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March 1, 2024 53 mins

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And you're here.

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Speaker 4 (01:05):
Get ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird
Strange Things with Joshua Warren.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
I am Joshua B. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. Is this
the Secret to Creating Miracles? Well? First off, what is

a miracle exactly? I mean, what is the textbook definition. Well,
here we go. Here's what I found. Textbook says, a
miracle is an event that is inexplicable by natural or
scientific laws, and accordingly gets attributed to some supernatural cause. Okay,

that seems fairly simple. Once again. A miracle, they say,
is an event that is inexplicable by natural or scientific laws,
and accordingly gets attributed to some supernatural cause. So what
do you think of when you think of a miracle?
Do you think of that? But does a miracle have

to be that? Or can it simply be the achievement
of something that seems impossible to you? And let me
repeat that. Can a miracle simply be the achievement of
something that seems impossible to you? For example, let's say

you've smoked three packs of cigarettes per day for twenty
years and you cannot imagine not doing that. Or you're
one hundred pounds overweight and you've tried everything and you
just cannot imagine being slimmer. Or you're a million dollars
in debt and you cannot imagine digging out of that,

Or you live in a terrible place and you cannot
imagine how that you could live In some dream location.
If you could achieve those things, would you also consider
them to be miracles? I think so that's sort of
how I define a miracle. A miracle doesn't just have

to be something that breaks the laws of physics, because
the laws of physics actually change. Just ask a quantum physicist.
If you ask Isaac Newton what physics is, I bet
he give you a different explanation than, say, you know,
Albert Einstein. So we can't just rule every against this

supposedly inflexible, unchangeable standard called scientific laws. I mean it,
certainly it can be that, but I think it's more
personal than that in terms of your experience here on Earth.
It also has something to do with just making something

happen for yourself or others that seemed impossible at one time,
so you know here. Here's why it's a general rule.
I don't talk about health on this show. For one thing.
When you listen to those kinds of shows where they're

giving you like health information, it's usually kind of boring,
I think, and sometimes you get false information all but regardless,
it's just depressing because you listen to people talk about
health and then you start thinking about your problems. What
kind of entertainment is that. And I also think it's

just horrible to give people, you know, false health hope,
considering that we all have a limited lifespan and we
all have to get sick and die eventually. As the
American prophet Bruce Hornsby said, that's just the way it is.

And you know what, I am not a very healthy person,
and it's because, look, being healthy just bores me. I
don't like to exercise, and living here in Las Vegas,
I like to go out and you know, enjoy some
good comfort food and some good wine and cocktails at

the casino. And so trust me, I am no one
to lecture you on health. In fact, I'm even worse
off than many people because I have of rheumatoid arthritis
and that's an autoimmune disease. And they say that's just genetics, Like,
oh sorry, you know, you hit the lotto on that one.

And basically, you know, it makes you tired a lot,
and it makes you more susceptible to pick up colds
and flu, and so you know I have that to
deal with as well. So you know, what advice could
I possibly give you on something like a miraculous health
or well, what I'm about to tell you applies to

to a lot more. But health actually is a good
place to start because you so often hear this word
miraculous associated with health. You see, all these doctors say
when you listen to them in whatever media that they
say they have a miracle pill or a powder or

a juice, right, And then they say, oh, it also
be sure to eat right and exercise and don't smoke,
and don't drink and don't sit around on your took
us all day. Uh. But you know I like doing
that stuff. So now what that's the question I have
in my mind. They say, eat right and exercise and

get enough rest, you idiot, and you'll be healthy as
a horse. But I say, duh, I know, but I
don't want to do all that. So do you have
anything new to say? Well, think about this. Think about
how it is here in Las Vegas. When it comes

to gambling on something like a roulette. Well, even if
you've never done it, you can imagine there's this option
on a roulette well where you can spin it and
you can bet on red or black, and the odds
of being right are almost fifty to fifty. I say almost,
because there's you usually at least one or two green

spaces there as well, and that's what gives the casino
its tiny little edge. And you know what, when you're
in the gambling business, all you need is a tiny
edge to win. All those tiny edges build up over time.
That's how casinos make business with a tiny house edge.

