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March 13, 2024 64 mins

Our listener, Sarah, joins Amanda on today’s episode to talk about how numerology has created more synchronicity, magic, healing, and connection in her life!


Sarah Grendahl of Grendahl Design Company connected with Amanda on Instagram after she printed out a copy of Amanda’s 2024 Numerology Guidebook and shared how she is using numbers to find magic and support every day. 


Sarah details the incredible experiences she’s had connecting to numbers with her health, family, and business. She is a great example for using your point of attraction to get what you want out of life, changing your language to raise your vibration, and getting excited about the synchronicities you encounter! 


Amanda reveals practical tips, including how to calculate your address numerology and the simple way to change the energy of your home if it’s not aligning with your current desires. 


This is a powerful time for healing and transformation. Uplevel your consciousness with your mindfulness - flipping the script on how you see things and how you talk about them. Pay attention to the numbers that present themselves in your daily life, notice what numbers help connect you to your loved ones, add meaning or purpose to the numbers to get excited when you see them!


PLUS- Amanda shares a very exciting announcement for her live event in Austin, TX on May 7th! Grab your tickets while they last: 


Follow Sarah Grendahl and her business on Instagram @GrendahlDesignCo and get your 2024 Numerology Guidebook today! 


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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi everyone, it's Amanda Rigo Green. Welcome to Soul Sessions.
I have an exciting announcement. I'll be hosting a live
event on Tuesday, May the seventh in Austin, Texas. It's
going to be awakening, inspiring, divine, healing, and very community oriented.
So come out and meet your tribe, connect with your

highest self. This event is going to be on the
Tarus New Moon in May, which is such a powerful
manifesting moon. Not that the other ones aren't, and not
that any day isn't powerful to manifest, but Tarus is
about the material world and how we relate to it. Plus,
May is a four month in numerology, which to me

signifies order, process, healthy routines, consistency, So as you can tell,
intentionally set this date so we could harness and leverage
those energies. And when we do that stuff collectively, I
mean magic stuff happens. Plus it's gonna be so much fun.
So if you want to come out, you can go

to soulpathology dot com forward slash tickets. There are a
limited number of VIP experience tickets, so if you want
to come early, we'll do a small mini session together,
but otherwise just come out, meet some fun people, connect,
learn some new things, and also just harness your energy.

So I hope to see you there now for today's episode,
I'm thrilled about this episode. I do a listener session
and we do a little bit of reading stuff, but
it's really more about her experience. Her name is Sarah Grendel,
and I've connected with her on social media a while back.

She just was super supportive and I loved her energy,
and she bought the Numerology guidebook and then she went
all out and not only printed it out gal after
my own heart, but she printed it out and bound
it and posted on social media and my heart just saying.
So we started talking and she was sharing so many

incredible experiences she's had with numbers with her family, and
then we also get into address numerology. So join us
for this session. I think you will learn some new things.
You'll dip your toe in the address numerology pool, but
also you will see how, through her experience and her
putting what she's learned about numerology into play, how it

has created more synchronicity, more magic, more clarity, more healing,
more connection with her family and also with her business
so welcome.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
Sarah, Hello, thank you for having me.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
You are welcome. She's from Bismarck, North Dakota. She and
her husband own a design company, Grendel Design Company. But Sarah,
first of all, you printing out the book, I mean
you went all out, So tell me why did you
print it out to start with? Like, what is it
about printing it out that was helpful for you?

Speaker 2 (03:11):
Well, I love to have something in my hand. I
think it's because I'm like born in the eighties in
US eighties nineties, babies like like something in our hand.
We're not into like all the digital stuff. So I
immediately just was like, oh, I'm going to print this
so I can like highlight it and read it and
just like have it whenever I want it. So I'm

not very awesome at tech stuff, so I just forgret
to have it.

Speaker 1 (03:37):
Me neither, and I print things out. I like to
underline I have a literal calendar. Of course I have
my digital calendar, but I print things out. But one
of the things that I love, first of all for
you printing it out and then printing it out beautifully,
is that you get to use it. And I've shared
this about the Guidebook in the way that my brain works.
And I already know your birthday. You're an Aquarius, just

had a birthday. I'm an eighties baby too, so there
we're both on that. So of course we're tracking on
the same page. But you're an Aquarius, and I've talked
so much about this being this introduction to this aquarium age,
and it is really fascinating. So I know that your
mind is not always linear. It's going back and forth.
And the reason I'm pointing that out for me, when

I am looking at my astrology, my progressions in astrology,
or I'm looking at my numerology, I may be looking
at what's going on today or this month or right now.
But oftentimes I will go back retrospectively and I will
review things, look at things, correlate, connect dots, or I'll
go prospectively. So the cool thing about the guidebook period,

just even if you're using the digital copy, is it
doesn't matter if you bought it in February or you
decide to buy it in August. You can go back
and start connecting dots. And the energy of the numbers
is it's almost like they start to resonate with you
in a way where it's not linear. And that's one

of the things about numbers and their frequencies, they're not linear.
You can see something in real time and it can
bring a story together or meaning or significance that may
be something that's coming in the future or something that's
happened in the past, and it creates clarity in the
present moment. Does that resonate with you, Yeah so much.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
I already went back into like January and was like,
oh yeah, Like it was like make space. And I'm
care about remembering things like word for word, but it
was like make space, like organize your spaces or whatever,
make space for new things. And I did that in
January in my office. But I just wanted to feel
like more creative and stuff. And I was like, oh,

I did that. I did that in my office already.

Speaker 1 (05:51):
That's a really good point to make too. And this
happens for me and many people is when we go
back and we review something and reflect, Oh my god,
I did that. I did that organically. I was already
in tune with some energies. Oh this makes sense, and
then you get that big aha moment or wow, I'm
on track, or wow I was aligned in that energy.

And that's such a clear example. So you have to
share with our listeners about how numbers have shown up
in your life, especially with you and your daughter and
your husband. And I love the example you gave. Well,
you have two stories you shared with me, but one
about your doctor's visit. I want you to tell everybody

about that experience. Please.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
So I had a little medical hiccup, scare, whatever you want.
But I'm still only going to the doctor for checkup, right,
so I don't ever have to like go to the
doctor for anything else other than checkup. Well, this day,
my arm's superswollen, and I thought I had pinched a nerve,
and I'd go to my chiropractor first, and he'd be like, ah,

I think you need to go to the doctor. And
I was like, oh, okay, Like this must be kind
of serious. So I go, and I'm super nervous, and
I'm going by myself, and I pull up and I
walk into number door forty four. I was like, Okay,
it's gonna be okay, forty four. It's fine because my
number of the year in four.

