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December 28, 2022 77 mins

Questlove Supreme honors tradition with a casual discussion about Team Supreme's personal journeys over 2022. Comedian and actor Lil Rel joins the discussion to reflect on the year and talk about his newest special, I Said It, Y'all Thinkin' It. Although this one may seem lighthearted, it contains some powerful reflections.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Quesch Love Supreme is a production of I Heart Radio,
Room So Blue. Yeah, I try to give you all
some ambiance. Man, at the end of the Year Special.
I like it, you know, sex it up a little bit.
I feel like you're doing some like DNA fingerprinting off

to the side or something. Nah, I'm actually just opening
logic or or some head writing adalysis. Either way, it's
the right lighting for it. Well, I'm really happy to
see all you guys while sorry, what's you know working on? Man?
I had I made a Broadway show and I was
in the pits of Broadway and showed him. Now, just

recording right now, I'll start recording that. Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
You know, if you're a fan of the show, then
the Year and Special shouldn't be a shock to you.
Where we just uh we keep it casual, no grandiose introduction.
You know, we're just talking. So it's it's like you

guys are just eaves dropping into our conversation when we
uh kind of just opened the door of what I'm
paid Bill has been doing lately. You know, you you've
been the one going out and getting cigarettes on paid Bill.
Did I bought a whole carton. Yeah, it's been it's
been a minute, so talk about what you're doing. I

saw a little preview of it when you guys came
to visit the Tonight Show. Can I assume that when
and Juliet, which is the name of your Broadway play?
Am I assuming that it's the Romeo and Juliet told
through the music of Max Martin. Yeah, it's like a
retailing of Romo and Juliet. So Romeo doesn't die and Julia.

I'm not gonna spoil alert it. Juliet doesn't die. Nobody
dies and they come back and Romeo comes back to
life and uh yeah, and it's all the music of
Max Martin. So it's like The Weekend and Backstreet Boys
and in Sync and know, everybody dies to get married
and they live happily ever after. That's what I don't
want to ruin it all. Okay, still drama. Okay, still drama,

which reminds me we should have a question of Supreme
visits the Broadway, because that's never happened and would be
hilarious at some point. Whenever Fonte decided to leave the house,
you know the house I I came for. I came
for I'm down to do it Broyes, New York. Trip
two was a better year because Fonte came out of

the house. I had a whole conversation with somebody this
weaking about Fonte coming out the house. Man the things
that changed. I gotta tell you, I see so, uh Sugar, Steve,
how was you? It was? It was pretty good, you know,
getting back to normal. Did a lot of records for
j M. I. Uh we just dropped Sasha Berlinner, she's

a vibraphone player, and uh we died David Murray album
coming out, and Logy lund is coming out that he's
a Norwegian guitar player. We gotta re player solo piano,
Ray Angry box set coming out soon. We gotta Mike
Mitchell album coming out, solo drums, Mike Mitchell. You know

what I want from Ray Angry? H Can you challenge
Very Angry to do one album with just his right
hand like Revel, but with the right hand on the left. Yeah, basically,
just I want to see Ray can actually I want
to see how creative Ray gets when you put a

handicap winner mm hmm um, yeah, yeah, we'll call it righty.
What about the Uh, what's the project called three Guys
Walking to a Yeah, and we recorded an album with
Quest and Ray and David Murray and um, we're actually
calling that plum P l U m B, which means

to dig deep. And it's gonna be another four platter
box set. Actually, um, the box is going to be
bump colored velvet. Is it just like free and groovy?
Or is there charts? What is it? What are we
waiting to find out? What my projects called? Well, one
of the what we called one of the songs, uh,

pleading Pleadings. Is that what plead in? Yeah? Now that
was Yeah, I suggested we call it three Pleadans walking
to a bar. But then yeah, this this makes sense. Yeah,
but I wanted I wanted to plead in angle only
because I feel like David Murray and Ray Angry are
out of space. Probably yeah, really the only two contire

just context clues. We don't know. Pleading Pleadings is a
it's a galaxy, right, yeah, thank you, like the highest
level of the galaxy. It's it's said that they're watching us,
like when you get inspiration or ideas like oh I
should do that, Like that's that your antenna. They're they're

suggesting it to you. So um. In answering Bill's question,
I think it was Bill. Um. It was mostly improvised.
One or two songs that came in with charts, but
the rest of it was was wholly improvised. The last
four songs we did were kind of amazing. I like those.
I kind of hope that you, uh, sequence it backwards,

like the last song we did was awesome, and you know,
and work your way backwards. That's my suggestion. But yeah,
what's up? I was you? You look glowy right now.
This is because we know that we're there's no but
I know we know Ao brought us to the screen,

you know, so people to watch it and your your
ship always looks so you know, moist and glowies people. Well,
I just got off stage, so whenever you know, I
literally just got done the tonight show. But okay, oh
that oh that's makeup. Okay, Well two was good for me.
Actually it's not makeup. I mean I watched my favor

That's what I'm saying. That you eat the good vegetables,
you do the right things, you drink the water, well
that too. But I mean, like you know, we we
have the our barber and ore. You know, you could
cuts every day, like there's there's there's the fun part
of doing late night television where you get fresh cuts
and you know, yeah, get shaped up and all that stuff.

So anyway, how was your how was your your? Like,
you have not talked about comedy? Are you still having
a dream of comedy? I don't do that. Somebody just
did that to me the other day because they were
listening to like a classic QLs episode and they were like, why, yeah,
how's your comedy doing. I was like, oh, I started working.
I was gonna talk about how happy I was about

util you brought that up, But um, I'm sorry, that's
all right, No, no, no, I do need to work
on that. And that's what it is. I just have
three amazing podcasts and if you time, and they've been
great this year. This year and also to this year
was the first time I did my own, um voicing
an animated series thanks to Bill Sherman over there. That

was pretty cool. Look, yes, And this was the year
that I had my first surgery and my whole damn
life and got twenty eight damn objects taken out my
body and now my stomach is flattering. I am healthier
because of it. Congratulations, congratulations bro. Y'all y'all have been killing,

aren't they busy? We were. I don't think we've done
a proper episode since the return of Sherman Showcase. That's true.
But y'all really on the airplane? Oh my god, on
the airplane. Yes, I was watching on the airplane. Yes, yeah, man,
keep like this. This is one of the gems. Well,

first of all, you know now that we have a
visual as you guys can see. Um, I think almost
every episode, of course, Supreme always has an episode of
Soul Train playing around in the background. Wow, that's cool.
I wish you just the first time you showed that. Well, yeah,
you know, I think I was playing ignorant, not knowing

that we these episodes were actually going on the air.
How how are numbers looking? Are we like in competition
with uh, you know, the game now? We're still on
our soft launch stage first of all, so those who know, no,
I mean, I would I feel like cousin Jakes to
say the official words of that. But yeah, we're still

like but we've been doing really good for our soft launching.
Shout out to DJ Drama because he's been posting a
lot from that episode. Okay, cool, cool, cool cool those
Atlantic episodes. Sorry, but that's it. Um. Yeah, if you
don't know Sherman Showcase show created by a former Tonight
Show writers uh By Shier, Salio Dean and uh Diallo

