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April 15, 2024 45 mins

In this episode, the ladies break down some very important news from our very-own Robyn Dixon.

Plus, they talk about shady horse rides, rumors, the Key Bridge, body toxins, Rihanna, listener emails, the “Busted Baby Bracket” and more.    



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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Reasonably Shady, a production of The Black Effect
Podcast Network and iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
Welcome to another episode of Reasonably sha d I am
Jaselle Bryant.

Speaker 1 (00:19):
What's up? What's up? This is Robin Dixon. Thank you
for being here once again. Yes, we ends up building
and we're actually still in our studio.

Speaker 3 (00:27):
Yeah, we're back in our studio.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
I don't, I don't know how we feel about the studio.
I was trying to grow on me a little bit.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Yeah, we're gonna have to see. We have to see
how we feel about it. Yes, we're gonna have to see.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (00:36):
But you know, you know, of course I prefer my home.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
But of course, of course, but in your home doesn't
have like a contact I smell and true, Yes, but
I don't.

Speaker 1 (00:48):
I think I like being having a contact high a
little bit. Yeah, I'm stop talking crazy good?

Speaker 3 (00:53):
Well we like.

Speaker 1 (00:54):
A crazy talking Josee. You go the wrong with that? Yes?

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Anty, way do you ever reasonably shady moment?

Speaker 1 (01:06):
I'll want you go first. I'm gonna go first.

Speaker 2 (01:08):
Okay, yeah, okay, so my my reasonably shady moment. It
actually happened a little while ago, and I need to
explain it because so many people were like dming me
because I put up a video.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
Right, I went. I took Angelina door to.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
Cabo, okay for spring break. I think, based off of
your recommendation, because Robin had gone.

Speaker 3 (01:29):
A couple of times. She says she liked it.

Speaker 1 (01:33):
So I said, okay, let me check out this little
Cabo thing situation over there on the other side, you're
already go on to Cabo. You asked me about the hotel.

Speaker 3 (01:40):
I said that, yeah, but I think I just was like,
is this good?

Speaker 2 (01:44):
Yeah, okay, stayed at Noble okay, And one of the
days that we were there, staid at Noble and then
we went over to the Waldorf. That's how we ended it.
But anyway, one of the days that we were at Nobu,
angel was like, I want to ride some horses.

Speaker 3 (01:56):

Speaker 1 (01:57):
Of course, inspired by miss Beyonce. Well, I don't even
know if it was inspired by Beyonce. They just wanted
to ride some horses, okay. So I said, no, I
don't want to ride any horses. I don't like any
credit for everything, right, it's.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Not what I it's not my thing. They scare me whatever,
So of course, that's what my kids wanted to do.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
So get to the place. In order for you to
get to.

Speaker 1 (02:15):
The horses, you have to walk over this rickety roped
up oh bridge. Okay.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
So our guide, our man to take us over to
the horses, said, this is how we figure out who
has drank too much tequila if they can't make it
over the bridge. And it was like noon, so it
was like, okay, no one has drank it. This is
what I'm thinking. I'm surely sober, right. So I was like, okay,
this is gonna be an easy little walk.

Speaker 3 (02:44):
So I get to walk in and the bridge started shaking,
like from.

Speaker 1 (02:47):
Side to suspension side, and I was like, oh no,
I'm hold on to the side and I'm like oh no,
oh no.

Speaker 3 (02:54):
I could barely move and I felt and looked like
eighty two years old like that. I was just like,
what has happened?

Speaker 1 (03:03):
Your girls go ahead of you?

Speaker 3 (03:04):
No? Well what was ahead of me? Angel was ahead
of me, The door was behind me.

Speaker 1 (03:07):
Okay, the man, our guy, comes to get me, so
I can hold on to him so I can make
it off. Okay, Hi, I'm sorry.

Speaker 3 (03:17):
Is the bridge high?

Speaker 1 (03:18):
Yeah? It was high off the ground, yes, So later
that day under the bridge dirty okay, So I just
said I would be I'm scared of height, so terrified
it was.

Speaker 3 (03:31):
I was. I was beyond terrified.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Later that day, A Door sends me a video and
it's of me that she took behind me, and she's
laughing because she was shaking the bridge the entire time.

Speaker 3 (03:47):
She was. Yes, she was like shaking it and shaking
it and shaking it. She was like, I was like,
the door, you had me thinking I couldn't walk straight.
She was like he he.

Speaker 1 (03:58):
He my ass no, yeah, a door, you're shady for that.

Speaker 2 (04:02):
And in the video she was like, Mommy, you can
do it, you can do it. Oh my god, and
she's like shaking the whole thing.

Speaker 1 (04:10):
Oh that's hilarious. I would have been crying. I would
have so upset. Probably would have sat down and just
like started crying if I wouldn't if I couldn't walk
and it was shaking and it felt unstable, and.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
Oh my gosh, I can't believe she did that.

Speaker 1 (04:25):
Y'all could have like, she could have broken the bridge.

Speaker 2 (04:27):
She's seventeen and doesn't care. But the man came and
helped me. So I made it through.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
But a door father to say he was la lady.

Speaker 2 (04:36):
He was kind of laughing a little bit. So a door,
you are the shady moment of my week.

Speaker 4 (04:41):

Speaker 3 (04:42):
So I posted.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
People were like, oh my god, why would she do
that to you? I'm like, cause she's a door, right,
that's why she's a little Giselle.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
I saw a video, but I didn't know she was
shaking it. So you can't see her shaking it. Yea,
because she's shaking it and she's holding the phone. Yeah,
so yeah, terrible. So how people know that she was
shaking it?

Speaker 3 (05:02):
She told me, Oh no, they don't know.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
But I'm talking like I rode on the top like
she was shaking it the whole Oh you did?

