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October 9, 2023 57 mins

She was crowned the champion of DWTS in season 7 and then went on to co-host the show for eight seasons! 

Brooke Burke joins Cheryl for an honest chat about her time on the show, including why she and Derek Hough went to a life coach, how she felt when she learned they were dropping her as host, and if she would ever come back if asked. . .

Plus, she reveals the show helped her find faith in her body, leading to a journey of self-discovery. You can learn some of those lessons at the Brooke Burke Body & Soul Goddess Retreat November 1-4 in Carefree Arizona at the Savannah Resort and Spa. For info:

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is Sex Lies and Spray Tands with Me Cheryl
Burke and iHeartRadio podcast. This guest really needs no introduction.
She won Dancing with the Stars Season seven in twenty
ten with Derek Huff and gave him his first Mirrorball
trophy and became the co host straight after for seven seasons.
She is an amazing mother, has a fitness empire. She's

a philanthropist and entrepreneur CEO and founder of the wellness app,
host of full Us. Coming to CW, and a dear
friend with the soul of an angel. Please welcome Brooke Burke. No,
we're not sisters to the show. Okay, my sister from
another mister. We are not sisters or I wish we
were right. We're not sisters, are we? Well, it feels

likely we're the Burks. We're the Birks exactly. We're Burke squared.
I mean, what can you say? The Burkes are back.
Remember all of our differently from a father you know
who cares sister. I mean whatever, we're family and we're family.
Because just so you know, this podcast is called Sex
Lies and Spray Tants, very I would say fits perfectly

with the Dancing with the Stars time in our lives. Hey,
but before we even get there, I guess, you know,
there's so much I want to ask, obviously, but it's
not Dancing with the Stars related. However, we're going to
get there first. We're going to skip past Little Brooke Burke, okay,
and we're going to go to when you first did

wild On E. That's when I first saw you and
I was like, who's this sex bomb? And it was
I was a huge fan, And I guess you know
what made you want to, first of all, be in
the entertainment industry in general? They go way back, Cheryl,
go way way back. Come on, it's not that far back,
and find that girl again. Thank you? Kind of by accident.

To be really transparent, I never thought I would be
in the entertainment industry. I thought I was going to
be a businesswoman, which I am now now I'm both.
I studied broadcast journalism and business marketing and school. But
I did a random photo shoot as a woman I
think I was a young girl actually, and started modeling,

and that segway into commercials and that segue into that
one random audition for a wild On. I didn't even
know what the show was. And it was one of
those meetings which I know you can relate that you
don't really know what you're getting yourself into. So I
didn't take it too seriously, so I didn't bring fear
and desperation. I don't even think I brought intension with
me back then, because I didn't understand how to manifest.

I just showed up like in a T shirt and
a pair of jeans and had an amazing meeting which
lasted a couple of hours. And the meeting ended with
the EP saying do you want to go to Spain
and do a trial show? And I was like yes,
And I didn't know about shit about how to host

or what I was going to do, or I didn't
even have on camera skills. So I went and just
kind have learned along the way and how to zest
for life. And it was reality TV before reality TV,
so really we were just making it up. And I
think that was one of the great parts of wild
On that we were really on a location, we were

really passionate tourists, we were really wanting to unpack the
best of that destination, and we just kind of made it.
That's amazing, I know, So what did you learn most
about yourself during this time. So I know, I remember
you telling me that you were pregnant. Was it like

towards the end of your time there or was it
the very beginning. I actually found out I was pregnant
right after I signed my ideal, So I was pregnant
during my first you know, nine months on the show.
But I you know, people don't know it. We're pregnant
for so long before it's visual, right, So it was
like less and less and less of me, and then
eventually it was just me, just like my mug on camera.

So that was a life changing time in my life,
not only because I was private for the first time,
but I was also learning a new skill set. I
was really young, really naive. I hope I never lose
that spirit of a child and that zest that I
had for being that sort of zest discovery, because I

think that was what made that show work. And so
many people lose sight of the joy and you know,
and what they're doing. So I was just really open minded,
really courageous, really really naive, but success kind of work.
I mean, thank you, I loved what I was doing.

I think that showed I really enjoyed it, and so
what you're doing, you can't really fake that. And God knows,
we don't have every gig that we get, and sometimes
you have to be professional and just make it work.
But I just run out every single show and every
destination and every opportunity there, and eventually I had to
unpack my bags because I got pregnant with Sierra, and

it was just it was a hard show. We did
forty countries in two years, and it was time to
start doing other things. So then I did a whole
stint of other shows at E and just kept learning
along the way. To be honest, it's funny that you
say that because I remember my first time on Dancing
with the Stars seasons two and three. I mean, on paper,
that was when I was the most successful, because it

was also that feeling of what do I have to
compare it to? Like my goal was never to become
a television personality on Dancing with the Stars, Like that
was never a thing, and I was just purely loved
my love for ballroom and it just happened to be
that they wanted to recruit more dancers. But the point
is is that as I continued on my journey on
dancing and became more heady and more like I need

another mirror about like getting a little bit forgetting the
reason I was there in the first place, and it
became I definitely have had different phases of my time
on dancing where it was like purely just for the celebrity,
which is when you're the most successful. Then I became
a little bit like, okay, well, you know, my ego
got in the way, like I'll totally admit that. And

then it was like, okay, how can I so my
intention changed, which then changed and the result of things,
and then when I became sober was another chapter of
like seeing everything clearly and then wondering like what am
I doing? We can't like why am I even doing this?
Like is this something that I even still want to do?
So the point I'm trying to make here is I
understand you when you say that you were like there

