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February 23, 2024 53 mins

What the heck does the Wizard mean? There's only one way to find out! Enjoy!

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And you're here.

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Ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird Strange
Things with Joshua Warren.

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I am Joshua PE Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more. On This edition of the show is today,
the day after Roswell. You'll understand what I mean. Shortly,

I have been rereading one of the most fascinating books
ever published The day after Roswell, a former Pentagon official
reveals the US government's shocking UFO cover up. This was
published in nineteen ninety seven, one year before the death

of its author, Colonel Philip J. Corso. He wrote it
along with William Burns. And this is almost seems to me,
almost like a deathbed confession. I want to read you
a quote from this book. And even if you've read

this book before, just like I have, just listen to
this with fresh ears. These creatures were not benevolent alien
beings who had come to enlighten human beings. They were
genetically altered humanoid automatons, cloned biological entities actually, who were

harvesting biological specimens on Earth for their own experiment. As
long as we were incapable of defending ourselves, we had
to allow them to intrude as they wished, and that
was part of what the Working Group had to deal with.

We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them, as
long as we could not fight them. They dictated the
terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure.
Hide the truth and the truth becomes your enemy. Disclose
the truth and it becomes your weapon. We hid the

truth about the ebes used it against us until nineteen
seventy four when we had our first real shootdown of
an alien craft over Romstein Air Force Base in Germany. Okay,
so he is saying right here, they're not friendlies, these things,

these guys flying around here, they're not friendlies. And furthermore,
their genetically altered humanoid automatons cloned biological entities, harvesting biological
specimens on Earth for their own experimentation. Now, this is
a classic book, and yet you'd be surprised how many

new young people are discovering this podcast every day. So
let me just give you an overview of what this
book is about. If this is new to you. The
Day After Roswell is an American book about extraterrestrial spacecraft
and the Roswell Incident, written by United States Army Colonel

Philip J. Corso with help from William J. Burns. Published
as a tell all memoir by Pocket Books in nineteen
ninety seven, a year before Corso's death. The book claims
that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in
nineteen forty seven. And was recovered by the United States government,

who then sought to cover up all evidence of extraterrestrials.
Here's a quick synopsis of this book. The majority of
the book is an account of Colonel Corso's claims that
he was assigned to a secret government program that provided
some material recovered from spacecraft to private industry without saying

where the items came from, to reverse engineer them for
corporate use. Corso was a special assistant to Lieutenant General
Arthur Trudeau, who headed the Army Research and Development and
was in charge of the Foreign Technology Desk. In this position,
he would take technological artifacts obtained from Russian, German, and

other foreign sources and have American companies reverse engineer of
that technology, and the book contends that several aspects of
modern technology, such as fiber optics and integrated circuits were
developed by using information taken from the craft. Colonel Corso
also claimed the world was quote at war with extra

interrestrials and that the Strategic Defense Initiative project was part
of that campaign that was successfully concluded in Earth's favor. Now,
when you look at that information, you think to yourself, well,
we've heard this story before, but at the same time,

it's fascinating, especially to me, because you really have to
understand that all these years later, if you go back
and you look at the reputation of the man who
wrote this, Philip J. Corso, nobody is claiming this guy
was a wacko. In fact, I don't usually do this.
It's not very long, but I just want to most

of his actual biography here to you. After joining the
Army in nineteen forty two, Corso served in Army intelligence
in Europe, becoming chief of the US Counter Intelligence Corps
in Rome. In nineteen forty five. Corso arranged for the
safe passage of ten thousand Jewish World War II refugees

out of Rome to the British Mandate of Palestine. He
was the personal emissary to Giovanni Battista Mantini at the
Vatican later Pope pauled six I guess during the period
when the Nazi ratlons were most active. During the Korean War,

Corso performed intelligence duties under General Douglas MacArthur as chief
of the Special Projects branch of the Intelligence Division, Far
East Command. One of his primary duties was to keep
track of enemy prisoner of war that is, pow camps
in North Korea. Corso was in charge of investigating the
estimated number of US and other United Nations POWs held

at each camp and their treatment. At later hearings in
nineteen ninety two of the Senate Select Committee on Pow
Mia Affairs, Corso testified that he believed hundreds of American
POWs were abandoned at these camps. Committee member John McCain
stated that his knowledge obtained from those who had personal