So if they have a bunch of games and every
game just gives them an edge of five percent, ten percent,
fifteen percent, well then yeah, you might win if you're
the lucky person who walks to the door. But they're
looking at how everybody's gambling and they know that they

are going to ultimately win because they have the mathematical
little edge spread across all of these games. And so
let's take that philosophy and bring it back though to
how it applies to your approach to life. Let's say
you're the person standing at the root. Letwell, and you

know the odds are basically fifty to fifty black or red.
So if you just had a little bit of an
edge on your behalf, then over time, you're going to
be more likely to win. A tiny little advantage, just
a little bump, a little psychic flash, just a little

oomph is all it's going to take to give you
the same kind of an edge that maybe the casino has.
So when you're using manifestation tools, you know, like a
wishing machine or wands, or a miraculous prayer board or
a bad buster and all these things, think about using

them to give you an edge over time. Does your
miracle have to happen instantly? Well, boy, we would love
to have the miracle happen instantly, right, we all want
instant gratification. But how do you boil a frog without

it jumping out of the pot. We've all heard that adage, right,
how do you boil a frog without it jumping out
of the pot? You do it slowly, and that's a
gruesome vision. But when you think about it, it makes
sense because if you do it all at once, oh yeah,
the frog is going to leap right out of the pot.
And no, you do it slowly, You ease into it.

So what if you use your manifestation exercises to just
make small changes to what you do or do not
do on a daily basis. For example, instead of smoking
a pack of cigarettes in a day, can you leave

just one in there? Just one? Instead of eating a
whole bag of chips. Can you just leave a few
at the bottom of the bag. Instead of having four
drinks today, can you have just three? You know, if
you're starting to drink earlier in the day, can you

hold off and start drinking a little bit later. Okay,
time for a break. I hear the music kicking in.
When we come back, I'm going to talk more about
how you can make the most of your manifestation devices
in a realistic way, and how that you can perhaps

start trying to to not just go out and expect
something amazing to happen overnight, but to make something amazing
happen over time. And also, yeah, you hear about karma
and how that, oh, if you do good things, then
only good things can come back to you, And then

you see that well, sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Well why is that. We're going to dig into that
and a lot more on this show. I hope you'll
stay with me. By the way, I have got something
coming up soon that is probably going to surprise you.
It's not what you're going to be expecting from me,

and I'm going to announce it through my free e newsletter.
I'm probably not going to talk about it on this podcast.
Go to Joshua Pwarren dot com. Right there on the homepage.
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I'm Joshua pe Warren, and you're listening to Strange things
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podcast network, and I will be right back. Don't go anywhere.

There's more strange things coming right up.

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And now back to the iHeartRadio and cost to COSTAM
Paranormal Podcast Network and Strange Things.

Speaker 1 (14:25):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
worm whole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

A gittato zoo may This is the exercise edition of
the show. Not I'm sorry if I'm not inspiring you
to get up and you know, become the next Olympian.

But as I was saying, hey, let's think about how
you actually get things done, how you can actually possibly
achieve what you want to achieve something that would seem miraculous.
How do you boil a frog without it jumping out
of the pot? Slowly use your manifestation devices and techniques

to make small changes to what you do on a
daily basis, Like I said, can you leave just one
cigarette in the pack instead of smoking the hole pack?
Can you leave some chips at the bottom of the
bag instead of eating the whole bag? Instead of four
drinks a day, can you have three? Many of the
problems in your life. Are there because you do too

much of something or you don't do enough of something.
I mean, like regardless of your genetics as a starting point,
you're told, oh, you don't exercise enough, or you eat
too much, or you don't eat vegetables, or you pay
strippers too much. That's a joke, by the way. It's