Riddle former guests of course love Supreme but really utilizing
the versatile talents of our own Fons Tiglo and uh
also give it a shout out to Zoe mo of
y'all did most of the music? Are all the music? Like?
What's the process for this? Um? We did pretty much

most of them for this. I mean we've done most
for the last like two seasons. But generally how it goes,
they'll send us. Uh Diallo will send me like a
sheet of just kind of ideas or like prompts that
they might have whatever, and um, you know it might
be you know, thirty joints and of that thirty, you know,
me and Zow sit down and we'll just kind of

figure out the ones that are most interesting to us.
And Okay, I like this one, or okay, we've never
done this kind of song before, let's try this, or
like we've never done an affrobeat song, let's try that
and uh, you know what I'm saying, and then we
just kind of just sit down and just go from
there and we just map it out and just do them.
And I try to do when I do them, I

do the vocal. I'll do like the demo vocal, but
it's really just to give the actors an idea of
what to do. But nine times out of tend they
end up keeping my demo vocal on the joint. So
the one that I just put up, y'all keep flowing.
That was a pup dog dog I put on. I

put on those joy like I noticed in nineties six,
but y'all went straight ninety one. That joint like that
is my favorite. That's my favorite. Joining man, thank you man,
thank you. Yeah. That one was super. That was fun.
That was we started. We did that when during COVID
well ship, not a COVID over, but we did it
early in the pandemic when COVID first hit. And so

normally when I'm doing the stuff for Sherman's, I have
the homies come over and just do if you know,
if I need uh female vocals or whatever, I just
have like, you know, the homies pull up if I
need crowd will all shot or whatever. But for COVID,
we you know, everyone was like that. I thought all
those voices, all those voices Rhyman, weren't you. Yeah, they

weren't me. Yeah, okay, okay, And that's why because I
couldn't call nobody. But they just started or were you
just doing voices? It was it was me just doing
different voices. So I would just and I would put
the mic like in the middle of the room and
just kind of I put two cards down because I'm imagining,
like if it's four dudes in the group, of five
dudes in the group, they're probably standing around the mic.

So I just did put you cards in like a
semicircle around the joint. In every que card, I just
did a different voice and then like panned it and
you know, did all that to make it sound joy Yeah,
I legit thought that you know, y'all were it was
still good. I actually started listening to Trends of Culture album. Alright, yeah,

I'll walk through the valley of this kid. Wait, they're
they're from North Carolina, right, No, no, no, that was
Jack Fool, but it was the culture they were I
don't remember they for fun. But yeah, so well they
better be from New York right right. But no, but
that was it, man. So that's normally how it goes.
It just starts with the idea we'll sit down and
me and Zoll bang it out, and um, I do

the references and you know kind of you know, write,
rearrange the songs, but I need to whatever, and that's it.
Shout out to you and Zoe because both of y'all
two shaped like the lbs this year. Crazy, right, that's
what I heard that Zoe came down crazy crazy. Yeah,
he came down crazy. He's been doing really good. Shout
to Zoe and um, and shout out to Machinello man

just for letting up do us, you know what I mean?
They really, they really are just guys that you know,
they cut the check and get out of the way,
and that's like my favorite way to create. They really
just yes, sir, cut the check, cut the check, it
out of the way. So boss, how about your two
thousand and twenty two. It's too serial to talk about, man,

because it started crazy. It really feels like all that
happened like three years ago, four years ago. It's not
even eight months ago. So and that you know the
fact that something weird happens like every five days that

I'm I'm just on a Steph Curry half court shot
streak right now. So um, I will say though that
probably of everything that you could imagine that happened to
me or that could happen to a person has happened
to me. But I will probably say that, you know,

and I'm I'm really guarded and careful and how I
don't want to be type cast as this guy or whatever.
But you know, I'll say before that my thing was like,
you know, I'm the guy that's waiting for the light
at the end of the tunnel. The most important thing
that happened is like I found myself, you know, and

that whole like, man, you know, I'm trying to trying
to learn to love myself better than whatever it's happening now,
like if it really happened in September, and where like
I'm owning this ship. I feel like a new person
and like I'm I'm generally happy and not like I
feel guilty about being happy, like enthusiastically happy. So and

I know it's weird to sort of declare that in
some of the worst times in recent memory, but I
really can't help like I feel optimistic and happy. So
what brought that about? How did you arrive at that place? Um?
You know, I'll say like a month it was the

polar opposite of it, maybe three weeks after the oscars
and then I got COVID, So there was like a
five week period where the the exact opposite happened, you know.
And it's not even it has nothing to do with
the slap, I think just in general, like this is
how it wasn't with my prim night. Like like any

big event that you just you just like have high
expectations for, it happens and then when it's over, there's
gonna be a drop, you know, and you know, actually
shout out to uh, I hope I can share this
as were Ez. We're Elderman who it's currently right now

directing the Mammoth Prince documentary. Um, he's the he's the
gentleman that did the the o J documentary, the five
part right. He wanted he want an Oscar for o
J in the two thousand fifteen and right now. I
think when he started, when he started, it was supposed

to be like maybe a six to seven hour Prince documentary.
He's definitely in the double digits of the hours right now,
like the last the last dance, he dog he he
might have Obama gray hair right now. That's how stressful
it is, like getting in Prince's world. But he was
really really there for me to like put it in

context because you know, the thing is is like cone
winning context well, because the thing was like the drop
was so low like ten days later that you know,
it's it's real depression. And I don't wanna especially now,
especially when we're watching the the antics of he who

gets on my nerves right now, I don't like, I
don't want to loosely like throw around like words like
depression or you know that sort of thing. But yeah,
there were moments where like you know, I was balled
up in a corner and fetal position and my loved
ones had to like, all right, you okay, man, like

should I send you somewhere? And you know, they sent
me on my first vacation ever, like you know, I
had to go to Mexico and just do nothing for
a couple of weeks. But um, I talked to Ezra
and as it was like, you know, you're not the
only person to go through this, like literally, he just
named me a list of other people that went through

similar experiences. The amount of preparation and the amount that
you put your body through and this this could also
maybe explain the Monique situation as well, like anyone that
dares enter the arena of trying to win an oscar
and you have to give ten months of your life,
And this could also explain the wheel thing, like when

you get to the finish line, there's a level of
anxiety that I can't I can't really explain because for
the last ten months of your life, that's been your
life and I was over. So yeah, and it's over.
So it's and it's like what do you do and
you're you're managing expectations. Who's happy for you? He's not
happy and all that stuff. So I will say that

for three weeks it was bad and then I got
it together. Well, once I got COVID, then I had
other problems to deal with, because it's no joke living
with like half in an air pipe. There was one
probably the most dangerous part about COVID, And I know
this is weird to say, but I was talking to
a comedian friend of mine and I started laughing, but

