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March 8, 2024 53 mins

Even The Wizard of Weird gets a good night sleep and he will explain why we all should…......or risk going to the other side before our time! 

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Speaker 1 (01:07):
By the Wizard of Weird Strange Thing with J Warren,
I am Joshua B. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,

and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. Rim Sleep
You'll die without it? But why You've heard about it
your whole life? But what exactly is rem Sleep? That's

r E M. It stands for rapid eye movement. And
did you know that only mammals, mammals including Hugh humans
of course, and birds experience it? Now what on earth
could that mean? I'll dig more into that a bit later.

And scientists, these lovely scientists, discovered that if you prevent
a rat from sleeping, it will die in two to
three weeks. But if you let a rat sleep and
you just wake it up every time it starts to
enter rim sleep, it will still die, but it takes

twice as long, four to six weeks. So that shows
you the power and necessity of this rim sleep state.
But what exactly is going on here? Well, let's start,
as I often do, with some of the basic definitions.
All right, again, RIM is ore em rapid eye movement

sleep a unique phase of sleep and mammals and birds
characterized by a random rapid movement of the eyes, accompanied
by low muscle tone throughout the body and the propensity
of the sleeper to dream vividly. Okay, so you're lying
there asleep, maybe you're just completely oblivious to your existence,

and then all of a sudden, under your eyelids the
lieballs start flickering around and flipping it from side to
side and you get very relaxed, your muscle tone drops,
and suddenly you begin to have these incredible things called dreams.
The rim phase is also known as paradoxical sleep because

of the physiological similarities to waking states, including some rapid
low voltage brain waves. And they say, when you start
breaking this down, and trust me, I'm not going to
get into all the little nitty gritty scientist details, because
this is some complex stuff, but they say that when

this happens to you and you start having these these dreams,
as your body is, you know, jittery, your I guess
your eyelids are getting jittery, there are a number of
changes that happen in the brain. One of them, it says,
there is almost a complete absence of here we go,

you ready, neurona, pinafhrene, neurona penaphrene. I don't know how
Alex Trebec used to pronounce all these words on TV
neurona penephrene, and I was like, what is nimbarana penaphrene?
So if you look that up, it says, this is
an organic chemical that functions in the brain and body

as a hormone and neurotransmitter and neuromodulator, and the general
function of this nera no rapenaphrene, is to mobilize the
brain and body for action. So it is again lowest
during sleep, and it arises during wakefulness and reaches much

higher levels during situations of stress and danger in the
so called fight or flight response. So what I'm gathering
from this is what happens, which is really weird. Going
back to this idea that we're talking about, something called
paradoxical sleep, is that when you're lying there and you

enter this rim state and all of a sudden, the
dreams kick in and there's a bear chasing you. The
only reason you don't jump up out of bed and
run into the wall is because some of these chemicals
like no repentiphrine are not allowing the body to react

that way. The body is in more of a well,
a paralyzed state, and of course some people become very
conscious of that paralyzed state and that makes them panic,
and then we get stories like the Old Hag syndrome
and these things related to traditional tales of sleep paralysis.
So you have this combination of things happening where you

are having this experience that is sometimes just as pronounced
as if you were wide awake, but it's all happening
in your head, and which actually you know it's funny. Again.
Let's break this down, all right, What exactly is the
definition of a dream? Okay? A dream is a secession

of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily
in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Humans spend
about two hours dreaming per night, and each dream lasts
around five to twenty minutes, although the dreamer may perceive

the dream as being much longer than this. It goes
on to say this has been, of course, the topic
of a lot of research, scientific, philosophical, religious, dream interpretation
goes back thousands of years. Here's a trivia question for you.
I don't think i've heard this word before. What do

you think is the name of the scientific study of dreams?
It's called here's another one of those words, ownerrology. I
hope I'm pronouncing that right. O N E I R
O L O G y ownerurology, the scientific study of dreams. See,
we learn things together on this podcast. And one thing

that's interesting when you start really reading into the idea
behind dreaming and how it's defined It's often referred to
as a hallucination. So I said, hmm, what exactly is
a hallucination? Well, a hallucination, so it says, is a