was this freedom, right, there was this freedom, and you
didn't have anything to compare it to. I'm assuming and
that's probably why you were very successful at that time
as well. You're so right and so honest. I'm thinking
about all of the things that you just said. When
you like lose sight of why you're doing what you're doing.
Was it for joy and dance and expression and rhythm
and the partnership and supporting the celebrity or was it

about and mirror ball? Right? So I think that's so honest, Cheryl.
And for me when I was twenties, I think I
was twenty seven and hosting that show, I was just
on a world tour, meeting people, having fun, discovering, trying
new foods, fascinating my culture geography. I was a little

girl from Arizona, like I remember going to the Bahamas.
It was in my modeling career. It wasn't like a
family vacation, like I grew up super simple life and
not so privileged, and so you know, our family adventures
were like a road trip up the mountain in our hometown,
which was cool. It was different, but I was so

excited just to see the world. And I hope that translated.
I think that it did, and yeah, it did. I
can't speak about that enough to younger people or mentoring people.
And when people ask me for advice, it's like, find
something that you love, and if you're not lucky enough
to love what you do, find joy in what you're doing.
Because we smell that, we see that there's authenticity, right

like we are attracted I think, to authenticity. And then,
by the way, you can't lie like the people at home.
And this is the same thing on Dancing with the
Stars that the fans at home know that if you
if the chemistry between you and your partner is real
or not, like, you can't hide that. No matter how
many smiles and rhintones and beaded fringe you're gonna use,

and wigs and fake eyelashes and sex lies and spray tants,
it doesn't matter. People can see between it all. And
that's that is the beauty of reality television. And that's
also it's also if you really take a look back
and step back from this whole process, you're like, okay,
well then you have no choice but to be you
and you meaning your unique self as whoever that is right,

your authenticity. So speaking of when okay, So first of all,
you so I'm only mentioning this because I have gone
through a public divorce as well. And you know during
your time on E this is when you were you
already married to Garth at your first husband, I was
let's see, I had Mariyah pregnant with Sierra gotten there,

I think I had left e. It's all such a
blur because we disconnect from the monumental events in our life.
I believe I was hosting a rock star at the time,
and yes, it was very public and I had just
signed on to did not work for an ext show
on CBS, and it was. It was a really high
time in my life and in my career, so there
was a lot going on going back in time. Also,

it was a big pop Parazzi moment where things were
just different and I was stepping into a more prestigious
platform for me and entertainment. So yeah, it was. It
was a fabulous time in my career, and I really
fucked up trying and realize yeah, no, I can't, I
can't even imagine, and was there like, so, how did
you handle that? And then on top of it all,

also obviously divorcing David as well, right going through that
divorce and also being able to put a brave not
a brave face because you are you, you are your
authentic self, I think, regardless, but still you have to
put a brave face on regardless. You have to. The
show must go on, is my point. How did you
how did you do that? Like how like during Dancing

with the Stars, did was there already like some rough
patches happening? Like how are you able to just say,
you know what, this is what I'm going to do,
and this is what I'm going to do, meaning like
I'm going to leave everything at home and then when
I'm going to be professional when I get You're spot
on and it's such an amazing conversation. I love time
with you, and I love being able to have these
very public conversations because there's little things that come up

when you and I can act. And maybe that's just
friendships and trust and whatnot, but this is a big,
a big topic for people to really understand. And I
the woman that I am now in my fifties and
all the work that I've done, I realize how disconnected
I was then and how much I compartmentalize things and

why I was able to host live television and do
it well. And I would ask you the same thing
out there in front of the world. I mean, we
were on one of the greatest shows on television at
the time, and it was like Idol Dancing where there
was a moment where we had like eighteen million viewers, Like,
think about it, we don't see those kind of numbers.
That's pressure. That's a massive responsibility. What we were doing,

counting on our body performing, being there for others, Like
just a huge, huge responsibility. So many times I had
gunfire going off in my head and when you talk
about game face, like I was able to have a
child or too, growling up my makeup chair and isial
going on over here? Another emotional breakdown over here and

pull it together when it was three two one live
like we're on. And I was able to do what
I did professionally and separate my personal life and my
professional life. I do think there's value in that, and
I demand that from people that work with me and

for me, Like you got don't bring your personal stuff
to work. But the hum inside of me as a
woman is a humans it's a skill and the woman
that I am today, I'm more connected now. So I
always wonder if I could do that now the way
I did it back then. You know, we just wrapped

a show in Vegas and it was a live audience.
It reminded me of very much a Dancer with the Stars.
In fact, the live stage crew was the same. So
it felt like coming home in many ways. But I
had asked myself a sharel because it's been a minute
since I've been on stage, since I've hosted a live show.
I asked myself, am I going to be good? Like?
Am I going to be able to do it I

normally do? Because I'm so connected now, Like I meditate, Now,
I'm clear, I'm aware, I'm aware of around me. I
feel energy, like I have all these new and different
and amazing superpowers now I think that I didn't have
back then. And you know what, it was amazing it was.

