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September 27, 2023 47 mins

Welcome back for Part 3 of our Numerology series!


In today’s episode Amanda covers: 

  • What are Master Numbers and why are they so important?
  • Angel Numbers: what does it mean when you see repeating numbers? 
  • Why do we say 11:11 make a wish? What should you wish for?
  • How do you calculate the numerology for the day & use it to your advantage? 
  • What is address numerology? 
  • How can you change the numerology of your home to attract new energy for your life?
  • What number do you want for your home if you’re trying to sell your house?
  • Is car numerology a thing? 


Listen in as Amanda continues her deep dive into numerology - decoding numbers, tapping into their energies, and sharing how they can guide and direct us in our daily lives!  


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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi, everyone, Thank you for joining me on Soul Sessions.
I'm your host, Amanda Rieger Green. Welcome back for part
three of our Numerology series. If you've been listening the
past couple of Soul Session episodes, we've been focusing on numerology,
and I'm sure you can tell by now that I
love talking numbers, decoding them, tapping into their energies, and

sharing how they can guide and direct us, aligning us
with our energy, showing us strategies for clarifying our meaning,
our purpose, circumstances, situations, and then also revealing blind spots
or blockages how we limit ourselves. So much fun, numbers

are everywhere, Start paying attention and using them to your advantage.
Find the opportunities and the lessons in the numbers. Don't
get overwhelmed, though, just take it a step at a time.
Come back and re listen to these last three episodes,
so today's episode and the two before this, I think

you'll find them very supportive. So many of you have
said you've taken notes, which is so me. I take
notes on things that really align with me and tools
and resources, insights and guidance that apply to ways in
which I can further develop, better understand myself and align

with not only my higher self, my higher consciousness, but
personal lessons growth opportunities, because when I'm growing and learning
and healing, I find a deeper sense of meaning and
that's huge. That's huge for me, and I know it's
huge for many of you. You diving into numerology this week.

Guess what we're going to talk about. Master numbers a
big topic for everyone. So I'm going to dive into
master numbers. We'll talk about angel numbers or repeating numbers,
and then we'll also talk about calculating the numerology of
each day. I find that a very helpful tool, especially
when I feel off or I feel super engaged, kind

of in heightened states. I'm usually like, wait a minute,
what's the numerology for today? And then I even harness
it better, or I get out of my funkiness, I
get out of my disease and discomfort. So that's super
helpful and will help you align with your energy. And last,
but not least, we're going to talk about address numerology,
which I love and is so incredible to use, because

you will once I teach you how to do this,
see how you can change the energy in your environment,
work with it to support your goals, your aspirations, your hopes, wishes, dreams,
needs healing, so many things. And in addition to that,
we're posting a blog, so there will be a blog
coming up that when you listen to this episode. There's

a lot to address numerology. It's actually very simple, but
it can be kind of hard to conceptualize or calculate.
So just know we'll have a blog supporting you so
you can go back and really understand how to calculate
it and do the math, because it is a little
wonky at first, especially just listening. So I've been teasing
everything about master numbers. We're going to dive in because

master numbers, more than anything, snap us into the present moment.
I find when I see a master number, whether it's
a speed limit on my odometer or on the clock
on my phone, it is an opportunity for me to
get very conscious and very aware of where I am now.
It's kind of like this be here now energy, and

it helps me to be a human being versus a
human doing. So let's dive in. There's a big misconception
with master numbers. Master numbers are repeating digits, but they're
the numbers. Eleven, twenty two and thirty three. Master numbers
are not forty four, they're not three three three Master

numbers are eleven, twenty two and thirty three numbers beyond that,
so forty four or three thirty three or seven seven seven,
those are what people call angel numbers. So let's focus
on the master numbers because they're very, very important, and
a lot of them. A lot of us have those
numbers in our code. So the example I gave of

the June fourteenth birthday, six plus one plus four equals eleven.
That person that's their attitude number. They are an eleven
attitude number. It reduces down and this is what we
always do with the master numbers. We reduce them down
to their base frequency. So the eleven, it's base frequency

is two. The two, as you all know because we
went through this, the two is about balance, harmony, partnership, EBB,
and flow, essentially the law of reciprocity. It's about patience,
it's about peace, it's about love, it's about relationships, it's
about a lot.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
Right, that's the energy of the two.

Speaker 1 (05:18):
In order to access the master energy of the eleven,
which is called the master intuitive. That's what the eleven is,
the master intuitive. Because if you put two elevens out
in front of your face with your two index fingers,
if you make like little goal posts, it looks like
to the eleven. It is about the human and the spiritual.