Speaker 1 (07:17):
And of course, as you're saying that, I'm like, well, yeah,
that's her number. This year, you're in a four personal year.
And for the listeners out there, if you haven't listened
to the numerology podcasts that were recorded in twenty twenty three,
go back because they give you the one oh one
the basics, and I also teach you how to do
your personal numerology for the year. So Sarah's birthday is

February twelfth, so two one two, So when I add
two plus one plus two together, that equals five. That's
her attitude number. And the attitude number, as a reminder,
is is like our personality. It's how we show up.
It's how people see or perceive us. It's the external
personification or presence of the energy in which we show

up in expressively. So that's her attitude number. And the
reason that's important for calculating your personal year is you
use your attitude number and then you add it to
the universal year. So this year and all the listeners
out there, we all know we're in an eight year.
Twenty twenty four equals eight. So when you add eight
to your attitude number, so whatever day you were born

plus the month, you figure out your attitude number. So
Sarah is an attitude five. When we add eight plus
five it equals thirteen, which has energy in and of itself,
but you reduce it down one plus three equals four. Okay,
so you're in a four year, which just as another reminder,
and you already know this because you're into the numbers.
The four is about taking care of business. It's about

getting things organized, laying a solid foundation, clearing clutter, really
creating space, and taking a step by step practical approach
to life. And when you do that, you tap into
the magic by being very practical and very grounded. And
then the converse of that is analysis paralysis, getting lost

in the details, overwhelmed in the details, and then emotionally
feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. And so the four says, hey, simplify,
what can you remove from your plate in order to
maximize your time? So it's kind of like simplify to
amplify when you combine the energy of the four with
the eight universal year. And I don't want to hijack

this conversation because this is for you, Sarah and anyone
out there who has a five attitude number and they're
in a four year this year. The four in the
eight is a badass combo. It's one of my favorite
number combos because the four in the eight are very similar.
The four is what do I need to do practically,
and the eight says how do I feel empowered? So

when you're very practical this year and you check boxes,
you get things done in an organized manner, you have
opportunity to be in synchronized flow, in the flow of
things and tapping into your energy in this really realistic,
earth bound way that creates magic in the every day,
which is what you're expressing. Sorry for the segue, everybody.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
No, I love this because I can completely resonate when
you were talking more about fours. It's like, yeah, I
have been organizing, pre planning and anyway.

Speaker 1 (10:18):
Wait, so that's so there you go, right there, it's coming.
Do you see it like this year, especially as opposed
to twenty twenty three when you were in a three
year And I love the three It's all over the place.
It's creative, it's over extended, it's going and doing. So
the four year says, come on, let's like whittle this
down and let's figure out which noodles stick. You know,
what really is our focus and our goal and how

do we clear the clutter of all of the you
know sometimes the madness and the abundance and the greatness
that just all of that energy that comes with twenty
twenty three that can be a lot and exhausting. And
the four says, okay, easy does it? Does that make sense?

Speaker 2 (10:55):
It totally makes sense. This is like right now, yeah,
because I don't want to get toy abtracked from the
doctor appointment. But when you're saying that, for with our visits,
from the process of doing a commercial building, and we
had all these ideas in twenty twenty three like what
it could be, and like we really honed in in January,

like Okay, this is our vision for it, this is
what we're gonna do. And it felt so good to
get to that point. I was like, yeah, now I'm
more excited. I don't feel so scattered, like we had
this clear direction, my husband and I both and I
was like, is this really cool?

Speaker 1 (11:33):
Thank you for sharing because with numerology, and yes, when
you track with the universal numerology, and that's what the
guidebook is for, to know what the universal months are.
But you can drill down to your personal energy and
personal months, and I'll teach everybody to do that today
as a reminder. It's in some of the older podcasts,
but you already felt the shift this year of Okay,

we need to really get focused so we don't feel
so overextended, because we can make something, build something substantial,
and it can feel productive. And I will tell you this,
and this is the cool thing about the energy of
the four, especially combined with the eight. I tell you what,
by November December, you and your husband are going to go, WHOA,

we really accomplish so much this year. Oh my gosh,
we're amazed. We're really wow. Look at what we've built,
Look at what we've accomplished. Your business is growing this year,
Like just so you know, your business is growing, but
it's going to feel foundational and organized and very clear
in your voice, very clear in your talents. So just

as an aside, you're going to retrospectively look back at
the end of the year and early into next year,
and you're going to go, WHOA, we've doubled or tripled
in some areas that we could have never really imagined
two or three years ago.

Speaker 2 (12:54):

Speaker 1 (12:55):
So it's a good year. It's a great it's actually
a great year. I'm gonna say it's great instead of
just good. It really is okay, so fource Okay.

Speaker 2 (13:03):
I go to the a walking clinic. It was door
forty four, and I was like okay, like I'm good,
everything's good, you know. And I even typed my daughter Okay,
I'm at the walk in and I went in the
door forty four, you know, because we're always like staring
like our numbers that we see. At this time, I'm
still not thinking anything's a big deal, right, Like I
think I have a pinch nerve. Go into the doctor's office.

Turns out I have a blue clot. Okay, now I'm
scared because I was not expecting that. And he sends
me off to get some other tests. But I had
like an hour in between my tests and I get
in the car and I like, break down, just aink this,
you know. And my husband texts me and he's like
it's eleven eleven, and I'm like, oh, thank you. Sometimes

he'll do that, but he doesn't usually do that. And
I'm like, oh, well, I'm having a meltdown.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
Yes, you know. First of all, like Sarah and I
have goosebumps when I say this. First of all, you
were afraid, you know, you went in thinking Okay, I'm
gonna follow up. My chiropractor recommended this. I've got this
pinch nerve, I don't feel well. And then you go
in you see the forty four and you're like, okay,
I'm okay, and then one thing leads to another and

you find out a bigger thing is going on that
is quite scary, and you're sitting there in your car
having a meltdown because you're like, oh my gosh, am
I okay. Normally my health is the thing that like
that works out for me, and uh, it can feel
like losing control, fear, and then you know your life
flashes in front of you. But for your husband, who
knows that you're into numbers, knows that this thing is

cool to you, but may not normally just engage with
it all the time. At that moment that you needed
a sign, you needed assurance, and your husband, your partner
who can hold space for you no matter what, he
just randomly, quote unquote says it's eleven eleven. And for
everybody out there, Sarah is such a great example of

whatever you focus on. Grows and numbers are such a
simple way to engage because we see them everywhere, but
it gets us into consistency, synchronicity, recognition, and it's amazing.
As far as friendships relationships, I have friends that text
me numbers. I text them numbers or things that have happened.