It was so much better. It was so different. I'm
telling you that because I know you so well and
so personally and what we hide behind and what you know,
our cover, our game face, whatever you want to call it.
It was such a different experience. It was better. And
I don't know, I guess make you want to open

the door again to possibly hosting. Like if Dancing with
the Stars asked you to come back as a co host,
would you say, yes, let's make some headlines. God, that's
a really hard question, and I have asked myself that
and other people. No, I'm just kidding, really, No, I
want to say no. I'm going to say no if

you wanted a yes or no. Really know because the
know is because of the exit. The know is because
of style. The know is because as of integrity and
respect to yourself. Integrity and respect to yourself, just to
myself and to process. It's like leaving that show. Now,

let me rephrase that thing. Let go of that show.
The timing, the way, the process, the conversation, it just
it was. It was such a pivot in my life
and an opportunity that I made the most of because
I took all the memories, all the experiences. I had

great relation relationships on the dance floor, behind the scenes production.
It was just such a like a oh my god,
you know, to get a phone call in the middle
of like prepping for a season. So what happened, Brooke, Like,
let's just talk. It was a little a little jarring,
which part what happened? Which part? So people like Dancing

with the Stars fans, who are the ones listening to
this podcast, they want to know because they were also like, look,
people are emotionally in vested in Dancing with the Stars,
and this is why I'm doing this podcast. Honestly, It's
not to bad mouth the show by any means, however,
it is to get bring the fans behind the scenes
with me coming from a show that has been a
part of my life for half my life for seventeen years.

And to be honest, I think that people tend to
and I have the same connection, and I almost get
attached to these people you see every season, and you
were one of the faces, you know, you and Tom Bersern,
to be quite honest, and Len Goodman, there's some staples
right that you just want to see because it's like
the cast of Friends. If you were to do Friends

without Monica, without Jennifer's and her name's not really Monica,
but anyway, you know, you know what I'm saying, and
all of a sudden you replace them with two other friends,
it's just never going to be the same. You won't
bring that nostalgic feeling back. And when you got let go,
there were so many unanswered I guess questions that not
just I'm sure you had, but I had, the pro

answers had as a community and the fans. And so
let's just make it clear right here and now, like
what happened so that we can have closure at least
so many questions that are going to stay unanswered after
we have this conversation, because you know, you never really know.
Entertainment is a funny thing. You can get fired, let

go and never get a clear answer. Or they're like,
there's an etiquette of communicating, there's sort of like an
etiquette of managing business in life. I'm not sure that
entertainment falls into that category. What is your unier theory
is my question. I guess my theory well. And I also,

I mean, just going back for a second, I really
understand the confusion and the way that audiences are left
hanging when there's change. I would have preferred there would
have I would have preferred there had been some public
discussions leading up to it, because it's okay to change hosts.
I really do believe that. I think you change hosts
when there's a reason or a need or a pivot.

But I sort of feel like it should be a
community exchange in a community. I feel like the news
would have been I'm stammering here because it's it's it's
it's difficult, and I know you have the same challenge
and unpacking these conversations for obvious reasons. With the show

so just to be direct, So you know, we were
like getting ready for season, like painting the dressing room,
like everybody was booked. Why I'm here make up my
life carved out like ready to rock and roll. And
I think it was maybe two weeks before season, which
is not like months like we're talking, we're getting ready

to start production. So when I got the call that
morning that I wouldn't be coming back, it was unexpected.
I wasn't given or reason. I think that's the frustrating part.
It would have been one thing if I sucked at
the job, or I had an issue, or I had
a falling out, or I was a diva or really

complicated to work with, or the audience just straight up
didn't like me, Like there wasn't really a reason. So
I got that news, and then my inner dialogue was like,
uh okay, it's almost like you're waiting for just the
respect of here's what we're doing and here's the reasons.

And not that I was ower reason why, but more
awesome as an artist, you were that broke well, you know,
not everybody, not every There are a lot of reasons
not to give someone an explanation when you're letting them
go because there's also other complicated issues that follow that.

So what was that feeling in your body when when like,
what was the initial reaction in your body? Do you remember?
It was a shock, confusing, frustrating, and then I was
just sort of like, oh wait, wait, now what I think?
I was in the middle of building a house I

had carved out the time with my feel like there
are personal parts of it that nobody gets to read
or breathe. Right. It wasn't just oh, they're replacing me
and I'm not going to be hosting dancing. It was like,
wait a minute, I haven't had an opportunity to secure
any other work. This is a year of my life
that I planned for. Because I show up on time,

with professionalism, with full uh you know, I'm like all
into everything. I didn't feel like I was met with
the same respect that I gave the show. So that's
what was frustrating, and what I would have liked would
have been to have a very adult, respectful conversation that
would have went something like, we're not going to renew
your contract, we're making some changes, we're looking at some

new people, and we just want to give your heads
up and if you'd like to support that publicly. Great,
should we make announcement together? Great. I honestly would have
accepted it, respected it, and been all on board. So
it was just it was shocking. Yeah. No, I mean,
by the way, and the audience didn't dig it either,
as we all know, No, they didn't. And I'm getting

tons of questions about it to this day. And honestly,
when people found out that I was interviewing you, you
know these are the questions, and you know I'm interviewing
Tom Bershaw next week and it's going to be even
more of this and this is the thing, and it's
like Tom was amazing by the way Tom and I
spoke that day, and oh you did a person where
you know, I find the sweetness and things, I find
the purpose, I find the lesson. I'm not a victim.

I'd never been a victim, so I wasn't like what
the fuck? I was sort of like, WHOA, now what?
Let me figure out why? Of course I had that
inner dialogue. Did I do a great job? Was I
a competent host? Why? You know? I wasn't there a
love fest with me going on in production? I thought
there was all of those questions but what I did
was make I don't want to say light of it,

but we had a little humor in it. And Tom
and I am on the phone that afternoon chatting and
I was like, you know, guess who just left the ballroom.
I think I made a social media announcement and I
was like, oh, you just got eliminated. I think you
said we just got eliminated, and people are like, wait, what,
So I think the audience shared that that's surprise with me.