perception in the absence of an external stimulus that has
the qualities of a real perception. Interesting, huh. So basically
a hallucination is something that arises from within that if
I put you in a I guess, like a sensory

deprivation tank and you start seeing rainbows and unicorns and
cotton candy, that's a hallucination, I guess. But isn't that
also kind of just like a thought? You know, you
just imagine something and you can see it. How do
we I mean, is it only a hallucination if you

don't realize that it's a hallucination. Sometimes I wonder why
I try to go down these rabbit holes here, But
I start thinking about all this stuff, and you know,
before we get back to like the weirdness behind how

all this stuff affects people and animals. You know, in
episode ninety seven of this show called Strange Things, I
talked about buildings. Well, the show is called Where do
You Go When You Dream? And if you followed my

work four years you know I'm always talking about being
an extremely vivid dreamer. I think I dream even more
than they say people are supposed to dream. That when
as soon as I start falling asleep, I start dreaming,
and I dream until I wake up. And I also
am pretty good at remembering my dreams. And they claim
that most people don't remember a dream unless you wake
them up in the middle of it. But I can

remember a lot of my dreams that I've had, and
so I don't know if that's uncommon as well. But
in this episode ninety seven, I talked about how that's
through out my life. It seems like that over and
over again. When I have gone into the dream state,
I have encountered other landscapes. I call them dreamscapes, I guess,

but sometimes they're more nightmarish nightmares and dreamscape dreamscapes. But
I have some of these common elements. I often find
myself in what looks like some kind of a gigantic building,
something like a huge multi story shopping mall, and sometimes
there are skylights, there are big escalators, there's often like

a theme park feeling to the whole place, and then
and other on other occasions, and maybe other parallel worlds,
I go into other places that are similar to like
the look of that movie Sense city, places that are
dingy and scary and full of weirdos and filthy places,

even though I am the wizard weird and so I've
often wondered if there is another location out there that
your spirit can travel to sometimes in the dream state,
or is all of this just a hallucination? And what
do you think happens when somebody who is congenitally blind? Okay,

I'm talking about somebody like my cousin Jennifer, somebody who
was born blind was never able to see. What do
you think happens to that person when he or she dreams.
I'll get in to that and this weird connection between
what humans and birds do this, Why not the reptiles,
the amphibians. We're gonna get into all that and a

lot more when we come back. By the way, I
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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
wormhole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night of silver.

Gietatos zume. When it comes to the mystery of oh
my compass, Hang on a second, this is interesting, Uh
lost my train of thought. You may not know this
or you may. I keep a compass next to me

while I am recording in my studio here, and this
is a very special compass. I bought this compass back
in twoenty twelve when I was in Transylvania. In Romania,
and I was scattering all the little kind of antique
shops and there wasn't a lot of that, believe it

or not, and only one time did I find a compass.
As soon as I saw it, I was like, I
have got to have that. This thing. It's brass, and
you can imagine what it looks like it's about. You know,
it's small enough to fit into the palm of my hand.
It's very well made. I would not be surprised if

it's one hundred years old. It's got a little switch
on the side actually that you can use to stop
it from spinning. And I love this my favorite compass. Obviously,
you know a compass from Transylvania. You're kidding me. I
mean compasses are magical items. Einstein, when he was a kid,
was inspired by a compass to go into his life

of science. So I used to take this with me
on investigations sometimes, but I was afraid I would lose it,
So now I just keep it here in my studio.
And a compass is great because if there's any kind
of a powerful electromagnetic anomaly, it will affect the compass
and it'll move it in some weird way. And I
just look down and that my compass is spinning right now,

and that doesn't usually happen. It happened to me, as
a matter of fact, I think when I recorded the
very first episode of this podcast about three years ago.
But I don't believe I've seen it happen since. And
I have a camera pointed at the sky so that
I don't have to run outside every time I think

there might be a UFO around because I do live here,
like I say, in Las Vegas, I'm not far at
all from Area fifty one. As the crow flies, and huh,
I'm going to keep an eye on this. It's not
spinning right now. But I'm telling you, if you are
interested in paranormal investigation, you'd be amazed what you can
learn from simple, simple tools. And I have there's no talent.

