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December 24, 2021 14 mins

In 2011, Bette Midler inducted Darlene Love into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, praising her powerhouse voice and unquenchable spirit. Throughout the 1960s, Love was a leader of the pack in her own right as not only a lead vocalist and solo performer but providing unmistakable background support for countless artists and fellow Hall of Fame Inductees.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M Welcome to Induction Vault, a production of I Heart
Radio and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame M.

In two thousand eleven, Bette Midler vibrantly inducted Darling Love
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, praising her
powerhouse voice an unquenchable spirit. Throughout the nine sixties and beyond,
Darling's voice was everywhere, not only as a solo performer
and lead vocalist, but also in providing backup at times
uncredited for countless major artists and fellow Rock Hall inductees.

When you factor in her successful acting career on stage
and screen, it's clear to see that Darley is a
true leader of the pack in her own right. Get
into the holiday spirit with this joyous and touching moment
in music history with one of the twenty centuries most
evocative voices, excepting rock's highest honor. Hell Hello, Hello, oh

my god, where the I've never I've never been here,
I've never been to this event. What a crazy crate, y'all.
Don't sit down, you're just sitting standing there, schmoozing and schmoozing.
I didn't think I was ever going to get anything
to eat, but I'm so thrilled to be here. I
am so thrilled to be here. I'm so happy to
be here tonight to pay tribute to the great Darling Love,

who is finally getting her do how I love Darline Love, joyous,
beautiful and free. This is Darling Love. What a voice,
when an unquenchable spirit, What a journey, and what a
great great artist. But before I tell you about Darling's story,
I have to tell you a little bit about mine,
A very short version, and why not my favorite subject. Well,

I did hear and make up two hours, and I'm
wearing a very serious undergarment. I'm going to use the
whole five minutes. You bet you. I'm particularly glad to
be here because at least now when you google bet
Middler Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, something will come up.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding and getting older those of us
of a certain generation Lipertre takers, you know who you are.
And speaking of which, did you know that finally they
are going to combine Lipertore and Viagra in the same pill.
Yon Winner is so excited. Well, that generation, and I

was one of them. We fell in love with music
while glued to the radio. In my case, it was
a transistor radio, and I love that radio. I was
just mad about that radio. For me, it was a lifeline.
The songs and the voices coming over through the ether,
they just drove you crazy. And no voice drove me
crazier than Darlene Loves from the moment, from the moment

I experienced the powerhouse that is Darlene, I was a goner.
In fact, she taught me everything I know. I sang
along with her for years. She taught me everything I know.
In fact, she even picked out this shirt, and in
a crazy way, she changed my view of the world.
Listening to those songs, you had to dance, you had

to move, you had to keep looking for the rebel boy. Really,
because suddenly nobody wanted some button down guy who would
be a good provider. Now we all wanted a guy
who lived on the edge and who promised plenty of thrills.
I wonder whatever became aim of that guy. Oh that's right,

I married him. Now he's drinking beer and thanking God.
I'm out of the house. Well, the sixties were a
great time, and Darlene was the very embodiment of teen spirit.
In the sixties, It may have looked like Shelley Faberret's,
but it sounded like Darlene Love. Her voice was everywhere.
When these records were first came out first came out,

they were marketed as teen love songs, but thanks to
Darlene's scorching vocals, they became classics. The records she made
as a young girl, singing lead and backgrounds for Phil Specter,
with and without credit, sometimes as a member of the Blossoms,
sometimes as a member of Bobby Socks and Blue Jeans,
sometimes as a Crystal and later backing up Sam Cooke,

Aretha Elvis, Dion Warwick, Share the Righteous Brothers. These records
have remained in people's hearts. They are still played and
loved all over the world on records like He's a Rebel,
not too young to get married. I'd wait till my
Bobby gets home. Christmas Baby, please come home. She picked
us up by the scruff of our neck and shook
the starch out of us. And when musical fashions changed,

Darlene changed too, and she started acting on stage and
on the screen, all while raising five kids. And I
dare any male rocker to do the same. She has
proven herself time and time again as a great actress

in films like the Lethal Weapons series and on the
Broadway stage and productions of Hairspray and Grease. I remember
seeing her at the bottom Line when she was she
was working in Ellie Greenwich's jukebox show, The Leader of
the Pack. She was like a rediscovered treasure. Audiences were
on their feet night after night. They were so thrilled
to have found her and to have and to hear

her again. It was a really, really incredible experience. It's
safe to say also that Chris Smith isn't officially here
until Darlene Wales Christmas Baby, Please come Home on the
David Letterman Show. What she has done for the last
twenty five years. Her long and remarkable career has spanned
fifty years and has been touched by both dark and light.