relationships with Eisenhower led him to believe that Eisenhower was
just not capable of allowing known American POWs to remain
incarcerated after the termination of the Korean War. Corso is
on the staff of President Eisenhower's National Security Council for
four years, and in nineteen sixty one he became chief

of the Pentagon's Foreign Technology Desk and Army Research and Development,
working under Lieutenant General Arthur Trudeau. Wow, okay, I had
to read you all of that so you would understand
what we're talking about. Chief of the Pentagon's Foreign Technology
Deaths and Army Research and Development. And in his book

here he says a covert government group was assembled under
the leadership of Admiral Roscoe Helencotter, the first Director of
Central Intelligence, and among its task was to collect all
information on off planet technology. The US administration simultaneously discounted

the existence of flying saucers in the eyes of the public,
Corso says. And according to Corso, the reverse engineering of
these artifacts indirectly led to the development of accelerated particle
beam devices, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuit chips, and kevlar material.

And in the book, he also claims that the Strategic
Defense Initiative or star Wars project, was meant to achieve
the destructive capacity of electronic guide guidance systems there and
incoming enemy warheads and disabling enemy spacecraft, including those of
extraterrestrial origin. All Right, nobody says this guy was crazy.

Nobody undermines his credibility. This book comes out a year
later he dies of a heart attack, and it's such
a well written book. And one thing that especially stands
out to me when I look at this book is
that if you actually think about the rate at which

technology has progressed, its astounding. I mean, there are people
alive today who are over one hundred years old, one
hundred years ago in this country. In the USA, lots
of people were still riding horses if they can afford
a horse. Roswell happened in nineteen forty seven, and then

twenty two years later we were walking on the moon.
Now you have a little box in your hand that
gives you all the information in the world instantly wirelessly,
and you can strap it onto your face if you
want to play with holograms for fun. And now we're
about to go to Mars. Technology has developed at an

unnatural rate of speed compared to the entire recorded history
of humankind. How can we explain this? There's not a
bunch out there about alien tech, but when we come back,
we're going to dig into some of it. It's pretty bizarre,
including yes, the infamous alien probe. Everybody knows about the probe,

but what does it really look like? Oh, this is
gonna be a big story to tell. Listen. If there's
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I am Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to strange things
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and I will be right back.

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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
wormhole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

Giatato Zume and I have never been to Egypt, but
I understand that when you go to eat and you
tell them, hey, these pyramids were built by aliens, they
don't like that. It ticks them off. And that is

because they say, no, our people built these things. You know.
That's how amazing our people were. We didn't have aliens
come down and do this for us. And of course
you're not going to stand there. I mean, I don't
know I don't know if aliens built the Pyramids or

if humans did. I just don't know. But I'm not
going to stand there and argue with an Egyptian about it.
It would be disrespectful. Well, I don't think that your
people were capable of building that. You know, it sounds
very condescending and demeaning. I understand why that kind of
thing ticks people off. And when you start talking about
how lasers and fiber optics and computer chips and things

were built, there has to be a similar backlash out there.
I mean, for example, one of the key people behind
building the integrated circuit was a man named Jack Kilby.
He was employed at Texas Instruments and started developing this

product this migrant ship basically in the nineteen fifties. And
I'm sure that if you said to Jack Kilby, and
let's see here now, okay, he's no longer with us.
But if you said to Jack Kilby, hey, I think
that aliens came here and left this technology and the
government seeded some of this stuff to you, he would

be outraged. That would be very disrespectful in his mind,
And I understand that. But nothing against these scientists who
have worked on these projects because there are two things
that are important to realize here. Number one is, we're
talking about these kinds of inventions. Okay, when you're talking

about fiber optics, particle accelerators, lasers, all this kind of stuff,
we're not talking about these things being invented by like
some old guy in the eighteen hundreds who wants to
make a better mouse trap, and he's out there in
his barn, you know, whittling sticks and molding, pouring molds

and hammering metal. Now, these are inventions that were made
by corporations that had a lot of people involved, a
lot of moving parts, a lot of funding coming from
a lot of different places, and so you could be
one of the key people behind the development without actually
knowing where all the little steps in the process originated.

