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November 25, 2022 50 mins

The Wizard brings you Dale Allen Hoffman!

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Get read this Strange Things with Joshua Wren. I am
Joshua ME Warren, and he tweaked. On this show, I'll
be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises

and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the program. Tones That
Can Change Your Life with Dale Alan Hoffman, What is
the absolute fastest way, the best method to naturally reach

a better mindset? Will listen to this. He's been a
friend of mine for a long time. Dale Alan Hoffman
is an ancient aramaic wisdom keeper, mystic and energetic healer,
revealing long suppressed ancient secrets and healing modalities. He came
of age in the nineteen seventies on the edge of

the fabled pine bearings of southern New Jersey. Now the
Pints were the ancestral lands of the indigenous Lenape nation,
as well as an occult hotbed rife with all kinds
of sacrificial cults and the Atlantic city mafia, haunted Revolutionary
War battlefields, and of course you know the infamous script

of the Jersey Devil. Well Dale's childhood was punctuated by
a woman profound experience as a paranormal and natural phenomena
extraterrestrial visitations spiritual epiphanies. For over thirty years, Dale has
been many call a quote teacher behind the teachers, and

since coining the term aramaic toning in the early nineteen nineties,
Dale is the frequent go to authority from many well
known spiritual teachers, celebrities, business icons, musicians, and everyday people
on how to awaken the experiential core of ancient teachings

in the most practical way possible. And he has published
numerous audio and video programs, and he's the author of
the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream, Aramaic Toning on
the Path of Light. His website is Dale Allen Hoffman
dot com. That's d A L E A L L

E N H O F F M A N Dale
Alan Hoffman dot com. The interview is long overdue, so
here we go, Dale Alan Hoffman. Welcome to the show.
Pwesome to be here. It's good to hear your voice,

you know. Del. You and I met in my hometown
of Asheville, North Carolina, and we have been friends for
a long time and it's been a true pleasure watching
your work progress over all these years. But for someone
who has never heard of you, please explain what you
do in a nutshell uh, I take basically essentially ancient

work and bringing into a present moment context. I say,
ancient insight for the present moment. There's a lot of
people that do that. What's really unique about what I
do is I work especially I'm known as an ancient
aramatic wisdom keeper. I work a lot with the teachings
of that that we're ultimately translated into the Bible from
jeez this, yes you, etcetera. But also one of the

things I do is I work with taking ancient languages,
ancient teachings, ancient sounds, and showing people how to actually
pronounce particular things toning, which is something we can talk
about and bring people into a present moment experience with
something that we've basically only had an experience with interpretations

through multiple languages on a page. So my intention is
to bring people into the present moment as if it
was two thousand years ago as much as possible, right
here and right now now. Aaron mak is the language
that Jesus spoke correct, Yes, yeah, that Hebrew also of
course being Jewish. But and so how did you learn that? Uh? Piecemeal?

At first? It was not easy, you know, going back
thirty years ago, there wasn't really a lot of people
to speak with. I tried learning from books, which is
a train wreck. Uh. I started mentoring with a lot
of different people, tried working from recordings. There was some
programs out there I was able to connect in with,
going to lots of symposiums. Honestly, for the first fifteen

years I've been doing this for about thirty two now.
The first fifteen years there's a little slow going. I
would think I was saying something intelligent, people would laugh. UM.
A little bit further down the line, I was able
to start going deeper into the work of people like
Dr Roco Erico or Neil Douglas Clots or Andrew Gabriel Roth.
I could drop all kinds of names into that where

I started going deeper into the roots sounds like the
the actual roots sounds that you would find that would
pop up between different teachings where you've never realized they
were there, that will actually take you down into a
place where you actually have the opportunity to be in
a similar sort of vibrational experience with the people that

actually spoke them and with the aramaic though now it's
kind of all over the place in a way, but
funny enough. Not having a lot of resources, it forced
me to see a lot of things that I never
could have seen, I think if I learned it in
some kind of traditional fashion coming from the outside. I
was able to see similarities how things connected, particular almost

algorithms and some of the teachings you could say codes
that someone that was sort of died in the wool
in a theological or biblical context, you know, from a seminary.
They would never be able to see any of that.
So now some of the earliest versions of the Bible
were in Greek. Correct. Yeah, there's there's Greek, there's Aramaic.
Funny that we don't have the originals of any of them.