I was I was like gut laughing hard. And then
I realized that I couldn't inhale and that should scared
the ship out of me now, only because I do
like deep level. You know, I've been on my my
meditation and breathing exercise joy. So there's a there's a
kind of a breathing exercise called d MT exercise where

it's like heavy, it's heavy breathing, but it's what Navy
stills do to learn how to hold their breath for
like three minutes. Yeah, dog Like I I was hold
my breath for like fifty seconds before I could slowly
inhale again. So you know, once the COVID things sort

of replaced whatever anxiety because it's not like you're fighting
for your life, but you're you're you're treating it seriously.
And then that was sort of like my reset thing
where I just stayed in bed for two weeks and
you know, then it was July and then you know,
I don't know it, it got way better. So that's

my long, drought drawn out thing. Was it the what
was it like going from because you mentioned about it
before going from you know, the level of famous that
you are to now another level of fame where people
texting it still feels the same, just a lot away
of a lot of people that were alive during that

era are just more vocal about it. I mean, at
its weirdest, it'll be like, you know, Elton John will
cold call you or Spielberg will cold call you. So
I mean I definitely nuanced a lot more friendships than
I ever have. But you know, and when you get
those calls from those people, what do they say, Is

it congratulations? Is it you know, more work they're offering? Like, um,
I mean some of it is work. Some people, like
I want to know, with a lot of pitch meetings.
So right now, you know, I guess the general rule
is if there's a press clipping about it, then I
can talk about it. So right now I can only
talk about Slide the family stone. I don't necessarily talk

about the producing things, so like the James Brown thing
and the Descendant thing and all that stuff. I mean,
producing isn't rubber stamping, Like I'm still like actively pounding
the payment and campaigning and all that stuff. So I'm
not rubber stamping like the producing part. Like most executive producers,
like just slap my name on it and we're good.
So as far as what I'm doing, I've agreed to

direct seven other films, two are scripted, five or documentaries,
and um, what's the time period of that, sir? Yeah,
like a decade? Not for him, it is okay, So
one of the films I have a co director, so

that that will alleviate some of the the work. But
I'll say that right now, I'm not going to accept
anything else until these seven projects are done, and I'll
say like that'll be over. So just just because the
fans wanted to know that album. Okay, that's another shocker.

Words I never thought i'd say in this lifetime. Shout
out to funk Master Flix Glad. I'm so so. Basically,
I believe the way that this thing started, which I
was totally unaware about, was the Catch and Griselda South
to Griselda from Buffalo, New York. We're sort of riffing
of about you know, they haven't been feeling the love

of front Master Flex who you know. I guess you
could say that Griselda is kind of the gen Z
version of Wu Tang and they you know, they've been
doing numbers and you know they're they're a thing, but
they still don't feel that love or whatever. Front Master
Flex could have went the normal route, which is, you know,

start this in the acts and then be from broccoli
and all that stuff and then whatever. It could have
easily went there like funk foot mass so funk Griselda
instead massa flexid. I'll tell you what I heard you,
and you know I heard your fan base, So tell
you what. I'm gonna give you ten days to give
me a song that I can funk with and have

it to me next Thursday. And he challenged them. They
rose to the challenge and then someone said, you know, FLEXI,
you need to do this more often. So what Flex
does is he calls out someone says, nas, I need
a new song in ten days. Cust So for all
the older rappers that are like, oh, you don't support us,
you don't support us. So I'm sitting on the sideline

because you know, he's never played us, like Tarik wasn't
even acknowledged until that freestyle five years ago. So matter
of fact, it was five days into it, people are like,
you're gonna have that Flex, so I'm ready. I was like,
what Flex song He's like, you know, he called you
all out five days ago and I was like, wait,
what the thing is you? What you don't want to

do is not meet his challenge. So uh, in five days,
we came up with a song that actually fucking incredible.
So you know we did. We did a song called
Missunderstood with Ericabado and tr Whack did her did it

in five days, co produced by our guy Joe Ron Bumbay,
and I guess Flex is forcing us now to have
this album out by March. So with a song I
gave a cop. Well, not like you live in Philadelphia anymore,
bring keV has has it's a soft lunch so where

we actually Steve and I worked on song number two today.
So we're just we're just taking it one song a
week and by March you will have in game. Don't
given don't give us months, don't give us much. There's
I literally don't have a choice, Like fum master, Flex
called this out like we have to deliver it now,

and it's dope, ladies and gentlemen. I will say that
Tariq told us in the Roots Chat that Little Rail's
comedy special on HBO. Yeah, I've watched. I said it
y'all thinking it at least three times, and it's it's

one of the most hilarious, especially for my age range.
Like the level of hilarity that this thing is. It's
you got you must absolutely watch it so good that
at the very last minute, like we normally, we normally
don't book guests with hours notice. So man, dog, just

just watch it, y'all. It's for real that this is
this is this is the the the funniest one ever.
I love that. I love the special. How's it going?
I'm good. How y'all doing? Man? Man? Where are you
right now? I'm in l A. I just got back here.
Um a couple of days ago, been like just wrapping

up the movie and just been moving around. What are you?
What are you? What are you shooting? Right now? So
I finished? I did three things back to back. I
never do that again. Uh see multitasking vacation France too.
I'm doing as a movie called Dashing through the Snow
Black Santa Claus, like for real Santa Claus, like tim

Allen Santa Claus, Damn like magical Santa Claus. I can't
wait till they started typing it. That's weird. But no
it's been. It's been great. I'm just yeah. And the
third one, the third one is Harold and the Purple

Cranion based off of children's book. Yeah, I know that. Yeah,
we did that. Nice, nice, nice nice. All right. So
this isn't a typical episode where we like grill the
guests about their career whatever, so we'll we'll do an
actual proper episode. This is more or less about how

our two was. M you know, at the same time.
But I feel like you had a good two. Nobody
knows your your personal business, but you know, at least
work wise, still like things. Do we have a bad not?
My two has been career wise great mhm. Like watching

everything in the world has been. Like I was gonna say,
as a Chicago native, how how does Chicago feel right now? Man?
The whole town? Well this is this is interesting m hm.
Talk about it. I like the excite about me number one. Right,

They're like real, yes, thank you, m hm. Yeah, it's been.
It's been tough watching this firer of a thing because
you know what it is, it's so weird watching somebody
still he hates therapy so bad he won't get it
for real. And I'm like dah. He really is a

person still hurting from his mom's death. And and that's
tough watching. You know, when I think about my special
and I do a joke about my therapist asking me,
do I think the wrong parents died? Right, I've been
dealing with my honesty of what that feels like. It's
actually tough watching somebody who has it. Oh oh, and man,

it's deep because his his is a little deeper than
you know, somebody just passing away from cancer saying it's
like you know, we we come out to the Hollywood
and all this other stuff. The one thing I'm always
careful about who else I exposed this too. It's my dream,
but I have to be careful who I exposed this too.