always you don't do enough or you do too much.
And you know what, I am willing to bet that
most of the time, you probably already know what your
problem is before you go to the doctor. You definitely
know more about yourself than your doctor does. He or
she has twenty other patients that day next, But you

walk out the door and well, you're on your own.
But think about this. The good thing is that you
are probably never going to solve a problem you don't have.
So let me repeat that, you're probably never going to

solve a problem that you don't have, and so having
pain gives you an opportunity to solve a problem for
yourself and then possibly be able to help others. You know, pain,
that's that's actually valuable. It's how you know not to

stick your hand in the fire. You know, if you
put your hand in the fire that felt no pain
will your hand would eventually be destroyed. Your body's reaction
to pain, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, Your body
feeling pain is an indicator that you are doing the
wrong thing. That's what pain is. It's an indicator that

gives you clear and instant feedback. But we get trapped
in habits because some things give us temporary joy, but
then afterward we have to pay the piper and it's
not fun. It's the hangover. So what do we do

with this conundrum? Don't just think of something miraculous as
something that happens in an instant. That's not usually the case.
I mean, if you look back on your life realistically,
you may have achieved some miraculous things over time because
you were using the principles of time assistance. Chip away

at it. So instead of using your manifestation device to
get a million dollars, ask for help just saving a
few dollars a day just to start. You know, a
penny saved is a penny earned. You know, if you
put five dollars in a jar every day, at the

end of the year, you'd have almost two thousand dollars.
You could just take that and do something fun with it.
Could you toss twenty dollars in a jar every day, Well,
that'd be about seventy three hundred dollars a year. Go
treat yourself, take a vacation. Most self made rich entrepreneurs

go broke over and over again before they don't make it.
But if if a rich person gets broke, you know
what they usually do. They just learn from it and
then they go out and make more money. If you
could lose a pound of day, that's stupid, isn't it.

If you could lose a pound a day, that'd be
three hundred and sixty five pounds a year. I know
I'm not being serious, but you get the point, Okay,
It's just it's something to think about. You might be
able to have nine cigarettes per day instead of ten,
and leave the chips and have the three drinks instead

of four. And I'm sure you understand that. And that
is why these manifestation tools can help you, because all
you need is a little edge each day and it
will accrue over time into something huge. So if you've
been trying to create a miraculous change of some kind
in your life and it seems like it is impossible,

then stop trying to think big. Instead think small. Use
your manifestation device to help you make one small positive
adjustment per day. It works so powerfully when you do that,
and you will begin to see real changes very quickly,

very quickly. In fact, you'll get excited and the momentum
will be with you and you will not want to
stop doing what you're doing. You know, I was raised
up in the South and the Baptist churches, you know,
the Southern Baptists. Sometimes I tell people I was raised
as a Southern Baptist and they go, oh, yes, I've

read the Bible, and you know in the Book of Matthew,
Jesus says, for truly, I tell you, if you have
faith the size of a mustard seed, which is tiny,
you will say to this mountain, move from here to there,
and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. Okay,

but he didn't say it was going to happen instantly.
We move mountains all the time. It's not impossible. It's
not instant. But he didn't say it was. So time
can be your friend. Look back at where you were
ten years ago. What about it is better? What about

it is worse? What have you learned. Do you see
in retrospect that some things have worked out much better?
And this is kind of interesting. Also, I know people
who are.

