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January 3, 2024 48 mins

As we transition from 2023 to 2024 there is a massive energy shift and while the energy is settling it can feel a little unsettling so go easy on yourself. January is a 9 month in numerology which signals a month of completion, integrity and surrender. 

On the 27th, all the planets will be stationed direct, so February may feel more like the start of the year to you! Don’t put any pressure on new goals & habits until it feels organic to you. 

Continue to wrap up any unfinished business this month- take accountability and action to clear your head and heart as we enter an 8 numerological year in 2024! 

The 8 represents the infinity symbol - there will be constant, fluid motion throughout the year as you strap into the roller coaster and ride the waves. In 2024 you will see transformation in real-time, day to day interactions. 

This year will be a year of gaining clarity -  when you are inspired vs when you don't have it in you; when you feel empowered vs disempowered. You have the ability to manifest in the year of the 8, a year that asks us to make things happen. It is a year of karmic debt payout so the quicker you look at challenges as an opportunity to heal and actively face them, the more resilient you will become and the quicker the healing will occur.

Homework for the Month: What word or two resonates as your theme for the year? What feels aligned with your growth and evolutionary aim? Write it down on a piece of paper that you won’t see every day but you may happen to stumble across occasionally to see how the word manifests as the year goes on. . 

Amanda shares her 3 takeaways for the year ahead: 

  • No doubt 
  • Jump off the diving board 
  • Don't play hookey 


Amanda’s crystal recommendation for 2024 is Malachite, a stone to help cleanse and clear your energy, aid in grounding, manifesting and finding clarity in your intuitive and psychic abilities.  

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Don’t forget: be easy on yourself and others, let things be organic, and just ride the waves and let it flow!

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi everyone, it's Amanda Riguer Green. Welcome to Soul Sessions
and twenty twenty four. You made it. We made it.
I know it may not feel like that yet. Go easy,
be easy on yourself and with yourself and with other people.
Because we are in massive transitional energies. It's always that

way as we shift from one calendar year to the next.
It's like a right of passage. And if you think
about times in your life that have felt like rights
of passage, more important times, like think about graduating from
high school and you know, kind of moving from being
eighteen years old into your early twenties. Those things happen
over time, even though there might be an event that

signifies it. It's organic. It's a phase, you evolve, you grow.
That's what January is like. There's a settling of energies
and they can feel unsettling. So if you've already jumped
into the year with two feet, tread water for a
little bit and go easy on yourself. Because there's this

real drive in the media and with people. Start this challenge,
do this thing. Start your weight loss goals, you know,
get into action. If that feels good to you, by
all means, go for it. If you have the energy
and the focus and the drive, and you really have
a sense of clarity, hey more power to you. Take

that energy and run with it. But if you're feeling tired, exhausted, wonky, uncertain,
and really struggling with your clarity, embrace that. And if
you remember, we're about to talk about numerology a little bit.
In the last episode of Soul Sessions for twenty twenty three,
the whole theme was unfinished business. And if you remember,

I said, there's going to be unfinished business in January,
and that's actually where the treasure is, finishing things up,
wrapping things up. So what unfinished business came up for
you in the end of December, what's still coming up
for you now? And what kind of action can you take?

What do you need to do to clean house? And
I like thinking of cleaning house around this as a
cleaning of the head and the heart. You know, if
there's an amends you need to make, if there's a
bill that's unpaid that you have the money in your
account for, or a bill that's unpaid that maybe you
don't have the money in your account for, can you

call that person or that vendor that you owe that
money to and say, hey, I don't have the money yet,
but I can pay you, you know, at this time.
So whatever action you can take in terms of unfinished business,
cleaning things up, do it. And that little stuff and
taking accountability lends us to a beautiful launch into twenty

twenty four's eight numerological year, because the eight is about action, traction, empowerment,
dynamic energy. But it is a year where there's a
lot of ebb and flow that can feel sometimes I
use the word sloshy because it feels very watery to me.

That's the best analogy I have to give you. And
when you think about it, and I've said this before
and you'll remember it when you turn the eight on
its side, it's the infinity symbol and the only two
numbers in numerology in the base energy. So the numbers
zero through nine, which are our building blocks of numerology,

the only two numbers that do not have a beginning
nor an end are the zero and the eight. And
the zero is like the god energy. It is the equalizer,
the quantum field spirit the universe. I mean that the
zero enhances and personifies. That's the energy of the zero,

the energy of the eight. It's this constant, fluid motion
and if you trace the infinity symbol with your finger,
that's what the energy will feel like. And the way
that that looks to me, I'm a real visual person
with analogies. But it's like a roller coaster. And here's
the deal with the eight. That's kind of cheeky, I'm

gonna call it. Is you know, when you go to
the theme park and you get on the ride, and
once they put the lock down and they pull the
lever back or hit go or whatever, you can't get
off the ride. Like they've started it and it's on
the tracks and you're moving along. You can't say, oh no, sir,
I don't want to do this anymore. I've changed my mind.
I mean, that's the thing about roller coasters is unless

there's some massive break in the roller coaster, which God forbid,
hopefully you have not experienced that, but we know that
that has happened. But once the rollercoaster, the lever goes down,
the safety lot goes down, and they hit go, it's
like you're going. So that's the energy of this year,
and it's fluid and there's momentum. So there's like this building, building, building, climax,