So when you actually ask people like how many originals
do you think we we have, and they're like, well,
we must have one, right, I'm like, no, we have zero. Uh.
What's intriguing though, is a lot of the Greek originals
have these like syntax errors. What does that mean? That
means that you look at a supposed old Greek text
and it doesn't really make a lot of sense. If
you lay the Aramaic next to it, all of a

sudden it clears up. And what's interesting is that wouldn't
happen if something was originally sourced in Grief and obviously
they would want that to make sense in coin a Greek. Uh.
If it was just reverse engineered back into Arabic, you
wouldn't have the syntax errors and things of that nature. Uh.
And I mean much like what Graham Hancock does with uh,

you know, working with archaeology and being sort of off
the beaten path, I'm not welcomed in. I'm sort of
an outsider that's trying to be trying to intrude. For years,
I called myself a civilian scholar. I realized that the
hardest thing about what I was doing was just being heard,
because any kind of an established not just doctrines of religion,

but just in a established belief system or thought system. Archaeology,
like I say, with Graham's work is a good example.
People they're not interested in rocking the boat, you know,
They're interested in getting the accolades they need and cashing
their checks. And the people that are considered, you know,
experts in biblical teachings or languages whatever, they're only called

experts because they went to the same institutions that essentially
everybody else did. And the more they were able to
part back that that conditioning, the more they were basically
put up and held up and say, Okay, this guy
here is an expert. And I came from completely out
of left field. But I think that one of the
primary differences for me is I actually put this stuff

into practice. I wasn't just having relationships with concepts on
the page. There's a big difference there. When you look
at the King James version of the Bible versus some
of the oldest documents that you've been able to read.
How close is the connection. Well, it's interesting because most

people don't really know the truth of a lot of
King James, his tutor, how he learned, you know, his mother, Mary,
Queen of Scott's. They don't know a lot of the
they know what's put out by theological institutions. They don't
know a lot about like a lot of the backstory
of what he actually did know, the teams of scribes,
which was about almost three dozen that he had surrounding

working on those texts. Um honestly, to be honest, it's
apples and oranges, because the King James is a beautiful document. Uh,
it's beautifully poetic. There's a lot of things people don't realize,
like what are those italicized words? Me No, Well, that
means it was added, meaning it wasn't actually there. People
don't really grow up knowing those kinds of things. But

I started getting that that's really what I cut my
teeth with when I was seven years old. But that's
the first time that I laid sat on the floor,
laid five Bibles next to each other on my grandmother's
living room floor, and I compared different parts of the
Gospel of Matthew and Aramaic that's Mattie, and I went,
hold on a second, here, I'm told this is the

inerrent word of God. Why are these all completely different,
like not just little things, but things that a seven
year old kid and pick up and say, wait a second,
this is not the same. One of those was the
King James was one was a sixteen eleven King James,
which I still have, which is different than the King
James that's the original. Those were replicates of the original plates.

And then there was the new King James, which is
different from the King James, different from the sixteen eleven
King James. And then she had a Greek Lexicon Bible,
and I don't remember the fifth one. And it was
baffling to me because I'm like, something's not right here.
And that's when I started having and this is the
part where I'll often get pushed off to the side.
I started having these more you know, interdimensional teachings happening

for me. How do I, you know, put that into language.
You know, I was going through a pretty not It
was a nice childhood, you know, southern New Jersey across
from Philadelphia, farmlands and everything with suburbs. But you know,
things were going on in the home, some really intense stuff.
And I would find myself out out in nature pretty

much all day long, throw my shoes off and run
out into the farms all around me, into the county
woods right on the edge of the pine barrens, Jersey
Devil all that, uh. And I would spend so much
time out there. Sometimes I'd take a Bible with me,
sometimes I wouldn't, and I would sit there what I
called crisscross apple sauce Indian style in a lotus position, meditating,

not knowing that I was meditating. I was just trying
to do what I could to quiet my mind, using
really based tones that I was learning from some Greek
texts and stuff like that, even English, trying to elongate
these sounds. And what started happening is, you know, lack
of a better words, the veils started lifting. Time for
a break when we come back. Wait, do you see