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah, okay, all right, okay got it.

Speaker 3 (05:13):
Yes, door is horrible.

Speaker 1 (05:16):
Okay, Well I'm glad you're safe.

Speaker 2 (05:18):
Yes, safe in sound. And I was not drinking tequila.
I was very sober. By the way, the mescal because
you know it's my new drink now is mess cow.

Speaker 3 (05:28):

Speaker 2 (05:28):
I have left reposodo in the you know why behind
me because MESSCW is even better because it's small back
Jason talking, it's small batches and they take their time
with it. It's very smoky and earthy, and I just
like how it goes down. Yeah, so mess it stronger.

It is like, I'll drink two of those and I
am kind of drunk.

Speaker 3 (05:53):
I good.

Speaker 1 (05:54):
Okay, do you have like a brand?

Speaker 2 (05:56):
I've been drinking ilagal okay. A lot of restaurants locally
have that, but in Mexico, I was like.

Speaker 3 (06:04):
Just licking me up ringer on okay, and I bought
some in the airport coming coming home.

Speaker 1 (06:10):
Okay, yeah, and you got on the horse.

Speaker 2 (06:13):
I did get on the horse. So we get to
the horse stables and I said, nope, not doing it.
I started like totally like shaking and freaking out.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
That's what you did in the Cayman Islands.

Speaker 4 (06:22):

Speaker 2 (06:22):
So I said to the guy like, I'm just gonna
walk next to the horse. He said, ma'am, you see
that hill over there that it was.

Speaker 3 (06:29):
Like a mountain.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
I said, that's where we're going, So if you want
to walk that whole way, so I said, I said no.

Speaker 3 (06:34):
And then angels like, Mammy, you can do it. They
pumped me you can do it.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
So the guy says to me, I will pull your
horse the entire time Okay, you don't have to do anything,
just sit on it.

Speaker 3 (06:45):
Okay. So that's how I made it through, Okay, but
I was sweating.

Speaker 1 (06:48):
Yeah, I remember in the Cayman Islands season, I started
freaking out. For god, that was an eternity ago.

Speaker 3 (06:54):

Speaker 1 (06:55):
We we were getting on the horses to go swim,
Like were we swimming with horses?

Speaker 3 (07:01):

Speaker 2 (07:02):
You guys went in the water. You had land park
and then you went in the water.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
We run the water the horses, and you got up
on that horse and you were like, I freaked out,
Give me off, give me up, give me off.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
And I'm looking at you. I'm like, why is she happening?

Speaker 1 (07:15):
Like I know you've had horses before.

Speaker 2 (07:18):
Like not like that, not like I've ridden a horse
when I was like little, but I was terrified then too.

Speaker 3 (07:22):

Speaker 1 (07:22):
So so you think this's gonna like buck you off
or something, yes, or okay, Yeah, I'm thinking it's gonna
like because and I've seen it happen to a door.

Speaker 3 (07:31):
We took a door.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
We took the girls horseback riding when they were little,
and the horse, she got on the horse and the
horse took off. So I just feel like something's gonna happen.
I'm gonna get thrown off and it's gonna break my back.

Speaker 3 (07:42):
So that's what I made it through. Good, good for you.
And that's what they said. Once I made it through.
They like.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
I was such a baby getting on the horse that
when I came back, all the like the little horse
hands were there and they were clapping.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
They were like, she she made it. Yeah, So would
you do it again?

Speaker 3 (08:03):

Speaker 1 (08:03):
Okay, absolutely no. I would think you'd be like, oh, yeah,
it's not that bad. No, thank you, Okay, cool, all right, Okay, Well,
my shady moment came a few weeks ago actually, so
it's a little bit late when other people decided to
speak for me and spread my business for me, which

you know, we're used to people doing stuff like that,
but for something this important, I think is incredibly rude.
So and I wanted to speak my own business, my
own truth, my own life, my own news, and I
wanted to share it out of my own mouth when

the time was appropriate, and I felt that the appropriate
time would be to speak on this particular subject matter
would be once Season eight of the Real Housewives of
Potomac was finished airing, yes, which it is now finished
airing the reunion. The last reunion episode just went off

last night Sunday, if you listen to this on a Monday.
And I wanted to respect the network and respect the
show and wait until the season ended, which I think,
you know, makes sense to share this news. But yes,
I will not be returning to season nine of the
Real Housewives of Potomac.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
To hear you say it out your mouth like, it's
like killing my heart right now. And obviously I know
this information, but like.

Speaker 3 (09:32):
To hear you say it right, it's reality.

Speaker 1 (09:36):
It's reality. The network did not invite me back. I
was fired for lack of better words, and I will not,
you know, sugarcoat the situation and say, oh I am
walking away and this is a break or anything like this.
This was a network decision, and you know, and I'm

a okay with it because nothing lasts forever. And I
I know, you know, I had a very long run
on the show.

Speaker 3 (10:10):
Yes, eight seasons is a long time.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
Eight seasons for sure, and I just you know, I
don't have anything like written to read off of, so
I'm just like speaking, and I just really appreciate the
time and the opportunity that I had on the show,
and you know, I just want to say thank you
to the network, Bravo, truly original, the production company, the

executives there, the people who gave me the opportunity to
be on the show, who saw something in me in
twenty fifteen. I think was that when we filmed season one? Yeah,
I think so, because it premiered in twenty sixteen. You know,
the people who saw something in me and thought that
they you know, wanted me to be a part of

their network, their show, their platform, and to share my
story and my life, my family, my trials and tribulations,
my ups and downs, and you know, the the beautiful
friendships that I have on the show.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
You know.

