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March 30, 2023 2 mins

In 2013, Damon Lawner went from being a broke family man to a sex club kingpin when he founded SNCTM: the most elite sex club in the world. Damon created a place where billionaires and Hollywood celebs could explore their wildest sexual fantasies – but it ultimately turned his life upside down. Join host Karley Sciortino as she explores our most hidden desires – and uncovers the story of SNCTM.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
There were times when I felt like I was on
a throne. It was a Hollywood movie come true and
I was the star. That's Damon Launer. In twenty thirteen,
he founded what became known as the most elite sex
club in the world. He called it Sanctim. Think opulent mansions, champagne,

models and lingerie, entitled billionaires, live auctions of women, and
literal blood oath ceremonies. You know, everything you'd expect from
a Hollywood sex called. In the end, it was just
eyes wide shot that you could go to yourself. At
its peak, the most expensive yearly membership to Sanctim was
sold for four hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. So

what went on there that made it worth that kind
of money. I remember seeing people getting whipped and spins
and I was just like so overwhelmed in the best
censorial way. They had members that were like actors, comedians,
sports players, musicians like I met people I never thought
I would meet in my entire life. I'm Carl Shortino,

sex writer. Join me as we explore how this luxury
sex empire was built. Along the way, we'll talk to
the club's erotic performers and the guests who partied there
to get a nuanced look at what happens when you
combine money, sex and power. You spent like fifty thousand
dollars to join, and I think it was kind of
a given that Damon would have a girl for you.

And we see how Damon's status as a sex club
kingpin ultimately turned his life upside down. We're living in
Beverly Hills, living that kind of domesticated lifestyle all the while,
on the down low, my husband runs this naughty as
sex club in the Hills, like a double life. I
was a liar. I was hiding things. Damon wanted more.

He kept wanting more that I was wearing a lot
of problems by Welcome to Sanctum Unmasked, a new show
from iHeart Podcasts and School of Humans. Join us as
we see what really happens when you shed societal expectations
and unapologetically pursue sexual freedom. What do you stand to

gain from that? And does there have to be a cost?
Along with that? Came this unbridled ego and excess and
feeding of all of my demons and a celebration of it.
People love me for it. Listen to Sanctum Unmasked on iHeartRadio, app,
Apple podcasts, or wherever you find your favorite shows.
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