Oh my gosh, this is so scary and exciting, and
then you get back to the bottom and it's like climb, climb, climb, excitement, excitement, excitement,
and then there's this big crash. So the energy goes
from building, going driven, doing, enthusiasm, inspiration, Oh my gosh,
I did it. This is amazing, and then you get
excited and then all of that energy starts to dissipate

and you go down low and you're depressed and you're
exhausted and oh my gosh, what have I got to
do next? Oh my gosh, where's the inspiration gonna come from?
So it's really tricky energy because it's not intended to
trip you up. It's really intended to get you very
clear on when you're inspired versus when you don't have
it in you, when you feel empowered versus when you

feel disempowered. And the thing about the energy of the eight,
it's an energy of dichotomy. Empowerment is a big theme,
and there's this ability to manifest with the eight, But
if you're wanting to experience abundance or empowerment, you will
automatically experience some circumstances of the opposite. So if it's empowerment,

you will attract some dis empowering circumstances. If it's abundance
that you're wanting, and you can have both of these things,
you can manifest both of them too. But just get
ready be careful what you wish for kind of thing,
because if it's abundance, you're going to experience lack. And
I don't mean you're going to be destitute. But the
reason for this is it's almost like spirit and the

universe is playing with you, playing with us and saying, Okay,
you want abundance, girlfriend, Well I'm going to like remove
this client or I'm going to remove this source of
income for a little bit. And let's see how resourceful
you can get. Let's see if you believe you are
worthy of abundance, that you have the talents, the time,
the energy, the resources, the contacts to make something happen.

Because the Eight ask us to make things happen not
only through our mind and our emotions, but through our actions.
So inevitably we will experience the opposite of what we're
asking for. And it's the greatest opportunity of being aware.
Oh my gosh, I'm feeling disempowered or this circumstance or

this relationship or this job or this health issue is
really deflating me. It's exhausting me, and I'm feeling disempowered.
I can't find my own my momentum, my voice, my truth.
And when that happens, you go, Okay, I don't have
it in me today. I need help, or I need
to take a nap, or you know what, I need

to walk away from this scenario because I don't have
it in me. It's you using your resourcefulness and your practicality.
That's the other thing about the eight I think gets
missed is there's a practicality that comes with the eight,
meaning when you observe something, how can you take practical action?

And a lot of times that practical action is I
need to walk away from this. It's inaction. So again,
there's a kind of a paradoxical energy to the eight,
and it takes practice and awareness. And I've said this before,
and this is kind of like the cautionary tale for
the energy of the eight. Sometimes with the eight, you

can swing from high to low ten times in a day,
meaning you wake up on the sunny side of the bed.
Everything is great, You've got your schedule, plans, we make plans,
god laughs, kind of energy. And next thing you know,
you've forgotten your car keys and you spilled your coffee
on you. I mean, that's the simplest example I give.
But what happens with that is, well, I just go
back in the house. You know, I just tell somebody

I'm going to be late. It's not the end of
the world. I'm going to change my shirt. I'll get
there when I get there, and everything will be okay.
And so it creates resiliency. So it may create resiliency
five times in some days, which can feel like a
lifetime and exhausting. So the key is knowing when you're hungry, eat,
when you're tired, sleep. It's about being aware and being practical.

For example, on New Year's Day, I woke up and
I didn't have that jump out of bed, Oh my gosh,
it's New Year's energy. I don't typically have that anyway,
but I could feel like I felt really subdued, kind
of exhausted, a little bit, not confused, but lazy. And