what happened to Dale? When the veil started lifting and remember.
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And you're listening to Strange Things on the I Heart
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Things on the I Heart Radio and Coast to Coast.
I am Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, the Wizard
of Weird, Joshua pe Warren. And now let's get back
to my interview with Dale Alan Hoffman. His website is
Dell Alan Hoffman dot com. Lack of a better word,

the veils started lifting, and at the time I didn't
know I had met my spirit guides. That wasn't really
fully revealed to me till a couple of decades later.
But I started having relationships with higher beings. I don't
know how to say, I would say trans dimensional or interdimensional. Intriguingly,
A lot of the learning that I got, and this

is where you know people don't want to listen to
that part was coming from almost like I don't, for
lack of a better word, like cracks in three D,
you know, little spaces that I had to get into
in deep states is meditation. And that started happening, started happening.
And then it was seven years old at a vacation
Bible school in class, and everybody's talking about, you know,

lay up for yourself, treasures in heaven, all of that
kind of stuff. You know, don't want to quote kinds
of verses. But I'm looking around the room in this
vacation Bible school and I'm like, something's not right. Everybody's
talking about this heaven, you know, as a place you
go to after you die. And I remember looking down
at the page and there was the only way I
can explain this is that there was a goog. There

was a light within the page. It wasn't a fire,
It was like a light, and I saw four distinct
layers inside, like literally physically as if I could put
my hand inside the page, and it went down into
deeper dimensions or layers in different colors and different languages,
and each of them had a deeper meaning from the

surface level on top, which was in black, which was
the English, and then four other layers, and I remember
putting my hand over it and I'm like, well, all right,
hold on, I don't feel heat. And then I was
very aware all of a sudden that the room was dark,
and I remember looking up in the rooms empty, and
I'm looking around the room and I hear the kids

out in the hallway. I realized they must have left
the room and everybody's out there, and the teacher puts
her head back in and she looks at me, and
I must have been red faced, and she's like, are
you coming? And I'm like okay. And I remember walking
out of the church, going through the back to this
baseball diamond and I'm looking up at these trees and
I'm seeing lights that are dancing, but there was no lights.

I'm hearing like a high not a squeal, but like
the way I explain it, it's like I spent let's say,
hours getting my sound system sounding as amazing as I can.
And then somebody comes from out of nowhere and lifts
a blanket off, and all of a sudden, this presence,
this sheen is there. And I still remember looking over
at the teacher and she's looking at me like, what

did that kid do? I know, I looked guilty. That
was my first the first moment that I went hold
on and I realized that I was seeing something that
other people weren't seeing. And as you explored this more
and more, it leads you deep for and deeper into toning. Yeah,

so toning is a brand new concept for some people.
Give us some examples of what you're talking about when
you say you're into toning. Yeah, it's it's It is
interesting because people are like, well, you mean working out muscles.
I'm like, no, no, uh, it's let me put it
this way, you know before even because I can even

give you an example of it, of course. But the
thing about toning, for me, that's so powerful. It's the
fastest technology tool I've ever encountered in my life. To
get a newbie who's never done anything like that before
into a deep state of presence. It's faster than meditation.
It's faster than any kind of spoken prayer. It's faster

than any kind of breathwork. Now I'm saying, now I've
been meditating for decades, I can get myself they're into
a deep place of presence just in half of a second.
That's a little different for a newbie. That doesn't happen toning. However,
I'll just put out one one word. You know, the
first word from an aramaic prayer sounds like this. Ann.

I'm just gonna make one simple sound. Oh, it's a
little similar to home that we know of from the Sanskrit.

All I can say is there. I am six seconds later,
and I am in a completely different state of being,
even if I'm not even pronouncing a particular word or
I'm pronouncing it wrong. You can just make a simple
and it's funny. I can do this with a five
year old and I can see the shift in their face,

in their eyes after only three or four seconds. I'm
not aware of any other technology that works that quick
for someone that's never done that, done something before. So
what's happening? What are you doing there? Well, I mean
it's it's funny. It's all about residents. Uh. You know.
One of the things that I my biggest challenge when
I started learning going deeper into a lot of this

Bible stuff and I realized that the church path wasn't
going to be it. One of the biggest frustrations I
had was even as a young kid, I started recognizing
that people were really having relationships with concepts on a page.
They weren't actually having a lot of these deeper inner
things that I was really seeking that I needed to have.