Speaker 6 (22:13):

Speaker 1 (22:13):
They call themselves professional healers, and they come from all
kinds of different traditions, and some of them are ancient traditions.
You know, how you going back to the you know,
I guess this is also from the Bible. Physician heal thyself. Well,
I've heard some healers say they cannot heal themselves, that

they can only heal others. Now, why would that be, Well,
perhaps it's because some of us must suffer. That's just
part of the less pain is the indicator that tells
us something is wrong. And look, I realize as I'm

saying all this, there are some people out there who
cannot heal. It is not physically possible. Something has happened,
and it's not possible unless you believe in some divine
spirit that can intervene. But I'm talking about what appears
to be scientifically possible. Of course, those boundaries are always changing,

and you know what are the limits. But it's interesting
to me that you have people who say that I
can heal others, but I can't heal myself, and it
makes you think about this whole idea of why is
it that sometimes it seems really bad things happen to

good people. Maybe it's the carrot or the stick. Like
if this is a classroom and you're here to learn something,
you learn by pain and reward, and life is full
of both. I hope you don't owe only focus on

the pain and forget to be grateful for the good
things that you have in your life. But you know,
you always hear like this concept that we are here
because we are all sinners, like we messed up, we
did something bad, and that's why we are here. And

when you think about that, it's it's disconcerting, of course,
and you think to yourself, my goodness, is it possible
that no matter how good you are, no matter how
much you exercise and eat right and how loving, it's
still going to you know, you're still gonna have bad
things that hurt you. Well, I think that's pretty much

a safe bit. And you know, I hate to keep
going back to biblical stories here, but I mean there
are some great stories and lessons. For example, some of
you probably know where I'm going with this. The Book
of Job. You've heard about job. But when we come

back from this break, let me let me really get
into the story of job and how that sort of
applies to this complex situation that we're dealing with in life,
where you're you're told to do everything right. You're supposed
to live this old, fruitful, positive life where everything's all

hunky dory, and yet we all know that you're going
to suffer. I mean, it sucks, but sometimes you know,
we just have to face the reality. But this podcast
is about helping you make the most of it, enjoy

yourself as much as possible, because there are some things
you can do that will help you in that regard.
I'm Joshua P. Warren. You're listening to Strange Things on
the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network,
and I will be back after these important messages.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
Don't go anywhere. There's more Joshua P. Warren and Strange
Things coming right up.

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Speaker 1 (27:44):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual.
You know, I don't take the Bible literally, and that's

because I don't speak Hebrew, I don't speak Aramaic, I
don't speak Greek, and there are many different versions and
interpretations and translations. And I also happened to be a
professional writer, and I know that having published dozens of books.

And you can read something that you know, an edition
of something that I published twenty five years ago, and
it will be different than what you're going to get
on the shelf today. There are just nuances that add up.
It's almost like xeroxen copies and getting degradations. So you
can't I don't see how you could take everything that

you read in the the King James version of the
Bible literally. But there are some extremely valuable stories and
lessons in there, and that's what I'm always looking at,
like what's the lesson, Here's what's the point. And when
it comes to this question of like, you know, why

do bad things sometimes happen to good people and you
and knowing that you learn by pain and reward and
all that, I have to think of the story of Job.
And let me just go over this real quick. You
probably know this already, but Job in the Bible was

this wealthy and God fearing man with a comfortable life
and a large family. And apparently God is talking to
Satan and God asks Satan for his opinion of Job's
you know, reverence, and Satan says that well, Job would

turn away from God if Job was penniless and without
his family and materially uncomfortable. And so God says, oh really,
So God allows Satan to make this happen in order
to prove Satan wrong. That does not make God sound
like a very nice guy, I must say. But so

God gives Satan permission to help uh, permission just to
strip Job of his wealth and kill his children and servants,
but Job nonetheless praises God. He says, naked I came
from my mother's womb, and naked, shall I return there?
The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away? Blessed

be the name of the Lord. And then God further
allows Satan to afflict Job's body with disgusting and painful boils,
and as Job sits in the ashes of his former estate,
his wife tells him to curse God, but Job says,

shall we receive good from God? And shall we not
receive evil? And then it goes on here to say
in chapter three, and I'm kind of you know, this
is you know how Bible stuff is. This is a
little choppy. But instead of cursing God, Job just laments