And I do want to say that it was an
important pivotal moment for me in my life because it
allowed me to go back to the drawing board and
find other creative things to do, reinvent myself once again,
which is really important. I thought the style in which
it happened was shitty. Yeah, yeah, no, And that's the thing,
It's like, what's the point. Where's the point do you

separate business versus personal? But at the end of the day,
I just don't know if I believe in that one
hundred percent, especially when you're part of a brand for
so many years and it's like you can't do that
in my eyes, because like especially it's artists, like you
can't separate the artistry and the emotion to then okay,

let's just talk business. This is our business, right, like,
this is the thing. It's like we act maybe react
on our emotions, and not everyone can separate all of that,
and the audience doesn't get to see that. It's like
in the entertainment so we're all replaceable, and you know
that's not true. I don't believe that either. That's not true.
I think in the entertainment business, I don't mean that.

I don't mean that. It's we are replaceable in the
energy of the of the flow of a show. What
I'm saying, at any given time, talent can be fired
and replace that. Absolutely, That's what I'm right, and I
hear you. But when it comes to Dancing with the Stars,
this is a different conversation because there is this longevity

that not every show in this in this industry has
so like for example, like the Friends example. But then
also you can't just go get another pro dancer. I
mean you can you, but then you have something to
compare it to, you know, like you know with all
the new pros this season too, it's like, okay, but
then people want to you know, people are like they
miss seeing the good of the show, which is where

I'll gret got it. I'm saying that it's in the
power of production and nabsalone, it might be a bad
idea for the show. I mean, you're on the show
since season one in a sensible trajectory of you having
other roles on the show. Yeah, it's like, but not
everybody listen. You might not say it. I'm going to
say it, but not everybody sees it that way. And

we as entertainers and artists, we are hired and often
fired without explanation. And that's just how it goes in
our in our business, and nobody likes to let somebody go.
Nobody likes to fire somebody. It pains no rid of
an employee, but I need them with respect and here conversation.
That's it. But when it comes to like your relationship

with Tom Bergorn, a lot of people have also asked
if you guys have stayed in touch throughout the years
we have. Yeah, I mean I feel like Tom was
an incredible mentor and amazing partner for me. I have
so much respect for him as a co host. He
always welcomed me, supported me. A lot of people have
ego in that space where it's all about them and

having a co host is a little bit risky. I
will always meet Tom with gratitude and I consider him
a friend. And yes, in fact, we used to have
martinz and get together to have a meal and have
drinks in Hellibu when we could. But you know, coast
to coast we've lost touch a little bit. I have
just wonderful things and admiration for Tom, and we had

such an awesome relationship and he was an incredible co host.
Incredible you read that also on camps, right, I mean
you got to have a relation. Yes, I mean, like
I mean, even my fans listening right now, I mean,
anyone who's listening right now can exactly tell you who

didn't have chemistry versus who had chemistry. And I'm so
trying not to be sassy, but I know you're reading
my mind. It's like the last time I made a
comment about Tyr Banks, it was like everywhere, it was
like a headline after headline after how was your comment?
I said something about a diva not having placement in
as a host in the ballroom. But I don't find

I don't find being a deep for me. Diva diva
is a great thing, goddess, Like I don't find dea
the insulting. But if you're a diva and you don't
know it, like I don't see why that was a
bad thing, Well it's not. And then you whatever you
said was true because it's like she didn't know the
show and still doesn't. So anyway, much love to her though.

So prior to you was Samantha Harris, do you know
what happened there? Like I don't. I heard you do
an interview and you said there was like a whole
audition process. Was this true, like for for the spot
of you being a co host? Yeah, I will say
that she was so elegant and she was so wonderful
in that very difficult situation in supporting me as a woman.

I'm sure it was a very very tough transition to
be hosting that all over of the show and to
lose that opportunity. And I say that because I went
through it as well, and I was very surprised at
who replaced me. But it's just, you know, you never
know why production does what they're doing. There was a
massive audition for Dancing with the Stars for the house

and to give you a little bit of insight. I
wasn't asked to audition to host the show. So this
was coming off your win right with the're not going
to have the audition, not because they weren't considering me.
I was coming off of my win. I think I'd
won the Mayorball Trophy the season prior they were replacing Samantha,
and they went out so far and so wide. I'm

talking like from country music like stars, to A listers
to comedic actresses, every single female that was host and
not audition for this gig. And I remember calling the
EP and saying, without my manager even this was like

a very personal in the Dancing with the Stars family
kind of a call, saying I want to audition, and
they're like, why you don't need to audition? We know
you're hosting Chops, we know you're a great host. You
know we know you're you're you're Dancing with the Stars
like Queen Mira Wald Trophy, and why you don't have
to audition? Brook, And I got know everybody else is
going to audition. I want that chemistry test with Tom

and it's not beneath me and there's no ego in this,
and I really want to audition. And they were like okay.
And so when I went into audition, first of all,
I was shocked at how many people came in an
audition for this gig. It was Tom. So it was
with Tom. It was with Tom, I know, and you
weren't just given this from your wincy. I didn't know

what to believe here, because if you didn't know, anybody
knows it. Nobody knows this probably, so there's a big
lesson in this people who aren't listening. If you want something,
you got to be outside of the box, and you've
got to give yourself every opportunity. I knew that I
had chemistry with Tom, and I knew that on camera
we would light up. I knew that I could host,

but soaking a bunch of other people. So I knew
the nature of the beast. I knew how to live
and breathe dancing. I knew the fear, I knew the adrenaline.
I knew I knew what it was like to be
on the other side of it, which gave me an
amazing opportunity to come onto a show and host because
I knew how difficult it was to be in the box,

the balcony. I forget what we will call times the
sky walls. I knew what it was like emotionally on
the other side of it, which gave me a different
set of colors as a host. But the reason why
I wanted to audition is because I knew that Tom
and I had chemistry and that if they saw us
on camera, it was either going to I knew that