I probably have, oh gosh, well over one hundred thousand
dollars worth of paranormal investigation technology, but something as simple
as a compass. It's beautiful, it's elegant. You can use
this to determine a lot about whether or not there's
paranormal activity. In fact, if you go to my website,
joshuap Warren dot com in the Curiosity Shop, there's a

PDF you can buy called poor Man's Paranormal I think
you can get it and several others for something very cheap,
like less than ten bucks. You can download them and
it tells you how to use a compass and other
things like that household items for paranormal investigation. So sorry
to get sidetracked, but interesting that that happened while I
was recording. And I will keep my eye on it

and I'll let you know if I capture anything on
my overhead camera. Okay, now back to the main topic here.
I went to Sleepfoundation dot org and so here are
their bulleted points key things you need to know about rimsleep.
Rapid eye movement sleep is the fourth out of four

total stages of sleep. It is characterized by relaxed muscles,
quick eye movement, irregular breathing, elevated heart rate, and increased
brain activity. Most adults need about two hours of rimsleep
each night. Rimsleep plays a role in memory consolidation, emotional processing,
brain development, and dreaming. Okay, but why, you know, that's

the question. Why, why is it that if you don't
get this, then apparently you will die if you're like
a rat. And you know, I mentioned my I recently
did a podcast where I was talking about seeing the ore,
and I told you about my cousin, Jennifer, who was
born blind, and they call that congenitally blind. And apparently

even a person who has never been able to see
with their eyes, you know, like like my cousin, they
still enter rim sleep. It still happens for them. Isn't
that strange? It's kind of amazing. I think it just
goes to show how crucial that this state is that

your brain must enter. And it has really nothing to
do with your eyes being able to see the world
and process the information that has come into your eyeballs
during the day. And so when we get back to
you know, this question of all right, why do you
die if you don't get enough of this? Says body

temperature is not well regulated during rim sleep, and thus
organisms become more sensitive to temperatures outside their thermo neutral zone.
Cats and other small furry animals will shiver and breathe
faster to regulate temperature during non rim, but not during rim. Okay,

so your body has temperature issues when you're in rim sleep.
And rats, as I said, who are deprived of this
sleep they die in a few weeks, and it says
that their overall body temperature falls continually during this period.

That's also interesting. It seems like that there's something about
you entering this brain state that's connecting you your brain,
shall we say, with something else that is sending energy
into your body, going back to that wormhole brain. So

only mammals and birds, you know, if you have a dog,
I'm pretty sure you've seen your dog dream. I read
a while back that scientists claim they couldn't prove that
dogs dream. But I can prove dogs dream. My dog
has quite a few adventures in her sleep. But what

about other animals? Do they dream? I mean, I'm assuming
if all mammals dream, and I guess all birds dream,
but do reptiles and amphibians and fish? You know? It
turns out that these other creatures they do go into

different brain states when they are sleeping, especially reptiles. But
that does not mean that it's rim. It's not rim sleep,
So I'm not sure what they go into, but it's
just like a different level of brainwave activity and it
kind of varies a lot for from species to species.

But it's not like this common, clear, distinctive thing that
mammals and birds have in common. So what's up with
the connection between us and birds? Well, when you look
into this officially, they say, well, it just shows that
somewhere we have a very common ancestor way back there.
That's about the best they could come up with on
that one. But this really stands out to me because

of a personal experience that I had. And I know
I've talked about this before. I don't know if I've
talked about it on this podcast. I will give you
a quick recap. I don't believe that I have ever
been visited by aliens or anything like that. It's possible
that when I have these dream experiences that I leave
my body and I go into these other landscapes and

