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May 9, 2024 24 mins

Sydney Sweeney will play boxer Christy Martin in an upcoming biopic, so Covino & Rich highlight some of the worst castings or glamour castings that didn't quite fit. And there may be a new sports entrance leader as Jhoan Duran's entrance gets a lot of buzz, so Covino & Rich highlight some of their other favorite sports entrances


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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Oh yeah, the I be in full effect throwing it
back on a Thursday over promised with Cavino and Rich.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
We're here to keep you company until the NBA playoffs
kickoff in just a little bit. We got a lot
to get to on over promised stuff we don't get
to on our daily Fox Sports Radio show, Like how
about this.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
The emergence of elaborate entrances. Well, apparently there's a new
number one sports entrance and we're gonna debate that figure
it out together, right, but again, Covino and Rich Monday
through Friday, Fox Sports Radio two to four on the West,
five to seven on the East. Just search Covino and
Rich wherever you stream your podcast and thank you for
hanging out here. Dude, do the demo. Yeah, I think

we should do it all month, just to test our
Spanish numbers. Yeah, it's a celebration all month long. Enjoy
the weekend fiesta, Enjoy your Mother's Day before I forget. So,
I don't know if you saw I thought what I got.
By the way, I don't want my wife to uh
I know this. I need to interrupt me midcentence sense
what you go? Yes, yeah, exactly, please said Mother's Day
and impulse and urge you just can't control. Fuck it,

move on then, just move along, move along, Mother's Day.
We love our moms.

Speaker 3 (01:12):

Speaker 2 (01:13):
It's just it's just clear you don't like Mother's What
I was gonna say was I'm hoping it works out
because for Mother's Day, I just had a hell of
a lot of Instagram and TikTok shopping. You know, when
you see things like, oh, that looks like a cool item.
I hope it's a real company. So I'll let you know.
But do you do a lot of your shopping now
on Instagram or TikTok? You buy into that such a risk? Yeah,
you just don't know what you're getting. I like to

have tangible items. I like to try stuff on. I
like to see it first and feel it. You know,
there's a sense of you're pulling a real fifty to
fifty right, Like, Yo, this could get to my house
and be awesome, or I could be like scammed out
of fifty bucks.

Speaker 1 (01:48):
Story ever, and it's happened everybody because you got it
on Tamu is spot but a tent our producer spot,
but a tent He's like, oh, I'm going to that
Uranex and came out of emails a little doggy tent.
It was like a little tiny, little tiny baby tit
well for his feet where I'm guilty as well. My wife.

When we were in New York, one of our friends
had really good edibles.

Speaker 2 (02:14):
We were like, yo, these make you feel nice and relaxed.
My wife was like, Babe, I have to zell this stranger.
I'm like, I'm sorry, Zelle's not refundable. Who you were
hitting up a couple hundred bucks skimrow website and everything
looked real.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
Two hundred bucks later, not a real thing.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
Yeah, so we all get skined. Be careful for Mother's Day.
It's when I'm so careful, and be careful of this
before we move on. My mom, or Tensia, always says
to all her kids, all five of.

Speaker 1 (02:41):
Us, I don't want anything. In fact, if you get
me something, I'm gonna be mad. Then if she gets nothing,
she's sad like she needs it, but she doesn't really
mean it. So don't fall for that one. Send her
some flowers, some chocolts, didn't eat something I send her,
Just a card, call her, I'll tell you love her.
Didn't you learn that lesson? At the nineteen eighty nine
Union Book Fair where you did it the holiday boutine,

the holiday boutine where you didn't bring your mom home
a magnet and she's like, you don't love me. Yeah,
even if they say they don't want something anyone, some acknowledgement,
a hug or something. So enjoy your Mother's Day weekend.
But I don't know if you remember the story of
Christy Martin Rich But.

Speaker 2 (03:19):
Back in the day, see, I don't remember the story
much at all, so please remind me of it was
just one of the.

Speaker 1 (03:23):
Biggest names in women's boxing because well, she was kind
of pretty and attractive for a women's boxer. You got
this idea, of course of what they must have looked
like back in the day, thinking a large march. No,
but she was attractive. But she had a crazy backstory.
And it's all coming back in a new movie about

Christy Martin Circle huh yeah, full circle, And you could
see her there with Don King Made in America, Christy Martin.
She was a cash cow in women's boxing. But again
she was one of the most popular and at the time,
you know, no one cared about women's boxing that much.
It's come a long, long way since then. But she
was one of the first the OG's, the pioneers of
the fight game, right because she can kick some ass.

