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November 19, 2021 15 mins

Jakob Dylan shares memories of growing up on and following Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, noting how timeless the band truly is. Petty rounds out the acceptance speeches by sharing just how much he believes that the story of becoming a rock star is a prime example of living out the American dream.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M h Welcome to Induction Vault, a production of I
Heart Radio and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
M hmm. Jacob Dylan has a rather unique distinction of

getting to induct his musical idol, Tom Petty, who also
happens to be one of his father Bob Dylan's closest
friends and collaborators. Jacob recounts memories of growing up following
Petty's music and happily accepting the comparison that the industry
made between the two. Jacob Marvel's at the timeless rock
and roll entity that is Tom pet and the Heartbreakers.

Each band member shares the same endearing sentiment for each other,
considering the group to be more like family, and they
give high praise for their fearless leader and friend. Petty
rounds out the acceptance by sharing just how much he
believes that the story of becoming a rock star is
a prime example of living out the American dream. For him,

rock and roll is a true magic, and he's grateful
to all those who have cast that spell and captivated
the world. I think my speech is gonna be a

little bit shorter than others. The first time that I
spent any time with Tompei the Heartbreakers, and that was
not the first two that I'd been on, but it
was certainly the most excited I've been. I was already
huge fans, and I was already a huge fan. I

definitely plan on watching every moment from the side of
the stage, which I did, and that summer I had
a huge effect on me so much that also on
that tour he he had to He had his two
daughters there, and I remember I remember sitting with his daughters.
I remember thinking, that's got to be so weird. Jesus,

your dad is Tom Petty. You can only imagine that's
gotta be so cool. Before Tom came along, a lot
of singer songwriters were stuck with the label and New
Dylan and ruined a lot of people, and the only

way to overcome was the show. You had a vision,
it was unlike anyone else, and most of them didn't.
Thomas vision was so strong that by the time I
came along, I was called the New Petty. What I
actually may be the only one who deserved the burden
of the New Dylan, but that was a fair rap.

When I was putting my group together, I set it
up just like the Heartbreakers, two guitars, bass, drums, and
a keyboard player. And say, a lot of people might
call that a retro lineup or classic rock, but I
never saw it that way. To me, that was where
rock and roll started and that's where it always gets
back to. And of course there's plenty of room for

whatever else do you want to throw in, but she
will never need anything more than those instruments. And Tom
Petting the Heartbreaker. Tom Patting the Heartbreakers made it clear
that while rock and roll will have its trends and
it will go through fads, it's really about the opposite.
It's about being timeless. And Tom Paying the Heartbreakers made
their first record six, which is another one of those

times where they said that rock and roll was dead.
And I suppose if you listen to the radio or
watch the music channels right now, you might agree. But
you will also know that if if Tom and the
Heartbreakers are on the stage somewhere, or if they're in
the studio, then you can be well assured that rock
and roll is doing fine. They truly are one of

the great American rock groups. They picked up the torch
and they've held it proudly for a long time. When
they're done, they will pass the music along stronger for
having been there, and that's the most of anyone can
hope to do. Tom has written the songs that you
will never forget, from American Girl, the Refugee to Free Fallen.
What is rare with Petty is it? After twenty five years?

His next song maybe his best one yet, and all
of his songs are bursting with his unique spirit. And
one of my favorite lines and one of the most
inspiring lines, think of me what you will have got
a little space to fill, which is incredibly humbling coming
from a guy making records for twenty five years. That's

exactly what a lot of us are trying to do.
A great rock and roll band comes on stage, it
says what it has a saying, it's gone. What matters
most is how they feel the time that they've got,
and Tom paying the Heartbreakers have filled their time with
songs that will last forever and records that will never
go out of style. And it's my great pleasure to
welcome them, to welcome them into the Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
After the break, we'll hear from Tom Petty in the
Heartbreakers on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ball.