And so that's number one. Number two is and I
guess it just is a reiteration of point number one
that a lot of these engineers may have had no
idea that they were being seated this information somehow. And
you can look at that in different ways in terms
of I don't know, they just they got some lucky

report that showed up one day, or I don't know,
I can't explain how these things happen. But all I
do know is, as I was telling you before, if
you look back at the just all of human history,
you compare where people were one hundred years ago to
where they are today, it's difficult to explain how that

this progression, this evolution in technology has developed so quickly
in such a short period of time. It is unnatural
compared to the entire recorded history of humankind. And so
if you really want to dig into some of the
more technical stuff, well you know you've got to read
this book today after Roswell. But like I mentioned, there's

not a lot out there about who these aliens are
and an alien tech in particular. But Corso here is saying,
look these to these aliens, I mean, they do use technology.
It's not like that they're just waving a magic wand
and making things happen. He's saying that the ones that

he is encountering, the ones that are hostile toward toward us,
are the ones that we should be worried about, that
we might be at war with. And when it comes
to alien technology, there surely is nothing more infamous than
the bedreaded alien probe, which was certainly popularized by Whitley Strieber,

And in fact, I got to work on a television
show with Whitley Streeber many years ago. And I've just
recently also been rereading his classic book Communion True Story,
and I just want to read a passage here about
his realistic experience with this technology. And I'm going to

have to edit this a little bit as I read it, because,
as you can imagine, some of the words are pretty
raw and intense. So he says, soon I was in
more intimate surroundings once again. There were clothes strewn about,
and two of the stocky ones approached me. The next

thing I knew, I was being shown an enormous and
extremely ugly object, gray and scaly, with a sort of
network of wires on the end. It was at least
a foot long, narrow and triangular in structure. They inserted

this thing. It seemed to swarm into me as if
it had a life of its own. Apparently its purpose
was to take samples. But at the time, for the
first time, I felt the impression that I was being violated,

and I felt great anger. That's the gist of it.
Like I said, some of the words are a little
much for a family friendly podcast, perhaps, but you know,
how fun does that sound? And so it's always been
intriguing to me that if these beings are so superior

and so enlightened, well, then is that the best they
can do? You know, is this probe is that the
pinnacles like they can figure out how to travel through
space and time and manipulate energy and matter and all that.
But unfortunately no way of finding a better solution to

you know, extracting data than this big, ugly thing. It
doesn't make a lot of sense. But again, it does
not sound like we're dealing here with pleasant characters. And
that's why you have to wonder when you hear these
stories about people like President Eisenhower supposedly meeting with an

alien to make a deal and listen, there are a
lot of people who believe this. I've actually talked to
one of President Eisenhower's descendants on numerous occasions, and she
definitely says that she believes that this is what happened,
that this was part of the story that she got
passed down by members of the family. Some members, was

there some kind of a a treaty, made a deal
to not resist these beings coming down here and taking
biological samples from the earth. I'm talking about abductions, whether
we're talking about specimens from humans or animals or whatever.

We said, we will not fight you when you do that,
but in return, you give us some of your alien technology.
And look, we have no way of knowing right now
if that is true. But it is pretty funny that
it was Eisenhower who warned us about the quote military
industrial complex and his farewell speech. But everybody's heard about

the military industrial complex, yet very few remember this other
part of his farewell address, in which he said quote y.
In holding scientific research and discovery and respect as we should,
we must also be alert to the equal and opposite

danger that the public policy could itself become the captive
of a scientific technological elite. Wow, what does that mean?
So he's talking about two forces at play here. One
is the military industrial complex and the other is the
scientific technological elite, in which there are people who are

involved in the scientific technological world who come to you
and they say, you're adorable, but you don't know what
you're doing because we're smarter than you, and we have
all this technology that you've got. So you just do
what you're told. And then that, of course is tied
into the mechanism of the military industrial complex. I mean,

what has advanced technology more than warfare? That's always been
the driving force. That's why we have these huge black budgets,
and that's why there is such an effort to experiment
with things. A lot of money is spent on things
that could be potential weapons that never even work out,

and they just become part of this experiment. So think
about that. What is this scientifical technological elite? How does
that tie into all of this? Did President Nixon show
off dead alien bodies to the actor Jackie Gleeson? People
who knew Jackie Gleeson said it happened. We're up on

another break when we come back. Okay, let's talk about
maybe the difference between some of the good ones and
the bad ones. And then I'm going to give you,
I don't know, sort of a wrap up of my
opinion on here's what I can gather from studying all

of this. And I had my own roswell experience. You know,
I'm Joshua P.

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Speaker 4 (26:04):
You're listening to strange things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
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back after these important messages.

