32):
Is it hurting Tiger Woods by saying, you know what,
I'm putting that aside right now to focus on my game?

Speaker 2 (08:37):
Is it hurting them by any means? No? So I
got to respect it all the way.

Speaker 1 (08:41):
Man. I think it's unnecessary to turn down Booty and
he's a guy that if you remember Tiger's passed, the guy.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
Likes booty, maybe that's in his best interest. All right, well,
Tiger Woods, what says you over promised nation? Do women
weaken the knees? Let us know at Covino and Rich.

Speaker 2 (08:58):
On social media.

Speaker 1 (08:59):
Now there's a couple stories of what's next. We'll get
to Kelsey in the second. But Caitlin Clark, I have
a thought that not that we're prisoners of the moment.
That game versus LSU Iowa LSU forty one and twelve,
maybe it broke all women's sports TV ratings in the

world of basketball. It had more viewers in the NBA
Finals last year, had more viewers than the World Series
NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
People watched over twelve million people tuned in to watch
at its peak sixteen mil. Congratulations they delivered, she got
her redemption forty one points, played amazing and they played
tomorrow night against Yukon. But it was great to see.
I have an unpopular opinion about this, but continue My
thought is simply, sometimes you're a prisoner of the moment.

We talked about that phrase a lot, and I think,
right now, this is so hot. It's like insanity in
his prime. I'm not saying she's gonna dip off, but
sometimes so sometimes you.

Speaker 1 (10:00):
Need to capitalize when you're the hot shit, like you said,
spot like Zoolander Hansel so hot right now? If you're
the hottest thing right now, you need to capitalize, like
all right when Katelyn Clark.

Speaker 3 (10:13):
Are you saying you need to strike while the iron's hot.
I've heard that phrase before. Wait, I think I've heard
that phrase before.

Speaker 1 (10:19):
Something. Well, listen, you don't think a little bit, be
honest with me, if she joins the WNBA draft and
ends up on the Indiana Fever.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
Okay, which is bound to happen.

Speaker 1 (10:32):
That handsls so hot right now, Katley Clark so hot
right now? You don't think that As fun as it's
been to watch her journey in college women's hoops, you
don't think she'll just fade into a little bit of
obscurity for the Indiana Fever. You think they're gonna be
selling out the arena in Indiana. You think those ratings,
You think the WNBA, who's never had a million people

watch a game, All of a sudden, Caitlyn Clark brings
that on. Let's be honest, who gets the first pick
a shitty team, the Indiana Fever.

Speaker 2 (11:02):
Well, I think she.

Speaker 1 (11:03):
Goes Big five, takes the money, and anyone that says different,
it's crazy telling someone else to turn down five million dollars.

Speaker 3 (11:12):
Big five is a sporting good store. Or I think
he means Big Three. She's had got a job at
Big five, tens Big five. Man, Wow, what.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
She's selling over there?

Speaker 1 (11:20):
A bunch of part time job there.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
Well, the Big three that offered her five million dollars.
Ice Cube said sure, five million dollars, but then Dave
Portnoy of Barstool said, well, screw that, I'll give you
ten million to play in our intramural league. And yeah,
she can't offers left and right, Well right, yeah, little
Dirk is giving her or offered her ten million dollars
to do some nonsense. But what she means to the

w NBA and women's sports far exceeds five million dollars
from Ice Cube, ten million dollars from Portanoy.

Speaker 2 (11:53):
If you're serious.

Speaker 3 (11:54):
I don't know, but if I were her, I'd figure
out a deal and'd be like, Hey, I want to
play in a WNBA because it's backed by the NBA,
and I know there's more money to be made, and
it means a lot to women in women's sports, and
I want to be that person in that face of
the organization. Just holds more clout, more weight, and more importance.
But if you want me to do a show or
be part of barstool, I'll take that ten million dollars.

She needs to negotiate. She needs to get what she
can get right now. While the irons hot, like Rich said,
But here's why, because Rich is right about one thing,
one thing, one thing, thank you. The Big five with
the Indiana fever is only going to be so hot
for so long before people lose interest. And I don't

find Caitlin Clark for as lights out as she is
and as awesome as she is, as important as she
is to women's sports, and I find out to be
inspiring as a girl. Dad, I think she's fantastic, She's great.
We've never seen anything like this. She's just not that marketable.
She doesn't have the charasma. I don't think I have,
like a Shaquille o'neiler, some young star, like just pure

dominance on the court. I don't find her to be
that likable. And as a guy with a marketing background.
I'm gonna tell you that does matter.

Speaker 1 (13:04):
There's a reason.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
Yeh, Shaquille O'Neal is Shaquille O'Neal, because not only was
he great on the court, he was great off the court.