I interact with aliens on an astral level. I don't know,
Am I just making all that up? Or is are
there these other places and you have people like George
Lucas who travel there and remember it and come back
and create these sets for Star Wars. I don't know,
but the most pronounced sort of visitation type experience I

ever had. I'm going to say I can't remember exactly
when this was. I want to say off the top
of my head, it was maybe like around twenty ten
or something like that. But I was sleeping, and long
story short, I woke up in the middle of the
night and I got out of bed. I thought, okay,
I'm not saying that this happened in reality, but this

is what it seemed like to me. This was a
dream like experience. I got out of bed and my
room looked the same but different. Okay, it had kind
of a surreal glean about it. Everything looked weird, and
I was almost in a trance. And I walked to
my front door and I opened it, and standing there

on the stoop of my steps and the house I
lived in at that time, was what I call the
bird God. It was a maybe five foot five and
a half foot tall upright bipedal humanoid figure, but it
was a giant, blue, radiant bird, and it had a beak,

and it had the little sprigs that come off the
top of its head kind of like I don't know,
like is a quail or something You've seen those maybe
certain falcons. I can't remember. I wasn't really prepared to
talk about this, and I'm standing there mesmerize because there
are these beautiful colors coming off of this this plumage
that I had never seen in this other world, this

daily life, and the bird God communicates with me telepathically
and says, you know, do not be afraid. They always
start by saying do not be afraid. That's kind of
kind of as creepy, isn't it, And then you're like, oh, shoot,
what is this guy gonna do if he's telling me
not to be afraid? But no, he was very gentle.
He says, do not be afraid, and then he told

me there was some very important stuff that was about
to happen in the world, and that he wanted me
to know that I and my family would be protected
and that I was going to help to teach people
the truth something along those lines, okay, and then he
then I you know, after that, I woke up. But

there's a really weird twist ending to that. When we
come back, I'm going to tell you that twist ending
I'm going to tell you my conclusion about all this
and what the importance of RIM is and what happens,
you know, why maybe you die if you don't get it.
And then I want to, you know, speaking of like

space and sky oriented stuff, I have some thoughts on
this recent craft that was put on the moon. Maybe
I'm just being paranoid, but I think there's something fishy
about it. You'll see what I mean. I'm Joshua pe Warren.
You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal podcast Network, and I will be

back after these important messages.

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Speaker 1 (27:40):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
Joshua P. Warren, and this is the show where the
unusual becomes usual. Here's the twist ending to that story.
After I saw the bird god, you know, the next

day I told Lauren about it, and you know, here's
the weird thing. I don't remember Lauren being present. We were,
I mean, we were in the same bed, in the
same bedroom as far as I can recall. I don't
think she was, you know, spending the night with her
mom or something like that. I think that she was there,

but she was not a part of the dream. When
I woke up, it was like I was alone in
having this experience. So I sat down, I told her
about it, and I said, that was like one of
the most crazy, realistic dreams I've ever had. And I
even drew a picture of the bird God for her,
and I had no idea what it meant, and this

blew my mind. Later on that day, Mobias contacted me.
Now you know, Mobias has been my partner in crime
for I don't know twenty years now, and you know
he's my chief technology engineer and chief UFO analyst. Mobius

contacted me later that day and he said, did you
see him? And I go what Mobius told me? Okay,
I had not opened my mouth a word about this.
Mobius told me that last night, he said, this blue
bird being had flown over his house and come down

and visited him and wanted to give told him to
give me this message, and Mobias said, if I tell
Joshua this, he's just going to think I'm bonkers. You're
gonna have to go tell him yourself. And he said

that the bird God was reluctant, but you know fine,
he went and finally told me himself. Well, he told me.
When Mobius told me this, I mean, I said, describe
this thing to me. He described something very much like
what I had seen, and it was That's one of
the most unbelievable jaw dropping experiences I've ever had in
my entire life. So how does that apply to this? Well,

it's just funny to me because I didn't know that
only mammals and birds enter rim sleep and I have
this kind of profound dream experience and it related to
what I call the bird god. And after that I
started looking into it because there was something distinctly Egyptian
feeling about the whole experience. And I've never really studied

Egyptian mythology, and well, this may very well have been
what the ancients call Horace h o r Us. If
you've seen pictures of Horace, I'm looking at one right
now from the hieroglyphs. It's depicted as a man with
a blue head of a bird. See even got the

little sprigs and stuff sticking out. I don't know what
you call those, and I don't have time to look
it up right now, but you know, you know probably
what I mean. It says uh. He is one of
the most significant ancient Egyptian deities who served many functions,
most notably as god of kingship, healing, protection, the sun
and the sky. Most often depicted as a falcon, most

likely a lanner falcon or peregrine falcon, or as a
man with the falcon head. You know, if that was
a real experience, then I apparently was visited by what
the ancient's called Horace to give me this message. I
know that's weird. I'm not telling you that I believe

that's what happened, but I'm explaining to you what my
experience is. So having said all that, okay, what exactly
is the significance? What is the power of this stage
called rimsleep? If you go back and I told you
I was reading an article at sleepfoundation dot org about rimsleep.