And intriguingly, as an example, the beginning of John, the
Gospel of John starts like this. In Aramaic, been a
sheep at hua multa. That word mealta was the word
translated as word. Of course, that's logos in Greek. In
point a Greek, technically lexus or lego would be a
word that could be written on a page. Logos is

something quite a bit more uh less definable in that sense,
meal Ta and Aramaic, the tad gendering that word feminine
meila would be an actual word, a physical word that
you see on a page, meal Ta. What that actually
means is the experience of tad gendering feminine. What does

that mean? I just want to clarify that that means
that if I'm holding, let's say a pen in my hand,
the actual pen itself would be considered more masculine. The
physical thing. It's something that's obvious in front of me.
In three D, I can give you a pen. However,
my perception, experience, attitude, about the pen observation, the perception

would be much more feminine. Malta would be not a
word written on a page, but rather the vibrational frequency
experience as you are speaking it consciously, as you are
intoning it, whether you're making the sound or not. Funny enough,
I can make a sound and have that experien orians

and then I cannot make the sound, And as long
as I keep that in my awareness, I can still
have a vibrational frequency relationship and experience with it even
without intoning it out loud. And that was the thing
that really unlocked the deeper teachings for me in a
way that because you read a lot of the teachings,

people are learning all these repetitions of things that go
to through multitudes of languages. But when you go back
to something very source, whether it's Lakota or Aramaic or Hebrew,
you're gonna have an experience of something that is much
more intimate, that's got much more I almost want to say,

beautiful teeth to it, something you can really sink your
teeth into, rather than just having a relationship with a
concept that's defined from the intellectual side of your brain,
which isn't a bad thing, per a. But it really
is two completely different experiences. All right. So right now, obviously, uh,

people are very stressed out. I think people have always
been stressed out. We know that. Everybody thinks I'm the
most stressed out person who's ever lived, you know, and
even though they don't, they don't look back at the
historical context. So all right, when it comes to toning um,
just again, as an example, when somebody is feeling bad,

when you're feeling bad, what do you think is the
most fast acting tone to put you in a better spirit?
You know that? For me, it's it's a really simple sound.
It's at the end of several Aramaic tones, and it's
a combination of two different sounds, which is the left,

which is the first letter of the Aramaic alphabet and
essentially is represented as everything. It means the oneness of everything,
everything included as one singularity or absolute. And then the
second sound of it is the judd, which is armor extension,
something reaching out. You can also even say hand and

when you make that sound like as an example, at
the end on John three six, that word that was
translated as only begotten minogo nace from the Greek, which
means literally only born. In Aramaic, that word is a
headda and the I a sound at the end of
that means essentially something that's limitless, it has no boundary.

Shamayah the word heaven, which is our eleven year old
daughter's name, Heaven, which is also the word sky. It
ends with aya, means something that has no beginning and
no ending. So for me, what's a really powerful sound
is simply repeating the olive and the judd together. And
of course when I tone those together, you're gonna hear
an English word uh i, which if you look at

that from Aramaic roots, that is the absolute, the oneness
one is kind of a problematic word to use, but
the absolute reaching or extending itself out. Now, if I
just tone that ah, it's one of those tones just

I I. It's one of those tones that for me
has such a beautifully connected nature, can go on as
long as I can laugh. And it's also really powerful
without making the sound. Like if you're in a business
meeting or something and you're totally stressed out, you can
do that one under your breath without even making the tone.

And I can guarantee you that as long as you're
paying attention, you will feel not only that deeper sense
of presence within, but I physically, and have you've done
this with tens of thousands of people across the earth,
you physically you can feel your physiology shift. Did you
feel it? It's time for a break. But I must say,