was going to work. I still needed to I felt
like I needed to earn that gig. Who were some
of the people that you saw in that in that
audition room? Everyone Cheryl like, like, were they contestants on
the show? No? I'm talking hosts, country music artists, Like
I'm like Hill, No, not like Kelly God Faith Hill

did an audition? No, I mean it was like it
was like every every everybody under the sun. I was surprised,
But like the name one person broke name one person.
This is fascinating to me. Why not a Judd? Why
not a Judd kid? Hey, That's what I was like,
Oh my god, why Judge is auditioning Melby? Melby? And

then she was a contestant? Was she a contestant already?
Though she must have been, I can't remember. I want
to know, like I hope. I'm naming names properly too,
like Mariam and Nuna's like like everybody that's got chops
or recognition, celebrities, musicians, like everyone. So I let myself

really want that gig. And it was one of the
first times that I pour attention and desire and prayed
on it. And I was the kind of person in
my career where I sort of rolled with opportunities and
showed up and did a great job. And I was
definitely all in, but I didn't allow myself to want
things that I felt were out of my control. And
in this instance, I knew that it made sense. I

wanted to host that show. I wanted it bad, and
I let myself really poor like love and energy and
desire into that. And so that was an amazing run
from all of this, Like all of what we just
talked about, what is the greatest lesson you learned from
when you were co hosted, from when you got let Go?
I think that having a hosted I don't even remember

if it was seven or eight seasons been I already
stoked to you last night. I have to ask you
to you. Did you audition the host? No? I know
that there was such a thing. So what did I learned?
I I want to choose my words carefully, but this
is really honest, and so I always want to That's
why I love you, I thank you. I'm pretty honest.

There were moments, and I don't want to say Dancing
with the Stars at the time was like one of
the top shows on television. I had all Dancing with
the Stars like we were crushing it. And I was
so lucky to have that gig to host a live
show two days a week. The exposure, the opportunities, the
endorsement opportunities, like everything that I that I created from

that platform was a blessing. And there were times hosting
that show where I was like to myself, Oh, I'm
not feeling that creative and it's it's live and I
don't know how much of my self I really get
to bring and not having really creative meetings with the

producers and it wasn't like oh wow wow when but
I was just like, oh, live television, there's not enough
time to really bring like creative process. My point is
there were times where I was and I didn't like
show up in gratitude every single day. I was sort
of like slightly getting bored, and I look back now

and it's like, I loved the show. I loved the
dancers of the relationships. I love the artistry of it.
It's hard to do season after season after season after
season and not want a little bit more, not want
to do it a little bit differently, not want to challengers.
I like challenge right. I wanted to stretch my chops
and on a live show, there's no room to do that.

So I sort of feel like my lesson, Sorry, this
is long. When did I This is all great? I
relate to everything that you said, gold of makes sense
to people. My lesson was just be careful how you
receive and accept and how you ask and opportunities and blessings.
Because I was telling myself that I was ready for more,

something different. Unfortunately there wasn't more, something better. There's different.
But after a show like that that was kind of
like top hosting gigs, you know, America's got talent, live
amazing all. I mean, what else? The voice, like, what
else is there? Really? And that's not more though to me,
in my eyes, that's just doing another job of the

same caliber. So you got what you asked for? Now
do you think that you came to this conclusion feeling
this feeling behind the scenes of like, you know, I
don't feel wanted here anymore, or I don't feel appreciated.
It's a great question, Cheryl. I felt appreciated, I felt valued,

I felt like I did a good job. I didn't
really understand it, but clearly I wasn't wanted there anymore,
or I would have still been there. If someone's in
love with you, they're not letting you go. So, because
I'm a realist, I had to like have that come
to choose this moment in going with the fuck. I

thought everybody really loved me over there, and now they're
letting me go. I did that country love song right.
You're not breaking up with the person that you're madly
in love with. You're just not so And I get budget,
got it, I get change, got it, I get sports.
Got it. For all the reasons that I could assume

you're referring to Aaron Andrews, I'm assuming, yeah, yeah, but
you know clearly you go from me to Aaron Andrews
to Tyra Banks like what the afs like? I mean
A so I hear you, Yeah, I hear you. Thank
you for being so open. So let's rewind even further back.

Though I'm not going in actual like order, which is
not great for my OCD brain, but you know what,
We're just going with the flow. Derek little huff. At
the time, he had not won his mirror Ball trophy,
though he was like hungry for it. I guess you know,
because me and you went through we have a rebirth

of our friendship, which is a beautiful thing. And I
consider you definitely my like I have a handful and
you're part of the handful. So I know this, which
I didn't know actually until we reunited. But like you
basically talk about you talk to me about how you
and Derek went to therapy, right, And I find this

freaking fascinating because I, as you know, I'm a huge
advocate for therapy. I mean, honestly, this is why I'm
so open and why I can be open without being
without feeling any shame. It just helps right to talk
about it. And what's so fascinating about this is like,
first of all, when the hell did you have time?
Second of all, like Derek was like, probably I don't

know if Derek, I don't know if Derek's a huge
advocate for therapy. I don't know, I would assume back
then maybe it was like really weird, right, Like first
of all, like how did you even what made it
get there? One? And then it was kind of life
life coaching, you know then you know, life coach therapy.
Whatever it was part of the show, was part of
the package. Wanted to go. We weren't. We just weren't connected.