Speaker 1 (11:09):
So first of all, thank you to the network and
the executives. Thank you to all of the producers, all
of the crew that we've worked with. Thank you to
the fans. Yeah of course who've watched us from day one,
especially our day wunners, who you know, when Bravo announced
The Real Housewives Potomac was coming on and they saw,

you know, this weird city, you.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
Know, they're like, why.

Speaker 1 (11:37):
Are we going to watch this? And they said, well,
let's give it a chance, and they they watched it
they loved it, They grew with us, They told their friends,
who told their friends, and you know they they loved us,
loved us, or hated us, whatever it would be, but
they will watch us.

Speaker 3 (11:50):

Speaker 1 (11:51):
But I do want to especially thank all of the
fans and viewers who have supported me Seawn love to me.
Who have you know, whether you directly sent me love,
or you prayed for me, or you just have you know,
positive energy and positive thoughts around me. I appreciate you,
and I and I hope that I inspired you, the viewers,

the fans, to live your life, you know, authentically, not
feel pressure to change for anyone or for society or
to impress people, and just to be yourself.

Speaker 2 (12:27):
And oh you're gonna cry, oh Robin, You're gonna make
me cry.

Speaker 3 (12:35):
No, no tears, oh god, Okay, well I'm no, no, okay,
go ahead, no.

Speaker 1 (12:43):
And then I just want to finish shit. It's so
crazy because like we still have reasonably shady but I
really want to say I love you, oh me.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
Oh no. And it's been.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Such a fun, amazing, stressful, crazy, wild journey the past
eight years. I couldn't imagine doing what we did, you know,
with anyone.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Else because of that, damn knows hers.

Speaker 1 (13:26):
But yes, but to my Green Eye bandit my partner crime.
Like it's the show. Really, we start off as friends.
It's so funny because we for whatever reason, we were
meant to sit next to each other that night. And
I think it was in November of I don't know,
twenty eleven, maybe whatever, when she knockout Yes and knockout

Abuse the charity event when Cherise invited us as her guests.
We sat next to each other at the table and
we just we laughed and joked like we'd known each
other for years.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
Before anybody knew us like that. And yeah, we trashed
the entire room. We did.

Speaker 1 (14:07):
We just like every person that walked past, all the
drunk people, like just you know, just had a good
old time. From there, we were great friends, and then
the show, you know, brought us even closer. And we've
you know, been through a lot on the show and
faced a lot of scrutiny and judgment and hate God,
and we've supported each other through that. And you know,

so although we still have reasonably shady I'm still gonna
talk to you all the time and to you all
the time. You know, I hate that that part of
our friendship is you know, ye not there anymore. That
was a very nice announcement. Okay, can I be shady now?

Speaker 3 (14:52):
Boo, this is a big boo. Oh my gosh boo
and boo.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
Like And I'm not saying, you know, what's happening in
the future with me if there is another season, whether
or not I'm going to be on it, whatever, I'm
just saying that for there to be another season and
Robin not being on it.

Speaker 3 (15:10):
Who is like an og a stable to the Real
Housewives Potomac. She has been like.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
The the sounding board, the foundation. She has been like, Okay,
if rob Robins says it's crazy, it's crazy. If Robin
says it's not crazy, he's not crazy. Like you know,
Robin's always a person to go to or that that
would give like the real to whatever the situation was.

And just to like for me to think, Okay, I'm
going to film a show and Potomac and I'm gonna
look to my left and my right and Robin's not going.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
To be there is different? Is sad?

Speaker 1 (15:51):

Speaker 3 (15:55):
I don't know?

Speaker 1 (15:55):
But I feel like, yeah, we have gotten beaten up.
The past eight seasons has been a lot, and I
know it's been a lot for you and your family,
more so the past three yeah, you know two to
three have been a lot.

Speaker 3 (16:12):
Yeah, so.

Speaker 2 (16:16):
I mean, yeah, you know, just to know that, like
to continue on and you know, I might be getting
a beat up by myself, is like whoa.

Speaker 3 (16:30):
But you know, Robin has really been the glue.

Speaker 1 (16:35):
And despite what people on the outside may or may
not know, you know, I I don't want to talk
about false narratives and conspiracy theories, but let's just kidding.
But but the people who know, they know.

Speaker 2 (16:51):
Yeah, and well, but any any of the ladies on
the show will say that you are one the glue
to the show. So I mean I want to say
that maybe cheris kind of like put us all together,
so to speak, but like these seven eight seasons, you
Robin has really been the glue.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
And I mean I try to call things as I
see it, you know, and be fair and just help
people see other sides to the story. Yeah, you know,
I know a lot of times, so like that's why
we like balance each other out a lot, and you
see it a lot on reasonably shady, like you have

an opinion and I'm like, ah, have you looked at
it from this angle or what about this or what
do you think about this? And you know, I think
most people in life can appreciate someone like that. But
you know sometimes that that gets you, you know, turned
into the bad guy or whatever. Just but it's it's fine.
And I you know, there are certain elements I'm not going.

Speaker 3 (17:51):
To miss, yeah for sure. Social media.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
Yeah, social media, just the conspiracy theories, the horrible false narratives,
the intent to misunderstand and misinterpret. But you know, and
and I and I I didn't.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
Know that that's what came with the job. Now.