It may not be equipment handle it, and that could
be your kids, your spouse here. Yeah, and so you
have to be very careful about where you at with it.
Do you have in your environment? And because it's just
so much, you know, I'm honest about that too, because well, yeah,
it kind of hurt that day. That's somebody who we

are from Chicago. It was this weird tell where all
of us was coming up with whatever it feels was
doing and then he was like the first one of
like become a like in that generation, a superstar, like
superstar like coming it came out. We talked about like
the superstar Yeah, and it was like okay, cool, and

you're doing it being yourself. Yeah, you still you know
game bankers with your nerve, you know, like it's just
this different and so all of us is like yes,
and so for I had some cards printed that the
Kanyee comedy that's what I called myself hum. So it's
breaking my heart because I'm watching something in Spiraling the

way where I'm like, also, I don't listen to crazy
ask people and that crazy uncle's crazy because they're saying
all types of ship at Thanksgiving at Christmas, and I
don't take a heart to that. I'd be like cool anyway,
Like for me, I haven't like taken it in and

this way where it's like bothered me when it affects
me personally. But it's like, damn dude, like when he
you know this was and I ain't never talked about this,
so y'all gett missed me talking about ever said that
like when he brought up George Floyd and I saw
the same man cry about being a black dad and

trying to take away my black children and the black
dad and the black children, the black black, black black,
and you don't think about that little girl who lost
her father the way she did. It's disgusting to me
you say all that, and you don't you like recreating
what you said happen just to make a point. That's weird.

But how about this one though, too, to add to
your to your complexities, because this is the last complexity
for me because I have a lot of relatives that
are managed and bipolar, right, so I have to ask
my relatives excuse me, cousin, um is it am I
still supposed to be letting that be a reason? Like

in my head like this it just seems like it's
it's so on trend and it's so tailored, and those
relatives saying to me, yes, you still should be considering
that this is mental illness, which is like, oh okay,
like and this is something that you know, we we
really said. First of all, black people don't even talk
about mental illness. As you said. You literally just said crazy, crazy, crazy,

And that's been a problem with us for the law guess.
But but here we go. You're right, I go to
therapy every Tuesday. I've dealt with my stuff because I
know I'm not perfect even when you think about them, right,
we still think about like how money changes everything, that
to access power God, and and Kanye is a male. Yeah,

they took Britney spears. They like put like how to
have this man at the conservacyship whatever they talking because
not considered mental illness. That's why, because I think people
are still kind of like, no, he's just he does
an asshole. He just mean, he just didn't know when
everybody when they when they made their the Voice announcement,

you know about everybody was jumping up and down over
the two hundred thousand or whatever. I was like, bro,
the fact that he got joint custody of the kids,
like when like you know what I mean, Bro, how
didn't get that? I was gonna say, Yeah, my favorite
part of your special was the way that you were

open and transparent and talking about going to therapy, which
you know, of course, especially for people of color, like
we've been really really guarded about that, you know. I
mean I've been doing it for seriously for like nine
to two to ten years um, at least on a
consistent everyday basis. I mean I've been doing it for

almost twenty years, but at least on this consistent basis,
weekly basis. For you, what was the moment that made
you feel comfortable and really sharing that, you know, like
I talked about it special and it's so crazy and comedy.
You know, you make things funny, which is true. The
funny thing is I do I could be funny, but
I'm serious, right, But I'm like, nah, I said in

this house and had a panic attack, and that's why
I was filming something. And I didn't know what. I've
never had one before. What happened physically? What? I don't
even know it at first, I think my assistant, I
wish you would say this year, tell you it was
building up, It'll be I was having a little emotional thing,
but I kept being able to survive it, right, wake

up through it will be cool. No, I'll just crying.
And as well. Now I was bothered you. I didn't
know why I was, and I was sitting on these
stairs crying hysterically, laid forward. We told him we were sick.
I was sick, and I'm like, I'm not sick. I
am sick after because I can't work today. I'm like,
what's wrong with me? What's Everything is great, everything's going well,

Like what why am I still having this pain? What
is this? And when I said with my therapist, she's
smart too, because she lent me and I'm open, I've
been i'd be in that. My therapy senses started just
me saying it was cool and it's go like I'll
just be going like because and so like we did

that and she kept seeing me, you have the strain
of or be very hesitant about mentioning my mom. It
was like little stuff I'll do like like She's like yeah.
And then when she asked me to I think the
wrong parent died? Mhm was such a powerful thing and

I was like, what you excuse me? My parents a
happy black couple. It was together the whole time. I
have both my parents. That was beautiful. Do you think
the wrong parent died? And we got into this deep
conversation about another thing about my dad has been dope
the whole time. But then I started realizing where he
went through, actually through this session, about how we were

al raised as black men and our families to not
show certain emotions. I realized, like at the time even
talk to the cousins how my dad was kind of
picked on for being artsy m hmm, come on, you
go do a cocaine and kicking it this thing it
was drawn and playing the horn. I'm the artist of

the family, and my cousins weren't that. You know, I
was a bit chass nigger. Like he was trying to
teach me to be a little tougher than he was.
You know, other art tea motherfucker too. I started playing
the drums at church when I was six. I was
watching the drum and like naturally just learned, like I

just started playing with it at the church. They're like,
was like you could play the drums. I started playing
with the children's quiet and like what I understood for
my dad was like damn damn uh. And he like,
when I tell you, my dad art wid we to
my music. One thing the Brotherhood. He made these models

of like war renditions, and sure like he he was
so talented. We made Christmas ornaments every yr poe ass
family broke as Christians can think. We made an all orniments.
So for like twenty years in all the tree was
all the ship. We they w'd be a raindeer with
one arm and all that in therapy in a weird

way when I remember being angry at him for a
second because he was he used to talk telling ship
every time I did something differently. But then it was
two things that happened. Somebody in his job one day
was like, man, your dad talked about you all the time, like, no,
he don't, no, no he does. Actually he passed up
your flies for the comedy show. He never he never

told me talk me like that. And my mama would
tell me, like, your daddy's so proud of you, but
he never said it. Hm, that's because he never heard it.
And I'm like, damn, man, my bad. And as your
father's he's still alive, but he's like he's going through
like slight dimension. That's tough. And so this is the
crazy far I got my dad in this amazing facility.