But the fact that you also can do this with
your daughter may see and you know both of you
and we're going to share a really fascinating story too,
with the eleven eleven and your daughter and in chaos
and crisis and when things are happening, and then those
signs come through that are saying you're on the right track,
You're okay, We've got you. Remember to pray, because that's

where you shared with me. You said, okay, like there's
your husband showing up for you and connecting at the
right moment in divine timing. And then you're like, oh yeah, okay, guides, Okay, spirit, Okay,
I'm not alone, Like I've got bigger forces supporting and
conspiring for me. Okay, just be present and here's the

energy of the four. Do the next indicated thing. What's next?
Do you mind sharing about your health? How are you what?

Speaker 2 (16:02):

Speaker 1 (16:02):
How are you doing?

Speaker 2 (16:03):
I'm fine. Shortly after I go think, my husband comes
to the appointment with me and we go to the
next doctor appointment and the building number is two twenty two,
and I was like, okay, I am gonna be okay.
So I see another number. All it's been like this
hour of time.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
Right, and let me tell you this what's funny. So
the forty four, the four is your number this year.
Four plus four equals eight, So four and eight that's
your code this year. So it's like, you're right on time,
You're where you're supposed to be, all of those things tracking.
But the two two two, The two is the energy
of partnership. Your husband showed up, came and met you there.

Two plus two plus two equals six. The energy of
the six is health, healing, well being, the divine feminine nurture, care,
self care, taking care of yourself, knowing also intuitively that
you're tapping into something greater. So two two two the
next door you walked through. So you went from the
four energy, which is very linear and grounded, very much

of the material plane, and the six the two two two,
that vibration is very much about healing, health and well being,
and not only your physical health but your spiritual health.

Speaker 2 (17:19):
Wow, that's magical, right, that's crazy. I'm trying to stop
saying crazy and replacing it with magical because I don't
I don't want to be like, oh that's crazy all
the time because I think it's magical.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
Well, you've heard me say this before. Instead of saying,
oh my gosh, I have such a busy day, I'll say, gosh,
this day is abundant. My cup runneth over. And I
can say it in a snarky way, but just shifting
that little bit of perspective, says Amanda, you know this
is actually an abundance problem that your day is busy.
Maybe it's not an overwhelmed problem. So I love that

for everybody out there. What Sarah just said is instead
of saying, oh my gosh, that's so crazy, saying, oh
my gosh, this is so magical.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
And magical is my my word of the year too.

Speaker 1 (18:04):
I decided, okay, so when we were when I was
talking about picking words, choosing words for your year, yours
is magical. So hello, it's already happening. You've chosen you know, magical,
And I love because of your four, which is a
practical energy. This is practical magic. You know, it's practical
and magical and they're both kind of one and the
same in an amazing way. So you go and it's

the two two too, and you're like, Okay, guys, I'm
right where you're supposed to be. So you're doing well,
like you, You've gotten good support. Yeah, so you're doing
well like you. You've gotten good support.

Speaker 2 (18:43):
Yeah. I mean, it could have been a very scary
earth situation. But I'm glad I went in when I did. Yeah.
So apparently bun cloths in the arm are very rare,
and I'm thankful I'm normally healthy and all the doctors
at the right time did the right thing, so I'm
all good.

Speaker 1 (19:01):
And the fact that your chiropractor said I think this
is something more go to the doctor and you're like, okay,
so yeah, it's like you've got the people and places
around you, and of course enough awareness. But again, that
is really the personification of the energy of the four
is paying attention to what's going on in the practical world.

You know how I talk about the grocery store all
the time being my place that I go, And I
knew that a couple of years ago. Okay, Amanda, just
get out of the house and go get in the world,
go be amongst people that don't feel stressful, and answers
would come to me out of the blue in the
grocery store or somebody's kindness. It's like, practically engaging. Is
really the energy of the four tell us about because

this story, y'all is it's kind of mind blowing hysterical.
How old is your daughter Macy? First and foremost, he
is seventeen?

Speaker 2 (19:52):
That still be eighteen?

Speaker 1 (19:54):
And may, oh my gosh, okay, so tell everybody about
her getting sick and having to go to the ear.

Speaker 2 (20:00):
So we were in Mexico the last night he gets
food poisoning, and I was hoping it was gonna be
like this quick thing, you know, get sick, get done whatever.
Before she goes to bed, I was like, wait, here's
all my crystals, want your fellow.

Speaker 1 (20:15):
And you're gonna be better.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
And she's like, okay, mom. So she did get over
her sickness fairly quickly over the night, but she's severely
dehydrated and didn't really recognize that, and neither did my
husband or myself. He passes out at the airport check
in line. So anyway, they took good care of us
at the airport, send us to like the er doctor

there right away, He's like, okay, you're dehydrated. I'll give
you a medication for your nausea so you can get
on the plane and get on home. You know. So
he started writing the prescription and says, okay, it's eleven eleven,
and Maazie and I look at it, so her like,
what how random is that? For one? And I was like, okay,
we're gonna make all our flights. We get Escorian to

our gate and we were on stand by for an
earlier flight home. Well, in the flight to Minneapolis, you
can touch the screen and it would say like miles
in the air, three hundred and thirty three miles. And
I was like, oh my gosh, like we're totally gonna
make this one. And then we get Minneapolis asked to

get on this other flight, like well, we'll get you
on standby, no promises, and you know, so we're just
like crossing our fingers waiting to get on, and we're
like we're totally doing Comfort plus next time we fly,
and we get on the stand by and get on
Comfort Plus. Literally as we're flying away, I hear the

song do You Believe In Magic?

Speaker 1 (21:47):
And I was like, yeah, thank you. I mean, I
don't even have to explain this to anybody, because let
me tell you, like, it's an intense, energetic year with
the highs and lows. And when you find your divine timing,
when you find your magic, when you share it with
your people. You know, your daughter and y'all just looking

at each other and the doctor saying eleven eleven, it
already propelled you into you know, your son was like, Ah,
we're not gonna get on this flight. I've been with
you guys, I'm ready to be home. You know, he's
having his grouch and my sister sick, like you know,
he's in his little his mood. And then you all like, no,
we're gonna do this, like we already saw that sign.
And then you're on the plane and you touch the

screen and it's three thirty three, and you're like, yeah,
we're totally gonna get on this flight. Oh my gosh.
Because what it does, and I this happens for me,
it happens for so many people. It like sends this
surge of energy through you that creates this basically this
direct pathway to something greater, bigger, lighter, magical, miraculous, and

then not only do you make your flight. And you
had already been saying, next time we fly, we're doing
comfort plus. You get bumped onto comfort plus. And then
you hear do you believe in magic? And that's your
word and that's what you're creating. You're that is your
point of attraction. And you know, I've been talking about that,
and I've been wanting to express very clear ways that

