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September 13, 2023 61 mins

Do you believe that numbers have meanings and energies beyond their mathematical functions? Do you want to learn how to decode the numbers that appear in your life and discover their messages for you? 

Join Amanda as she dives into the fascinating world of numerology, the ancient science and art of interpreting the hidden meanings of numbers. 

In this episode she’ll discuss:

  • The energy of numbers and how they affect our lives
  • The characteristics and challenges of each number from 1 to 9
  • How to calculate your attitude and life path numbers
  • Can you calculate the energy of the day? 
  • Changing the energy in your home with address numerology


Numbers open a sacred door for Amanda - numerology has helped her develop her intuition and helps her tap into the unconscious soul.

Amanda will explore the basic building blocks of numbers from 0 to 9, and how they relate to different aspects of our personality, destiny, and life path. 

She’ll also teach us how to calculate our attitude and life path numbers, and what they reveal about our strengths, challenges, opportunities, and lessons. She’ll also give us some tips and tricks on how to use numerology as a tool for guidance, validation, and empowerment.

Whether you’re new to numerology or already familiar with it, this episode will help you unlock the secrets of the numbers around you and tap into their wisdom and power!


Numbers are everywhere…when you learn to find the harmony and balance of our energies, our frequencies- the numbers around us, magnificent things can happen!!

September Numerology Blog: The Capstone Month:

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi everyone, it's Amanda riger Green. Welcome to Soul Sessions.
I am over the moon excited for this conversation and
dialogue because we're going to talk about numerology. Numerology is
not only one of my love languages, it is so
inherent to my soul. I get numbers, and I tell

you what, I'm not the greatest at math. I did okay,
I did well in math in school. But it's not
about the math of numbers. For me. It's about the
energy of numbers. And that's what the science of numerology is.
It's the energy of numbers. Just like we have the
twelve zodiac signs, and they have personality traits that are
both uplifting and beautiful and also challenging. The numbers are

the same. And when I talk about the numbers, the
basic building blocks of numbers are the numbers zero through nine.
Those are your fundamentals. So there are ten energies and
really it's the numbers one through nine. And I'm going
to go through the numbers a little bit later and
share their personality traits, their characteristics and energies with you
and how to work with them a little bit better.

But first I want to dive into numerology. Inherently, numerology
is ancient if you think about it.

Speaker 2 (01:20):
Well, first of all, numbers are everywhere. We all know this.
We see them, whether it is.

Speaker 1 (01:24):
The address at our house, our birthday, it's on our
driver's license, our phone number, the speed limit, the clock.
The numbers are everywhere, and there are sequences and codes.
Pythagoras is the father of geometry and numerology, but he
also studied harmonics, and he looked at numbers and harmonies

of energies and frequencies and vibrations, and he associated those
with numbers. Geometry sacred geometry at that so he looked
at the beauty, the harmony, the poetry, the interplay, the dialogue,
the conversation. I mean, you can tell I get fired
up about this because it's I told you, it's my
love language. And numbers light my fire. And when I

see them, I connect with them. And the most amazing
thing for me is numbers helped me with my intuition.
So I hope that today the information I share with
you as a resource, as an inspiration and a tool
and a technique, will give you some ideas. And because
we see numbers everywhere, We have opportunities all the time

to decode energy, to tap into something deeper. It's simple,
and it's fun, it's playful, but it's also validating and true.
There are hundreds of incredible numerologists out there. And again,
it's an ancient science.

Speaker 2 (02:44):
Think about it.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
Numbers show up in all of our religious texts, ancient
civilizations and cultures. Numbers are significant and important, and of
course they're in science, but they're in religious traditions, they're
in philosophy. Numbers are everywhere. When we know our numbers,
we can better understand ourselves. Let me start at the beginning.

I can remember this is probably I'm thinking it was
around two thousand and six, two thousand and seven, and
I've shared this story before, but it was an eye
opening moment to me. And I know exactly where I
was and when I don't know about you, but when
I know, when I remember something poignantly, the specifics, the energy,
the feel, the vibe. There's something magical about points in

time that are significant, and this is a significant point
in time of recognition in my life, of energy, of
knowing something, of tapping into something deeper that I inherently knew,
or remembered wherever that memory came from, deep down in
my DNA, my soul, past lives, whatever it was, it
activated something in me. I was driving between Tucson and Phoenix.

I was on a business trip. I was in a
rental car and there were serious XM radio and I
was listening to an innerview with a woman named Glennis mccantz.
She is an incredibly gifted numerologist. She's pretty famous, and
she's tons of fun. I'm listening to this interview with her,
and she's talking about numbers, and she's reading people and

taking callers, and I was fascinated by the dialogue. But
something was really familiar in that dialogue. To me, I
understood it. I knew it. It felt comfortable. I don't
know how to explain it, but I just knew. And
I know you all get that when you just know
something you know and it was familiar. But she was
taking callers and they would give their birth date, and

then she would start talking about their numbers and their
birth date and who they were. She'd start doing readings
for them. But before she would start doing the reading,
somebody would give their birth date and she would do
a calculation and she would basically look at either what
we call the attitude number or their life path number.
And I'll talk a little bit about that later and
I'll share with you how you can calculate it. I

also have a blog. It's called September the Capstone in numerology.
It shows you how to calculate your attitude number and
how to look at the energy of this month. So
it's all there. I'll direct you to your resources. But
she was calculating those numbers. When she started doing that,
and she would say, oh, this person is an eight

attitude number. Before she would start talking about them, I
would know what she was going to say. I would
start reading into the energy of the person and the eight,
and innately I knew the eight is the energy of empowerment.
It's the it's a bold number, it's a number of leadership.
It's a number of risk and reward. It's a number
of high high energy and low low energy and learning

to balance that out. Would I have been able to
state that perfectly and repeat that back to that person
on the radio in two thousand and six or seven. No,
But when she was saying this, and then she would
repeat back energies that I knew I wanted to pull
over to the side of the road because multiple times
I was not paying attention to driving because I was

so enthralled with the dialogue.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
But my fire was lit up. I got it.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
I got the numbers, and I would hear her in interviews,
I researched her, I read her books, and I didn't
do it very diligently at the time, but I remember
there was a familiarity and a spark was definitely ignited
that I knew numbers. I got the energy of numbers,
and it would be years later when I opened up