It's about the physical world and the spiritual world as
above so below heaven on earth. And that's really essentially
the lesson bringing Heaven down to earth or we are
all seated from the divine. We are human, but we
have elements of God in us because we are created
in God's image. So the eleven is all about interconnecting

the human world with the spiritual world. And that is
the energy of connecting to intuition. That is the first
lesson of the master numbers. It is about connecting with
yourself and your soul, your human mind with your higher mind,
connecting and fusing your ego into your higher consciousness. It

is a beautiful energy to tap into intuition. The eleven
is really about a thinning of the veil. And if
you've heard that before, it is, oh, the veil is thin.
You know, when we have a full moon or an eclipse,
or an equinox or it's Halloween, Like what if it's
you know, a special day or energy. Ooh, the veil

is really thin, meaning gosh, I had some really strong
dreams last night, or I just thought about that person
and they called. It's like when our senses are heightened,
they also are more vulnerable. So it's like our antennas
are up and active, but they're also maybe catching other things.
So what's important in working with the energy of the

eleven is you want to tap into higher consciousness, tap
into your intuition. But in order to do that, you
must be very grounded within yourself. It is you know,
I know who I am, I know where my boundaries are,
I know what I want, I know what I need.
Now help me tap into something greater, something higher, and

bring that down into practical knowledge, which actually leads us
into the next master number, which is the number twenty two.
The number twenty two is the master builder. Two plus
two equals four, So the base frequency is the four,
and the four, if you remember, is all about building
a solid foundation. It's all about order process, clearly defined goals,

and ways to achieve those goals, quality over quantity analysis.
That's the energy of the four practicality logic, but it
is ultimately about solid foundations and the master builder is
building a new reality. It is actually it's not a
number of manifestation. It's more of a number of what

am I building in this lifetime? What am I bringing
into reality? And how am I taking practical action around
my intuitive hits master number eleven? If the eleven is
the master intuitive, So all of a sudden you into
it something, Oh my gosh, I need to reach out
to so and so the master builder the number twenty
two says, how do I practically make that happen? That

means you reach out, you make contact, or say you
get an idea for a podcast or to write a
book you know, or you want to start a new business.
Any kind of energy that comes from a highly intuitive space,
and you feel very called, it feels aligned, and you're
tapping into that intuitive energy. The master builder says, Okay,

what practical action are you going to take around that?
Are you scared to do it? Are you afraid? Do
you need to reach out and brainstorm that mastermind that
with somebody. Do you need more information? Do you need
to do more research on this before you build it out?
Let's say you know that you've been wanting to start
a business, and maybe one of the first things, apart
from you know, writing out a business plan, is I

got to get a website. Going okay, how do I
build a website?

Speaker 2 (09:19):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (09:19):
Do you hire somebody? Do you do research? Do you
get a platform, do you follow a tutorial. It's all
about R and D, research, development, and action. That's the
energy of the Master Builder. I know it sounds super boring.
I love the energy of the twenty two. Of course
I love the master number of eleven. But I love
the energy of the twenty two and the four. And
in fact, my address numerology is straight up before twenty

two energy.

Speaker 2 (09:43):
I'll explain that later. Because I love the four.

Speaker 1 (09:46):
It helps me build things practically into my dreams, bringing
my dreams into reality. I mean, if I could sum
up the twenty two the master Builder, it is bringing
dreams to reality in a very practical, logical human way,
which means I suit up, I show up, I do
my part, and then I trust something bigger is coming together.

So I have to trust my dreams, my insights, and
then do something practically to build those into my reality.

Speaker 2 (10:16):
That's the twenty two.

Speaker 1 (10:17):
Now the next one is the thirty three, which is
the master healer. If you add three plus three, it
equals six. And if you remember back last week, I
talked about the six being if you drew it on
your piece of paper, it kind of looks like a
pregnant woman. Use your creativity and imagination. But the six
is the divine feminine energy, and the thirty three really

signifies this energy of divine wisdom, divine healing, divine living
from the heart. Living from the heart. That's probably the
most important piece of it. Unconditional love, learning to first
be of service to yourself, to take care of yourself,
to be healthy, to be whole, and then share your wisdom,
then share your light with others. People who have a

thirty three in their energy field. And I know people
who have a twenty two and a thirty three, or
eleven and a thirty three.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
I mean I know.

Speaker 1 (11:09):
Multiple people just in their birthday who I can think of,
have their attitude numbers an eleven and their life path
number adds up to a thirty three. That's some intense energy.
That's an intense energy. But the thirty three is super
challenging or can be and let me tell you why
people who have thirty three energy or tapping into that energy.

The base energy is the six and the six is
the nurture, the caregiver, the mother, the healer, the wise one.
But a lot of times it is giving, giving, supporting, doing,
showing up, taking care of, counseling, so depleted from giving
that it's not tapping into that law of reciprocity and
really receiving. Are they taking care of themselves? Are they

working on healing their own soul, their own body, their
own wounds, their own mind, And that is where their
lesson is to turn that mirror around and say, I
am on a healing journey in this lifetime. I am
going to do my own healing.

Speaker 2 (12:09):
I'm going to get support for that.