I wasn't being lazy. I just was like, ugh, you
know what, I'm gonna get up. I'll journ a little bit.
I'll have my coffee. I feel a little groggy. My
husband and I went on a walk. I didn't even
feel like going on a walk, but I thought the
weather is crisp. This will be good for me, and
I felt more grounded and clear after the walk. But
I I didn't feel revitalized after the walk. I didn't

feel super motivated to start setting intentions and doing things.
So I did the next thing in front of me.
I took a shower, and we had a little party
to go to that was a potluck and my husband said,
you know what, when we go to this party, like,
we'll go, we'll connect with our friends. And he's like,
I really want to be home for this football game.
So he said we're just staying like an hour, hour

and a half and I said that's fine with me.
So we went. We had a nice time, and next thing,
you know, he's like, say you're goodbyes. You know, he
told me that like thirty minutes before we needed to go,
because he knows me because my goodbyes are not swift.
But he was like okay, He's like, I mean, say
you're goodbyes now so you can be ready to go
in thirty minutes. That's literally what he told me. But
we literally I think we were there an hour and

fifteen minutes. We had fun, we enjoyed everybody, and then
we came home and the rest of the evening, I
was like, I just want to be peaceful, and I
will tell you this, there was a just a downtime
and a relaxation that came with it. And I also
felt a little bit of disease. I wasn't irritable and
I wasn't agitated, but I kept feeling like I, quote

unquote should be doing something. And I could hear that
in my energy field and in my head, and I
know that comes up for me when I am sitting
and I was watching TV, and it was like I
kept wanting to reach for my phone, but I didn't
want to be on my phone. I didn't want to text,
I didn't want to get on the social media. But
it was like, but let me reach for my phone,

like something big was gonna happen or I needed to
be aware of something and I had I didn't. And
every time I would do that, I would be like,
I would laugh and I'd say, uh huh, sit here,
watch TV. A little mindlessness and feel uneasy, and guess
what I woke up on the second clear, revitalized, reinvigorated.

So that is a beautiful example to me of how
the energy this year can feel. You can go from tired, disoriented, confused, exhausted,
whatever it may be to you an hour later or
the next day or the day after that, all of
a sudden having a burst of energy. So the key

is when you get inspired, when you are motivated, when
you are focused, use it, use it or lose it.
My friends use it wisely and use it efficiently and effectively.
So it's definitely quality over quantity, because if you miss

the quality over quantity piece, you'll be exhausted. And it
won't just be from the output of energy or taking
action or making things happen, moving and shaken. It'll be
from in your downtime, not really allowing yourself to rest
in your downtime, not finding regeneration, not being soft and

gentle and easy with yourself. And there's a lot of
momentum and opportunity that comes through stillness and quiet. Even
if that stillness and quiet is freaking uncomfortable, it'll get better,
it'll get easier. So it's a year of fine tuning energy.
And remember the levers down on the roller coaster. We've

taken off from the station, so we're in it. But
remember whatever business, whatever you were letting go of, whatever
unfinished business you had that came up for you in
twenty twenty three, write that down, look at it and
say is there anything that needs to be fine tuned?
And I also implore you and suggest that you say, hey, spirit,

hey universe, I think this is my only unfinished business,
but I'm open for you to show me what else
is unfinished and lurking around the corner that I hadn't
seen yet. I mean, that takes balls, Like let me
just say, like, that's what's coming out. I'm like, that
takes balls, y'all. Like, sorry for the language, but that's
all that's what came through, meaning like, hey, you know what,

life hadn't been easy? Last year was hard, y'all. Like
last year was freaking run through the ringer tough like
it was. It was like not an easy year. And
I mean, y'all know, I dealt with some really personal
heavy stuff last year with my mom dying and those
sorts of things. I mean, sure, that was really hard.

But I mean I work with a lot of people
and I connect and I connect with energy collectively and personally.
I don't know many people that were like, oh my gosh,
I had the most amazing year. It was abundant, rewarding.
Now I tell you what, I have run into a
handful of people and I'm like, okay, well what are
you doing? What have you done? But most of them

had really been fine tuning and were very poised and
either their numerology and their astrology supported it. They had
been through harder times in the years prior, and everything
started to click. But for the most part, we were
all really stuck and stuck in our cells because it
was an introspective year. The seven is just that way.
I mean, it'd asked us to dig deep. And if

you don't feel like you created a consistent or a
healthy spiritual program, or you don't feel like you dug
deep last year, so what so what you're here now?
You always you know they say in yoga, if you've
taken a yoga class, every moment is a moment to
begin again. You know, Like, guess what, It's true. It's

totally true. Every moment is a moment to begin again.
So if you don't think you rolled up your sleeves
spiritually and did the work and the grunt work and
dug deep, it's okay. You can start now. And January
is an awesome month for that, because not only are
we in this eight year, which does have a lot
of traction and extraversion and action that is associated with it,

but we're in a nine month. Not only are we
in this eight year, which does have a lot of
traction and extraversion and action that is associated with it,
but we're in a nine month. So twenty twenty four

two plus zero plus two foot plus four equals eight.
That's how we get the eight universal year. And January
is the first month of the year, and we're in
an eight year universally, so eight plus one equals nine.
Nine is the number of completion. It's the number of
suiting up, showing up, and then letting go and letting God.
There's a tremendous amount of integrity that accompanies the energy