to my psychic and intuitive gifts. When I asked someone
for their birthday, it wasn't to look at their son's
sign or their astrology. I knew fundamentally when I would
look at someone's birthday, the entire number code, the month
they were born, the day they were born, the year
they were born, and I would start to look at
the numbers that I wrote down on the page. The

numbers would start telling me a story, and very quickly,
from the basic code of someone's birth date, I would
tap into the essence of their soul. So the numbers
for me helped me shift into an unconscious or an
altered state. It's almost like that's what trances me out.
I look at a number, or I ask for a number,

or I hear a number. And nowadays I don't have
to do that, but I love to do that. It's
how I ground in, I focus in or hone into
someone's energy. The numbers basically open up a sacred door
for me, a code for me that is familiar and safe,
and they give me something to play with and a framework, certainly,
but it's basically what ushers me into this ability to

connect with someone's essence. So that's really the origin of
numerology for me. And I'm excited to share with you
the basics and the fundamentals. And we're going to go
through the numbers first. So this is definitely an episode.
Once you're able to calculate your numbers, you can go
back and you can listen to the energies and it's
a ton of fun. The correlations you may draw and

what you're able to deduce about yourself or also work
with in the energies. That may be certain characteristics and
attributes that you innately exhibit that you know about yourself.

Speaker 2 (08:07):
So let's start with a number zero.

Speaker 1 (08:08):
The number zero and the number eight are very connected
because they're the only two numbers in the single digit
numbers that do not have a beginning, nor do they
have an ending. If you draw a zero, it does
not stop or start. If you draw the eight and
you turn it on its side, it's the infinity symbol.
Those are the only two numbers that have an infinite

quality to them. Obviously, the eight is the infinity symbol,
but the zero, the zero is the zero point field,
the god energy, the source energy. It is the great equalizer.
It is the great enhancer of energy. It's the neutralizer.
It is the beginning of an ending. It is the
circle of life. When you draw a circle on your

piece of paper, it is all inclusive and whole. It
doesn't begin or end. It is the framework, this energy
that radiates a sense of oneness or wholeness. And that's
the energy of the zero. In our attitude numbers and
our life path numbers, we do not have the zero
as a fundamental base number. But I wanted to talk

about the zero because anytime you're out and about in
the world and you see a one or a seven,
or you see an eleven and a you know one eleven,
one one zero. Let's say that you see the number one,
one zero, if you're seeing that number eleven, and we'll
talk about master numbers. I'll close with master numbers, or

maybe we'll do a bonus episode because it totally deserves that.
But when you see the number zero attached to anything,
it's like pay attention because the energy is special, it's unique,
it's amplified, it's magnified. So when you see a zero
attached to any number, it's amplified. It's it's not like
an exclamation point. It's more like it's enhanced. Enhancement is

probably the better word for that. So that's what the
zero is. All right, Let's dive into the numbers. All right,
let's dive into the numbers. Think about this really, literally,
the numbers one through nine. If the number one starts

things out and the number nine wraps things up. One
is about beginnings. Nine is about completions. That's where we'll start.
If you hold up your index finger, the number one
one literally means number one. It is the beginning. It's
the great initiator. It's the number of the individual. Even
greater than that, it's about your mighty I am. It

is all about III, me me, me, And that's one
of the challenging or low vibes of the one, A
little bit of selfishness, self centeredness.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
I want to be the center of attention.

Speaker 1 (10:54):
I I I. Yes, that is the energy of the one.
But the one is the number one. It's the pian.
It's the initiator, and it takes charge. Does it finish
things always Nope, Because it initiates, it starts. It needs partnerships.
And we'll talk about partnerships in a second. Because the
numbers are sequential. When you have the number one, the
number after it builds on the lesson and we'll get

to the number two. But with the number one, and
if you have a one energy predominant in your birth date,
we will calculate later. It really says I am a leader.
I take charge, I raise my hand, I jump in,
I jump into life. Doesn't mean that I'm not scared
or afraid or hesitant, but I jump in and I

do things. I initiate things. What do I need to
know about myself? I don't have to.

Speaker 2 (11:42):
Do this alone.

Speaker 1 (11:44):
I can ask for help. I am fill in the blank.
I am strong, I am whole, I am worthy, I
am capable. And when the one energy is out of
its feeling alone or isolation, or selfishness or self centeredness,
when it amplifies that energy and becomes inclusive, when it
becomes one with its energy environment, it's partnerships, its relationships,

its job, it's family. The one is really holding space
in the highest vibration, So that's the energy of the one.
After that we go to.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
The number two.

Speaker 1 (12:20):
So if the one is about the individual, the two
is about partnership. It's about relationship. If you draw a
two on your piece of paper, the top of the
two is rounded and the bottom is like a base.
So the numbers actually visually are very reflective of their energies.
Remember how I drew the zero and the eight, and
they don't begin or in. The one is very masculine,

it's the initiator, it's exertive. The two has feminine and
masculine qualities of it because it's got that rounded energy,
and then it has that base at the very bottom
that's angular. The two is about relationships. It's about balance,
it's about harmony, it's about partnership. It's about meeting in
the middle. It's about justice, fairness, it's also extremely intuitive.

It's a very sensitive energy and so sensitive that it
wears its heart on its sleeve. It gets its feelings hurt.
But it's learning to be able to relate to others.
It's about relationship.

Speaker 2 (13:20):
Who am I?

Speaker 1 (13:21):
That's the number one and when you add another digit
to it, when you say one plus one equals to
who am I? And how do I relate? To fill
in the blank the people in my life, my job,
my health, my friends, whatever it may be.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
Who am I?

Speaker 1 (13:37):
And how do I relate? And also what are other
people teaching me? And with the sensitive energies of the two,
the intuition, the empathy that comes with the two two's
are deep feelers. Two is not a fast and furious number.
One fast, furious out of the gates. Two is more
about flow and balance and harmony and finding the middle ground.

Speaker 2 (13:59):
So some times when.

Speaker 1 (14:00):
We have energy, a heavy energy of two in our field,
it can feel like stopping and starting hurry up and
wait energy. It's a number of learning patients and it's
a number of learning that our sensitivities are something that
we can harness rather than take personally. When we're sensitive,
when we feel something, when we get our feelings hurt

when we overly analyze what somebody is thinking of us, worrying.

Speaker 2 (14:27):
About that stuff.