They're taking care of him because when he was going
through it and me and my brother didn't know what
to do with this at first, he was just like
showing up at the old house. The police happened to
be nice actually because he showed up at the career
as a whole other family and the rebuilt in it
they didn't get your friend, neigh he's like Nancy showing up.
And then even for like recently, like a year ago,

we was all at the event for the family and
he was like waiting on my mother to come get up,
and I'm like, no, man, she ain't. And that's that
ship is tough, yea. That tribe is big. Well, you know,
this tribe is large of people around our age dealing
with parents like this, like we need to make sure
we continue to talk to each other and stuff. It
ain't easy. It's harder on the caretakers. I took care

of Grandma with dementia and alzhemas, so you gotta take
care ofself because it's harder on the kids. I love
my brother for what he's doing. He's my brother, is
a baby, and I'm so proud of you. He stepped up.
We were sibling with right with like you know how
papers and shipping that they could do the day to day,
you know, And I think that's where like howmedy comes
in that right. I'm already thinking about my next special

because I think it's about to be in the same
more personal well. I talk about all this ship and
you Girarde challenged me with that too weeks thank him
for his man. We went to dinner, Yes, yeah, I
totally forgot that's my man. We went to dinner last week, damn.

And like, how you know everybody loving my ship and
Gerarde love it. We knew you funny, I love that ship. Nick.
I want you to dive in and I'm like, uh right,
he wants you to go, and he and I and
it's time. I can't and I just I gotta just
tour with it, you know. And you know, I've been
doing these movies at the same time, so I don't

have time to like getting a road, but I'm gonna
take time off. And he's right, Like Gerald Carmike was
my little big brother. It ain't a lot of people
I listened to. When he says something to me, it
pierces me and it's like fun. He's right. And we
left the restaurant after that, singing Brenda's got a baby
for like thirty minutes. No reasons that dude's sing that

hooks so hard on that's something. It's something that's Dave Hollis.
That's Dave Hollister. I know that everything that's No, it's
not that that's him singing on. That's him singing on um.
That's him singing on keep your head up too, keep

you really keep you just gotta baby, I'm all listen,
we can let me, I don't. It sounds like the
beginning both of the Dave Hollister I feel like the
brendonsay vocals. Yeah, yeah yeah. If you look looking, if
you look into those all those old pop albums, if

you look on the credits, he gives credits to the
Black Angels like vocals by the Black Angel that was
Dave Hollison. Oh what I think that's him. I know
it's gonna keep your head up, but I'm almost certainly
Wikipedia says, yes, Oh okay, there go my fucking mind

right now, that's Dave Holly fan's thinking that that. Like
I just I wouldn't never he don't sound were too good,
but he sounds good. That very sad, so right, B

What what for you is was kind of the line
we talked about, like going from you know, we were
talking earlier about going from one level of thing to
another level of thing. What was the line for you
where it was like, Okay, this is completely totally different. HM. Well,
I was an amusement part and he's group of Asian

kids who didn't speak English. Okay, he just said Uncle Due.
That's was like, oh ship Uncle Drew. Wow, I made
it like because the Uncle Drew movie. Yeah's huge, but
I'm thinking that's funny. That's the one. Will not get out,
that's get out too? Yeah, no, no, get out one

get out. There was change how Hollywood talk first and
so like, I have an audition since that movie, everything
has been offered. Oh we call that the Glenn Turman
because Glenn Turman don't audition. That's what he told us,
Glenn Turman, I want the same ship, sir. That hasn't

I have an audition. Since that, all these movies do
after that, it's been all I love it. That's the
level I see. I see what Jordan. People told me
that what happened he was editing the movie. I want
that to be Jordan's calling so bad. First of all,
you know not to call me at the six Yeah, damn,

you got rules. I don't know, but he got four minutes.
If you don't, if you don't cut people off, that's
your business. They will call you for every single fan.
We can talk about this tomorrow I'm not looking at
these emails at the six after. I wish you wanna

look at emails. That's our free There's not an emergency situation,
Like anybody that's an agent, manager, publicist, don't call me
at the six. Now. If I did some ship and
I'll call Joel, that's different. But if it's me chilling,

I'm vibing. Now, I'm like, Hi, I'm going to my
spots to watch basketball or football, talk to my friends,
like I need that normalcy and I'll make light seem
like it's all about my career. How long did it
take you to figure that out and put up that
boundary kind of early man, well kind of have to
get out like once again, like it really was. And

I'm telling you, Jordan did call me, was like, dude,
know your praise, you're liking about the change. That's so
I started negotiating differently and order like anybody did. I'm good,
I get my points and everything like I'm gonna I
get my money, you see, I'm gonna get that. And

then so like I started saying what I started seeing
everybody like it was this constant and I'm like, dude,
I need a space to like and I'm not even
lying to here, I know, just random questioned you. You You know,
but like I do have my drum set set up here.
I played my drums in this house for hours, okay,
just to give myself peace. So I got a gospel

playlist a couple of I played all the old church
songs I used to play and just sit here for
hour therapeutic. So therapeuted. Nice. What made you think that
lean on Me joke was gonna work? Because that was that,
to me was such a risky, very specific joke that

only a certain few people could have gotten. But you
nailed it, Like what made you go there? This is
this is what's interesting. This is what made me be comfortable.
And did you see the retweet of the actress that
it okay, we didn't we didn't talk this thing and

she's so sweet? Is she dope? And so I freaked
out a whole set. So whatever happened happened. Yeah I didn't.
I didn't have time to go on the road. I've
been shooting movies, man, So I just did the show.
I literally showed up, did the show. You know what
the fun out little say, that's what the happens. HBO
was the whole time. Oh so that's a protocol, Like

HBO has to know what you're gonna do ahead of time.
Most networks want to see the set ahead of time.
It's for legal purposes, it's for a lot of all
the way thing. It makes sense. Yeah, but I'm like, fam,
I've been doing this twenty years. I know what I
can't say, I know what I don't have to say,
And if something needs to be paid for, I'm gonna
paid for it because I have to pay for that
lead on me Big at the Coast really shot. I

gotta go back and here, Oh my god, you must
And it's funny. It was like it was I had
to pay for everything musically, even the bump thugs like,
well that was your made up just doing. They tried
to charge my as for that. It's not even what
legals like, well that has to be. They don't blow

song and don't exist, all right. I gotta I gotta
tell you we've been I've been singing that song like
five days in a row, like I can't wait for
you to come on this show because that's gonna be
your walk on to see. Can I tell some funny
ship with that too? So I was shunning fig out
who I was gonna make mad with that? Particularly, man,
I was bad. That's what I saw. What it is.