Speaker 1 (12:10):
I am dedicated to my growth, my evolution, my healing
and win those individuals and they are magical individuals, you
all like, so magical, because when those individuals really really
embrace their own healing journey and they are willing to
continue looking at their wounds, then they become these vessels

of light and incredible healers not only of the people
around them, but healers of humanity. I mean so it's
almost it's a heavy challenging lesson the energy of the
thirty three. So if you add it up your birthday,
your entire birthday, and it equals twenty two or thirty three,
most likely it's not going to equal eleven just because

of the years we're born, and I can do the math,
it's not going to equal eleven. But if you add
it up and it reduces, you end up with a
twenty two or a thirty three. You have a master
number in your life path. If you added your attitude
number the month you were born plus the day you
were born, and an equal to eleven, twenty two or
thirty three, you have a master number in your code,

which means you have two lessons in that one energy.
You have the base frequency, which is eleven is two,
twenty two is four, thirty three is six. And then
you want to work on accessing, you know, really aspiring
towards that's probably the key. Aspiring towards the energy of

the master intuitive, the master builder, the master healer. Those
are very profound important numbers. Okay, now let's talk about
angel numbers, which is a question everybody asks because it's like, Amanda,
what about when I see repeating digits.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
What do I do? What does it mean? Well, we're
gonna talk about that.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
Now, let's talk about angel numbers, which is a question
everybody asks because it's like.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Amanda, what about when I see repeating digits? What do
I do? What does it mean?

Speaker 1 (14:03):
Well, we're gonna talk about that, and it's gonna be
a little bit more elusive. My answers are than specific,
which is kind of the fun of it. And this
is about you developing your intuition. That's what angel numbers
are about, is paying attention, flat out paying attention, meaning
any kind of angel numbers would be repeating digits beyond

the numbers eleven, twenty two, and thirty three. So you
might see one, one, one, you might see seven, seven, seven,
four four four, you know eleven, eleven, twenty two, twenty two.
I mean, you do the codes and the numbers, any
of those numbers would be considered angel numbers when you
see those numbers. Let's just start with eleven eleven. Eleven

eleven is a portal or a gateway because the eleven,
as I discussed, is the interconnection between the human and
the spiritual. So when you see the eleven eleven. It's
really this code that the veil is thin. Whatever you
are thinking, feeling, intuiting is really connected to all things intangible,

the metaphysical plane, the multiverse. So that being said, if
you see the number eleven eleven, and we've all heard
the thing, see the number eleven eleven, make a wish.
I think that's totally great. It's a really good time
to tap in, tune in and say, you know, it
is my intention or I wish for you know, not
I wish that I didn't have any more work today,
but I would wish a little higher, just so you know,

like I would wish a little higher. I wish for
a greater sense of clarity in my life. I wish
for a better outcome in this dynamic I have with
my spouse or I'm having this issue.

Speaker 2 (15:41):
With my child.

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Gosh, I wish that they find peace, harness that energy
into something bigger.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
Don't wish for a bicycle.

Speaker 1 (15:48):
I mean, you can, you can do anything you want.
Or a red Corvette. I don't know that you want
to rev Maybe you do want a red Corvette. I
don't know, but like, come on, these numbers are magical
for a reason. So they want to you to start
thinking right. So the eleven eleven is really great for
getting you to pause, to be present, and to really
align your energy with something greater or higher. The rest

of the numbers. I'm gonna teach you some tips and
tricks to work with them from a numerological standpoint, because
they all have meanings and there's different interpretations of meetings.
So I encourage you. Let's say you see four four four,
I would search it. I'd be like, okay, what is
the meaning of four four four? And whatever you click on,
go with it and find what resonates with you. Okay,

you don't have to understand and know these numbers perfectly.
Ask search for it, and then trust whatever comes through
and find out what you identify with. And it can
be something beautiful and enlightening, or it can be like ugh,
get out of your own way, let go and let god.
You know you have a power struggle going on, and
that's when you're like, gosh, I sure do. I've been

fussing it myself all day. I've been you know, berating
myself or my self critic has been overly active today.
It's an opportunity unity to get very present and very clear.
Let's say you see four four four. You see a number,
and then you might see it two or three times
in a day. You look down, it's on your odometer,
it's four forty four on the clock. You go to

tech text messages and you've got you know, four messages
and forty four messages in your email. I mean, that's
the way it works for me. Like, if I'm seeing
repeating fours, I will see I have four messages in
my text messages and forty four messages in my email,
and it's like, oh my gosh, there's four four four
again right there on a screen. Pay attention to that stuff,

and first of all, be amazed, first and foremost, go
oh my gosh, this is wild. I can't believe I
just saw this again. That's kind of where your power is.
That's where your empowerment is, and that's where you're harnessing
something bigger. Now let's say it's four four four, all right,
we already know what the four energy is about. Order, infrastructure,
building a solid foundation, taking practical action, meeting your goals

with quality. That's the four all right. So if we
have three fours, four plus four plus four equals twelve.
Now the energy twelve has all sorts of lessons. The
one has lessons, the two has lessons. That has a
number code. But for simplicity for beginner energy, reduce the
twelve to a three four four four four plus four