Speaker 1 (14:28):
Those are vibrations of the two that you want to say,
wait a minute, what am I learning from this? What
are they reflecting back? And how can I become stronger
and better express myself while also being collaborative, being in relationship.
That's the energy of the two and again practicing patients,
trusting the flow of things, Trusting you get to be

one part and that the other, whether the other is
another person, an experience, a job, a family member, or
the other is the divine. The other is how do
I relate to my divinity? And that's actually reflected more
so in the master number eleven. The number eleven, when
you reduce it down to its base frequency, that's the

two and the eleven is about tapping into the material
and the spiritual world and bringing those two down to
the earthly plane. So it's very very intuitive energy. All right,
let's talk about the three. So if the one is
about individualism, THEII, the two is about relationships, the three
is about what is created from the relationship. So the

three is literally the creator, the creative spirit, the communicator,
the broadcast journalist. The three is also I call the
three the tap dancer because they're very expressive. They're very social.
They're out and about in the world. They have tons
of affiliations, associations, acquaintances, relationships. Can they be a little

bit superficial and put on the show that they want
you to see? Absolutely they can because they're perf farmers.
They're meant to perform, they're meant to be on stage,
they're meant to broadcast their message, their voice out into
the world in very creatively expressive ways. The three gets
its intuition, and all of the numbers are intuitive, by
the way. Then one is very instinctual, the two is empathic.

The three is the clear cognizant. And if you've heard
me talk about clear cognizance, it's like we get these insights,
these genius ideas downloaded to us usually when we're connecting
and interacting and talking. It's like the creative genius that
when it's on its feet and it's strategizing and organizing connection,
connecting and communicating, it gets brilliant ideas. So it gets

those ideas through collaboration with the energy of the three.
The biggest lessons for the three are learning their voice,
trusting their voice, and using that voice authentically. So inherently
it's about your yes meaning yes, and your no meaning no.
Have you ever been out about in the world and
you've got a ton of stuff on your plate. You

run into a friend and they're like, Ah, it's so
good to see you. And you chitchat a few minutes
and they say, oh, my gosh, we're going out on
Thursday and we're going to do X, Y and Z.
You should totally come, and you're like, oh, i'd love to,
that'd be great. And then you get in your car
and you're going home and you think, oh, my gosh, Thursday.
I was planning on going home and having a relaxing
evening and I have things to do and I just

said yes to this, and I don't want to do that.
I want to hang out with them, but I don't
have time. I want to be home and I want
to do this. The energy of the three is learning
a little bit of hesitation, because it's very eager. It's
so expressive that sometimes it'll say yes or no in
the moment, and it doesn't take that hesitation moment, that

opportunity to reserve or conserve its energy, to step back
and say things like thank you for asking me. That
sounds amazing, Can I get back to you. So really
learning to step back and not necessarily always say yes
or no or create a definitive response in the moment,
to really step back and process something and even use

their logic and be able to say, wait a minute,
do I have time for this? Do I want to
do this? Is this a good use of my time?
So they're learning discernment and when they learn to really
listen to their voice, slow down just a little bit.
When they speak, they are heard, people listen to them.
They command their space and attention. And when they're authentic

and not putting on a show just to garner attention
or give the energy that they think someone needs from them,
When they are truly in their light, they are capable
of influencing and expressing themselves in ways that are so
profoundly powerful, and that is their innate gift. Now, if
we move on to the four, and if you draw

a four on your piece of paper, it's totally masculine.
It looks like a grid almost, it almost looks like
a four point quadrant. The four is very angular. It
is all about organization, process, getting everything in its right space,
and finding quality oriented action. Fours are very goal oriented.
They like to stream like line things. They're analytical, they

are practical. They want to figure out every moving part
and assimilate it into the best and most ideal, clearest,
quality oriented path forward. However, the four can be so
analytical and so structured. They're very structured. It's all about
building a solid foundation with the four. Am I standing
on solid ground? Is everything in its right space? And

am I executing it in the best way possible. That's
the energy of the four. The challenge that goes back
into this is being rigid, being overly controlling, and also
getting so darn lost in the details that it becomes
analysis paralysis. Because they're analyzers. They're good with numbers, they're
good with logistics schedules, they're calendar mavens, they're box checkers.

I love the energy of the four, by the way,
I love all the numbers for so many reasons. But
when I am wanting to gra bound in and get
something done and achieve it, I use the energy of
the four. I tap into the energy of four. I'll
write it on my piece of paper. There's a way
to actually change your address numerology.

Speaker 2 (20:09):
The energy of my.

Speaker 1 (20:10):
House right now is a four because I like that
sense of order, structure, balance. But I know that with
the energy of the four, I can get too critical,
too judgmental, I can get too rigid. I can forget
to be flexible, enjoy myself, relax, have fun. And also
because the four is goal oriented, a lot of times,

once they achieve a goal or an outcome that they're
looking for, they move on to the next project, rather
than enjoying the fruits of their labor and saying, Wow,
all of this got accomplished, this is amazing. The four
also kind of like the one, and again sometimes this
is this masculine linear quality. The four forgets to ask
for help, and the four doesn't always forget to ask

for help. And this is the funny part of the
four is it says, if I ask for help, they're probably.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Not going to do it the way that I will
want it done.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
So I'm not going to ask for help because I
don't have time to explain it to them and then
them not follow through or do it the way I
want to do it.

Speaker 2 (21:07):
That's the energy of the four. And what they're.

Speaker 1 (21:09):
Learning to do is to have some give and take,
to be more flexible, to delegate to people, give them
resources and support them along the way, and also not
sweat the small stuff.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
The four can get so staunch.

Speaker 1 (21:21):
And rigid that it gets stressed out and again and
then gets into over analysis. And one thing I will
say with the energy of the four is people with
four energy because they're list makers, it is hard for
them to turn off the analysis in their heads. So
when they go to bed, they're like, Okay, what do
I have on my plate, what's on my agenda?

Speaker 2 (21:38):
What do I need to do?