I'm like, we're busy bones, gonna be at the met
the scary all the cats from three six months? Did
the friends? H oh? They was like, Yo, I'm like,
I can't go to Memphis anytime, so I'm not going
to Memphis maybe for really, I'm not. You know, I
didn't even you didn't even oh with his hands? Yeah yeah,

but but he he ain't mad? Yo? Did he just
yo with gas Bo hit me? Yeah, that's my whole girl.
She's like real, she posted it, but she she didn't
realize that they the homies. Oh, he probably cool real
and the mother they and I'm like, damn, but you

gave him props. I know. I'm basically when I saw right,
It wasn't like I was trying to like be a jerk.
I was like, I mean, even we watched the view,
but guess what at the same time, like, I, well,
yeah I watched it, and I respect that, but you
know what I mean. But I was there. I bought

my ticket. That's the only verses I went to was
I was I didn't even know that was gonna happen,
but I was like, this is the greatest I always
see the people. It was in l A. If it
was any other city like Memphis or Cleveland, Dude, that
would have ended way crazy. Yeah, at least literally was
watching that on stage where they all fight like this,

because there was a bunch of young people that all
the older people in my age that know the groups
from because I we was on the back, the kids
is up front, and they was watching it like it
was a YouTube video. You want to use this platform
right now to set it straight because I watched it.
I absolutely did think that you were saying anything disparaging

about three six Monfia you mad. You made it absolutely
explicitly clear that you were a fan of theirs, and
you know you didn't diss them. I love that you
said that, but we gotta realized, right, these are like
right they said the ways based on the fight to
the crews, don't do what they're gonna do. This is

one of those crews were like only three people of
all people doing something and the other eighty niggas. As
a as a comic, I'm like, stop inviting me the
ship because if I keep saying these niggas doing this
weird ship. I don't know how to not say ship
right right, I'm just being out like look, man, yeah,

come on now, you know I'm fine with trauma, but
I also feel like there's a responsibility like I can't
but so long, get on this platform and tell y'all
like you know, I'm working on myself and that like
I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. I'm trying.
I'm about to do it. Like there there has to
be a point where you just jump in the pool

and and just your ship. Yeah, do it. You know,
many people are scared, So many people are scared to
really deal with really what hurts down. You nailed because
you said emotions, and you know that I've just I've
explained on the show that since slavery, African Americans have

not been allowed by law to express any emotions. If
you angry, you're gonna get lashes. If you start crying,
you better not crying. I give you something to cry about.
And if you're happy, then you just a bit you
ask motherfucker, and that's like questioning your manhood. So as
a result, again we invented cool whol is the idea

of holding emotions back, and black people invented cool, so
we made and just like so food, like we cool.
We may not have an emotion sexy. Oh he cool man,
he's just laid that. He's mysterious. Cool is not being happy,
not being sad, not being angry, it's just laying in

the cut. And but it affects you. You know it
affected me because ship I was struggling limpadema for twenty years.
So all those tears I didn't cry them, sit swelled
up in my legs. So I finally had to do
something about it this year. But basically that's the thing,

like since slavery, that's epigenetics. That's what I'm talking about, epigenetics,
Like since slavery, we have not been able to express ourselves.
And you know we think about that with education too,
right when you think about it, like I think about
being picked on in school for just no one a
little more being smart. Well, because we we were it
was illegal for us to read, yes, so knowledge it

was a liability and they would beat you for literally
having a book in your hands. We're just still we're
still literally recovering from things that Sure, that's dramatically instilled
in us, and I feel like I love the fact
that we're the first generation too. I me and my
girlfriend were just talking before I got here to talk

to you, like I I give myself for real, for
real or sometimes like twenty minutes like complain, m you
know what I'm saying, Like for real, I give myself
like just a hard tony and then think about the
realistic part of okay, brother, you didn't get through this before.
It's gonna be okay because I don't want to sit

in it no more. And I realized a lot of
my family, my friends, they sitting they're sitting pain. It's
because we weren't permitted to figure out how to get
out of that. We know, we were tought to deal
with pain, not recover from it. Not only that, but
you know, we're gonna sell tooth and I'm gonna need

a drink, i'mnna need to smoke something, You need to
funk something. I might need to cut something, mutilate something, something,
you eat something. Yeah, there's there's ways to sell toothe
and which is why you know a lot of people
don't make it too Sometimes you need a little So

I feel like the most of the way to the
show is always me lying and fonte. But what am
I supposed to this moment? But like, like, let's talk
raising two girls. Bill, You're raising like how do you
deal with stress? You you've had some divorces. You you're

raising an angel on the devil. Still you can't say that.
They can say that, don't. I make them run around
the house until they get real tired. And I laugh
at him. So my game, O, kid, don't they they kids?
They suck every once in a while. Whatever, But like Stephen, Bill,
do y'all do therapy or like, oh, my mother is

a psychoanalyst. I've been in therapy for a long time.
Yeah yeah, oh, but like panic Jamaican. Your Jamaican mom
is just my real mom, not my stepmother by Jamaica.
Step want to hear a good story. So my parents
got parents got divorced, and I was in my mid
twenties and my dad married his his like head nurse,

my dad's doctor, and she's a Jamaican woman, and so
my stepmother is Jamaican. And to add on to that, uh,
there really isn't anything else. And that's just a funny story.
My stepmother Jamaican. There you go. Actually, I don't even
properly introduced Rail to everyone in the room. So Bill,
Bill Sherman is, well, maybe have you done sest Me

Street before? Roll has not been on my show yet. Wow,
Well we can fix that. I mean just so basically,
when you want to go and sest me Street, Bill Shermons,
you got amongst amongst other shows. But that's his calling card.
He Bill is a man. But Bill, I want to

be on Okay, all right, well we'll see what we
can do now that I wish guy, I wish I
had any cloud like at all, because I would like
I don't. I have none. But I appreciate that you
think I do. I really appreciate that. Say, Bill is
like real time, just like Steve's real Like Bill, you
are you are? Aren't you? Music director of Sessy Street.