But she had a lot of relationship issues. She had
a whole backstory. Now portraying her in a new movie,
it's everybody's favorite Sydney Sweeney and those speedbags. You know
what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (04:18):
Hold On, please please explain this woman as I was
Sam said yesterday on our show, I would would those
would beat those up like Sugar ray Letard, I would
bounce those those bad boys, which was an outtake from
Liar Liar the elevator scene which him carry.

Speaker 1 (04:33):
But I'm not trying to be mean because Christy Martin
wasn't a model. I hate when people say things about
people are like, hey, like at sheer and he's so ugly. Well,
hold on, he's making music. He's not. He's amazing music
for that matter. Yeah, he's not on a cover of GQ,
he's not on the cover of Men's Health. He's not
a model. He's a musician. Yeah, Now I say it respectfully.

Christy Martin was a boxer, right, so she was getting
punched into face for a living. I do think Sidney
Sweeney is a bit too attractive to portray her, especially
the Sidney Sweeney that we have in our minds, right,
But so I'm assuming they're gonna have to really downplay
her looks, and I'm sure they'll be able to do

that during the filming of the movie somehow.

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Spot that first picture you showed us of Christy with
Don King. Based on that photo, if you're gonna cast
her as Margot Robbie, what are you gonna have?

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Didris Elba play Don King like it's a little off,
don't you think? I mean, hey, glamorize it for Hollywood.
I get it. But here's the thing, much like Rich,
there's a lot of people that don't remember Christy Martin.
They're like, she must have been hot. Well, people are
gonna look back and be like, oh so they're gonna
do a little Google search, or they'll ask Jeeves on

a throwback Thursday, Christy Martin looked like, oh, you don't
think Sidney Sweeney at all. You think Jeeves's no, no, no, no.
She was again attractive for a female boxer, especially You're
right with the point of like, you don't want to
be an asshole and be like, she's not hot. She's
not a model. She's a boxer and she wasn't trying

to be hot when you cast the it girl in Hollywood,
but as her, it doesn't match up, which gets you
thinking about some of the worst castings in movie history.
It could be sports. It doesn't need to be sports,
but one comes to mind if you want to start with,
I think one of the hottest women out there on
planet Earth, Margot Robbie playing Tanya Harding. What a thumbs

up for Tanya Harding? Like, you don't think Tanya Harding
is like, yes, we need to keep this clear. It
doesn't mean it's a bad movie. In fact, it's a
great movie. This was a great movie, and Sidney Sweeney's
performance in this new movie might be fantastic. We're just saying,
is it the best casting? Turns out it was a
great movie. Margot Robbie did a great job. But Tanya

Harding they could have had, and I say this respectfully,
like Amy Schumer or something playing tiny Hardy Margot Robbie.
What are you saying. I'm saying that Margot Robbie's too hot.
But she did a great, great movie. Again, it's Hollywood,
I get it, and Not every movie is gonna be
a home run, as we discussed briefly on today's Covino

on Rich Fox Sports radio show, not every appearance is
gonna be Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson winning. Yeah. Like
I say, when you think of some of the best,
you're right. That was perfect. And another one that comes
to mind when Robbie Mallick played Freddie Mercury. Yeah, like,
they're not all gonna be home runs. Or maybe that
person just brings out the soul and vibe of that person.

That's why they were casted. But for whatever reason, we're
going over the worst now on over promise, So we
got Margot Robbie as Tanya Harding. You know what's interesting.
You make a good point. The movies could be great,
but you're like, wow, they really glamour casted.

Speaker 2 (07:52):
That would be the right way they glamour casted this person.
Like to me, Steve Jobs is a nerd Ashton Kutcher
was a mat. It's actually a model, right, Couture movie,
I enjoyed Jobs, but Jobs.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
You know, they could like a step dad, Fred Bench
Jobs or Rich could play Steve Couture a big couch.
I mean, he's a handsome guy. So again just like
misleading castings here now this one. I thought the look
was there, but the accent was hard to not notice.

I love and if she's watching over promised stuff, just
kidding and at the armis the moment I saw her
in Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves, I was like, that's
great casting. Who's that You've never seen Knock Knock? You
gotta look it up with Keanu and a d Armas.
But when she portrayed Marilyn Monroe, I was like, whoa,

she looks great, it's Marilyn Mors and the arm is
equally hot. But you're right, she had a weird accent
and it was hard to It was hard to oversee that,
you know, as gorgeous as she is, the accent everyone
loved me from my looks, it's like Marilyn Monroe had
no accent like that. It was hard. Something I watched

and I enjoyed it, but it was still like an
odd choice based on that for sure.