We weren't gelling. We were having issues, you know, on
off camera and rehearsals. He was exhausted. He was recording
an album at night. I had a three month old baby.
I was fried up all night training all day. As
much as I love dance, I didn't have any professional training,

so my body was like depleted. I was also hormonal.
He was exhausted, he was a baby, He had never
won a Miraball trophy. He wasn't super confident I think
in his own abilities. There was just a lot of
things happening, you know. I was a woman and a mother.
I felt like he was a young man. We just

we weren't meeting each other in a place that was
serving us. So we went to sort of this life
coach therapy session and I was surprised that it never
aired because I thought it was super real and super
valuable and I think the audience would have loved it.
And production, of course, you know, killed that whole package.
And what we learned Cheryl was so valuable, and the

Life Coach taught me something during that challenge that I
took with me and I applied to my life all
the time. I actually wrote a chapter in my book
called you know it was my Mirable Trophy chapter. But
there were so many life lessons. The life Coach had said,
you have to meet each other with honesty, and that
meant when we showed up exhausted her rehearsals, Fried tapped

in secure scare of like the whole thing. I had
so many things going on, which you'll never know is
a pro Cheryl. But week after week on that show,
I never thought if I was going to pull it off.
Every week I was like, oh my god, I'm never
going to learn this dance. Oh my god, this is
so hard. Why don't I go do something easy. I'm
making pull myself to forget, like it goes on and
on and on, and then I'm sure Derek the same

thing he's working so hard on. If the celebrity blows it.
I worked so hard. I want to win that nearbyle trophy.
But if she's not good enough, like nobody, It's also
like are we good enough? Like is the choreography good enough?
Like we questioned ourselves as dancers and artists all the time,
Just so you know, similar but different vocabulary. I'm sure.
And I always had this woman compassion for the other
side of it, his role, and I think as a
young man he might not have had a good passion

for what I was going through. But the advice was this.
She said, show up in the morning exhausted, tired, scare
in a bad fucking mood, pissed off. And when your
partner says to you, Hi, how are you? Answer the
question honestly? Instead of I'm fine, all right, let's get

to work, she wanted us to meet each other with hey, brock,
what's up? How are you? She wanted me to be
able to say, I'm exhausted and the energy to be here.
My baby was crying all night, my family misses me,
I'm fucking scared. I don't know this routine. You're being mean.
I'm not okay, Because when you're honest with someone can

you imagine if I would said, Derek, how are you?
Would have been like, I had a really hard night.
I have another career, I'm working on the music. I'm
not confident in this choreography. I know this is hard
for you. I'm really tired. I just go three hours
to get to the studio. I have no life. I
don't know how I am. I would have looked at
him and went, oh my god, let's just chill out

for a second. Let's like go make a cup of tea,
and you know what, let's figure this out because we're
both in it together. He might have looked at me
and went, I know this is really scary for you
and both of us out there. And I got to you, like,
there's something amazing that happens when you meet someone with
truth and honesty. But I don't know if the awareness
is there in general. God, how about you have to
be aware? How about you just stop saying I'm fine,

fricking faking it so that The other thing that she said,
which was invaluable was she said, you guys are not
in this to win it, and we weren't ryl He
was really scared and insecure and didn't think he just thought,
let's stick around for as long as we can. We're
not going to win the mirabal Trophy. Is that what
he said out loud? He would say that out loud. No,

But I mean I knew you felt it. I knew
he wasn't competing to win. I knew it was an
opportunity for both of us. I was there to get
to know America in a different way. I think he
was there because it was a great gig as a dancer.
And won't speak for him. I don't think people sign
up for Dancing with the Stars to win the Mirabald Trophy.
It's not even attainable. I don't even think it's possible.

So she said to us, the wife coach said, you're
both here and you're committed to being here. You might
as well for I can get in it to win it.
And we were like, oh, I swear. We had a
meeting of the minds and we made a commitment and
protest and promised to meet each other with honesty and compassion,

and then we decided to win. Just so he showed up.
So he so this was a full on verbal discussion,
verbal discussion of practice. We did it. She said, get
connected bey honest, show this and getting show this show
never aired it. Yeah, and my husband at the time, David,

was like, you need to go and talk to Derek.
You guys need to get out of your phone. You
need to go connect before before performance, because we were
completely disconnected. We were in our own world, and yet
we were a partnership. We were a team. You guys
were there, and yet we weren't behaving like teammates. So
as soon as we changed our mindset and as soon
as we got in it to win it, and as

soon as we met each other with honesty, something magical
happened and we found faith I think in each other
at least I did, and we just signed it to win.
Wait what week was this? Do you remember what dance?
So what dance when you guys switched and you had
that pivotal moment? What we were going into semi finals?
I think got it? And so what did Derek? I

guess what was it like so before? Because you guys
were both vulnerable and scared, because Derek was scared in
a different way. You were scared and it was hard
to voice it. I think because of like Derek, for sure,
I would assume because being that young, and also I've
experienced myself as ego. You don't ever want to show
your celebrity or your student that you feel scared because then,
like in a way, you know subconsciously you're thinking, well,

then who do they have to lean on? If the
coach is scared, that's only going to make the celebrity scared, right,
even more scared. I don't know if he was smart
enough and well rounded enough at the time, being so young.
What was that conversation like from Derek? He was really tough.
It was really hard on me. I'm okay with tough love.
He did not love me through routines and support me

and tell me that it was amazing. He was brutally
honest and it made me better to the point where
he was like, look at your hands. You're going to
go out there and you're with that with that shape.
That just was not going to do, and I'd be
like me more. He wanted like everything to be like,
you know, to be perfect and elegant in my toe,

to be pointed in my arches. I mean, he dissected
every single thing and I could take it, so I
can't say I was enjoying it. It was not fun,
but I became a bit of a perfectionist with him,
and I worked really hard to make sure that everything