I always say that is that wrong? I am? But
I'm freelanced, so you know how that goes a whole
world wanted. So yeah, yeah, I got jobs, jobs like quest,
got jobs like seventeen different jobs A second way from
the Egott Right, you have a Tony, you have a Grammy,
you have an Emmy. I do, and you're working on

your oscar. I am one day I'll be quest Love
Thompson and I'll win Emmys for making documentaries about black music. Fessels.
You should have all this stuff in your background. I
was thinking about that because there's a wards behind you,
I believe, and I was just like, fuck it. The
next time we do this, I just gotta hang them
from the ceiling and make a necklace and do whatever
the funk I do. I don't have them there somewhere

there you go. See that's the next level ship. Look
at that MTV movie Popcorn. I see it nice. Here,
where's your Grammy at? You know what it's it's in.
All the awards are are in my fame corner. I
had a function way at a function way, um expert.
After after I saw this thing, I don't like it

when you do that and make me ship. He say
it again. Here he's a function expert. This this is
what I saw the design. I saw the design of
David Geffen's crib and successful people. I'm a person that
I need good energy. I need to wake up in
the morning feeling good about myself. And you know previously,

I mean, you've been in many houses of mine and
you see how cluttered and funked up my house has been.
That is that is reflective of a person's life. So yes,
I there's there's there's a woman who is like she
is like one of the top world functionit experts. She

travels the globe world, she travels. All right, he's shaking that, alright, No,
but that's she basically travels to offices too, you know,
and basically reads the energy of the room and says, okay,
you know various quarters of degrees. And you know, I

had to do it so that the same. So I
had a person that's like a clutter specialist, Like, yeah,
that's different to organize. She's not a clutter specialist, but
I mean she deals with functual energy, And I'm just right,
that feels so different quota specialists like someone who's going

like hold on, hold on. The specialist goes to the
container store and gets you the right goddamn containers, the facts.
Real person like fucking like goes like criss cross apple sauce,
reads the room, gets in the vibe, and then moves
the piece of furniture and collects her money, goes to home.
This is what those c d s yes, everything perfectly.

Is it alphabetical or autobiographical? That don't make no sense
what you just said? Yeah, that was a long all right,
Look can we just go in the circle and just
say what we would like our to be? Like, I'm

gonna skip the albums And it's a shame we didn't
get to talk about Renaissance or I don't even know
was there was there a movie that was was amazing.
I shed it, tear it at Black Panther, Okay, okay,
no spoilers than you. I gotta watch that. Woman King

was amazing. Black women have their skin has never looked
so glowing. It was more to the movie. But I'm
just saying, no light, no lighting has ever lit a
brown skinned people like Woman King. I'm just I finally
watched I finally watch everything everywhere all at once to
the night. I liked it. It was how do you
feel I liked it? Man, That's my favorite movie of

the year. Now I did the opposite of Fante. I've
watched it fifteen times. Michelle william No, no no, no, no, Michelle,
Is I predict that Wendy Oscar It's I think I
think it's gonna win and probably win Best Picture. But
I think your girl gonna get it. Jamie Lee Curs

will win Best Supporting act And I think your girl,
uh Kate Blanchet is gonna win Patar for Best Actress.
I will say, what what Fantasia was for me last year?
Everything all at once was for me this year. But
you know I already told you micro doc So I mean,
what's the colation between your micro docing and and your

faw what's the correlation between your micro docing and your
fan swing? Because I you know, I didn't I didn't
know how to cry. And like seriously, when I talk
about lymphidema to be I'll say that a typical moment

between between and June of this year, I'm basically when
I wake up in the morning, I might have forty
pounds of extra water weight or me I might have
eight pounds of extra water like depending on on what

the day is, what the emotional thing is, what the
what the the flight is. But you know, some days
I will look like the michelin man. That's why when
when you google photos, like you're like, oh man mayor
put a lot of weight to it. And then some
days I'm skinny and some days I'm big. That's lymphadema,
and that's because I gotta got it. Yeah, it's time

what it is. I think I definitely lived in a
you better not cry for. I give you someone to
cry about. Like I was really sensitive about when I
was talking about the bitch ass nigga ship. You know,
always crying to your mom, MoMA's boy, that sort of thing.
So I learned kind of like that fourteen never cried,

So I'll say that when I started heavy and therapy,
and I said, you know, so, when I asked, like,
when was the last time you cried, I was like, well,
maybe I cried like ten or eleven times in the
last decade. I thought that was some normal ship. And
the person was like, that's basically like you're telling this
that you only urinated ten times in the last ten years.

That that's what that feels like. And I didn't realize
that was such an odd thing. I thought the average
person made me cross like once a year. And so
once I decided I'm gonna learn how to get angry.
I don't you know me. I want everybody love me.
I'm agreeable. Like my last fist fight, my only fist

fight in life was like with Tarik back in nine.
I'm fifty one years old. I only had one fist
fight in my life. That's because I'd rather be agreeable,
so I get angry by a lot of things. But
you guys also know there's another side of me where
I might be passive aggressive, you know, and no, like
there's nothing worse in the world than a passive aggressive person.

I'd rather you just directly say what's wrong with you? Like,
I hate passive aggressive people. But I also know that
because I'm afraid to show emotion, anger, sadness, all that stuff.
So when I started micro docing that instantly, uh, water

just comes out. I don't I won't even say I'm
it's not even like I'm sad. Like basically I'll say,
like maybe half a pint of water just comes out automatically.
So it's almost like another version of water pills. Even
like when you have water pills and you just urinatdor
away or whatever. That's kind of what it is. It's

not as extreme as it was when I was first
doing that, Like I started like early. Now I'm you know,
I'm I'm in touch with my emotions. I can I've
expressed anger, I've cried without you know, so that's why
I do it. Are you bro? Do you you smoke?

You do shrooms? Like? What what you want? No? Drank you?
They drank a little bit. I'm a sipper, but no,
I couldn't. I tell you something funny like only on
vacation is when I do like edibles m hm. So
because when I do that, I don't know any better
about how much ghost is I should take. Yeah, that's

hard sometimes man. So I've rever like we was in
a tigod and I was with the hot tail of
the night before. I'm just eating all the candy like
give us a boot oh no, bam, And I woke
up and it's a crazy thing. I sold a show
that day on Zoom. I was so fucking hot. Nobody

ship even know. I feel like the floor kept going
up and down. But I was so entertaining. It was
like they bought it in the realm were I was like, yeah,
well matter, it's like yo, you're okay, Like I mean
they bony. Do you lose your ship? Yeah? Like like dude,
I'm has fuck like forty gummy bears. I don't think