when you strengthen your point of attraction, the whatever you
focus on grows energy. It's when you get in this
magical anything can happen mood, anything does happen. And then
when you giggle about it and you're grateful and you're laughing,
and when you share it with other people, even if
you're out there and you're like, well, I'm by myself

sharing it with my friend, my assistant Jill. Her spirit
animal this year is the cardinal, and she's been texting me.
She's like, Amanda, I saw these two cardinals doing this
today and then I saw the number four forty four
on the clock and she's telling me and like, the
more that she sees it, the more it happens. And
I can feel her mood lifting up by just looking

and seeing and being surprised. It's that l element of
awe and surprise that is this high vibrational frequency where
we have opportunity to create more, create happier, create greater,
to be in this conscious contact, even if for two

or three seconds, and the cool thing is and I
want you to practice this more. This is like a
takeaway for you and for anybody out there when I
have those moments. I had one in the car today.
And my cousin Amy Amy, who's on the Bobby Bones show,
when she's doing her manifesting, she calls things driftwood like
if she's if she's trying to manifest something or she's

got it on her vision board if she sees it
out in the world. And let's just be really superficial.
Let's say it's a car, a particular make of a
car that you're like, this is totally out of my league,
out of my reach, but I'm going to put it
on my vision board because why not, you know which,
You get to do that when you're manifesting sometimes, like
you put bigger dreams and desires and aspirations in your

and then you sometimes just play with weird things. But
I tell you what I was driving home today. And
I don't need a new car. My husband doesn't need
a new car. It's not in our plan. But I
did put this vehicle on my vision board just to
play with it, literally, and I keep seeing the vehicle
as I'm driving everywhere, and I was turning in the

turning lane and there it was, and I was kind
of having a moment. I was just kind of exhausted
and my brain was just not connecting and I was
not uplifted, and I was very conscious of that and
letting myself just be in it. And then I see
the vehicle and I just start giggling. I was like,
that drift would there. It is like it's just saying, Amanda,

do you believe in magic? Like that's what I thought
in my head, Amanda, Hey, you might not be feeling
so hot and in tune right now, but do you
believe in magic? It was like my mood started to
uplift and I was giggling and that energy and that's
when I said, I'm right where I'm supposed to be.
Thank you, guys. I'm on try And it's not about
me manifesting that vehicle. That vehicle for me is just

a literal vehicle to notice see like seeing numbers, and
it was also like I looked when that happened, and
it was twelve twenty two, so one two two two,
And of course I'm like, that's the energy of the
seven and that's the you know, and of course I'm
like doing the math. And so I saw the vehicle,
then I saw the numbers, and then I just started
giggling and laughing. And that's when I set my intentions,

so I don't just hold that this is your homework.
That I was suggesting is when you have those giggly moments,
I love that you share them because that personifies and
magnifies the energy in a very exponential way, like with
your daughter or with your husband, but also when you
notice it and you're just kind of giggly or oh
my gosh, I can't believe that just happened. If you

can sustain that vibration by thinking about like uplifting things
or or even beaming love to somebody who's in pain,
or beaming love to a low place and yourself where
you're struggling or you've got a resentment, it's kind of
like care bear stare energy, which is my big tricks
and we're eighties babies.

Speaker 2 (27:08):
That's so funny that used that care bear stare because
I always call myself fun sign bear, so like oh,
picture of myself, but sun sign bear and like beami.

Speaker 1 (27:18):
Yeah yeah. And it's funny because I really identified with grumpy,
Like the care bear I had was grumpy, Like that's
the one I wanted because I felt like I didn't
want him to be grumpy. It wasn't because I was
a grumpy kid, because I really actually was not. And
I loved happy. But I loved lion heart. Remember when
they came out with those lions. I loved lion heart

and lion is my totem this year. And also it
tracks with some of my astrology things that that I'm
growing towards in Leo energy, which is the lion, so
all of that resonates. But I loved grumpy because it
was like I get him, It's okay to be grumpy.
And then I loved happy. But I love the sunshine.

I remember sunshine too, So for everybody out there, of course,
Sarah and I are tracking with care bear stare, but
I use care bear stare sometimes in those moments, so
if there's something I'm alt this vibration is so high,
How can I be of service? How can I beam
that out to somebody that's painful, or beam it into
an experience that is in the future that I'm stressed

about having this conversation, or I'm worried about my bank account,
or life is piling up, like I will take that
high vibration and beam it to that, if only for
two more seconds of sustaining that higher vibrational point of attraction.
And that for this year is where the magic is
and the raising of consciousness in our vibration. So I

think that is phenomenal. And those experiences, they really resonate
with me, and they're just wonderful examples of how everyone
out there, whether it's your spirit animal that shows up
some where this totally random, or it's the number codes,
the angel numbers, the repeating numbers, eleven eleven, sharing it

with someone else, your elation, your joy, feeling that energy
surge through your body and then almost creating co creating
something more, just like you all moving into comfort plus
on the flight, because if y'all wouldn't have gotten comfort plus,
it was it was like you just were getting home
and you were safe. But that was like magical stuff
right there.

Speaker 2 (29:29):
Yeah, we all did laugh. Like when my son I
think thinks like okay whatever, but like go we get
on the plan, I'm like, oh okay, Like do you
still think I'm silly?

Speaker 1 (29:39):

Speaker 2 (29:40):
I love that.

Speaker 1 (29:41):
And one of the things that I promised you and
I am going to do this as a podcast episode.
I wrote a book years ago called address Numerology, and
it's not in print anymore. And I think that and
I'm just putting this out there and if I say it,
usually I will do it, and the practical side of
me because I'm pretty accountable, but also because it's imperative.

But I wrote a book on address numerology and I
have used it for years in a multitude of capacities
with realtors, with designers, clients. Oh my gosh, we change
their address numerology all the time depending on where they are,
what they are healing, what they're calling into existence to
help them ground into energy. So the quickie on address numerology,

and I really want to share this with you because
of you and your husband and working on design and
spaces and buildings, and you can play with this to
start in your home and I will do some blogs
on this soon and I'll do a whole podcast on it,
but I'm going to give a quick rundown of it.
Whatever the address of your home is, and just the
actual numerical address, and there's bigger things to address numerology

than just the numbers. So Sarah, what is your just
You don't even have to tell me your street. What's
the numerical address on your house?

Speaker 2 (30:54):
It's eight one four one, Okay.