of the nine and surrender, which means the road freakin'
less traveled. It really says, Okay, what do I need
to do that I just don't want to do? But
when I do it, I know I'm going to feel
more empowered. I know I'm going to feel better about
myself for speaking the truth. I have a couple of
things on my plate, and I was waiting because I

was waiting for Mercury to turn direct, which it did,
whoop whoop January first, and it did it last night.
I mean I had all sorts of weird glitches and
things go on the last few days. I don't know
if you all did, but there was like Mercury. I
was like, quit tripping me out. I'm done, I'm over you.
But it was like, all right, let it flow. So
Mercury is station direct, and also Jupiter is direct. All

of the planets are direct except Urinus, and Urinus is
about dynamic shifts and changes. It kind of marries the
energy of the eight a little bit. In numerology, it
will station direct at the end of the month, I
believe on the twenty seventh. So once you're in a
station's direct, we will have all planets moving direct through

early April. So guess what, friends, not only in the numerology,
because February will be a one month, how do I
get that we're in an eight year? February is the
second month. Eight plus two equals ten, one plus zero
equals one. So one the initiator, new beginnings, pioneering spirit, courage, bravery,
fire starter, kind of energy. That's the one, and the

one is the beginning, and the one is the mighty
I am, I am fill in your blank. That's February,
and all planets are moving direct in the sky, So
February is gonna feel like the start of the year
more so than January does. So if you can't put

your finger on it right now, or you can't figure
out your intentions for the year, or if you're already
frustrated that you've you know, said I'm not going to
eat sugar this year, and you just binged on brownies
this morning for breakfast. I mean, like I did that
yesterday because we still had some brownies in the house
and I'm like they're gone now, but I did. And

that's like, so what you will start when it feels
organic to you. So see if you can give yourself
permission to be natural, be organic, And the best way
to do that is to say, hey, Universe, help me
show me. I'm open, I'm ready, and then I'm paying attention.

So that means when you're tired, find ways to rejuvenate,
to rest even if you have a full day. Can
you pause and take a few breath cycles? And y'all
have heard me say this before, I know. I shared
it on my Instagram and it's this breath cycle practice
that I love. And it's a four six eight inhalation

breath cycle. So what you do is you inhale for
four seconds, hold exhale four seconds, hold inhale six seconds,
hold exhale six seconds, hold inhale eight seconds, hold exhale
eight seconds, hold, and then if you feel like it,
you can repeat. But it resets the central nervous system.
It also gets you still in quiet for a little

bit of time, and that's a great way to reset.
So find creative ways to begin again to do your
yoga in life that will help you this year. So
one of the things that I want to give as
a little assignment and a little homework for this month okay,
not this week, not to get done right now today

unless it just brilliantly comes to you, and if it does,
totally reach out share it. The email is podcast at
soul Sessions dot me. So if something brilliant comes to
you in the next twenty four hours, you shoot me
an email because I want to know. I want to
share in your your clarity and your lightning bolt energy.
But pick a word or two for twenty twenty four

as your themes, and instead of really consternating on that
and focusing heavily, just say show me a word, like,
show me a word or two. Don't get too wordy.
I mean it could be a saying if you want
to saying, but really a word or two that resonates
with you, that you you feel is aligned with your growth,

your evolutionary aim. That is something that could be a
theme for the year that you would aspire to. This
is aspirational energy. I had a listener reach out and
she sent me the sweetest email and wanted to tell
me a few things that were going on and had
a really great question that I'm going to address that
I think will be helpful for everybody. She said that

at the beginning of twenty twenty three, she told her
husband and a few close friends that her word of
twenty twenty three was going to be healing. She said,
I've never been a big New Year's Eve resolutions person
or New Year's resolutions person, so I thought a word
would be more fitting for me, she said, And boy
did I receive that healing that I set out for

in twenty twenty three, she said. Hearing you talk about
numerology and twenty twenty three being a seven universal year
and all of the energy that the seven holds, seeking, searching,
diving deeper, all of that resonated with her, she said.
And she says after this year, she says, she's had
profound healing, and she feels more aligned with herself and

the journey that she started and will continue into twenty
twenty four. And I love that that it organically came
to her to choose a word and how that unfolded,
because I can bet you that, Lindsey and Lindsay, I
know she shared a few other things with me in
an email, but I can bet you anything that when

she said healing and that came to her, she was
probably thinking, you know, more along the lines of physical
health and well being. You know, we just don't know
what something means until the puzzle pieces cosmically and divinely
come together, and then we get to reflect and be like, wow,
that's what that taught me. WHOA, that's what that meant?