the night of his conception and the day of his birth.
He longs for death, but it does not come. His
three friends visit him and accuse him of committing sin
and tell him that his suffering was deserved. As a result,
Job responds with scorn, but Job does be right God

for the wrath against him, and he sees God as
this intrusive, suffocating, unforgiving being and you know, angry and
fixated on punishment. I mean, he's not happy, all right.
And he shifts his focus a little bit and he

starts talking about He's saying to God, I don't understand
what you're doing with this world. And he says, now
listen to this. He suggests that the wicked have taken
advantage of the needy and the helpless who remain in
significant hardship. The God does nothing to punish them. The

wicked have taken advantage of the needy and the helpless
who remain in hardship, but God does nothing to punish them.
And then God appears in this whirlwind, and he doesn't
really talk about like Job's suffering or divine justice or
any of that stuff. And the God kinda he kind

of has an attitude, imagine that. And he says, where
were you when I laid the foundations of the earth.
And then finally Job acknowledges God's power. It's like, yeah, okay,
you're right. Whatever you know ed. He says, I retract
my words, I repent, and God is impressed. And so

then job is restored to health. I don't know if
you've ever seen the Meaning of Life by Monty Python,
where they're saying, God, you were so huge, so very
very huge. So God's impressed. And then Job is restored
to health, riches and family and lives to see his

children to the fourth generation. So why do bad things
happen to good people? But you know, even if you
don't believe that, again, just think about pain as an
indicator of what you need to do to avoid. And
this is you know, this is very complicated stuff because

you say, well, who do I trust here? People say, well,
if there is a God, then why did God create
evil and make us suffer and all that? What if?
What if? Well, what if God actually in reality regardless
of what the Bible says. What if in reality, this
thing that designed all this is not all powerful? What

if God's work also takes time. God's version of time
is completely different than yours. I don't know. But if
you used something like your wishing machine or your miraculous
prayer board six weeks ago to manifest just a small

improvement every day, how much better off would you be
right now? And it's not too late. To start. Just
come up with a small goal. If you're an alcoholic
and you start drinking at ten am, we'll manifest drinking
at eleven am instead. There's a chance that'll give you

one or two less drinks today. If you get the
meal supersized, try manifesting getting it regular sized. If you're
used to ordering the large, manifest ordering the medium. And
by the way, if you really want to eat less,
if that's one of your problems, just put nothing but
nasty tasting food in your refrigerator because that will help you.

That will help you. Just stuff that you don't like.
You will eat it, but you'll eat less of it.
If you're making fifteen dollars an hour, manifest on your machine,
saving a dollar per hour, and that will give you
extra pay.

Speaker 6 (35:57):
And then you.

Speaker 1 (35:58):
Keep doing these things and you'll eventually get the hang
of it, and then you'll get on a roll, and
then you will start manifesting faster and better, and the
next thing you know, you will have achieved what you
once believed was impossible, a miracle. Now, if you need

help and you haven't done this already, just sign up
for my free e newsletter. I'm always talking about it.
Check out the tools and my Curiosity Shop on my website.
Even if you do not intend to buy anything, just
look at the stuff in there, and that alone may
give you some inspiration to start manifesting a miracle. And

you know I've talked about even if you don't believe
any of this stuff, well, science tells us there are
such things as placebos. And I have this whole episode,
an episode of this podcast, episode seventy seven, and it's
about placebo power. How you can use placebo power. Now,

go back and listen to episode seventy seven. Now, some
of the stuff that I've been telling you may just
seem like common sense, and you go, duh, you know
you're telling me to just take baby steps. But you
know what, sometimes you need somebody to remind you of

common sense because you can't always rely on your friends
or your partner, your loved one to do it. I mean,
you know, you need to listen to a dude on
a podcast like me to remind you of what common
sense is sometimes. And that's because that you live in

this world full of absolute brainwashing that's trying to distract
you all the time and remove you from common sense
and fire you up and make you emotional and you know,
take your mind in all kinds of bizarro directions. So
considered this a wake up call, perhaps a refresher, like

whatever you're doing, it's time to hit the reset button
and start over again and filter out all the noise.
But you know, if you really want to dig into
the idea that there are places out there where real
miracles happen, like at the beginning of the show, I

was talking about, like, oh, supernatural things happen, the laws
of physics are defined. One of the most famous is
in France. I'm sure you've heard of Lords France. I
think it's.