Speaker 1 (30:56):
Eight one four one, So eight plus one. I'm gonna
do the new horology of her home right now. Eight
plus one is nine. Nine plus four is thirteen plus
one is fourteen. So the energy of your home is
a five. And I don't love the energy of the
five for a home because it's scattered, it's erratic. It's
okay and five, hey, and I love the five, But

I love the five for like a retreat center. It
denotes like adventure, like it's changing its mind, shifting perspective,
moving on to things very quickly. So it can be
sometimes an erratic energy in a home environment. So here's
how you change it. I'm going to ask you what
you want to manifest within your family unit this year,

but I already kind of know what I would suggest
for your home. So tell me this for just your home,
your immediacy in your home, What do you want to
see flourish this year? What would you like to ground in?
What are those aspirations or what comes to mind? What

would you like to ground in? What are those aspirations
or what comes to mind?

Speaker 2 (32:07):
Well, it's hard because we have a lot of excite,
like my daughter's graduating this year, so like there's celebrations,
and I feel like that is a big thing for me?
Is this to celebrate all those things?

Speaker 1 (32:21):
Well? And what's interesting, I already the number already tracks.
It makes sense why it came to me, and which
was strange because I was thinking, that's why I ask
you before I even spouted something out, because I was like, well,
this is kind of intense, but I think you should
change your energy in your home to a nine, okay.
And the reason for that is because with your daughter

graduating and celebration, you also are going to experience grief.
There's you know what I mean, there's this element of
completion and closure, and the nine is about surrendering. It's
about the close of a cycle, but it's also about
the rise of wisdom and in tech, and there's this
element of rising up and seeing chapters being closed and

new doors opening, which also new doors opening that are
aligned with your highest good, with the integrity, and the
nine energy is vastly different than the five. So there's
a lot on anybody's plate at any given time, right
but you and your husband with work and business and
the things that you will have from a professional standpoint,

and then you've got children and these significant milestones. The
energy of the nine will help things happen in a
very organic way. And it also kind of is confronting
with your age and you're you're like, oh my gosh,
I have you know when you said she's seventeen, I'm like, cush,
Sarah like to me, your spirit isn't a day over

twenty two. But it's also like, wow, okay, you have
a seventeen year old. That is a milestone. So here's
how you change the energy. If the energy of your
home is a five, which yours is, we want to
get it to a nine. So what equals nine? Five
plus four equals nine. And isn't this hysterical that the
energy that you're gonna use to change it is the four,

which is your number so yeah, okay, yeah, that's wild.
So what you do is you literally just write a
four on a post it note. But I know you you're
going to go to like Low's or Ace Hardware or yeah,
of course you are on Etsy, like an order an
actual four. That is beautiful, right, because that's what my
mother would do. And my sister is hysterical, like every

time we change her address numerology, she writes it out
beautifully and she frames it and hangs it on the
inside of her door. So both of them always like
get something that looks esthetically pleasing. But for anybody out there,
all you have to do is you write down the
number that you're trying to get to. So four is
what you're gonna do. And so you're gonna get a four,

and you're going to just put it on the upper
right hand of the inside of your front door. So
if you're looking at your front door or from the inside,
you just put it on the upper right hand corner
and it will shift the energy. And let me just
give you advice on this and suggestions. One, I always
change the address numerology in my home or in an

environment on a portal of initiation. So a new moon,
a full moon, the first of the month, something like that,
an anniversary, something that is significant. So usually we get,
you know, a new and full moon every month, and
we get the first of every month. And because it's
a nine and there's an element of closure, you know,
you could do it on a full moon, but I
would say it the first of next month. That's the

day that you want to do your number. And here's
the deal. The first two, three, four weeks of changing
the energy, it's a little erratic. Things are a little
hectic because it's trying to shift in vibration and going
from the five to the nine is kind of a
drastic shift. So nothing bad is going to happen. But

if everybody feels a little off with their schedules or joined,
or we're running late for things, or oh my gosh,
can we just get the groceries put away right now, please,
if it feels a little again, disjointed is the best
word it is, And it's okay because it's like working
out energetic kinks. And then here's what happens. Once you

do that, and you put the number on your door
and you change the energy and you move through it.
Two or three months later, you're like, oh my gosh,
the energy is shifted here. We're naturally doing these things.
And with the nine there's an element of divine surrender,
like letting go and letting God energy, you know, which
is where your daughter is finishing out her senior year

and you're excited about this. And then there's this element
of really grieving time, grieving you know, significant events. It'll
give you the space. It will create some heaviness and sadness,
but not that it's going to diminish your energy this year.
It's actually going to right size you so it feels

more organic and you feel in your highest character, your integrity.
And also it will help the family dynamic in a
healthy way, make shifts and transitions, and it will propel
Macye to enjoy this time. Take it not seriously because
she's a high school student. She should be just enjoying

the heck out of herself and her friends and the
celebration of graduating from high school. But she's gonna notice
it better, notice the moments, and you know how you
and I'd be like, gosh, if I could just be
a senior again, or for me, I actually I'm like gosh,
I don't want to be a senior again. My dad
my dad, I know, And that's why I think I

said that because for me my senior year, my father
died unexpectedly my senior year, and it was a hard
couple of years. My mom had had breast cancer the
year before and then my dad died, so it was
a really awkward time for me in who I was
and where I was going and loss and grief. But
for may see, this is going to be healthy for

her and also for your husband in terms of okay,
like we get to celebrate, but we get to be
more intentional about it. And the other cornerstone with address numerology,
if you decide to change your address out there. I
always change my address and I leave it for at
least six months. I've done this a long time, so
I might be I'm really not quicker in that, but

like I usually let it do its work. You know,
you leave it for at least six months until it's like, okay,
it's time for a change. It's time for a shift,
so it really marinates and it has time to ground
in the energies and do its magic, so to speak.

Speaker 2 (38:43):
That's awesome. We build back home, Yes, so what is
like an ideal universal number four the four. You say four.