So instead of just scribbling down twenty five words and
circling your top two, ask for those to synchronistically show
up in your life and I'll tell you what. So
I did this before the podcast. I literally was like, well,
what are my words for the year? What is my word?
And I couldn't come up with a darned thing because
everything I was like, Eh, that's not it. Nah, that's

too obvious now, you know. It's like nothing resonated with me.
And so I said, all right, fine, I don't know
what the word is, just show me when it's time.
And I fully expected it to And here I'm having
an expectation on my intention, which is you know, but
in my mind, I thought, yeah, if I see it
next week, I'll know it. That's really the way I
let go of it. It was like, if I see

it next week, boom, I'll know it. I'll be driving
or somebody will say something. It wasn't. Ten minutes later,
I got an email and the two words were in
the title, like the subject line of the email. And
I'm not going to share them with you because I
think they need to germinate and resonate within me. And
I encourage you to do the same. But I have

to tell you what's funny is that email was not
some twenty twenty four or kick off, do this this,
you know this year, here's your you know, manifestation challenge
or whatever it might be. It was like a junk email,
like it was something that should have been in my
junk folder or spam. And both of the words were

When I saw them, I was like, Oh my gosh,
that's it. Those are the words. So I'm writing those down.
And that's what I would encourage you to do when
they come to you. And if they come to you
at the eleventh hour this month, so what they'll come
to you when they come, but a word or two.
When it comes to you, write it down, put it
in the front of one of your journals. I would
do that just so you see it occasionally. You know,

you don't need it in your face all the time,
so you see it occasionally. And I would also write
it on a piece of paper. I would fold it up,
and I would put it in a book or your
jewelry drawer, or in the drawer next to your bedside
table some way where you will accidentally find it again

later when you're not looking for it, and you don't
have to get too like thoughtful on that. Just literally
write it on a piece of paper, fold it up,
you know, write twenty twenty four and write your word
or two fold it up and go put it somewhere intentional,
but forget about it. And it's like as sending a
wish out, throwing a coin into a fountain. Do that

and see how it unfolds for you. See what happens
come the end of the year. And we'll revisit that.
But gosh, we got time one of Lindsay's other questions,
and she was talking about numbers. And I've actually had
this question come up two or three times from people,
and it's super curious. That's why I want to share
it with you all, she said. Lately, I've been working
on intentionally asking for signs. I keep seeing very specific

times on a clock and they all are birthday times, y'all.
I get this all the time from people. Oh my gosh,
I see my husband's birthday, or I see my birthday
on the clock, or I see my my son's birthday
or my grandmother's birthday. A lot of us get signs
through other people's significant dates like so not even our birthdays,

but other people that we care about their numbers. One
of the things I love about that first and foremost.
And I'll tell you what Lindsay's question is, and her
question essentially because she said she sees her birth her
husband's birthday all the time. His birthday is August thirteenth.
And she said, I see eight thirteen or eight thirteen pm.
And she said sometimes both on the same day, like

eight thirteen am eight thirteen pm. She said, do you
have any guidance, you know what small things could this indicate.
Here's the thing, first of all, and I say this
all the time, and it's something that is really simple
but profound, is whenever we notice repeating numbers, whether it's
eleven eleven or two thirty three or eight thirteen, whenever

we notice them and we notice them again and again,
it's snapping us into conscious awareness and saying we are
on track, we are aligned with something. Pay attention. The
signs are always there, they're accessible. So without perfectly knowing
the meaning, it's about knowing you get that. It's deeper
than what exactly does this mean. It's I know, I

know I'm aligned, I know something is connected. I know
something bigger is going on. I know, I believe, I trust. Wow,
Oh my gosh, this is so crazy, this is bizarre.
That's part of it. It's that transcendent quality in the
every day and noticing it and having that spark run
through you. The thing I love about this being her

husband's birthday. And like I said, I've had numerous people
reach out with the same circumstance of the numbers and
a significant other someone's birthday that they love. Couple of things. One,
it gets us out of ourselves and I know that
sounds kind of like what you know, that's boring, but

it gets us out of our own head and everything
is about me and what does this mean for me?
And it gets us into thinking about someone else, someone
we are intricately connected to. And I tell you what.
You might see somebody's birthday that you don't care too
much for, or they've hurt your feelings, or they're your

you know they have really done something, and you shut
them out of your life like it may not feel good,
but you've noticed it and you're telepathically on the same
wavelength as them. So that's one indication is that there
is an invisible chord connecting you to that person. And
if it is someone you care about and love and

you see that boom, it's a reminder to love them well,
to tell them you love them, to show them you
love them, to reach out and connect, reach out and communicate.
But all so to say, oh my gosh, you're not
going to believe this. I keep seeing your birthday everywhere
and it blows my mind. And it just means that
you're with me, You're close to me, sharing that stuff

with the people we love, and because they happen to
be included, that part is really one intricate piece to it.
The other thing is and like I was saying, if
it has to do with someone that maybe you have
a strained relationship with, it may be signaling you that
you've got some chords attached. You've got some quote unquote