Speaker 1 (18:11):
You don't know until you know, right, Yeah, you don't
know until it happens to you, slams you in the face.
But you know, But but I want to just I don't.
I want to just like focus on the great experiences,
you know, just being able to start businesses and from
the ground up and watch people support them. And you know,

it's it's kind of unfortunate that of the timing because
I'm about to really embark on a huge business venture
and open my own skincare studio franchise, Glow thirty in Columbia, Maryland,
and that is a huge undertaking. I mean, I have to,

you know, do the build out work, you know, do
the construction process. I've got to find employees, gotta get
the business up and running. And so it's it's unfortunate
that I can't share it. And I'm saying it not
personally because of myself, but because the viewers will miss
out on seeing someone start a business from ground up,
and because I know, the best part about being on

the show, one of the best parts about being on
the show is hearing from the viewers who say, you've
inspired me to do this, whether it's you know, to
not give a damn what people think, or to become
an entrepreneur, to have an idea and just start a business.
So it's unfortunate that they won't be able to see
me start that type of business because that is a

huge project, a huge undertaking, and it yes, thank you,
and I think women especially should see other people doing
stuff like that and saying, oh my gosh, I can
totally do this. You know, let me look into a
franchise that maybe I'm interested in opening, and you know,
establishing jobs for my community and passing down generational wealth

to my family. So, you know, I hate that the
viewers won't really really be able to get see that
because that is a real, real thing that's going on
in my life.

Speaker 2 (20:12):
Well, they're gonna they're gonna hear you every week on
Reasonably Shady, and they're gonna hear you talking about Glow thirty.

Speaker 3 (20:18):

Speaker 1 (20:18):
I mean, of course, on my own personal platform, I'm
gonna share, you know, so I'll talk about it on
Reasonably Shady. Yeah, I'll you know, share as much as
I can on my personal Instagram account. But I just think,
you know, to see it, to see it is a
little bit different for some people, and it just to hear,
like you know, just how stressful it might be or whatever.

But yeah, so that's that's my That's Shady moment of.

Speaker 2 (20:47):
The week, super steroid.

Speaker 3 (20:50):

Speaker 1 (20:51):
I mean we've been sitting on this for like over
a month now, I guess, right, Yeah, And you know,
of course, and I want to apologize to the people
who have reached out to me, like on Instagram with
Night's kind messages or saying robbing you know, is it
true or whatever? And I and I ignored your messages.

I don't really like having to do that, Yeah, but
I wanted to respect the show and the network and
not really, you know, speak too much and I just
wanted to give it time. So I apologize to you all.
But I do appreciate everyone who sends love and they're
well wishes and I wish you all the best of

you know, wishes in the future. I really hope that
the show lives on forever and ever and ever whoever
and ever, yeah, and whoever you know comes after me.
You know, it's like I gotta I gotta move over.
I gotta make room for some other amazing people. So
hopefully some amazing people you know on the way to

fill my shoes and to.

Speaker 2 (21:57):
No one can fill Robbin's shoes, no one.

Speaker 3 (22:01):
Okay, I just want.

Speaker 2 (22:02):
To say that right now, put that out there, and you.

Speaker 3 (22:06):
Know, we'll see what the future holes.

Speaker 2 (22:08):
Yes, but I'm gonna be seeing you every week. Unreasonably Shady, Oh,
reasonably Shady's going nowhere.

Speaker 3 (22:13):
Let's just yes, yeah, I'm there.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
Right, And let's be clear. I hope you know that
the people who support me continue to support Reasonably Shady,
And like I said, you know, continue if you are
interested in my life and my endeavors, and you know
what I share of my family and my business. You know,
that you continue to do.

Speaker 2 (22:34):
So absolutely, Yeah, people love you, Robin, and I love them.
And the Robins are going nowhere? Where the Robin's going nowhere? Okay,
And we can't.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Get rid of the Robins even if we wanted to.

Speaker 1 (22:44):
I mean, yeah, they probably need a break though, you know,
just from trying to like fight all the.

Speaker 2 (22:50):
Robins been out there fighting for their damn life. Okay,
So yeah, maybe the little Robins need a little bit
of a break, okay. So on on a on another
kind of like weird note, sad note, but we forgot
we didn't talk about it last week, and this hits
home with us, and I definitely want to touch on
it now because there's like a lot of things that

are coming out of it. So in the middle of
the night when I was actually in I.

Speaker 1 (23:16):
Think I was still on spring break, Jamal sends me,
you know, you know that guy, Jamal, my baby daddy.

Speaker 3 (23:22):
He sends me a video of.

Speaker 1 (23:26):
What I thought was a cartoon, right or like an
AI generated something, right, And so like when I really
got into it and looked at it, I'm like, oh,
this bridge just fell in the water, like the key
bridge falling, yes, was or like that it felt.

Speaker 2 (23:43):
Yeah, did they time it? It probably fell in like
seven seconds.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
Yeah, it was like a couple of seconds for sure.
A few seconds.

Speaker 3 (23:51):

Speaker 2 (23:52):
Yeah, weird. You know, I don't want to get into
the conspiracy of it. I don't know if the Simpsons
predicted it years go.

Speaker 1 (24:00):
Now my son sent me like a TikTok that.

Speaker 3 (24:03):
Showed Oh they did. I was joking they did.

Speaker 1 (24:05):
Yes, Oh wow, it was Yeah, I gotta have Tokay,
there's that. It's a TikTok that shows like all the
weird things that have happened, like the year that the
queen died and all that whatever. And then the last
one was this image of what looked like a collapsed bridge.

Speaker 3 (24:20):

Speaker 2 (24:21):
Yeah, so you're you know, the Key Bridge is in Baltimore,
and it's it's weird because like two days after it happened,
I was still in Mexico and they knew about it.
Like all the workers in the hotel were like.

Speaker 1 (24:32):
You're from Maryland, Oh the bridge, the bridge, And I'm like, yeah,
I you know firsthand being from Baltimore and I, you know,
lived near that area, that this is devastating for the
city of Baltimore. Yes, right, Like people on I mean
people can who live on the other side of that bridge,
they can get to the city, but that they're gonna

have to take like the street where or whatever. But
that bridge was so key to just like the inner
workings of Baltimore. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and for so
many reasons. I mean, it connected, you know, it was
another way to get across the water, you know, from
one side of Baltimore to the other. But it also

represents a huge industry. Yes, a huge industry.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
And that's actually what I want to talk about because
these you know, and thank God for Agai wes Moore, he's.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
Like completely on top of it. But I saw him
in this.