Speaker 1 (21:38):
Or they're headed they're in their car going from point
A to point B and they're methodically calculating everything, so
learning that they're good at that, they're efficient in that,
and they can harness it in very quality oriented ways.
But it's imperative to turn that voice off and to
be and to let in the stillness. So with fours,

they are very ground but they forget to pause and
just breathe and be and also relax into their energy.
On to the five, the five is five's got a jive.
There's no doubt about that. If you draw a five
on your piece of paper. It's top heavy. The top
is angular and masculine, the bottom is this big curve,
and so it kind of teeter totters. And that is

actually the energy of the five. It's a number of
perspective dynamics, shifts, changes and perspective. It's a number of freedom.
It's a number of a little bit of self expression,
but also faith over fear, kind of energy jumping out
into the world. It's also a right place, right time energy.
When the five energy suits up, shows up and uses

its talents. The five has this propensity to be extremely
multi talented five people. Five energy is proficient at lots
of things. They tend to jump in and excel at
or exceed expectations in most things that they put their
heart and their mind to. When they put their energy

into something, their focus into something, they learn things, and
they learn things.

Speaker 2 (23:11):
Faster than most of us.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
Where is the challenge with the five, Well, there's a
handful of them, and the five is tricky energy. If
you've got a five in your number code, it's one
of those energies in this lifetime that is a very
delicate balance. The eight is as well, but the five
is very delicate because five energy is swift, it's quick,
it's fast. It's like I said, it's lightning bolt energy.

And what the five struggles with is boredom. Shoot, I've
learned that. Shoot that already happened. Shoot, I accomplished it.

Speaker 2 (23:44):
What do I do next? Okay, I'm over it. I'm
so over it. I did it.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
I got really good at, you know, a certain sport.
I jumped in and I just knew how to play
this sport and I learned it. But I don't want
to play basketball anymore. And this is when a lot
of times when I have parents and we talk about
their children, and some of their children have five energy,
and I'll say, oh, man, they're really good at whatever

they put their mind to. But they're your child. That's like, yeah, Mom,
I'm over basketball. I want to do dance now. And
you've spent all this money and all this time and
they're actually really excelling in basketball, and you're cheering them
on and you're you know, as a parent, you're invested
in their talents and where they're thriving. And then they
come home and they're like, mom, I'm so over basketball.
And the parents like what, But we put all this

time and money into your basketball, and now you want
to do dance like that's the energy of the five.

Speaker 2 (24:36):
It's kind of like squirrel squirrel.

Speaker 1 (24:38):
And one of the things that I know with people
who have fives, and I'm going to tell you the
biggest shadow of the five is drama because when they
get bored, when they get squirrely, they can create drama
and they look for drama, so it can be chaotic,
and they're learning to mitigate the chaos, not to seek
or percolate. Is dramatic scenarios are situations when they learn

to heal the drama and when they learn to, instead
of being bored, accept an energy of peace well being.
Oh I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Okay, I'm
kinda over this. I outgrew basketball. I did it, I
jumped in, I excelled, I enjoyed it, but I don't
love it anymore.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
I'm not enjoying it.

Speaker 1 (25:22):
And when they learn to instead of ghosting basketball, let's
call it because they can be ghosters. They can be
like I'm done, I'm over it and walk out. They
can get mad in a job and just storm out
and they're done. They don't give their two weeks notice,
and a four, by the way, a four would not
storm out of a job.

Speaker 2 (25:37):
A four will.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
Persevere and do the job and come home and complain
about it and stick to it. And they'll say, well,
I put all this time and energy into it, I'm
determined to make it work. Or I'm gonna show up
and I'm gonna give my two weeks and put my
heart and soul. I mean, that's the four. The five
is like, I'm so over it, I'm done, I'm leaving here.
They hacked me off today. That's the last straw, and
they throw their apron down and they.

Speaker 2 (25:59):
Walk out of the job.

Speaker 1 (26:00):
What the five is learning is to stop the drama
cycle and be able to say, oh my gosh, I've
outgrown this scenario, I've outgrown this vibration, I've outgrown this
experience and saying you know what, I'm over it and
go to their boss or go to their coach and say, hey, coach,
I'm not sure I want to play out the rest
of the season.

Speaker 2 (26:19):
You know, help me in that.

Speaker 1 (26:20):
And that's when they take wisdom or guidance from others
to either help them stay in that scenario until it
makes sense for the team they don't always love to
take one for the team. And that's what they're learning
when they say, wait a minute, what's the greater good here?
What lesson am I learning? And how can I exit
this scenario, this situation in the highest light and really

feel like I'm stepping out in my integrity. And when
the five energy learns that and practices it, they are
really the luckiest of all the numbers because they end
up having opportunities seemingly out of the blue. It's a
very fortuitous energy when they are in their best element

and following through and practicing an element of integrity and
character in however they show up, they end up with
opportunities that are larger than life, that show up as
if by magic. That's the energy of the five and
it is super tricky. And when I work with that energy,
it's really one to finesse and it can be challenging.

And five people who I know, I mean, they can
make tons of money, they can be successful and talented
in tons of areas, and they can get squirrely bored
and be unhappy because they can't find their inner happiness.
And it's also this inner job of feeling this inner
richness this fulfillment and this dynamic energy within and knowing

that they can cultivate it by really being true with
what they love, what they like, and their own inner voice.
All right, onto the six, All right, onto the six.
So again, if you draw the six on your piece
of paper and use your imagination here, the six might

look like a pregnant woman.

Speaker 2 (28:10):
The six is the mother energy. It is the energy.

Speaker 1 (28:13):
Of the divine feminine. It is the energy of wisdom,
the wise counsel. It is a highly highly intuitive energy.
It's the energy that holds space. It's the energy of
someone's house that you know you can knock on the
door and walk in and sit down and have a
cup of coffee or connect with a friend. It's that

at home in your own skin energy that just provides
you a sense of safety, comfort, and nurture. That is
the energy of the six. It is the energy of wisdom.
It's the energy of intuition and tapping into that intuition
and sharing it with other people. With the energy of
the six. What is most important is self care, because

the six is a caregiver. The six is the nurse,
the physician, the person that shows up and is the
guidance counselor in your life, the mentor. That's the energy
of the Six. They give so much and they also
feel so responsible for the world. The world can weigh
on their shoulders because they are very sensitive and they're

sensitive to other people, other people's happiness, other people's state
of being, security.

Speaker 2 (29:27):
Or mind.