plus four equals twelve. Reduce it down one plus four
equals three. So what do you have there? You have
the energy of the repeating four that's in your face
and keeps repeating. And when you add three fours together
you end up getting twelve, and that reduces to three.
So you're working with the energies of the four and
the three. What does that tell me? Right off the bat?
Four is about taking practical action all right, checking boxes,

getting things done, feeling the satisfaction of a job well done.
And the three is about communication, connecting, working with other people, networking.
It can mean lots of things, but very clearly to me,
if you've been seeing that number, it probably means, Hey,
I need to take practical action. But I don't have

to do this alone. I can do this with support
of others, with community. How can I harness my resources?
How can I tell people about what I'm doing and
get new ideas from them? Get some networking, build community
through what I'm doing. I don't have to do this alone.
I get to do it in community. It's so amazing
to me because I find energies, opportunities, messages, and lessons

in numbers all the time. We see them everywhere, license plates,
speed limits, the clock, our phones, I mean, numbers are everywhere.
The date and I'll talk about the energy of the
dates like today's day in a few minutes. Let's do
another one. Let's do eight eight eight, all right. So
the energy of the eight is the energy of manifestation,

It's the energy of infinity. It's the energy of the
law of attraction. Essentially is really harnessing your point of attraction.
Whatever you put out there is what you will receive back,
or whatever is going on in your internal world directly
manifesting your external world. It's the number of risk and reward,

empowerment versus disempowerment, balancing the masculine and feminine. The eight
is just an ever fluctuating, moving infinite number of energy
and really understanding how to master understand work with energy.
So if you keep seeing an eight eight eight eight
times three eight plus eight plus eight would be twenty

four and twenty four again, has its energy, the energy
of the two and the energy of the four, So
you can look at that if you want to dive deeper.
But two plus four equals six. So you've got the
energy of the eight, which is about manifestation, empowerment versus disempowerment,
risk versus reward, and the energy of the six self care, healing,

personal responsibility, and wisdom. All right, So those are your
quick takeaways. Can figure out what that means from there.
I'll help you out a little bit. But with the eight,
it's how do I assert myself? How do I take
a little bit of risk? And what reward am I
looking for? How do I put myself out there? And

the six is saying and is it healthy?

Speaker 2 (21:18):
Is it wise?

Speaker 1 (21:20):
You know, when you're working with eight and six energy,
it's about empowerment and it's about using your wisdom. It's
about taking care of yourself, checking in with yourself and
your own intuition and then manifesting that out in the world,
asserting yourself in some sort of way, being bold, but
also trusting yourself, using and tapping into your wisdom. So

we can play with these numbers all day, but I
do encourage you when you see repeating digits first and
foremost see them and go oh my gosh, I can't
believe I saw that again, and go oh wow, like
when you say, oh wow, this is incredible, this is amazing.
Feel incredible, feel amazing, because you're harnessing your your energy field,
your mind, and your emotional intelligence alongside of your body

to just connect, to align, to go higher, to raise
your frequency. And then just say, Okay, it's a four,
and Amanda said, fours are about or oh it's three
three three. Amanda said, the three is about creativity and
then she said, okay, three three, So three plus three
PILs three is nine. So I'm working with the energy
of the three and the nine, the three being the
communicator and the connector and the nine being about integrity

and completion and letting go and letting God. How do
I communicate that and how do I take action? I
mean you can, you can intue it into these things,
and if you're totally lost and you don't know what
to do, google it, like, you know, search it literally,
just say what is the you know, spiritual meaning behind
three three three, and you'll get a myriad of responses
and it may correlate some people may correlate them with

archangels or certain energies, or numbers in the Bible or
a religious tradition. Because number codes are anctionho they are
in so many religious texts, So know that you may
get a multitude of responses and interpretations of that number.

Speaker 2 (23:09):
Go with what resonates with you.

Speaker 1 (23:11):
This is more about seeking, searching, understanding, finding alignment that
it is about something being dogmatic right or wrong. Just
like with me saying on your personal year, you can
calculate it on the calendar year, or you can calendar
calculate it on your birthday, or you can do both
and work with both energies. This is about broadening and

expanding your consciousness, not making it smaller. And the more
you broaden and expand it, the more you actually find
tune it. That's the great paradox of working with our
energy fields. Okay, let's talk about the number of the day,
and then I'll circle back to address numerology and we
will wrap up. So let's say like this podcast is

coming out on the twentieth, So nine plus two plus
zero oh is eleven?

Speaker 2 (24:01):
Whooh master number?

Speaker 1 (24:03):
Okay, so nine to twenty is nine plus two equals eleven.
But then remember twenty twenty three is a seven year,
so seven plus eleven equals eighteen, so it's a nine day.
One plus eight equals nine. So yes, there's the energy
of the eleven, which is the nine to twenty, and
then you have the seven. So you can look at
seven and eleven, which is a really interesting code.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
By the way, it's the seeker and then the master.