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Don't go anywhere. There's more Joshua P. Warren and Strange
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Speaker 4 (27:44):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
Joshua P. Warren, and this is the show where the
unusual becomes usual. You know, I had my own wild
experience at Roswell This was many years ago. I was

doing an investigation for I don't know, maybe like a
week with a television program. So many bizarre things happened.
We discovered some potential evidence there that was apparently so
controversial that they never aired the footage. It became quite

a debacle. And if you don't know that story, then
go back and listen to episode ten of this podcast
called My Amazing Roswell Experience, Episode ten, and when you
hear me tell the tale, you will understand why that.
I believe that something very important happened there at Roswell,

and if not, it would not be as guarded as
it is. There's just nothing around there anymore that deserves
that kind of attention. But just listen to episode ten
you'll see what I mean. But I am not a pessimist.
I am not a doom and gloomer. And even when

I read this quote like the one I've read earlier
from Courso, these creatures were not benevolent alien beings who
had come to enlighten human beings. They were genetically altered
humanoid automatons, cloned biological entities who were harvesting biological specimens

on Earth for their own experimentation. Even when I read that,
I have not lost hope because I do believe that
they are all kinds of different entities in this universe,
and there it would make sense that the bad ones
are the ones that you might encounter the most, that
are going to come and do bad things to you.
Maybe the good ones leave you alone a little bit more,

or at least are a little more gentle with you.
And by bad and good, I'm not saying that there
are beings out there that necessarily just think we're fantastic,
like they just love us because we're their little pets.
You know, there may be some that don't want to
hurt us because they feel aligned with us. They fill
a kinship with us. And that's why it's really interesting

when you take people like doctor Stephen Greer. I've met
doctor Greer. I've never gone into the field with him,
but he has his CE five protocol where he goes
out to certain hot spots with people and he teaches
them how to meditate, and you try to bring down

or bring in these positive entities and people say it's
just exhilarating when it happens, and they just love it.
And you know, I believe there are angels out there.
I believe there are things that will help us. On
the other hand, when it comes to the negative ones.
I got this email the other day from a man

who has been a big supporter of my work for years.
I've met him in person more than once. He lives
in California, and he had an abduction experience. And here's
what he wrote me just days ago. He said, this
is an update about my abduction. After many years and

attempting to see my abductors, I had a small breakthrough.
I now know that the being in the ship with
me was not a gray It was an insectoid being
resembling a praying mantis. And he talks about another sighting

or encounter he had and he says, it appears they
must have an interest in me for some reason. However,
they have not bothered me for a long time. As
you know, are earthly insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs,
et cetera, do like to feed on us. Could it
be the larger insectoids not only are in for blood,

but the whole person. That would explain the millions and
millions of missing people what they eat. They also feed
their pets those are some gruesome pets. And then he
goes on to say, remember the quote I am here
to eat you all from the message I received, and

here is what he's talking about. If you go all
the way back to episode number one of this podcast,
I played an audio tone that I extracted from an
authentic crop circle using my parasigmatics two point zero technique,

and it's, you know, one of these really weirdo sounds
that you know. And I just said, look, I don't
know what this means, but you listen to it and
send me an email and give me your interpretation. And
people start to giving me feedback. He listened to it,
and he said, here's what I heard. I am here
to eat you all. And I don't want to give

his name, but thank you very much for that message
because it is thought provoking, isn't it. It is true
that what do insects often do? Many of them like
to feed upon us. The most deadly animal in the
entire world is the mosquito. You know, you might think
it's a bear or a shark or something. No, it's
a mosquito and just sucking your blood down. The mosquito's

not necessarily there because it hates you or it wants
to kill you. It's just there because it's evolved to
feed on you, and then that ends up spreading diseases.
And that's why I say that some of these beings
might be outright delicious toward us, and some of them
may not be malicious per se, but it just so

happens that their interests don't align with our interests. It's
not that different really than how you might interpret our
relationship with livestock and how that we slaughter chickens and
pigs and cows and so on, not because we hate
them or we want to be mean to them. In fact,

there's supposed to be an effort to it quickly and painlessly.
But you see what I'm saying, regardless of whether or
not you agree with that humans do that. So it
would make sense that, you know, as I've always said,
there's not one cow on planet Earth that knows that
people eat cows. So it's certainly possible that we are

somehow being well, we're not the top of the food
chain when it comes to the entire cosmos. All right,
So where does all this stand? Now? You know, isn't
it weird? And you know that I don't talk about
specific politics on this show. Don't I want you to

have a place where you can get away from that.
But isn't it weird that no matter where you stand
as a civilian politically, no matter what your political view is,
we all have one no matter what that is, it
always seems like politicians are making really weird decisions and

decisions that often seem outright stupid or absurd, and you
think to yourself, how on earth can they justify this
or that decision? And maybe, just maybe it is because
that there is an entirely different set of circumstances behind

the scenes that you and I are not truly aware of.
And if we were aware of those circumstances, then we
would say, oh, now it makes sense. So now that's
I can see why that decision was made. And the
government often comes across as a scary thing, you know.

