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September 3, 2021 11 mins

The Temptations set the standard with their sense of style, show-stopping dance moves, and vocal harmony. Hall & Oates not only talk about the incredible impact the Temptations had on them, they then jump into a full-on song – that the Tempts are more than happy to join in on.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M. Welcome to Induction Vault, a production of I Heart
Radio and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. M hmm.

The Temptations are the quintessential Motown vocal group. They set
the standard with their sense of style, show stopping dance moves,
and vocal harmony that was deeply rooted in spirituals and
gospel music. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame in nine by Darryl Hall and John Oates.
John shares the incredible impact of the Temptations had on

his band, as well as so many others, even admitting quote,
we still haven't even go close. Darrell describes the power
of the original lead singer, the late great Paul Williams,
and in tribute, they both begin to sing the Temptations
classic Don't Look Back. The audience goes wild as the
members of the group come on stage to join in

the song, including the deep bass voice of Melvin Franklin
and the lead of Dennis Edwards. The Temptations go on
to thank the Rock Hall and acknowledge the spiritual power
of the Lord for giving them the inspiration to sing, perform,
and share their music with the world. Oh Damn Yeah,

how are you doing tonight? Alrighty, all right? How many
people out there are Temptations freaks? Well you know that
we are, right, yeah, you know we are. Now in
the mid sixties, when Darrel and I got together, there
were a million vocal groups. Now they in those days
you had to have uniforms, right well, the Temptations always

had the best always the best dresses, that's right, man,
you know. And of course you had to have steps,
and the Temptations had the best steps. Positive Now you know,
you had to sing, and you know that the Temptations
could sing. Now, we had Eddie Kendrick with his falsetto.

I think that's kind of set the standard for what's happening.
You had David Ruffin with a voice that sends chills
up your arms, you know what I mean. You had Otis,
who put the whole thing together, and you had Melvin Franklin,
who is quite possibly the best bass singer of all time,
the lowest bass singer in the world, right and to

us it was everything. I mean, we tried our best
and uh we still haven't even got close but close.
Good about that. But there's one more guy that we
forgot to mention, yeah, well, yeah, you know, well the
whole thing is like seeing those guys in the sixties
was amazing. But you gotta remember, you know, they never stopped.
You know, they still they're still gigging on, you know,

and through all their trial and tribulations, through all the
personnel changes, and through all the personal problems and everything,
you know that there's still uh what am I saying?
You know, they're they're still out there. You know, they're
still working. And but that's what it's all about. That
is what it's all about. You know that, that's what
this is all about tonight. You know, this isn't about
just the past. This is about the past blending into

the present and uh yeah, transcending all that stuff. You know,
this isn't about old people. This is about people that
are digging right now. In fact, most of the people
that are inducted tonight are still gigging right now. You know.
I mean there's a few people in are, but most
people are. But there's one person that, uh I like

to talk about that can't be here tonight. You know,
everybody has made it tonight, or everybody that could make it,
is one person that couldn't make it And uh uh.
I think in some ways he was the soul of
the Temptations. He was the guy that was the original,
the original lead singer. He kind came up with all
the steps and everything. And I got to know him
a little bit back in the sixties when I was
like seventeen years old whatever, you know. But you know

his name is Paul Williams, the late Paul Williams. And
I wish he could be here tonight, I really do.
I know he's here somewhere. And he used to sing.
He used to sing this one song. He used to
end end the show with one song in the old
days in the sixties, and he used to sing the
song don't Look Back, and uh do you want me

to sing singing man run? Okay, if it's love, that's
you're running from. There's no hiding play can't run, you
can't hide, you can't run. And those problems I know
that the one you just have he run, you can't

hide here run, So just just put your hand in mind.
We're got to leave all troubles behind, keep on walking
in Donna look back, don't love door about the past,
and don't love back baby they love and don't look back.

Don't he heylind you bind you if your first love
broke your heart, there's something that honey play came your

love can't well a baby love if you jest, put
your hand in mind good even keep walking dog the back, baby,
don't look don't love back battle baby, don't macing. No, no, no, no,

don't babe, don't look at We had to come up.
I'm sorry about that job. It's a great pleasure to
introduced to Temptation. After the break, we will hear from

the Temptations on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
induction volt. Oh, thank you very much, and we thank
the Lodger's Place for happing us to a great job
and coming into the Hall of Fame. And I'll let

the rest of the guys speak for themselves. Thank you.
It's indeed a pleasure being here. I like to say
thank God because we had no idea that we would
be here twenty nine years later. I wish Paul Williams
was here to share in this honor. I'd like to

thank our manager, Shelley Burger, Jerald Busby, Abe Summers, almen,
everyone that was responsible for us being here, and thank
you all for a whole night, of course, Thank you
very guy. Oh, David Jr. Happy birthday, David Ruffian today

is his birthday. Really, thank you very much. This is
really wonderful. You're looking back through the years of when
I first heard the temptation saying, I knew right there

and there that was a sound that really reminded me
of something that we saw a little bit earlier. They
showed a picture of Mrs Harris and J. J. M. Soulstairs,
and I remember Sam's about eighteen and nineteen we stop
up the show for the Soulstairs and I still have

that picture sitting on his knee right today. And when
I heard the Temptations saying, it reminded me of the
spiritual background that I came from. And I really hope
that somewhere in your heart that we have put a
little up and our thought remained from the endurance that

we have been through through the years. But this makes
up for a lot of it. I like to say
to all of you, thank you, and God bless you,
and thank you Tempo. Thank you so much. I'd like
to say, first of all, it I like a thank

God for giving me the opportunity to sing with the
greatest group in the world. You know. I know that
at the late Great Paul Williams has been here, I
wouldn't be up here. But I just want to thank
him for showing me my way when he was in
the group. He gave me all all the inspiration I needed.

And I just thank God that I'm a part of
this great unit. Thank you. Before the before the the
festivities started this evening, I was led to call all

of my brother Temptations together, including Ron Tyson, Richard Street
in Holly Woodson, and I read to them from the
Bible Deuteronomy, second chapter twenty one first, because there's a
lot of time ahead for the Temptations, and I said, Oh,
Lord God, thou hast begun just to us thy servants,
the greatness of thy hand and thy mighty hand. We

thank all of you for your support over the years,
and we strive to be worthy of the good things
you've given us. And there's almighty praise from the Temptations.
Thank you so much. Thanks for joining us on this

week's episode of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
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and Esa Gurkey. Supervising producer is Taylor Shakoin. Research and
archival assistants from Bell Keeper and Shannon Herb. Thanks again
for joining us on this week's episode of Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ball. Induction Ball is a
production of I Heart Radio and the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. For more podcasts from my heart Radio,

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