I think he's right. I think he's onto something. Listen
to what he has to say next. I'm Joshua pe Warren,
and you're listening to Strange Things on the I Heart
Radio and Coast to Coast. I am Parinormal Podcast Network,
and I'll be back after these important messages. Welcome back

to Strange Things the Heart Radio and Coast to Coast.
I am para normal podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua
pe Warren, and this is the show where the unusual
becomes usual. And now back to my interview with Dale
Alan Hoffman. When I was in Puerto Rico, I used

to drive for hours back and forth across the island,
often in the middle of the jungle, and one of
my favorite things to listen to was this CD that
you did back in the day. And I can't remember
which one it was, but the from the I M. Yeah, okay,
the points you made were fascinating and I told you

that and you said, yeah, well thanks, but I've advanced
a lot since then, and I and I thought that
was cool that you're always growing. So so Anana was
that CD What was the ultimate message of that recording? Well,
that was you know that one I unpack the I
M statements of of Yes who of Jesus from the

Gospel of John, and you can boil it all down
to this. When he would say anana, as in in
in coin a Greek, that's egohimmy, And what that means
is I another I individual, I am essentially in modern English.
In Aramaic it was a little more problematic though, because
in Aramic the words sound it's actually a technically two

different words, one word repeated twice, and in Aramaic it
sounds like this anana, which is actually one word. Anna
said twice Anna, Anna, And when I look on the page,
I see Anna Anna. But the way we pronounced that,
the middle offe sound drops and it becomes Anana, which
intriguingly is the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare.

That's a side note, though, but what that means the
literal translation of those words in Aramaic in his native
tongue was not I am. Actually, if he was saying
I am I Jesus, he would just say Anna Anna
luchma Dahai. I am the bread of life on a
new rod alum, I am the light of the world.

But that's not what it says in Aramaic. It actually
says Anna Anna. The literal translation is I I the
eye within the eye, the eye behind the eye, the
eye inside of the eye. Which is intriguing because Aramaic
gave influence Oharat Ease, all these different Ethiopic and Somali languages,

and somehow that II idea from ancient Aramaic ended up
in the Rasta philosophies. Emperor Selassie, you know if everybody's
heard uh Marley on Bob Marley, you know Redemption song,
Oh pirates, Yes, they job I took eye to the
merchant ship minutes after that. You know, all of that,
all of that comes from ancient Aramaic. There is the

differentiation between I the individual bail or Josh versus. Let
me put it in these words. What you're looking for
is what is looking the difference between seeing through the
human eye versus seeing, you know, without sounding, you know,
two sort of hunky dory, seeing with the eyes of God,

seeing with the eyes of eternity of the cosmos. And
if you look at all of those statements, those I
AM statements, you realize they had nothing to do with
him talking about himself. He was talking about that presence
which is in the center of each and every one
of us. It takes the entire religion, you know, when
you look at it in Aramaic, without the theology that

people can even put on top of the Aramaic. It
takes the whole thing, pulls the carpet out and turns
it upside down, but doesn't turn it upside down in
a mess. It turns it back onto each and every
single one of us, so that it's no longer religion.
Now it's actually life itself that we're talking about. We
did an event together one time on a college campus,

and I talked about all my paranormal and UFO stuff,
and then you took over, and the next thing I knew,
everybody was laying on the floor, and some people were giggling,
and some people were crying, and some people were dancing
like they were in a Pentecostal ritual. How did you
create that? Oh? That was so fun I mean it

was funny because I don't know if you remember, but
I remember you coming up to me and you kind
of leaned in, like halfway into my part of that
thing where all that was happening, and you kind of went,
you know, Dale, all of our instrumentation is basically slamming
to the top, and so I don't know how we

can measure anything if everything is just maxing out. I'm like,
what does that mean? You're like, I have no idea,
and then you're like, I'm taking our guys and we're
gonna go wait for you. And then afterward it was funny.
I was talking with you afterward and we were just
kind of recapping things, and Lauren, you know your wife,
of course, your beautiful wife was behind me, and I
didn't know that she was aiming. I remember radio waves,

my chrometer, I don't remember what the heck it was,
and you're like looking at me and then looking over
my shoulder, and they're like, damn. I just wanted to
tell you that every time that you get into this
like really passionate place, there's like this energy that comes
off and Lawren's got this whatever gizmo aimed at your
head and every time you get into that spot, the

needle max is out. And I'm like, well, what does
that mean again? You're like, I have no idea, but
it was like, here's the thing. I didn't grow up pentecostal.
I I ten years ago I kind of stopped the
although I feel like I'm getting ready to go back
to those those sort of water healing things that were happening.
And let me explain why I kind of moved away.