Thomas Paine lived in the seventeen hundreds and is considered
one of America's founders, and in his pamphlet called Common Sense,
he called government a quote necessary evil end quote. Wait,
think about those two words put together, a necessary evil.
That's a profound thing to think about those two words

put together government is a necessary evil. President Ronald Reagan said, quote,
the nine most terrifying words in the English language are
I'm from the government and I'm here to help. So
why does the government often seem so spooky and weird,

especially with these telles of like you know, so called
men in black and mind control experiments like mk ultra.
Is it such a dark scenario? Because sometimes, well, is
it so dark? Sometimes because we are at war with
these other worldly beings, these aliens or UAP and that

this is the biggest secret ever, despite the fact many
religions have said this has been going on for thousands
of years already. We all have heard this. Could this
explain why some government officials, who may or may not
be aligned with us the little people, can seem to
be so soulless and even deviant and reptilian sometimes? Why

is it that sometimes, and perhaps you could even say
most of the time, there's just like this dark cloud
hovering around the world of politics. If you believe what
Colonel Philip J. Corso told us right before he died,
it is because when these beings do ultimately appear to

us the regular person, the ones that appear may present
themselves as our friends. But they are not. Are they
in fact the great deceivers? Well you better keep that
in mind. You never know when you're gonna lose communications,
so you better start thinking about it now. And that

is something to think about. Okay, we're almost up on
a break. When we come back, I have at least
one more interesting thing I want to put into your
mind when comes to like the reality of what these
aliens may be like. And then also I believe I'll
have time to squeeze in this email I got from

a listener who says that he encountered of vortex. Hmm,
what do you think he means by that of vortex?
I'm Joshua P. Warren. You're listening to strange things on
the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network,
and I will be right back.

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Speaker 4 (41:15):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Perinormal Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And when you think about the way that Corso describes
these alien beings, you might feel like they are something

very foreign to us humans. You know, are these beings
organic or inorganic? And we're confused by that, But don't forget.
You might look at a human and a human looks
all soft and gushy, and a puppy dog's all soft

and gushie, and your kids can't all soft and good. Hey,
humans contain iron, copper, chromium, lead, nickel. Okay, we have
all of these kinds of metallic components within us, and
so we expect something to look like us and be

warm and cuddly, and but if it's not, well, now
it's some kind of a robot. But actually we are
all kind of like cyborgs, like some form of AI,
working in this computerized system we call reality. So it

should not be so impossible for you to imagine the
existence of these types of beings the way he describes them.
And that's why that you can find every type of
extra ordinary example of amazing almost supernatural powers in the

animal kingdom. I mean, you know, it's just like, for example,
there was a new story that came out the other
day about this man who died because okay, he was
forty six years old living in Brazil, and somebody gave
him as a gift a pufferfish. Now you're not I mean, now,

people do eat pufferfish all the time, but they're very,
very poisonous, and you really don't you don't need to
eat them. This is a very avoidable death. So this
guy he gets the puffer fish, which they say it's
toxins are one thousand times deadlier than cyanide. His sister said,

he cooked the puffer fish and served himself and a friend.
They say, miraculously his friends survived. She said that her
family doesn't know how to you know, how to prepare
a puffer fish. He didn't have any experience cleaning it
and all that he says. He gutted it, removed its liver,

and then boiled it was you know, ate it with
some lime juice. I mean that sounds about right for
a normal fish. But then he started feeling the toxins.
Less than an hour after eating it. His mouth started
to fill numb, and then so finally, you know, they
drove him to the hospital and then the numbness spread

throughout his body and then he went into cardiac arrest
for minutes, started having seizures, and then you know, he
goes on life support dies later. And so please, you know,
there's no need to eat a puffer fish. But the
interesting thing is, as I was reading this article, it

mentioned that, like it was talking about how the like
the most deadly creature or I guess, the most poisonous
creature in terms of like just an individual creature out
there is the golden poison frog, the gold and I