was to the best of my ability. And it was
not fun. How did that affect your marriage? It was
great for my marriage. I had very little time. I
was exhausted at night, but David really knew how to
show up. My family really took over to pick up
the slab and raising each other. David was really supportive,

and he also is a bit of a performer, so
he understood the pressure. And I think I shared this
with you before midway through the show, had an injury.
I had like a disrupt attendant in a pulled hamstring,
and I was exhausted and I wanted to get home
to my family. I mean, I had a baby at
home and I I kind of could have tapped out
because I had an injury. I was done. I just

wanted to go back home. Remember you tell me this.
I wanted to go back to what's easy. And I
was literally taking up since autbast in the morning to
get ready to go to rehearsal. I was coming home
at night like crying in the shower because I was pain.
I was hurting and I didn't have faith in my body.
And David said to me, and he was amazing, I'll
never forget it. He's like, you got to pull it together.

Like what kind of message would that send to the kids.
You're not gonna quit, like you're a quitter. So he
was very supportive. Obviously it was support but I hadn't
I didn't know what it was like to train like
an athlete. I didn't know what it was like to
start and finish something. Because in life you can tap
out of anything. Of course, change is a choice. You

can change partners, you can give up, you can start again,
you can be I just I didn't know what that
was like. And he was like, you're not gonna quit
like what He wasn't even having this after there or
after the Life Coach or before the Life Coach. This
was before. I mean, there was a whole people don't
realize behind the scenes. There's a whole series of events

that happened on Dancing with the Stars that will break
you down. They will put your mind, they will tap
into your insecurities, they will shake you and if you're lucky,
you push through the other side of those moments. If
you don't, you get eliminated, you bow out, or you quit,
and then you will always go back wondering what if.
Yeah it is my is what you're trying to say,

and it's a big time. It's really hard. I learned
so much from the show show. I learned how to visualize.
I learned how to train like an athlete. I learned
how to think like an athlete. I learned how to
find faith in my body. I learned how to develop
communication skills with your partner that you're struggling with. I

learned how to face my fears, and I learned how
to win. And I know that everybody doesn't get that.
One of the greatest feelings was winning, but it was
also completing an experience in giving it my all, everything
that I had, and that I was really proud of.
Even if I didn't win, I was really proud of devoting.

Back then, it was three weeks, I'm sorry, three months
of my life. Probably not three weeks. Yeah, that in
days a week. So I left that stint going I
can do anything. I got to send it. Yeah, I
can have four children doing four different things at the
same time. Where I used to not know. I can't

drive you to dance, and then you to football, and
then you because like, am I going to do all that?
I realized what it was, what it was like to
commit three months in my life and do it and
do it well. And she had a newborn, and you
had a mary. You had a marriage obviously, and you
had a family, and then you had to take care
of your mental health and maybe you didn't get along

with your partner straight from the gecko, but you learned
how to communicate, you know, like and that's the beauty
of It's more than a mirror ball. And I remember,
I'll never forget you telling me this. When I was
at your house. You were saying, like, dancing with the
Stars has affected my life to the point where like
that was the major turning point, Like that is what

brought me into the woman I am today, and for
the reasons you had just stated. And so thank you
for sharing all of this, because this is such incredible
insight for I mean, I know it, but like again,
because I've only been a part of it. That's why
I know it. I'm so lucky that I was able
to go the distance and it wasn't about the winning
I was. I'm lucky that I was able to face

challenges and show up on the other side of them
and learn learn how to communicate, learn how to show
up for a partner, Learn how to show up for myself,
learn how to just find faith in my own body
and movement. Learn how to quiet down the noise around
me and be in a moment that scared the shit

out of me before I let you go. I love
you so much. Thank you. I can't thank you enough
for first of all, Dancing with the Stars for creating
this bond between me and you, because I have to say,
most of my or not most all of my friendships
are through the show, obviously, So that's the one beautiful
thing for sure that dancing has provided and many others.

Let me do rapid Fire with you, because this is
just this is what we do at the end of
every interview. It's fun, it's cheeky. Don't answer what you
don't feel comfortable with. Are you ready? I think so.
My named one of Derek huffs strange quirks he would
do during rehearsals. I can, they would, but you do
it uh hey, uh oh god quirks, and he would

he would make weird facial expressions. Okay, What was your
first impression of Derek. I just thought he was so
young and green and safe. I had no idea it
would be such a powerful about as choreographer. What was
your first impression of me? Of you? I thought you

were a goddess, so sentual you lit it up here
and then your body Like I used to watch your
body movement, Cheryl and try to like copy the way
that you moved. It's true. I love you. Thank you.
What was the most challenging part of being a celebrity
on Dancing with the Stars Just knowing that the world

was watching and that you could comply it up. What
was the most challenging part of being a host? I had?
I had was so connected to the to the energy
and the feeling of the contestants that I internalized, Zach
because it brought me back to the ballroom, so I
would actually feel their fear. I think that's positive but challenging,

and that I could feel everything. It must have been
exhausted after every show. Then, yeah, what was who do
you believe falls in love first on Dancing with the Stars,
the celebrity or the pro dancer. The celebrity. I was
crushing on Derek for sure, because it's so oh my god,
for sure, Oh for sure. Sorry, but that is Derek

would be flattered. Are you kidding? I actually hoped we
would have had a love affair because you're so like,
you're not a dancing god. I know, I don't think
I ever said that. I said that with a react,
but I I just it's it's truely because if you're
want to dancer, you're not used here. Here's here's this is.
Don't laugh, Cheryl, No, I'm just laughing because I'm like,
oh my god, Derek is going to freak out in