Thank you very much. I was wanted to talk first.
I'm gonna make it a real short. I want to
thank my bandmates for an incredible ride. It's been an
amazing life, especially Tom, our true leader. And I always
thought if I hadn't made in this band, I was
going to try to audition for the Remans. But I

don't know if I had to cut that. But I
want to thank Denny Cordell who discovered us and inspired
me to write songs. And I'd like to acknowledge a
guitar player that inspired me, George Harrison. We missed him.
It wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. And my family, Marcy, Bree, Kelsey, Darrin,

they sacrificed all the years I was on the road.
Thank you very much. Great to be here. Thanks. It's um.
I'm just kind of knocked out that anybody thought of
us in this light. UM, I got echo, Mike, and
I gotta thank the band for just putting up with

me for so long, and uh and Tom and Mike
for writing great songs and UH, I want it's like
my parents for encouraging me to play the piano, encouraged
me to play with other people, and letting us practice
in their living room. So thanks. Yeah, I like to

say everybody, I've kind of been the new guy in
the band for twenty one years and like to think
I'm definitely for the band, and thank you. Okay, it's
really really really great to be included in this and
it's uh, my son James is really proud of me,

I know, and my friend's little girl, Kaya, I know,
it's really proud of me and my friend Karina two
and thanks everybody, appreciate. I just want to thank all
my friends and my family for their support for thirty
years and this great band that I had the pleasure
to play drums with and I've really really enjoyed it,

and thank you. Um. First, let me thank Jacob for

such a nice introduction. That was very sweet of a
Jacob mhm Um, this might take a minute. I am
truly humbled to be added to this list of people
in this hall that have meant so much to my life. Um.

It is it is almost unthinkable, um to join such
a sophisticated list of artists, um, you know, being a
rock and Roll Star when when I grew up it
sort of a mysterious thing and gains of Florida. No
one had you asked around, no one had ever seen

one anywhere, and there was no school to go to
to learn to be one. Um, rock and roll Star
is probably the purest, you know, absolute mainstream manifestation of
the American dream. And you know, a thing that doesn't

happen to too many people. It's a blessing beyond belief.
And I, you know, just how wonderful, how joyous, incredible
that I should happen to me. I I'm marveled at this.

The music overcame me at a very early age and
has consumed my life. And I love everything about it,
all the people I've met and the great times they've had.
I'm very proud that we're being inducted as a group.
Is Tom fitting the Heartbreakers because they're the best fucking
band in America. Um, they are my family. Um. We

all have grown into manhood together in the back of
the cars and planes and dressing rooms. Mike Campbell a
whiz on the guitar, great songwriter, my friend all my life,
been my Tinch, who I met at eleven years old,
plays on everybody's records. I can't keep up with him,

but he's just wonderful. Howie Epstein on the high harmonies
and the bass guitar, Stan Lynch to the very spirit
of the band for twenty years on the drums back here,
as well as Ron Blair on the base. I thank
you all so much, and uh, I must thank Danny

Cordell for discovering us and having the faith to like,
you know, put some money into the band and it
got us a house, a place to stay and actually
paid our our wages for a year before we made
a record. You know, you try to find that today. Baby,
It don't go on, but it might be a good
idea to nurture some of these artists along without m

h Tony to meet your artis is uh our manager
has put up with me on a daily basis for
twenty five years. I am not always a summer breeze
and I I thank him very much. I'm very proud

of you. Tony, Alan Widell and Jim Lenahan, our original
roadie's from nineteen seventies six. They have fallen on many
grenades for me and their hair working tonight and as
well as all our crew, Mary Klauser, our den mother
for over twenty years. Then they're the producers Jimmy Ivan,

which I just don't have the time to go into
because that's a book in itself. But I'd like to
thank Rick Rubin and Jeff Lynn and George Jaculius, everyone
that put up with us, my kids Adrian and Kim
Dylan who took this course or they were put on

this really super e ticket ride right from birth, and
they've done really well with it. I'm really proud of
him and and thank you for allowing me to to
be gone as much as I was us. You know,
this is a wonderful music that we're all involved in,
this rock and roll emphasis on the role it's uh,

you know, at its best, it really is a true magic,
and you know it's liberated so many people in this world.
I look around the room, I see so many faces
of people I know who have spent all their time
and endeavors behind this music. And I want you to
know I love you for it. I feel very honored

to be part of you, and I think this rock
and roll for the freedom has given me. And I
thank the fans for such a wonderful life and I
thank God for all of it. God bless you, Thank you,

especially my wife Dana, who loved Thanks for joining us
on this week's episode of Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame Induction Vault. For more on your favorite inductees, to
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Plus view the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
Special on demand on HBO Max. Our executive producers are
Noel Brown, Shelby Morrison, and Esa Gurkey. Supervising producer is
Taylor Shakog. Research and archival assistants from Isabelle Keeper and
Shannon Herb. Thanks again for joining us on this week's

episode of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Vault.
Induction Ball is a production of I Heart Radio in
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