Speaker 1 (24:28):
Intuitive you do that math, it's like aha moments, breakthrough moments.
But if you add seven plus eleven you get the
number nine, which is about tapping into innate wisdom, innate leadership.
It is about the culminations of things, things coming to
a close, finalizing things, surrendering, letting go of anything or anyone,

even attitudes, actions, beliefs, or behaviors that are no longer
serving your highest good or limiting your happiness, piece healing
joy a. So that's how you tap into the energy
of the day. So if you know it's a four day,
it's a really good day to organize things, to make
a list, to check boxes, to get some practical things done.
If it's a three day, it's a social day. It's

a day to reach out, to connect, go do something fun.
If it's a five day, it's about being spontaneous. It's
about being a little bit flexible, noticing where you feel stuck, trapped,
or rigid, and being able to kind of just loosen up,
lighten up, and spontaneously change your plans, seek adventuring your day.
If it's a six day, focus a little bit on
self care because you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities

of life, so put that oxygen mask on you. If
it is a seven day, it is a day for
some solitude, contemplation, introspection, connecting dots, you know, doing your astrology,
tapping into your numerology. Seven loves all things metaphysical. If
it's an eight day, it's a day for being bold,

you know, stating intentions, manifesting, finding empowerment, abundance even when
things feel challenging, or even when your moods feel high
to low very fast, because that's the energy of the eight.
If it's a nine day, it's about really stepping into
your integrity. Am I acting in integrity? Am my highest character?

Or am I taking the easy way out? Am I
shirking responsibility? Am I also not trusting God? Where am
I trying to take the reins, take control and not
trust God and let me go back. Just to be fair,
if it's a one day because I didn't do one
and two. If it's a one day, it is all
about your mighty. I am hello. What do I have
on my plate? What do I need to do? I
am wise, I am smart, I am strong, I am capable,

I am loving, I am following through.

Speaker 2 (26:38):
What do I need today?

Speaker 1 (26:40):
What can I do today to show up and create happiness,
create abundance, feel good, heal? I am that's with the
number of the one, the individual. The number two is
a relationship day. So you may feel solitary on a one,
like I got to do it all, got it all
on my plate. Well, harness that, harness that into okay,
I may have the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I get to see how other people help me or

how I can be bold in my voice. So then
the next day is a two day, which is all
about relationships. People may be frustrating you, people may be
teaching you lessons, reflecting back what you don't want or
what you do want. It's a day of cultivating relationships
and ultimately patients. When your patience is tested on a
two day, you're right in line with the energy because
you are learning to practice patients and also through relationships

through other people, not easy stuff. And then ultimately the
three is about connecting socializing, so that's how you harness
the energy of the day. And then, last but not least,
I'm going to talk about address numerology. I know you're
on overload because we've talked about so much stuff, but
I love this stuff, so you can kind of come back,
re listen, listen and check in with these things. Both
of these episodes are totally designed to give you so

many tools around numerology. I hope you go back and
listen and re listen and find the things that align
with you because this is stuff that you can practice
for a while, and I really hope you enjoy it
and find the correlations. Okay, address numerology. Okay, address numerology.

So address numerology has been around a long time. I
did write a book years ago called Numerology for your Home,
Using Abundance Codes to Shift your Life, and it's out
of print. It's not published anymore. I do have the
rights to it. I probably will republish it or an
updated version of it sometime in the future because it's

actually pretty great and it works and everything in their works.
I made post some blogs that support what I'm about
to share with you because that will be really helpful
if you can have these things down on paper. But
I'm going to walk you through address numerology. You can
change the energy of your environment through numerology, and it
works and it will blow your mind. Okay, it really

really does work. So you don't have to change your
address to change your numeralrology, but you do want to
be aware of your address. So let's say your address
is twenty two oh seven blah blah blah lane. Okay,
you don't have to worry about blah blah blah lane.
You just want twenty two oh seven, and you reduce

it down. You do your numerology. Two plus two plus
zero plus seven equals eleven. All right, so you have
a master number at your house. But ultimately you reduce
that eleven down to a two. Okay, so the energy
of your home is a two. What does that breed?
It breeds relationship, connectivity, sometimes codependency, sometimes fierce independence. The

pendulum swings on the energy of the two. It's really
great for cultivating relationships. So if you're newlyweds, it's great
to have the energy of the two in your home,
or you're starting a new relationship, or you've got a
new roommate.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
The two is very.

Speaker 1 (29:56):
Helpful for that way. It's also helpful if you want
to cultivate love. I suggest sometimes if people are looking
for love or relationships that we shift their address numerology
to a two, because then they start practicing self love,
and that self love usually breeds connection, romance, and partnership.

But let's say you've got home, a husband, and three kids,
the two is probably not your jam because you all
have got a lot of moving parts and a lot
of things going on. So somebody says, okay, you know,
I've got three kids, a husband, two dogs. We've got
a two energy and it just feels way too you know,

too intense, we're too ameshed, we're way too codependent. Because
that's what the energy of the two can breed. And
it's like, what do we change our address to? And
I say, I don't know. What do you want? Like
what are your goals?