Speaker 2 (25:29):
I think I told you I saw him do a
Brest conference the other day and he was like he
couldn't even get his words together because he's just like
in it. And I know for him, it's just what
do you say to this? A boat ran into one
of the pillars that was holding this bridge up, yes,
and destroyed it.

Speaker 1 (25:48):
I want to say shout out kudos to the people
that notified, I guess the highway transportation people and stop
the traffic from crossing the bridge.

Speaker 3 (26:02):
So oh good.

Speaker 1 (26:04):
Yeah, so they were able to stop the traffic from
from crossing the bridge.

Speaker 3 (26:09):

Speaker 1 (26:09):
The people that lost their lives were workers that were
on the bridge, that were fixing potholes. Yes, And I
was like, well, why didn't they you know, why weren't
Why didn't they know or why didn't they see this
truck coming? And apparently they must have been sleeping taking.

Speaker 3 (26:22):
A sleeping Yeah.

Speaker 1 (26:23):
Yeah, but I was like just thinking about how much
of a disaster it could have been had that traffic now.

Speaker 2 (26:30):
Absolutely, and thank god for the timing because it was,
you know, one thirday morning.

Speaker 3 (26:34):
So I wonder though, like.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
How much time elapsed? Since I can't, I probably saw it,
like since the the first time the.

Speaker 3 (26:41):
The ship lost power.

Speaker 1 (26:43):
Yeah, to win it actually hit the bridge. I think
it was like five minutes or something was it. They
lost power and the power came back on, I believe,
and they lost it again and then it hit.

Speaker 3 (26:54):
But Wes Moore because apparently their needs they need to vote.

Speaker 1 (26:59):
On fun for this to get this done, and the
Republicans are like dragging their feet and acting like, oh,
this is a Baltimore issue, this is a Maryland issue.

Speaker 3 (27:10):
No, And Wes Moore like broke it down.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
He's like No, their port is the entry for so
many like things that you that for instance, he was
saying the steal that's like in Idaho or something. They
it comes into the Port of Baltimore.

Speaker 3 (27:29):
All these different states and.

Speaker 2 (27:30):
Cities are affected by what comes into the Port of Baltimore.
So no, Republicans, this is not a Maryland issue. This
is not a Baltimore issue. This is a country issue.
So I don't know if y'all have passed it already,
but get into it.

Speaker 1 (27:45):
Yeah, yeah, I mean there could be a huge domino effect,
a huge domino effect.

Speaker 3 (27:49):
It's already happening.

Speaker 2 (27:50):
Yeah, So I mean I think that they figured out
a way that for a temporary like causeway that the
boats could go through, but that's only gonna be temporary
and they need to like get it fixed as insane.
But it's you know, so just like we're gonna pray
for Baltimore, but pray for everything because it is a
fallout system going on.

Speaker 3 (28:10):

Speaker 1 (28:10):
It was just crazy, like watching those images of that
ship hit the bridge, and it just.

Speaker 3 (28:17):
I watched it like forty times.

Speaker 2 (28:18):
I just was like, first I was like watched like
the first ten times, like this is not real, right, And.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Then I kept watching it thinking.

Speaker 2 (28:26):
Wow, like and it's so I'm so terrible. I remember
when I lived in Baltimore. I would go over that
bridge and at the end of it, around to the
right and down in this little shopping area was a bakery.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
Was like the best cupcakes.

Speaker 1 (28:42):
And I know that they're not there anymore, but I'm like,
how we gonna get the cupcakes?

Speaker 4 (28:47):

Speaker 1 (28:48):
You gotta drive all the way around the other way? Yes? Yes,
So that bridge for people who don't know, that connects
the belt Way, Yes, surrounding Baltimore. So if you're on
that side of town and you need to get across
the bridge to the other side of town, yeah, to that,
you know, just across the bridge. Now you have to

go all the way around the belt Way the other way,
which is like super long. Or I guess you can
go through the tunnel, but the tunnel is like.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Tall, there's like tolls on the tunnel.

Speaker 1 (29:21):
So I think the Key Bridge was more so for
people who didn't want to pay the tolls going through
the tunnel. It's just I mean, now everybody has to
do it, so imagine the traffic exactly. Yeah, right, the
traffic's going to be crazy. Yeah, so that's wild. Speaking
of Baltimore and like the steel industry, like there's all
types of just industries in the Baltimore area that involved

like the chemicals and all types of stuff. So speaking
of that, but there's nothing leaking. They did find that out.
So it's something on sitting on top of the water.
But I guess it's not.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
No, they said that nothing was they did the chemical
testing or whatever. Okay, and there's nothing leaking from those
containers that are on that ship. Okay, yeah, okay, so
it's money for the crabs and the fish by the way, yes, okay.

Speaker 1 (30:06):
Right right, Yeah, so it's crazy. So when I so
the last episode, I talked about my results from my
food and algaet Oh. Yes, I also did a toxin test.

Speaker 3 (30:19):
To see if you're toxic. Yes, are you toxic?

Speaker 1 (30:21):
I'm extremely toxic.

Speaker 2 (30:23):
I knew that, but I wasn't gonna say anything because
I knew you were a toxic person.

Speaker 3 (30:30):
I'm joking. Okay, No, what's the toxins?

Speaker 1 (30:34):
So I'm extremely toxic. With's certain I can't remember. I
don't have the report in front of me, but there
are certain toxins that are in my body that are
really high, and so my nutritioness was like, do you
live near a chemical plant?