I was like I was like it was like I was,
but the vacation so it wasn't terrible, you know, I mean, yeah,
I'm not that extreme. The keyword is micro doce so
like I'm I'm talking like I'm talking like five to
ten like Cyper sal levels like they do two hundred

milligrams and yeah, like well, I'm just saying like if
we like okay, when you say Michael Doles, you just
mean it could be a variety. I got in general.
The second time I happened real quickly. I seen the
last year that sear that shut up. Yeah, go in
I was. I was at Aericon, d Aragon, dre so
we had once again edibles yo. I did like six

comedy clubs, just showed the funk up, went on stage,
rocked all that ship, showed up at somebody's birthday party,
killed that ship whatever it was. The next day, everybody's like, dude,
like fucking amazing last night, and I've been very fully dressed,
sitting on my couch, like sitting up like what the
funk have it? Last? Russian? Right, You're like, you know,

you wrote like three stuff and you left like you
didn't even when you say that's my time, you walked
out and just walked out the building. You didn't like
see that bad of nobody. You just kept going. I
went to like six comedy clubs randomly. Wow, I just
kept sucking beform like moment. You don't have any defenses up.
He was living in your heart. Look the last question,

what do we want for? Mm hmm. They added rabbit
holes on quest It is apologies to Jake Man. Jake.
I really appreciate cousin, y'all. Jake put together. It's a
nice little prep sheet. It's not for you. Rather, you
were just supposed to be here and and and enjoy

all the things. He just gonna say, mm hmm. But
you know, maybe we could do a post mortem. In January,
Bill said it. They already said it was ambitious anyway,
So it was. I felt like it had some politics
on it. It's non politics, and it's amazing. A lot
happened in At some point I wanted to go. Atlanta

was a great show this year, y'all, like the best that.
I feel like we finally got back together in person.
So we got outside. That was we came outside. Yeah,
oh you're talking about us Atlanta. I met. I actually
met the TV show like chocolate episode is one of

my favorite. Man. Listen, Mr Chocolate, No, the Goofy episode, like,
you ain't gonna tell me that wasn't real. I thought
that was real. I just stopped. I had deposed it
maybe and looking up, all right, man, it happen. They
bodied that ship for real. I'm sorry, mirror, but I

was doing it. Was They did a mockumentary on on
Goofy and his relation to being a black man. It
was like, what the fuss is going on? But it
was that was hilarious. I like the way they ended
the show. I thought they ended it well. It's very
I felt kind of soprano esque, but yeah, you always
want more. It's it's a wrap, nothing nothing in his

perfectly that's true? Is it true? Not the only the
only show ended perfectly? I think. I think six ft
Under ended perfectly. That was took it back. I got
it the ending of series like, yeah, six ft underdes
I hate to leave it on the finger like this
what I and I wrote about this in my last book.

I have a problem with pen ultimates. In the final
chapter US, there's probably every series, with the exception of
The Wire in the Sopranos, every major cities I will
not watch the last two episodes because I don't like goodbyes.
So I understand as I felt with Atlanta. Atlanta felt
like that it was like fun, this is it? I mean,

I mean, I appreciate, thank you all for your service.
Only watched it by accident because other people were in
the room watching it, so like watched it. But I
wouldn't have watched the last episode of Atlanta just because
you know I have it yet it's so funny, you say,
because it is. It's weird. But one thing I'll be
scared of with where black shows is they always leave

with an empty house, right, It's always just looking the ground.
It's like what the and then walking off stage and
then you never know that was actually the Car Michael Show.
I know, I see the BC words textables. But even

with the Car Michael Show, like because I didn't want
to watch, I still haven't watched the last episode of
the Car Michael Show. You should, but we didn't know
who was ending. So that's the thing exactly still an
open book. I tell Gerardo the time, we should do
one of those weird Saved by the Bill movie. Y'all

gotta do something that couldn't have been the final chapter,
like especially now I love now that y'all had both
like evolved and so like y'all gotta get we should
we should do a movie and Bobby and the Keysha
is getting remarried and this is what the fund. But
it's been back in a rut with her schedule. On
heard that show because I like, I watched her on

her other show, the actress from the car Micael show
that yeah she's on, She's on another dope show. So
I was like, don't take away from her schedule. The
uh for a black girl show? I thought, um, the world,
run the world, the world, Okay, okay, yeah, I forgot

all right, so nobody wants we do it. Let's do it. Now,
let's do it. Let's do it. What's not in me?
I want to start first? I just meant we should
do it. So it's almost like we never did this
podcast before. What is my three look like? Probably going

back to that question that you asked me about and
what I should have been doing in two. I gotta
work on my own projects and I'm yeah, yeah, step
into your comedy, do it all right? I'm paid Bill? Yeah,
I think just trying to push the envelope, trying to
do something different. I don't know, is there anything after?

I mean, you did and Juliet dead, what's great? Uh?
Is there Hamilton's sequel? Hamilton, You're terrible, You've done? I
don't know. Uh, yeah, we'll see. I don't know. I
just want to produce more things, to make more things

instead of just being the random music guy. Okay, um
I think just uh we'll finish it up and getting
out this Little Brother documentary. That's the and uh yeah,
I'm trying to find more time to sit still. That's

kind of what this last month has been. Um yeah,
just like just being still. Um so I try to
just sit in that and so definitely making one time
for that for myself every day. The correct answer, sugar, Steve,
work work, work, work, works, you know more, Just make
more records And Grianna, I was quoting black thought. Actually

you're right. It's a long story. You're right, Steve. But yeah,
just keep working and keep living, keep trying to be happy.
All right, real, what's up? I can make this personal,
but not go in it is about to be a
most general thing in the world. Can't we stop listening

to dumb mother fuckers? Let's stop giving them platforms. Let's
stop taking this ship so fucking serious and let them
weird motherfucker's do them. You have some stupid ship to say,
I'm not gonna take your energy of your dumb ship.
I know that sounds very what it is, but for real,

I think we give it's a few of the people. Yeah,
it's not even it's so many, there's so many. We
don't have to give lost people energy. They actually need
us to have some fucking sense. Yeah, when we get

them energy with the dumb ship, it won't change. Now.
They gotta stop making money for people, dude, I don't
even know if they do. For real, I just think
we just love being entertained by idiots and so like,
as long as we stopped taking it so serious, fine,
your laughs, fine, cool should be d do bo you

want to put the mask whatever? Do what the funk
you want to? Man? Like? Just I don't want to like.
I hope people stop listening to sucking people that don't
give a shit about nobody but themselves. Right, that be crazy, Right,
that'd be crazy. That's a quote right there. For real,

I want to I'm gonna say, I'm a saying mine
but let me let me think rail for coming on
the show last minute. Notice, I appreciate this. I know
this is past your personal time. Yeah, I appreciate it. Oh, yes,
thank you. Can I say this for real? I appreciate
your question hitting me up watching the special, telling me

how much you love that ship, all of us with
our art that we do, we love of the artists
we respect. Tell us today fun with our ship too, well,
I'll tell it to the world. Man, I've watched that
ship three times. It's it's hilarious. You gotta you guys
have to see it, all right, So I'm gonna give
I'm gonna give my uh alright, manifestation. Wish are you

didn't call it a manifestation. I would have said something better. Okay,
but go ahead. Oh that's you know what you want
to put out my energy? So I'm gonna say five words,
and man, I'm closing the episode and I'm saying goodbye.
Oh we're dropping a mic. Ready five words, wife, baby

to be continued. Okay, is having a new movie? Is
no movie? Is that the name of a new movie?
The name of a new movie? Happen? He don't even
do that? Bring your ass back we don't be hanging
up like that on this show, look at he like what?

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