Speaker 2 (09:18):
Now, interestingly enough, I had never seen this movie. But
on any list you look up, if you look up
like shitty movie castings spot, you said you've seen this.
Bobby Darren in Mac the Knife played by Kevin Spacey.

Speaker 1 (09:31):
Dude, it's Matt the Night. I'm just kidding. McDonald's reference, right.
I never saw the movie, but people said it was
pretty bad.

Speaker 4 (09:40):
He was This was like a passion project for him
because he was a huge Bobby Darren fan. And he sings,
he performs, he does impressions Kevin Spacey. I've never watched
this movie either, but Spacey's a big name. This got
a lot of negative criticism, and like it's it's one
of those infamously known miscasts and bad casting moments some

of them.

Speaker 2 (10:01):
Some of them it's because maybe the person's too handsome
or not good looking enough, or the accents off. Like
that's the thing with a biopic, if you know the
person like we reference today, like Barry Pepper as Roger Maris,
like he looked like Roger Marison.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
There's a party that wants to see a resemblance or something.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
You know.

Speaker 1 (10:18):
You know what we didn't think to add to this list.
When Will Smith played Ali, did you say oh or no?
Like I don't like it? Yeah personally now and I'm
a huge Fight fan and Ali fan. Yeah to me,
he's just he's so Will Smith. It was bad. See. Yeah,
we referenced that today, like Barry Pepper was a great
Roger Marris in the movie sixty one. But again we're

going over the worst casting in movies, sports, movies, whatever.
And you could add at Coveno and Rich right here
on over promised much like Spacey Rich as Bobby Darren. Yeah,
you know which one against a lot of criticism. Travolta
as John Gottie. Now we love, yeah, I call him,
I call him Johnny, But as gott he was odd.

I love Travolta, but I feel like his vibe doesn't
match gangster. You might say, oh it does, see you know,
pulp fiction. I get it, But for some reason, Gotti,
I just don't. I get it.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
Maybe the snarl a little bit, but people criticize that one.
Let me throw one more bonus one in then we'll
move along. Travolta is the man though, but it's still
again it's a weird one. This is so you know what,
Maybe it's a testament when you're such a big star
like Will Smith or travolt all.

Speaker 1 (11:30):
You see is Travaulta.

Speaker 2 (11:31):
That's I think that's to be with the one I'm
about to mention. I think while the makeup was good,
and while he's a top A level actor, Leo as
Jay Edgar, everyone's like, oh, I just I just see
Leo dressed up as an old guy.

Speaker 1 (11:44):
And you know what, you can say the same thing
about our jumping point here, Sidney Sweeney. She's such the
it girl right now. Every dude loves her so much.
Her as a boxer, You're just distracted because you're like,
she's hot and she's the girl everybody wants to But
there she is Christy Martin on the cover of SSI,

So we'll be seeing Sidney Sweeney portray her coming soon.
So some of the worst castings. And again at at
Covino and Rich at Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (12:15):
Something we have yet to get to on our Fox
Sports Radio show. We've been We've been teasing it, and
that's why we do this show because we get to
the stuff right at the time, right out of the time.
Everyone keeps hitting me up with this because I'm a
huge Mets fan and like, dude.

Speaker 1 (12:28):
Edwin Diaz has been outdone.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
Like what do you mean currently out Apparently there is
a video that's pretty viral going around because I'm guessing
most people don't watch the Minnesota Twins on a day
in and day out. But when it comes to sports entrances,
Spot kick it back to Edwin Diaz second, because the
last couple of years, other than his season ending injury,

so you'd say, the last couple of years trumpets, it's
been all about the Timmy trumpets. But they added this
season a light show on top of the Timmy trumpets.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
So not only does he come out to the trumpets,
Oh yeah, it looks like Foton play laser tag, mister
missus medhalf trumpets. Oh man, what a scene. A little extravagant,
but that's been Dias this thing, and it's kind of cool. Look,