Speaker 3 (30:48):
Oh? Wow, yes, so, oh wow, this is important.

Speaker 1 (30:52):
It's important for everyone. It's actually kind of freaky.

Speaker 3 (30:56):
Yeah really because that those toxics cause cancer.

Speaker 1 (30:58):
Yes, it's really freaky. So she did, day you can.
It's a website you can go on. I need to
find this. I wish I had this information in front
of me before I just started telling you guys this information.
So the website you can go on. You can put
your address in, yeah, and it'll tell you like a
radius of five, ten, twenty miles or whatever, like what
toxins or what you know, what's what's in the environment,

what's in yours? It's just it's gosh, I can't remember.
It's stuff that makes my body toxic. Like there's toxins
in my body. So I imagine all the people who
live in my area, in the surrounding area of Baltimore,
because I'm in Howard County, which is, you know, a
good twenty minutes outside of Baltimore City.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
But I like, there are there any like industry plants.

Speaker 1 (31:41):
There's tons of Yeah, Baltimore is a blue collar town. Yeah,
but you're not industry in Baltimore chemical plants and yeah,
so I gotta look it up.

Speaker 3 (31:51):
There was a.

Speaker 1 (31:52):
Chemical plant that had twelve infractions over the course of
you know, a year.

Speaker 3 (31:59):

Speaker 1 (32:00):
Just okay, you have infractions, but like nothing's being done.
They keep repeating the same infractions in the same putting
out the same level of never chemicals or toxins.

Speaker 3 (32:10):
So this could be what's the girl's name, Aaron? Yes, yeah,
how did you know talk about that?

Speaker 2 (32:15):
This could be an Aaron rockaid, this is a Robin
Dixon situation.

Speaker 1 (32:18):
We going to court, but this is this is like
what it's not just me?

Speaker 3 (32:22):
No, but I mean you know you're you're the spokesperson
for this. We we're going to court. Yeah, yeah, we
need to Okay, can you give.

Speaker 2 (32:28):
Us all your toxology toxic let me, I'll pull it up.
I should have like next episode should we will have
it for having. But I think this is good information
I have. So I now have a sauna because so
there's certain things that you do to like detox about
saunas are detoxifying. You put that in your house mm hmm, wow,
supportable sauna. Yeah, it's like me get myself, wen't be

doing it. Oh, just you know, I have a sauna now,
and I have a heated toilet, and I have water
shooting out my ass.

Speaker 3 (32:57):
Yes I have all things.

Speaker 1 (32:58):
Yeah I do, I do, okay, and so yeah, sosaanas,
I'm gonna get like not a humanified. What's the thing
you put in your house? Yeah, like an air pere,
Like you have to do all the things just because
like I'm just and your boys.

Speaker 2 (33:14):
Are growing and we don't want anything to happen to
their especially their private parts, right and just like them growing.

Speaker 1 (33:22):
So the thing is like I'm sure like I can,
we can all live with whatever like is in our body.
But it's like it's a how much does it affect
you know, the rest of your body? So when someone
has migraines, the migraines could be attributed to your toxins
that are in your area. When someone develops, you know,
some type of cancer or whatever, it could be attributed

to talk to the toxins and you have, you know,
just different things.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
What about like the nasty people on social media? Why
are they talk they toxic? Is it because of their
neighborhood they're toxic? Because we need to know, right, Yeah, we're.

Speaker 3 (33:59):
Gonna blame it all.

Speaker 1 (34:00):
They need to studied, right, Yes, what's in your body?
Because the world is toxic? Oh my gosh.

Speaker 2 (34:11):
All right, So we do have some emails, y'all have
been emailing us. Okay, so I have one from Taja Sambor. Yeah, greetings,
Green Eye Bandits. I probably am like the only listener
in Puma Pum.

Speaker 3 (34:29):
India, India. Wow, who listens?

Speaker 1 (34:33):

Speaker 3 (34:33):
India? Wow?

Speaker 1 (34:35):
Listen? Okay, what's her name? She needs to.

Speaker 3 (34:37):
Spread the word A G A T A j aa.

Speaker 1 (34:40):
Okay, she needs to tell all her friends in India
to listen because that's a lot of people. That's a
lot of people India. Okay, Okay, all right, India shout out.
So she says, she's probably the only person. But we're
giving you some homework, honey.

Speaker 2 (34:51):
Yes, make sure everybody, yes, read the word she said
halfway across the world.

Speaker 3 (34:55):
That's caught up with all of your episodes.

Speaker 1 (34:58):
Awesome, RHO and reasonably shady podcasts collectively awesome.

Speaker 2 (35:03):
We need to send her a sweatshirt or something a month.
Love this show and the podcast. Rihanna was reportedly paid
seventy four oh nine million dollars for her performance.

Speaker 3 (35:18):
She gave it to me an Indian.

Speaker 2 (35:20):
Yeah, nine million dollars for her performance for the pre
wedding thing.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
So she talked about Rihanna performing, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (35:26):
And she performed in India.

Speaker 2 (35:27):
Yeah, So I guess she's coming first hand, firsthand information
for the wedding bash and the actual wedding is happening
on is happening July twelve, twenty twenty four.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
So why did they have the party? So it must
have been a pre part.

Speaker 1 (35:40):
Yeah, that's that's yeah, it's a pre wedding.

Speaker 3 (35:42):
Wow, these people are doing.

Speaker 1 (35:44):
Your wedding celebration. So I can Taja? Can she do
further research and tells who the people are?

Speaker 3 (35:51):

Speaker 2 (35:51):
So she said she wasn't it wasn't for the wedding,
but the pre wedding that she was performing for. Just
wanted to you know, get, you know, specify and give
you all the information.

Speaker 3 (36:00):

Speaker 1 (36:00):
Yeah, we need to know who these people are.