She has been robbed of royalties, but never of self respect,
and yet she lives without a trace of bitterness. Gee,
I wonder what that's like. She keeps on singing because
singing is what brings her joy, and boy, it brings
me joy too. She sung her way home into our

hearts and right into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame.
She has endured, she has prevailed, and now it is
my honor and pleasure to induct into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame, and about time to one of
the greatest voices in the history of rock and roll,
Miss Darlene Love. After the break, we'll hear the acceptance

speech from Darley Love on the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame Induction vault. Good evening, friends, peers, and as
of tonight, my fellow inductees, please join me in thanking
Miss Bettan Middler, one of the handful of superstars who

always returned my calls. Bet you are beautiful, Debt, and
I love and cherish you your kindred spirit unconditionally. I
first came to this podium in to introduce the Charilles,
and again in two thousand and two to introduce the

late great Gene Pitney, who wrote my number one hit
He's a Rebel. Bill Spector used to say, God may
eight two musical geniuses, Beethoven and feel Spector. Well, when
Paul Shaffer led the band on the most amazing Wall

of Sound red edition of He's a Rebel, he knailed it,
and God created a third. Paul still introduces He's a
Rebel as the national anthem of rock and roll and
the first forty five he ever brought. This year, in July,

I will turn seventy years old. This is the best
gift that I could ever have. I have given over
fifty years of my life and talent the music business

as a solo artist, lead singer, our backup singer, supporting
acts from Upcoming to the legendary The Mama's and the Papas,
Sonny and Share Share, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Jan
and Dean, Sam Cook, The Righteous Brothers, Bobby Darren, James Brown,
darn Work, Isaac Hayes, YouTube, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and

the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
And everyone who has ever appeared on the television show
Shin dig. I also had the honor of performing at
the White House at the pleasure of President Bill Clinton

and First Lady Hillary Clinton. The years I spent as
the voice of the Crystals, Bobby Socks and the Blue Jeans,
the Blossoms and Darling Love have cumulated in this moment.
My body of work has brought me to the prominence
of the big screens and change of Habit, the Lethal

Weapons series on Broadway, and Carry the leader of the
pack Hair Spray nationally in Nonsense and most recently Fame
in Australia. I am so thankful but the genius of
Phil Specter for his recognition of my talent to be

the main voice of his Wall of Sound. Steve van
Zane for his continuous support and encouragement. Bruce Springsteen is
an untiring advocacy, and the late Luther andros who would
never end a studio without me. Kenny Logota, my first manager,

Dave marsh Jerry, the gee of the Heater Blobber, my friends,
Sandy and Harris Kalish hold On I gotta turn, Mike McCann,
Steve Leads of Serious Radio, the late Patty Dorsey, Ula Hedwick,

his majesty, David Letterman, American Public Television, Rob Horburger, my
core author, Jonathan Pillard, who was instrumental in getting my
book My Name Is Love published, Dion Ward for her
friendship and love when I needed her most real good production.
And Sir Elton John for the beautiful flowers. When my

record Paint Another Picture was released, he sent me ten
dozen roses. I couldn't even get him in my front door.
I've been trying to tell you this, but your gatekeepers
have kept me away. I also would like to thank
my musical director Seth, my husband Alton, who I love
and has been my backbone for over twenty seven years,

my agent Eric, my sister Edna and her Honeycombs, my
sister Barbara, Dave Rodriguez, and the Marvelin's friends. Indeed good
people at Sony Records, am I, my publishers, Project Publicity,
all my friends, my children Marcus, Sean and Jason, and

my two daughters Rose and Alex. I will never be
able to love enough on people at my table, absent
and present, supporters, friends unnamed and fans of many years. Years,
but last, but not least, I would like to declare
my faith in God and to acknowledge that, according to

the word, your latter will be greater than your past,
and to recognize that you God kept your word. When
Sam Cooke used to pick me up from school when
I was only seventeen, and when my Christian parents doubted
my dream, I continued to sing and believe that my

faithfulness in the gift that God gave me would sustain
me for the rest of my life. Thank you, rock
and Roll Hall of Fame. I am truly honored and
overwhelmed to be inducted into the Class of two thousand
and eleven. But this distinction into all those past, present,

and future inductees, May God bless you all. My heart
beats a little bit faster. Thanks for joining us on

this week's episode of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Induction Vault. For more on your favorite inductees, to shop
inductee merch or to plan your trip to the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame, visit rock Hall dot com
plus Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Special on
demand on HBO Max. Our executive producers are Shelby Morrison,

Reesa Gurkey, and Taylor Shakogne. Produced by Evan Tire Research
in archival assistance from Isabelle Keeper and Shannon Herb. Thanks
again for joining us on this week's episode of Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Vault. Induction Ball is
a production of I Heart Radio and the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame. For more podcasts from I heart Radio,

visit the I heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever
you get your favorite podcasts.
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