Now here's a quote from that website, and these are
sleep experts. It says, quote rim sleep deprivation disrupts the
brain's ability to generate new cells end quote. So why
is that? Here's the quote again, rim sleep deprivation disrupts

the brain's ability to generate new cells in quote. So
if your brain cannot generate new cells, well, I guess
you reach a point where you can't reboot the computer anymore.
I believe this means you are connected to a larger
consciousness and you have to download and upload information in

order to stay alive as an extension of that consciousness.
What happens if you never restart your computer? It finally crashes,
and this may be proof that humans and some other
animals are clearly connected more powerfully to this source. Proof

of this thing I call the wormhole brain that I
wrote about in my book called The Secret Wisdom of
Kucko Khan. You know how that you hear these people
who've had near death experiences say, when I died, my
life flashed before my eyes. Well, maybe this is a
miniature version of this that when you are entering rim sleep,

it's a small version of your life flashing before your eyes.
But it's not literally your life. When you think of
your life flashing before your eyes, you think of it
as the movie that you see through your physical eyes
every day, and that's where you expect to see a
big replay of that film that you've been watching for
the past seventy five years through your eyeballs. But actually

that's only part of the experience of being a human.
Being a human also includes abstract thoughts and being able
to piece together concepts and relationships between things, and the
oncological aspect of how all these little pieces fit together.

And so when your life flashes before your eyes, it's
not just literally the physical realm that you've experienced, but
it's more than that, which is why you can be
congenitally blind and still have this rim sleep with some
kind of version of dreaming that maybe it's impossible to

explain to other people. So when you are entering rim sleep,
it's like that you're plugging your brain into the socket. Again,
let's use the computer as an analogy. When you plug
your computer into the wall outlet and the little icon

switches and shows you it's in charge mode. I think
that maybe what rimsleep is that your brain uplinks there,
connects with the greater source, and then when your eyeballs
start flicking around, that means you are now in you're
in charge state. The charge icon has turned on inside

your brain, and all this information is being uploaded and downloaded,
and some of it makes sense, and some of it
makes no sense, and some of it actually does include
relationships that you have with other dimensions that you're not
consciously aware of other places in the universe. So you're
plugging into that socket, and if you don't get that, well,

then eventually you're not getting what it takes to generate
new cells. And so this mental experience is not able
to translate into physical regeneration and you die. Now, to me,
that is paranormal because it's so outside of the realm

of what we can put our hands on and directly experience,
and yet we're used to it because it's actually not
paranormal if we all do it. But sometimes what's paranormal
just doesn't seem paranormal because that you're used to it,
if that makes sense. It's like the moon, for example,
every single time I go outside, I look up and

see the moon. I'm like that, there's something paranormal about
the fact this big bright ball is sitting up there
in the sky. Well, you don't even know exactly where
it came from, but you know, we're used to it.
So that's my conclusion based upon what I've learned so
far about rim and rimsleep and the role that it

plays and what it means to enter that phase as
a human. It gets more complicated when you start breaking
it down into other species that don't enter rim and again,
you know that's you could probably read a whole book
about that. But speaking of the moon, of course, recently,
I'm sure you saw. I'm looking at one of the

news stories here, this private company in Houston put this
craft called the Odysseus on the Moon, so they say,
and I was watching through I guess the NASA channel
live when this happened, and they kept showing simulations of

this craft landing on the Moon, but no actual footage,
and I was like, where's the footage, where's the footage?
And finally you saw the people in the control room
and they're sitting there, Oh, we did it, Yay, we
did it, and I'm sitting They're confused at first because

fifty five years ago, in nineteen sixty nine, when Apollo
eleven landed on the Moon and Neil Armstrong stepped onto
the Moon, that was being broadcast live to the entire world.
So they say, they used technology that was first developed