a good way. In a good way. He kept telling
me how hot you were during your season. Anyway, go ahead,
go ahead, but listen. Let me tell you why you
are intertwined with someone's body when you are not a dancer.
There is in no way that I have ever been
so connected besides with a lover or a husband that
I was with Derek. And it's every single day, so

people listening, for three months, you are in someone's arms.
Why do you think people found them? You smell them,
you feel them, You're literally you could trace their you
know what their cohon is on piece of paper. But
it can be more intimate than making love in a bedroom,
you're like making love in the dance or if you're
really connected, like if you have energy, you're doing this

dance and you're in the rhythm, and then there's trust,
then you're sharing fear. You're doing something you've never done.
How many dansery gen's did you go through an experience
for someone where you're count they're all you've got? Yeah,
I know, listen, I know. But it's so different for

us pro dancers. We're like, okay, great, lose our number
onto the next. Who's our next celebrity? The celebrities you
never forget. I've had one experience a thousand, I've had
one experience with one person like that life changing. So
you have a life really Oh my god, this is fascinating. Okay, whoa,

this is the best rapid fire ever. Okay, biggest fear.
We're already talking about this. Now I have to talk
about like, Okay, well, what surprised you the most being
a part of this whole experience dancing with the Stars
for the past eight seasons. What surprised me the most
being on it or being off it? Being on it? Like,

what surprised you about the cast, the crew, or like
the show in itself. What's surprising and the most is
how freakin' hard it really is to put together a
dance and to pull it together and step out there
and be judged and performed, and in so many ways.
I think an athlete knows it. They're clutch under pressure.
They know how to do it. We don't know how

to do it. So it's an absolute challenge on every level.
If you had to compete on Dancing with the Stars again,
which pro dancer would you want to fall in love
with next? Or dance with next? I'm really setting myself
with her. You got okay, let me give you a list.
We've got gleb Ardam, We've got Mark Ballas, We've got
you know, there's a lot of them to choose. Maxim Schmerkovsky,

Val Schmerkovsky, Oh god, Max could be so tough. I
was gonna say Max, but I think he might be
neier than Derek, and I say that with love. I
love Max. But is Max's brother Stai on the show.
Yeah he is. You guys would be hot together. We'd
be hot together. He smells like old spice, which I love.
I don't know if I want a job, I'll know

why we're dancing. Yeah. Sure, I demand my partners they
have to go back home and pick up cologne or
go to the store if they don't walk in and
smell like cologne. This is a must in my ye.
I want natural pheromones, no colone. Okay. Last couple of questions.
Most embarrassing thing that happened to you when you danced
with Derek uh semi Finals forgetting the dance? It was

the gibe. It was horrific, humiliating, awful, terrible. It was
like crickets. I just forgot the dance was terrible, Cheryl,
it was awful, awful. What advice? Last question? What advice
do you have for the celebrities that are competing this season?

I would say, really really really try to enjoy it
and step out of your fear and I and just
like visualize because I was so terrified every dance we
go watch, let me stop. This is what really helped
me go watch pro dances. YouTube pro dances so that
you can see what the dance looks like and the

shapes look like. That was a fivotal moment for me.
So I studied the dance out, took myself out of it,
so that I because we don't know what it looks like, right,
So you're trying to learn something that you don't know
what it looks like. What is up for you now?
Like what is going on in your life present? I mean, congratulations,
you're getting married. There's so much happening to Brooke Burke today,
so feel free to take the stage here. Thanks. Yeah,

getting married as soon as I can pull it together
and plan the wedding. But it's happening in twenty twenty four.
Help you, Thank Cherylyn. I need you. When I need
you to help me with my dance. You can help
Scott and his dance. I just finished a new show
that's going to air on the CW every Friday night,
so it'll be a really fun family Friday. So with
the pend Inteler it's called fool Us. We are the

end of October and we'll go for five months. I
had such a blast on the show Magic Family Live
Audience Wonder Surprise some of the greatest magicians in the world,
so I'm super excited about that and still choreographing content,
working on brookwork body, which is my wellness app definitely
intentional wellness. Retreats, meditation, yoga, fitness. Fitness is the easy

part of it, and I'm probably most passionate right now
about the transformation work that I'm doing with women, some
men actually, but mostly women in the retreat space. So
I know you and I had an amazing experience here
at Saul Creek, amazing, amazing, and I wish we could
do a whole nother show based off that. Okay, and
people can find you on at Brooke Burke and at

Brooke Birk. Body right about it. And all the info
of everything I'm doing, live events, in person retreats, everything
is on brookwork dot com. So find me. I want
to connect. I want to hear from you and Cheryl. Yes,
always so much to talk about, Cheryl and I are
working on. I love you everyone, So thanks for having
me on the show. It always brings me by God,
and thank you. It really brings me back to a

special place. Yes, and thank you for opening up and
being so vulnerable. I love you so much. We'll keep
in touch. Thank you again for your time, but I
love you. Thank you. Wow, Holy crap, Ollie, Yes, I
just said that. Thank you so much. To my friend
and fellow co star Brooke Burke, I mean for revealing

and just being so vulnerable as she is, and this
is why we're friends. Honestly, this was so amazing. I
had a great conversation with her. Please don't forget to
comment and follow us on Instagram on at sex Lies
and Spray Tands. Yeah, you're not going to want to
miss this. It's only going to get better because you
know why, because it is Tom Bergeron. That's all I

gotta say. See you next time. Make sure you guys
follow us at sex Lies and Spray Tands on our
Instagram handle and make sure your comment. Let me know
who you want me to interview. What do you all think?
Let me know
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