People were coming to me, and they're coming to me
with like tumors wrapped around their spine, and all of
a sudden they're gone. People are flying across the room,
They're flammling like fish on the floor. There's literally blue
streets of light coming out of the palm of my hand.
And I'll be honest, people started looking at me like
I was somehow better than other people. I got, you know,

not scared per se, But I didn't have a catalog
that in my life, and I didn't want people looking
at me like some kind of sort of history on I.
I don't know, you know, I don't know. People were
pushing me up on these pedestals and stuff, and I
was like, you know, and I literally said to my
wife Laretta, well you know, Loretta, and I'm like, you know,
I don't want to do this anymore because people are

looking at me like I'm like this miracle man. But
what's really happening for them is they are the ones
that are opening. It's happening within them. I'm just the
one that's allowing that space. And she's like, yeah, but
you're doing so much for so many people. And I
literally just like sort of stopped completely. How I did it?

And this is the funny thing, I don't know how
I did it. I didn't. I wasn't raised pentecostal. It
just started coming to me. And here's another interesting thing
I had. I have these I don't know how else
to put it, flashbacks of being within a river a
long time ago. Uh. I don't know if it's the
river Jordans, I have that sense, but I have these

flashbacks of being in this river and doing that kind
of thing. And it's just something that unfolded through me
very organically, and I didn't really It's amazing because I
talked about that even in my book in Ecose of
an ancient dream, which of course I quote you in,
but I talked about how when I started doing those
these water healing events and anointings, I didn't even know

what it was. I just kept getting these downloads essentially
that said, you know, you need to do this. And
even as I'm lifting my hand for people and a
ball of light shoots out the palm of my hand
and somebody goes flying, still that little nagging voice in
the back of my head is going, is this really happening?
Is this all just in my head? Is this all

in their heads? Um? It was just one of those
things that I don't know how I did it. I
just know what it feels like to be open. I
know what it feels like to be that open vessel
and channel and the rest takes care of itself. It's
like being in a state of such absolute humility that
whatever needs to happen can happen. Whatever needs to calibrate,

you know, recenter itself, et cetera, happens. And I believe
in what the words of Earnest Homes He said, there's
nothing to heal, only truth to be revealed. So for me,
it's me being in that truth, not because of religion,
not because of all these different ideas from a page,
but just allowing basically to be like a little baby,

taking myself back to being that open, pure vessel without
all the indoctrination and conditioning on on top on top,
and then only takes a split second and then all
of a sudden, somebody, you know, maybe they go flying.
I don't know what's going to happen. All I know
is what it feels like to be open. The entire
universe is formed by vibrations. But given that, in your opinion,

what is music interesting? You know, it's funny. Uh. In
some sense, music is mathematics. But also I don't think
most people understand what math mathematics really are. I don't
think they really understand that. Let me put it this way.
One of the things I'll often ask, you know, when

I'm speaking to crowds or whatever, I'll say, does anybody
in here know what frequency is? And people say, yeah,
it's like you know, f F sharp, you know, And
I'm like, well, that's pitch. It's not exactly what I'm saying.
I'm like, do you know what frequency? What's the actually
meaning of frequency? They're like, well, when something's or lower,
and I'm like, well, that's not what frequency means. They're like, well,
if you play something and you feel it, that's frequency.

I'm like, no, that's vibration. So then finally I'll put
my hand up and I'll stick my thumb up, and
then I'll put my my index finger up and I'm
like that's frequency. And then I'll put my middle finger up.
I'm like that's frequency. Frequency means how many So intriguingly,
if the way science and quantum quantum mechanics and all

these deeper philosophical ideas and things I've even been talking about,
if the understanding, like the word allaha and aramaic isn't
God in the sense of this overpowering, overarching being that
somehow plants us here and creates us. But allaha and
aramaic literally means absolute only being, meaning that everything is

happening within an absolute It's not a oneness that we
love to call it, because as soon as you say oneness,
your brain is going to go to the mathematics of
tuness as well. But it's understanding that everything is happening
within some kind of an absolute system. However, when that
system and this is you know, essentially in the beginning

was the word when that system at some point became
so full of itself if we can even fathom the
thoughts of what that meant, you know, full of its
own love, that it needed to experience itself, it needed
to birth itself out. And that's when you know. It's
funny if we can call it the big bang. But

that's what you know. In the words of Dr Albert
la Chance, he says the mystic calls that a sudden
arising of awareness. Boy do I wish this show is
longer sometimes When we come back the conclusion of my
interview with Dale Alan Hoffman, I am Joshua pe Warren,
and you are listening to Strange Things all on the