Speaker 1 (38:53):
Yes, I'm like, I'm holding up my fingers and I'm
like the four yes, and like the energy of this
is like nurture, hearth, home. So if anybody's looking for
a go to number for their home, the six is
a great number to start with because it is the
energy of feeling at home, feeling at home in your
own skin, nurture, care, comfort, compassion, self care. So the

six is a great energy. But you all building building
spec homes, it'll create order, organization, clear process, solid foundations,
speccome solid foundations literally, So the four is where your
vibe is and it'll get things done effectively and efficiently
and dealing with contractors and the all the minutia that

you and timelines, and it'll help with things coming together
in a quality oriented way, effectively and on time. So
when you build those the four energy. And when we
lived in Belize, for example, we didn't have an address.
There was no address. It was just oh, we're the
house at the end of the street over, you know whatever.
People knew our house by its location. So I remember

when we moved there and I changed it to a
master number. I changed it to thirty three. I put
a thirty three on the inside of our door, and
I was like, our address is thirty three, which was
comfort and inerture and feeling safe. And we were there
during the pandemic, and the energy of the thirty three
is the connection with the divine, divine mysteries, and everything

about that time resonated. And when we knew we were moving,
I changed the energy to a four because when we
were coming back to the States to take care of
my mother, I knew, Okay, we've got to get focused.
We've got to get stuff on a crate to go
back from Belize to the US. There's going to be
a lot of process. There's paperwork, so I needed to
get streamlined and very grounded, process oriented and practical. But

for the most part, I kept the energy of our
home at the thirty three vibration, and it certainly manifested
in really brilliant ways. We felt at home, we felt safe,
we felt comfort comfortable in our community, and it radiated
that sense of place. But anyway, everybody, I think gets
the energy, so for you all in your business, and

that's why I was saying, I thought it would be
really fun with those spec homes. And when you let
me ask you this, when you build speck homes, is
there no address or is there an address assigned when
you're building.

Speaker 2 (41:19):
It did have an address assigned yep, when we purchased
a lot, okay.

Speaker 1 (41:23):
And so like, let me give you an example. If
I were to have suggested to Sarah that she changed
the home to a one, I wouldn't have suggested that
because for a family, a one, unless you're starting something
new or you're all focused on the same goal, a
one isn't conducive to connectivity because it's very individualistic. But
let's just say I suggested today to Sarah to change

her energy in the home to a one. Well, her
address is a five, So how do you get to
one from five? And we got to nine by adding
a force, So she would actually add a five to
the door, which five, which her address plus five equals ten.
One plus zero equals one. So that's the way that

if you're trying to get you know, if she were
trying to get to a two, she would add a six.
That's the way that you do the numerology. And like
I said, I'll put a blog out on this. I'll
dedicate some more time in a podcast to break it down.
But since you're into numbers, since you and your husband
have a design business and you're doing contract work, this

naturally will help your business and it will help the
efficiency and the effectiveness of dealing with all of the
players and the moving parts that it takes to construct
and build. Because four is the number of the builder.
And let's say, okay, you get the spec home built
and you're ready to sell it. You know, it's about

you're changing into Okay, we've got it built, we've got
to go. We're ready to get the realtor to put
it on the market. That kind of energy, then I'd
be like, oh girl, change it to an eight. You know, realtors,
I'd like change it to an get that place sold.
And you know, so then you say, okay, we're going
to change it to the energy to an eight because
the eight is the number of abundance, making things happen,

financial deals, contracts, getting things reconciled and off the books.
That energy brings that in. So I'd be like, oh yeah,
change it to an eight. And it's really interesting years ago.
You know, my husband is funny, like he knows that
these things are important to me and he sees them,
but it doesn't light his fire. But when we sold
his business and he was officially putting it on the

market commercially, I said, oh, we have to change the
address numerology of the store to an eight, and I
need you to do it on this day. And we
have done this when we've sold houses, I mean our
home in Belize. I said, nope, wait and I'm going
to change the numerology. I changed the numerology to an
eight when we got ready to sell the house, and
I changed it on this day and literally within for us,

because I believe in this, and I'm you're already in
the energy of belief, so it happens faster. I just
was like, we put the house on the market this day.
Literally we got a call. We hadn't even shown the house.
We didn't we had listed it personally. We got a call,
we had a cash offer, we had the down payment
in the bank two weeks later. I mean, it was
one of the I say. I was like, I told you,

But the same thing happened with his business three years prior.
I said, put this on there, do it, and next
thing you knew, they were under contract. So it really works.

Speaker 2 (44:28):
That's amazing. Well, it's funny. I didn't know about the
address numerology so much, but I'm going to do that
at that house. But when I wanted to get it listed,
I told my realtor, I'm like, well, you might think
i'm a little cuckoo yea, but I want to list
the house on POO two because I like the two.

Speaker 1 (44:48):
But yeah, he's like okay, And then.

Speaker 2 (44:51):
So he listed it on two too. And then he
texted me and he's like, I didn't get it listed
at two twenty two, but I got it listened twelve
twenty two. I'm like, oh, cool, that works. So and
that was just like random, he got it. Yeah, you
went live at twelve forty two or whatever. But I'm like, okay, you.

Speaker 1 (45:10):
Know, and here's what's cool about that. So sometimes when
you're sending an email that's important to you, or you're
you're making an introduction for someone or an introduction of yourself.
Sometimes I do things at certain times or on certain dates,
and whether it is astrology that I'm looking at, numerology,

the literal day and the time. When I get into
that energy, it's like the numbers, the energy it creates
this intentionality and this openness and this element of anything
can happen. But I'm doing this in an intentional, aligned way,
and you know, let go and let God like leave

the rest up to the universe. So I love that
you mentioned that with your realtor and and he did it.
I mean, I can't tell you how many people I've
talked to and they're like, let me call my realtor,
let me tell them this. Okay, we're going to do
this on this day and this contract. And I have
a client of mine and she actually has like a
Midas touch when it comes to properties and really then

make her making money and then being lucrative. But we
did that with her condo and she listed it in
this wacky market with these interest rates and she got
ten thousand above asking quick clothes es grow and it
all happened within a week. But she had had the
realtor do it on this day at this time, they
had changed the address, numerology, they had done all of this,

and then she just basically said, Okay, I'm trusting the realtor,
trusting the process, and boom, next thing, you know, everything
synced up. And if you're out there and you practice this,
get in the energies of numbers like Sarah is doing
noticing the number on a doctor's door. I noticed that stuff.
I know, this is the numbers on hotel room doors.

And I will tell you this, this is kind of amazing.
Is when you are in a hotel room and you
look at the number just and there is a bigger
you know, there's a property address number, and like I said,
there is the zip code. Don't even worry about all
that minutia. I mean, you can really drill down. You
can make yourself a little crazy all the things. Don't
do that. Or you can make yourself too magical, too magical. Okay,

see I heard you and I changed my language. You
can make yourself a little too magical, which I don't
even know if that's possible. So see, we just like
uplifted the crazy word I used. But I will tell
you this, Like I will get to a hotel room
and if I'm with my husband and the vibration is
a five or a seven, and I'm like, oh, that's
too intense. We're on vacation, and maybe a five is

good for vacation. So let me just backtrack on that
a bit. But a lot of times, I will change
our hotel room to a six because I'm like, I
just want us to feel at home here. I want
us to get good rest, I want to enjoy my
coffee in the morning in bed, whatever the vibe is
a lot of times, and so I'll just stick a
post it note on the inside of the door in
the hotel room and change the energy. Or if I
am at a conference or a business meeting and I'm

by myself and I know that I need that time
for a certain energy that I'm calling in, I will
align it and I'll just intuitively know a number that
will correlate and help me with whatever energy I am
calling forth in that experience, that time frame, and whatever
the intention of that trip is. So it's really fun.