Speaker 2 (13:10):
You see what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (13:11):
I don't think Caitlyn Clark is that person. I'm not
sure she is. I'd love for her to prove me wrong.
And I know it doesn't matter when she's on the court.
I know that doesn't matter. But when you're gonna be
the face of something big, you need to be marketable.
And I'm not sure she is I personally, And it
doesn't matter what I think. I'm just saying I personally,
I'll find her to be that likable athlete.

Speaker 1 (13:32):
Yet, yeah, athletes, yes, or as you say three syllables, athletes.
They have a little window of time to make a
ton of money. Yeah, right, But you have to be marketable.
But if Caitlyn Clark has the opportunity to make five
to ten million dollars doing anything, who are you or
I or some bonehead to be like? But go to
the WNBA. It means something. Hey, it's a little tortilla

girl says. The NBA has why both. She could do both.

Speaker 3 (13:56):
She could do both and figure it outway and figure
it away now to do that, and I'll prove to
you that I'm right. You know, Mike Strout is the greatest,
arguably the greatest player in baseball.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
But guess what, he's boring. He's not that likely.

Speaker 1 (14:11):
He's a good dude.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
He's not hateable, but he's.

Speaker 1 (14:13):
Not that likable either.

Speaker 3 (14:15):
And you know, in her sport, women's basketball on the
professional level, is not that popular. So she has to
figure out a way to make her money and be
as marketable as she can when she can while she can,
and that time is now.

Speaker 1 (14:29):
And let's not forget even staying in Iowa. I think
is a good move for her if she wanted to,
because once you go to the WNBA, it's like name
a young quarterback right right now, when you're Caleb Williams
and you're about to get drafted the hot you're the
hot shit in college football. Everyone thinks you're the man.

See they're getting emotional. Everyone thinks you're the man. You're
throwing the ball eighty yards and that you know, at
practices everyone's like, man, Caleb Williams. The reality sets in
when he's in the NFL and you're on a mediocre
team and you win four or five games, you just
fade into the middle the mix. And Caitlyn Clark is
going to be on a bad team in the WNBA,

and what's gonna happen? Can we now? They'll be all right,
She'll have moments, But will she ever be as popular
in the WNBA as she is right now for Iowa? No,
the goal is yes, but it's not going to be
the case. But I don't think that'll be the case either.
I'd love for her to prove it.

Speaker 3 (15:30):
Wrong and be that person and bring that riz and
not rooting against her any means. And I feel bad
saying what I'm saying because she's the world sweetheart right now.
So I'm not hating. I'm just stating, you know, and
that's just my personal opinion. I think the WNBA will
come up with maybe something close to half a million
dollars for her, right But I'm just saying the NBA,

the NBA, which backs to the WNBA, will figure out
a way to keep her and make sure she's paid
to be that person. You're not gonna want to lose
her to the Big three or Dave Portno or anybody else.

Speaker 1 (16:04):
Let me give you Let me give you two examples
from the past and we'll move on. What about when
you were a little boy in New Jersey. Yeah, the
Jersey Generals. Was that the team? Yeah, the USFL. You
know why, bro herschel Walker, my dude, Steve Young played
it there for a while because they were giving big money,
big lee. They were given big money to these guys

to say, forget the NFL, come to the USFL. There
were some guys is that I'll take the money. They
ended up in the NFL. But they took the money.
And you know what, I can never argue someone securing
the financial future of their family. What about the golfers
that went to the Live Tour? You and I both agreed, Like, dude,
if some guy offered me and you, let's say there
was Bunkie shit Sports Network. If Bunkie Shit Sports Network

said Cavino, I know you love Fox Sports. They treat
you well, they love you great improv. Did you learn
that in Groundlings Bunky Shit Sports Network? Yeah, bunky BSN
O Yeah, yeah, BSSN. If they offered you five million dollars,
would you be like, no, My integrity. I'm staying to

Fox Sports.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
But my presence isn't as impactful to another network as
she is to the WNBA and women's sports.

Speaker 1 (17:18):
Just don't. Don't make it seem like it's such a
no brainer, like go.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
To the w It is a no brainer. I'm sorry,
let it be clear.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
I am saying she has to get her money anyway
she can, but I disagree with this guy.

Speaker 4 (17:29):
To counter your point, I saw the story yesterday Brian
or Bryson Deshambo. Descembo admits live golf as making people
lose interest in the sport.

Speaker 1 (17:42):
Yeah, hope.

Speaker 4 (17:43):
Sometimes the money grab isn't necessarily good for It's.

Speaker 3 (17:46):
Not good for anybody it's and it's not good for
women's sports. But she is the face of at the moment,
and she.