Speaker 1 (29:28):
And what they are learning is, wait a minute, if
I am responsible for me first, how do I feel?
Is my cup filled? Am I well rested? Am I
taking care of myself? Then they get to be of
service because they are so service oriented, But they typically
are service oriented first and put themselves last. And that's

what they're learning to reorder is moderating their sense of
responsibility first and foremost. I am responsible for my health,
my happiness, my wellbeing, and then I yet to show
up and love on, support, counsel other people. The Six
are also exceptional in business because they're always looking at

all of the players, the moving parts, and how they integrate.
But when they also are taking care of themselves and
knowing their own role, they shine and they are exceptional
and people look to them for wisdom, guidance, counsel, nurture,
and just a soft space to land because that's who
they are with the six energy. The biggest lesson is

oxygen mask on me, and then I get to help
other people on the plane. Am I oxygenated? Am I
well rested? Those are the big questions and the intuition
that comes with the six is like a deep knowing.
You know how to hold space for love on and
nurture people. It's also learning how to be the intuitive

counsel for yourself, remembering that you say, well, how do
I love on and nurture me? That goes back to
that self care element. And when the six really takes
time down, time for themselves, for self soothing, healing themselves,
they are the healer at their highest. They are the
wise one and the healer six is like I said,
or like nurses, they're healers. They they give aid to

other people in a multitude of ways, and when they
are in those capacities, they are at their highest, especially
when they are taking care of themselves. That's the energy
of the six, all right, onto the energy of the seven.
If you draw a seven on your piece of paper,
it's like a one with a little bar on the
top of it. So again it's angular, it's masculine, but
it kind of has this resonance of pointing up towards

the heavens. The seven is the energy of the seeker.
It's the energy of the analytical and intuitive genius. The
seven loves to put the puzzle pieces together, to connect
the cosmic dots. The seven loves to figure things out,
to understand the meaning behind things.

Speaker 2 (31:56):
It likes to know things.

Speaker 1 (31:58):
It's the philosoph and it's looking for the philosopher's stone
of life, the holy Grail. It's on a quest. It's
a very quest oriented energy. It wants to be the
hero in the hero's journey, the hero's joenery of their
own life. That is truly the nature of the seven.
Yet the seven can be a bit of a recluse

in the sense that the seven energy loves its own company.
It loves to dive into a book or to learn something.
The sevens love to learn their life learners, and it
loves to learn and synthesize energy. But where it gets
stuck is in that energy. It can kind of be
afraid of or withhold information, or not want to share

its genius, its ideas, it's insights with other people. So
they tend to be very not so much stand offish,
sometimes a little bit aloof or standoffish, but they analyze,
they look, they scan a room, they're always in space,
but they're not always sharing what they're seeing, sensing, thinking, knowing, feeling.

And when they step out of themselves and exhibit healthy vulnerability,
seven is in its highest light. And a lot of
times when I work with people with seven energy, I'm like, Okay,
what are you learning about that?

Speaker 2 (33:19):
What do you know? And they're like yes.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
They have these aha moments, these mystical experiences that just
come to them in these flashes of insight when all
the dots connect and I said, okay, well who did
you tell about that? Well, now, Boddy, it just happened.
It was amazing. Nobody's gonna get it, nobody's gonna understand it.
Who am I gonna share it with? That's really how
they are. They're secretive in a way, and they're not
secretive in a way to keep information people from people

or withhold it. They just are kind of like, nobody's
gonna get me, Like I am this intuitive genius and
the stuff I have is kind of weird, quirky, unique
and outside the box. So would they find their people
when they find people that they can share it with,
or they can healthily say, oh my gosh, you're never
gonna guess what happens to me today, you know, or
you're never gonna believe this synchronicity, or guess what I

figured out. When they share that kind of stuff, people
want to hear what they share, and when they really
start to trust in their own intelligence, their wisdom, their
high level analysis, there's such high level analytical thinkers that
it can just feel a little bit like genius energy

that won't be relatable. And when they learn or figure
out who their people are, their environments, and how they
synthesize information and how to relay it or relate it
to other people, their opportunities are boundless. Because they light
the spark of divinity, you know, creative intelligence, higher wisdom,

mystical transcendent moments within other people. They are truly genius.
Sharing that genius is their biggest opportunity. And I love
the energy of the seven. We're actually in a seven year.
When you add up in some down the number of
twenty twenty three two plus zero plus two plus three
at equals seven. So this year we are in the

energy of seeking, searching, collecting information and connecting those cosmic dots.
It's a year of diving deeper into our faith and
into ourselves and introspectively, because the seven is very introspective,
looking inward to really better know ourselves so we can
better express ourselves in the world. And that brings me
to the energy of the eight. So the energy of

the eight, which I touched on a little bit earlier,
is the infinity symbol. You turn it on its side
and you look at it. It is the energy of infinity.
It is the great manifestor. It's an energy of empowerment.
It's an energy of great reward. It's an energy of magnetism,
bold dynamic energy. It's got a ton of leadership. But

on the converse side of that, it has all of
its darker, heavier traits, and it is learning in this
lifetime to navigate those more fluidly and gracefully, because on
the other side of reward is risk. On the other
side of empowerment is disempowerment. When you've got the light,
you've got the dark. When you've got the masculine, you've

got the feminine. It's all about this balance of both energies,
two kinds of energies, the high vibration of something and
the challenging or the low vibration of something and finding
the middle ground. So when we know our challenges, when
we know a certain fear or a worry or a
doubt and we identify it, we can say, Okay, I

know that I am stressed out today, and I'm stressed
out because I'm afraid I can't get everything done on
my plate and I don't have anybody to help me.
When we know that stuff, then we can step back
and we can process that fear, and then we can
get into solution. Okay, how do I empower myself? How
do I take action? And the eight is very action oriented.
How do I empower myself to streamline my to do list,

to ask for help, to delegate, to start creating and
defining solutions not only in my mind or in a
practical way, but in my energy field. Because the eight
is a number of energy, and it's also the money number.

Speaker 2 (37:11):
Heads up.

Speaker 1 (37:12):
Eight is the money festation number. But in order to
understand abundance money manifestation, it is really about tapping into
the energy of the dark energy and the light energy
and balancing that out. So you use your fear to
step into faith. You use disempowering energies or situations to

heal those things and propel yourself into an empowered state.
The eight is also a very blunt energy. They're not
time wasters. They say what they mean, and they mean
what they say, and they have little time wasting energy
because time is money to them. I'm going to repeat
that time is money to the energy of the eight.