I'm a Yankees fan, so I know a great entrance
when I see one, and I'm like, oh, Spot got
out the way behind me, Great number forty two, the
great Marianna Rivera. So I'm just saying, like, ye, listen,
come on, this is an entrance. Yeah, I know. Answer Sandman,

do you think if it was twenty twenty four they
would have a crazy light show? Probably? Enter Sandman, good
Night Games over. Now you don't need all that light
and spectacle because Rivera delivered the fireworks. I think you do.
I think if it was twenty twenty four when Moe played,
I bet your Yankee Stadium would have some type of
flames and lights flashing.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
I said it earlier today on our Fox Sports radio show.
I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, every time
Steph Curry hit a three flames came out of the backboard.
Because we're headed in a direction where we love these
You watch WRESTLEMANI you said you watched by a bucket.
You said you watch the intros of the main event,
Roman Reigns Fire, Cody Rhodes took fifteen to twenty minutes

each to get down to the ring, Deonta Wilder, Tyson Fury,
these guys, the entrances are next level these days, as
far as the elaborate walk down, it's where things are going.

Speaker 1 (14:47):
Okay, well, here's what they're saying about Johann Duran. Forget
about Mo, forget about Edwin Diaz. He's got the best
entrance in sports. You be the judge. Let's take a look.
It starts out, hold the spot. It starts out. I
mean everyone's gonna hear it.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
No, but I'm saying he combines two things. Yeah, starts
out with the Undertaker Bell from the w w E.
Then it goes into some fucking awesome like.

Speaker 1 (15:16):
My Daddy, Yankee and Pitbull.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
So it goes into a six song, but it starts
with you're watching yourself.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
This is pretty intense that even the light's going along
with it. Just have at home. Come on, it's ridiculous, boss,
get get help. But exciting, sir, very dimly lit, building

the excitement. And there, I mean, come on, now, that's awesome.
Like World Cup atmosphere is a soccer atmosphere. I'm not
saying it's not cool, but what I am saying is,
and I say this respectfully, it's the Minnesota Twins. He's
got thirty eight career saves. That's the knock on the Twins.

They're always good. They're twenty one and fifteen at the
moment right they're second in the Central to Cleveland. But
he's got thirty eight career saves. He had twenty seven
last year, so he's good. Three saves this year. That's
maybe why you don't know it, because he only has
three saves and only thirty eight career saves. I think
that's a bit much, a little for a young dude.

But if that's the new way. Then, Hey man, it's
excitement for baseball. I'm not being the old guy hating
on anything new. I'm just saying I'm coming from a
place where you earn that entrance. That's all. Well, well,
if it's exciting, it's cool, and I wish them all
the best. Hit me with some of your favorites. They
could be fictional or real life. What comes to mind
for me as a kid, I saw it in the theater.

The theater. The year was nineteen eighty something, But when
I saw Drago hoisted, I was like, he's got no
chance in Russia. When the smoke and the like that
eerie die just compare everything to Drago's entrance, Like, yeah,
that was the one. And I'm a fight fan, so

I was like, man, drogo to me, that's majestic. That's
one of the most eerie songs ever. The Drago entrance.
And can I just say his hair was impeccable in
this movie and his physique. I'm a little scared, absolutely,
I'm a little intimidated. Absolutely.

Speaker 2 (17:39):
Can you go back ten seconds to that still of Drago.
He could be in a he could be on a
poster of a salon Okay, look, I.

Speaker 1 (17:49):
Mean he had he has in that faith Dolphin is prime.
Did he did he ask for the vanilla ice? With
the vanilla ice asked for the I mean clearly ice
came after him. Nah. I would go to the barber
and I would ask for the Dolph back in the
eighties at the salon, but and Domo would do his

best to cut the hair. But he had two majestic
entrances in that movie. So you know, that's definitely when
it comes to mind for me, because well, everything about
him meant business, and the whole country was like, there
he is Drago.

Speaker 2 (18:22):
As we learned in the recut of Rocky four. There
was even a longer extended Apollo intro.

Speaker 1 (18:29):
That was like fifteen minutes. But I mean it wasn't
my favorite, but I can't leave it up. You're gonna
talk about Drago. It was living in America. It was
the ecadomy of showmanship at the time. For sure. There

he is classic Rest in Peace. Carl Weather's Apollo creed
so ridiculous. I mean, you know, that was supposed to
be the biggest and over the top thing we saw.
And life imitates art because we started to see these
sort of antics real fights. You know, so well what

comes to mind from me? I know you got one
that sort of hits below the belt a little bit. Yes, well,
you know why because you got to put yourself in
the moment. And we were in Mexico watching this fight. Dude,
when Mayweather was calling himself like the Mexican Assassin. He
was just knocking out and beating every Mexican division and