Speaker 2 (30:47):
What are your intentions?

Speaker 1 (30:49):
And let's say that person says, we want to entertain,
we want to have more people in and out of
our house, Like, we want to have family over, we
want to host Thanksgiving, we want to be the home
that everybody comes to. I love my three kids, and
I love it when they have their friends over. Okay,
this may not be you, but you know you all
are out there, because I know you all who are like,

I love being the mom whose kids are in and
out of the house and I'm having everybody over for dinner,
or I have Thanksgiving, or we have football games and
everybody's out in our backyard. The kids are playing, we've
got football on, we've got food on the counter.

Speaker 2 (31:23):
Okay, but right.

Speaker 1 (31:24):
Now, they're like, but nobody's really coming over. It doesn't
feel that way in the house. Well, let's change it
to a three. Okay, So how do we do that?
If their energy is a two, how do we change
the energy in the home to a three? All right,
track with me here. So the address is a two.
In order to get to three, you have to add

a one. Two plus one equals three. Okay. You don't
go out on your mailbox and add a one to
it and screw with the US Postal Service. You write
a one on a post it note. Okay, write the
one down on a post it note, and you stick
it in the upper right hand corner of the inside
of your front door. So not outside on the front door.

Inside where you're looking at the front door from the inside,
and the upper right hand corner you put that post
it note up. Now, look, I've done this for years.
When I change the address numerology. Sometimes I'll write it
down on a piece of paper. Other times I will
go to Ace Hardware and I will get a really
pretty number whatever. Okay, sometimes I'll put it up on
my door actually with a nail or whatever I want
to do. But writing it down on a post it

note works, and I like that actually better for a
lot of reasons because on the back of that post
it note you can write down intentions. So so and
so is wanting to change their house to a three.
Their energy is a two. So they're going to write
a one down on the post it note because two
plus one will get them to the three. They write
the one down and they stick it up in the
top right hand corner of the door. Now here are

the suggestions I would make with that one. I would
do it on a new moon or a full moon
or the start of the month, So I would do
it on an energetic pathay and mostly on a new
moon or the start of a month, because those are
more initiation times they're very aligned. Or you could do
it on your birthday or an anniversary. If there's a

significant date and it feels like a new beginning to
you or a shift in energy, do that. Follow your
own intuition. But I always instruct people to shift their
address numerology on an initiation date, start of the month,
new moon, as a rule of thumb. Also, when you
change your address numerology, give it at least six months.

This is not every two weeks change your address neurology,
because you're just going to miss it. You're going to
miss the energy, you're going to miss the lessons. When
I change my address numerology, I commit to it for
a minimum.

Speaker 2 (33:41):
Of six months.

Speaker 1 (33:42):
It usually creates a little bit of disruption for about
three weeks. And just know that, and you don't have
to think about it once you put it up there
and you set your intention. So this home would be
maybe they wrote out, you know, it is our intention
that our home is open to our friends, that we
can create loving memories, social gatherings that uplift, create community

connection that we can enjoy ourselves through socializing. Whatever you
want to write on there, but I love writing intentions
aligned with the energy that you are intending for. So
that being said, what happens is from shifting from the
two energy to the three energy. It's like a push
and pull. So the first three weeks may feel super disjointed, awkward.

You may not sleep well. You may have people saying
they're coming over and then they forget to show up,
or you plan a party at the house and nobody shows.
I mean, it may just be awkward. I'm just giving
you examples of what could happen. But then after you
get out of that next thing, you know, people are
knocking on your door, people are over there. We have
this happen. Let me just I can give you tons
of examples, but let me give you one. When we

moved back to Texas from Belize to take care of
my mother and we moved her in our address, numerology
is a one. And when we moved into the house,
once we got her on hospice and settled, a big
thing that she wanted and we had enough space was
to have family come visit. She couldn't really travel that much,

so she wanted to have family come and spend time.
We had the space for that. And I remember us
once we finally got everything settled in the house, Mom
was like, I'm ready to have people over. And I
was like, okay, let's change the address numerology. And she
was into this. We had done this for you, We've
done this for years together. And she's like, okay, what
do we need And I was like A three. The

three is the entertainer, the social home. You know, you
are welcome Mikasa as sue Kasa. So I tell you what, y'all.
I changed that address numerology, probably in May or June,
maybe June of twenty twenty two, and come November, after Thanksgiving,

I was like, I'm done. I cannot. I was exhausted,
and I work from home. I'm my office, you know,
is upstairs, So I was working from home. We had
people in and out of the house. Of course, we
had hospice staff.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
In and out. I mean, it was abundant and it fulfilled.

Speaker 1 (36:10):
I mean people were just showing up and coming and
we welcome them and we have the space. But then
I recognized, Okay, I can't do this anymore. And oh
my gosh, we've had that three up there and it's working.
So I knew, okay, it's time to shift this energy
and what do we need to shift it to? And
I will tell you this. We shifted it. I mean,
this is kind of heavy, but I'll just my mom

and I had a whole discussion around this. We shifted
it to a nine, which is the number of closure
and completion.