in nineteen twenty eight by the Scottish innovator named John
Logi Baird to develop a small, robust television camera that
enabled the live broadcast from that mission. Okay, so in
nineteen sixty nine, fifty five years ago, we have a
camera that was first developed in nineteen twenty eight that

showed us that live. But here in twenty twenty four,
when everybody is running around with cheap little cameras that
are everybody's Spilberg. Now people have a camera hidden in
their bow tie. We don't have footage of this thing. Ment. Okay,
got to take a break. When we come back, I'll

tell you more about what I think about that and
about a man who says he met somebody who saw
the Roswell UFO crash. I'm Joshua Wapee one. You're listening
to strange things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast.
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Speaker 1 (41:14):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
para Normal Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And there was recently, I mean maybe like a week ago,
a news story over at Fox News about just how

crucial it is to get a good night's sleep. If
you have sleep apnea. Then they say that that can
cause all kinds of problems with cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms.
I even had a friend who was in his fifties

and thinn seemed to be perfectly healthy and good spirits.
He laid down on his couch one night and went
to sleep, and the next morning his wife found him dead,
and it was because of sleep apneum And so it's
very important for you to also considered that physical aspect

of being able to get a good night's rest. I
want to mention that for sure. In fact, I am
planning on going to have a sleep study soon to
see if I might be able to improve some of
my sleep habits. But going back to this craft that
they landed the Odysseus mission. Look, I have never been

one of those people who believes that we didn't put
men on the moon. Okay, I've always believed that that
was true, that it did happen. But I also think
that there was a lot of fake footage, fake imagery
that was also produced as a part of the project,

because this was during the height of the Cold War,
and so if they weren't sure what they were going
to see up there, then I bet you there was
a plan to release some kind of footage to make
it look like that if there had been a problem,
maybe that there wasn't a problem, they wanted it to
look like things were going more smoothly, Or if they

discovered something amazing that they didn't want the Russians to
know about, then you know, they would have the footage
they could cut to, or if they encountered Aliens, they
would have the footage they could cut to. It's certainly
difficult to figure out how much of the footage out
there is legit and how much is not. And what

makes this even more amazing is that believe it or not,
the original reels from that broadcast of Neil Armstrong and
those guys on the Moon. I mean, I'm talking about
the reels that contained the telemetry, as they call it,
for the slow scan TV record of the first moonwalk.

They're gone, they're missing, they've been, they've Most historians say that, oh,
they were probably just erased and reused for later NASA missions.
Uh huh, don't tell me there's not something fishy about that.
So here it is twenty twenty four, when, like I say,
every Tom, Dick and Harry has a who knows how

many little tiny cameras that operate off of batteries that
cost next to nothing, little lightweight batteries. Everything's being filmed
now and these these people, this company, they're gonna land
this craft on the Moon, going back for the first
time in all these decades, making history, and they're not
going to be able to stream us a live view

of this in real time. That's just unbelievable to me.
And I'm thinking maybe they were concerned about what would
be shown if there are other little things flying around
up there, or there's some other technology up there. That's
all I can come up with. And it turns out
that mission they say was you know, it's gonna it

didn't turn out so well because at some point this
thing tipped over and its solar panels started losing light,
and so you know, they weren't able to continue the mission.
But still, isn't that just I don't know, that's a
little bit too much for coincidence in my book. Well,
when I did a podcast recently talking about space and

space technology and all these things, I was talking about
Roswell and the book the day after Roswell, and I
posted this on my Facebook page. If you're on Facebook,
you can find my personal Facebook page, and you can
also find the Facebook page for the show Strange Things,
and I hope that you will follow both of them.

And I got a comment here from an author named
John Russell, and he's a fascinating guy. He's also a
psychic and he's had experiences with every kind of paranormal
thing you can imagine. And he commented saying, when I
was in Roswell, I met an eyewitnessed to the Roswell

UFO crash. It was an amazing experience and I wrote
about it in my second book. So I asked John Russell, well,
what's the name of that book, And he said it's
called a knock in the Attic, True Ghost Stories and
other spine chilling paranormal Adventures. So I found his book
on Amazon was able to instantly read it as a kindle.