started reading about this, also known as the Golden dart frog.
It lives in the rainforest of Columbia, and it just
looks like a cute little golden frog. You can imagine.
The name says it all. And so it says, the
golden poison frog is definitely one of the most poisonous

animals on the planet. Produces this deadly alkaloid on their
skin glands as a defense against predators. To become poisoned,
a predator generally must attempt to consume the frog, although
this species is so toxic that even touching an individual

frog is dangerous. And it says there are only a
few types of this frog. I guess anyway, there's few
frogs that have this kind of poison. But it says
here that and this is what I found especially weird,

that it is unknown how the frog avoids poisoning itself.
Think about that, we have all this technology, we know
so much that we can you know, we're going to Mars,
I guess, but we don't know how that this poisonous
frog is unable to avoid poisoning itself. And it says

golden poison frogs are a very important frog to the
local indigenous cultures there in Columbia, is the main source
of the poison and the darts used by the natives
to hunt their food. This one tribe of people that
says they expose the frog to the heat of a fire,
and the frog exudes small amounts of poisonous fluid. The

dips of arrows and darts are soaked in the fluid
and remain deadly for two years or longer, you know. So, look,
you might have something as like a nice, soft, gushy, cute,
little cuddly frog, and yet it has this superpower. So

I mean, when you start thinking about the range of
how the components of the periodic chart, you know, all
the elements of the universe can be rearranged, all these combinations.
We may not necessarily be that much different than some
of these aliens out there. They're just arranged differently than us.

But we're all just a combo of these bizarre things.
And there are certain places on this earth that might
actually be more active to these visitors, as Whitley Streeber
calls them, maybe help them to come through, you know,
sort of the portal type thing. I got this email

from a man I won't use his name. I believe
he lives in Ohio. And I say that because he
corresponded with me before, and I think he said that,
but he said, I stepped into a vortex last week
that I did not realize was there while doing morning

feeding for my equines. Suddenly I could not keep my balance,
and before I decided to drop to my widely spaced knees,
I noticed all the lights around me, spinning around me
as if I were in the midst of a carousel
looking out. I now have a new appreciation and respect

for crooked trees here and there in the woods. Thank
you for that message. I thought that last sentence was
the most interesting part, because you hear like, Okay, somebody
got dizzy, they fell to their knees. I mean, there
are explanations for that, but he is apparently saying that

when you see a crooked tree, that may be an
indication that you're near one of these for Texas. And
you know, it's funny. I've been to Sedona, Arizona numerous
times and they are famous for these areas known as
for Texas. And there's no scientific proof that vortext does exist.
I believe they do, just we don't know how to

measure exactly a lot of things that we experience. But
you know, I've been into areas where you walk in
and you're like, I'm not supposedly a psychic, but I'm
feeling something here. Maybe I'm fooling myself, maybe it's a
placebo effect, but in fact, I don't think i've mentioned

this yet. I have a trip coming up to a
very special sacred place, and I'm going to be making
this trip soon. I've been wanting to go there literally
for years, just you know how it is not enough
hours in the day. I'm finally doing it. All the

arrangements are made, and I'm going to go to this
sacred place that is considered a portal of vortex all
that stuff, and I'm some it is considered of the
very highest degree, and I wish I could give you
more information about it, but I'm talking about at the

level of maybe the biggest portal, the biggest vortex of
all I don't know. And so I'm going to be
bringing some items with me on this trip that I'm
going to charge up, and I'm going to take some
of the and bring them back to my lab later
and do some experiments with them. I might even make

some of them available to some of you who are interested.
But the first time I finally announce what I'm up
to will be through my free e newsletters, so be
sure to once again sign up for that, and then
you will be the first to know. And I'm really
excited about this. I'm a tiny bit nervous for some reason.

I don't know why I should feel that way, but anyway,
all right, it's been a whirlwind, so now let's try
to relax. If you can, take a deep breath and
close your eyes. If not, just take a deep breath
and enjoy the twenty second good Fortune tone. That's it

for this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter
at Joshua P. Warren, plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to
sign up for my free e newsletter to receive a
free instant gift, and check out the cool stuff in
the Curiosity Shop all at joshuapwarren dot com. I have
a fun one lined up for you next time, I promise,

So please tell all your friends to subscribe to this
show and to always remember the Golden rule. Thank you
for listening, thank you for your interest and support, thank
you for staying curious, and I will talk to you
again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on the

iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast Paranormal Podcast Network.

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