Speaker 2 (36:36):
It's making me cry just thinking about it.

Speaker 1 (36:39):
We changed it to a nine, which really signified that
it was it was time to get quiet, it was
time to close them things out, it was time to
really to look back and to recognize all lessons learned
and be ready for the next stage of life. And
so we changed it to a nine. And I can't
remember if I changed it in December or actually I
changed it on January first. I think I changed it

on January first, and she, my mom, passed away February
twenty eighth. And in no way did that make that
happen or force that to happen, because my mom's and
I sat down together and were like, we're tired, we
can't entertain anymore. It's we're over and done with this, Okay,
what energy do we want to call into this environment?
And it was culmination, it was complete completion. It was integrity,

you know, doing the right thing, being in the right place,
and ultimately letting go and letting God. And that's, if anything,
what that whole process was. And of course her death
was imminent and we knew that that was coming. So
of course you're like, well, Amanda, you knew this was coming. Yes,
but we also lined up the energies of our home
to support us in the highest light of that energy,

the nine, the integrity, the wisdom. So it was immense
and it was intense, but it also was one of
the most beautiful rites of passage I think I've ever
experienced in this lifetime, and it was divine. So with
address numerology, let's just do a few examples, because I
know this is a lot, just so so you have
the fundamentals down. Let's say your address is one, one, two,

so that's a three. Okay, I'm on a three one
one two, No, that's a four. Sorry, one plus one
plus two equals four, Okay, so that's a four. Your
address is a four, which means it's really good for
organization process, getting everything in its right place, my address
right now, I change it to a four months ago,
like after my mom died. About a month after my
mom died, I was like, it's time to get into

the energy of the four. It was a little bit
after that and I was like, I need order, process, routine, health, wellness,
everything in its right place, cleaning house, getting everything foundational
and fundamental. That's what the energy of the four is.
So let's say you live in a four energy and
you're wanting to sell your house. You're wanting to generate abundance,
you're wanting to become an entrepreneur and start your business

from home. Well, you have that energy of the four
already there. A house selling number is the eight. Generating abundance,
really stepping into your power, risk and reward being bolding
yourself out there. That's also the energy of the eight.
So if you've got a four energy and you want
to get to eight, what do you do? Four plus
four equals eight. That's a case where you would actually
write the four down on a piece of paper and

put it in the top right hand corner of your door,
because four plus four equals eight. All right, let's do
a few more where the calculations are a little bit
more challenging. Let's say your address numerology. You add up
your street address and it equals fourteen, So that's a five.
You know it equals fourteen, So you reduce it down
to a five, and you want to get to a three. Okay,

so five plus what equals three? You might think you
need to subtract. That's not the case. So what you
need to do in order from the five if the
five is the energy of your home from your address numerology,
and you want to get to a three because you
want connection, community, all the things, or you want to
get to a two, or you want to get to
a one anything, you know, a four, three, two, one, anything,

but below that you have to go up. So five,
in order to get to three, you would need a twelve.
What plus five equals twelve seven. So if you have
a five and you're trying to get to the three,
five plus seven equals twelve. One plus two will equal three.

So what you would do is you would add write
a seven down on your post it note and stick
that on your top right hand corner of the door.
Now I will tell you all this because address numerology
is kind of complex, and there's also some nuances.

Speaker 2 (40:31):
Let's say you.

Speaker 1 (40:32):
Live in twenty two A twenty two B. You live
in an apartment, and you have a letter. Well, all
of the letters of the alphabet correlate to numbers. A
is one, B is two, C is three, and so
on until you get to nine, and then it repeats.
And that's Pythagore and alphabet numerology. So let's say you
live in twenty two B. You live two plus two

equals four, and then B correlates with the energy of
the number two. A is one one, b is two,
so you actually have a six vibration in your home.
That's how you do that address numerology, and that's how
you would find out what the energy of your house is.
If you're trying to figure out what you want for
the energy of the house, go back and listen to
the first podcast and all the attributes of the numbers

and think about those attributes in environments. Okay, if it's
about wisdom and the divine feminine and family and home
and personal responsibility, that is the number of home, that's
the number of six. Four is about organization, order structure.
The two is about intimacy, love relationship. The one is

about individuality. The five is about adventure and freedom. It's
really the five is kind of a transient number. So
if you have a five in your address numerology, most
likely you don't want it unless your house is literally
a landing pad. If you travel a lot and you
just come home, you sleep, you reset, and you hit
the door again, then that's probably that's perfect, Like that's

the energy of your home. If you've got to it's
super solitary, very spiritual, very introspective. It can make you
feel a little bit reclusive, okay. The eight is blowing
and going risk reward. It can be really high to
low emotional. So it is very important if you have
an eight in your address numerology, or you want an eight,

that you are really in tune with your thoughts and
your feelings because it is the number of manifestation, which
means you can manifest chaos just as easily as you
can manifest abundance. If you have a nine, know that
it is about integrity, tapping into your higher wisdom, your
higher character. It's about completion. It's about connecting higher with
God and also bringing that down into your human body.