Speaker 2 (48:23):
That's all fun. So sometimes when I see the numbers,
sometimes I think like, oh, that's my grandma or oh
that soh and thow or or I'll often say those
are my people watching over me, Like does that correlate
with the numbers two? Or is that just me thinking like, oh,

We've got our people watching enough, you know, Like that's
how I felt on my doctor appointment, Like Okay, I
got my people watching me like everything. Fine, I'm not
going to freak out.

Speaker 1 (48:54):
Yes, that completely resonates. And what I love about that
is I will say, oh, I got my peeps, got
my tribe, i got my crew, and I can mean
in every way, I've got my soul, my higher self,
I've got the divine, I've got my guys, I've got
the angels. I've got my mom, my, grandmother, my dad, my,
you know, like I've all it's like everything, and it's

I've got them. They're there, Okay, thank you. And then
there can be other times where you see a repeating
digit and immediately you think about your grandmother. Yeah, that
is a clue that wait a minute, Oh my gosh.
That's the funny thing and I'm laughing about this is immediately,
if it's your grandmother that you go to when you
see that number or repeating numbers, it's her saying I

got your attention. And then you say, okay, what are
you showing me? Or you know, what do you want
me to know? Or you can just say, oh, you're
with me, you know, okay, I'm not alone. I miss
you so much. I love you. Thank you for watching
over me, or thank you for reaching through you know,
the veil and grabbing my attention, grabbing my conscious awareness.

So any of you out there, you go with what
comes to you and you just resonate and marinate it
in it for a little bit. So it could be
a loved one on the other side, it could be
your guides, it could be all of it. We don't
always have to know, no, but whatever comes to us,
go with that and trust it rather than I'm just

making this up in my head because that's our default.
And I think skepticism and being a little cynical that's healthy.
But how quickly can I get curious or see how
it resonates with me and get out of Eh. That
was just that just happened, you know. When I saw
that vehicle today and then I look down on the clock,
I just started giggling, like it was just like a

I yeah, right, yeah, you know, and it's like, so
just play with the energies.

Speaker 2 (50:55):
Oh yeah, I like that.

Speaker 1 (50:56):
I just want to thank you, Sarah for spending this
time sharing your experience because it will resonate with people
and also give such tangible, realistic ways that when we
are conscious, when we and the numbers numerology is mind blowing,
and it's easier in a way. It can be very complex,

but it's easier in a way. Sometimes if astrology isn't
your thing, or you don't know how to read an
atal chart, or you've never had a chart reading, and
the astrology may not come as easy to you. The
numbers are pretty clear and relatable and they're all around
us all the time, and it's an easy way but

also a profoundly magical way to again strengthen the point
of attraction and also accelerate synchronicity, accelerate divine timing. And
it's not about beating the game or getting ahead of it,
but you just accelerate your field in a way that
is playful.

Speaker 2 (51:59):
Yeah, there was a time where I would second guess
myself all the time, and now like I can the numbers.
I was like, Okay, I'm doing the right thing or
I'm on the right track. I can resonate with the
numbers so much and I get I just get so
excited about it. And it's like the one thing like
like you have to believe in something. And I thank
you for that because it was that podcast that like

I was like, oh this is cool, and I clearly remember,
my husband's out of town, my kids were off doing stuff,
and so I was having a Sara day. I guess it,
and I'm like, I'm going to go buy this book
and I'm gonna and I just sat on the couch
all day and like read the entire books.

Speaker 1 (52:36):
Okay. And that's my assistant Jill, one of my assistants.
I had her read through it and it was so
cute and it made my day. She said, Amanda, I
know you had me. You're having me edit this for typos,
but she said, I'm so into the content. I'm having
a hard time editing it. And I said, that's the
best compliment you could have given me, is reading it

cover to cover because there is a lot of information
with crystals and mantras and especially just the energy of
the eight.

Speaker 2 (53:05):
Wait tell you hear this. On my birthday, I went
to the crystal stores, yes, and I was like, I
want to get these crystals that she says for twenty
twenty four. Right. So I didn't bring the book in
with me, but I green thoughted it and as soon
as I walk in the very first display was high
a night.

Speaker 1 (53:23):
Hi night, look at this. I have a piece of
this does not is not normally up here. I have
a piece of Kainite that is the second crystal I
ever got, and it used to be larger than this.
I've dropped it. It's cracked and I love this. But
I have a piece of kind Night right here.

Speaker 2 (53:37):
So I walk in and that's right there, and she's like,
can I help you with something? And I was like, oh, well,
this is maggical because this is rare and this is
what I'm looking for.

Speaker 1 (53:47):
Yes, And this kaigh Night is amazing because first of all,
it does connect with the throat chakra, but it aligns
all the crystals and it's one of those special crystal
energies that doesn't need recharging. Most crystals really like to
be charged in different ways depending on the crystal. But
kyanite is self sustaining, which is also to me the

I mean, I chose it for multiple reasons, and there's
so many things in the I mean, the book is
very much channeled and conscious and also based in what
I know works with numbers and number codes in the
number of the year and each month and what that denotes.
But kinite is self sustaining, it's recharging organically, and the
eight energy and this year is expanding and contracting simultaneously

so rapidly that this crystal helps you ground in and
sustain more organically and in a very aligned way. So
of course that's the first one that's right there. When
you walked in.

Speaker 2 (54:47):
Divine t I, I mean, it's mad the goal like and
I even thought like, okay, I see.

Speaker 1 (54:52):
Thank you absolutely well. Thank you for sharing first of
all your light and your experience, and also for connecting
with me and printing out the guidebook. It uplifted me.
And when I saw it and you posted it, it
was like I started crying. I'd had that's we had
just put my I think I shared this with you.

We had just put my mom's dog to sleep. And
you know, it's been a year this month since my
mother passed away, and all of that stuff flooding up,
and it was like when I saw that what I
shared with you is the first thing that came to
me was my mom and Obie, her dog. And my
mom believed in numerology and at she had the whole

address numerology book underlined and you know, all the things,
and she totally got into the numbers and believed in
them and understood them. And seeing that printed out, it
was like my mom was with me and saying, Amanda,
you're on track, like you're doing what you're supposed to
be doing. So you gifted me this divine timing upliftment.

But also immediately I knew that my mom's hand was
in that and she would love that you printed it
out and did that because that just was her thing.