Speaker 1 (17:52):
Even want to be. Did anyone ever ask her that
doesn't matter? She is?

Speaker 3 (17:55):
Yeah, I think she does. But think of it this way. Yeah,
if Big three wants to give her five million dollars,
but that's like a novelty thing. There's no clout in that.
The w NBA, even though there's not a big fan base,
still holds a lot more weight of importance than the
Big Three or intra intramural basketball.

Speaker 1 (18:13):
I don't want to play on the spot because I
don't want to embarrass you or me. But can you
name five w NBA players?

Speaker 2 (18:19):
No players?

Speaker 3 (18:19):
No, But that's the whole purpose of bringing her in,
so you think changes everything. I wasn't watching college women's
college basketball either until she became a thing. So the point,
that's the point. You can't say there's not a level
of importance here, because there is. That's why she has
to choose the w n b A and not the

Big Three or any other nonsense offer she's getting if
she can figure out a way to still get paid
all around, do it while she can, while she's young,
while she's the hot thing.

Speaker 1 (18:48):
So so I guess you're not taking the money for
the bunk shitty sports network. Nope. Okay, well last thing
we wanted to get to.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
It depends how much you'd go there.

Speaker 3 (18:58):
In a second, Like I said, my importance not the
face of men's broadcasting. Oh and you know, a whole
generation of people aren't riding on me to be that guy.

Speaker 1 (19:12):
You know what was that phrase I invented five minutes ago?

Speaker 2 (19:16):
Strike the irons hot?

Speaker 1 (19:19):
I made that up. Yeah, I invented that. This is
another story of strike while the Iron's hot. Who's hotter
than the Kelsey bros. Right now? This is the ultimate
case of strike while the Iron's hot. Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts,
he was on the podcast. Arnold was out in here

in LA with the Kelsey bros. And they've talked about
how what's next for them. Jason retired. There's rumors that
he's gonna be at WrestleMania over the weekend. Imagine he
comes out in a green singlet in Philadelphia. There's rumors
that they're in La going over movie roles. There's rumors
that Travis's a host. Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

So again, if we can't understand the concept of strike
while the iron's hot, then.

Speaker 3 (20:08):
I don't get it to be You also got to
be realistic guys, And where's the greater future for a
guy like Jason Kelcey or the Kelsey bros. Right in general,
but Jason Kelsey, especially because he's retired, it's gotta be
broadcasting right now, because he's proven that as a podcaster
he could draw an audience and he's good at it,
and there's a passion there and when he introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger,

he showed a lot of professionalism, a lot of gusto,
and Arnold was like, that was amazing, Like it was
fun to see, fun to watch, and you could see
that he has a love of podcasting or broadcasting and
maybe he'd be great on television moving forward doing that,
because when it comes to acting, it's so few and
far between where an athlete could actually be a box

office draw. I think there's a few exceptions, but not many.
Connor McGregor, yeah, fifty five million plus tuned in to
see Netflix Roadhouse, but he's not a great actor.

Speaker 2 (21:02):
He stinks.

Speaker 3 (21:02):
I think there's a there's a limit, there's a roof there, right,
I think there's an intrigue. Maybe Connor gets better, But
I don't see Jason being the next big action star.

Speaker 2 (21:11):
I just don't.

Speaker 1 (21:12):
Even though even though Arnold said he'd be great as
Conan the Barbarians, I don't see it. Look Randy Couture
and The Expendables, Terry Cruz made a career out of himself.
Carl Weathers wasn't it was an exception and an exceptionable.
I think Bautista lately has been really good I wrote
him down Bautista Army of the Dead.

Speaker 3 (21:30):
I thought was fantastic. That was one of my favorites movies.
But when you think of all the other people that
through their hat in the ring, it's.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
More fizzle than sizzle.

Speaker 1 (21:40):

Speaker 3 (21:40):
I made that up. We're fizzled than sizzle. Okay, I say,
he he You know, maybe jumps in the wrestling ring
here and there. I could see that. You know, that's
fun and gimmicky and stick around the world of entertainment.
But to think he's gonna be an actor, no way,
no how, stick with broadcasting.

Speaker 2 (21:58):
Kelsey asked.

Speaker 3 (21:58):
My advice to you, man, every one has a podcast,
and you know what I say about that.

Speaker 2 (22:02):
Podcasts are like buttholes. Everybody has one, most of them.
Stink Yours is actually pretty good, so is ours. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (22:10):
On that note, uh, hey, enjoy the rest of your day.
We'll see you guys tomorrow on Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 3 (22:16):
And a reminder next week Dan Patrick Hatrick Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday, tune in filling in for DP.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
We'll see you then, have there you baby, see you
in the over promised lad.

Speaker 2 (22:27):
Goodbye later,
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