You know, those are the numbers the three Again, it's
about socialization. But I will over the course of the
next couple of weeks get some blogs posted to support
you in address numerology. So you have the basics and
the like the one oh one stuff down and the
basic attributes of each of the numbers in your home.
And you can change your address numerology in an office.

You can change it in your car. You can change
it on your driver's license. And all it takes is
adding up the number of your driver's license, figuring out
what the energy is. And if it's a five, hello,
that might be a little reckless, you might do you
get a lot of tickets? Do? Do you have a
heavy foot? Do you get in res?

Speaker 2 (43:20):

Speaker 1 (43:20):
If you if your license is a five, it might
lend itself to that, so you might want to change
it to a four. Grounded, steady, organized. So if you've
got a five and you want to get to a four,
remember how we do that. You need a thirteen. What
plus five equals thirteen? That's how you do the math.
I mean, you can play with this stuff and it works,
and you just tape a number for the car, like

if you add up your license plate and I've done
this before, y'all. I'll add up the digits on my
license plate. And if it's a number and I want
to change the energy in my car, I will literally
tape a number on the inside, like right when I
open my door, on that little lip that's right next
to where you get in on the seat, Like on
the car, I have taped numbers there. Next time the
ven number, And people are like, what is this number?

And then I'm like, oh, it's my car numerology.

Speaker 2 (44:05):
I mean, I've done.

Speaker 1 (44:06):
All sorts of weird stuff, but I play with it
and it works, and I change the energy of things
by changing the numbers. Another way you can do it too,
And this is really cool and it's super easy to practice.
And I'll close on this is let's say you go
into a hotel room. Okay, don't worry about the address
of the hotel. Does it all factor in like our
zip code?

Speaker 2 (44:25):
Think about it.

Speaker 1 (44:26):
Our zip code encapsulates all of the energy of that
zip code. That's like the universal energy of that entire
zip code. So yes, or an area code, same thing
in a phone number. Right, But if you go stay
somewhere in a hotel, don't worry about the actual address
of the hotel. Okay, it's an influence, but it's not
as impactful as your actual room number. So let's say

your room number is twenty seven. It's a nine.

Speaker 2 (44:50):

Speaker 1 (44:51):
You get into your room number, You're like, it's a nine,
and I've got to be firing and wiring for business.
I have to be motivated and energized. You might either
want to change it to an eight or three. That's
what I would do. You know, like I am going
to be in here on my phone working for my computer,
and then I've got to pop downstairs for a meeting,
and I've got to be over here. So the nine
is going to be more introspective, it's going to be

more steady. And if you don't want those energies, you
want to change it. So you can literally take a
post it note and on the inside of the right
hand corner of your door in your hotel room, change it.
Sometimes I'll change hotel room numbers to like a six
or a four if I'm feeling like i need grounding
or i need nurture, I need a good night's sleep.
That's like the number of the six a good night's sleep.

If it's a five, I will change it. Otherwise I
usually don't change that, but if it's a five, I'll
change it to like a six or a four, just
so it feels organized or grounded or quiet, whatever it.

Speaker 2 (45:44):
Is that I'm needing.

Speaker 1 (45:46):
So first of all, I hope you have fun with
this more than anything. Look for the signs, look for
the synchronicities. See where you can start playing with your numbers,
reading into the numbers, harnessing the numbers, seeing the repeating digit,
angel numbers, the master numbers, your personal months, your personal year,
the numerology of this year. It's so much fun. And

don't do it all. Don't overwhelm yourself. Find one or
two things that resonate with you and start playing with it.
Your address numerology. Just start from there. And when you
see repeating digits, don't worry about getting into the numbers,
the meaning and the mass.

Speaker 2 (46:21):
Just search it.

Speaker 1 (46:22):
Be like, what does this mean? And then go with
what comes to you. See what you find. Do the investigation,
because that's where the activation happens. The investigation breeds the activation. Again,
thank you so much for joining me on this numerology series.
I love how many of you have shared personal numerology,
inside signs, synchronicities, and I'm glad you're enjoying it and

having fun. Tell me more about what's going on. Be
sure to reach out podcast atsoulsessions dot me and let
me know what you're figuring out. Let me know what
you're tapping into, what awareness has come into your presence,
and how you're working with those energies.

Speaker 2 (47:03):
It's so much fun.

Speaker 1 (47:05):
If you missed it, I did live readings on the Carla,
Marie and Anthony Show on Twitch yesterday.

Speaker 2 (47:10):
It was a ton of fun. Be sure and check
it out. The link is in the show notes.

Speaker 1 (47:16):
I love doing live readings, taking callers, and I think
you'll find some divine alignment and support in that.

Speaker 2 (47:22):
Take care everyone,
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