And I'm not saying so much about the bottom line
of mine. Why Whereas a lot of people with eight
energy go through periods of tremendous wealth or abundance, and
then they go through periods of lack. So it's about
recognizing a limiting consciousness, a lack consciousness versus an abundance consciousness,
an infinite mindset. That's where they're balancing out. And much

like the energy of the five, it's a delicate balance
to harness that energy because there's a sweet spot to it.
So when you understand where you're limiting yourself, frustrated, holding
yourself back, and you can recognize it and then realize
the opposite of that energy. So if it's lack, I'm
not enough, I don't have enough. How am I going

to get all this done. It's saying, wait a minute,
this is what I have on my plate, and here's
what I do have today. Because they're very resourceful when
they use their logic and their intuition together, when they
harness the right and the left hemispheres of their brain,
their logic and their practicality with their intuition and creativity. Again,

infinite possibilities, all right, Last, but not least, we have
the omega. If the one is the beginning, the alpha,
and the nine is the closure or the ending or
the omega, that is what the nine energy essentially emanates.
If you draw a nine on your piece of paper,
it's kind of like the opposite of the six, but

it's circular on top and then masculine in its body.
It's linear in its body. In Chinese numerology, the nine
is the energy of the emperor. It's the number of
rising all the way to the top. It's the number
of reaching the peak of something. It's the number of closure,
the energy of innate fill in the blank, innate experience,

innate leadership, innate wisdom. It's also the number of the humanitarian.
The number nine wants to show up, utilize its leadership
for the betterment of humanity. The number nine can feel
exhausted and overburdened because it can feel like, gosh, everybody

is struggling. I can't help them all. How are we
going to change the world. The nine is very inclusive.
It leads naturally. It's not so much the energy that
says i'll do it, I'll get it done like the one.
Because the one jumps in and takes charge. The nine
steps back and people look to the energy of the
nine and say, oh, what solutions do you have? Hey,
can you step in and do this for us? Will

you take charge of this today? The nine is also
about surrender. The nine is the let go and let
God number. It essentially means suit up, show up, show
up in your highest light, and integrity. Because the nine
is about integrity, it's about the culmination of the numbers
that come before it. Nine is the sum literally, mathematically,

nine is the sum of all the numbers that come
before it. If you add one plus two plus three
plus four plus five plus six plus seven plus eight,
and you add those numbers together and reduce it down,
it equals nine. So it's quite literally the lessons the
sum of the lessons of every single number before it.
That's a heavy load to bear. So if the nine

does not know how to say, Okay, I've shown up,
I've done my part. I've given my heart and soul.
And the energy of the nine gives its heart and soul.
It's very generous, but also can be very discouraged and
disillusioned and depleted. Where the nine gets to be its
most vibrant is when it says, okay, I've done my part.
I give the rest to you, God, God, you show

me I've done my role. God, you take this. You
got it. I'm surrendering to the outcomes. I'm practicing acceptance.
I truly trust and have faith that I have done
my part. I've done it to the best of my ability,
with the most quality and integrity, and I trust that,
no matter what the outcome, that something bigger is working

with and in cohesion with me for whatever that divine
purpose is. So it's it's the number of surrender, of
letting go, and it's the number of completion or closure.
So nine energy always signifies an end of an era,
an end of a time. What needs to be healed,
let go of processed in order to usher something new in,

which is where we begin again at the one. So
that is your rundown of the numbers. And you can
tell that these numbers just flow through me because I
inherently understand and know them and see so much into them.

Speaker 2 (42:28):
But they work.

Speaker 1 (42:29):
Numbers work, and that's what I want to help you
with is calculating your numbers. So we're going to do
some quick basics and I will dive deeper into this
in a follow up episode where we'll do master numbers.
We'll talk a little bit more about the energy of September.
I'm going to touch on that right now, but also
we will talk about why September is an important month
in numerology and how you can tap into those energies

and your numbers better. So the attitude and the life
path number, those are your two easiest numbers to calculate.
Your attitude number is quite literally the sum of the
month you were born and the day you were born.
It's your birth day. So I'm born on October eighth.

That is ten oh eight. Anyway I sum that up
and reduce it down, it's going to equal nine. So
if I add ten plus eight, that's eighteen one plus
eight equals nine, I'm a nine attitude number. If I
add one plus zero plus zero plus eight, that equals nine.

Anyway I add those numbers, they equal nine. If you
have an attitude number that you add together and it
still equals a double digits, just take the double digits
that you've gotten and add those numbers together. So let's
say you have a birthday that adds up to twenty four.
You get the number twenty four you add, then you
reduce it down again. Two plus four equals six. Then

you would be a six attitude number. So if your
birthday is April first, April Fool's Day, four to one,
you add four plus one and your attitude number is five.
If your birthday is January fifteenth, you add one for
January one. One plus one is two plus five is

seven and you're a seven attitude number. So that's how
you get your attitude number. The attitude number is exactly
what it says it is. It is your attitude. It
is your personality. It is the way you are seen
or perceived at first glance. It's what we give off.
It's the vibe we give off personally to people. What

I find most often with the attitude number It's very
comfortable for us because it's like the mask we wear
out in the world. It's how we're most comfortable with
people seeing or perceiving us. So deeper than that is
the life path number, which is our life lesson, and
I'll show you how to calculate that. I'll explain how
to calculate that. Shortly, what I want to say about

your attitude number. When you calculate your attitude number and
you figured out, oh, I'm a number seven, listen back
to the energies of the number seven. The seven is
the seeker. It really puts the cosmic dots together. It's connecting, learning,
always assimilating information and knowledge. But where is it challenged?
It wants to hoard all that knowledge and keep it.
And a lot of it is for fear of being misunderstood.