Speaker 3 (36:02):
And why are we I'm available on July twelve.

Speaker 1 (36:05):
Who's performing at the wedding?

Speaker 3 (36:07):

Speaker 1 (36:07):
If Rihanna performed at the pre wedding.

Speaker 2 (36:09):
Yeah, Beyonce coming, Cowboy Carter is going to be an
Adia Okay, So Taja, Sambor Robin and I will like
an imitation.

Speaker 3 (36:16):
We will pay her all way. Just get us there because.

Speaker 2 (36:19):
I am available on July twelve, twenty twenty four, and
so is Robin. So that's her homework.

Speaker 1 (36:23):
Good, okay, all right, okay, what you got? I got one?

Speaker 3 (36:28):
All right? So this is good advice.

Speaker 1 (36:30):
He's following up. This is from Ron B. He says,
love the podcast, which is Ellen Robin. Where are you driving?
That you are cracking windshields weekly ninety five? Right right
all over DC inter State Baltimore.

Speaker 3 (36:45):

Speaker 1 (36:45):
Yes, also shocked that neither of your men have educated
you on rock chips. What here is the deal? Next
time this inevitably happens, immediately call your auto insurance agent.
They will do a free repair at your home or
job and wave your deductible. Saves them money for having
to replace an entire windshield the rips.

Speaker 3 (37:07):
Get that. That's yeah, get fixed before it's start spreading.

Speaker 1 (37:11):
So the repair involves injecting a fast dry resin into
the tiny bullseye chip via a needle.

Speaker 3 (37:19):

Speaker 1 (37:20):
The resin drives clear and hard and prevents a crack
when done, Ron.

Speaker 3 (37:25):
Ron, you might be my boyfriend. Is this he married?
Because he would have saved me three thousand nine, right exactly.

Speaker 1 (37:32):
When done, you can barely see the chip anymore. But
the key is getting this done asap before dirt and
moisture gets into the hole.

Speaker 3 (37:38):
And before it spreads.

Speaker 1 (37:39):
He said, pause.

Speaker 3 (37:41):
Yeah, now you.

Speaker 1 (37:42):
Can educate your men on car glass repair. You're welcome.
You're pal Ron.

Speaker 3 (37:46):
Okay, So Ron sinceno the email. Let us know. Are
you married? Are you gay? Are you are straight?

Speaker 1 (37:52):

Speaker 3 (37:53):
Are you available? Because I want to date you? Okay?
The end?

Speaker 2 (37:57):
All right, So this Nicholas, It was at the Nicki
minaj concert. Okay, so he said, I have a shady
moment from my birthday that includes Robin and Yousell.

Speaker 3 (38:10):
My name is Nick and I'm a huge fan.

Speaker 1 (38:13):
What up Nick?

Speaker 3 (38:14):
Nick? Of you two? And I subscribe to your Patreon. Okay,
he's a patreon er.

Speaker 1 (38:20):
Oh he is reasonably shady bunch.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
Okay, if you ever do a reasonably shady event in Richmond, Virginia,
let me know. Okay, are we going to Richmond Carly
looking at Richmond Carley?

Speaker 3 (38:32):
Yeah, because it's right down the way.

Speaker 2 (38:33):
Yeah, okay, we'll look into Richmond anyway. Today's my birthday,
April second, so happy belated birthday.

Speaker 3 (38:39):

Speaker 2 (38:39):
Yes, Aries, Yeah, I guess we said a fellow. You're Aries, right,
So what Aries goes to? What like April fifteenth?

Speaker 1 (38:47):
Maybe it's March twenty first, because that's Corey. Yeah, I
think it's like April fifteenth.

Speaker 3 (38:53):
Okay. Aries and I went to the Nicki Minaj concert
in DC. You know, Robin and I were there.

Speaker 2 (39:00):
I'm also a huge fan of Nikki and I was
so excited to bring the love of my life, my boyfriend,
to the concert so that he could experience the.

Speaker 3 (39:06):
Greatness of Queen Nicki. Yes, she is a queen.

Speaker 2 (39:11):
Needless to say, my boyfriend didn't even look at the
stage because he kept looking at Giselle to get her
attention at the back of the stadium.

Speaker 3 (39:18):
So I'm supposed to look at the back of the stadium. Okay,
where was he? I don't know.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
He is also a huge fan of the two of you,
and we even hang Christmas ornaments of the two of
you on our tree.

Speaker 1 (39:32):
So cute.

Speaker 3 (39:32):
I want a Gasel Christmas ornament.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
He's send a picture.

Speaker 3 (39:35):
Yeah, that's really cute. Yes, send a picture of the ornament.

Speaker 2 (39:38):
I kept trying to get him to turn around to
enjoy the performance, and he would continue to stare, just
stare at Zelle. He was more excited to be in
the same room with the two of you Ashley Xuries,
than he was to be in the same room as
Nicki in.

Speaker 3 (39:52):
Fifty cent.

Speaker 1 (39:55):
Giselle. If ever, you felt the odd sense that someone
was staring at you with the concert, your intuition was correct.

Speaker 2 (40:02):
I didn't get that. Okay, my boyfriend is a blonde
man with the topknot. Did you see him the blonde
so no, I did not see him.

Speaker 1 (40:11):
Didn't see him.

Speaker 3 (40:12):
You looked in his direction once or twice.

Speaker 2 (40:13):
Anyway, I'm letting you know that my shady moment is
definitely you all distracted my boyfriend from a very expensive
and fun concert. Thanks for ruining the experience for us.

Speaker 3 (40:24):
Ruining the experience.

Speaker 1 (40:26):
But by the way, when we were walking, when we
walked in and we walked through the stadium like first so,
I think the nikki's not on, the lights are up,
the DJ is playing.