Speaker 6 (38:51):
Spelled l o u rdes, Is that right, Yeah, Our
Lady of Lord l o u r ds Our Lady
of Lords. This is a fascinating story and you've probably
heard about it before. But let me give you my
version of what went down there. And maybe I need

to maybe I.

Speaker 1 (39:13):
Need to take a trip by a plane ticket to France.
I'll tell you about that when we come back. I'm
Joshua P.

Speaker 4 (39:21):

Speaker 1 (39:22):
You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network, and I will be right.

Speaker 2 (39:31):
Back don't go anywhere. There's more Strange Things coming right up.

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Speaker 3 (40:24):
Hi, this is Sandras Champlain. Ever wonder what happens when
we die? Well, I'm going to make it easier for
you to understand. Join me for my show, Shades of
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Speaker 1 (41:16):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And since I was a little kid and first started
reading about the miracles at Lord's in France, I've thought

maybe someday I'll go there. I haven't been. I haven't been.
But do you know about this? Surely you do. I
bet you know what, you'd be surprised. Like I said,
a lot of young people listen to this show for
the first time and they just they've never heard some
of this stuff. Lords is spelled lu Rdes Our Lady

of Lords. This is a story that begins in eighteen
fifty eight in France. An apparition of the Virgin Mary
supposedly appeared there first in eighteen fifty eight, and Our

Lady of Lords is a title of the Virgin Mary.
She is venerated under this title by the Roman Catholic
Church due to her apparitions that occurred there. The first
apparition of eleven let's see here. I guess, okay, eleven

of February. I guess you know they write dates differently
in different cultures. I guess they're saying February the eleventh
of eighteen fifty eight. This fourteen year old girl named
Bernadette Saboi told her mother that a lady spoke to
her in the cave near the town while she was

gathering firewood with her sister and a friend. Similar apparitions
of the lady were reported on eighteen occasions that year
until the climax revelation, in which she introduced herself as quote,
I am the Immaculate Conception. So on the eighteenth of

January of eighteen sixty two, the local bishop endorsed the
veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary there, and then on
the first of February in eighteen seventy six, Pius the
ninth officially granted a decree of canonical coronation to the image. Now,
I'm not a Catholic, but if you are, then you

understand the immense significance of all that. But back to
the original story, Okay, So on the eleventh of February
eighteen fifty eight, this fourteen year old girl Subwool went
with her sister Toinette and her neighbor Jean to collect

some firewood, and while taking off her shoes and stockings
to wage through the water near the grotto, she said
she heard the sound of two gusts of wind. The However,
the trees and bushes nearby did not move. A wild
rose in the natural niche in the grotto, however, did move. Okay,

here's a quote. I came back towards the grotto and
started taking off my stockings. I had hardly taken off
the first stocking when I heard a sound like a
gust of wind. Then I turned my head towards the meadow.
I saw the tree quite still. I went on taking

off my stockings. I heard the same sound again. As
I raised my head to look at the grotto, I
saw a lady dressed in white, wearing a white dress,
a blue girdle, and a yellow rose on each foot,
the same color as the chain of her rosary. The

bees of the rosary were white. From the niche, or
rather the dark alcove behind it, came a dazzling light. Quote. So,
after days of kind of like back and forth running
around trying to explain her experience to people, eventually the

apparition of what apparently is Mary here. The apparition asked
her to dig in the ground and drink from the
spring she found there, and this made her disheveled and
some of her supporters were dismayed. But this act revealed

the stream that soon became a focal point for pilgrimages.
Although it was muddy at first, the stream became increasingly
clean as words spread. This water was given to medical
patients of all kinds, and many reports of miraculous cures followed. Nowadays,

as of the year twenty twenty four, six million people
visit the waters at Lord's each year. That's three times
the number of people who visit Mecca. Absolutely amazing, and
the stories of miracles continue to pour forth every year.