It's a great read. And I found that section where
he's talking about Roswell, and I asked him if I
could read that excerpt to you on this podcast, and
he said absolutely so, John Russell, thank you for giving
me permission to do that. I don't know right off
the bat that I've ever heard of anybody anybody saying

that they saw the craft crash, you know. So anyway,
here's what he says in his book. In July of
nineteen ninety eight, I decided I would go to Alien
Encounter in ninety eight in Roswell, New Mexico, and performed
psychic readings there. I paid my vendor fee, rented a

car and drove to Roswell. While there, I had two
amazing experiences. One I got to see Stanton Friedman lecture
in person. Two, I had a quote alien encounter of
my very own. While waiting for the Roswell UFO Museum
to open early one morning, I was standing on the

sidewalk in front of the Roswell International UFO Museum and
Research Center. When a woman came walking down the sidewalk,
and for some reason we struck up a conversation. I
explained to her that I was waiting for the UFO
Museum to open. She asked me if I'd been to
the museum before. I told her no, that as a
matter of fact, this was my very first time to

visit Roswell, even though I was born in New Mexico.
She asked if I was on vacation. I explained to
her I was a psychic and I was giving readings
at Alien Encounter ninety eight. We conversed a little longer,
and then her next statement shocked me so much I'm
sure I struggled to keep my mouth from hanging open.
Quote when we were kids, she said, my brother and

I were playing outside and we saw the UFO come
over and then crash off in the distance. End quote.
I'm sure my eyes had widened. I was in awe,
she continued. Quote. We could tell it was in distress.
We weren't surprised that it went down, and we knew,

beyond a shadow of a doubt what we saw it
was not a helicopter. It was not a plane. It
was not a weather balloon or a blimp. It was
a UFO, a flying saucer. End quote, and then he says, wow.
We talked a little longer, and she also told me
that many of the townspeople had been threatened if they

talked about the UFO, especially those who had actually seen it,
as she and her brother had. The clear implication, or
in reality, threat was that if a person talked about
what they had seen, their bones as well as those
of family members, would be found out in the desert.
She said, there were still some townspeople who were afraid

after all these years. And then she suddenly whipped her
head left and right several times, looking up and down
the street, and then said abruptly, I've said too much.
I shouldn't talk. I'm sorry, goodbye. End quote, and she
hurried off down the street, leaving me dumbfounded and standing
alone once again in front of the museum as I
waited for it to open. He said, I saw some

interesting exhibits that day, but nothing was as interesting as
what that woman told me. This woman's experience, it certainly
goes a long way toward explaining why witnesses to UFO
incidents may be reluctant to come forward and testify. Another
reason a great deal of secrecy surrounds these events is
that those in the military and the government who swear

oaths of secrecy really do honor those oaths. An example
was my good buddy Bill Major. Bill. We'd be well
into our cups and sometimes conversations would turn to UFOs
military technology, things Bill had seen when he was briefly
a pilot, and he would begin to tell me some
astounding things and then suddenly censor himself, even when the

info was not classified, and he'd go, ah, I've said
too much. That's all I'm going to say. Now you
forget you heard that no more. I'm not going to
discuss it anymore, So don't ask end quote. John Russell says,
So people really do take those oaths of secrecy quite seriously. Yeah,

something to think about. How about that? Can you imagine
witnessing that thing crash at Roswell I think it happened
during broad daylight. What a view that would have been.
My goodness. Well, we've covered a lot as usual on
this edition of the show. I hope you've enjoyed it.
But now, why don't we all just unwind. Let's think

about manifesting a really good, positive, healthy, abundant, prosperous week
for yourself, for all of your friends and loved ones. Okay,
take some deep breaths, if you can close your eyes,
We're all going to listen together to this tone. It
last twenty seconds. It's the one, the only, the exclusive,

the original good Fortune tone. That's it for this edition

of the show. Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren.
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lined up for you next time, I promise. So please

tell all your friends to subscribe to this show and
to always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening,
thank you for your interest and support, Thank you for
staying curious, and I will talk to you again soon.
You've been listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and

Coast to Coast am Paranormal podcast netlik Work.

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