Speaker 3 (40:36):
Yeah, DJ was amazing.

Speaker 1 (40:37):
By the way, I think that's Wendy Williams DJ. He said,
DJ Boof is that right? And DJ Booth is the
one that was on Wendy Williamshow. Okay, have we talked
about have you watched that yet?

Speaker 3 (40:50):
I haven't, so let me watch it first before we
talk about.

Speaker 1 (40:52):
Oh my gosh, yeah, oh so sad I watched it?

Speaker 3 (40:56):
Yes, yes, yeah, I haven't watched it.

Speaker 2 (40:58):
I'm gonna watch it, but let's let's so we're gonna
pause Wendy's story and so I watched.

Speaker 1 (41:01):
So anyway, so DJ Booth is playing or whatever in
the crowd, like, the people were so excited to see
us walking through. They were so it was really awesome
to feel the love and see you guys like y'all
and y'all were so beautiful and you're pink. Yes, everyone
looked so great. But everyone was like really excited to
see us, So that was it was great to feel
that love.

Speaker 2 (41:21):
So wait, so you know at Beyonce's concert, everybody wore silver, right,
Nicki's concert, everybody wore pink, but Robin and Ashley and Cheries. Well,
actually I had like a pink furry.

Speaker 3 (41:34):
It was it was rainbow fur whatever. But anyway, where
was your pink?

Speaker 1 (41:38):
I didn't get the memo.

Speaker 3 (41:39):
I didn't know that it's Nicki's show. It's called Pink
Friday Gag City Tour. I guess my gagging on the pant.

Speaker 1 (41:45):
I didn't know it was like a thing, Like, I
just did not know.

Speaker 2 (41:50):
To be honest, I didn't know it was a thing either.
But then I told Grace we were going. Grace was like,
you better have on your pink and I was like really,
and she was like.

Speaker 1 (41:56):
Yeah, ma, okay, yeah, I didn't know I had on black. Yeah, okay, yeah,
we saw the picture all right. One more another email.
This is from Keisha Hughes. She says, Hi, Robin, I
recently why she said to Robin. Okay, but anyway, that
doesn't exist, The shady doesn't exist.

Speaker 3 (42:14):
What's shady for that? For leaving me out?

Speaker 1 (42:20):
She said, I recently heard something on a radio show
that reminded me of a comment you made on your
podcast is Growling. You said that sometimes newborns are ugly.
Just so disagree.

Speaker 3 (42:31):
Yes, that's why I'm not in this.

Speaker 1 (42:34):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, most oftentimes newborns are ugly. Yes, so,
she says, Apparently the radio show called The Burt Show
agrees with you. In the spirit of March madness, they
created the busted baby bracket. No way, Yes, they asked it.
They asked it. Oh my lord, they asked people to
send in pics of their ugly babies. They've started with

thirty two. They'll be eliminating down to the scary sixteen,
the fugly four, et cetera, until they crowned the champion.
Click here to check it out. So I clicked to
check it out.

Speaker 3 (43:09):
Of course you did. Oh my god, the babies are
so ugly. We have to share.

Speaker 1 (43:13):
We're going to share this link on our reasonably Shady
Stories or something. Those babies are ugly. I'm gonna send
show it to you. Okay. They did set some ground
rules to keep the contest and then made me feel
better about my my babies. If these are ugly, my
babies weren't.

Speaker 3 (43:27):

Speaker 1 (43:28):
They did set some ground rules to keep the contest
from becoming a bullying situation. For example, the baby had
to be three months old or less. It can't be
a sick, nicky baby. It has to be a photo
of you or your baby. You can't submit your sister's
baby or your friend's.

Speaker 2 (43:41):
Say I'm gonna submit my cousin's sister's babies.

Speaker 1 (43:47):
It's all a hot tech TACKI mess, which makes it
perfect for reasonably shady content. The radio hosts cancede that
they are probably going to hell, but they embrace it.
And there's a click here to listen. For the record,
I'm opposed to the contest, be hearing them talk about
it gave me a key key cheers to itty bitty babies,
not the fuglies. Listen I clicked on that link. Yeah,

oh my god, those babies were ugly, like they were ugly.
So the content has been going on. They're down to two.
I think the winner did say, how the.

Speaker 3 (44:18):
Winter the winner of the ugly baby competition. Yeah, this
is horrible.

Speaker 1 (44:23):
By the time we hear this this podcast episode, the
winner will be announced, so we.

Speaker 3 (44:27):
Will announce it later. Okay, absolutely hilarious. That is huh
there is. But for the record, Yes, my babies were beautiful.
I'm sure they were.

Speaker 1 (44:36):
Yeah, listen when you look at these babies, Yes, I'm
sure they were beautiful. Yes, my babies are beautiful too.

Speaker 2 (44:42):
Because okay, anybody with ugly babies, come for rabbits, don't
come for me.

Speaker 3 (44:47):
Okay, that is our show for today. We love y'all
so much.

Speaker 2 (44:49):
Don't ever forget to live your life. Either reasonable or
shake dy or both.

Speaker 3 (44:54):
Baby Reasonably Shady.

Speaker 2 (45:02):
Is a production of the Black Effect podcast Network.

Speaker 1 (45:05):
For more podcasts from iHeartRadio, visit the iHeartRadio app Apple
Podcasts for wherever you listen to your favorite shows, and
you can connect with us on social media at Robin Dixon, ten,
Giselle Bryant and Reasonably Shady.

Speaker 3 (45:31):
Now robbing over here making me cry, me too, I'm sorry.

Speaker 4 (45:34):
I who knows what's running.

Speaker 1 (45:35):
I had no tissue.

Speaker 3 (45:39):
Oh god,
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