I Heart Radio and Coast to Coast AM are a
normal podcast network, and I will be right back. Welcome

back to the final segment of this edition of Strange
Things on the I Heart Radio and Coast to Coast
AM normal podcast network. I'm here host Joshua Pete Warren,
and now here is the conclusion of my interview with
Dale Allen Hoffman. His website is Dale Alan Hoffman dot com.

You know, I do a lot of work with scymatics
and especially what I call para symatics. How does that
apply to your mission in life? What's incredible because you
know there's a there's an a spectacular video of people
haven't seen it. Um. Nigel Stanford from Australia did this
great cymatic video like seven or eight years ago, and

he they showed the Cloudney plates, which is something Ernst
Claudney back in the nineteen century was sprinkling. Uh. It
was either glass shavings or really pure beach sand on
a plate, a metallic plate, and he took a violin
bow and he kind of drugged along the side of
the plate, and all of a studden it started floming
these amazing geometric patterns, and he started going, all right,

something's happening here. You can actually buy a Cloudney plate
now sprinkle the shavings on top. Or in the beginning
of my book, I talked about even iron filings. You
can put iron filings on the top of like a
piece of cardboard and take a magnet below it and
watch all the different iron filings dancing. While what's beautiful
about that is that tones can create those same kinds

of patterns in the physical universe that fall into those
natural empathetic resonance patterns. And this can include everything, the fibonacci,
all these it's you know, the belief in the Sanskrit culture,
in Hinduism is that the ome, that symbol of home,
if people have ever seen that, actually came from a

scymatic meditation experience. And it's as if the sound that
you hear formed that pattern. Now what what does that
really mean? Though? That means that you can be in
the presence of some kind of sound and it can
have these kinds of effects on the physical body, like
the toning. I can make a simple I think that

for like three seconds, I feel very different, much more
at peace. Even my voice changed just from three seconds
of that. Well, Finatics is saying that essentially all of
the fractal, the fractal basis of the world, everything comes
literally from sound. And when they say things are spoken

into existence, that doesn't mean there's a big God, go
o d big long white beard needs up there speaking
things out. No no, no no, no, and and and and
no no. What that's saying is that when you open
your mouth consciously in a state of presence, you literally
are speaking as the mouth of God and understanding that
these patterns are the natural empathetic resonance of our experience

within this Literally we're living in a chapel of sound vibrations.
And my easiest question of all, after everything you've learned,
what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning
of life? The meaning of life is to uh make
sure to jump off the bridge when Clarence does so

that uh um. You know. For me, I don't have
a lot of ways to put it that into words,
but I know what it feels like. And to me,
it feels like when I use words like open our
license plate. You know, here we are in West Ashall
our license plate says O P E N open. That's
my license plate. And of course people see my beautiful

wife who's a model, and they're like, what exactly does
that mean? She's like, whatever you think it means, sweetie,
you know, But but it's like, no, it's just that
aspect of getting out of the way and allow that
natural expansion of that cosmic, the lactic, eternal, whatever you
want to call it, like God anything to birth through

us without us sort of mucking it up and trying
to put all of our philosophies on top of it,
kind of like, what, let me put it this way,
what's the most important thing in life in the in
the birthing of a child. What's more important than anything
else in the birth of a child, It's that you go. Well,

the clock has almost got us. So before we wrap
up here, I want everybody to know about your current projects,
your upcoming projects. Of the floor is yours? Cool? So yeah,
I'm you know, a lot of my work lately is
starting to get deeper into my my childhood growing up

in New Jersey. Uh, I was right on the edge
of course, the there's all the great cryptids like the
Jersey Devil and all of that. You know, we used
to go camping out in the pine barrens in the pines.
But I've been around, you know, pretty dark stuff since
I was a kid. We had animal sacrificing cults near
where I grew up. Um, I've always had this fascination