So when you know you're a seven and you're analytical
and you like to figure things out and put puzzle
pieces together, find your people, push yourself a little bit further.
Who can I share this stuff with that gets me,
that hears me, that sees me, and is excited about
these things when I share that information, And is everybody
going to be excited about what you have to share. No,

that's people and relationships. So you sevens find your tribe.
But whatever your attitude number is, go back and listen
to the energies of that. And one of the questions
you're probably asking yourself is is this the same as
the enneagram. No, numerology is different from the Enneagram. I
love the inneogram, and I understand that framework and the metrics,

and I totally resonate with the personality traits of the
numbers derived from the Enneagram. Numerology is different than that
as far as the interpretation of both the frequencies and
energies of the numbers. Numerology is, you know, especially Pythagorea numerology,
which is what most modern numerologists use, is the ancient

vibration and frequency of each base number. The indiogram comes
from a different code, a different metric, a different ancient practice.
So yes, it's all valid, But your attitude number, your
birth date numbers are not the same as the interpretations
from the enneagram, So make sure you know that. And I,
like I said, I love both study both. I the
more knowledge and the more understanding I have of myself

and my psychology, the better I know myself and that's
my quest. That's what I love to do because then
I get to help other people in that adventure in
that quest. Okay, so you got your attitude number. And
one more thing I want to say about the attitude
number that's coming to me is, like I said, we're
really comfortable in the attitude number because it's how we
express ourselves and how we show up in the world,

the mask we wear. It's about being able to kind
of dial that attitude number back sometimes and really tap
into your life path and an even deeper it's the
energy or the confluence, the dialogue between the attitude number
and the life path. How do you get your life
path and what is it? The life path is derived
by adding the sum total of your birthday and reducing

it down to a single digit. So my birthday is
October eighth, nineteen eighty. So when I add and let
me do this math here, because I'm doing it in
my head. I know the numbers, I know what they
reduced down to. But let me go slow. We already
know my attitude number is nine. So we added one
plus zero plus zero plus eight that equals nine, and
then we add that to one plus nine plus eight

plus zero. And even if I say, if I take
the number one, nine hundred and eighty and I add
nine to it, that's going to be one thousand, nine
hundred eighty nine. And when I reduce that number down,
it's going to equal the number I'm about to give you.
So any way I add my birthday together, it will
reduce down to the same number. So when I add
nine to the number one, that's the number ten. And

then I add the number nine nineteen to ten, that's nineteen.
And then I add an eight to that, that's twenty seven.
So when I sum up the single digits all the
digits of my birthday, it equals It actually equals the
number twenty seven. So I reduce that down. Two plus
twenty seven means something. By the way, apart from the

number nine that I'm about to say, two plus seven
equals nine. The number twenty seven has a meaning and
an energy to it that I understand about myself as well.
It has a lesson in and of itself. But when
I sum it down for simplicity, my life path number,
my life lesson. The vibration I came down into this
earth to inhabit is the number nine. So ironically or

funny enough, I am a nine attitude number and a
nine life path. Most people are not double digits. When
we're double digits like that, it's kind of like a
mastery of that energy. It's a doubling down of the lesson.
It can be super brilliant and super challenging. It's all
the numbers have those energies. But I'm actually born in
a nine year. That's kind of the magic of the
energy of the nine. I was born in nineteen eighty.

If you add up one nine plus eight plus zero,
it actually sums to nine. And then I'm a nine
attitude and a nine nine plus path, so I'm a
triple nine. So I inherently understand the energy of the nine.
It drives me crazy and it blows my mind. So
your life path number, what you'll do is you take
your entire birthday and you'll add all the single digits,

and then you keep reducing it till you get a
single digit. Whatever number you get, let's say you added
up and you get the four. You know your life
path number, your life lesson. The energy you are here
to inhabit is the energy of the four. It's about
order organization process efficiently effectively accomplishing your goals. And then

you also know, oh, that's right, I'm the four. I
can be a little bit controlling. I can be a
little bit rigid. I can be inflexible. I can set
a boundary and never look back. I can be a
little bit unforgiving or unrelenting. And that's where you learn
to ease up. And then you harness yourself into the
highest expression of the four, which is all about building
something to last, building a solid foundation in order to

manifest and create and build things in this material world
that are brilliant and abundant. So that's the number. So
you got your attitude number. That's your birthday, the month
you were born plus the day you were born. That's
the attitude. And then you've got your life path number.
That is the sum total of your birthday reduced down
to a single digit. So your attitude is your attitude,

your life path is your life. Lesson, Now you can
go back, listen to the numbers, do your math, do
your numbers, code your energies and see what matches up,
see what resonates with you. One of the cool things
about knowing and looking for number codes is you can
look for a number code every day. Just look at
today's date. Whatever the date is, let's say it is

September third. Nine plus three equals twelve. One plus two
equals three. You've got the code. You've got the math.
Today is a three day. Today is a day for
me to communicate, to connect, to be tap into my creativity,
be expressive where I might not want to be, to
feel vivacious. You can take that a step further and

you can add the three energy to twenty twenty three,
which is a seven. Three plus seven equals one. So
you've got the energy of the three and the one
that are working the three seven in the one. Actually,
see the numbers can get there so much more to
our personal numerology than the attitude number and the life path.
Our names have number codes attached to them. We have

an essence number, we have a life bridge number. I
mean the numbers very much like astrology. There are so
many ways to calculate. Look at the interface and the dialogue,
but you can simplify it. Oh, okay, today is a
three day. Don't even worry about the year, because that's
a bigger energy. That's a bigger theme. Today's a three day.
I'm going to be creative. Oh today is an eight day.

Let me work on manifestation and really let me pay
attention to where I'm afraid, where I'm limiting myself, if
I'm getting into lacked out or worry. Okay, I'm going
to notice that today and I'm going to breathe through it,
and then I'm going to step in and find my empowerment. Oh,
today is a nine day. It's about closure, It's about
completing something. It's about suiting up, showing up, doing my
best job from the generosity of my heart, and then

giving the rest to God, practicing acceptance, being able to
really look, watch and wait kind of energy. So that's
how you can look at number codes. And of course
I can be driving and look down at the odometer
and it can have you know, master numbers, peeding numbers,
people call them angel numbers. There's lots of ways to
look at it. And I see number codes in the numbers,
and all of a sudden, I'm firing and wiring or

receiving a message. So see where you find numbers. I
also mentioned my address numerology. I wrote a whole book
on that years ago. It's not in print anymore, but
it was called the abundance code. How to your address numerology,
and we can change the energy in our numerology in
our home. Have you ever gone to a hotel room

or spent the night at someone's house and you just
you couldn't sleep, or you were really wired, or you
were super tired. I'm not saying that there aren't environmental
factors or personal factors that can be factored in, but
a lot of times when I walk into a hotel room,
I know the number code of that hotel room and