So I mean, is this a placebo effect? Who cares?
It works? It works again? Go listen to my show
about Placebo Power, episode seventy seven. So what is a
miracle that is one of those places that one of

these days I might just, you know, buy a plane
ticket and go to Lords and check that place out.
I kind of feel like that would be Uh when
the next time I go to Europe. I haven't been
to Europe in you know, ten years or so, But
the next time I go to Europe, I probably I'm
gonna possibly put that on my list and bring you

back some interesting stories. Uh. Okay, before we have to
end this show, I want to tell you this. I
think I have time squeeze this in. Yeah, yeah, I
can do it all right. When I was four years old,

my mom and dad took me to Franklin, North Carolina
to go digging for rubies, and I actually ended up
pulling out of this bucket of dirt this huge sapphire.
And I mean you talk about heavy, it's got some

weight to it. And everybody was astounded by the size
of this thing. So after that, there was a mineral
show in town there in Asheville, North Carolina, and my
mom and dad they took me to the mineral show

and there was this guy there. I'll always remember him.
He was in a wheelchair. Everybody said he was like
the best gemologist around and he saw this thing and
he goes, it's got potential. I'll polish it up for you.
And so he started polishing it, and you know, he
had took him a few days, and then he called

my mom and dad and he says, this thing is
going to become a star sapphire. He says, this is
going to be really beautiful. And then right after that
his health just crashed. And so my mom and dad
got this partially polished star sapphire that was just absolutely beautiful.
And my mom tells me that I insisted on keeping

it in my drawer in my room. I don't remember.
All I know is that one day that thing was gone.
It had vanished. It had disappeared, and it was a
great mystery for years and years and year. It's like,
what happened to this thing? And we moved several times
and we never found this sapphire, and it was like

this legend in my house. And then one year I
had a birthday. I guess I was, you know, in
my thirties, and my mom and dad were like, you're
not going to believe the present we have for you.
And she pulls out this beautiful, completely finished, polish cut

star sapphire and she said that they had found it
in this drawer and one of their pieces of furniture.
And one of the things that's kind of funny is
that over the years I'd ask psychics where it was
and they would always be like, no, it's still in
a drawer. It's still in a drawer. Angela Moore said,

it's still in a drawer, and the psychics were right.
And my mom and dad gave me this sapphire that
had been missing in action for all these years, and
it is just there's something mystical about it. I found
this when I was four, and I have it in

my office and I bring it out on very special occasions,
and I use it when I'm trying to manifest something
that's really important to me. And you know, everything I
try to manifest is important, but you know, there are
times when it's got to be really something special. And
I don't know if I've ever put a picture of

this thing out there before, but I'm going to do
it soon. And that is one of the reasons that
I'm so fascinated by gems and minerals. And pretty soon
I'm going to have some more stories for you about
some cool experiments I'm doing with gems and minerals. All right,
the clock has got us. It's time. Take a eat, breath.

If you can close your eyes, here's the good Fortune tone.

That's it for this edition of the show. Follow me
on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren. Plus visit Joshua Pwarren
dot com to sign up for my free e newsletter
to receive a free instant gift, and check out the
cool stuff in the Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com.

I have a fun one lined up for you next time,
I promise, so please tell all your friends to subscribe
to this show and to always remember the Golden Rule.
Thank you for listening, Thank you for your interest and support.
Thank you for staying curious, and I will talk to
you again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

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