with what one could call demonology, and it's intriguing for me.
I couldn't explain how a tumor could go away in
someone's spine, but I do understand what a demon is,
and a lot of my work right now I'm really
focusing in on creating more of a technology that people
can actually use to realize. As an example, you know,

in the ancient aramaic demon is you know here, I
have a little sound, here, there's vibration, there's residents frequency,
and demon is when I go to try to stop that,
and that's what happens from our beliefs. Whatever I'm really
starting to tune into, I don't know if it's another book, um,

you know, I don't know what it is. I think
it's going to be probably something more like some kind
of an extended treat retreat where people can come and
spend a few days with me somewhere and start getting
into the realization of how do we voice those things out? Like,
as an example, cast out demon an aramaic shod in
a peck. That doesn't mean cast out a demon. This

is how you cast out a demon. You allow it
to voice. And that's the one thing that's holding people
back is trying not to feel those things within themselves.
They don't like the way they feel. And I have
been in the presence of absolute dark, disgusting, vile malevolence
in this kind of work. But above all, I'm really

seeking the show people how you can be in that space,
not by the hook and realize you don't get rid
of a demon by screaming the power of Christ compels you,
but by standing in its presence and removing anything within
you that is feeling even the slightest hesitation from that.
So you know right now, mine, I've been putting out
a lot on YouTube. Like I told people, follow me

on social media my website Dale l and Hoffman dot com.
But I've been cranking out on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, you know, Facebook, Twitter,
all that stuff. Um, if people just follow and and
begin go to my website, sign up on the email
list because I'm always sending out free stuff. Um, I'm
the big focus of what I do right now. Actually,

I stopped a lot of the heavy travel. I'm working
with people one on one. I have a mentoring program
where people can come to me and whatever it is
they want to learn about, whether it's ancient aramatic teachings, toning, uh, spirituality,
whatever that may be. We can dig into that and
I can actually be there as a sounding board uh

in a way that not a lot of people on
this planet can be. Actually with the kind of experience
that I've got behind me. So, um, there's a lot
of different ways to approach what I'm doing. And then
I've got tons of audio programs out there. My book
is on Amazon, you know, so that I see myself
going more into the film aspect and more into some
kind of a visual audio visual production at this point.

So well, del you have been a great friend for
a long long time and I have always admired you
and your work and Lauren and I would love for
you to give our best to Loretta and your beautiful family.
I know you will continue to break new ground and
bring us all absolutely fascinating new concepts and exercises. So

we will stay in touch, and I thank you again
for being my guest. Awesome, thank you, brother, It's been beautiful.
And that was my whittled down interview with Dale Alan Hoffman.
You know, we were talking off the air and I said,
you know, you should just fly out here to Las

Vegas and we'll find a cozy little corner somewhere and
get a bottle of whiskey and turn on a camera
and just talk for hours, um and go as deep
as we can. Would you like to watch that? That
would be uh, that would be quite interesting. Don't you think,

But listen in the meantime, seriously, go to his website
Dale Alan Hoffman dot com and there's a lot of
good stuff there. But go to the products and there
are digital downloads there that you can access instantly. And
as I mentioned in the interview there, one of my

favorites from back of the day is called Innanna. It's
it's just audio. You just listen to this e in
a in a Innanna living from the I am um
and that would I don't know. I just listened to
it over and over again and it made quite an

impact on me. So, man, it's always so great to
talk to Dell. But I I think, uh, well, this
is probably gonna be my my last podcast of twenty
twenty two. I'm taking off the rest of the year
to catch up on some things, and so, uh God
bless you and yours and I cannot think of a

better way to end this podcast than for us all
to listen to a tone. Right, you know what I'm
talking about. Take a deep breath, close your eyes if
you can here it is the good Fortune tone. That's

it for this edition of the show. Follow me on
Twitter at Joshua pe Warren plus visit Joshua pe Warren
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to receive a free instant gift, and check out the
cool Stuff and the Curiosity Shop all at Joshua pe
Warren dot com. I have a fun one lined up

for you next time, I promise, so please tell all
your friends to subscribe to this show and to always
remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, thank you
for your interest in support, thank you for staying curious,
and I We'll talk to you again soon. You've been

listening to Strange Things on the I Heart Radio and
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