Speaker 2 (56:09):
Well, I'm sorry about your mom, and thank king, I'm
honored that you thought of her when I sent that.

Speaker 1 (56:16):
Yes I did. I thought of her and I was like, ah,
this is amazing, and you know I do. I miss
her so much, but she shows up in sometimes these
unexpected ways, like you printing out the guidebook. To me,
it was like she was just with me in that moment,

and I would have run to her bedroom and showed
her that. And I will tell you this. I showed
my husband because I was like over the moon, tickled
pink about it, and he was like and he's like wow.
He looked at you, like flipping the pages in your
post and he was like, wow, that's so cool she
did that, and he got really excited about it, and

my mom would have gotten excited, so you know, he's
a pretty linear guy. Sometimes he's a guy, you know,
like he he's a dude, but he gets the magic
and he got into it and was really he was like,
that's so cool. And so it's just it's how we connect.
It just shows us like human connection, divine connection, and

those are just examples of how working with numbers or
signs or your spirit animal, whatever it is that is
tracking for anyone out there this year, looking for it,
being available for it, and then harnessing it. And that's
what my intention for the guidebook really is to get
into the energies, to get personal with it, and then
see it through this more universal lens of we are

all interconnected, we are all one, and things are happening
that we can't humanly fathom, but we can glimpse them
and then we can call them into our own being
in whatever experience we're walking through, even like with you
at that doctor's appointment when you were afraid and you
were humanly having your moment because it was confronting and

there was upliftment and safety in it, and you're like, Okay,
I'm not alone.

Speaker 2 (58:08):
Yeah, I feel like I had to practice what I
preached a little bit.

Speaker 1 (58:13):
Well, which guess what. That's your energy of the four
this year, practice makes progress and so you saying, okay,
right now, I need to be snapped into believing in
something bigger. There's a divine plan. I don't know what
this is. I'm gonna be okay whatever I have to
walk through. God, you take this, guides, you take this spirit,
You take this and infuse something healthier into my perspective,

my humanness that gets to feel all the fields, but
infuse something greater into my awareness. So this is you know,
I am held up by these brilliant divine forces and
that is the magic. That's the miraculous and what we
are here for this year if we can get into

that resiliently and quickly. So I thank you for your
time and your energy and your gosh, your care bear
stare energy, I mean sunshine bear.

Speaker 2 (59:09):
I think you can publish a book though, I think
that's is part one, and you need to go to
publishing book.

Speaker 1 (59:14):
You know, it's funny because we do have numerologists out there,
but there are not a lot of great like here's
my go to numerology book, and I think address neurology
can be I can just take my address numerology and
create a whole numerology guide book that really can be helpful.
And so okay, I'm putting it out in the field

and divine time is going to be created for that
to happen.

Speaker 2 (59:39):
Yeah, and you're so relatable too, Like you know, I
don't want to say sometimes I can get a little
kookie or ever, but you're just like real and I
think that's why I'm so drawn c because I just
feel like I can relate to you so much.

Speaker 1 (59:53):
Well, thank you for that, Sarah, Like, thank you very much.
But for an Aquarius to say that you're relatable, like
you all are a little unique and quirky, we know
this about you. But also it makes sense to me
and I appreciate that, and I'm so grateful for the
connections and the listeners and the feedback that it's landing

and it's relatable because ultimately, to me, my spiritual journey
is about relating. It's about relating interpersonally, it's about relating
with the divine and it strengthened so many relationships in
my life. My intuitive gifts and abilities which can be
really off the wall and hard to relate, and I

can feel like a fish out of water. But I
find things show up and ways I can connect with
people that are interested in enriching their spiritual life in
whatever contacts, whether it's their religion, and it just enhances
whatever your belief system already is and expands it, so

you feel that embodiment of some thing greater. And I know,
for me on my journey, I have always been a
seeker and a searcher. And it took a real dark
night of the soul that I had been searching all
these mystics that have these profound experiences. It took me
coming to my knees and really surrendering and this kind

of divine surrender to actually feel the power of divine
source run through me and for me to know it
was meant to grow, and then to share it with
other people in a way that's practical and accessible and
freaking fun. Fun.

Speaker 2 (01:01:33):
Yeah you are fun.

Speaker 1 (01:01:34):
I like your energy.

Speaker 2 (01:01:35):

Speaker 1 (01:01:36):
Hey, everybody out there knows that. I was like, I
have to surround myself with fun people. That is an
important thing to me. So the fact that you're like, Amanda,
you're fun, I'm like, yes, you're fun.

Speaker 2 (01:01:45):
I love your podcast, So I'm thankful for you.

Speaker 1 (01:01:47):
You are a total joy. So happy to have Sarah
on today's episode. Remember to follow her on Instagram Grendel
Design co. Her excitement about numbers is amazing. I know
that you all felt it because I certainly did, and
it was so uplifting. Also, I love the examples she
gave in her personal life, and it's really a testament

to whatever you focus on grows and how that strengthens
and harnesses our point of attraction and numbers, just like
astrology or any other tool, oracle cards, whatever is resonating
with you, you're creating a stronger sense of self. And
this is such a powerful time for healing, especially with

this upcoming eclipse season that is about transformation. It's about
both the internal and the external world, which also goes
with the numerology of this year, the eight Numerology. I
also love that Sarah is changing her language to call
things magical instead of crazy. Those are the little things

we can do that actually just up level our consciousness,
get us more engaged with our own words and thoughts.
Plus I learned that from her. I mean, I've been
pretty mindful of words, but I'm human and I'm messy,
and I forget things and just that simple flip of
the script to me from oh my gosh, that's so

crazy to oh my gosh, that's so magical. It just
expands perspective, it expands energy. Definitely calculate your address numerology.
I will be posting a blog hopefully we'll get it
out this week so on soulpathology dot com. Be on
the lookout for that, and that will help you break
this down if you're a little bit confused. I tried

to break it down a bit, but I will post
a blog and then also be looking for an upcoming
podcast where I just talk address numerology and I'll give examples.
I'll break it down. I'll answer as many in and
out questions that you have. I wrote this book on
this a long time ago, and now it's out of print,
but I did a lot of book tour stuff and

answered so much Q and A. I can usually think
of most of the questions you all will have, so
hopefully I can do a good job of getting you
all the ins and outs and then you can play
with your address numerology and see some magic and see
some signs and synchronicities and also manifestation happen. Don't Forget.
If you're interested in joining us on May seventh and Austin,

Texas for the live event, go to my website soulpathology
dot com forward slash tickets. It is going to be
a magical evening. It will be intimate, and it will
leave you feeling empowered, better connected to your purpose, meaning
and your brightest path forward. Thanks for joining me. Be
well everyone,
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