what energy frequency it's vibrating at. So if I walk
into a hotel room and it is a number eight,
I usually will change it to a six or a
four because the six is the number of hearth and
home and nurture and comfort, and if I'm needing a
good night's sleep, I don't want to be high to
low energy and feeling my emotions high to low really fast,

you know, unless I'm needing that empowerment. Typically I will
look at energy codes, or I'll notice what the number
code is on the door. It's the same with my home.
My home is nineteen. Nineteen is actually a karmic number
because it's got those bookends, the alpha and the omega,
the one, the beginning, the nine, the ending. So it
can be a really intense energy. People who have nineteens

and their energy. I know many people who have like
a one attitude and a nine life path. That's intense
because it feels like a freaking eclipse their whole life
beginnings and endings all the darn time. It's exhaustive, and yes,
can we work through that and harness that energy one
hundred percent? Those are extremely empowered souls that came here
to learn to grow to shine. But once they realize

it and recognize it, then they can work better with
the energies. It's the same with the energy of my house.
So when I add together one and nine, it equals ten,
so it gives me the number one. When I add
one plus nine, it equals ten. One plus zero equals one.
So the energy in my home naturally is the number one,
which is about individuality. I've got this. I'm going to

figure it out the mighty I am. And while I
love that number and I use it in so many ways,
I don't necessarily want that in my home. I usually
want to change it. So there is a way to
change your address numerology, and I will show you how
to do that in the follow up episode because it
will rock your world. I change people's address numerology with
my clients all the time.

Speaker 2 (55:43):
We do it.

Speaker 1 (55:43):
We sell houses, we sell businesses. If someone is looking
for love, I did this with my mom and it's
actually a pretty sweet story. And I'll share this with
you in closing as we wrap up the numbers. But
a handful of years ago, after she was diagnosed with cancer,
my dad died in nineteen nine, and they were totally
in love, and she didn't date. She suited up, showed

up and took care of me and made a lot
of sacrifices, worked hard, but she really didn't date and
wasn't comfortable dating for many years. And after she got
cancer in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen, and she did well.
We were sitting down talking one day and she said, man,
it would be really nice to find love. It would
be you know, I would I think it would be

great to meet somebody and have somebody to go out with. Now,
mind you, she has terminal cancer, but she's on this incline,
and you know, my dad has been deceased for twenty
some odd years. I mean, so this is a funny
conversation with having And she said, why don't we change
my address numerology, Amanda, you know, if we changed my numbers,
can we get me a man? And I was like,
why not, let's do it. So we did her address numerology.

We changed it to a two, and we set intentions
when we changed it to a two the number of partnership, relationship, love, connection,
because that is the energy of the two. And I'm
not sure I said that the energy of the two
is also about love, but it is.

Speaker 2 (57:03):
I said, this is what's going to happen.

Speaker 1 (57:05):
Mom. At first in the house, it's gonna feel kind
of wonky when we change it to the two. You're
gonna be really impatient. You're gonna feel out of whack,
You're gonna feel out of balance. But let it calibrate
and then just forget about it. And we set the
intentions that she was open to love in any form,
and we weren't just talking about romance. She because she
knew she was sick and her time was limited, it
became precious and she wanted love in all relationships. And

in that time, I kid you not and now I'm
smiling because a lot of really amazing stuff happened. She
and her brother made amends in that time, Fraim and
I didn't even think about this in the form of
love and relationships and how it related. And I don't
even know if my mom and I correlated this, but
I'm remembering it now. She and her brother made amends,
and for the last five years of her life, those

two had the sweetest times and the sweetest memories, and
it made her last five years whole and loving and healthy.
And that happened, and after probably in the months to follow,
she was able to reconnect with her brother. They made
amends and the two of them got to love on
each other and be brother and sister, which that's a
really high, very vibration of the energy of the two.

But not long after that, and it was probably two
or three months, my mom met someone. She was in
her infusion center at the oncology place, and there was
this gentleman there who volunteered, who had lost his wife
years ago to cancer.

Speaker 2 (58:27):
And I had met him a bunch of.

Speaker 1 (58:28):
Times, and I was like, Mom, that's the kind of
guy you need to go out with. And she said, oh, no, no, no, no,
I can't do that. No, no, no, no, He's not
flirting with me. He was totally flirting with her. And
it was so funny because it wasn't long after that
she said, you know that guy you know? And I'm like, yeah,
I know that guy. She said, well, he wants to
come out and see where I live because he's thinking
about downsizing. And next thing you know, he comes out,

they go to dinner and they had the sweetest romance
the last few years of her life, and she found
love and partnership and happiness and it extended her life.
So I know, I'm telling you kind of a wild,
wacky story, but I have a lot of those stories
around address numerology, the energy of spaces, the energy of places.

So I'm showing you when you tap into numbers and
you harness those frequencies. I work with lots of realtors
to sell houses or people who are putting their homes
on the market to change the energy, and I'm like,
just do it. Do this. I know it sounds wacky.
Do these through a few things, and it's just it's amazing.
It's kind of mind blowing how it works. But numbers
are everywhere, their sequences, their codes, and we when we learn,

like Pythagoras was exploring, when we learn to find the
harmony and balance of our energies, our frequencies, our numbers,
the numbers around us, pretty magnificent things can happen. So
I hope you've enjoyed this. You know this is my jam.
I already told you all this is my love language.

I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Soul Sessions. Thank
you so much for joining me, and I will be
following up. I will follow up and I'm going to
talk about the numerology of twenty twenty three. I'm going
to talk more about September and why September is such
an important month, and teach you how to calculate your
personal year and your personal month. So you've learned your

attitude number, you've learned.

Speaker 2 (01:00:17):
Your life path.

Speaker 1 (01:00:18):
We'll talk about calculating your personal year and your personal
month month, and we'll also talk about master numbers because
and angel numbers, because everybody loves that, and how to
use them. What do I do, Amanda, when I see
a master number? I'll tell you all about that. I
have all sorts of tricks and tools I hope you've
enjoyed this episode of soul Sessions.

Speaker 2 (01:00:37):
If you've got any questions, any.

Speaker 1 (01:00:39):
Comments, any magic that you're figuring out with your numbers,
shoot us an email at podcast at soul Sessions, podcast
at soulsessions dot meet, podcast at soulsessions dot meet. Be
sure and give us some feedback, share your insights. Thank
you so much for joining us.

Speaker 2 (01:00:55):
Be well,
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