unfinished business, some healing to do, which means, you know,
forgiveness isn't always so much about the other person as
it is about ourselves. And we have these energetic chords
attached to us with people, especially in relationships that are
very a messed or intertwined, that can become or feel karmic.
And I'm going to talk about karma in a minute,

because the eight has a lot of karmic energy attached
to it. So Lindsay's question is so interesting and divinely aligned.
So if it is a number that resonates with somebody
that maybe you've got some healing to do with or around,
it's where can you clear that energy? Sometimes it's not

safe to go physically making amends or have a dialogue
or have a discussion because you either may not be ready,
you may not want to, or it's just unsafe. It's
more about can I pray about this? Can I ask
for divine support? Can I ask for this to be
healed organically? Because I don't want to carry around any
of this weight, and I don't want chords attached to me,

energetic chords that are limiting my ability to experience freedom, joy,
greater happiness, greater peace. So it may be reminding you
to cut chords, that is one thing, if there is
kind of an ick factor that comes with it, But
it's also asking you to focus on some of that

dinner and figure out what your role is. And that's
what you have control over your attitudes, actions, and behaviors.
And I know for me, both amends and forgiveness and
this is going to sound backwards and maybe even selfish
to you, but they're not about the other person. They're
about me, and it's about healthy selfishness. It's about me

cleaning my side of the street, me doing what I
need to do in order to step into integrity, to
be better, to heal, to grow, and to be able
to hold my head up high, whatever that looks like.
So just think about that a little bit and how
that may come up for you, because that really does
track with the energy of the nine. So Lindsay, thank

you for reaching out. And I also sent Lindsay a
voice memo just about her husband and some other things
that came up because there were some specific things that
were coming up for her and with her husband's energy
and her energy, and it totally tracked. So if you
do have someone else, like some numbers that are coming
up that belong to someone else significant in your life,

dig deep and be like, show me a sign, what
is this? Actually? I know that it means something I know,
but I'm ready to understand and get more clarity around it.
Have fun look for the signs because they will appear.
One thing I want to say regarding all of this

is we are better equipped now in twenty twenty four
to respond to questions and we want your questions. We
welcome your questions, and I want to be able to
share them on the podcast because you will send great
stuff and have good insights and practices and spins on
things that I wouldn't even think about that I think

will be relevant to everybody out there. So if you've
got questions or comments or feedback, definitely pass it along.
We're going to be better about responding and we're more equipped.
It's podcast at Soul Sessions, do me so on upcoming episodes,
we will start sharing a listener question or two that
really resonates to the With the whole, I want to

go back to one more thing as it relates to
the energy of the eight and karma. All right, don't
freak out about this because it's not freaky. It's just
it's just true. It's not freaky, it's just true. Okay.
So the eight is like a year of karmaic debt
and it's a year of karma payout. So remember how

I talked about the eight really generates a lot of
abundance and then it can also generate lack with the karma.
It's like it's a year of unfinished business where if
anything in your energy field where you have misstepped, you
have mistreated, you have been unkind, you haven't been the
best version of yourself that you know deep down needs

to be addressed, It will come back up. And I
don't mean literally, people or circumstances will repeat or show up.
They might, but it's more like you're balancing the energy
field this year. So where you've done well, where you've

been generous, where you've been kind when you didn't need
to be, or given back or done the work or
dug deeper spiritually worked on your growth and healing, that
stuff tends to pay out in unexpected ways. But we
will be shown where we are deficient or where maybe

we have slipped, and it could be from this lifetime
or it could be from other lifetimes. So it's not
anything to be afraid of. But here's how I like
to look at it. Any challenges that I face this year,
whether they're relationship challenges, financial challenges, anything that comes up

that is painful or hard or create struggle and suffering.
Instead of saying, ugh, why is all this happening to me,
the better perspective and attitude is how can I clear this,
how can I heal it? Whatever it is? I'm not
going to sit in the self pity or this isn't
fair or I've worked so hard, I've been so good.