then he's fighting De la Hoya. He came out with
a sombrero. It was the Mexican crowd in his hometown
because he knows this is Oscar's crowd. Well, he won
his first title gifts because it was just pissing off
all the Mexican fans, but at the same time he
was embracing the culture. So it was like so much

going on, but so memorable to he as a fight fan,
and it made me want De la Hoya to beat
his ass even more. And looking back, I still think
you won, but that's fitty, But it was a great fight.
Rich and I were in Mexico watching and every time
Dale Hooya threw a flurry, Airway was growing up, so
we were convinced theale Joya won. But I'll never forget
that entrance because I was like, look at him, Oh mane,
he's doing everything to piss you off. The disrespect that

we were at another fight not to not to it
wouldn't be name drop of ventrop.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
We were at Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder. When Tyson Fury
came down to the ring like he was King Haku,
King Harley Race. He's that like royalty on a throne.

Speaker 1 (20:36):
So awesome. I loved it. And you know what, on
the flip side of this, may married maybe one day
will do the worst entrances because remember Deonte Wilder came
out with that elaborate like Knight's costume. It cost him
the fight. He said it weighed so much it drained
him of energy. But uh, this felt like it took
twenty five minutes. And again to Patsy Klein, which was

so weird, right interesting trust the position of him and
Patsy Klein and he's a king and it was wild
memorable for sure, pretty cool, but yeah, and it's it's
all in the name of entertainment and sportsmanship and fun
for the fans.

Speaker 2 (21:13):
So let me let me throw one at you now. Wrestling,
we just talked about how Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.
They have like fifteen minute intros.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Now that whole wrestling is known for this. That's why
the ran on the Twins has that undertuk to the Undertaker.
You should argue Undertaker that chime that do everybody knows?
Or the whul comania. When I was always a big
fan of Mister Perfects. I love the music, just the music,
but the one it wasn't my era of wrestling. But

it's hard to argue that for wrestling fans of the
nineties and two thousands era huh era, era, era, era, era,
era era, it's not the era era that I was into.
But when that fucking he's my language, sailor come.

Speaker 2 (22:02):
When that glass break or stone cold hit, not even
the wrestling era that I was into, but that had
to be number one, right, But more than Hogan, Undertaker anyone.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
It's like call and response. You hear that glass break,
you know is stone cold? Can you imagine? Can you
imagine that glass breaks the crowd all at once, erupts
five here from the beginning one time. Imagine you're like
a wrestling fan in the nineties, two thousands exactly that
badass so based on Johann Duran. Johann Duran just sounds

about Joehann Durant. Johann Durant, Johann Duran and the pomp
and circumstance behind his new entrance has sweep in the
nation in baseball, and I got to make it clear.
Whatever makes baseball fun for the fans, I'm all in
for he too. It seems a bit extra though. Listen,
is this the new number one? It might be if

his if Hiss the current number one, he continues to
be a top tier closer. Yes, if you're blown save
his left and right, then you then you lose your
vibe a little bit. It's a lot of you know,
the reason why Mariano entered Sandman worked is because he's
the best closer the whole time. Edwin d the That's
my point. It's not like it be it was always

a thing. It's just one day that they played and
is stuck well with with Edwin DNB and Timmy trumpets.
That only works too, because he's the best closer in
the game today. You have to back it up. It's
it's like the reason why.

Speaker 2 (23:34):
Those wrestling or boxing entrances work was because we're they're
linked to the best fighters and you know, best gimmicks
in wrestling. A closer can't have the dopes intro and
have an e ra in the five.

Speaker 1 (23:44):
Yeah, I mean, Rivera is a legend, you know, Hall
of Famer Drago killed Apollo. Apollo was the champions. Mayweather
beat De la Joya in that moment. Yeah so. And
by the way, speaking of as you may have heard
on our Fox Sports radio show, we're ten days away

from fury Usik in Saudi Arabia, so he'll be fighting
ten days May eighteenth, ten days from now or whatever
you're watching this May eighteenth, and remember this weekend cambosis
Lomachenko lightweight title on the line, Lomachenko cambosis and if
Lomachenko wins, he wants your Chris Stevenson next. So we'll

see some cool entrances this weekend, hopefully, So I swallow
enjoy the rest of your Thursday, do a college style
that means, get it on, have a drink, relax, breeze
through tomorrow. We'll see you next time. All ryved baby,
Happy Mother's Day weekend, and see you in the over
Promised land later later
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