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October 15, 2021 10 mins

Inducted by future Hall of Famer JAY-Z in the year 2007, Grandmaster Flash’s innovations and pioneering techniques on the turntable rivals what Les Paul and Chuck Berry did for the electric guitar. As Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five accept the honor, the audience celebrates the first Hip-Hop inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M Welcome to Induction Vault, a production of I Heart
Radio and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame m

The message was clear. In V eight, a sound in
South Bronx was heard around the world, shaking the very
foundations of music and culture. That sound was none other
than hip hop. Inducted by future Hall of Famer Jay
Z in the year two thousand, Grandmaster Flashes innovations and
pioneering techniques on the turntable rivals what Les Pauled and

Chuck Barry did for the electric guitar. Along with his
MCS the Furious Vibe, Grandmaster Flash edged in the basics
for a style of music that has become a cultural revolution.
Blending new techniques of mixing and scratching with the sense
of style and flare, Grandmaster Flash showed the world that
a DJ could not only be a performer, but a

leader and a musical creator, on the same level of
any artist with an instrument. As trailblazers that brought the
music from the streets into the clubs, their lyrics were
a force for social change, exposing the underbelly of life
growing up in the ghetto. As Grandmaster Flash and the
Furious Five, except the honor. The audience celebrates the first
hip hop inductee into the Rock and Roll Holliday, let

me just see if you already don't push me because
close to okay, I wrote a speech too. I was
just gonna do that and leave. But yes, sir, thirty

years ago, shot her around the world, was fired out
of the South Bronx. It would change our musical and
coach you landscape forever. Sting was called hip hop. That
was a pause for applause. We credit three bowl pioneers
for his creation. D J Coolhert Africa Bambata and the

man we celebrate Okay and the man we celebrate here tonight.
It's hip hop's first inductee to the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. Grand Master Flash than you with less
Paul and Chuck Berry did for the electric guitar Flash

did for the turntable. He was not you can collash it.
He was not only created the technique seamlessly looping the
brakes on the record. For those of you don't know,
that's called cutting. He did so with Stalin fled no
one has ever seen before or since. From rocking parties

at the South Bronx, legendary Black door to the release
of hip hop classes like the Message. Grandmaster Flash and
his crew of trailblazing mcs, the Furious Five, Childboy, Mellie
mel Chick, Creole, Raheem, and Scorpio became hip hop's first supergroup,
pioneers and the legends for musical genre that would become

a coach room revolution. Okay, thirty years later, rabbits have
become rock stars, movie stars, leaders, educators, philanthropists, even CEOs.

But none of this would be possible without the work
of the men. I have the on of induct into
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tonight, ladies and
gen man, you're witnessing history Grandmaster Flash in the Furious Five.
After the break, we'll hear from members of Grandmaster Flash

and the Furious Five on the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame induction. Bolt first and foremost, when I thank
Mr urly Kin for making this possible, Thank you so
so so so much. I got some real big people
in the building, Jay Z, Clive Davis, Leo Cohen, Kevin Lyles,

David Salo Nis. I got my big sis over there
that helped me do it this threty years ago. Penny,
she's in the building. What's up? Sis? I want to
say to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, thank
you so much for doing this for us. There was
a moment in time when I thought, perhaps maybe because

we weren't yeah like titles rock and roll, we're hip hop.
But rock and roll plays a huge, huge part. Please
don't be mistaken by that. It plays a huge part
in what we do. I also want to say that
it's been an incredible, incredible trip to do what I

do in the turntables with five of the most incredible, incredible,
incredible vocalists. Furious five right here. Y'all, you guys got
something you want to say? Man, I definitely want to

thank you all, you know, just for having I said
first of all, and and I think it's really important
for this opportunity. You know, uh in hip hop and
in the hip hop world, it's like just two different schools,
you know, they have like you know, the new school
here in the old school here. And uh by being
be getting inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
were just hearping that hoping that this whole hip hop

community commerge, you know all I mean, because I believe
it or not, you know, the Furious five and cats
like Flash. We still love what we do and we
would still love you know, the opportunity is to do
it on a on a grand scale, you know what
I mean, because you know, it's a blessing to stand
right in front and right behind this man jay Z
and not seeing Kevin Lives and all of them and
just like the first time, we really got to kick it.

So yeah, we could bring this whole thing together and
piece to all of y'all and hip hop, Furious five,
We're gonna do our think And I love all the
rest of my family in Atlanta. Everything wife, the everything
piece y'all making short and sweet. I wish my mom
was here. She passed away in She was my greatest inspiration.

I love you. Mom made the top of the world. Baby.
I'd like to say all the industry people out there
that uh has control of what we call hip hop,
like to for people to put more of an effort
to make hip hop the culture of music that it
was instead of the culture of violence that it is.

Right now. You know, there's a lot of things going on,
you know what I mean, There's a lot there's a
lot of people that that put in a lot of time,
you know, to break dancewers, the graffiti artists, people wrapping
all over the world, and I think that it means
a lot, and it means a lot to you know,
people like me that that for all my life I've
been in the hip hop and and it should mean
more than just somebody you know, standing on the corner selling.
So I mean that that may or may not have

its place too, because it's there. But I'm just saying,
I ain't never shot nobody, i ain't never stand nobody.
I'm forty five years on. I ain't got no criminal record,
you know what I mean. The only thing I ever
did would be about my music. So I mean, so so,
why so? Why so while we're teaching people what it
is what it is about life in the ghetto, that
we should be teaching people about what it is about
life in the ghetto. Me trying to grow up and
to come up out of the ghetto, and we need

everybody's help out there to make that happen. Hip Hop
need to grow up. I'm a grown man. I'm gonna
be doing hip hop all my life. I need somebody's
help to help me do it. And let's get this
thing done. I like to thank my mother. She's not
she's not doing well right now. And I like to
thank Silver Robinson because you made it up very possible
for us to do this here, you know, putting down
the message, putting down hip hop as it is, Silver
and Big Joel and my mom's and God bless everybody

out there. Thank you, and good night. Now that was
that was good. Now that was really good. Now we're gonna,
we're gonna, We're gonna keep this short because I know
that you'll want to get the show on the road,
and that's what we want to do too. So I
just want to thank all the dignitaries, industry people, movie stars,
recording artists, and just some average ordinary fans for helping

us be who we are in the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. Tonight, I like to thank the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame and all the people that
are connected with it. And I also like to say,
let the show begin. Thank you everybody, because even ladies

and gentlemen. I'm not a part of this group here.
My brother was a part of this group, Keith Cowboy.
I want to give us special shout out to his kids,
Quincy of d D Little Kief Kwan Gerald, They made it.
We hear Baby, every Breakdance, every repute artist, every MC,

every DJ. We here. Thanks for joining us on this
week's episode of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Vault.
For more on your favorite inductees, to shop inductee merch

or to plan your trip to the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame, visit rock hall dot com plus Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Special on demand on
HBO Max. Our executive producers are Noel Brown, Shelby Morrison,
and Esa Gurkey. Supervising producer is Taylor Shakoin. Research and
archival assistants from Isabelle Keeper and Shannon Herb. Thanks again

for joining us on this week's episode of Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame Induction Vault. Induction Ball is a
production of I Heart Radio in the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. For more podcasts from my Heart Radio,
visit the I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever
you get your favorite podcasts.
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