Why is all this stuff happening to me? Poor, pitiful me?
Because I can do that. I'm like, this is I mean,
you're talking to the libro. This isn't fair, you know, like,
this isn't fair. And it's kind of one of those
years where yeah, you can be a human for a
minute and have your little pity party and stomp your
foot like a five year old. Go ahead, do it,
let the energy run through you. But then say, how

do I get into action to heal this? What do
I need to do to mend fences or clean up
my side of the street, because whatever this is, boom,
I want to level up through it. I want to
right this wrong. And again, it's not anything to be
fearful of. It's more like like I'm bucking up and
I'm gonna freaking do the work. Because the quicker you

look at challenges or obstacles or pain and suffering as
an opportunity to heal, to reconcile to go deeper, to
flip the coin or flip the script on it and
actively face it. The more resilient you will come. And boom,

the quicker the abundance, the quicker the healing. And listen
when I'm saying the pain and suffering, you know, if
you are struggling with a loved one who is sick,
or something really heavy and challenging happens this year, because
because life froze stuff at us. This is not me saying, oh,
you did something bad, this is your fault. Okay, So

don't be confused by that, because y'all, life happens, and
sometimes heavy stuff happens in life. We all know what
that feels like. I mean, I can list out traumatic
and painful circumstances, and I mean I'm snickering about it now,
but I'm not minimalizing it in any way. So I
also want you to remember, with a really gentle heart,

if you experience some really heavy, challenging stuff this year,
it's not your fault. You didn't cause this, you didn't
do something wrong, You're not deficient in any way or
bad or any of that stuff. No, whatever is coming
at you is coming at you, so you can heal,
you can recognize your empowerment, your importance, and also that

guess what, you're not alone. Sometimes. For me, when the
most challenging things have happened in my life so far,
it's how I've learned to ask for help, and how
I've learned to let people love on me, and how
I've learned to trust. Those aren't small things like this
year with my mom. This last year, I have closer

relationships with my half siblings as a result of that,
and I know they love me, and I know I
can ask them for help, and I know I can
be honest about where I am at any given point
and they're still going to be there. Like I really
inherently did not fundamentally understand or know that until this
last year. And it's not that they had done anything

to confuse that in me. It was my own fear,
you know, of certain things. But now I know better
what love is, and what love is from family and
asking for help and being vulnerable in deeper ways than
I ever have. So I didn't do anything to cause
my mom being sick, but it is what did I

do when she was sick? How did I show up?
And when I showed up messy, and this is the
perfect energy of kind of the karmic energy the eight.
When I showed up messy when my mom was sick,
I've really done a lot of healing work to make
amends where I needed to, whether it's to my mom
beyond in the grave on the other side or to

people in real life. Time is not linear, so I
know I just went deep with that. But that's kind
of the energy of the Eight. It can be a
really transformational year, and it happens through in real time,
day to day interactions out in the world. Unlike last year,
which was way more introspective and private, this year it's

like you may feel like you're on display. The last
theme I'll leave you with because a couple of things
came to mind for the energy of the eight is
no doubt like that came up for me. It's like, hey,
I don't want to doubt myself. Self doubt is a
freaking killer in the energy of the eight. So insecurity
and self doubt will keep you in like a dog

chasing your tail. Kind of energy in a vortex and
a matrix that is spinning counterclockwise, and that is really
confusing to get out of so no doubt. It's like
no fear, no doubt. You know, where can I heal
the doubt? Where can I heal the insecure? And it's
also a jump off the diving board kind of year.
Do you remember when you were younger, the first time
you ever jumped off the diving board. We had a

diving board at one point, so I remember jumping off
of that. But I remember going to the pool with
some friends, like the community pool or club pool or
whatever it was, and they had a diving board and
they had like a big diving board and then they
had a high dive, and I remember jumping off the
bigger diving board and I was probably like four or something,
but I remember climbing all the way up there and

kind of standing at the end and it was kind
of like, you know that feeling of WHOA, this is
kind of far down, Like I know how to swim,
I'm a good swimmer, but this is far down. This
is a jump off the diving board kind of year.
Like you're gonna be a little afraid, you're gonna be iffy,
but it's a risk and reward kind of year. It's
make a freaking big splash kind of year, jump off
the diving board and be like, oh my gosh, I

did it. That was amazing. Can I do it again?
I mean, because that's what I remember happening when I
jumped off the diving board. After I did it, and
my heart sank and leapt and all those things. I
got out of the water, I swam to the side
and I ran around and did it again and again,
and then I don't know when I jumped off the
high diving board, but it wasn't that day. I didn't
jump off the high diving board that day. So you
don't have to overdo it, you know, you don't have

to do the low diving board in the high diving
board in one day. But it's a jump off the
diving board kind of year and make a big splash,
make a big impression. One more thing that's coming up,
because it's like a handful of things are and we'll
we're going to do a part two to this episode
because there's so much. There's so much with the eight
that I want to teach you and share with you,

and that I think you'll better see as of course
as the year rolls on, because you're going to start
noticing it within yourself, and I want to hear your feedback.
But don't play hooky. And what I mean by that,
remember how I said, if you're tired, sleep, if you're
hungry eat, definitely chop wood, carry water. But when you
wake up and you're you've got work, or you've got life,

or you've got responsibilities, and you're just like, oh, I'm
not feeling it today, get up and say give me
the energy. You know what, I can show up for
this and maybe I can scratch this off my list today,
or maybe I can ask someone to help me out,
you know, make this day easier even if my energy
feels a little bit depleted. So what that means is

don't play hooky for life or what's in front of you.
But you don't have to be in overdrive. You don't
have to be in overachiever mode, because that's where my
fallback is. I don't sometimes I don't get the good
enough is good enough energy because it's perfectionist, overachieving, overdoing, overdrive.

And this is the kind of year that you will
run out of freaking gas in two or three or
four months if you're in overdrive all the time. So
It's like, if you wake up, don't play hooky, meaning
don't just not go to work now. Listen, take a
wellness day. If you need to plan some wellness days.
You know, I'm going to take a Friday off just
because why not, and I'm going to run errands, you know,

or just go do stuff in life that is really
conscious and conscientious. But if you need to take the
day off because you really don't feel well or something
is going on, okay, take the day off, but don't
shy away from life because you're so depleted and exhausted.
Ask for unseen help, ask for resources, ask yourself how

the day can be more fluid and flexible without you
feeling like you have to overperform, overachieve and be an overdrive.
I'm super excited for the year. I've got a surprise
coming that I'm thrilled about. I have created a twenty
twenty four guidebook and it's all focused around the energy

of the Eight. So it has all the details of
the eight, the high vibrations and the obstacles. It has
the overview the spiritual energies. It's got crystal recommendation intentions.
And then I will also in that guidebook, and I'm
still fine tuning it because I'm feeling the energies. This
is an example of you know, I didn't write this

last year, even though I'm pretty familiar with the energy
of the eight I've been doing this a while, I've
done my own research. I'd do it with clients. I
see it, I feel it. I didn't want to just
write it before and publish it. So I'm still working
on it, and I hope it'll be published in the
next week, so you'll be able to download a copy.
But the great thing about it is it has the overview,
It'll have journal prompts, intentions, It's very straightforward, very clear,

great roadmap, and then it'll do like a play by
play January through December with things to look for in
the numerology code for January, couple of journal prompts and
an intention and a crystal recommendation. So it's going to
be simple, straightforward, comprehensive, and it will navigate you through
this year. So if you're not on my newsletter list,

go onto soulpathology dot com sign up for the newsletter
because that's an easy to stay up to speed. I
don't send many newsletters out two a month every now
and then three, so it's not bombard people with that stuff,
but that's a great way or hopping on social media
on Instagram at soul pathology dot com. And I'll leave
you with a crystal recommendation. How about that. If there

was one crystal that I had to pick for the
Energy of twenty twenty four, hands down, it's malakite. Malakite.
Malakite is this incredible greenstone that's really striking to look at,
and it's got these beautiful different hues of green. It's
a stone that resonates with heart chakra, but it is

also a beautifully energetic stone that helps cleanse and clear
your energy. It reduces electromagnetic frequencies that we pick up
on in the body, so all of the unnatural bluetooth
and frequency waves were getting bombarded by all the time.
It helps clear the energy around us and fine tune,

stabilize and harmonize with a resonance the energy within us.
So it's really helpful anytime, but I think it's a
great stone for this year. It's also a wonderful manifestation stone,
which is a big theme of the energy of the
eight Your thoughts and your emotions and your actions truly,

truly can manifest an abundant reality or a challenging one.
And malakite helps not only ground but elevate your energy field.
So it's grounding and elevating simultaneously, so it creates this
beautiful resonance and alignment. It's heart centered, so it comes

from a place of it kind of finds tune your
sense of unconditional love. It also is a stone of abundance,
and I find with malakite there's a tremendous amount of
clarity in your intuitive and psychoab It's a very psychic
stone because it clears the radio frequencies and energetic electromagnetic

frequencies around the body and creates this deeper cohesion and resonance.
It clears the mind and your consciousness and integrates higher
consciousness with your human consciousness. So boom synchronicities happen faster,
boom insites, boom clarity. I love malachite for that reason.

All right, everyone, I wish you all a beautiful beginning
to January, and may you be easy, easy on yourself
and easy on others. Let it be organic. If you're
not feeling it, don't do it. If you've got a
surge of energy, go for it. Ride the waves. Remember

we're on the roller coaster and they've hit go, so
you're on this roller coaster for a while. Why not
let it flow and enjoy it. There's a lot of
fluidity to receive this year, a lot of opportunity to
manifest abundance and to make your mark. But it's about stamina,

and it's about the longer game, not immediate gratification. So
be patient and easy with yourself where you can. I
am looking forward to some feedback. Any questions or any
insights you have, definitely share them with us, and we
will be back next week with a part two and
we will fine tune some of the energies of the
eight and I have some other recommendations and practices that

I think will support you all as you transition through
January and then boom we hit February and hit rams up.
All right, Happy New Year, everybody,
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